Mission of the Starsouls

Submitted by Open on Fri, 02/09/2024 - 17:13

Ever wondered if you might be a Starsoul? Meaning: that you've come from elsewhere in the cosmos to be here? Assuming you might suspect that, or be quite clear that you are, what would be your purpose and mission here? That's what this video explores, shot on retreat, on the volcanic island of La Palma, which is a key planetary Stargate. What can we learn about the current state of play in the Shift?

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Ahhh, Dear Openhanders, it filled my heart with such joy to hear all your supportive feedback.

Profound thanks, Joy, Andy, Vimal, River, Barb - you are all jewels. 💎

And thanks to everyone who wished us well in the field.

My heart is bursting.

Open ❤️

I really enjoyed watching the latest Openhand film. Its beautifully put together. Thank you, Open, for providing us with the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the energies of La Palma and retreat.

I sense a profound calling to delve deeper into my inner connections. As I embark on this journey, I notice synchronicities unfolding around me, drawing kindred souls seemingly out of thin air. Simply by sharing what I merely know or my experiences, I witness how profoundly they are aided in their own soul journeys. It reinforces my belief in staying attuned to our souls and allowing the radiant light within us to illuminate our paths and those of others.

Fantastic, thank you! These have been my uplifters of late, when i slide back down into old stuff. And i have been. But also getting back up with the help of my friends. All of you are uplifters and im grateful. My heart aches at the mindless, rampant destruction. They'll never stop until Gaia's lifeless. Hope they get their wakeup call soon and if that sounds vindictive, well i own that. From this vantage of incomplete unravelling and integration, i can say my mission feels like sharing my gift of laughter and empathy with the world. Replacing dark with light. i got a huge feedback one night from the Pleaidies when i popped out onto the balcony to see them, and at that moment a shooting star whizzed by. i still feel like such a child, unable to understand how people can still be so destructive and selfish, duplicitous and sly. hard for me to understand how anyone could want anything other than purity and simplicity and a deep close connection with Gaia. i guess i cant judge when i myself am still so judgmental and critical; running from negative energy but then indulging in it myself. my talismans against dark energy are useless if i keep inviting it in. letting go of ego is hard, especially when its used as a defense mech. disheartening to see i still indulge in imperialism. But one noteable lesson ive learned of late is persistance. Where i always gave up before, i persist now, because i see the small victories and improvements. how can i say im grateful and then snub my nose at the gifts by turning my back on them? i dont turn from myself anymore when i back-slide, i say "hey, this isnt you, its just bad habits and those can be broken, negated even with full integration" i allow the ugliness but now i watch it, observing and learning. And then making sure i put it away so as not to attract it back to me. Still letting myself get pulled out too much. how do i reconcile with having this look about me where people feel safe, but dont get they are crossing boundaries and even being energy-leechers? i feel guilty when i put up the walls and get so angry at their audacity. Can't they read body language? why should i feel guilty when i never invited them in the first place? i try to be "nice" but invariably they latch on and try to take too much. how do i keep my boundaries without also getting resentful or resistive or having to resort to rudeness for them to finally get the hint? Am i supposed to allow it? Is it an opportunity for learning? For sharing the light? Becuase all it feels like is lonely people trying to get energy from a "nice" pushover, because they cant get it for themselves and im so tired of it. My own family did this to me, till i said no, enough. How do i reconcile my inner love with needing to keep my boundaries? So tired of being taken advantage of, and then on other side of coin, still being needy myself? Maybe thats what they're showing me; my own disrespect for others boundaries. It seems to always come back to me, doesnt it? Funny that. But i think the answer is simple; when im in that sweet spot of higher energy, sharing my light is easy and i dont feel like anyones taking anything, because its limitless anyway. i just havent been there in some time. Another thing im learning is my teeneagers need for excitment. ive discovered thats why i still struggle with meditation; im not getting a rush. Lucky for that new-found persistence. My teenager will learn the beauty of that subtle and quietly potent sense of prescence, and she will like it, darn it! Starting understand the value of patience, and the right time for everything. I will get there. And its ok if it takes me years. I'm starting to really appreciate the journey. Blessings to all you beautiful souls.barb Praying Emoji 

PS Heard this today: "We have something the enemies doesnt have...we have HEROES." Thanks to the heroes of the shift, for giving the rest of us courage.Heart

I had lots of fun making this new Openhand video. We shot it recently on the La Palma Stargate - a most superlative experience. It told us so much of what's going on in the field right now: how Gaia has been labouring under the weight of previous Starsoul contracts. But we definitely also got the feeling she is ready to unwind out. How might we help? What can we do to ease the monumental burden in life in the 3D right now?

That's what the video works to answer. Do share your thoughts, reflections and feedback below. Let's ripple some light through the field!

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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This is so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you, Open and Asya, for filming and sharing this with the community. Thank you, everyone, for sharing your reflections and uniqueness. I had tears of recognition for my star roots and the purpose of bringing those frequencies here.

This is about the emergence of our true selves. I see limitations around, people willing to play smallness in a box, and I see emergence like this as well. There is every reason to give energy to its emergence. Its what the universe is asking of us.

Vimal HeartPraying Emoji

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What an inspiring video. Here on La Palma is the perfect place to hunker down and explore the meaning of commitment. Of course, with some beautiful, inspiring people and a backdrop of a landscape which gradually opens to reveal true magnificence, how can you go wrong? I find generating the downtime to really explode derailing patterns and nail the diet, movement and constant self enquiry are paying off in terms of feeling really present for the shift. We have choices and only we can make them. But we are blessed with this awesome team. Openhanders, let's smash this and in the words of John Marzuli, 'nail the arse out of the planetary ascension'!

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This is such an amazing film to watch ~ done so two-and-a-half times so far, and every time there is something different that catches my attention, a movement, a word, that speaks to me. Beautifully awesome, and speaking so much into this life's journey, where every moment offers a new perspective, a hint, a sign.

Amazing footage, Asya, and beautifully put together, Open. Thank you!

My favourite part is definitely where higher-dimensional support in form of one fluffy dog comes in! Smiling Face with Closed eyes

Also because in a 3D sense, she is an annoyingly untrained, disobedient dog ~ but take a step back, drop the judgement of how things "should" be, and she's a starsoul fully immersed in the flow and lot letting anything stop her from going where and when she means to. Go, Kira!

Am also getting a laugh out of listening to myself fumbling my way through the attempt to translate what I see/feel/know into words. (It's hilarious). Am I even making sense?

Don't rightly now, and don't actually care. Because I am seeing something else here that I have never seen before ~ I see grace. Divinity. And I see, finally, something that a very deep, fearful, resigned part of Self never thought possible ~ change. I see change in me.

Thank you, Open and Asya, for that gift.

(And now I'm crying)




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This is a beautiful sharing Joy and yes you were definitely making a lot of sense. Especially where you said about thr challenge of a star soul embodying down into the physicality. That's a yes for me! 

But this stood out the most. Where you mentioned about feeling and holding your higher dimensional energy and that has a clearing effect in the field. Correct me if I got it wrong. But this had a deep impact for me today. I could see how, just holding the lemurian frequencies can have a tremendous positive effect on the field. I had some field work with it as well which rightly confirmed it! 

Thankyou for Joy! 😇


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Hi Vimal,

Thank you for your feedback! It's good to receive that the words made sense ~ that the message got across, and reached the right recipient, too. Smliing

Yes, feeling and holding your higher dimensional energy and that has a clearing effect in the field, that is exactly what I was seeing/sensing and trying to express. It is the big challenge, because how to hold this fast vibration in the density, without it getting slowed down or dissipating, being buried in the noise of the 3D? And at the same time, the one thing that will soften the density, open the field ~ break the intervention, the inertia, as Open expressed.

If you want to change the the world, go inside. Turtle


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