Exposing and Negating the Ra Entity from Your Being

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We've been exploring the nature of the Ra entity in the Matrix and how it appears to have taken leadership since the departure of the Annunaki Architects. The key question is how to spot its presence in the psyche and then to negate it from your being? To be clear, this is an ancient collectivising consciousness that goes all the way back to Atlantis on this planet and Sirius before that. With self inquiry, coherency and clarity, we can readily gain liberation.

RA: a Collectivisng Consciousness

For background, the Ra entity is a collectivising consciousness that seems to have appeared following the tumultuous explosion of the Sirius star system 120 million years ago. Ra was probably a part of the Sirius Group consciousness before the Shift, but not necessarily as prevalent as it is now. I'm aware it gained strength in the "hoovering up of lost souls" following the Sirius tragedy.

As with all distortions it began with a benevolent intent, almost angelic in this case, however, the cost to the souls recovered was the loss of sovereignty and natural flow within the Torus - the natural Flower of Life.

Ra gained in gravitas and sophistication over many millions of years, until now, here on this planet where its calling card can be seen in the very fabric of society - its deceptively cohesive. Around spiritual work for example, like in the Temple of Isis, where the natural essence of the divine feminine was distorted to worship of the "Goddess", until the population was cohesively disempowered.

Explore the Nature of the Goddess Wounding and How to Heal It

And now in society, you witness the energy dumbing people down into a kind of zombified repetitive existence. I believe you also see it evident in the Middle East conflict. When the Annunaki leadership extracted from the Matrix, Black Snake energies in the quantum weave went into overdrive in virulent projection and breakdown. Now a new "truce" has been woven in the field which seems to me, to be conveniently led by Ra. It may look like a beneficial thing, and in some ways of course it is, but I ask: has not a clear case of genocide then been conveniently buried in the collective psyche? This is how Ra can bind a distorted reality construct together. In one sense it's beneficial, but in another collectively limiting by binding in a distortion and burying the truth.

What must we watch for on a general day-to-day basis?

Clearing Your Field of Potential Ra Influence

Crucially it is to watch for repetitive unconscious behaviourisms that create a dumbing-down effect. The Ra consciousness (and others such as Tall Whites) can invade the psyche where we go unconsciousness. Or else it's where there are repetitive mind games, stories and loops in the mind going on. It creates a brain fog, that is often amplified in the toxic substances people consume and through constant technological projection, especially through the mobile phone and social media.

Ra is a "social" consciousness, binding people and groups together through common (distorted) memes that then go steadily viral in the group consciousness.

Here are 7 Ways to support your clearing approach:

1) Self-reflection and honesty: the first part to negating its invasion in the psyche is self reflection and self honesty. It can be all too compelling simply to distract into a story or be pulled into mind games. Crucially as we spot this, we must notice the energy of the "fog" itself - it's often in and around the brain

2) Sacred Ground of Being: Once spotted, concentrated breathwork can break the cycle. You apply the breath to connect deeply into the Sacred Ground of Being, through the core of you (explore the nature of the Sacred Ground of Being)

3) Clearing Brain Fog: When you can consciously connect into your sacred ground, then to inquire into the brain fog or repetitive throught loops and stories, and then to "expand into and through them". You're breathing light into the energy, breaking it down and then creating a sphere, through and around you, of greater coherency and clarity. Thus Ra struggles to penetrate and is ejected

4) Diversionary Alley Ways: Be mindful of getting pulled into diversionary alley ways of excessive contemplation

5) Adaptation and Innovation: Adapt and alternate your regular behaviourisms, thus interrupting reptitive and mindless behaviours and loops. Create as much space as possible for free wheeling, flexibility and spontaneous flow

6) Attuning the Chakras: Work to keep all the ckakras open, especially and including the crown chakra and the base. Let the open crown chakra infuse natural spontaneity, that is connected all the way through the being into physical action (Explore this Openhand Chakra Attunement Meditation)

7) Natural Creativity: Spend time in natural creative activity - for creativity's sake. Because it breaks the repetitive mind loops and it determines that your own consciousness can infuse your being.

Calling on Divine Support

It's also possible to call on etheric support to negate the Ra energy from your field. Once the inner clearing work has been done (which is absolutely essential first), then we may call on, for example, the increased coherency of the Kali energy. Providing one's field has strong clarity already in it, then the energy of Kali can come down as far as the 4D and help bolster one's field.

From this place of greater feeling coherency and sovereign strength, then we may also call on higher dimensional beings such as the Golden Tara of the 6D - it's a vibrant, creative flowing action that rejuvenates and brings one more alive.

I should add the cautionary note that when working with such energies, never give your own self-sovereignty and self-determination over to them. Always be self inquiring and determining. Test these energies. If they don't feel right, eject them until it feels right to explore once more. Always be wary of handing over your consciousness field to any kind of "channeling". To be clear, I'm NOT advocating channelling with regard to Kali and the Golden Tara. I'm suggesting to call on them to bolster your own field and help attune stronger qualities of creative flow - but it's YOUR creative flow that's being supported.

Understand More About the Nature of the Golden Tara

Freedom of 5D Flow

Have no doubt, this deceptive and cohesive soul-harvesting consciousness of Ra can readily be ejected from our being. But it does require commitment to self sovereignty and freedom of flow. It's a dynamic we have to constantly work at. We need to be present and active in our own consciousness field, being prepared to interrupt repetitive mind games that seem to have some attachment. Instead, we must infuse our energy with crystal clear feeling consciousness. And this can be achieved through empowered breathwork and attuning the chakras.

For many people who are not yet ready to take complete ownership of their natural freedoms and the responsibility this requires, the collectivised "safety" of the Ra collective might seem a degree compelling until they're fully ready to break free. But when you experience the limitation of this energy, then there are clear approaches to negating it from your being, in ways that I've expressed here. It's a choice, in any given moment, as to where we place our attention. It's about deciding to go with the Shift to a higher consciousness of 5D freedom and flow.

If you feel the calling of greater freedom and flow in the 5D Shift, then explore the evolutionary work of Openhand...

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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Dear Open ,

The article above speaks to me much more clearly now.

In particular I experience brain fog within relationships and strangely not during other experiences . It's is SO HARD staying conscious and alert during these mind loops . There are too many to name : Handing over power ,not speaking ones truth out of fear ,not feeling worthy enough ,being codependant ,and so many more.  I am regularly sitting in the morning and evening and observing the coming and going of brain fog and also my physical sensations during interactions with my partner and daughter.  And infusing more Presence into them which leads to the weakening of mind-loops and ability to express freely . It really helps that I am not living with my partner. That distance is a rich laboratory for insights into my own responses. 

As I accept whole heartedly where I am in my life right now ,many more lessons present themselves ,as do subconscious attachments . 

Such a rich learning space it is ! The Ra energy comes in through both unconscious traumas and attachments, for me. And just recognising the brain fog when it presents itself ,is the first step . 

La Palma feels like an intense cauldron of alchemy right now . I am tuning in for sure . 



11/01/2024 Shift Update - Ra Entity in Plant Medicine

We've been exploring the dangers of Plant Medicine practices that risk allowing in entities in your blind zone, due to being too quickly expanded into the 4D, without sufficient time to integrate and illuminate the landscape afterwards. Openhand has removed literally thousands of entities attached in people's fields over the years due to the practice of plant medicines.

Yesterday, I spoke of a collectivised entity that was invading people's fields, unseen, during the practice. It's either related to Ra, or it is Ra. It feels essential I draw attention to it. It's like bindweed that subtly wraps around the soul during plant medicine practices, creates a false bubble of light, with all manner of psychic and intuitive gifts provided, but at the cost of losing soul sovereignty and the misdirection of your destiny.

Let me ask you this question: why is there such a compulsion in spirituality for people to use plant medicine?

One reason is because of purging and getting rid of density. Which is fine, but is the practitioner integrating soul at the same time? Mostly not. Another main reason is, "to see beyond the veil", to be able to see more interdimensionally or to accelerate the path.

The problem is this: if you don't already know the multidimensional field, how will you know, sense and feel what energies are aligned or not? How do you know if the energies you're integrating are that of your own soul? The answer to both is, you don't!

You only get to truly know if your perception of the multidimensional field is accurate or that you're truly integrating soul, as opposed to imposter energies, is because you build incrementally, progressively, day by day in conscious meditation. Sure, it might not sound nearly as sexy. And it does take more time and persistence. But you can be sure that what you're expanding into and what you're integrating is actually aligned and on the right path.

What's more, your multidimensionality gets integrated into your regular life - it becomes an aligned part of you.

I've now heard from several people that they too have seen how the Ra entity has invaded the plant medicine space and surreptitiously bound to people through the practice. Be wary of what practices you engage in and who you work with!

There are no shortcuts in spiritual practice and development.
There's nothing you can't achieve through progressive breathwork, chakra attunement, and deep consciousness bodywork.

Bright blessings

Open 💎

Here is Openhand's Thread on the Dangers of Plant Medicine Approaches

Insight into exposing and negating the Ra Entity from your being


In relation to clearing the Ra influence, does this mean that the Law of One channeling by Don Elkins is false information? I feel somewhat hoodwinked as the Law of One channeling many years ago helped me with unity consciousness and spiritual growth.  However, the “harvest” language always made me uncomfortable from the beginning.

In reply to by Marty Long (not verified)


I have come across the Law of One, but not read it. Hence I can only offer a limited viewpoint. I have seen the odd video of people extolling its virtues. But when I heard about the "harvest of souls", yes, this struck alarm bells.

As with all things, there's going to be some degree of truth at the core. That's what makes these philosophies so compelling. As I've expressed recently about Ra susceptibility, plenty of people are still looking for that secure situation, not to have to step out on their own and take a risk in the unknown - they'll even turn a blind inner eye to the fact that becomes soul-harvesting. They've gone into a restrictive bubble.

And that's the other glimpse I got about the Law of One, but which I also see being replicated through most of the "Non-duality" movement. Yes, I agree, there is non-duality, but crucially, within the separation consciousness. In a physical sense, we are all interconnected through the field. But, at the same time, you are a unique soul, with a unique path and expression, that is yearning to be unleashed and set free. And, where you deny the flow of the Soul, you actually disconnect from the true One. Because the relativity of the Soul and the One are interrelated through dynamic equilibrium.

Ra has taken the "non-duality" truth, but subtly applied it to the soul as well. Hence you're not actually connecting with the true source anymore, but a detached bubble from it. Now you can sit back comfortably on the sofa of life - you don't have to make a real choice. But to be clear, it's Ra's sofa you're sitting on! Not one that, at your highest level, you would choose.

Well wishes

Open 💎


Second time I've lost what I've written b/c of cheap tablets and dodgy internet. I'm trying but I seem to keep getting blocked? Will write again soon when I have energy, bit I can say thanks with all the suggestions for dealing with Ra, I've got the frankincense and crystals employed, and making small breakthroughs I'll share soon. Meantime who was that singing in the townhall video? So beautiful and transcending!

In reply to by sylvanheart


Sylvanheart, this kept happening to me. Write your articles in your notes app. Safe there. Then, when finished and edited, cut and paste onto the comments page. Works every time.



I felt to mention that if you do sense you might have some Ra influence going on in your field, Frankincense seems to be a good help. The energy seems to clear pretty quickly. But of course the inner work is still essential to ensure one's field stays clear.

Best wishes to all

Open 💎

In reply to by Open


Just feel to add, it is the Frankincense essential oil which is the magical substance helping to work with energies, particularly with those intervening our own energy field. I discovered this somehow couple of years ago - for me it does.

I sense clearly there is that Ra energy currently bouncing around the Openhand community (sure the whole society is under a heavy influence of it), and so it is trying to attack my field too. Yesterday morning I woke up with the feeling of pressure from the third eye and was watching my field for what is happening. I felt kind of dullness or fogginess around my head when was driving, as if my field of vision narrowed. In a meditation when breathing down it was weirdly vibrating between solar plexus and sacrum. If that's the interventional attack, I thought, the Frankincense EO might be helpful. I massage with few drops of it the third eye (front and back) area, my temples, crown area and the back of neck at the base of scull. The effect I feel is immediate. Although the energy retracts it was still around. I worked all day on it repeatedly meditating and applying the essential oil. Yet, in the evening I felt a bit tired and the waves of severe headache were developing. So, before the bed time again, I sit in a long meditation with another massage-in of the Frankincense. Then was drawn to use my Lemurian Quartz crystal - I put it at my crown chakra. The headache eased immediately. I went to sleep with this quartz crystal above my head on the pillow. Five hours later woke up and everything is just gone. It still feels its gone.

Just felt to share in case that would help others too. But to make a point - it is an additional support to the meditation and the inner work.

Wishing everyone joyous days at this wonderful time of the year end.

Much love ❤️ 



I was asked to recommend ways to negate the Ra entity and influence from one's field. Hence the new article I've shared today above. It is by no means exhaustive, but does contain 7 key ways to watch for and apply on a day to day basis. Do please ask any additional questions you might have or share your viewpoint below.

It's all about bringing greater illumination and clarity to these important field dynamics.

Well wishes to all.

Open 💎