Essential Shadow Work: the Wounded Goddess and the Sigma Masculine

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Much attention has been given in spiritual shadow work to healing the distorted masculine of the ages, and rightly so. However, little seems to have been explored around the "Wounded Goddess", which can influence humanity both male and female. Often the wound is caused by the ancient karma of being worshipped, or glamourised, and often points to the need to integrate the solidity of the paternal energy within. Perhaps then, what might really support the healing, is an understanding of the Sigma Male archetype.

Paternalistic "Leadership" Through the Field

We've been exploring in the Openhand community recently how the Intervention here in the Shift appears to be recalibrating following the healing and extraction from the matrix of the Annunaki Architects from Nibiru. However, it was to be expected that the shadow would recalibrate since it is the externalisation - the manifestation - of humanity's karmic unconsciousness. And there's still clearly plenty to realise and heal.

It appears that a new alliance is taking place under the leadership of an ancient Egyptian entity called, "Ra". It's the same of the Atlantean times where the Goddess Isis was the spiritual leader of the Temple of the High Priestesses, who worshipped and gained energy from the collectivised consciousness of the 4D "Ra" entity. It's one that has had a paternalistic/daughter type of dynamic.

Explore the Recalibration/Realliance of the Intervention around Ra

In those times, the population was "elevated" by a sort of deification - a degree of dissociation onto the plane of the 4D. It's a means of control and soul-harvesting, which is strongly prevalent in society today. The Goddess is set up as a glamourised icon, to worship and follow. Many carry the effects of the karma, both male and female, both protagonist and victim.

The Nature of the Wounded Goddess

I would say you can witness the unintegrated "Wounded Goddess" manifesting as a sought-after "empowerment", which has become a counterbalancing overt sense of projection. It's lauded, and impressive, but still wounded. True power has no need to project.

You also frequently witness the "High Priestess" syndrome in healing work - the channelling and giving of "divine energy". To be clear, no one can give you what is truly already yours. If your field is contracted down, it's usually because of some fragmented aspect of soul. We must regress into the contraction, see where the original attachment is, and then open out through it by letting go into it. The "client" then "self-realises". They realise, of their own self.

To add counterbalance to the viewpoint though, a "healer" can hold an energetic frequency, which like a tuning fork, can stimulate the reactivation of the "client's" own field by resonance. Crucially though, in this approach, the "client" must be consciously integrating through self-awareness. They must be fully present in the reactivation.

What might be the solution to the Wounded Goddess distortion?

The Sigma Masculine Archetype: In Men and Women

I'd say the issue often relates back to the original distorted dynamic - that of requiring a paternalistic father figure outside of oneself. What exactly is it that's being craved? Where's the susceptibility in the field?

My observation of a key dynamic within the shadow work is about not being fully comfortable in aloneness - all-oneness. Not being able to sit with the completeness of the One inside. Being prepared to stand all alone in the world and have that anchored sense of trust in oneself. It's not courting popularity, not needing validation or feedback. It's about following goals, but more as the evolution and expression of Self as opposed to a particular outcome. The qualities I'm speaking of are actually those of what's termed the "Sigma Masculine", which is available to both truly empowered men and women.

The Sigma Masculine stands outside the regular pyramid of the usual hierarchy in society. They're happy to be outcasts, and whilst they can interject at appropriate moments, they don't seek recognition nor any kind of fame or following. They have few friendships and although can be very expressive, are also very introverted, happy to be in their own thoughts and dreams.

I would say this kind of energetic archetype is a great way to heal both the overpowering masculine and the Wounded Goddess. It's about finding the completeness of the paternal energy inside yourself and taking comfort in that. It's something we can all work at, by rejecting the need for validation, sitting comfortably in aloneness, especially when you have a problem to resolve.

Standing Outside the Hierarchy

Where the wound of acceptability, community, or a degree of adoration is still present, then there's the risk of drawing the paternal Ra entity to fill the energetic hole. There's a sense of completeness that comes with it, but an inertia of disempowerment too. The freedom of flow and true sovereignty subtly disappear.

Especially where there's the sense of protection or provision of community.

Hence I offer the sense of the Sigma Masculine archetype for standing outside the typical hierarchy of society, being on the outside looking in. And drawing great coherency from the detachment. Not that we can't each learn by resonating these qualities in each other - we can. But just being prepared to take quality time in our immaculate aloneness, and learning to take sustenance from there. Then we're truly empowered to support those traits in others.

Bright blessings

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Hi Open,

the flow is getting stronger in my life day after day. Today I experienced lots of synchronicities around the blue color, which to me were speaking very clearly of the divine feminine, acceptance and surrender. I even had two moments of deep meaningful breakthroughs. I had never experienced something like that before, life was pure magic, even though I was at the mall.

Those synchronicities activated a “resonance” within that I can still feel when I give attention to it. I guess it is one of those ‘gifts of beingness’ that you usually speak of. And so I'm sitting with this feeling, being it. But I wonder if there's anything more I should “do” with it…? Maybe there's a way to embody it more efficiently?

Thank you very much Praying Emoji

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Sounds like you're making some great progress Edu 👍

"Is there more you can do?" That sounds like the mind interfering.
I would say, focus on beingness, and when it feels right, step from there.
But first, it takes a good while to deprogarm the idea that "I must constantly be doing things".
Doing from Being will happen. But the Soul will want us to deeply ground in the feelings of being first.

Best wishes

Open 💎


I can very much resonate with the sigma male archetype. I think anyone on this journey who has found a degree of sovereignty could see this inside themselves. 

Following the facilitator conference, my days have been one of intense confrontation with the baggage of ancestral karma. It's inviting me to surrender and let go , some of the distorted aspects of the masculine like control and embody the feminine. Even though unpleasant at times, it's deeply rewarding. I'm asking questions like - why do we feel the need to be important? Why do we feel the need to win and succeed? I think winning takes on a completely different perspective when looked from a self realisation aspect. This sovereign aspect of the self is ready to sit outside the box and not belong to any particular group or person but to its own connection with the universe which is formed from a constant inquiry of reality. Thanks for illuminating this at this time. It's a synchronistic reflection of my path. 

Btw I recently watched a movie from Netflix called Nimona which shows a civilisation like atlantis led by the goddess energy but by the rejection of its own shadow. But the lead character in the end realises the shadow as his /their own creation and accepts it unconditionally and there by the shadow it integrates within. It's really moving and worth watching. 

Vimal 🙏



Many thanks Open,

As someone who used to be very extrovert and involved in all the acute dramas of "life", I have increasingly found myself doing quite the opposite in recent years. Being content in solitude is now the "norm" for me and is a lovely, peaceful place to be.

It was fascinating on the recent course to observe the very healthy relationships between people and contrast those with what is commonly seen otherwise. I recently tried to "help" an acquaintance who very much seems to represent the "wounded Goddess" you discuss and feel this could have been very helpful at that time .... we shall see.

Many thanks for this, I will definitely be exploring it further.


So have you come across the archetype of the "Sigma Masculine" yet?

What is that exactly? The Sigma Masculine stands outside the regular pyramid of the usual hierarchy in society. They're happy to be outcasts, and whilst they can interject at appropriate moments, they don't seek recognition nor any kind of fame or following. They have few friendships and although can be very expressive, are also very introverted, happy to be in their own thoughts and dreams.

The new Openhand article above explores how both male and female might heal some key distortions by activating the sense of the Sigma Masculine within. I believe it can help both the "Wounded Warrior" and the "Wounded Goddess". See what you feel about the article and do share your questions/view below. I do believe it's essential shadow work.

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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Hi Open,

I find this really resonates with me. I have long felt that I have a pretty equal integration of both male and female energies which I find really helpful in my feelings of Sovereignty. I recognise very much the way I choose to sit on the periphery of society yet still interact; and more personally, the way I sit very much on the periphery of friends and family members lives yet feel able to reach over with a caring hand on occasion and take great pleasure from spontaneous warm connections. It also speaks into the way when I passed through Gateway 2 and my life changed and people fell away; some relationships reconfigured and those truly able to accept me as I am are in a more distant way, nevertheless still part of my landscape. 

Thank you for this illumination! Heart​​​​​​​