Resurrecting our Multidimensionality: Parable of Lao Tzu and the Dragon

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On one of the walls at Openhand HQ in Glastonbury is a favourite painting of the ancient mystic Lao Tzu playing a small harp, and in so doing, unleashing a mighty blue sky dragon. It's an inspiring picture for sure, and to me, sings volumes about resurrecting our greater multidimensionality and what can transpire when we do. It's about breaking open the limitation of the small "I' - the identity, then with subtle feeling perception, connecting and embodying the majesty of the higher dimensional self.

Belief is Not Enough

When I came across the painting I was completely mystified by it. The picture of this diminutive and humble monk playing to an extraordinarily colourful, mystical and highly alchemical creature. At first, part of me identified with Lao Tzu, but the deeper I looked, the more I was engaged by the mighty dragon. The painting narrated a progressive story that speaks into my own journey here.

To me, the metaphor reveals the tremendous creative power of the Higher Self, expressed as a blue air dragon - it perfectly reflects the nature of the Toroidal Flow that animates all life. What does it take, to open up enough to activate and animate this Universal Torus?

Belief that it's possible is essential. But belief by itself is not nearly enough. It has to do with the art of transcendence. You're drawn through life by the possibility that there's something much greater than what you witness merely on the surface. Through deep meditation and challenging the limitation of the bodymind ego, you start to unfold into the quantum field, from which all crystallises. This is totally magical when you start to experience it in the beginning - random acts of divine magic manifest around you in life.

It's so awe inspiring, that at first, you can't quite convince yourself that you're actually doing it. That is until it starts happening plentifully, and you witness it adjoining the times where you have really opened up.

Resurrecting Your True Divinity

When you hit this point, the likelihood is that you'll experience the realisation that centering and embodying yourself in the quantum field is the place to really be in life - the only place to be! This is the field of truth, where the crystallisation of it so often leads to limiting distortion. What if you could simply live in this divine flow?

We have to work deep within the constricting inner layer to resurrect this immaculate possibility. To be clear, Resurrection was never about just one man! It's about resurrecting the full divinity that dwells in each and everyone of us, that which was stolen from the Original Lemurians by a nefarious Intervention during the time of Atlantis. Well now has arrived the time to steal it back. We can all do it. We are all seeded to do it. It just takes the focus, orientation and inner commitment to do so.

As the power of this mystical energy starts to speak into you, it's going to move you in such a manner as to test and activate all the inner ties of limitation: in the mind for example where you doubt yourself or where you have poverty consciousness; on the emotional plane where you struggle with setting boundaries in relationship; or in the physical where you seek the crutch of soft comfort. This is where becoming the monk is essential - you have to apply some of the ancient practices in your life to feel the contracting attachments and break through them. Here at Openhand we apply the Breakthrough Approach, which is a modern synthesis of some of the ancient wisdoms...

Explore the Openhand Breakthrough Approach

The Dragon as the Universal Torus

The more you become that which is challenging the small "I" identification, all the fears and ties that hold you back, then these ties transform into the strings that play the multidimensional music - each distortion breaks open to reveal a hidden gift of the soul. The more you then play this melody, the more you unleash the power of the dragon. You find yourself becoming the dragon: it expresses and speaks through you - it manifests magically around you. You start to unleash the phenomenal power of the Universal Torus.

“Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.”
― Lao Tzu

The Dragon is a mystical being. In the painting, it looks powerful, alchemical and strongly imposing. But under its mighty creative power lies a deftness of touch as well. It can articulate sweetly and softly, speaking into the tiniest moments of synchronicity. Or it can swoop and blaze and storm. It all depends on how the universal flow is wanting to animate at that time. It does so with compassion but never weakness, strength but never crushing, creativity but never overriding. Its purpose is to unleash the same kind of creative power in those it comes into contact with - to animate the flower of life in all.

Understanding the Metaphysics of the Universal Torus

Healing Your Wounded Dragon

I share my short parable of Lao Tzu and Dragon with you so as to inspire your practice and inquiry. It's simply beyond words at what can transpire as you progressively break down the many layers of the egoic self. It's a mighty challenge indeed, but mightily worth it. Each layer unveils a new gift of beingness, a new string to your harp, which begins to play a melody, so sweet and so compelling, that it can't fail to conjure the mighty mystical dragon of the Universal Torus into your life.

And to start you on your quest, I felt to share this Openhand video on healing the wounded dragon, which offers some essential pointers on how to break down layers of the ego that limit...

If you feel empassioned to resurrect your higher dimensional faculties in this year of the Dragon, then explore the new body of work from Openhand...

Resurrection: reclaiming our Divinity and the Planet

In alchemical support

Open 💎

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02/04/2024 Shift Update

As 3D society becomes increasingly defunct, decrepit and broken, it's time to break open the glass celing upon our immaculate beingness and resurrect our full multidimensional faculties. It's about unleashing the universal Torus, in us, and through us. Thus we break apart the ties and tethering of the Shadow - we set ourselves free on the outstretched wings of the Divine.

In this year of the Dragon, let the energy inspire you to become all that you can be.

Resurrection was never about just one man.

It's about all of us!!

Open 💎


There are lots to reflect on and look forwards to in 2022.
What might be in store?
For sure it's a Twin Flame year, but what does that mean exactly?

I'm looking forwards to the next Openhand livestream this Saturday, January 1st. See you here at these times (it will also be recorded)...

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19/12/2021 Journal Update - Miraculous Mother Nature

I'm now steady on the road to recovery, taking all the right supplements to get things on track. Meditation is of course a crucial part of it, daily fasting and hot/cold therapy - sweating, but also encouraging the movement of the endocrine system. Steadily connection to nature feels utterly crucial. Yesterday I wrapped up warm, and just before sundown, took off to a favourite nature reserve - the moors called "Shapwick Heath" - it used to have a neolithic community living amongst the reeds and waterways. Now they are home to a myriad of birds and wildlife.

Yesterday, I felt to see if I might pick up one of Mother Nature's true miracles - a starling murmuration. Huge swarms of starlings gather from far afield and use the moors as evening roosting grounds in the winter months here.

To me, murmurations are so special because they seem to depict the natural flow of the quantum field itself before things crystallise - that always has tremendous attraction.

Sure enough, having waited a while with other onlookers, a huge swarm gathered near one of the look-out sites, but unfortunately a way off in the distance - you could still see how amazing it was though by the various shapes and forms in the sky. But then an intuition told me to step away from the crowd and pull back about 50 yards. I couldn't believe my good fortune - another wave crossed the moor right over my head and then took to roost in the long grass just 20 metres across the waterway from where I was standing. I was treated to the delight of several waves landing all in about 15 minutes. It was totally miraculous to feel a part of it. It felt like a really powerful part of the healing.

Here's a miraculous murmuration from this time a year ago. Just take a couple of minutes to watch but to also really feel what it's like to be in the moving swathe of nature.
Bright blessings, Open 💙

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Tremendous video.

That feels to me like a reflection of the movement of elemental energies within the body - but instead of moving in a fixed pattern animating a karmic pain, the movement here feels aligned and as one with Gaia.

So to connect with the energy of that natural movement while actively working to heal bodily karma and realign DNA ourselves is really powerful indeed, and as you say, miraculous!

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18/12/2021 Journal Update: Road to Recovery

I'm engaged in a deep process of inner clearing right now - feels like eons of DNA shifting from one configuration to another. Lots of cold sweats, plenty of hydrotherapy, and cold showers!! Of course, it's all helped enormously by one meal a day fasting - it's creating some pretty transcendent states - it's always essential to gain at a soul level from these things, here's the maximum opportunity. Today in morning meditation I was out flying with the dragons and so I felt inspired to share this article with you all...

Unleashing Your Multidimensionality: Parable of Lao Tzu and the Dragon

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏


21/08/21 Openhand Journal Update

I've been experiening plenty of Dragon energy on my travels through Wales - I guess that's why the country's emblem is a red dragon! It may seem a bit "out there" to some, but it's a metaphysical energy I'm referring to that may best be metaphored as a dragon. And they're ancient, eminating from the earth many millions of years ago. I've especially found them connected to volcanic sites - possibly their energy was formed or transmuted at a time of great volcanicity on the planet. And here in Wales ancient folklore depicts the battling that has gone on between different types of dragons - the white and the red for example. What might that be referring to I wonder?

A fundamental defining energy that's deralied Homo Sapiens is the Draconian energy that's manifested here as what plenty call "The Reptilians" - I've had several close encounters with this energy in the field over the years and what I've discovered is how we might transmute that to benevolent energy by working with it internally - as it tries to deceive, distort and control - it's that which causes people to over consume for example. It's in this transmutation that you can transform the energy into the benevolent dragon energy and then have it work positively for you in your life.

If the brief illumination intrigues you, then do explore my featured article above...

Unleashing Your Multidimensionality: Parable of Lao Tzu and the Dragon

It's a fascinating field!

Open 🐉



05/05/2021 Openhand Journal - Portals Opening

I was travelling in the dreamtime all last night. Major shifts and openings were happening in the field here around Glastonbury - a narrowing of the densities, a dropping of the veils. In the days previous, I've dropped deeper into the physical, which felt disconcerting and disconnecting for a while, but now I know why. Dynamic new energies needed to be brought in and anchored. A portal opened up and a raft of higher dimensional "dragons" stormed in as flashes and streams of light, zipping across Wearyall Hill and around the Tor. I saw the stone tower on the top of the Tor break apart into rubble, replaced by a golden shaft of light - a light house.

It was a Dream, But Real Too

Yes, it was a dream, but I was fully awake during it, and I could feel the Dragon energy pouring in through the portal and surging around me - then further afield, zipping across the roof tops and across the land.

What does it mean?

These were "sky dragons", metaphysical energy flows to open up channels of light, to activate vibrant new consciousness in people. It's charged and exciting - vibrant.

5D energy is not what many teachers here have correctly understood or presented. It's a highly fast and vibrant energy. It knows no fear. It is the antithesis of control and holding on. To ride such a dragon, you've got to let go inside and open up. You've got to be prepared to leap off the cliff-face and into your destiny...

This possibility is real, in all walks of our life - to consciously create in a vibrant new way - to step forth confidently and with conviction along the pathways of light that are opening up.

Are you one of the dragon riders?

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Of course this infusion of Dragon energy is happening at an extremely significant time - 5th day of the 5th month 2021=5.

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Hi Open, 

Yes, I've been recently traveling with this energy and can certainly say these "dragons" have a mighty task and are just starting to work with us here on Earth. As the planet has been kept in the wrong polarity for way longer than it was meant to, what actually is taking place is reclaiming the sector back.

The dragons facilitate sudden change and help people or planets in this Universe with the consequences of it. They simply put things back to their rightful place. And in doing this invite all Darkness within individuals and the human collective to be integrated. Those that are not able to or don't want to, will be completely removed. There is no grey area. There is no plan B. This Universe has decided not to participate in Darkness in any way or form anymore. 

With love, 



01/05/2021 Openhand Journal at Beltane

It's "Beltane" today, May 1st, an ancient Gaelic Festival in Britain which marks the beginning of the summer. It's where we really get into gear with our creativity. If you've been doing lots of tough processing and peeling back the layers then now it's time to start creating. Where might you channel best the emerging energies you feel? Maybe a creative art, a new venture or perhaps even a new place to live.

Remember it's all about unleashing the Toroidal flow through your own field - which is always going to be highly creative - hence my sharing about the parable of Lao Tzu and the Dragon (see above). Here at Openhand we're applying the process "Openway" to help facilitate that.

Here's an understanding of the process...

Attune Your Spiritual Compass to align with the Toroidal Flow

To come into alignment with the Universal Torus, you'll need to develop, and attune, your own 'spiritual compass'. I put it to you that in outline, it needs to achieve this...

In any given moment: (1) recognise how best to pick up your authentic natural expression, (2) deal with any karmic anomalies which then activate,(3) unleash integrated soul through them. It's this that connects you back to the Toroidal Flow of life.

Here at Openhand, we've developed a tool called "Openway" to attune your own spiritual compass for aligning with the Toroidal Flow. Although simplified, it does take a high degree of surrender and mastery to apply. It's an integrated 3 step process...

1) 'Open into the Soul' - soften through small “I” identity; tune into the mainstream of the soul and begin to follow it.

  • Through breathing, meditation and keen internal observation, you begin to soften identification with the small “I” identity, felt as tightness throughout the bodymind. You begin to pick up, and attune to, the subtle vibrations of the soul, often felt as expansiveness, timelessness, joy, peace, interconnectivity and unconditional love. Completely accept that the purpose of each and every moment is self-realisation and actualisation. Therefore relinquish the need for any particular outcome, or any resistance to the natural flow of the moment. Thus you start to connect up to the soul’s mainstream, which begins to speak through you as an inner pull to act or the landing of Higher Self intuitions. Increase the integration of soul by following these impulses as much as possible.

2) 'Open through Blockages' - confront and unwind activating blockages; integrate fragments of soul releasing from the density.

  • As you increasingly attune to the mainstream of the soul within, subconscious blockages, tightness and karmic trauma are activated, felt as constriction, tightness and source pain. Become as-one with these experiences by completely honouring and expressing them. Work to realise either as a knowing or feeling, what the limitation was all about. Accept them to the extent that you don’t need them to go away. Once fully accepted, use breathing, movement, visualisations and emotive music to unwind the inner restrictions. Allow the fragment of soul to integrate by feeling your completeness in the situation.

3) 'Open for Beingness' - soften through tightness into pure presence; unleash ever more authentic qualities of soul and step into Right Action.

  • By opening through blockages and source pain, you expand into the tightness they generate, dissolve them and begin to access the 'void' – a crystal-clear place of pure presence in the background of activity – our True Self. It feels like infinite peace and acceptance – awesome okayness, pure “isness”. From the infinite potential of pure presence, authentic beingness will simply arise. Attune deeply to these feelings by applying yourself to full energetic, mental, emotional and physical expression of this naturally arising beingness. Give yourself completely to “Right Action” – a sense of ‘rightness’, which is totally aligned with the natural flow of the universe, leading to resilient, fulfilling, successful and joyful living.

Openhand is helping people develop their own Spiritual Compass within our course program

​And here's a video I shot whilst on tour in Australia a couple of years back to inspire you today in unleashing the Toroidal Flow through you. Enjoy...


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