First Nations Pilgrimage: Sedona Journal

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The Openhand 1st Nations Pilgrimage in the Sedona area begins today, with people flying in from around the world to join us, all drawn by the inherent, compassionate sense of connection into the Originals of our planet. We've already made some tremendous multidimensional connections with the elders here. I can feel they're pleased to see us and how we might support an unravelling realignment here. It's sure to be a powerful week and I invite all in the community to join our daily journal. Be inspired!

The Tragedy of the Originals

We never expected it would be all "love and light" on this journey of remembrance and healing. Sedona is a stunning Red Rock county, where the scenery is totally breathtaking. That said, my first sense upon arriving here was that of desecration. The main centre is now a busy tourist hub, which sits right across the energies of the First Nations and what they established as sacred.

No doubt the history is complex, but it's understood the Apache were the first main tribe here, who lived abundantly from the land, not only hunting, but also foraging berries, cacti fruit and also farming maize. I definitely felt the Apache one of the groups calling us here when we were back in Avebury in the summer - the Apache helicopter was appearing just about everywhere, and heading west. Synchronicity speaks. These things don't happen by chance!

It's a long story (of course), but after a protracted campaign, the Apache were brutally displaced from the land by the US military and settlers, the final group being mercilessly marched from their reservation at Camp Verde (close by) to the San Carlos Indian Reservation. They were marched over the Mazatzal Mountains in winter by U.S. soldiers for nearly 200 miles, and at least 100 died along the way. This appalling chapter in Arizona’s history is known to the Yavapai-Apache as the Exodus.

(image: Arizona Highways)

I share it because, although no doubt atrocities happened on both sides, it speaks of the brutalisation and marginalisation of all those we may call the "Originals" on Earth. Countless have suffered in a similar fashion, whether it be in the Americas, Australasia, Africa or indeed more recently in Tibet. It's a dynamic many of us are carrying in our karma. The divisions, enmity, hatred, and grief have been carried by many.

Now is the time for healing. Especially since we're moving decidedly into End Times (as I explained in this recent 5D Shift Podcast). Embroiled energies in the field must be unraveled so the shift to higher 5D consciousness can succeed for many, and so that it will be more harmonious rather than explosive. Gaia has completed her contract with the matrix, and is reanimating her Torus, which we're clearing witnessing in the powerful weather patterns around the globe.

Healing and realignment with the natural flower of life is therefore utterly essential to all right now.

Connection and Healing

So yesterday, I with facilitators Cedar and Ann, both with a profound connection to the energies of the locality, connected on the land with some of the elders in the ether here. We signaled our heartfelt intention to honour their pain, and ensure that their history was seen and respected. But then also to support energetically to animate the Torus, the flower of life, so as to support a more harmonious realignment. It's pleasing to say they "saw" us and extended an open hand of friendship in support of the work.

This is the basis upon which our pilgrimage here now forms as the group gathers later today. We will speak into the challenges we've all faced, whether it be here in the Americas or much further afield; that it is time to forgive and let go - to look to the future with grace; to form bridges of connection into the higher dimensions. That must be the imperative now, for all with the ears to hear and eyes to see.

Come join us in this heartwarming gathering of healing here. It will be a pleasure to have you on board and to ripple those vibes of realignment far and wide through the field. I bow to the collective suffering experienced:

"You are seen, honoured, respected, cherished and loved".

Bright blessings to all,

Open 💎

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The most deep and alchemical work on the planet today!  

Open, you did it again.  You wove together a seamless retreat that allowed all of us to go deep into the depths of our beings.  To all those who I met there and reconnected with, as well as those in the ether.  I just want to say thank you for holding a space and your presence.

Let's not forget about Ann and Cedar, who held a safe container for all of us to dive deep and look at our stuff.  Thank you both:) 

Truly memorable experience that I will carry forward all of my days while traversing this beautiful planet we call Earth!

Feeling raw and blessed at the same time.

Thank you all.

With love and gratitude,



Thank you Open and all attendees for the work completed on the Sedona retreat. I love reading the account of how you connected with the first nations people spirits and helped process their pain. I expect there will be the exposure of much pain and atrocity in the near future which we will be invited to honour and move beyond towards a new dawn. Blessings and deepest gratitude. Praying Emoji


30/09/2023 Sedona Update; Closing a Marvellous Time

It's been absolutely stunning here in Sedona on so many levels. One of those peak experiences of life. We will never forget the soulful connections with our 1st Nations Brothers and Sisters in the ether who recognised the work and joined in with us. We are all Originals, recognising our true Rainbow Tribe nature. How special.

The meditations went deep, the processing thorough, the external pilgrimages were pure adventure, the food succulent, the vortexes transcendent, the friendships immaculate. Too much for words!!

Some final Photos

Just another studio right? Wrong! We had tribes from far and wide tuning in to join us...

Soulmotion - We are the champions!

Tibetan singing bowl with a difference - it sings you!!

Hanging out between sessions under a shady tree - wow the weather was stunning, from start to end...

The retreat centre creek, letting it all wash away...

Who will ever forget Bell Rock, how it rang into the soul...

And another type of nature, but with much Pleiadian joy too - the Chocola Tree...

Who will ever forget the food? The best ever. It's vegan pancakes for our final breakfrast...

Cheers for an unforgettable time (no, it's not alcohol, but various blends of vinegar with fruit and sparkling water, that tasted simply amazing!!)...

We are skybound!!

Bright blessings to all who tuned in. And if you missed out, have no fear, we've already booked the next one for 2024!!

Open 💎

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Oh that last photo! Perfectly encapsulates what an astounding week it was in Sedona.

How on earth to sum up such a magical moving experience in words?

Old friendships reignited; new friendships forged.
Deep diving into shadow and light, both our own and our ancestors.
Spending time each day in cleansing tears and unbridled laughter.
Combining our soul strength to support our family in the ether to acknowledge, forgive and flow forward.
Connecting with our beloved Gaia to share her pain and her joy as her torus is unchained.

My feet may be back in the UK but for a while my heart remains in Arizona filled to overflowing with love and gratitude to Open, Anne, Cedar and Tilly for bringing us all together and holding such a nurturing safe space; and to the beautiful souls who I shared this time with - souls who trusted so deeply that the group connection was instant and profound and every day was an astounding experience.

Oh and the retreat centre itself...bathing daily in that cool cleansing creak, eating food that was prepared with such love, lying on green green grass amoung protective trees, an oasis in the desert...

Enough words 😂... I'll leave it there and trust you can feel what I am trying to express Heart Heart Heart

Alex xxx


29/09/2023 Sedona Update: Into the Vortex

Wow, what a day yesterday was - our excursion out to a key energetic vortex in the shape of Bell Rock. Come taste the vibe in our photo journal.

The Army of Light marches on its stomach, and so the day begins with some essential sustenance down at the Chocolate Tree...

Time to bring in some of that Pleiadian Joy...

Look, it's a figure 8 vortex formed in the chocolate - deep joy!!

Bellys full, that's the vortex we're going to...

No prickly paws for me, this is as close as I'm getting!

Bell Rock - just feel the energy...

Time to "lean into" that vortex and give it some oomph with the singing chakras...

The Star Beings join us with some sacred geometry...

What a day that was - a warm toast to all, both on the ground and in the ether. "Cheers!!"

Warm bundles of love to all.

Open ♥️


28/09/2023 Sedona Update: The Shift

It's going really deep here in Sedona - far more profound than I had ever anticipated. We conducted ceremony yesterday for forgiveness, working with it's true nature. We embrace what we manifest as "protagonists" against us as our own creation - an opportunity to confront some inner shadow and to then integrate it - to grow through it and thereby transcend the situation so we don't have to recreate it. There were many in the ether who joined us in the soulful expressions. Many tears were shed, much reconciliation was undertaken.

Of course, if we are to move on in the world, and shift to the New Paradigm, we must let go of our investments in the old. Especially where there's attachment into the karmic trauma of the past.

There was much letting go, following which, we went out onto the ground, out in the desert for an excursion - wherever "Great Spirit" wanted to guide us.

As we set off, we were gifted this incredibly powerful animal medicine - a dead skunk, lying peacefully by the side of the road near to our retreat centre...

Now you might consider skunk not necessarily the most "sexy" of symbolisms, however, it was absolutely perfect for us. When you do this kind of work, you're bound to get push back and attempts at derailing by the shadow - which we've clearly felt. Sunk fears no predators - one squirt and they turn tail and run!!

Skunk was inviting us to advance courageously forward. You can't see it, but its paws were together, as if to say "Namaste" - I see you...

I thanked Skunk and laid it to rest under a quiet archway bush...

A circuitous but protected route led us to this marvellous site - the inappropriately named "Montezuma's Well". It's an ancient well that pours millions of gallons daily out into the desert. Many of the tribes lived peacefully and in harmony here, sharing Gaia's gift. We touch the venue as a sign of coming together in the Great Shift...

The valley where the well water emerges is like sitting in pure heaven - a new valley of Eden. And so entirely appropriate then to express the movement to a new earth...

We "Originals" have travelled many "miles" to reach this Grand Galactic Convergence in the Shift. The well was the perfect place to rejuvenate weary souls...

My treasured Obsidian stone, which is mostly always black, came alive in its spectacular rainbow colours...

At the end of the day, after our travels, the clouds were speaking profoundly, like this tremendous dragon, the energy of which, had been keeping the channels from the 5th density open for us...

By the fire afterwards, with open hands amongst the flames. What a day!!

It is totally magical here on our First Nations Pilgrimage. Far more than I could ever have dreamed of.

Bright blessings to all tuning in.

Open 💎

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Hi Open,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog thank-you for sharing your incredible divine Sedona gifts with us on the site! I also had a significant shift this week, an immense and unexpected movement of grief transmuted into a deep compassion and peace. There was a context and narrative although my personal feeling is that it could’ve been anything the mind chose to fixate or project on. When in Rome. Far more humbly than yourselves, I received a wonderful gift from the divine today! I found an unused clock in a cupboard yesterday so thought I would put it up. I realise time is illusory and don’t often refer to it, but a clock is a clock is a clock. The ticking has acoustically synchronised in a slight off beat to another clock in the next room! I have the most delightful surround sound ticking in my meditation space like a beautiful drum rift. I’ve been dancing free style to it this morning! Utterly awesome energy! Love to all X


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Hi Open and Openhanders,

I get to see quite a few black and white animals recently. They speak to me about the balance and integration of the Yin and Yang energies, too- as it was clearly happening on the retreat. Universe speaks a multilayered language, with several messages for those with eyes to see. :)

What a fabulous gathering it must have been! <3




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I have been out in the woods camping and building a stronger connection with Gia for the last few days. Today while coming back I saw a skunk coming down a tree with a rat in her mouth. It feels like I have been tuning in to Openhand etherically without even internet connection. Wonderful! 

The journey is going deeper everyday!

Wishing all

Vimal HeartPraying Emoji


27/09/2023 Sedona Update: Past Lives Regression

Having got through surface layers of identity on previous days thus far, yesterday was time to dive deep into past life karma. Of course, there's much to unwind and unleash. At Openhand we take people onto the astral planes to conduct the work. And as expected, various First Nations Groups joined us across the divide, curious at first, but then how heartwarming it was to them actually join in the process and start to release all of that past life pain.

It's a humble studio, yet we're creating a multidimensional space of profound connection...

Ann is a tremendously sensitive and insightful empath, whose gifts have greatly deepend in recent years to meet the shift. Here she was empathising with the grief and the pain felt by the tribes in the ether. It shows they are met, seen, loved and respected...

What's needed between people's and tribes is reconciliation. We all have a monumental journey ahead of us in the Shift, and that process will be eased greatly if we come together across the divide and work it through...

The Creek, bordering the retreat centre, washes away the energy of the past. To be clear, we have to let go in order to move forward...

"Let it all go, let it all go, let it all out now"...

Praise be to Great Spirit for guiding us through...

Bright blessings to all

Open 💎

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At Openhand, when we journey, music helps us touch deeply buried emotions to meet, honour and process through. Then to release. The music is always chosen by the Divine. This track yesterday met the perfect moment in the process. If you're feeling connected in to our journey of healing, then maybe sit back a few minutes, breathe and touch the sense of release that we experienced yesterday...


26/09/2023 Sedona Update: Deep into the Work

We got deep into the work here in Sedona yesterday. What exactly are we doing? Well first we opened into the multidimensional ether - of course, whether aware or not, we're all being influenced from there by a multitude of different energies plenty with mixed agendas. That's not to mention the karma we each carry and the karma of the location. So opening up through Openhand breathwork and meditation is key to the processing...

People aren't drawn here by chance. Each will have their own First Nations karma related to the circumstances of marginalisation, which was quite often brutal. That goes for all of us who can recall being an "Original", in whatever part of the world.

We have to be courageous to go there. Because only then can we clear it.

And to be clear, we're taking the positive approach to past life processing. In that through the challenges of the journey through the wheel of life we've experienced, we're growing as souls. It makes us more resilient, expansive, connected, and able to mediate challenges much better in the day to day...

Of course, there's the Shift and the activation of the 11:11 code - the alignment of key centres in the Grand Galactic Convergence. So there are our personal life circumstances, but also how Great Spirit intricately weaves them into the moving Flower of Life...

For sure the elders in the ether here are intrigued by our approach. Several different groups have converged to observe - how do we heal the rifts of the past?

We heal it in ourselves and ripple that into the field. I can say they're actually learning from our approach too.

Bright blessings to all tuning in

Open 💎


Ahh, it's lovely to have people tuning in to what's happening here in Sedona - thanks everyone, it's a great pleasure to have you onboard ♥️

It sure is a major energy centre here, and not at all as "picturesque" in the field as it is on the surface. Lots of convolutions, lots of intervention energies trying to dominate the area - that have been pretty successful. Yet we must remember that all life naturally wants to realign itself as the Flower of Life. Ultimately that's unavoidable, especially as we now sail into this 11:11 Grand Galactic Convergence. All the power centres in our galaxy are aligning within our segment, an unfathomable amount of energy that will progressively condense all intervention bubbles into the one authentic timeline flow. And that's happening right now.

What we're doing is "leaning energetically into that and giving it a push" in the direction it naturally wants to go, untangling as many knots as we can.

We gathered last night, with everyone arriving safely and began by connecting up with the various multidimensional energies here - getting a sense of what we're being invited to do.

And the elders were there, looking on with interest and holding an open space for the possibility of what can be achieved. The work begins in earnest today - I'll update as we get further insights.

With much love, appreciation and respect to all.

Open 💎


Open!! I literally just had a conversation, hardly ten minutes ago, about "I think I want to go [and am going to go] to Sedona!" Then I felt the nudge to connect here.

I just want to say, I think the most important part of this message for me is that you've been potent in my field for quite a few days! I keep hearing from You, (in your voice) "You need to contact me." and, yesterday,  "I wish you would reach out." And the classic (not in your voice but on some darling announcer frequencies), "Openhand would like to speak to you!" 

So "hear" I am! Accepting any and all beacons from the GlastonburyxSedona broadcast  🥰  I can't even believe that is an option right now and I'm so excited!

For the record, I had a similar impression of Sedona. Until ten minutes ago (when I had a beautiful open-eyed vision of the Red Rocks), I had pretty well convinced myself that despite its beauty, I would not be returning for quite awhile. I was there for a few months last year, and it was quite difficult for me to be so energetically sensitive, clairaudient, and somewhat naive last year -- I tuned into a lot of the bad portal magic, misplaced psychic chaos, some intense darkness downtown, and a whole freaking lot of ET/intervention stuff and I'm likely still in recovery. 

So --- I'm tremendously excited to hear that you're there. I cannot think of a place that could benefit more from your presence. What an opportunity for the land and the people of the planet. Sending all of my love and excitement and prayers from Mount Shasta. 

On that note, I do hope we can connect more! I love you dearly, I love to hear you, and I'd love to see you at some point. Take care out there! 💅💗🕊️


What a tremendous gathering!

I am so looking forward to tuning in this week; it feels exciting and real with a strong sense of heartfelt connection.


Love and respect to all on the journey.

Stickman KevPraying Emoji



A cosmic hug to all participating. Terrestrially & energetically. :')  💙 🤲


The Love waves of "The Unknown" are Now carrying us gently and smoothly towards the ultimate ONE that we know.