How Consciousness Can Conquer The Coronavirus

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So the world has practically come to a standstill due to the Coronavirus. Whilst I strongly believe that it's been engineered for controlling reasons and especially the reaction to it (see some eye opening evidence below), nevertheless, there is a silver lining to every cloud. Families are back together again. The matrix madness has ground to a halt. Nature is taking a desperately required breather - the birds are singing stronger! Most of all, it will give people the chance to reflect upon what's truly important in their lives.

Wouldn't that be great...

An Epidemic Fear Propogation?

Firstly why do I believe this coronavirus and it's reaction (by the state) is somehow conncocted? Here are some eye opening facts for you...

In US, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010. Last season (in the US) there were about 34,200 flu related deaths. And again, according to CDC estimates, this current season so far there have been about 16,000 flu related deaths out which only 300 or so are positively confirmed coronavirus related (at the time of writing).
Centers for Disease Control and Preventing, USA

I had to pinch myself when reading this. Also 80% of people who get the virus suffer only mild symptoms. So why the mass fear pandemic and over reaction? The media is awash with the pandemic and nothing else right now. I don't wish to dwell on it in this article, but to me, there is most definitely an agenda behind it all that's trying the subvert and control because of the accelerating awakening that's happening to people across the planet. If you wish to explore why I think this, then check out my latest Facebook Live Stream....
What On Earth is Going On?

One of the things I'm constantly reminded of when I watch this all unfolding, is that control does not work. It ultimately trips over itself by its own shennanigans, loses the plot, and falls apart. The Universe is a free flowing spontaneous miracle. If you try to tie it down, you'll only ever ravel yourself up in knots. And so assuming there is a strong degree of intentionality behind this charade, then will it likely backfire? Especially when people do the math on it and scientists step forwards to challenge the mainstream prognosis. Like Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg a specialist in Virology, who clearly sees an "Emperor's New Clothes" syndrome happening here, where in fact it's all smoke and mirrors. Whilst clearly there is a virus, and our compassion goes out to those suffering, he claims there's no sensibility to this over reaction, he says the 'emperor' is naked. Check this video which has quickly gone viral across thew web...
Stunning insights into the Corona-panic by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

So how might this all backfire?

I live in the heart chakra of the planet, Glastonbury, which is a stunning energy centre full of alchemy and wonder. Yet it still gets wrapped up in the matrix energy too, like anywhere else. Since the pandemic kicked of, it's been refreshingly quiet on the roads and in the big stores on the outskirts of town, except that is for the panick buying of loo roll - it's all a load of BS! Yes, we've had that too, but a new dynamic is now unfolding and quickly fired off right from the beginning.

It's much quieter. Energetically the surroundings feel far stiller. You can hear the birds sing more loudly, which brightens the heart. Despite the bar closures and social distancing in the stores, people are out on the streets, smiling, sharing connecting. It's actually doing the reverse of what's intended and bringing people closer together.

And I'm hearing from people around the world that this is being mirrored where they are: families are together again. Parents have essential time to connect with their kids. The levels of stress are dissipating. And most essentially, Mother Nature is getting a much needed breather from the matrix. Check this short heartwarming video...

Restructuring of Society?

So there's most definitely an upside to all of this. And just maybe it will catalyse internal realignments for many people where they question the validity of the system and how they were living their lives previously. It could well be that for plenty, the veils fall and the real meaning of life comes back into plain view.

Wouldn't that be a great juxtaposition?!

What we also need to bear in mind, at the same time, is that if this lockdown continues for a while, then many small businesses will go under, to be replaced by a controlling 'nanny' state. Plenty believe that's a central part of the underlying agenda behind it all - a restructuring of society so as to make people even more dependent on the system and to handouts - that way the emergence of freedom and sovereignty is stiffled.
Check out David Icke's impassioned view on this - another viral video

Emergence of DIVINICUS - the Divine Being

As I said, my fingers are crossed that it will all backfire spectacularly. I also predicted in the Openhand DIVINICUS book: rise of the divine human that indeed the Old Paradigm would go through plenty of new iterations as the ship ultimately goes down - plenty of new deck chair configurations. And what's really needed is for communities to come together, as "Islands in the Storm", so that we may support one another and look after each other in times of great transformation. That will help more than ever the emergence of the Divine Being in us.

We can be clear of one thing: society will never be quite the same again. And it needs to restructure. Already the people around me are looking at different ways to live and work. Doing their facilitation service more across the web for example. But also sustaining locally. While people in the mainstream were hoarding loo rolls, in Glastonbury, the run was on seeds instead.

There are plenty preparing to grow more of their own food. And we've always been used to people here living in vans, cabins and caravans. They're often much more cosy, colourful and off grid - less reliant on the nanny state. There's also a vibrant Transition Towns Movement here. It's another essential global trend I spoke of in the PARADIGM SHIFT movie.

So as this all comes out in the wash, we can be sure life is going to change. And there will be many upsides to it. We just have to find a new degree of resourcefulness and innovation - to ride the realiging flows successfully. To me, this is a crucial part of what it means to be Thriving from 5D consciousness, where there's more alignment with the spontaneity of the flow; feeling the upwelling of soul and then how life wants to magically click in around you. May this grey cloud have that uplifting silver lining!

In loving support

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Very well written, I have felt something is not right with the social separation order, yet everyone has followed it from fear. They don't know what else to do. Lets fight the virus. 

8 years ago, I experienced a shift into an open presence of a "no me" state. It took me a few years to even be able to express it. I feel strongly that this event no matter planned by man or universe.. in which all is present awareness anyway, is the collapse of the ego, individual and dream we have been chasing. A moment of fight or sit in stillness appears, and then another moment appears where its seen as nothing will ever touch what has been opened here. 

Some info naturally came my way regarding this so called crisis. I'm not searching for it anymore since i'm putting all my efforts in releasing what's not really mine and I don't want to be distracted by what's going on there in the matrix, a reality that is swiftly losing its grip on me. But something nudged me to share it anyhow. It's really interesting on how many levels we can interpret the meaning of this virus. There are so many dimensions to it. Here an overview of what I get is happening on a more 3D-level:

  • A virus has been concocted by a Harvard professor(?) having contacts/working in Wuhan.
  • Originally it was part of a illuminati/Deep State plan to attack China which had to do with US/Deep State owing them money.
  • The alliance, consisting of a nation-wide movement to counter balance/remove the Illuminati, has mitigated the original severe impact the virus was designed to have on the human body so that it's nothing more than a flu basically. (the alliance are also called White Dragons or White Hats and have many more names). 
  • the spreading of the virus (some say by chemtrails) was overseen or controlled or allowed(?) by the alliance outside of China. The reason being that the alliance would then have an opportunity to start unfolding their long prepared agenda to start arresting a huge part of the Illuminati members (or the ones just below them?). 
  • Because of the lock-down situation in the countries the Deep state has most of its tentacles spread, the arrests are going to be a lot easier.
  • The US has sent more than 30 thousand military ground troops to Europe (I even read this in main stream media) which is the largest amount of troops in 25 years in Europe (to round up Deep state influence). Why would they do that when the virus is spreading all over Europe? 
  • White House intel coming from QAnon and MegaAnon (?) have confirmed these events a couple of months back via their cryptic messages. 

Below in David Wilcox' video you hear him talking about this especially in the second half. Maybe all of this is just a good story. I believe there to be at least some truth in it because I know from my own research years ago that plans to arrest this cabal have been long in the making. What i also came across is that apparently on a more higher dimensional level Opposing Consciousness (or huge factions of it) are forced to leave the earth. I find this a great 'coincidence' with what apparently is happening on the 3D level. To be honest I do not really care much about what scenario will be playing out; I have no preference any more in which direction old, 3D earth will be steered. For me my destination will be New Earth/5D earth. The old earth is an outdated construct to me and will be no matter who will be pulling the strings in the near future. Let's enjoy the show because all is well in all of Creation!

In reply to by Apollonius

Hey Apollonius - thanks for sharing. It's an interesting narrative for sure. Personally I don't buy it though. It feels like a twist on the real story to me. I believe it's the same-old, same-old OC, just in different Emperor's clothes.

When I've meditated with this, and have gone beyond the 3D surface 'cabal' players who are only pawns anyway, right to the source of the energy, then I'm quite convinced the greys are behind it all - same narative, just new chapters. And one of their approaches is to divide the opinions and energy of those who might see through it... "the greatest deception is that closest to the truth".

I do think David has a lot of good things to say. I watched the video a couple of nights ago - I certainly agree that the virus can be switched on by energy - maybe that's the link with Five Gee/chemtrails. But at the very least, it will lower the immune system. I have felt though that the frequencies David is sharing are confused and 'shifted/twisted' on the few times I've heard his stuff (not intentionally for sure - I do feel the benevolence and warm heart from him - but this can happen to us all in these very distorting lower density frequencies). Consider for example the point in the video where he talks about the military exercies beginning in Europe right now, with 37,000 troops and tanks - which he postulates is to "arrest the cabal" (my solar plexus started squeezing tightly at this point). Is he for real? We're talking a handful of people. You don't arrest them with the army. This is where the argument is clearly going astray for me. It's a twist on the truth, which is more likely to control populations in case of civil unrest.

Another example I've heard from him is proposing that the Ra energy (which he subsribes to) is a 6th density energy that is helping the Ascension through the 'harvesting of souls' which he proposed in the Cosmic Secret video. It's right at that point my solar plexus started to squeeze like an octopus on steroids! So I went into the core of the Ra energy. To me, it's clearly only 4th density and a collectivised consciousness that is consuming souls into a 4D bubble. As this realisation came to me, synchronistically, a lady on a retreat who'd had an Egyptian past life within the Ra culture, went through a complete transformation, being able to release the energy, whereupon her authentic soul frequency infused in - it was magical to watch. She was filled with waves of love from her own infusing soul. So I do believe the narrative begins in truth, but then gets twisted in mid flow. Not intentionally by him (I think he's a benevolent soul), but nevertheless I've often felt the story being subverted. It's definitely one of those challenges for any leader/teacher who steps up above the parapet with an ability to influence. Everyone who does it has to face that - so I feel a lot of compassion for him (and anyone else doing it for that matter).

What we can absolutely agree on, is that these are all just narratives that if we fixate on can limit. It's why at Openhand we don't speak of 'absolute truths', but a 'framework for inquiry', through which to find and express your own formless truth. I'm totally with you that this is now all about the shift through the form, through the narrative, and into the new 5D Earth, which plenty are now feeling -  let's bring it on!

Much love and respect

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Good morning all from Kansas City.  Thank you for your views as always,  dear Open.  They are most welcomed and uplifting.  Whst I am seeing and experiencing is the same phenomena and notice and embrace all that you are.  I also am embracing the 6th Mass Extinction and have not ever really stopped since I first became aware of it some years ago. I have wondered how the human race would experience this...bombs and warfare?  Natural phenomina such as earthquakes, increased storm activity, super volcanic activity, flooding from ice melts, solar and galactic energy impacts? All the above and then some? How will we help the people evolve into a higher version of themselves?  In your article above, address some of my questions but not all.  Do you not see the possibility that this virus may be part of the 6th Mass Extinction?  Yours and others thoughts  are eagerly welcomed.

Dear Open, 

These are interesting times to be alive. I used to feel very fortunate to live where I do. I felt very much at home here because I thought I was surrounded by many woke people. The kinds that are vegan and that care about the environment and social causes. I am currently finding myself in a minority of 1 as the people around me including friends and family descend into Fear. ( My husband seems unaffected and calm and amused, so there is that). I had made plans to buy land in the mountains and hold retreats but looking at the reactions of people that were supposed to be neighbours, suddenly I don't relate at all. And that does come with grief for both the people and the neat plan I had made ( my higher self is having a good laugh at my expense right now).

I am trying to be as calm and collected as I can and not react with anger or derision at the complete Crazy that has taken over my part of the world. Doesn't help that I work in a hospital either. 

In the middle of the madness something interesting happened. A woman living in my condo reached out to me ostensibly for first aid and a tetanus shot. When I met her she was almost out of her mind with panic. Before I gave her a shot I actually sat her down and meditated with her to calm her down.

As I said  interesting times. For me I think the challenge is to dig deeper and find guidance for next steps. 

Lots of love and calm to all Open handers everywhere.