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Submitted by Open on Fri, 06/17/2022 - 04:21

I'm happy to announce that Openhand has a new inner Team configuration. After two years of sterling service, Jye has stepped back from his role as Openhand Outreach and in steps Thomas, who is one of our facilitators. Thomas brings a very etheric, angelic energy to the Team (maybe we need it!), and will be assuming the Outreach role - reaching out to other groups and media channels to connect with like-minded souls who resonate with the Openhand message. Share your well-wishes with Thomas...

Openhand Outreach: Innovation, Innovation, Innovation!!

Since the very beginning in 2002, Openhand has always had a strong web presence and the community has grown, "like a rolling stone", since those formative days. But in 2020, when the "plandemonium" struck and we were determined to share what we felt was the truth about it all, we got hammered on the search engines. Openhandweb traffic of around 250k visitors per month plummeted to 100k visitors practically overnight. Of course that' still a good reach, but our motivation is to touch the hearts and minds of people far and wide across the planet - that's what we're here for.

Not to be deterred, we began to reach out to other community websites to post our articles, such as Wake Up World, which bears fruit in attracting people. When Jye originally took on the role, we expanded the approach out to other websites: Nexus, Shift Frequency and Before Its news to name but a few.

The Outreach role also included a new instagram channel, into5d, which Thomas has now taken over. It's a way of resonating the Openhand vibe in short emotive quotes and comments - and now a new addition which Thomas has instigated, "Openhand 1-minute shorts": a short video, under 1-minute that shares a key aspect of Openhand spiritual philosophy (see our first below!).

You'll be pleased to hear, this new Outreach approach is going from strength to strength. We're connecting with new people daily around the world - we won't be stopped by the censors. Each day we will innovate, innovate, innovate!!

Thomas "Kaiserspirit"

Thomas joined Openhand a few years ago and brought a wonderful angelic energy to the events he attended. He dived into the deep end with Openhand and quickly progressed with enthusiasm and diligence to become an Openhand Facilitator. He supported the recent DIVINICUS retreat, receiving glowing feedback from participants for his empathic and compassionate support (he also found the time to create great film footage throughout the event - thankyou Thomas!!).

Thomas is a busy man, spending two weeks of every month in Mali, Africa on community development projects, and the rest of the time in Bavaria. Besides now taking over the Openhand Outreach role, he is also developing his own spiritual platform called KaiserSpirit. It transmits a lovely vibe in German and English... KaiserSpirit

The direct translation of "Kaiser" is emperor. I'm sure you'll be fantastic as emperor of your new Outreach Kingdom Thomas!!

You can check Thomas' Facilitator Biog here... Thomas

Openhand 1-minute Shorts

So here is our first 1-minute short, a short shot of Openhand philosophy to pick up your day. Thankyou Thomas - it a great job, we look forwards to many more 😇👍

Let us wish Thomas well in the Openhand Outreach role

Open 💙🙏

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Wow i feel so honored to receive all your loving welcome wishes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This is really a meaningful task for me to now step up and assist Open and Tilly with this essential work. Just the one week filling this position already brought so many revelations to me how i can bring my own service forth in the most authentic way. There is an incredible creativity coming forth, a sheer pleasure.

I love that everyone is growing from this, it is just beautiful. The Sun Emoji

This is going to be epic - ready for a gear change! Hugging


Thomas great short vid,  lovely to have your unique flavour coming through. 

Blessings to you

Much love 



Wonderful!!  I had read the full article just a few days ago, but these will be short reminders I can access throughout my day to stay grounded.  Welcome Thomas!  Look forward to your lovely contributions to this most helpful and magnificent body of work. It’s been years since I was with Open in seminar in Tampa, Florida and I love the continued wisdom.

Deb Aaron, Chief Enlightenment Officer (CEO) of The Blessing Project



Hey Thomas!

Great to have you "in the virtual office", and feeling your creative vibe coming through. Your new input feels very fresh, I can't wait to see more!

In my role I often hear from the new people connecting in. Generally, they have either been watching through the ether for some time and feel a sudden readiness to get involved, or they really are "brand new" to the work and found one of Open's articles spoke to them from a different website or on social media. So your role is really vital to get the word out there! How lovely that you are taking to it like the proverbial duck to water.

Sending a great big welcome to you Heart




Thomas this is wonderful news and I just feel your divine spirit of creation and love. I know it will be an expansive role that the Openhand community is so blessed to have.

Much love,



Greetings Thomas and welcome! Thank you for bringing your beautiful energies, your KaiserSpirit, into the Openhand space. I feel it as an extension of the evolution of the OH world, this softness, which magnetizes you to others. And, One Minute Shorts! Loved it! Great idea...more to follow;)

Cedar xo


I like the new one minute shorts - what a great idea! A perfect blend of film and words. Thank you Thomas🙏

Pam 💗


Lovely to see you in a new role, Thomas. It's great to see Openhand transform over the years. Loved the video. Looking forwards to seeing more of these in the future. 


It's wonderful to have you onboard as the new Openhand Outreach Thomas - a tremendous addition to the Team.

Your enthusiasm and dedication on DIVINICUS was simply amazing - not just supporting facilitating participants and helping the efficient running of the event (morning hot-tubs etc!), but also finding the time to get some great footage of the event. You must have had a team of angels supporting you!

Wishing you well in your new role - I can feel it already going from strength to strength - great new video by the way.

Profound blessings and well-wishes

Open 💙