"The High Flight": Soaring on the Outstretched Wings of Your Soul

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There's a tide that's rising quickly now through the world, with many different streams of consciousness flowing. Getting a sense of what's truly happening and finding clarity for yourself is utterly essential to getting the most from your daily life in the context of the current dynamic. We must come into the truth of what's really happening, then the eddy currents of distortion will cease to bash us around. Today, to be in the truth, requires a good degree of fearless boldness - the courage to embrace what is, and to come forth from there, in the majesty of your splendid uniqueness...

Riding the Truth of What is Truly Unfolding

It's time to embrace what is. Peel away the veils from the weary eyes of the past, and see the world the way it is right now. The biggest causality? It must surely be abrupt climate change. Just about everyone is jumping on that bandwagon, either arguing about solutions or else denying the true cause, which to me, is so clearly the redundancy of society it's gross extremity, and misalignment with the natural harmony of life. 

Yes, abrupt climate change is definitely coming to a town near you, if not now, then in the very near future. But clearly the majority have not yet accepted the 'end-game' in all of this - that we're converging with other cyclical factors too, such as the Pole Shift and Changes with our Sun. Are you still hanging on to hope? Still clinging to the past? It's understandable, it's a lot to get one's head and heart around. But by it's very definition, 'hope' is the non-acceptance of what is. It is the desire for something else you'd rather have because you can't accept the inevitability of consequence. Living in hope will get you no further forwards than living in fear. We must banish both from our consciousness if we are to ride the truth of what is truly unfolding.

Accepting the 'end-game' in our 3D reality, that it is on the verge of complete breakdown sometime in the next decade or two, brings with it tremendous liberation. A tremendous freedom. The ties of limitation start to break apart. As you work through your fears, you open a wide internal space, where a new stream of consciousness can flood in. 

Here's how to Work Through All Fear in 5 Straightforward Steps

Living Today as if there were no Tomorrow

Going forwards, plenty of people around the world will go into fear. They already are, they just cover it up with the soft comforts and denials of society. But just because we're sailing into tempestuous waters, just because there's an 'end-game' for the old reality on the visible horizon, nevertheless, there's still so much to live for, so much to gain and experience.

If you can dive courageously into the center stream, and keep centering in it through all of life's experiences, then you will learn, evolve and grow like no other time in your existence.

There will come a point where you're so surrendered that you realise you have nothing to lose any more. And a miraculous juxtaposition happens at that point - you see it in the eyes of those who've suffered near death experiences. It's a light that has decided to embrace the absolute fullness of life. To live today as if there were no tomorrow!

Taking the High Flight

So, are you ready to dive into the centre flow with me?

Make no mistake, it will batter you at first,
but the battering will only break away that which you no longer need.
Progressively, the 'God-self' in your unfolds and emerges.
It's time to dance in the heavens on the out-stretched wings of possibility,
because right now, for you, the possibities are endless.

How can you make your life more magical right now?
What can you do that breaks apart the limitations and restrictions?
Just the sense of interconnected beingness will set your life apart.
And the only things that get in the way of these are hope or fear.
Where they arise, turn into both, and shatter them as the illusions they are.
Embrace the courageous wind under your wings as it sweeps you aloft.
The time has come for this majestic 'High Flight'.

Speaking of which, I'll leave you with a poem of the same name, written by a young Spitfire pilot, who died in his aircraft over England during the Second World War. Death can come for any of us at any time. That's not the problem. The real issue is how you live in the meantime...

If my writing inspires you, if your soul catches my drift, then come take the High Flight with me on Openhand's upcoming World Tour... ARISE DIVINE BEING. Let's stretch out our wings together!

In loving support

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I felt to repost this awesome poetry today with some uplifting commentary. You may well be feeling it, society is going through a latest metamorphosis, passing into a transformative 'crysallis' phase. No, you're not going crazy! I'll be writing about this soon. But for now, do let the sharing above uplift you.

And do share, what's inspiring you right now?


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I just love the poem "High Flight" - so full of the joy of fearless living. I wanted to share it with you.
Do like it and share it above if it touched you.

Much love

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