Soul expressions

I would like to begin a new forum thread to share the songs and videos that I make. If you would like to share your heartfelt creative content , feel free to share it here. 

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This one is inspired from the last Divinicus retreat. It was just a small idea in the beginning which I later expanded on. I'm still learning the basics of music and video production but I had a lot of fun on this one. For the last two days I woke up pretty much excited to work on this. It meant things like piling up my bedroom with mattresses to capture sound etc. XD I hope it inspires you as well. 

For my cosmic family,

Vimal Praying Emoji

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It's a tremendous production Vimal - and your work keeps developing which is wonderful to see.
Who put the cinematography together? It complements the music beautifully.

Keep it going!

Open 💙🙏

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Hi Vimal,

it's a wonderful feeling of connecting into growing spark of Divinicus. Big gratitude for your song that greatly assist in my own attunement into the Cosmos Praying Emoji  

Looking forward to see how it evolves,

I'm using the opportunity to expand this sense of belonging, by sharing some of the musings of the Soul.


How did I find myself here?

Riding the veils of the Innocence, stepping into the vast Cosmos.
Finding myself among Stars, as walking benevolent Mortar.
To become the One through all of this dance of projected ideas and Thoughts.

Formless form expressed as me, infinite in perceived Limitations.
Stepping into the playground of Illusion, maya suddenly became Real.
Spark of divinity penetrating into flesh and infusing the Bones.

Falling from Grace, shadow took over – rage against dying of the Light!
The keepers of Time kept harvesting ripe proverbial Apples.
The beauty of wisdom embodies as Life, love within senses experienced as Pain.

Becoming the dreamer Awake in the universal Dream,
reminding Us humans to keep walking Home.
Eventually this game is about to Complete, beginning the endless pursuit of The One.

Dispersed into billions of Souls on the Earth, the heavenly father is speaking out Loud.
Glimpses of ancient Perfection within and tangible gravity of Black hole Alone.
Direction is unknown, until opting the Choice.

The doorways are open for me to depart, echoes of future illuminating the Quest.
Attentive attention spiking in this moment of Now,
Luminous indirect presence of stirring one’s Soul.