Earth Shift Update: the New Norm - "Climate Crisis"

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It strikes me that mainstream media and even the spiritual mainstream are well behind the curve of what's truly happening out there in the Earth Shift. To my mind, there's still too much retraction behind either fearful or hopeful veils to fully embrace things as they really are. When you strip away what you'd like to have happen or are afraid will, then you're plunged into the truth. Whereupon, you're rendered the immaculate possibility to ride the wave as your consciousness becomes one with the universal flow. With that in mind, we need to move on from speaking about climate change.

We need to start talking about "Climate Crisis"....

European Sauna: A Profoundly Serious Heatwave

Probably few people will either know or recall that in 2003 a heatwave in Europe killed 70,000 people. In recent days especially France and Spain have been languishing in new record temperatures as hot air rolled in from the Sahara, caused by persistent jetstream ridges due to the breakdown in polar ice. The jestream is now meandering hot air further north and in other areas cold air further south. Which is probably why you're getting record seasonal snow fall in parts of the USA on pretty much the same latitudes as Europe is baking under record heat. The picture is also complicated by the march into Grand Solar Minimum and the Pole Shift, which are undoubtedly having a cooling effect on global temperatures.

It poses the uncomfortable question, how extreme would things now be if there wasn't this convergence?

Meanwhile in the mainstream, they're still talking about "climate change" and the hope of containing it, which to me now greatly understates the seriousness of the current situation. There's no doubt about it. Just as the Titanic quietly slipped its moorings before its infamous maiden voyage, we're now slipping just as quietly and yet also as inexorably into Climate Crisis. This now needs to become a part of the general consciousness framework and vocabulary if we are to be in the truth.

Check out the first couple of minutes of this update by Paul Beckwith, who, in his typically understated way, nails the problem to a tee...

Climate Crisis: The Essential Importance of Being in The Truth

Why is being in the truth so important?
What not simply create a rosy gloss or put some 'positive intention' on it?

Each of us is but a miniscule drop of water in a vast cosmic ocean, all moving as one magnificent orchestra of tunefull activity. You can create an eddy current of intention and resist the flow for a while, that's exacty what society is - a resistant eddy current. But some day soon, in the immortal words of John Lennon, "instant karma is gonna get you!" So why fight, why resist, why hang onto the shoreline? Let unravelling karma sweep through you, break down the egos resistant desires, then learn to ride the flow of the moment.

In spiritual work you often hear of 'the drop merging into the ocean',
But seldom do you hear of the ocean merging into the drop.

That's my main point: If you resist the truth of the flow itself, then you become a separated identity from the flow. Like an anchor, which can kind of hold firm for a while. But the more you resist, the stronger the realigning pull you build against you, the more you become the victim of the natural flow. And one day, no matter how hard you're resisted, this resistant karma will get you. The anchor is wripped up by the Universe's torsional forces. Put simply, better to let go now!

So, let's be clear, let's put it out there, let's shout it from the roof tops...
"We've now entered Climate Crisis!"

Top 5 Spiritual Suggestions to deal with Climate Crisis

The question now is, how do we deal with that?

Here are my Top 5 Suggestions I'd like to reflect to you...

1). Follow the Soul: As the Hopi Elders forewarned, there will be only spiritual solutions to what lies ahead of us. Therefore learn to connect with your soul and how to follow it on a moment by moment basis. Your soul is tuned into the wider cosmic flow.
Here's Openhand's approach to following your own soul...Openway
2). Get to know yourself as that which is beyond, transcendent: there's no way around it, at some point, the ego and everything it is hanging onto is going to die. Get to know yourself as that which is beyond the ego, by transcending it into the sense of spirit. Into your centredness through it. This is the real aspect of you that simply cannot die.
Try this breathing meditation to breakthrough ego...Breakthrough Breathing
3). Confront fear and karma: if you're reading this, you'll probably at least have the awareness that you are at-one with all life. But this has to become more than an intellectual idea. It has to become a knowing through direct experience. How do you gain this? Fear and karma contract you down and identitfy you with the illusion. So paradoxically, these are the very gateways, the portals, through which we need to pass. When fear and karma arise, learn to recognise them, how to turn right into them, and  transcend them, like passing through the eye of a needle.
Explore the Daily Process of Karmic Processing
4). Embrace a more fluid landscape: even if you're flowing as the soul, if you keep feeding the soul into the landscape of yesterday, then you will continue to limit yourself by the past. Everything is changing right now, both the multdimensional AND the physical landscapes. So embrace the possibility of movement and change in your life. And above all, the strong possibility that you may have to change location at some point soon - at least if you are to continue to thrive.
Here's how to Break Down an Old Reality Construct in 5 Steps
5). Broaden your life perspective: it's all too easy to get bogged down in the trials and trbulations of this reality, especially as it gets ever more complex with escalating 'Smart' technology. As the Hopi said, it's important not to take ourselves - as the personality - so seriously. This lifetime of yours is but one in zillions. You're here not to gain materially, but to prosper spiritually, from what you can learn and how you can evolve. What happens to you in a practical sense, is almost irrelevant in relation to what you can learn from it. So let's face our fears, yes, but then lighten up!
Here's some great Self-realisation music from Openhand Retreats

Let's Lighten Up!

So, Climate Crisis is now upon us. Let's embrace it. What might that mean for you? I put it to you there's only one place to go now...into the centre stream of your immaculate home comining. Come join us in the flow. There is absolutely NOTHING to lose and absolutely EVERYTHING to gain...

And if you're keen to take centre stream in the Shift, dive in with us on Openhand's upcoming World Tour...
ARISE DIVINE BEING! It could just be the most memorable and invaluable leap you're likely to take.

In loving support

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In the interests of equalising with the growing effects of the Shift, I felt to share this video today on the current Heatwave across Europe, which is being caused by the faltering jetstream bringing very hot air up from the Sahara. It's affecting life in a pretty big way, and is likely to be a new norm.

In the video, at the end, they talk about possible ways of reducing emissions. What's always missed however is the global dimming effect caused by the emissions of aerosols in industry, which while of course is not a good thing at all, nevertheless reduces the heat impact of the sun. So as soon as society reduces the emissions, the immediate risk is to INCREASE the warming effect due to the reduction of aerosol emissions too.

My general point being: we've already kicked off irreversible climate change triggers that will most likely lead to uninhabitable earth in the 3D in the not-too-distant future. This is converging with shifts in the solar system, our sun which is causing an accelerating Pole Shift and also the onset of a Galactic Superwave. It's all converging to break down the disharmonious reality we're living in and open the gateways to a higher consciousness reality. That's what evolving people now need to fully embrace, to take full advantage of the possibilities open to us in higher dimensions.

What are you experiencing? What do you feel about it all?


Hi Open,

very interesting topics indeed, most people do not realise all of the implications and cross-connections of the changing climate.

A very important example, which is mostly overlooked, is that the warming of the ocean makes it absorb more CO2 which consequently leads to its acidification (the lowering of pH) and thus to the disolving of corals and other lime based life forms, think formation of sea shells. Another result of the warming is that the ocean can absorb less oxygen and thus plancton as the base of the oceanic food chain cannot thrive anymore.

At least in western civilization we do eat too much, that's for sure. And we do so at the cost of other nations that mostly find themselves disadvantaged. According to my knowledge there is enough food produced on the earth to feed each and every one of us, so the difficulty we are facing is one of unbalanced or unjust distribution. I remember vividly watching a docu (i think it was called 'Hunger! Thirst!') and the reporter approached some merchants in front of an Indian rice market. They told him that they at this moment were not able to sell rice because prices on the world market were so low so they would not make any profit. After the interview there was a storage worker, who secretly listened, who showed the reporter inside the storage area, where they would find hundreds of tons of rice, even partially rotting.

Sad Story i find, but that's the situation in many cases. And this is where wall street has a very real effect on people's lifes.

With love,





So it's clear we're moving into Climate Crisis right now, and how will that impact crops? In short, hugely! Many farmers around the world are now either struggling to plant or else finding harvests severely reduced. Again, I felt the importance of putting it on our collective radar so as to equalise and normalise with what's going on. Here's an informative video below that offers a short snapshot.

I also felt to draw your attention to another inconvenient truth and how to deal with it. Generally we're conditioned to consuming too much! An obvious statement right?! Where food is concerned, most people eat way more than necessary, which has the effect of lowering consciousness vibration by contracting you into physical density. That's why intermittant fasting has become so popular within the Openhand movement and in the spiritual mainstream too. To my mind, that's certainly an effective antedote to food shortages and price hikes. I see the synchronicity in the convergence of all factors in the Shift. These challenges are gateways to greater consciousness (with that in mind, do also check out our thread on the Value of Intermiitant Fasting...
Fasting to Raise Vibration, Expand Consciousness AND THRIVE!


Dahr Jamai is an award winning journalist and author who is a full-time staff reporter for His most recent book is about abrupt climate change, called The End of Ice. Check out the first 10 minutes of this video as he explores what the likely impact on the earth will be as the ice mass inevitably reduces. Let's get real folks. Because we can only find the way forwards when we're in reality...