Star Being Reconciliations Beginning to Happen in the Field

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In the planetary shift right now, it's complex and convoluted, largely because of various ongoing Star Being agendas here, from the original intervention by the reptilians to the hybridisation of Homo Sapiens by the Annunaki and Greys. Meanwhile, various others, like the Pleiadians, Arcturians, and Androemdans have provided a realigning balancing energy. For a higher harmony to happen on the planet, reconciliations at the field level need to happen. I do believe we're witnessing the early signs of that.

One of the most important of motivations by the higher dimensionals supporting Earth's planetary shift, is reconciliation between the various Star Being Nations in the multidimensional field that have shaped Earth's history.

High Level of Star Being Involvement on Earth

What we need to grasp and understand, is the high-level involvement of the Star Being Nations on earth and their various conflicting agendas have so muddied the genetic waters here, which has happened since very early times. Earth is a rich and diverse genetic landscape, tremendously abundant with resources. That's why they came. That's why they got involved. That's why they've manipulated the natural path of the planet.

It's an old story in the galaxy. These groups, such as the Annunaki, had evolved enough to become highly sophisticated energetic architects. Yet not advanced enough (at the time) to realise that true power comes only by surrendering to the natural cycles of continual reincarnation until you escape the cycles of death and rebirth. Then you're dancing down the blade edge of life, completely at one with the universe. This can only happen through copious cycles of surrender.

The galaxy is literally teaming with various Star Being groups, all of different harmonies and frequencies, all at various levels of evolution. Plenty connect in harmony and community with each other. At the same time, plenty compete, and even go to war. Unfortunately, the battleground has found its way to earth. Which is exactly why there are so many conflicting and complex dynamics going on, that play out in the field and in the human psyche. It's why emergence of soul is so utterly essential, and why at times, it can be so hard.

The Extraordinary Diversity of ET Star Souls on and Around the Earth

Ancient Alien Architects

Realignment definitely can be done. And reconciliation between the various ET groups can happen. On consecutive Openhand pilgrimages down the Nile, through the karmic history of Atlantis, we connected particularly with the ancient architects, the Annunaki, and helped them realise the error of their ways: of manipulation, hybridisation, and control. I'm pleased to say plenty of the species peeled away from the intervention, realigned, and most importantly, are now choosing to side with the movement of benevolence. They're helping decommission the controlling technology they installed. This newly evolved group is now calling themselves the "Anu", wishing to depart from the intervention ways of the past.

It's a tremendously positive movement. They specifically know how the technology works; how it is embedded and bound into the wider field. So they also know how it can be expediently removed. This should greatly speed up energetic realignment and the feeling sense of opening and freedom in the field.

For sure, this is already impacting human consciousness in a benevolent way - where we're witnessing a huge and widespread uprising against the Old Paradigm: in China and Iran for example.

What's essential now for evolving people, and especially those able to communicate with these ET groups, is NOT to polarise and judge. NOT to demonise for the karmic errors of the past. Why? Firstly it's highly self-limiting. It creates identity, within yourself, about that which you are judging. Secondly, it further muddies the waters. It perpetuates the struggle and the warring. When you can empathise with your "enemy" to the degree you can feel his pain, then the likelihood is, he ceases to be your enemy. Eventually, he ceases to fight you.

Explore Openhand's Karmic Journey Through Ancient Atlantis

No Black and White: Each Soul Blends Different Frequencies

What we also need to realise is that each soul here on the planet is working through their own grey areas of karma. Unconsciousness will pull in one direction, the soul in another. Take, for example, high-level political, business and spiritual leaders on the planet. I can practically guarantee that most, if not all, are being influenced in one way or another, by these various ET groups in the field.

Take for example Elon Musk. He's clearly a leading proponent of Transhumanism - augmenting the human body with technology. His company SpaceX is responsible for the quite heinous irradiation of our planet through the new 5Jeez satellites. It's clear to me that he embodies a very Sirian/old Annunaki energy in this regard. However, he also embodies other soul frequencies: he's quirky, altruistic, and highly erudite, but also quite awkward at times in how he expresses himself. This energy is much more akin to the Arcturians.

The point is that each soul is a blend of different frequencies. Musk claims to be a free-speech absolutist. It would definitely seem he is going that way with Twitter 2. Plenty of the banned accounts are being reinstated. On Friday past, he released the ‘Twitter files’ confirming what Donald Trump and many conservatives had long suspected, but could not prove: that the Biden campaign colluded with social media companies to shut down reporting on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, embarrassing his father, the now-president Joe Biden (check the article detail here).

Humanity is Playing out Ancient Conflicting Karma

So on which side does Elon Bat? Is he a Trojan or White Hat? It's superficial and blinkered to claim. It depends on what frequencies of soul, or karma, are being expressed at the time. It depends entirely upon actions at the time. Intervention energies will play on the desire and passion to shape humanity's future in what his ego considers a benevolent way: to help humanity thrive further afield in the galaxy; to augment the human form from considered limiting weaknesses, illnesses or ailments. Likewise, the emergent soul in him is expressing freedom from censorship with Twitter 2. And if he does integrate a true cryptocurrency like Dogecoin, which is rumoured, then you have a peer-to-peer communication and exchange platform outside of the bankrupt and unjust fiat system - the banksters much quaking in their boots at the very thought of it!

Let me be abundantly clear: I absolutely do not agree with Transhumanism - blending the humanoid form with machines. I actually think it is quite abhorrent, because it diminishes the natural carrier signals of the soul. And I am definitely, 100%, against the irradiation of our once beautiful planet with 5Jeez or any other derailing EMF. BUT, plenty of souls here carry that in their karma. They're already highly addicted and dependent on their mobile phones, for example. Karma needs to create some kind of construct so the soul can integrate and emerge out - it has to experience the distortion, so as to ultimately reject it.

Sadly, to me, the way things are currently heading, a swathe of humanity will likely attempt to leave the planet in some kind of interstellar metaverse carried by NASA and SpaceX, where the soul is greatly suppressed. It's probably known that a great convergence of the immanent Galactic Superwave, the Solar Micro Nova and the Pole Shift, will completely cleanse the 3D of sophisticated life.

Explore the Impending Galatic Superwave, Solar Micro Nova and Pole Shift

But let's be abundantly clear, many are not nearly ready for the evolutionary leap to 5D that's necessary to ascend beyond the 3D catastrophe. They would likely choose to avoid this grand culmination. So in that context, is Musk a demon or an angel? Only a lower configuration of consciousness would judge.

Let's be clear: there is a world of difference between judging someone's action and illuminating what you feel is the distortion within them. There's a world of difference between condemning someone and standing strong in your truth continually shining the light so that they are encouraged to change.

We Must Unify in our Common Challenges

We're at a point where the situation in the shift is highly mobile, volatile and complex. It's a gordian knot of consciousness, which is why it's so confusing. But the absolute miracle is that this gordian knot is beginning to unwind. At least some of the Star Being Nations are beginning to reconcile here...

It was always the benevolent plan - that wayward and disparate groups would incarnate within the human form and rather than only expressing their differences, have to empathise with each other and unify to effectively deal with the tremendous concluding convergence of the various galactic cycles that are now immanent.

We simply have to see beyond the polarisation of these various wayward groups and agendas. We must go beyond the demonisation. It's going to take big hearts and an evolutionary leap. But if peace and harmony are what you truly seek, then it's only by empathising with your "enemy" that this can possibly happen. That doesn't mean being weak. There's no need to compromise the soul. We must definitely stand up against what we feel at a soul level to be injustice. But we must also be willing to see the truth in the other's karmic distortion. Then we empathise with them. Then we honour the soul in them, providing them the reflection and the opportunity to realign. Then we ALL win!

If you resonate with my sharing, and wish to become an ambassador in this great galactic healing and realignment happening on earth, then get involved with the advanced spiritual work of Openhand:

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings, Open 🦋

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06/07/2023 Reconciliation, Healing & Realignment

I'm up in the high energy fields of Avebury right now, preparing the landscape ahead of our Summer Facilitator Conference here. A year ago I wrote this article above about reconciliation beginning to happen in the field. At the time, there were merely glimmers of that starting to take place. Now, I'm very much pleased to say, major developments are occurring all the time.

Let's be clear, life on the planet is a complex dynamic of the interplay particularly of the 4D morphic fields - these form the blueprint for 3D life, including down to human DNA. Various groups have worked here to take dominion, with a variety of ongoing genetic experiments. We've also talked about how the Moon is being applied to suppress and control life on the planet. The Benevolent's Missions approach to this, rather than step in a heavy handed way, is to connect with these intervening groups, engage in dialogue, empathise with their truth, but then reflect the wayward distortion in it. It's all about healing and realignment.

In this way, we can bring at least some of those groups onboard and enlist their support in reverse engineering the matrix in layers, progressively, so it supports a steady emergence of soul. This way we can avoid explosive and warlike experiences on the surface of the 3D. We're already seeing an explosion of chaotic pushback against the injustice of society across Europe. Whilst resistance and protest is necessary, at a field level, we must work to hold the energetic unravelling steadily, so as to avoid these incendiary situations.

Already in the field, the evolved Annunaki, the "Anu" have connected. I believe they've created some of the early crop-circles and have made it clear they're here in support to help the realignment process. They've come in on the Ray 4 - that of diplomacy and reconciliation.

So this is a great sign indeed going forwards into the conference. I've a feeling it's going to be an historic gathering both terrestrially, and in the ether, with multiple Star Being Nations gathering. Of course we'll be sharing all the insights here on Openhandweb.

The future is bright!

Open 💎


06/03/2023 Shift Update: Financial System Transformation

It's very fluid out there in the 3D/4D field right now. The power systems are breaking and transforming. Do you recall when I quoted the true tail about the python, the honey badger and the jackal? It was in relation to the evolving movement breaking free from the machinations of the bogus pandemic...

The mighty python takes a strangehold over the diminutive badger and it looks like game over as the python strangles the life out of the little creature. But the python didn't reckon with the "curved" ball as a jackal enters the scene and unexpectedly pulls on its tail - just long enough to distract the python, who eases up somewhat so the badger is able to break free and then turn the tables - the badger kills the python before dragging it off into the bush, no doubt as a welcome feast for his family!

Why's the metaphor relevant to evolving people in society right now?

Behind the scenes the shadowstate ramps up it's Central Bank Digital Currency agenda - the python. Meanwhile, it also intensifies its efforts to strangle the life out of authentic cryptocurrency - the badger. But what they haven't contended with is the entry from stage-right of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, China, South Africa) who seem to be working toward replacing the Dollar as their reserve currency - the jackal. If this happens, it will greatly weaken the dollar and the stranglehold of the Fed. I did say they wouldn't get it all their own way. And so what I'm perceiving is breathing space for the badger and a means to expand out the cryptocurrencies once more - we're midst of a healthy upsurge.

Also, check this article I wrote a year ago about essential StarBeing collaborations happening in the field (scroll up). I explored whether Elon Musk was a white hat or not and working to understand his motivations. He appears to bat for both sides, which is typically the case where a leader is trying to work within the system and exploit loopholes in it. In recent days Elon has perplexed social media by replacing the traditional blue bird logo of Twitter with the Dogecoin logo. Apparently birds now bark! Why did he do this?

It could turn out to be a big joke, with Elon and his quirky humour pranking everyone. It could be to support his defense against legal action currently underway for allegedly falsely promoting Dogecoin. Or there could be something deeper than that - perhaps integrating Doge into Twitter as a payment system? It caused Doge to rally by 30% in recent days. Again I've speculated that should something like this happen, then you have a tremendous peer-to-peer direct communication and exchange system - beyond the control of the banks.

Watch this space, because it holds important surface-level shifts as a direct result of the terraforming underlying field. I get the sense the diminutive Honey Badger just bought some essential breathing space. I have no doubt whatsoever that we will unwind the grip of the greedy python.

Only time can tell. But I'm on the side of the Badger and the Jackal!...

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Indeed the field is very fluid right now, and it's paramount that evolving people gain insight and understanding as to how to mediate through.

That's exactly what I'll be exploring in this weekend's Ascension Exchanges on zoom. If you're new to Openhand it's a great way to dip your toes into the energy and experience the illumination. And old hands too, let's make clearer sense of what's shifting and moving - see you there...

8th Apr: Ascension Exchanges: 1/2 Day Seminar, ZOOM (UK/EU/AFRICA/INDIA/AUS)
Spend a low-cost, easy-entry, half-day with Open on Zoom. What's your most pressing issue in the 5D Earth Shift right now? What's the game-changer beingness that wants to activate and shape your new reality? Gain invaluable illumination for your pathway.
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Here's a great video insight about the rollout of new currencies by the BRICS nations that is set to undermine the Dollar as a global reserve currency (enter the Jackal - see my story above). It shows the financial sector in a pivotal period of transformation. And my view is that they'll be plenty of breathing space and growth possible for regular people within authentic cryptocurrencies - to escape the hegemony of the global systems...


It's a fascinating conundrum: how do we exact change in another when they are oppressing and even brutalising you? If not to judge, condemn and fight back, then what will catalyse change in the other?

It's entirely understandable that you would want to push back, and stand firm against injustice. I'd say that's absolutely necessary. But then to castigate, polarise and condemn the other as a being, what does that achieve? It makes many shadow identities merely bunker down and resist the shift to higher consciousness even harder. The shadow embeds and the warring continues.

However, what if I take the energy projected my way and use it to strengthen me at a soul level? What if I develop to the point where I can withstand any injustice or oppression and not need the construct I'm living in even be just? What if I can find a deep, fathomless level of surrender and grace in the oppression and abuse?

What if I can look in the eyes of my opressor, as he is abusing me, with this grace and show him that I am not diminished by his actions, but rather compassionately emboldened by them? What if, because of this, I can then even love my enemy in the moment he is brutalising me, because I can see and feel his pain. And I know that I am beyond that. My soul is now expanding through it. Who now truly is the victim?

This is something I realised in a past life in the midst of being genetically modified against my will.

Open 🦋


One of the most important of motivations by the higher dimensionals supporting Earth's planetary shift, is reconciliation between the various Star Being Nations in the multidimensional field that have shaped Earth's karmic history. Harmony COULD be restored without it - simply by reanimating the Torus. However, a smoother transition will happen through reconciliation - and without it, you simply recreate the karmic factions and warring further down the cycle. 🙏


I'm witnessing in the field what I believe to be a fragmentation of the intervention here and amongst the ancient alien architects - such as the Annunaki for example. Some have evolved, realigned and are now helping the planetary shift and this is marvellous to behold - it can only accelerate the emergence from the karmic shadows humanity resides in. It's also essential to point out, that at this stage, plenty are still resisting the shift into the light and staying bunkered down in their old manipulative ways. As the saying goes, a leopard does not necessarily change its spots overnight. Hence we must be patient, keep on forging soul within, and trust in the realigning flow, both in our own lives and the wider field.

Open 💙


06/12/2022 Shift Update

I urge all to reflect upon my article yesterday about high-level reconciliations between StarBeing Nations happening in the field around us (scroll up). Let's be clear, there will be no effective solution to the countless problems faced on earth without it. Because literally everyone is influenced by these groups, one way or another. It is literally encoded in the DNA.

What each of us can do, and must do, is to forge the soul into a coherent, aligned and authentic expression. Then you become an "antenna" in the field, broadcasting the truth of what genuinely serves you as a being - a truth that serves the higher interests of all sentient life. It is truth that cannot ultimately be ignored. Those that try to manipulate and control are actually unwound by this truth you're expressing. And to be clear, judgement and demonisation is definitely NOT of this higher truth. It only perpetuates polarisation, division and war. Such judgments can readily be felt in the field. That's why we must be very careful with them.

We live in a very imperfect environment. You might understandably strongly object to brain implants to enhance cognitive ability and to enslave (i most definitely do object), but what do you say to the plethora of young children who can now hear for the first time because they've had some kind of tech implant? What do you say to the old folk who are only now alive because of pacemakers? My point is that there are no black and whites in this reality. Only grey areas that each soul must forge through and decide their own truth.

You might for example "be vegan", because you eat a plant-based diet, yet still drive a car. How is driving a car "vegan" when the road you drive upon has destroyed the natural life that once lived there? Or if you live in a house for that matter, or shop at a supermarket. My point being there is no perfection here to aim for - only the moment-by-moment choices made from your soul.

Judgement is extremely limiting of our consciousess, and especially against the negativity of the Intervention from the past. Can we help the other heal and move beyond our differences?

That is not to be weak. It is not to compromise the soul. You can still stand strong in what you feel to be true - but always be ready to evolve your viewpoint. Not to entrench. What determines truth and correct alignment in the end? - it is the universal Torus. It determines the coordinated flow for all, and also, whatever karmic constructs need to be created.

Bright blessings

Open 🦋


I am quietly optimistic about current developments in the surrounding energy field that have influenced the natural trajectory of the planet - it appears like various realignments and reconciliations are happening amongst the Star Being Nations involved. This is an ancient galactic story, that will take time to unwind and resolve out. But on our sequence of Atlantean Pilgrimages to Egypt, and the tremendous work facilitators have been doing in Avebury, I do believe we're witnessing the early signs of reconciliation amongst some groups - like the Annunaki and the Reptilian dynamic with the Pleiadians. It bodes well. I encourage all to read my latest viewpoint on this above. Let's work enthusiastically towards realignment.

Bright blessings

Open 🙏

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Dear Open ,

I am going to attempt to express what I am feeling as best as I can in words. It is not "resolved " yet and is still in play so to speak ,so any reflection is very welcome . 

I am feeling in my field a big change in the Pleaedian - Reptilian dynamic within myself. I continue to oscillate between a Pleaedian naivete vs a Reptilian holding my ground in emotional interactions.  In physical intimacy vacillate in my expression as a very Pleaedian surrender vs a Reptilian taking . As also in the food I consume from a very light fruit diet to a dense oily diet . 

This seems to be connected to the temples of Isis somehow . I think what I am being shown how the temples originally were created to balance out the patriarchal hierarchies - to allow the humanoid form to balance it's physicality with divine connection via loving intimacy. But they themselves were infiltrated by the Intervention with the power inherent to sexual expression co-opted into a funnel for Ra energy ( I write that - but that didn't come from the present me ) .

Added to this I am seeing how karma influences both. I had a clear regression into knowing how I was harnessing the very Reptilian energies of my present partner in a past lifetime via intimacy . I did it to such an extent that I "queened" over the populace for a long time .

(So much did I judge that dynamic that , in this lifetime ,I actually chose a partner who was averse to sexual expression )

I am now having to find a way out of self blame ,shame and integrate these powerful energies in a benevolent manner .  Again this very powerful interplay with my present partner seems to be the way forward ,though it takes a lot of presence not to get lost in it . 

The transhumanism makes me go deep into regret . I too have seen the news and the Neuralink  makes me wince physically . I am aware of the deep pain this piece of architecture has caused . So much so that I am going to go buy a dumb phone to replace my smart phone today . 

Still wading through the karmic swamp, I am. It is intense and yet rewarding ,this exploration . I sense that many energies are being invited within me to reach some sort of balance . The ability to dance with each other ,as it were, rather than compete or suppress one another . I am not sure if I make much sense verbally but I can see it .

The Egyptian pilgrimage seems to have changed the field for sure . I bow to all those that had the sheer courage and fortitude to delve into this very knotty part of our collective past . 

Deep Bow ,




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I hear you "wading through the karmic swamp" as you so eloquently put it 👍. I encourage all to read.

And it's marvellous that you're perceiving the complex karmic dynamics that everyone is (mostly unwittingly) influenced by from the past. By finding your way through the swamp, step by step, you ripple a beacon of light through it that can be felt by others experiencing similar. This is how we transform the multidimensional landscape.

So let's keep on keeping on wading through!

Open 🦋