Don't Dishonour Your 5D Dream...Protect and Nurture it!

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If you're reading this it's because you're likely a way-shower, a pioneer, a pathfinder in the Great Earth Shift to 5D consciousness. In which case, especially in today's confused and confusing world, it's utterly essential you protect your dream. Make sure you're watering and feeding it with the right nutrients. Make sure you're not dishonouring it by expressing it into the wrong environment, the wrong "climate". What do I mean exactly?

The 5D Dream

Recently I went to visit a couple of old friends, who are highly intelligent academics and what you might respectfully call "woke". They believe in manmade climate change and commit to doing something about it. They believe in the pandemic, and so are doing the socially "right" thing. For around 2hrs, we had a wide-ranging conversation covering an exhaustive landscape of how we could, essentially, "fix the planet".

It's only then that I realised and remembered my 5D Dream. It was astounding, because 99% of the time I'me living it. How easily it had slipped into the background of things, in the weight of mental machinations and lower 3D intellectual density. It brought a tear to my eye. I shared my dream with them, of the new evolution of humanity into 5D consciousness, which once more caused my soul to soar on outstretched wings and uplifted my heart. Wow, I was back in reality again.

But my 5D dream soared right over their heads. There was a quiet uneasy pause. "Yes, well, very interesting". I felt crumpled inside. As the Bible says, I'd "cast my pearls before swine". I'd dishonoured my 5D dream by sharing it into an environment where it couldn't be met, where it couldn't thrive.

Living 5D Consciousness Now...5 Typical Experiences

Getting into the 5D Space

On the way back home, I felt nauseous with their 3D density. I'd connected into all their mental machinations of how to "fix things". I'd taken on all that density and had to stop for a while with an accepting tree to wretch all that toxicity up. Thank God, I felt clear again, expanded, connected, back in the divine flow of 5D consciousness. The birds were speaking to me, active attention was drawing my awareness to signs and synchronicity, numerology and symbology. Phew - I'm back in that 5D divine grace!!

I share my experience to encourage you to bring awareness to your 5D dream. Perhaps it's not fully tangible yet? Maybe at times, you're in it and at times not. That's entirely understandable, as we work through inner karmic density. But if you're connecting with Openhand, it's most likely because the emergent soul is working towards a greater, expansive 5D destiny.

So keep expanding your consciousness. Keep reaching for the stars. And then protect your dream!

Parting of the Waves

My advice is to not share your 5D dream into an environment that just isn't going to get it. Because in doing so, you risk diminishing and dishonouring it. Some people are just not ready to get this vision, not in a million years. And that's entirely okay. They have their path and trajectory which is entirely right and fine for them. Just as you have yours. Be clear about your pathway, and honour it!

There's a major parting of the waves underway right now. Plenty will go the route of the metaverse and off-planet to avoid the tumultuous earth transformation of the "Event". But those heading into 5D, will be connected, through the dimensions, re-establishing a divine connection to the true nature of Gaia, and helping to actualise it, here and now.

Protect your dream. Make sure it's planted in the right soil, with the right surroundings. Be careful who you choose as your acquaintances and friends. Plenty will be drawn to you, but they'll also feel threatened by you. They can sense there's something special about the energy, something that glimmers in them too. But plenty aren't yet ready to go there, aren't yet ready to commit. And so at the earliest opportunity, they'll shoot you down so as to protect their own comfortable, in the box, limitation.

Explore: "The Event", 11:11 Synchronicity & Galactic Superwave

Protect Your 5D Dream!!

Protect your dream. Honour it. Share it only with those people who can hold it and reflect it back. Those that can build the supportive feedback loops. Those that see the 5D being in you and your rightful destiny.

Consciousness can be fragile. If you bury it in density, then like a spring flower it can get crushed. Don't let that happen to you. Water and nurture your 5D dream. Choose the right soil, the right nutrients. And at every opportunity, reach up to the sun. Because it's beckoning you on.

Protect your dream.
Honour it.
Cherish it.
Give focus and commitment to it, and...
establish firm boundaries around it!!

If you want to unfold and establish your 5D dream, consider getting involved with Openhand:
Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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I just saw this today(Tues)and the timing was spot on! 

The message and 2 vids were so encouraging and soul stirring thankyou so much all of you.

It helped me process some deep stuff and realign again. 

I was feeling like Id been washed overboard by a massive wave into an ocean of turbulance.

The fear of drowning, drifting down into depths of darkness alone was so overwhelming. I cried out for help then came across this post.

I feel like these  messages have been a life line to pull myself back on board and cling to the mast again.

It confimed to me about keeping my pearls safe from swine!

So THANKYOU once again soul fam. 

Much love



10/06/2022 Openhand Journal Update

When you have a dream of the soul, of what you can be, and the embodiment of your higher dimensional destiny, it's so essential to nurture and feed it, to honour and give energy to it. What you water, grows!

Hence I'm sharing this Openhand lead article on that today... Don't Dishonour Your 5D Dream...Protect and Nurture it! (scroll up for inspiration).

AND, I felt to share these wonderful two videos put together by Openhanders. How talented you guys are. How soul-stirring. Take a few minutes to sit back and enjoy....

First from River in India...

And from Asya in the UK...

You guys are simply awesome!!

Open 💙🙏

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