In This Turbulent Shift, Why It's Essential to Honour Your 5D Dream

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If you're reading this it's because you're likely a way-shower, a pioneer, a pathfinder in the Great Earth Shift to 5D consciousness. In which case, especially in today's confused and confusing world, it's utterly essential you protect your dream. Make sure you're watering and feeding it with the right nutrients. Make sure you're not dishonouring it by expressing it into the wrong environment, the wrong "climate". What do I mean exactly?

The 5D Dream

Recently I went to visit a couple of old friends, who are highly intelligent academics and what you might respectfully call "woke". They believe in manmade climate change and commit to doing something about it. They believed in the "plandemonium", and so are doing the socially "right" thing. For around 2hrs, we had a wide-ranging conversation covering an exhaustive landscape of how we could, essentially, "fix the planet".

It's only then that I realised and remembered my 5D Dream. It was astounding, because 99% of the time I'me living it. How easily it had slipped into the background of things, in the weight of mental machinations and lower 3D intellectual density. It brought a tear to my eye. I shared my dream with them, of the new evolution of humanity into 5D consciousness, which once more caused my soul to soar on outstretched wings and uplifted my heart. Wow, I was back in reality again.

But my 5D dream soared right over their heads. There was a quiet uneasy pause. "Yes, well, very interesting". I felt crumpled inside. As the Bible says, I'd "cast my pearls before swine". I'd dishonoured my 5D dream by sharing it into an environment where it couldn't be met, where it couldn't thrive.

Living 5D Consciousness Now...5 Typical Experiences

Getting into the 5D Space

On the way back home, I felt nauseous with their 3D density. I'd connected into all their mental machinations of how to "fix things". I'd taken on all that density and had to stop for a while with an accepting tree to wretch all that toxicity up. Thank God, I felt clear again, expanded, connected, back in the divine flow of 5D consciousness. The birds were speaking to me, active attention was drawing my awareness to signs and synchronicity, numerology and symbology. Phew - I'm back in that 5D divine grace!!

I share my experience to encourage you to bring awareness to your 5D dream. Perhaps it's not fully tangible yet? Maybe at times, you're in it and at times not. That's entirely understandable, as we work through inner karmic density. But if you're connecting with Openhand, it's most likely because the emergent soul is working towards a greater, expansive 5D destiny.

So keep expanding your consciousness. Keep reaching for the stars. And then protect your dream!

Parting of the Waves

My advice is to not share your 5D dream into an environment that just isn't going to get it. Because in doing so, you risk diminishing and dishonouring it. Some people are just not ready to get this vision, not in a million years. And that's entirely okay. They have their path and trajectory which is entirely right and fine for them. Just as you have yours. Be clear about your pathway, and honour it!

There's a major parting of the waves underway right now. Plenty will go the route of the metaverse and off-planet to avoid the tumultuous earth transformation of the "Event". But those heading into 5D, will be connected, through the dimensions, re-establishing a divine connection to the true nature of Gaia, and helping to actualise it, here and now.

Protect your dream. Make sure it's planted in the right soil, with the right surroundings. Be careful who you choose as your acquaintances and friends. Plenty will be drawn to you, but they'll also feel threatened by you. They can sense there's something special about the energy, something that glimmers in them too. But plenty aren't yet ready to go there, aren't yet ready to commit. And so at the earliest opportunity, they'll shoot you down so as to protect their own comfortable, in the box, limitation.

Explore: "The Event", 11:11 Synchronicity & Galactic Superwave

Protect Your 5D Dream!!

Protect your dream. Honour it. Share it only with those people who can hold it and reflect it back. Those that can build the supportive feedback loops. Those that see the 5D being in you and your rightful destiny.

Consciousness can be fragile. If you bury it in density, then like a spring flower it can get crushed. Don't let that happen to you. Water and nurture your 5D dream. Choose the right soil, the right nutrients. And at every opportunity, reach up to the sun. Because it's beckoning you on.

Protect your dream.
Honour it.
Cherish it.
Give focus and commitment to it, and...
establish firm boundaries around it!!

If you want to unfold and establish your 5D dream, consider getting involved with Openhand:
Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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03/04/2023 Shift Update - Protect your dream

I've just completed the events here in Australia, and now I'm gearing up for the long journey back to Avalon. My experience has been that the matrix is awash with toxicity and turbulent energy, so it can be demanding travelling through. But at the same time, if we treat it as an opportunity to align with the soul and respect its boundaries, we'll only do that which is given. The soul will then weave a path of light through it all. It's essential we honour our 5D dream in this way, which is why I share Openhand's lead article on it above today...

In This Turbulent Shift, Why It's Essential to Honour Your 5D Dream

See you later down the flow!

Open 💎





It's really inspiring and moving what someone shared. Thank you for sharing. 

I would like to share a few things I'm going through. During my daily meditation this morning I came up with a sudden thought along with other disturbances that I came back to the cage again. A cage of controlling dramas, TV noises, quarrels ,cold wars and judgements ,where it's hard to feel our beingness. And I felt really sad about that. I could feel a veil of sadness covering me. The question I asked myself was if I know its a cage why did i create this in the first place? I can see fears associated with it now.
The other disturbance i felt made me hard to meditate. I was seeing a lot of things which makes no sense ( movie scenes I guess) kept flashing on my third eye. At the end of this all, I felt to go out. Then my mind started questioning like "to where?" There is no such place around here to go and sit peacefully. You are wasting your time and energy. Ok..whatever it is I'm going out. While I'm out I could see that a part of me struggling to walk. A reluctance to travel without purpose or intentions.
Anyway, I could see my desire to be in a peaceful nature place with a few people of similar vibe.

I have observed myself avoiding people including my father of the fear of being judged/manipulated/controlled?I won't say it's 100% fear, I think 50% i don't feel to engage with and 50% fear? Whatever it is, If i do not communicate How do I recognise people who can resonate with me?And there is also a feeling that I'm being unconscious at some points in my relationship with my father? Im enquiring that and it feels there is a lot to dig up.

It feels really good to be here at openhand even if I feel disconnected sometimes.Thank you all🙏


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Hi Soumya,

Awesome that you shared here. As Open often says, sharing brings illumination not only to your process but to others as well. Your sharing helped shed some light on my scenario as well.

You are right. Most people are living in this cage, but unlike the physical cage, this is made up of the thoughts, ideas, and perceptions of other people about us. And we unknowingly play this game in this prison until someday someone comes along and shows us what true freedom means. I think the really important question one can ask oneself is do I really want freedom? Assuming the answer is yes, it is available. And no matter where we are, it's available there. Even more, we are in the perfect place to find, embody and express that freedom. If the situation is making us feel like we are in a cage that might be the greatest opportunity. It is a slight shift in perspective to see challenges as an opportunity. Because really, the journey is not about getting to any particular place but about embodying this freedom within. I believe and also hope that the outside will shift and change to reflect the freedom then we are embodying within. I would like to share the experience I had today evening. I think all of this talk about freedom is coming from that experiential realization. So pardon if it sounds a bit like preaching! :D

After a midday nap, I woke to this feeling of being in a cage here. Your post was no less than a synchronistic confirmation. There was a black snake entity attached to unconsciousness, which greatly enhanced the feeling. So thank you, BS, for illuminating the shadow! The people walking, talking, wearing masks, and engaging in all kinds of activities outside my room only added to the feeling. I could see their reflection in my bedroom window! They were reminding me, "You are human, you are like us."

Usually, in the evening, I go to the nearby mountain, meditate, play music, and really feel good. But today it wanted to be different. I wanted to be in this feeling and explore what it was about. I sat in this feeling, sometimes taking a position, making a sound at times, but accepting and honoring the feeling completely. I could feel the connection to my sacred ground, the bars of the cage dissolving, and freedom coming back again. The black snake entity couldn't attach anymore and had to leave. This song came to me then. The feeling of freedom that came through the song was ecstatic. I got up and embodied the feeling of joy and freedom by playing some more music and dancing to it. I hope this inspires! 

Vimal Praying Emoji


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Hi Soumya, let me congratulate you on stepping out and expressing yourself here in the community. Plenty more are realising the profound benefits of simply expressing themselves. You always get reflections and contemplations to dig deeper. Most importantly, by expressing yourself, you connect up energetic feedback loops with the universe - they mirror around you strengthens, thus pointing to authentic beingness and the path forward through your life.

You said this...

I have observed myself avoiding people including my father of the fear of being judged/manipulated/controlled?I won't say it's 100% fear, I think 50% i don't feel to engage with and 50% fear? Whatever it is, If i do not communicate How do I recognise people who can resonate with me?And there is also a feeling that I'm being unconscious at some points in my relationship with my father? Im enquiring that and it feels there is a lot to dig up.

I can empathise with you, my heart goes out to you. I can tell you many more in this community will recognise your situation - when you dare to step out and express soul, then others around you will often judge and try to undermine. It's actually because they feel threatened by your light. And also, there's understandable doubt that they could actually comprehend what you're experiencing.

Here's the point though: in your living situation, you don't have to just express in words. You don't have to justify or validate what you're experiencing from the people around you. You don't have to answer their questions or respond to their controlling. You can simply smile and shine!

You could be in their presence, but work to let go of the need to respond on their terms.

Does that make sense?

Love and well wishes

Open 💙

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Open said,

"When you dare to step out and express soul, then others around you will often judge and try to undermine. It's actually because they feel threatened by your light. And also, there's understandable doubt that they could actually comprehend what you're experiencing"

This is profound and true. It explains the experience I had yesterday and something I experienced today as well. Yesterday, at the peak of the pain, I realized something: It was about an aspect of compassion. It's exactly what's expressed above: daring to embody and express the light would mean that I would threaten others around me, and it was something hard to bear and accept. The intellectual can come with all sorts of arguments: "Oh, but you are honoring their soul and challenging the ego, but when it comes to embodied experience, it's a different story." I had some spontaneous, illuminating, and beautiful experiences that shed light on it a little more.

Today, after getting inspired by Asya's video, I went to a river close by to meditate and shoot a video. After a while, I could see two boys swimming and enjoying themselves in the river. Though I had fear of water bodies, my soul pulled me to join them. And we had a great time, swimming, and playing games, and I could feel them as innocent, loving boys. It's beautiful what a spontaneous heart pull can bring. They invited me to the nearby temple to join the festival and have lunch. Though I had an aversion to temples, I joined them. In the temple I found myself playing my song for a few boys there. I could feel a tension in the solar plexus. At the time, for some reason, it didn't cross my mind that I could have been feeling them. There was no reason for me to be tense in playing for them. Except, a part of me wanted to be seen in a particular way. This is where I could have been crossing my boundaries. The next thing, I know, I'm playing on the mic for the entire group of people who gathered there. I could feel the expectation. They probably wanted me to play the songs they recognize, but I went there and played my songs about freedom and light. How to be oneself, even in the face of expectation? This was no Goa or Dharamsala, but a remote village in South India! It was an interesting experience nonetheless! But the tightness I picked up stayed for a long time, even after I returned home, and I had to do some toning to clear it off!

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Open, thank you for sharing your experience Heart

Over years I've learned to be very selective who I talk with and about what. 

In my environment most of the time I have nobody who would resonate with what I have to say, and over time I have barely anything to say anyway. This taught me to

1) mainly listen, compassionately and patiently, and over time I've learned to not let what others say, think or transmit infect me or drag me anywhere - it's a kind of skill.

For example, my boss at work is often very judgmental of customers. Once they leave the shop I listen to a judgmental loaded with negativity speech. In the past I tried to change it, but no matter what I did or said it just kept happening. At some point I've realised that this is just how she lets the steam out. So I changed the way I react and respond. I chose to contain her with empathy, compassion and patience. I become empty and transparent, none of her words or energy gets stuck in my field. So as a result I grew and developed immunity.

In other cases, when I'm still triggered, sucked in or infected, I know it is something in me that makes it happen and I go in to find out what exactly makes me react and work with it.

What do I need others to believe? How I expect others to be? And what do I expect of myself when communicating with other people? Often these expectations create more tension than what is happening in reality.

In most cases staying silent works for me.

2) to be ok with being invisible

Living in a "3D" world can make a human being very small, living in a very small, limited world. Even just being around people just makes me shrink at least to a degree. It is like always being contracted by somebody else perceiving me, because people rarely are able to leave enough space for others to be their undefinable self. So I have this amazing trick that works even when there are no synchs, it is easy and instantaneous - I close my eyes and there it is, this vastness, this feeling of "being me" that probably only I can know and that nothing and no one can distort, touch, disturb, contract.

3) to learn something about myself and the universe from almost anybody

I noticed that anything that I perceive by senses makes me experience something. I live in a very dense environment, which could easily crush me unless I use it to learn, grow and evolve.

For example, I often see people who take drugs. They are shadows of themselves, barely dragging their feet, often bruised and dirty, sometimes just lying on the ground, unconscious. But there is a reflection: on one hand they reflect my own unconsciousness, those aspects of me that are still hidden, that are a blind spot, on the other hand there is this immense surrender of who they are that reminds me to constantly let go of what I know, of who I am becoming in every moment.

I believe there is a reason why we are brought to certain people, environments, experiences. I always try to find out what reflection is being offered, what message.

4) to stay in the heart

For me, with my intellectualness there is always a place to be less in the mind and more in the heart. These days it is like what does it matter what people around me say, believe or think? The question for me is do I feel love for them and do I want to be around them. If the answer is yes, then I let them talk, but engage on the heart level. Most people live in their programmed heads. Just being present with my body and heart is a gift I often choose to offer (as long as there is no damage)

5) find out who's my tribe

Recognising who are those people with whom I can rest in my beingness really. Listening to the vibes of people rather than their words and mainly having this "oh, I am feeling it" thing.

Finding inspiring people with positive feedback loops, finding soul friends is a gift from the universe.


I'm so used to being silent over the last year that writing so much suddenly feels like some channel has opened Smiling With Sweat Emoji

Thank you for this.




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Hi Yulia,

Some great reflections for the path there - thanks for sharing - I encourage all to read 👍

This is what stood out most for me, and how utterly invaluable it is...

Recognising someone with whom you can rest in beingness

How healing that is when it happens - something to be treasured.

Love and well wishes

Open 💙


18/01/2023 Openhand Journal Update

When you have a dream of the soul, of what you can be, and the embodiment of your higher dimensional destiny, it's so essential to nurture and feed it, to honour and give energy to it. What you water, grows!

What's absolutely essential, especially now as the shift accelerates, is NOT to be deterred by the naysayers, doomers and gloomers. Also NOT to be pulled back by your old karmic density: keep breaking through, keep forging forwards. A little discomfort now, mental, physical or emotional, is well worth the cost of an expansive liberation of soul. So keep going my friends!!

Hence I'm sharing this Openhand lead article today...
In This Turbulent Shift, Why It's Essential to Honour Your 5D Dream
(scroll up for inspiration).

AND, I felt to share these wonderful two videos put together by Openhanders. How talented you guys are. How soul-stirring. Take a few minutes to sit back and enjoy....

First from River in India...

And from Asya in Ireland...

You guys are simply awesome!!

Open 💙🙏

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Thank you Open, for the inspiring, supportive words. River and Asya: Outstanding work! River your video is gorgeous! Deeply impactful and meaningful. Asya your video is pure bliss; a wonderfully peaceful and healing break in the beloved forest and I felt as though I was there with you, feeling all that serene healing energy. So grateful and I would love to see more! THANK YOU❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🙏


I just saw this today(Tues)and the timing was spot on! 

The message and 2 vids were so encouraging and soul stirring thankyou so much all of you.

It helped me process some deep stuff and realign again. 

I was feeling like Id been washed overboard by a massive wave into an ocean of turbulance.

The fear of drowning, drifting down into depths of darkness alone was so overwhelming. I cried out for help then came across this post.

I feel like these  messages have been a life line to pull myself back on board and cling to the mast again.

It confimed to me about keeping my pearls safe from swine!

So THANKYOU once again soul fam. 

Much love