Let's THRIVE from 5D!

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We're on retreat in La Palma, meditating right next to an active Volcano! What will the experiences tell us about the 5D Shift going forwards and the Grand Galactic Convergence? That's what we're here to find out and to share with you all in Openhand's daily vlog. Join us for insight to uplift your life, commentary, video and sharings. It's a real adventure!
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Thanks everyone so much for your inspirational feedback to this magical La Palma retreat 💙

It was an alchemical and magical ride for sure on the volcanic island of La Palma. Weeks before going, I knew it would be. So what were the key lessons that can speak into the shift? How might we better orientate ourselves going forward? I'll be sharing the insights with appropriate meditations in Ascension Exchanges Tomorrow, but for now, I've just produced this latest summary of what I feel took place at a field level...

Grand Galactic Convergence: Lessons of La Palma Stargate


I try to think of clever and profound words, but there seems to be only deep gratitude and discombobulation.

The way the group held space for me during my exploration of my own shadow is beyond words. I'm so grateful it was allowed to play out.

In the end I felt so much love and support. Though admittedly I would say Openhand is for the truly sincere spiritual seeker. And obviously every single one of the group would fit that description. What a privilege! 

For me the outer reflection of the inner process during the retreat was almost instantaneous with a mind-boggling twin flame encounter right after the retreat, in the form of a woman in the co-living at Finca coming back. Like jumping off a cliff indeed (Cedars remark). And it's painful and terrifying. And yes, I guess there's nothing else going on. 

I often can sense the outcome of an experience, sense the distortion. Maybe that's exactly why I ended up creating it over and over. This time I just can't. Part of me so desperately wants to say the lesson is over and just move on, but part of me seems to not want to let me. 

Anyway. No words could describe the last week and a half. Literally life-changing.



"This is where it all began", I heard whispering in my ear as we were on our journey in the Caldera. My attention was drawn to three stones, two of them black with white little dots, and one with the image of the island on it. "A mission from the stars, descending on this planet." A sense of complete disconnection got slowly replaced by the memories of Lemuria.

The past week on La Palma was truly a turning point. I could feel an upwelling from the soul before arriving, a cleansing heat coming in from the volcano, but also something that was almost like an ultimatum. "It's been enough, you can let go."

Isla Bonita had let us know she had a gift, which became more clear after our deeply cleansing experiences in rounds of sauna heat and cold pool dives. After the first round it felt like my body became fluid, vibrating all over. In the sauna there were visions of geometry. Something was being reconfigured on a deep level. The next day I learned on this day the icon I made on Divinicus last year returned to me. A golden globe structure with a twelve pointed crystal star in the middle, that to me represents the twelve strands of DNA Original Humans were gifted with. When I came home some reparations had to be made, it was an intimate process of knotting cords, weaving them purposefully around the structure with higher guidance instructing me on numbers and patterns. The gift, the energetic foundation for Homo Divinicus, transmitted through our DNA. "The mission was never lost."

Pleiadian mission

On the last night of the retreat I had a dream about Lemurian times, the oneness that was experienced in physical form, with a strong Twin Flame presence. A promise of the reexperience of this Unity was gifted, but it had to wait. Then a "descension" into an underground world with feelings and experiences of disconnection and distortion, but there was a little piece of the memory left inside of me. The next day during our last session I felt an overwhelming feeling of love, everyone's expression in the studio touched me on a level so deep that tears kept streaming down my face. A strong sense of Twin Flame connection and higher dimensional support cascaded in. After the session Miha gifted me a heart shaped stone, representing for me the symbolic return of the rest of the memory. The little broken off piece being the part that had stayed with me.

Heart stone

Being back in my apartment in the Netherlands the past few days has been a bit surreal, it seems like everything has changed, yet nothing has. The day after arriving back was my birthday and I feel I received the most beautiful gift, now to be integrated and embodied over the next period.

Much love 🧡🌸

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That's a fabulous sharing Hannah 👍 Yes, the original inhabitants, the Guansche, and the high-vibe nature of the island, plus the alchemical/explosive situation of it right now, brought us into the realm of rapidly shedding the veils of reality. Hence the connection into the original seeding of humanity - the Lemurian epoch...

The past week on La Palma was truly a turning point. I could feel an upwelling from the soul before arriving, a cleansing heat coming in from the volcano, but also something that was almost like an ultimatum. "It's been enough, you can let go."

I knew the event was going to be very special in the build-up to it - the sense of excitement and anticipation. For me the most profound key to emerge from it was the holding dynamic between the Soul of the Island, Isla Bonita, and the original humans, the Guansche, trapped in the ether there.

What came through from them was that it was their mission to hold the ground, and they have done so valiantly for millions of years, despite the overwhelming interventions that have happened along the way - like the catholic conquistadors for example. Fascinating, this was what was holding Isla Bonita from shifting too - her love, compassion and loyalty towards them.

But when we worked in the Caldera and connected with them, we were able to create a bridge to the Lemurians in the higher dimensions and help them release - I felt them ascend.

What this also meant was that you could palpably feel Isla Bonita ready to ascend also.

Let us see what transpires from here.

Thanks so much for your insightful sharing.

Open 💎



Last week on La Palma shared with beautiful Souls from the OH community, has been yet another pinnacle on my journey. How often does one get a chance of moving the cogs in the paradigm Shift, cleansing the space and moving towards the emergence of new Consciousness?

This journey offered me the opportunity to fully step into the memories of “ancient Lemuria”, that I’ve been carrying for eons. Once the field has been cracked open, I could feel the bursting pain and that has been bubbling underneath. That’s what you get by meditating on the active volcano, I guess. To me it was a perfect reflection of the relationship that humanity has towards Gaia in this given moment. 🌋

Breaking this karmic knot of interdependency and mutual responsibility has shifted my perception of the reality. Suddenly my Consciousness was able to expand into the deep field, and I started recognizing the feeling of the Cosmic dream. Remembering this sense of home, it’s been refreshing to feel myself more fully in this human body. 

Prior to the retreat, I’ve felt this sense of invitation hanging in the ether: “Starseeds welcome, planet Earth awaits. Come and join the Universal adventure.” Coming from the deep space it takes some time to acclimatize to the given environment. And yet there we are, in our individual bodies with unique personal traits. How can we harmonize different expression of ourselves through coherent expression? 🌌🕊

Once again, OH gathering turned out to be the immaculate space for interdimensional alignments. The tables are definitely turning in this reality as the planet is headed towards the process of ascension. It seems to me, that we are being invited to serve as the waiters at this banquet, for all of the Souls joining this movement. I’ve often heard the inquiry that is probably arising for many Star-Souls, realizing that the adaption period is running to an end. Where do we go from here?🤔

In my personal experience, I’ve been touching the state of recognizing the space for further immersion with Gaia. Establishing the energetic backbone of the New paradigm in the middle realm (5,6,7D) seems to be my calling at this point. It continues to be an open space of exploration, that might change over time as different puzzles of this grand adventure on the Earth-plane lands in my conscious awareness.

Bridging my experience all the way back to “original humanity” I am noticing the collateral beauty throughout this phase of separation. The experience of basically loosing myself in this density allowed me to connect with the energy that brought me here in the first place.

What a magical adventure. Thank you all, for being part of this Universal adventure.High Five Emoji

As the journey on the Island continues, I'm sharing a snapshot of the experience. I wish it can inspire and speak also into your own reality.

Guanche La Palma

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Hi Miha,

It was wonderful hosting you there in La Palma - it's amazing to experience the depth of intergalactic insight you were able to reflect 💎

You said...

The tables are definitely turning in this reality as the planet is headed toward the process of ascension. It seems to me, that we are being invited to serve as the waiters at this banquet, for all of the Souls joining this movement. I’ve often heard the inquiry that is probably arising for many Star-Souls, realizing that the adaption period is running to an end.

I whole-heartedly agree. The tables have turned and the process of unwinding the old construct is now accelerating. It's time for others to realise that time is running out. The crunch point is coming. In fact, we are in it!

Much love and well wishes

Open 🙏


28/02/2023 La Palma Journal

It's been a stunningly magical experience for our retreat on the active volcano of La Palma. Words will never express the magnitude. It's for sure been a snapshot update of the ever-accelerating shift energies beginning to unfold across our planet. As I'm making my way back to Openhand HQ, the plane has had to make an emergency landing due to a lady becoming unable to breathe and needing emergency resuscitation (all the symptoms of a "Juice" injury). The emergency gate we landed on was 23. The recovery truck provided by the company MAN, it's registration number 23.

Of course it speaks into the hybridisation of Homo Sapiens, sealed in place by the fusing of the 2nd and 3rd chromosomes by the intervention. It's the major realignment requirement of the shift. When we're tuned in and aware, there's always a meaning and a message - literally everything speaks.

The sense of urgency if palpable now. It's high time to engage with the shift and prepare for the momentous conclusion that the Grand Galactic Convergence is moving to.

Cranking the gears in the Shift...

No worries, the Rainbow Tribe are here...

What a magical group!

Thanks to all tuning in for bringing your energies to bear.

See you again when my way home gets rewoven!

Bright blessings

Open 💎


Thank you Open and Openhanders for this precious experience. Absolutely fantastic vlogs, images and commentary. I'm burning with excitement and feelings of true acceptance and surrender as the shift progresses. We are so fortunate to have this amazing community of incredible souls. As always, I'll take the inspiration forward. Thank you all for the service you performed in La Palma and this opportunity to share it with the rest of us. HeartPraying Emoji



So much has been gained and realised here at the La Palma retreat, on many levels, that speaks directly into the forefront of the 5D Shift within this Grand Galactic Convergence we're sailing into. If you've been inspired, then check out the upcoming online work where I'll be sharing the insights and helping people take advantage of the new influx of benevolent energies driving the shift. Here's what's upcoming...

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27/02/2023 La Palma Update

It's been a simply amazing retreat here on La Palma. I'd say it provides a blueprint for many aspects of the shift: how the intervention is being unravelled on many layers; the challenges of Gaia shifting to 5D; how the Star Being Nations are drawing close in support; and just what it feels like to be flowing as the 5D Human. It feels like all of this has happened here during the week, with a tremendously successful resolution on all counts. It speaks much wider into the planetary shift and has provided ever deeper insight in how to facilitate it.

Ultimately it's about learning to flow as the 5D human as we progressively flow through the collapsing old world consciousness and attune and emerge into the new. Right now, plenty of the group are still on the Island free wheeling and flowing, catching the higher 5D vibes. So it seemed appropriate to share this video with you, taken on my last day of the previous La Palma retreat as I wound my way steadily to the airport for the homeward flight. Enjoy. See how it might inspire more 5D free flowing in your life...


Bright blessings and thanks to all tuning in.

Open 🌊



26/02/2023 La Palma Update

We're drawing to the conclusion of our marvellous retreat here on La Palma. How incredible it's been, words could never express. The energies on the Island are moving strongly with us now, and no doubt rippling far afield. We've been realigning intervention energies, breaking through implanted technology and creating portals for the Benevolent Star Beings to come in and anchor.

I'll be sharing more in video next week, but for now, get a sense of the adventure and alchemy in our photo journal...

It's excursion day. Who wants to come on an adventure?...

The guys are up for it!...

On the way up the mountain - wow, higher dimensional dragon energy is coming in to support...

An inner pull said, "pull over". A moment later a Guardian of the mountain, Raven, swooped in to greet us. "Do you have an offering?" Yes! "Then you may come onto the mountain"...

Connecting with the awesome power of the mountain...

Hannah in deep transcendence...

The group connecting up with the high vibes, presided over by the Raven guardian...

Time to create a portal and bring some benevolent energy in...

Singing through the chakras, connecting into the dimensions, anchoring the Star Beings. Mighty Metatron and the Andromedans were close at hand... Afterwards, when the work is all done, the Raven Guradians give their appreciation. What a blessing!... As I said, words cannot express. I trust the images connect you into the energy.

What a simply magical, alchemical and transcendent experience. It feels like we've connected heaven with earth!

Bright blessings to all

Open 💎

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Dear Openhand,

Wow, Open, you have such an affinity to people and animals, the animate and the inanimate. Awesome! 😎 😂

I would love to have been with you all in La Palma. I am visiting for some escapism and distraction (higher wisdom).

I am preparing a dossier on herbal medicines - I'm finding much of the research was carried out on our dear rodent friends.

It breaks my heart. Puts me in such a quandary. I can't undo what has been done - but animal 'research' is so so unnecessary.

Living in a world where animals tear each others flesh in order to survive, literally and metaphorically, and in the guise of the sciences.

It's really sad. Maybe there is a way I can heal the energetic suffering of these innocent beings. Openhand, a sanctuary of beauty. Thank-you

Remy 🌿

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Hi Openhand,

I just felt to share this experience the other day.

I went to pick somebody up from a church service and sat at the back for the last five minutes. An entity came floating into me and distorted my perceptions - my eyes went blurry hearing etc. It made the Vicar who was a rather large lady - sound like snorting pigs as she spoke. It then laughed as it drifted out of me and toward the congregation. These sorts of experiences are not unusual. It brought it home to me - that whenever I see other people or things from a less than a non-judgemental place of love and acceptance - as I had been before it came in - then I probably have some form of entity in my being. Period. And it can only ever be grace that is going to help me achieve and maintain this. I've been invited by signs and synchronicity to assist disincarnate souls - I assume in moving on. I've been ignoring contacts for years - although I know it has already been happening. It's time to fully realise - acknowledge - open.

The weird and the wonderful! Who else could I tell?

Remy 😆


25/02/2023 La Palma Update

I can tell you that it's getting deeply transcendent now on La Palma - all of the dense karmic baggage that has been dug up has been released. The group is feeling tremendously expansive and "other-worldly". That's what happens when you shed the subconscious layers.

Getting transcendent in the studio...

Looking past the identity level deep into the soul...

It unleashes waves of spontaneous movement...

We are the champions!

With this sense of deep transcendence we're heading up to the volcano today. It's all about stepping beyond identity and into Samadhi. I'm sure this video should give a sense of it. Just sit back, breathe, and feel the connection through the volcano and into presence...

Bright blessings to all tuning in.

Open 💎


I asked the universe to show me as there’s lots of pain coming up especially physical and from witnessing the destruction of Mother Earth without much regard that I’m wanting to escape and not feel.  And so driving to work this morning I listened to the video that was just posted from Mexico on true healing which helped me to realize I’m not this pain body to let go and be with the pain.  

With much heart felt gratitude and tears  to the work the group is doing in La Palma connecting to assist Mother Earth. 

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Hi Agnes - nice to have you tune in ♥️

With all that's going on in the world and within the shift, it's easy to get the feeling that "the world is being destroyed". But that's only one side of the coin. There is a breaking down mechanism that will lead to rebirth in the New Paradigm. So it's important to focus on the feeling sense of the emergence too.

Destruction is construction when it contains the seeds of the future.

Bright blessings

Open 💎


24/02/2023 La Palma Update

What is not much realised is that the magical island of La Palma was once inhabited by what we might call, "Lemurian Originals". At least we can say a community of people with a good deal of original Lemurian DNA and living totally at-one with the land and respectful of Gaia. Here on La Palma and in the Canaries they were called the "Guanche". Here's a tremendous wall painting of one in the nearby village of El Paso. He's shown holding a pole, which was means of effortlessly vaulting across the rocky volcanic rock of the island...

Sadly, as broadly happened across the planet, the Originals were brutally marginalised out by the intervention. In this case, it was the Catholic Conquistadors that took over the islands and 'desposed' of the originals here. It caused an enormous amount of bottled up karmic pain for Isla Bonita, which we encountered first hand yesterday when we ventured into the Caldera...

The Caldera is the original valley through the center of the island created by the volcano. You can well imagine it provided the original home for the Guanche, especially when trying to avoid capture by the conquistadors...

With such an emapthic group it wasn't long before we picked up the energy of some of those who had passed on in the brutal invasion but then became "earth-bound" - meaning, they stayed in the 4D ether, connected to the location.

There's always a reason why a being, or a group, becomes earth-bound. It's usually some kind of attachement to the location. When we connected with the group, it became clear they felt a sense of responsibility - a divine mission - to hold the original energy and frequency of the land, no matter what the level of intervention.

Fascinatingly we discovered through empathic connection that this karmic attachment was holding the soul of the island, Isla Bonita, from moving with the shift into 5D consciousness. She wasn't prepared to let go of the old paradigm, due to the sense of "leaving behind" other sentient life.

It's clear that the shift cannot now be stopped or turned back. We communicated the heart-felt sense of the Grand Galatic Convergence that we're sailing into, and that the balance of sentient life is beginning to ascend and move into the new paradigm. This was felt by the Guansche in the ether. They felt seen and met, their karmic pain honoured. They were ready to let go.

We felt them let go and ascend through us. It was tremendously beautiful and humbling to experience.

It's this kind of energetic healing approach that helps unwind the old karmic consciousness that facilitates the shift to 5D.

It's a phenomenal experience to be a part of.

Love and well wishes to all

Open 💎

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Further to last, Openhand.

I took myself off for a walk from the compound where I make the herbal medicines that are still tested on rodents (and some rabbits). And about a mile away is a place called 'Snowdrop Valley' - where the woods are carpeted with snowdrops during the spring - they were planted by Benedictine Monks back in the 13th Century. I have never been here before today and it felt to me the perfect place to honour and bridge the soul of these creatures - where visitors can come to admire them every year. To confirm my efforts - all the way back to the compound - I had developed a squeaking! in my boots or jacket, I don't know?! It makes me feel like I've integrated them into my being where they're at peace. This has brought me immense comfort and is my memorial for them.

Remy 🧡

Forever and ever

Each and every moment

Each and every one



Dear Openhand,

If only I knew a way to break down 'the causality', instead of breaking myself, or others, in the process of my life. I hurt some lovely beautiful people today. I let people down. I may as well have injured myself ten-fold, twenty-fold. If I could only be more able to love, to be close, to be what is needed, in the given moment.

If only I could 'heal'.

If only.

Some processing to do. Please excuse me.

P.S Send La Palma some offering's from me. No live-goods, especially Mr. Tibbs. Although flowers, grains, are acceptable 😊

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Hi Lenny, to get to the causality, the underlying karma, you've got to be prepared to crack open the surface-level identity - the false self. It is that which is reactive and attached to given situations and in relationships. It is that which is afraid to be truly authentic in any given situation - especially due to the fear of what expressed truth might "do to another". But all we do in this case, is hold them and us in an illusion of falsehood - of untruth.

The greatest gift, and the greatest compassion, we can share with another is to be honest and truthful about what we really feel. This may appear like you're hurting the other, but what you're really doing is triggering their own identity layers. This is uncomfortable, yes. But it also offers them the opportunity to let go of that which doesn't serve them either.

Here at Openhand, we apply the Breakthrough Approach to get to the karmic or causality layer - it involves a courageous confrontation with the surface identity layers...


Developing Your Daily Practice for Processing Karma & Density

Well wishes

Open 💙


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Hi Open,

It's so beautiful the work you're doing in La Palma 🙏

I feel so much better after hearing your perspective on the processing Karma and Density Open. I was being honest and truthful about how I felt - then seeing the grief of the other person triggered me deeply. The belief that I lack emotional availability, the ability to be intimate, that just isn't true, relationships are my greatest strength and joy. I think that I may be intuiting karma and density from the people and places I go, then, ahem, get lost in it. 

I need to be anchoring more into the ground of pure being - then whatever arises stop identifying with it - just be with it and not react or do anything about it whatsoever. Just process it with the witness that feels so detached in me. And I take it that the karma is shared, it is both theirs and mine..

It's not easy when you have a physical body to feed, clothe and shelter.

So helpful Open, thank-you. I'm learning.


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Hi Lenny - sounds like you're highly empathic, hence the deep connection in relationships.

Certainly, there is one's own karma to be processed, but it will also clearly come up with those people you attract. Recognising that it's not your responsibility to process theirs for them is essential. So there's connection, feeling and emapthy, but working inwardly to be clear what's your energy and then processing with that.

I think you hit the nail on the head for someone who is empathic - making sure there's conscious connection daily to the inner sacred ground of being that you feel is entirely yours.

Well wishes

Open 🙏

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Hi Open,

It is true, I had attracted a whole family, and their karma was being displayed, as families do. Normally, I'm sort of shielded from a group energetic offloading. So it triggered all that, sorting out what is mine and their's, appropriate not appropriate to set the boundary. But also, I left my family many years ago, to be amidst one now, we fit together instantly. That whole belonging to a family, belonging to anything. I've never allowed it to happen, for obvious reasons. I notice recently, people are coming into my life who I really really like, they have all the traits I'm attracted to. They're the kind of people I could attach to. I haven't allowed that attachment to happen, but it's being invited, to really have an exploration of a more long lasting relationship with depth I suppose. These people had heaps of karma, everybody does, it wouldn't have mattered, I know who I am. But I rejected them to protect myself and hurt them which hurt me.

It's all a little absurd. I hope I keep getting sent loveable people! to try try again!

Great stuff, Open. And that video

L 🙏


So what is the nature of true spiritual healing? How do we undertake it? We've caught plenty of video here on retreat in La Palma but I haven't had the time to weave it together yet. Hence here's a viewpoint from a similar retreat in Mexico. Do share your comments and thoughts...

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Thank you for this perspective. I have been moving through karma, a lot of physical pain in the body, confusion, aloneness etc. I look at everyone around and it's easy to think I must be doing something wrong.This video feels like a balm to the wound. 

I have been following the La Palma blog with much excitement. Wishing you all well 

Vimal 🙏

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Hi Open,

thank you for this great video from Mexico - brings back a lot of memories and a great reminder of what this is really all about.

Now that I am starting a new part of my life after eight years of living and working in Africa - back in Germany in the neighbouring village to where I grew up is such a healing and integrating experience. To see the "old" with new eyes, with a new consciousness is unbelievably joyful for me, and I see that reflected in the outer world. Feels like I am taking a big step into Gateway 5. And there is a lot of karmic density coming up, so getting into the feeling of what healing is really all about and what my journey is really all about is a crucial aspect for me to look at right now.

The recent Podcast episode also helped me big time in getting more clarity about the mission I have here. Which is obviously related to healing, as it always is.

Heartfelt thank you and have a great time in La Palma 🌸

Much love
Thomas 🙏🏼

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Dear Open,

I wonder, does our detachment really heal? I'm detached, I'm transcendent. But is there not a place, of heartlessness? So to speak. Where one could act in such a manner that could hurt another. As we're detached, and they're not, and they hurt. and we're not really there. Today, I witnessed that hurt. Not just the hurt they feel, through their attachment. But the hurt they feel because I was detached. And I am in agony now. There is a reciprocity that is paramount. That I lacked, I don't know if I could feel more pain than I do now. Hurting of the other in my absence from their level. I was repelled by what it all presented.

The ordinary 'drama'. We live, we die. Such lovable others, I'm so so gutted.

I don't know.

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Hi Lenny - it's a great point you raise about detachment and "healing" 👍

To extract from, to detach like "dropping the hot coals" is NOT true healing and neither is it TRUE transcendence. It only leads to an inner denial, which as you've eloquently expressed then leads to some kind of inner frustration or lack of acceptance.

What I'm talking about here, is to dissociate from identification with the situation - meaning to know yourself as that which is beyond. But this is attained by feeling THROUGH the situation, through the energy and being intimately intimate with it.

If you're prepared to be fully intimate in the situation, then you will activate any attachment to some kind of need for an outcome in the situation. Here then presents the chance to unpack, unravel and let go. Does it serve you or them to be so attached?

Then true healing can take place by reclaiming sovereignty in the situation.

Do feel free to come back and delve deeper with me on that.

Well wishes

Open 🙏

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Dear Open ,

I saw your first video and could almost immediately tune into Gaia . Also a sense that she needs some "help" with equalizing with the sense of loss and suffering that is going to be the norm in this planet in the next few years .

I resonate with "living in the edge " in so many ways in my life . I too ,as Vimal shared ,am feeling tonnes of karma coming up in my daily life . And making space for it is a great challenge . 

And yet ,when I am able to stay with it ,something ...completes itself within me. And I am radiating ,in my inner eye ,some sort of energy that is different than before. Walking through probably the densest part of the 3D and feeling as though I am vibrating soul out into the increasing soulless dimension ,is an interesting phenomenon. 

I am getting better at inner seeing too. The cyclical process of forgetting then remembering is becoming faster . And on days when I am not wading through the karmic sludge of my life circumstances ,I feel ....connected- even in my fragmentation -to all of life . 

It's a grand time to be alive .

Lots of blessings and connection to you and the group on the volcano .






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Thank-you for your reply Open.

My feeling is that I pursued a path of spiritual enlightenment to escape the pain of my life. And that there is something wrong with my ability to be close to others for one, that I'm still trying to deny. My method of reclaiming sovereignty in a situation seems to be to dominate, power play or throw the hot coals down. This may be subtle at times, the reasons might even appear to have substance, but it's because my needs are not met and 'little I' won't accept it.

I've also hit a ceiling recently on the strategies I use to live my life. Some things aren't working so well anymore. I can't delude myself so effectively anymore. There is a speeding up, and intensification. Hopefully I'm having a psychic rejig, a soul re-shuffle, a retune. I don't really believe anybody could help me.

Why do we get attached? And, what are emotions? Where do they come from? What are they for? What should we do with them?

Many questions



23/02/2023 La Palma Journal

We're getting down to some deep healing work here in La Palma. It's such a high-vibe location that it activates inner density tremendously quickly. What's not often appreciated in spiritual mainstream that infusion and activation of light also stirs up the karmic density. It's because the soul is fragmented into the layers of inner karma, so it's like the awakening soul pulls on that thread. It's necessary, because then you can realise what caused the identification in the first place - so you can heal that fragment of soul and reintegrate it. The shamans call it "soul retrieval".

One way in which we approach it soul retrieval at Openhand is through our specially crafted "Diad" work. What's that all about?

We begin by allowing the Universe to pick a partner - you're randomly walking around the studio, whereupon the law of attraction draws the perfect polarity that can reflect not only an aspect of light, but also activate the relevant karma...

We start with meditation through the layers, bringing energy to the surface, and pinpointing what feelings are coming up now.

Meanwhile the partner holds the space, and resonating the energy to highlight the issue...

It doesn't take long until the karma wells up and bubbles over. The crucial point being that now you can feel it, then you can see it. You can realise the attachment to the past-life situation and let it go...

Then by talking it through with an empathic partner, you're picking apart the threads of karma...

It's demanding work for sure!

Plenty of time for rest and reflection amongst the cactii...

Just like the stunning spring blooms here, the soul is blossoming!


Hey O, Perfect timing once again! Tuning in and feeling it in Aus.

Much love to all

Erin 💚⚘


For those tuning in, probably the most important thing to be inspired by our retreat and the prominance of the volcano, is finding correct orientation of your life in the shift. Where does our focus now need to be?

This is something I explored a few years back here on La Palma, which feels even more relevant now, with everything that's transpired on the planet of late. Hence to conclude this update, I felt to share this past video. I trust it inspires you...


22/02/2023 La Palma Journal Update

One of the key things I knew we'd be working with here on La Palma, is the critical sense of where Gaia is at in her shift right now? La Palma is a key stargate - there are 7 islands, same as the number of stars in the Pleiades, and there's certainly a good deal of Pleiadian energy here. On the island there's also a key fissure down the western side, that could cause a billion tonnes of rock to slip into the ocean, sending Tsunamis around the planet. The question for me at the time of the volcano eruption was, would that be a critical sign to all that much more attention needs to be paid to the shift?

I lived on the island for about a year, back in 2017. She's affectionately known as "Isla Bonita" - beautiful island. Each morning I greeted the lovely lady in meditation. Can you see the face of the woman in the mountain range lying down?

We're amidst a Pole Shift on the planet, which is changing Gaia's magnetosphere and making the crust unstable on the earth's mantel. That's why we're seeing a strong increase in earthquakes (like that in Syria/Turkey recently), and the activation of the volcanoes. But before coming here, I very much got the sense that as the earth's Torus strengthens in line with the Grand Galactic Convergence, that the 3D aspect of the planet is lagging behind the movement. Sure enough, we picked up a great deal of sadness and trauma here from Isla Bonita, and also Gaia - that the shift will also cause much destruction in the 3D.

Hence we're working with this in the circumstances of our own lives, and also empathising with Gaia...

The ego struggles to let go of old identities. But destruction is construction when it contains the seeds of the future...

Everything is interrelated - the shift of Gaia in the solar system and galaxy, right down to the minutae of our daily lives. The drop merges into the ocean, and the ocean merges into the drop. Every little aspect is impacted - that's what we must unravel and work with...

We must find the grace to allow change - not to resist it. Because that only builds internal tension that leads to frustration. We need to expand out of the old container and find the interconnected joy of the flow...

We feel into the density, both within oursleves and the wider field. We can feel the energy of the volcano in all the chakra points. We can touch the trauma of dramatic change, and unwind it within ourselves...

Bright blessings to all tuning in.

Open 💙


21/02/2023 La Palma Update

We had people flying from all across the world to join the La Palma retreat, and I can tell you it already feels like an auspicious gathering - such a rich spectrum of rainbow energies converging. Despite the threat of an air traffic controller strike on the island, the divine travel agent orchestrated that it all flowed perfectly.

We are literally a stone's throw from the volcano. And this being a pivotal planetary stargate, it's clear there's so much energy moving here that speaks into the shift. We've also already got many diverse groups of Beings in the ether connecting in, fascinated by the group and the work we've come to do. So it promises to be an illuminating week for sure.

We will work to keep everyone tuning in here on Openhandweb abreast of the energies moving. In the meantime, here's our photo journal of "arrival"...

Anatoly is the first, after a mountainous hike...

Tilly, our illustrious connector - with the volcano right in the background. Wow you can still see the smoke coming off it...

Jane brought the hugs...

Bonn brought the smiles...

Cedar brought the bags!...

"Wow, look, it's right there - the volcano - on our doorstep!"...

It's high time for some high-vibe sustainance...

After a hearty dinner, getting straight into it with the energetic connections. Gosh, not only did we connect with the energies of the Island, but a long list of Star Being Nations showed up right from the get-go: the Lyrans, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Venusians to name but a few. Isla Bonita, the soul of the Island, welcomed us with gratitude, but also made us aware there's plenty of work to be done - a key misalignment of Gaia's lower dimensional energies with the heightening vibe of the shift. You could say there's some "dragging of heels" due to the bounteous compassion for all sentient life on the planet. It's a conundrum no doubt we'll need to bridge.

It's great to have you join us on Openhandweb folks - thanks for tuning in. I'll endeavour to keep you updated with all the latest.

Love to all ♥️


Wow, I can't tell you what it feels like to be here on La Palma again. I hadn't realised it, but the Volcano that exploded in 2021 is just a stone's throw from the retreat centre! In a world of illusion, derailment and deception, the volcano feels very alive and real. It's an incredible mirror to our direct interrelation with the grand cosmic cycles of life - they're unavoidable, even to the intervention, and so it brings you into a sense of deep authenticity. Here's a short intro vlog I captured last night. Join us this week, tune in, and share your thoughts/feelings...

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How exciting to be back there again!  I'll be tuning in daily.  We've got a week of winter storm warnings again, only this time for snows and colder weather.  Everything is crazy with the jetstreams due to the sun and earth changing events.  But we all know why in this group.  There are plenty of people still making fun of it and living in denial.

Can't wait to hear all the news from La Palma. Praying EmojiHeart