New Openhand Community Coordinator - Aspasia

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Openhand introduces today our new Community Coordinator "Aspasia", who takes over from Fiona. With a colourful and widely experienced background in soul facilitation, the new role will be to "dance" within the Openhand community "ether", to connect new threads of inquiry and help inspire flowing movement; to support the transcendence of the merely physical. She'll also be the initial point of contact with regard to event management in the busy Openhand calendar. We're blessed to have Aspasia on board, at a time when we're ready to shift through new gears and launch into a whole new phase of Openhand growth. Be inspired by Aspasia's energy here...

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Jen, thank you for your loving support and welcome.
I am also very much looking forwards to meeting you having witnessed and being touched by your authenticity, depth of heart and never ending emerging power. Very inspiring to read your posts, which form a rich, open and transparent mirror for the whole community!
Love and gratitude,


Dear Aspasia,

Wonderful news!! What a rich and beautiful palette of experience!! I will echo some prior comments in saying I have loved witnessing how you engage with people on the site. I observe a natural embracing of what is shared and a lovely way of bringing your energy in...weaving comes to mind. I look forward to meeting you sometime down the line and til then I am thrilled to see you here!

Dear Fiona - you have been such a source of support, wisdom and nurturance within the community...I am excited to see how things unfold for you - you have so much to offer - it's sure to be magical!!

Lots of love to you both!


A Heart felt thank you Aspasia- have found my way here with your loving support, congrats on your new venture, loved our synchronicity over the weekend at The Chalice Well, looking forward to future times
Much Love

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What a beautiful connection we had unfolding in the flow during the weekend! Your deep and open inquiry, as well as your strength in 'pushing inner boundaries' was SO inspiring! Thank you for the mirror.

Looking forwards to more soulful expression with you.

Love love x


Thank you Open for taking us into Higher Dimensions

Dear All,

So blessed to have been a part of the amazing 5D Shift ‘Openhand’ Launch weekend –
Such a fabulous group of awakened extraordinary souls, each one has a special place in my heart.

As much was being processed, there was always a feeling of total safety, as we each had space to surrender & face our own individual challenges knowing Open was there holding the space & guiding us through as we progressed into higher vibrations.......

The Open Hands facilitators were so supportive & always available to help with the many questions that arose after each seminar, thank you Mariah, Richard & Aspasia I’m already missing your loving vibrant energies.

Thank you Trinity for your wonderful cooking that kept us all nourished throughout, I’ve already made changes to my diet.

Sending much Love & gratitude to all

Namaste Serena

P.S. Thanks for the ‘Coming back to Life’ track Open, it’s going to be a constant reminder of a very special weekend


Delighted to be here and thank you all for the warm welcome.

Open, what a great self-discovery opportunity and a vibrant community to co-create with.

Mark, looking forwards to working with your soft and powerful energy again.

Vimal, you are such a courageous and soulful presence, thank you for the welcome.

Cathy, anticipating a flow of heartfull exchanges - you are in my heart.

Trinity, your loving and supportive vibe is always inspiring - love you.

Jean-Michel, it will be a great pleasure to know you and work with you.

And to everyone in the community, looking forwards to connecting.

In loving presence,



Happy to see u as the new Openhand coordinator Aspasia . Looking forward to meet u and work together .
Fiona , thank you so much for the uplifting space u have hold for us on multiple gatherings & workshops . I have learned so much from our facilitation sessions . Much support and love for your new adventures .


Aspasia! Congrats to you as the new OH Community Facilitator!

Fiona! Best Wishes with your new adventures!


x Cathy


Welcome on booard, Aspasia! I have already had the privilege to meet and work with you in person. You are indeed a wonderful soul - keep shining your light!

Fiona, I will always be grateful to you beyond measure for being with me and holding the space for me in one of the most significant moments in my life - during my kundalini awakening at Transfiguration in Glastonbury. God bless you in your future endeavors. <3

With Love,


It's wonderful to have you join us Aspasia. You have a very colourful beingness and rich experience, which I'm sure will benefit the community greatly, at a time when Openhand is shifting into a new expression of being. Perfect timing!

I'd also like to say a huge "Thankyou" to Fiona, whom many of you will know, and who has offered sterling selfless service to Openhand for several years, both at our previous retreat house Avalon Rising, and as the Community Manager. Fiona is 'opening a space' for her own life shift, branching out in new directions. I'm thrilled to stay she'll be staying on as a Facilitator in the Openhand Facilitator Network.

A heart-felt "thankyou" Fiona from all at Openhand.

Open *give_rose*