The Revelation of YOU: Unleashing Your Authentic Being into the World

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What does it take to become the next best version of you? When you can find absolute authenticity, then you'll find the Universe progressively 'bends around you' with each new iteration of beingness. It means everything in your life becomes increasingly aligned and harmonious. Finding this authenticity then, is priceless. At Openhand, it’s about opening a space through the contractions you might feel and weaving the threads of beingness that then come through. Here's how.

9-Rays: Transforming your life from Doing to Being

It’s old hat now in the spiritual mainstream to speak of switching from a life of doing to one of authentic being. But what does that mean exactly? What is authentic being? I frequently witness a major misconception about it. To me, authentic beingness does not mean 'meditating in some high vibe place' and not doing anything at all.

Authentic being is coming from the soul, as a flow of aligned consciousness from the source - inside of you. The soul has many different authentic characteristics: it can be soft and surrendering, empathic and compassionate; it can be strong, courageous and focused to bring something into manifestation; it can be curious, inquiring, adventurous and entrepreneurial. It can be a leader, a servant or a diplomat; the artist, the magician and the scientist.

Here at Openhand, we're helping people unleash 9 key frequencies of this beingness, "9-Rays" of what we can call: "The Soul Ray Harmonic"...

When I witness someone being truly successful in life, it’s because they've found a way of tapping into aspects of this beingness - they channel it through them, and unleash it benevolently into the world.

How might we each do that for maximum fulfillment and success in our lives?

Openway - attuning your spiritual compass

I believe we each need a spiritual compass, in order to attune to, and align with, the flowing mainstream of our soul, which wants to come through. That’s a key aspect of Openhand's 5GATEWAYS work - as you progressively integrate the Soul Ray Harmonic, you begin the Ascension through 5GATEWAYS into the Fifth Density.

I would say there are three key aspects to discovering, attuning, and aligning your spiritual compass...

1) Opening into the Soul

2) Opening through internal blockages

3) Opening up for authentic beingness

Firstly, it goes almost without saying, that to flow with the mainstream of the soul, we must work to open a space internally for it to come through. Although this may sound obvious, and although I believe it is straightforward, it’s not always easy. The biggest challenge I witness is letting go of the need for an outcome in the external world, which is necessary to soften the identification with the outer reality.

Practically all people form identities - rigid internal relationships - around what they want, aspire to, dream of, or are fearful and resistant to. To me, this is the Homo Sapiens condition that we must break through.

So how might we effectively break into the mainstream of the soul?

7 Keys For Breaking Into the Mainstream of Your Soul:

1) Breathing and movement meditations to connect with soul’s lightness.
Connection with nature to unleash soul by feeling more keenly through the five senses.
Becoming the Observer of all arising thoughts and feelings without forming judgment of self or others.
4) Breaking through internal density such as karma that triggers (see Breakthrough Approach below).

5) Letting go of the need for a particular outcome and resistance to the situation going a particular way.
Watching for intuitive impulses of the soul to act, either as a heartfelt pull, visions or knowings.
Responding with higher truth choices from authentic beingness that is emerging.

It’s not that hard to get into the expansive timeless connectedness of the soul. The challenge is staying there! That’s because when you connect up, the soul's mainstream is kind of like a hot air balloon wanting to rise up through the inner dimensions - it pulls on any 'tethering' - places where the soul has fragmented into the lower densities and attached, based on the things you think you want or need, or are resisting. So once the mainstream is activated, then pretty much immediately inner resistances also start to activate.

This means we need an effective approach to breaking through these attachments. And denial of them - simply dropping the hot coals - which seems to happen a lot in the spiritual mainstream, becomes self-defeating. Even though we may not feel the pain, the karmic tethering is still there, and limits the degree of expansion (into the more subtle higher dimensions) that you’re able to achieve.

We must become as-one with the karmic source pain - which means to activate it, express into it, totally accept it, and thereby become "The One" in it. Thus, we integrate that lost fragment of soul that had lost its connection to The Source.

Explore how to apply Openhand's...Breakthrough Approach

Unleashing Authentic Beingness: The Fertile Soil

It's not the end of the story though, because to truly maximise the effect of the soul in our lives, we must attune to authentic beingness that now wants to arise through. We've got to interrupt the repetitive patterns that have been hard-wired into the brain, which then flood the cells with neuropeptides that keep taking us down the old pathways of distorted action. We've now got to create the fertile inner ground of mind and body for the soul to shine through. How to do that?

Here’s how we're approaching it in the work of the Openhand Ascension Academy...

1) Actively visualise the old distorted behaviourisms that take us down the old pathways in life
2) Meditate, feel the inner contractions in the body, mind and brain
3) Breathe into these contractions and see them breaking open
4) In daily life, start to interrupt the old behaviours as they arise - get inside the repetitive loops
5) Witness, and attune to, new qualities of beingness wanting to come through (the 9-Rays)
6) Follow the sense of Right Action, which becomes the natural consequence of authentic beingness
7) Watch for supportive signs and synchronicity to confirm your accurate alignment with the flow
8) Keep expanding, unleashing and expressing authentically as you feel it
9) Choose Right Action as the Natural Consequence.

Summarising our Creative Process

In summary, at any one stage, I believe your creative process is going to be in any one of these three cycles that I mentioned earlier...

1) Opening into the soul (or at least being invited to)
2) Opening through blockages (once we move past denial of our karmic source pain)

3) Opening up for beingness - when we’re truly wanting to unleash our greatness into the world.

I’ve found that by considering our lives in this way, and working to self-actualise - to express the authentic nature of the soul that wants to come through - means you prosper in all situations. Because you connect up, and live from, the soul's mainstream, which is intrinsically interconnected with the flow of all life.

It's an approach that I've simplified and summarised in this Openhand Video below. Take time to watch, and be inspired how to transform your beingness and your life in everything that you do...

If you've been inspired, and would like support in progressively developing your authentic beingness to transform your life, then explore further the evolutionary work of Openhand and get involved...

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

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I felt to draw attention to this today - about being authentic, the real you. It's a crazy world out there sometimes and getting crazier by the day. So that's ever more reason to let go of any kind of mask we might walk around, to strip off the veils and simply be us.

I felt to share this great video from Snow Patrol - they always seem to be so real and authentic. What's inspiring you right now?

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Love it! Brings me back to Kitsilano in Vancouver when I lived there. Great, great vibe. Highly inspiring thank you, and in line with my vision of that very thing, authenticity. I feel it wanting t emerge, now I have a bi more guts. Just so tired of performing all the time to keep the harmony. The thrills that course through me turning down this road finally, it's like something inside me that's been waiting for me is excited because I'm finally getting on board. We set sail at dawn!


Hi Eduardo - yes, spiritual identities - a big one to watch out for on the path. To be clear, what is a spiritual identity?

A spiritual identity is like any other - in this case, where we believe we must be a particular way in order to be "spiritual"; that somehow, walking the spiritual path means you have to behave in a particular way. The soul is unique to each of us, and although we have characteristics that are common to all, these 'rays of consciousness' all blend to for a unique harmony - your soul-ray-harmonic. It's important to continually unravel and express that uniqueness.

You ask 'can we dissolve them with awareness?' It's the only thing that truly can!
Yes, the Openhand Approach is all about bringing focused awareness to the root causes of these identities. Then how to transition through them... Openhand Approach

Best wishes

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Hi everyone,

the more I become aware of my thoughts, the more I notice many of them come from my "spiritual identity". It's too easy for me to recognise the mistakes of others and this leads me to think in a judgmental way. Thoughts like:

"watcthing TV is useless, you're wasting your time", "eating these kind of food is self-defeating", "there is no need to worry, just trust and let it be", etc.

These thoughts aren't filled with negativity, but it's like my mind wants to remember me the things I already know about the path - which is annoying! Fortunately, they dissolve when I become aware of them. But specially after meditation, they reveal themselves, as if my mind is also showing me that they do not serve me.

If I keep becoming aware of them, will they eventually cease to exist?
And can I apply the openhand approach specifically to the root of the these thoughts?

Thank you,


Hi Everyone out there tuning in,

I felt it important to draw attention to this viewpoint today in being authentic. What does it mean? And how just being that, is enormous activation for the soul. You're not alone, there are people daring to be them the world over. Here's a lovely group of souls I've just been working with in Halifax Nova Scotia....

You melt my heart!

Open heart


I chuckled about your reference to "Groundhog Day", Kim, although I know how frustrating and discouraging it can be to feel stuck in conditioned habit patterns, longing to break free. I love how the character of Bill Murray finally frees himself when he opens his heart to love.

I was sitting with friends over lunch recently while traveling. They're not on a conscious spiritual path through the gateways to enlightenment, but I am always deeply moved by the depth of love they have for one another and for their grown children and grandchildren and how humbly they express their frailties and vulnerabilities with greater acceptance than I have felt for my own 'shortcomings'. As I sat there witnessing it all, the imperfections and gifts of beingness, theirs and mine, my heart was filled with such love that I truly felt at peace with all of it in those moments. The whole kit and caboodle. My friends are enough. I am enough. Just the way we are. Perfectly imperfect. I felt this so strongly. It's a new feeling for me. One that perhaps will grow and expand. And in that regard, I'm hearing the lyrics to "Let It Be" as I write these words.

It feels divinely ordained that my friends and I have come together through the Law of Attraction to help one other as we journey on by sharing our own unique frailties and gifts. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Good or bad. Right or wrong. Notions that have weighed me down. It doesn't HAVE to be anything. I don't HAVE to do anything. When I stop trying to control how I am being and truly accept how I am in any given moment, then I can let go of what no longer serves and express a higher way of being. It feels like I'm breaking through bit by bit.

I came across this story called "The Cracked Pot" by Sacinandana Swami. It speaks to what I'm feeling into these days. It feels good to share it here for all the cracked pots out there. I haven't met anyone here without a crack or two.

"A water bearer in India had two large pots, each hung on one end of the pole he carried across the back of his neck. One of the pots had a crack in it, and while the other pot was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water at the end of the long walk from the stream, the cracked pot arrived only half full. This went on every day for two years, with the bearer delivering only one and a half pots of water to his master’s house.

Of course, the perfect pot was proud of its accomplishment and saw itself as perfectly suited for the purpose for which it was made. But the poor cracked pot was ashamed of its imperfection and miserable that it was able to accomplish only half of what it had been made to do. After two years of what it perceived as bitter failure, it spoke to the water bearer one day by the stream. “I am ashamed of myself and I want to apologize to you.”

“Why?” asked the bearer. “What are you ashamed of?”

“For the past two years, I have been able to deliver only half my load because this crack in my side causes water to leak out all the way back to your master’s house. Because of my flaws you have to work without getting the full value of your efforts,” the pot said.

The water bearer felt sorry for the old cracked pot, and out of compassion he said, “As we return to the master’s house, I want you to notice the beautiful flowers along the path.” Indeed, as they went up the hill, the old cracked pot took notice of the sun warming the wildflowers on the side of the path. The pot felt cheered.

But at the end of the trail, the pot still felt bad because it had leaked out half its load, and again it apologized for its failure. The bearer said to the pot, “Did you notice that there were flowers only on your side of your path, but not on the other pot’s side? That’s because I knew about your flaw and took advantage of it. I planted flower seeds on your side of the path, and every day while we walk back from the stream, you’ve watered them for me. For two years I have been able to pick these beautiful flowers to decorate my master’s table. If you were not just the way you are, he would not have such beauty to grace his house."

x Cathy

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Hey Cathy, 

I just read your cracked pot story and it so encouraged me, Thankyou for sharing it here.

I very much feel like the cracked pot and see there is beauty and purpose in all things. 

What a beautiful soul you are!

Warm Regards 

Zee : )


Great article and videos Open and fantastic video production Trinity! =)

The creative process has been having a shake down here. I am exploring some new ways for me to share and kind of go out on a limb in an independent I give energy to that and feel excitement around it, I am drawing circumstances around me that leave no time to actually commit attention to the "how" of what I feel to do. In the past I have allowed that to put me off of moving forward and when things clear up, the energy has dissipated. So I am taking care of the little fires that are going off (kids with broken bones and illness, etc) and still keeping an eye on that inspiration, giving it attention - staying open to how that wants to develop.

Over the last few days, I have noticed changes taking place in movement/yoga/dance - all of it shifting into a unique moment to moment expression - just really trusting the way the body feels to move, to breathe, to make sound. The breath is supporting me greatly in connecting to the world in a way that it feels like I can feel things to a greater or lesser degree depending on where the attention is and the fullness of the breath...loving that - like a dial on the exposure. I wonder where control comes in on that...but for now it feels amazing to breathe fully in the presence of loved ones and nature and suddenly I am here more and I feel the depth of them more as well. Playing with that...

Curiously, I have also been drawing mandalas...without meaning to go draw a mandala hahaha, it just starts with a point and then each creation reveals itself one stroke at a time. There is no pressure, there is no need for it to look any particular way, just one line and then the next and then I see it in it's fullness and it's just like wow! =)

It feels like the experience is helping to remind me to just make that first stroke and see what that creates and then the next strokes comes.

In Seattle I found a pair of silver keys on a ring, both marked with the word "Defiance" - days later in meditation I found a starfish and the word "rebel" ....the key is defying the conditioned ways of being/creating (or perhaps also it's pointing to identity defying or rebelling against the soul's path through gateways.

Well, either way, I am listening best I am able =) ...Just not letting the family needs give me an excuse to not express me fully - as I have done in the past. Those fires in my life must be a creation from my own doubt around what I have to share/my value "out there" in the world. I will keep dancing through the fires and letting me come through!!

Love you all, Jen


I'm with you Kim <3

As challenging as it is, the only way out of 'cold turkey' is through. It's worth it though - there'll be a much greater relaxedness on the other side.

With love

Open :-)


I think I was being shown this yesterday. While walking in the park I felt to sit and meditate. Fish kept jumping out of the water by me and I felt I was not feeling into something in my emotional body. Then my attention was drawn to the buzzing sound of a weedwacker or chainsaw. I sensed it was telling me about something buzzing in my head. It was definitely subtle but felt it is related to the voice in my head that seems to help urge me make unaligned choices in the moment. I think this is what you mean but maybe I'm wrong.


Hi Open,
Yes it helps, thank you. After I wrote before it came to me that "this is that perfection issues again". UGH!! After reading what you shared it brings up a deep sense of pain and wanting to distract myself from that but wanting to go into it more at the same time. It also feels like working with multiple things at once. Addictions, patterns and conditioned behaviorisms and how it feels to not get it right and how to be with those feelings as well. I have been working with feeling the need for an outcome and letting go. It's really a big sticky mess for me. A wheel that keeps going round and round, having to repeatedly let go over and over again.
What else is there though. Going to be with all this.
With love,


On another point, if you find the beginning of each day, or the processes you get involved with, begin to feel like "groundhog day" (continually repetitive), then I observe only one practical solution - go deeper still. Inquire deeper in. Look for the subtle vibrations in the 'twilight zone', just at the edge of your awareness.


Open *OK*


I felt to share more on the paradox of creating things from being for those with strongly manifesting and creative configurations of soul (like you Kim).

We have to learn to master 'landing the balloon by not grasping for it': imagine a child grasping for a helium filled balloon - the more he grasps, the more he pushes it away. But that doesn't mean turning away from it either - the balloon is meant for you. So your soul draws you to focus in order to bring shaping potential into fruition as manifestation. The trouble is the ego then wants to control the creation, believing it knows what's to be created before it actually lands. So the creation either doesn't land, or else it becomes distorted (my intuition tells this is the source of the shame - Kim - "a misshaped reality has been born" is what I'm given to say).

So it's like you see the vision of what is forming; you can see patterning coming together. Walk toward it, focus on it. Yet don't grasp for it. Wait for it to land in your open hand. Then you know the manifestation is as aligned as it possibly could be.

Open *OK*


I feel for you Kim - I feel the honesty and integrity in your inquiry *give_rose*

Perhaps it might help to have a deep exploration of the nature of perfection. In terms of our evolution, perfection is a paradox: in an absolute sense, everything is perfect, because nothing is undone. In the relative sense - where we come into separation - there is also perfection, just of a different kind.

It is worth working with this contemplation: I put it to you there will never be perfection in our alignment, within the relativity - the higher you go, a new exploration always catches you out to a degree. But it's not about efforting to achieve this kind of perfection. It's simply about how could you do it better than before? In a more aligned way. Whilst simultaneously accepting where you are currently at. Yes it's a paradox - but so is life.

Remember there are no mistakes: even our imperfections are perfect - it's in resolving them that we come ever closer and finer to an actual experience of the One.

Also work to realise it is not about getting somewhere - in the relative sense. In the relative - the universe of separation - there is ONLY the process. Work to let go of the need for an outcome, even if self-realisation is your goal. Let go of even that goal!!! Simply entertain yourself in the process itself.

I find this enables you to be both satisfied where you are at, AND inquiring of something more aligned and evolved.

Maybe this helps a degree.


Open *OK*


Great article and another amazing video, many thanks to you both. The video and article are so clear and straightforward BUT not easy just Iike you say. Things are coming together deeper in my understanding and application about shifting from doing to being, attuning to my soul and recognizing attachments and fears. I'm finding my compass. I am repeatedly at the end of the day, however, very judgemental about anywhere I made choices not aligned with my soul. Sometime the reason "why" I made those choices is not readily apparent. The feelings of guilt and sometimes shame come up with the judgement. Always looking at
How I can and could have done better. With this sense of commitment I seem to take on a seriousness. I then can get tight about the whole thing. I know I am hard on myself and perhaps it is a distorted aspect of commitment. I also feel like I do not ask "show me" enough, I often forget to put that out there but am looking for some answer. I'm not sure what the resistance is to that but I have always had a hard time asking for help. Part of me is getting tired of many of these limiting feelings and behaviors. I often feel like the character in Groundhog Day when I wake up. Here I am again in this life going so see how this shows up today and how better to work with it.
With love,