Destiny in the Making: Lightworkers Were Seeded Exactly for these Times!

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Times are tough right now, especially for energy and light workers, as we feel the density being activated in society, a dark veil having been drawn across it. But we incarnated here exactly for these times, we were seeded for them. The frequencies you carry are an antedote to the darkness. When fully unleashed and expressed, they transform the surrounding energy field, which is the only place change can truly happen from. What's desperately needed right now on the planet is an elevation of consciousness...

When You Feel Like You Don't Belong Here!

Many energy and light workers around the world are reporting just how tough things are out there for them right now. Particularly so within family relationships. Many of you originate in the stars, having agreed to come here at these challenging times. And you've incarnated like leaves blown by the wind, to the four corners of the earth.

Thus you often feel alone, and that those around you don't reflect your true nature. This dynamic has been greatly heightened by the pandemic. You can see through the charade, where those around you have frequently contracted into fear, subjugation and the merciless control of the shadowstate.

The challenge is where those around you become threatened by your expression of freedom and peace - they want you to be worrisome too, so as to protect their own shields. This is where we need to stand strong, where we need to connect with our core star frequencies and let them shine through. For these are the very resonances that will break this stranglehold on society.

For When You Feel Like a Misfit or Maverick in Society

The Light is Rippling Through

Have no doubt, we ARE succeeding. Although the mainstream media has denigrated itself to little more than propaganda for the shadowstate, nevertheless, the truth is spreading, it is breaking through and rippling ever further afield. It's inspired a plethora of alternative sites and channels to spring forth like flowers in spring time. And we will not be stopped!

It's crucial now for you to focus on your core beingness, through meditation, deep consciousness bodywork, aligned diet, connection with nature, protecting your consciousness from spurious frequencies. You'll keep coming back into the Void of Presence, and from there, your soul will burst forth and express out into the world.

Especially whenever you are in a position of uncertainty and you don't know which road to take, always by unleashing these essential aspects of being, you'll propser in the right choice - Right Action will happen all of its own accord.

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Our Destiny in the Making

So have faith, have courage, be strong in your unique expression. Keep uncovering those new gems of soul frequency, for they are what will shift the balance on the planet right now, back towards the light. The revelation of the shadowstate was necessary, so as to activate ancient human karma of subjugation and downgrading. It is encouraging a widespread reclaimation of sovereignty. And this too will activate our hidden star soul frequencies, it will unleash our awesome beingness.

Have no doubt, this is our destiny in the making. And it will be spectacular. It is with this sentiment in heart that I created this recent Openhand video for all you light workers out there: to meet you in your endeavours, your life's challenges, so as to inspire and uplift, to lighten the load...

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In loving support

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Hi openhand. I struggle with my fiancee not having woken up yet. I really love her and feel i want to protect her and spend my life with her in these tumoltous times.. She is making progress and is some years younger than me, and i am trying to love at the best of my capability as i love myself more and more. 

My family is also a challenging area they are also hypnotized by the bullshit narrative. And i also want to help them by spreading my light and love for them, even though they annoy me as hell sometimes, i don't want any of them to get sick or die from the vaccine. 

Do you have any guidance of some sorts for me as a lonely lightworker as i am shedding layer after layer.

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Hi Stian - good to hear from you and welcome to Openhand Praying Emoji

It's understandable that you would be affected by the relationship situations you describe - no doubt many are within family, especially where you have a loving and compassionate open heart.

However, the crucial thing to realise in all of this is that each is on a journey of SELF realisation; furthermore, that each manifested the exact circumstances of their lives in order to gain a reflection that ultimately they may stop and realise who they are. But without the mirror they create, this would not be possible. What I mean by this is that if someone goes down the path of handing over their power within the pandemic and this makes them fearful, that's the mirror they need to see. That's exactly why humanity created this shadow in the first place. At some point the being will have had enough of it and let go of the need for it. But this could take several lifetimes to fulfill. Gaining personal sovereignty is no small accomplishment - it doesn't come lightly.

The real point about this though is, what is the situation saying to you, about you?
Let me ask you a question: would you want someone else (say a loved one) to walk your path for you?
I assume not. In which case, set down the burden of walking their pathways for them. That is for them to carry and walk, not you.

Besides unnecessarily carrying the burden for others, I'd say there's some higher realisation that wants to emerge from this statement...

i also want to help them by spreading my light and love for them

This is most likely to become highly depleting and also self derailing. Plus if they get used to you carrying them, how will they ever carry themselves?

The key is to embody your light, no matter what the circumstances, no matter if the other gets it or not. Even if you happen to be the only one in your vicinity that get's it, so be it. Embody the light anyway. Accept the circumstances you manifested.

By embodying the light without needing the other to get it, your light will strengthen. The neediness will progressively disappear. And that's the moment they're most likely to see it. That's when they're most likely to feel it.

Very best wishes

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Does this mean that i have to abandon my wife which has not woken up and distance from my family which is draining. And quit my job which is ridden with the bullshit, cause everywhere i am i am tied up in having to pay a mortgage. So i sell my apartment and leave my wife for and get my own place, and start haging out with other lightworkers which i know in my town. Embodying the light which i guess is staying true to myself and my needs, being honest with people and they will fire me from my work.. I have been in this situation for a year now, and it's not so easy to find a solution. Cause my body is depleted from energy and i am very tired and seeking therapy working with heavy childhood trauma. 


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Hi Stian, no it doesn't necessarily mean any of those things.

What it means is to become sovereign in your own self, in your own soul. It means to tune into the soul on a daily basis until you're tuning into it the whole time. And then making higher informed choices that emanate from your higher self - that which has the highest interests of all sentient life at heart. It means setting boundaries and taking responsibility for them. It means not carrying other people but encouraging them to connect into their own souls and to come from there.

Whatever steps you or anyone else then take, are all informed in a moment by moment inquiry and expression of authentic self.
I would suggest getting involved in the Openhand 5D Ascension Program - coming on a retreat or workshop to clarify these concepts.

Best wishes

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Dear Open ,

I had mentioned just a day or two ago about how hard it is to feel the weight of the density . 

Today is Holi ,usually a fairly raucous colourful festival in India. In my condo we had a ' communique' a few days ago about how our liberty depended on us following masking and social distancing protocol . Given the high levels of acquiescence I had expected a quiet muffled Holi and not the usual community party with colours and eats. 

Well the elderly lady folk started it first . Determinedly having a potluck in the lawns. No masks ☺️. And then people started trickling in. Kids and their parents happily throwing colours on each other and having a great time. As I watched them ,the stately tree in attendance ,a butterfly flew past . And a beautiful jungle babbler bobbed happily nearby. 

Expectedly there were some that objected,sitting at home saying we are being super spreaders .But mostly it was an amazing time as people hugged each other and played mask free  ! And I felt as if something has shifted . 

Just wanted to share . 



It was a pleasure making this recent Openhand video - i hear from so many of you around the world, and one common theme right now is the challenges you face in relationships especially with close family; those who might have been taken in by the state narrative - the charade.

It so often helps hold the pain when someone can empathise and meet you in it. Then to encourage a movement through it - to show there's meaning and purpose to it. That was the inspiration to share.

Much love and support to all - have no doubt - your light will ripple through!

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