Shadow Agenda Unravelling

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In this episode of the 5D Shift Podcast I illuminate how I feel the coherency of the Shadow Agenda in the 4D is waning, which reflects into the surface of society with 4 key signs. Right now there are high level connections and reconciliations going on. But the matrix has to be stripped off in layers rather than all at once. In the podcast I go onto explain why.

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30/08/23 Shift Update: Shadow Shenanigans

Whistleblower reports coming out of the USA suggest there'll be attempts to reintroduce face-covering measures once more this autumn, at airports for example, due to a new covid virus "variant" from Canada. Hmmm, what utter nonsense!

How might this go?

Well, it depends on the people. Will enough say no? My sense is that after the realigning shifts we've seen within the Opposing Consciousness in the field, (review the 5D Shift Podcast above), the shadow is losing its power. And increasingly, in society, there's pushback against the agenda on plenty of levels. So my sense is these measures will likely fail and stimulate even more push-back. Only time will tell, but here's a great video from the UK, where you've got even mainstream health organisations warning against the use of the mask due to the negative health issues. It's a great indicator indeed. Watch the first couple of minutes...

Just say No!

Secondly, I've always maintained that crypto is a White Hat means of breaking down the bedrock of the controlling financial system, whereby regular people can circumvent the banksters and exchange person to person - no artificial money printing that devalues our currency and simply lines the pockets of the fat cats through market manipulation. Of course the shadow simply had to try to shut it down and close it off - it's been a key choke point of the Biden administraton. Again, I predicted it would ultimately fail. And once more, I felt that with the shadow realignments happening in the field, you'd see their stranglehold weakening.

And so here we have it. On the back of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Comission) losing their court case against Ripple's XRP in the summer, they've just lost another crucial court case in their attempts to reject a Bitcoin ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), which is a means to bring in wider mainstream investment into the cryptoverse. For anyone following the space, it's a massive win and spiked an instant rise in crypto across the board yesterday.

Whether you're into crypto or not, this is yet another very positive sign the shadow agenda and their power is weakening.

Check the first couple of minutes of this video...

Do review Openhand's 5D Shift Podcast about the Shadow Agenda Unravelling, which was shot several weeks back, but is even more relevant now...

The future is bright!

Open 💎

The latest crop circle to appear depicts the activation of the Flower of Life - the restoration of Gaia's Torus. But also, look how the sixth petal in each fractal appears to be missing. It would seem to suggest an opening - a Stargate opening. Perfect timing them for the start of the Openhand Facilitator Conference...

Thank you Open, needed to hear this and am endeavouring to approach my life in this way; I am still  too attached to outcome indeed. And thanks for that meditation. Short it may have been but impactful; i found it between my solar plexus and heart (been having problems there lately) and was able to release some pent-up energy with a good cry. And then after the vasospasms i've been having settled down. Lots of hard work to do yet but Openhand sustains me through it and i am grateful, so much thanks!💚🙏barb 

I see the circle of life within the merkaba and feel the restoration of harmony and balance. 

I loved the message you saw Open of the creators telling us they are in 5D. 

For me this new crop circle showed that 5 of the 6 petals of the flower of life are now in place. We are nearly there. And it's working from the outside in, from the field to the planet, just as we heal first in the aura then in our bodies.

These crop circles are such heart-warming messages in these turbulent times.

Much love


I can’t thank you enough for this extremely insightful and important information!  You always seem to know exactly what I need to hear to help me on this journey.  I’m so grateful!🙏❤️

Openhand's latest 5D Shift Podcast goes live today (see above). In it I'm talking about 4 key signs on the surface of reality that show the coherency of the alien shadow agenda on our planet is waning. Crucial work is being done in the field by the Star Being Nations to unwind the density and restore the flower of life. I've been travelling the energy fields in Avebury these last few days, preparing the ground in advance of next week's Summer Facilitator Conference there. Yesterday this spectacular crop circle appeared - wow, yet another superlative excample, that speaks clearly into the restoration of the Flower of Life. Each grouping has 5 petals, which to me clearly speak of the creator group coming from 5D. For me it has a very Pleiadian feel to it - soft, but vivacious and uplifting. What do you see in it? Do share, I'm fascinated to build a dialogue in the field...

PS - and do let me know what resonates with you about what I've shared in the podcast ♥️

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Dear Open ,

Despite some really challenging times in the recent weeks ,conscious processing means today my parent ( our relationship has had many ups and downs) complimented me on the conscious way I was approaching everything and on how she was learning interdependence from me . 

I am feeling a wave of emotion as this very heartfelt expression feels as though a new aspect of my being has been resurrected . A friend commented on how this experience of Grace is bound to have far reaching consequences to all in touch with me . 

As I see that beautiful crop circle ,I am feeling into how the authentic expression of one person can bring alive so many other beings in this and other dimensions .

Afterthought :I am also seeing DNA 🧬 . In the circle representing deep healing and also a message on how what was done is being reverse engineered . 

And this sense of joyful vitality fills me . 

Deep Bow ,Open

See you at the Facilitators conference . I sense it's going to be epic on many levels .


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As soon as I started watching the podcast I could feel the ray1 energy strong in my field. Just then, the camping burning fuel that I ordered arrived reflecting the change in the energy! I could say I resonate more with the feeling sense of the energy. It was good to be reminded of seeing the journey as a process and an infinite game and thus the value of making small steps changes rather than looking for some quick change. There is more trust in the process and being relaxed about doing and completing tasks. 

Vimal 🙏

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Thank you for posting this in such a beautiful way! You have captured the magnificence of this expression of the Divine - it is radiating crystalline light out not only from the centre intersection points but the entire Flower is beaming crystalline light codes vertically and in an outward fashion - the Power! the Energy! Oh my gosh it’s breathtaking and moved me to tears!  It is a FORT - it is circling us/humanity - it is healing, through clearing the distortions and blocking any further incursions of distortion. 
it’s a Firewall !  Thank you Open for your service to All. Many Blessings, Amora

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Greetings Carla 🙏 Interesting that you describe it in the way you have.... Firewall. And that you saw the synchronicity of the Fort. It was also positioned near "Warminster", and not far from the HQ of the British Army. The Goddess Inana/Ištar, whose Sumerian, came to me while in Avebury. She is the goddess of sexual love and fertility, but also war. What might this be speaking into?

I'm sensing there's a war going on in the 4D field between different factions, principally Annunaki - which I've also been on the receving end and working to negate. Probably this conflict is on the verge of playing out in the 3D.

I've been experiencing it in the field and seeing various interdimensional dynamics in relation to it. Some kind of resolution is invited at the 4D level - that was also communicated from the Star Being Nations these last 3 days. We'll see how that plays out at the conference next week.

Open 💎

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That's just amazing crop circle, that speaks so poignantly to me. The energy that is being held and orchestrated around the circle from higher-dimensions, somehow invites to come into the circle and immerse in the co-creative potential of human experience. And there is this "missing piece", the sixth petal that forms the inner circle of flower of Life.

Part of it has symbolically landed here at my living space, as we've been working within the symbol that binds into Seed of Life:Seed of Life - Hannah

It's been powerful week of building towards experience in Avebury and I've been blessed with Hannah joining the space here, and assisting with some of the interdimensional unravellings. There is the sense of Andromedan energies that were being able to awaken the sense of restoration simply by witnessing the creations that are already taking place. After planting some herbs in this earthly symbol, the reflection of "planting" starseed frequencies on the Earth-plane came to the surface.

So the crop circle to me appears as the reflection of ground work, that we have the privilege to engage with. It comes with the sense of joyful anticipation, as well as acknowledging the task at hand. We are weaving the tapestry of Light into the centre stream of new structure/form of Life that is starting to take shape on the Earth-plane. Higher-dimensional are obviously guiding the process, yet how are we going to navigate within this plane of reality? I trust in the process of mutual exchange, landing of the higher-dimensional awareness as the gathering of Tribe is taking place. ☀️



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Great to hear all your feedback folks - let's keep sharing and keep connecting up through the field!

My original feeling sense about the crop circle and who created it was mixed. It had a soft, playful and joyful side to it, and so I felt Pleiadian. But I also contemplated it could be Andromedan, due to the scared geometry and also the fact that I see 6D being reflected through it. What has come to me since, is that's it's most likely Andromedan, but there's collaboration happening in the field. Which is an interesting development. Last year, the crop circles reflected that collaboration was being invited. Perhaps in this one, we're seeing that actually happening.

Fascinating indeed!

Open 💎

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When I start drawing the sacred geometry patterns repeating what's presented in the crop circle somehow I get clearer sense of the energy of that. And so I felt to draw this one which gives a sense of the Star Gate to me too. 

The 6th petal in flower of life I feel like isn't necessary as the energy is rising or expanding outwards, into the space.

With the drawing I got a sense of the organic (natural) creation being above or far more advanced than the technocratic, man-made (misaligned) machinery will be ever able to achieve (here I strugle again to clearly put perceptions I'm picking up into words of human languages), but something like that...

Sharing my drawing, a bit expanded version as I'm in energy when drawing and not controlling the outcome. It's not really finished as I'm heading off to the Facilitator Conference in Avebury. See some of you there or in the ether those tuning in.


With all my love ❤️


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Wow Asya, this is a totally stunning render of the Andromedan Stargate crop circle.

As I look at it, it's as if I'm seeing through the eyes of the Andromedans as they look down upon the earth, imagining/forming sacred geometry so as to help reactivate the Flower of Life.

Totally stunning - your art is a gift.

Open 💎

PS: for anyone reading, here's the aerial photo of the crop circle...

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That's amazing Asya! You validated a feeling i got that the sixth petals weren't there because the center is a gateway or opening, and that there is an aligning. Your in-depth, detailed description is awesome and inspiring, thank you! Thanks for all the wonderful work you do!❤️🙏barb 

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