Star Souls Processing the Impact of Sirius Karma: 5 Key Traits

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Many souls amongst us are remembering glimpses of past lives in other constellations. First Nation tribes speak of 'descending from the stars'. Our star soul heritage and karma are greatly influencing the course of events here on Earth right now. If we can gain some kind of insight on how, then it can help people rationalise what they're dealing with in day-to-day life, and ease the path through the karmic plane.

There can be nothing more impactful than the shattering Sirius B shift of 120 million years ago. Many souls have come here to process the karma of that. Maybe you have some of the Sirius archetype? Here's an outline from direct personal experience to support your shift.

It all began on Lyra

In my knowing, the humanoid form first appeared in our galaxy in the constellation Lyra, hundreds of millions of years ago. Essentially we are all distant cousins. Population of the cosmos happened from consciousness, the natural Law of Attraction drawing related souls to favourable conditions for that particular form. Even though we are all related, we will have distinct resonances with particular constellations, due to the fact that souls will have first emerged in a particular location and have soul families there - such as the Pleiades for example. 

However, it is often the case that a starsoul will have spent past lives in several constellations. Usually the Law of Attraction draws to varying experiences so as to be able to learn and empathise with others. The exception here on Earth, are those purely human souls who have only recently emerged here - in comparison, these are relatively young souls that are only a few million years old. 

When contemplating star soul origins, my sense is it's often considered 'sexy' to have emerged from the Pleiades, Arcturus or Andromeda for example, but not so much from the constellations Sirius and Orion. That's to do with the shattering impact of the Opposing Consciousness Interventions that took place in these star systems, the highly challenging karma of which, many are dealing with right here and now. Although it's something many would rather (understandably) sweep under the inconvenient rug, it is important however, to have an understanding of those archetypes, because in one way or another, they are going to be influencing all of us; if not internally, then in those we encounter in day to day life.

So what might the Sirius archetype be?

The Big "C"

In a word, the greatest challenge a soul will likely face as a result of Sirius influence is "control". The Sirian populations became highly advanced technologically, especially in being able to manipulate the surrounding energy field. If you can manipulate the 4D, then you can easily control manifestation in the 3D. Life here on Earth to my mind, is heading rapidly in a similar direction to the Sirius legacy: genetic modification of the human form and sentient life in the food chain; manipulation of the weather and climate; artificial intelligence to support greater technological advancement; "transhumanism" to enhance and perpetuate the human form; exploitation of varying energy sources including "Free Energy" from the field; physical space travel to populate other planets in our solar system; and in spiritual circles, manipulating the Law of Attraction to - putting it bluntly - manifest what the ego might want. 

Although to some, such development may sound 'cool', it does not bode well for life here on 3D Earth. Nothing is free! Nothing we do is without its wider impact. The Law of cause and effect dictates that what you do to a living system, will touch the lives of ALL sentient beings in it. If you exploit too much energy in a particular way, that can render the whole system unbalanced and unstable. It can lead to disastrous and explosive consequences, as happened on Sirius 120 million years ago.
(I've shared a perspective in the Book DIVINICUS:rise of the divine human.)

To my mind, control is the biggest karmic challenge of life on Earth today. Too many are trying to manipulate the flow in some way, be it through 'advanced' technology, or by using distorted spiritual laws to manifest in a slightly more 'clever' way. It is not clever to over exploit and destroy the very environment on which we depend. Neither is it hugely evolved.

We'll gain far more by working to understand the natural flow and coming into alignment with it.

So what are the specific karmic challenges many will be dealing with?

5 key Influences of the Sirian Archetype

Essentially the influences of the Sirian Archetype mostly take place within the lower four chakras. Here is a brief outline of some of the main challenges faced. I've put them in descending order to reflect the density in which they each manifest...

5. Forming Fixed Opinion and Judgment: one of the greatest gifts of the Sirian Archetype is to be able to discern the movement of group energy within the consensus reality construct that they're incarnated into. Sirian souls tend to be highly empathic - often feeling other people's feelings and knowing their thoughts. Thus they tend to form fairly accurate impressions of someone's lower behavioural nature - why they make certain choices for example, if someone is trustworthy, and what might be being concealed subconsciously. When this attribute is properly activated, it means that souls with this archetype will likely be very successful at manifesting resources and outcomes in the physical density. They'll be strong community builders and popular. However, it often also leads to judgmentalism and fixed opinions about reality, which you have to work hard to unpack.

Judgment and authentic discernment often have a very fine dividing line between them. It's highly beneficial of course to be able to form accurate discernments of the nature of reality around you and the behaviourisms of other sentient life - they all affect your path in some way. The soul can then choose the aligned flow through the multi-dimensional landscape you form. But when a discernment slips into a rigidly fixed opinion about someone, or about the surrounding circumstances, then that becomes a condemnation of reality, which is where discernment becomes judgment. This is not only limiting of those around you (because of the often subconscious projection of judgment), but also self-limiting, because it limits more rapid evolutionary change; everything is of consciousness, if you strongly believe something to be a particular way, then this hampers the possibility that you can change things to a more highly evolved pattern. In my observation, this is a classic challenge of the Sirius archetype.

It is best overcome not by denying the opinions one forms. But working to be as open with them as possible - softening any tightness in the heart chakra where the judgment is often formed. Being clear in the mind that all things can and do change. Working with the Christ Consciousness can be a great help in softening judgmentalism and realigning it to authentic non-judgmental discernment. It requires a great deal of acceptance of others through fully opening the heart. Work particularly on acceptance.

4. Tightening of the Solar Plexus: this chakra connects into lower mind and the plane of the intellect. Psychics and mediums often have a very open solar plexus chakra. It's where we start to read to patterning through the field as it's coming into being and so witness the physical manifestation of synchronicity. It leads to an interpretation of 'future-landing-now'. An evolution of that is where you become able to amplify and bring the flow into physical manifestation. We are creative beings and meant to express creativity. However, such a gift comes with great responsibility too - realising that the manifestations you bring into being, can, and will, affect the whole. Some may use their 'parking angels' in the 4D to manifest that much needed parking slot, but what if a less abled person was meant (by the flow) to have it? We are all interconnected. Every action impacts the whole. 

That said, it is my observation we are also meant to become active co-creators within the consensus reality - that is a facet of the emergent humanity. To deny the flow coming through you is also ego. So it's important to our very well-being to allow creative manifestation to amplify through us. The challenge arises where this amplification causes you to fixate around the manifestations you are meant to bring into being. It generates tightness in the head, and contracting down in the solar plexus, experienced as head aches and nausea - classic symptoms of attachment, control and misaligned action. It ultimately leads to a disconnection from the flow and then creating field constructs according to a separated agenda. This is exactly what the Opposing Consciousness has done in many constellations - the risk is to fall into that Intervention and to become an unwitting part of it. That's exactly the place countless millions find themselves locked into within society. It is anything but civilised!

If the influence of excessive control impacts you in the solar plexus (and also the Third Eye), my observation is you'll have to work hard to realign the distortion, with full commitment, that can take many years to properly fulfil. I've witnessed many who've manifested a realigning path that leads to countless 'failures' to create. Their very soul derails manifestation, often right at the last moment. It's a way of 'softening' the solar plexus action, by causing it to engage in creative acts, but most importantly, not attaching to the outcome - not needing it to go a certain way. Thus healing leads to fluid and flexible action, effortlessly expanding and contracting, coming into focus, before dissolving into expansion. In this way, only aligned creations are brought into being. Work particularly on being within the doing.

3. Emotional Attachment of the sacral chakra: in an emotional sense, it is my observation that the Sirius influence is highly loyal in relationships and can be very self-sacrificing. This comes with the caveat that there is often some deeper need due to a sense of community belonging. It means they can be very needy within relationship, with a tendency to manipulate and emotionally blackmail. An inherent karmic disconnect from the divine flow has led to the fear of isolation, which is partially fulfilled by partnership. Often someone with this Sirius emotional archetype will also tend to project their emotional pain into their outer environment. By spreading the pain, it becomes easier to tolerate, but crucially, the karmic source is not engaged or worked with. There's often an emotional 'fizz' on the surface, but without properly internalising so as to unravel the roots of the karma.
(Explore this 9 step spiritual healing process for dealing with karmic source pain.)

Sirians are strongly community orientated, which at its core is a good thing of course, but it is also often due to this emotional neediness that community connections are sought. Facebook, youtube and other portal sites (to my mind)  are classic manifestations of that - the connections are mostly shallow and on the surface, the emotion spread virally at a surface level so as to pull in and attach. There are of course many good aspects of the internet - the spread of knowledge and the activation of consciousness. The challenge is where people attach and get addicted - emotionally and mentally. Obsesssive compulsive behaviour and addiction are typical of the Sirius archetype. The key to dealing with emotional attachment is to express it and bring it out into the open: yes, this is important, because that way, you're provided signposts in the direction you must work. But the alchemical change can only happen internally. So you must internalise the inquiry and explore deep into the source pain of the problem in order to realign it.

That means allowing the experience to be there and working into it so as to soften it, and allow aligned soul to come through. In which case the distortion dissolves. Work particularly on acceptance of solitude.
(I've shared countless tips, tools and advice for dealing with such distortions in the book 5GATEWAYS).

2. Excessive consumption and distorted sexuality: these tend to be root chakra distortions (but also sacral). The central theme of the Sirius karmic challenge is lack of trust due to a general disconnect from the divine. This understandably happens in places of great density - the soul fixates on objects in the outer landscape and so contracts into that reality. Think of the metaphoric apple from the Garden of Eden - the taste is so exquisite, the form so perfected, that when you consume of it, then it's easy to become identified with what you've consumed. The more you engross within that experience, the more disconnected you become. Not that we shouldn't experience and enjoy the 'apple' in all its myriad of forms of course, the key is not to attach to the experience.

1. Being the Victim: The Sirius shift was a shattering explosion. Although the population were made aware the shift was happening in advance by divine messengers who went to the star system, nevertheless, when it happened, the shift was sudden, explosive and shattering. Many souls were cast adrift in space, from which, it took a great deal of time for many to be recovered by the angelic realm. For many who suffered this fate, there's often the feeling of abandonment, not belonging anywhere, alienation and the inexplicable sense of being betrayed or "abandoned by God". It fosters self-doubt and self blame, leading to the karmic filter of victimhood - everything conspiring against you. If you can recgonise these traits, activate them and regress back into the karma, then you can heal at a soul level and dispatch the karmic distortions from the way you manifest reality.
Reach out to Openhand if you'd like support dealing with Sirius karma

Fully Immersed in Reality But Non-Attached

Non-attachment is not mastered however through denial and renunciation. On the contrary - it's by fully engaging and partaking of the activities that would attach you, and working into them with non self-judgment, but in the midst of them, always attuning to the sense of rightness of the soul. You're working to connect with the expansive feelings of soul all the time. This is essentially what is meant by 'tantra' - being fully in the experience, but always reconnecting the divine loop of consciousness whilst in it.

This is as true for all 'consumptive' expressions, from sex, to physical exercise, what you purchase and what you eat.
Visit this Openhand Forum Thread exploring Sacred Sexuality

In sexual intimacy, I believe it is essential to allow freedom of consenting expression, so as to overcome ego-generating taboos. Dominant and submissive expressions are natural manifestations of surrendering to the Universal flow, and also harnessing it. To deny these natural feelings - or to attach to them - is to create internal polarity and therefore a disconnect. Aligned, non attached, sexuality is one of the most effective ways to activate and attune full kundalini, for beneficial integration into our natural creativity, in alignment with the divine flow.

I've shared some views in this attached video, called "Healing the Divine Warrior" - it's equally applicable to men and women dealing with essences of Sirian karmic distortion. There are similarities and overlaps with 'raptor consciousness', although the Sirian archetype is more erudite and sophisticated, the raptor, on the other hand, is much more raw and basic instinctual. The video provides useful insights into processing through these distortions.

Our Cosmic Heritage

The time is ripe to gain a much broader understanding of how greater cosmic connections are influencing the human journey. It is not necessary to know your exact heritage - what's much more important, is to realise what kind of karmic influences you're consciousness might be being subjected to - awareness is always the key to alignment and resolution.

It is also essential we step into profound self honesty - the path of true Enlightenment can begin nowhere else. Our distortions might seem unsexy and uncool, at times they will likely come with taboo and stigma. But honouring the distortions we carry is the first step to dealing with them. It's time to own our 'shit' by letting go of self-judgment. No one is without distortion - that is the very nature of the relativistic experience.

In any case, at a soul level, we have sacred agreements to take on this density so as to channel realigning light into it. It's only by fully embodying the distortion that you can realign it. So let's look honestly into what's manifesting in our lives. Accept that it might have a much wider causality than originally assumed, then work courageously into it. That way, you'll process karma much more quickly and come back into the welcome embrace of the divine.

If you resonate with this article and feel you might have some Sirius karma to process, explore getting involved with the ground-breaking work of Openhand. It's perfectly crafted to help you process your karma for 5D Ascension:

Dive into the 5D Ascension Program

In Loving Support

Open 💎

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I realise how much I still have been hiding on this journey, but the past days it has all backfired. Lack of empathy and respect for natural balance, manipulating and controlling energy.. The things I didn't want to look at. I walked into a giant wall, telling me there is no way forward like this anymore. Sitting with the feelings of losing everything and everyone is really overwhelming, but I can see how it serves me. I did not want to go on like this either, but it all came in one bang, very befitting 💥💫

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My intuitive sense says that the "wall" you've walked into is genetic Karma from Sirius.
I'm experiencing some of that too right now. It's DNA that the Annunaki brought here and interwove with Homo Sapiens DNA - like the voice box for example.

The voice box is an interesting dynamic. Prior to it, Original Humans communicated telepathically, and the cascading inflows from the divine would have "spoken" through the throat chakra, providing visions of possibilities for the path forward. This seems to be being channeled or diverted into particular creations that fit within the matrix.

I'll be sharing more on this in due course and working to help people emerge from it.

Open 💎

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Okay thank you, I will hold that. I have been having pain and funky things coming out of my throat so that makes sense. I have the feeling the widespread procedure of removing tonsils in children is related, some issues I experience in my throat and head are going all the way back there. Without the tonsils it is also harder for cellular waste from the head/brain to be cleansed, no doubt impacting the third eye and mind.

I'm looking forward to hear more about it.


Over the last few months, I've been in regular conflict with close family. It brings up feelings of isolation, feeling deeply misunderstood, invalidated, dismissed, or ridiculed. I feel so sensitive to the undertones and facial expressions people make and very hurt by what feels like insensitivity and ego manipulations. While I am experiencing this, it is painful and irritating. I do tend to feel victimized by it and call out the situations as I experience them - though it feels like speaking to others in a foreign leads to more feelings of isolation, being attacked, misunderstood, and generally "othered".

I can get caught in communicating the impact and my feelings and in these relational experiences not necessarily take ownership of why I am creating this. This stream of posts is a good reminder for mePraying Emoji. I feel intense headache and burning in my eyes, tightness in my solar plexus and my jaw and so much frustration at feeling out of place - deeper than that is the feeling of not belonging and not being seen or understood and that what I feel and think don't matter. I have been trying to remedy it and get others to fix their behavior rather than drop fully into how I feel which is the cause of it's creation in the first place. 

Sychronistically I have been trying to grow annual veggies here in my garden and everyday I go out and some unseen critters (probably a few determined squirrels) have uprooted or eaten everything I've planted. Each day I have gone out and reinvented a new version of reinforcement for the plants. I've learned how to build many structures and persisted in my efforts to protect the plants, but now I wonder if the sun will even get through enough? This feels related to my other experiences but not entirely clear how yet...something to do with being uprooted, and creating protective structures and risking getting too closed off from the light in the attempts to protect. 



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Hi Jen.

Your post resonated deeply with me. The issue of family bonds ( loyalty) and feelings of isolation, exclusion and being ignored/ostracised/left out are all things I've been working with. They were karmically related and the connection landed with an almighty thump ( after the retreat that didn't happen but was powerfully effective as a result). I traced my pattern of loss and exclusion first back to a major past life incident, of being banished from a community, then even further back ( possibly to Sirius) as raging at god for cutting me adrift. I pushed back against my sense of growing alienation from my present larger family, in a way feeling victimised and hard done by. At first I withdrew, probably excessively as a type of statement, a child-like impulse to sulk and gain a response. Then, with brutal self honesty, I picked apart the pieces and saw the pattern repeating itself in this lifetime. The huge karmic revelation recently brought everything into perspective. Seeing this allowed me to authentically manage my family dynamic with a much lighter touch and lack of expectation or desire for any outcome. Curiously, the family dynamic began to change under its own steam. It was as if my lack of reaction and increasing role as a non-judgemental observer was the key to healthier expression. I see things differently now and have unburdened myself, feeling more freedom and alignment. I hope my account provides reflections for you and enhances your journey. I honour you as I do contributors to this forum and the beautiful tools and insight they provide.

Andy Praying Emoji

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Hello Andy,

Thank you for your reflection and resonance; it's sweet to feel the return call. Praying Emoji

I read your post about your experience around the Sydney retreat and could empathize with the experience (and applaud the way you dove into it and realized through it)!

Yes, this feeling is one I have felt for a long time, and it seems to be ramping up in intensity...especially within intimate relationships - this need to be known, and the feeling/thought that "it's always such a struggle to be me" - that I have to fight for it and this general feeling since I was a child that "things are not right." I'm not in touch with the karmic source of this pain - though it certainly feels foundational to what I have created around me throughout my life, and I appreciate the reflections you share of how this was illuminated. 

As you say, the key is to meet the feelings with honesty and self-exploration - my projections have been my protection from feeling the raw experience. Those triggers are very touchy ones! The face of mockery or energy of dismissal or ridicule triggers a pain that seems to have many layers of protection around it! While witnessing is usually there...for some reason in these situations, a fight instinct comes out rather quickly...this YOU WILL HEAR ME energy. Ahhh, inspiration...this song just popped in...

Perfect energy to move with this! 

Again - thank you for sharing your experience - it is deeply appreciated. Angel Halo 



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It sounds, Jen, like you are on the right track.

And when its ready to pop, it will pop.

Maybe best to let it lie and at the right juncture, let it flow.

Maybe try booking a retreat somewhere abroad.......

Andy Smliing

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to add a few things about trauma responses to my previous post to Jen, because in my experience there's a key in each one for moving into alignment in relationships with those who trigger you.

A trauma response is an automatic in-build reaction to being triggered in some way. When we're triggered, what's happening almost always is that a pain is being activated that's ALREADY within us. So the perpetrator isn't causing the pain, they're simply giving a reflection which activates it. So, the key is to take responsibility for this pain, which means not projecting it onto them or avoiding it somehow. 

Trauma responses are built up when very young in order to regulate our systems. They aren't a bad thing in themselves, especially when dealing with complex trauma and PTSD - however, they hinder the self-realization process when they remain unconscious. I call it 'Automatic Pain Avoidance Mode'.

Here they are in a nutshell:

  1. Fight - A part of you feels attacked and so you throw the energy back out some way - usually directed at someone else.
  2. Flight - You retreat from the situation - this isn't so much about physically retreating, but more about avoidance or denial of your reality.
  3. Freeze - Your body-mind shuts down temporarily, often finding yourself unable to speak or respond. I call it the 'hedgehog response'. It comes from feeling unsafe or overwhelmed. It's one I've experienced often.
  4. Faun - People pleasing essentially. It often comes from guilt. Essentially you make your wellbeing dependent on how happy those around you are. If they're angry then it reminds you of your own pain. If they're happy you don't have to look at it, so you do everything you can to focus on their happiness.

To break through each one, we have to find the key truth in them and then learn to be in that without projecting the energy or avoiding the pain/reality.

Here are the key's to breaking through:

  1. Fight - Express/honour the anger without projecting. Then, use the underlying passion/drive in a constructive way, e.g. in a creative project.
  2. Flight - Walk away from the situation only if it doesn't mean walking away from your reality. Honour and transform the feelings, then decide if the situation serves you or not. Work to create an environment that best supports who you are.
  3. Freeze - The aligned response to this often looks the same, which is to stay silent. The key difference is that you can fully hold space for all the stuff you're feeling. In my experience it often comes with the recognition that no other expression can fully honour your truth in this situation, especially when expressed to people who 'don't get it'.
  4. Faun - Recognize the power of creating your reality from the inside-out. Most people create from outside-in - i.e. they form identities and stories about themselves based on what happens around them. Instead, inside-out means you feel your truth in any situation and make that the base of who you are - then ask yourself how you can express that into the outside. It also helps to create environments which you feel well in (not blissed or high, but safe enough to experience all emotions)

I hope this helps anyone who reads it. It's based on my own explorations around the topic.

I find that people have generally experienced each trauma response at some point, though they will generally have a 'go-to' response which comes through more than the others.

Do let me know if there are any questions :-)


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Hi Jen - you articulate what I'm sure is a big button pusher for many emergent souls when in family....
Where the people around you don't honour or respect your expressed truth. It's especially hurtful when they're supposed to be your loved ones.

How to deal with the conundrum - what is it revealing about our own journey of self-realisation?

Firstly, here's what stands out about what you express...

I do tend to feel victimized by it and call out the situations as I experience them - though it feels like speaking to others in a foreign leads to more feelings of isolation, being attacked, misunderstood, and generally "othered".

This is quite typical - so why does "calling it out" not seem to work? The clue is in what you say here...

I feel intense headache and burning in my eyes, tightness in my solar plexus and my jaw and so much frustration at feeling out of place - deeper than that is the feeling of not belonging and not being seen or understood and that what I feel and think don't matter.

It's clearly karma, YOUR karma, which you realise is why you manifested the situation. But what is the karma exactly?
I would point to the feeling of isolation that you express. What is the problem for you to be isolated - from ignorance?
Can you sit in the isolation with family members around you and not need to express your truth?

Remember the Jesus quote: "don't cast your pearls before swine, less they trample them".

When we try to sew our seeds of authentic expression in dense soil that has no nutrients, then we'll keep diminishing our energy - we'll keep depleting ourselves and get frustrated and exhausted by it. So why do it?

I would say the squirrels are demonstrating this very accurately...

a few determined squirrels) have uprooted or eaten everything I've planted. Each day I have gone out and reinvented a new version of reinforcement for the plants. I've learned how to build many structures and persisted in my efforts to protect the plants, but now I wonder if the sun will even get through enough?

We have to accept it - for some people around us right now, the sun is NOT going to get through enough for them to see some light and wake up.
So stop wasting your efforts by trying to plant truth in unsupportive ground. Sit in the tightness of that, and the apparent isolation - I know the desire is to reach out and illuminate. Work to let that go. Find peace with your own internally expressed truth - look for the feedback loops with the Universe. You'll always find some sun shining there 😉

Love and well wishes

Open 🔆

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Thank you for the helpful feedback Open.

What came up as I read was the question, "Why am I giving so much energy to relationships that feel emotionally unsupportive?" 

This is clearly a layer to work through as there are triggers and trauma in this place . Seems also the feeling of emotional isolation is more bearable (though I am struggling with it) than the alternative of material isolation...In a way I am accepting emotional invalidation in place of experiencing material destitution - fed by the fear of not being supported by life (so I depend on others). In truth, I am not a victim of it - it seems it is a control mechanism to avoid the potential of the larger pain. I may not be ready to face that, but I can stay honest about it with myself. And clearly there is work to be done on both planes (sacral and root- emotional and material)

Thank you for the feedback -it's helped clarify what's happening! Praying EmojiHeart


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Hi Jen,

I can feel this pain of yours as it's so close to what I have experienced in the past. In my case, the feeling of loneliness when with others who didn't resonate was far greater than any feeling of isolation I would get by myself. In fact, I often feel very good when by myself.

What really helped me in these situations was to sit and be isolated from the crowd, then to reconnect with the feeling of being whole that I've felt before when by myself. That I am already complete. Then, there was no need to engage with others to try to fix things - sometimes I would literally sit in parties with people chatting all around me and close my eyes and be alone. Yes, their opinions of me often became more extreme, but that just catalysed the process of me moving on. In the meantime, I don't connect with nearly so many people, but the few I do resonate much more strongly.

I've found sometimes it's right to not engage when I know it will be met with ignorance. Other times it feels right to call it out. How are you calling out the emotions? It's really important to communicate this well. If a pattern of blame and projection is normal for those around you then even when you express an emotion without projecting they can often still go into that pattern of feeling blamed.

I've found that being very clear that I'm expressing an emotion just for the sake of expressing and am not throwing the responsibility for my wellbeing onto anyone else makes a huge difference - though sometimes people can be confused by it initially. What also really helps is sticking to 'I' sentences, just making it about you and not about their behaviour. Alternatively, find the essence of the energy of the situation and call out that instead of the surface emotion.

Your fight response is a natural mechanism of response to pain. There's a key in trauma responses which I'll go into in the next post - basically the solution lies in the energy of the response. So, how can you turn the energy of anger into something more empowering, without throwing it onto others and making them responsible for your wellbeing?

Warmest wishes,


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Hello Rich! Praying Emoji

Thank you for your helpful feedback! Yes, like you I feel harmony and energetic well-being when I am alone. Overall being with others has become relaxed and I don't typically feel the need to make anyone see anything or argue anyone's reality. However, I am finding these micro-aggressions directed at me or my kids quite painful - the energy is like if you imagine a small child proudly holding up their artwork for a group of "loved ones" and the group bursting into laughter because of the way the child drew the picture - they think it's just normal banter, but the child feels humiliated and wrong, while they get a laugh at the other's expense. This is what brings on the fight response and the urge to make the other hear me.

You are right to point to the importance of being in these feelings without needing to fix it and letting that fiery energy of anger burn into self-illumination rather than be disbursed through external measures. My response can sometimes be biting - matching the sharpness I feel coming from them back to them, and that is not very effective. Smiling With Sweat Emoji I like what you said here..."find the essence of the energy of the situation and call out that instead of the surface emotion." I find this after the fact, but in the meantime, I usually have created more messiness before I get there. =) In a way this feels like a shift in relating as in the past I would avoid or appease (as you mention in your other post) - its a positive in a way that I am feeling and acting on the fight response...just need to make it conscious and work with it differently.

Thanks so much for engaging this with me. Heart


11/04/2023 Shift Update: Now's the time to Process Karma

I can see my article sharing yesterday about the 5 key traits of Sirius karma touched some deep processing for people, gauging by the degree of feedback and response. So I felt to add something very important about processing karma, especially for people out there who are new to it. Although we can purposefully regress into karma, quite often, it tends to simply arise in daily life. Until you become adept at recognising it, you might not even realise you're in it. But if it's your orientation and commitment on a daily basis to be watching your internal state, and how you present into the world, then you'll start to recognise something has kicked off.

You'll get caught in strong energy movements that create disharmony in the outer - often in relationships. Or you'll create circumstances of maximum inconvenience and the sense that you're caught in impossible situations.

When you recognise these challenges it's crucial you take ownership of what you're creating, pause, and "turn into the tightness" - meaning to really go into the reactive inner feelings. Although it's important to express the feelings, it's also essential not to project them externally onto other people - not to get caught up in rows and anger with people, because this diminishes our ability to stay in the source of the pain and work with it.

Why should you want to go to the trouble?

Because it's a massive growth opportunity and exactly why you're here - why you incarnated. You're going into the spiritual gym and so it's necessary to roll up your sleeves and get on with it. You learn to find that degree of dissociation of the witnesser, so you're in the experience, but not of it. Then you can process it and come quickly through the other side. Each time you'll have gained a new integration, a new expansion, new gifts of beingness.

Now is the time to be doing this.
Now is the time of the shift.
It's why we're here.

Here's Openhand's Lead Article on how to process your karma

And here's some video inspiration...

I wish you every success in your Sirius karmic processing.

Open 💎

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I needed some time (and still do) to chew on and really understand and feel what was shared in the last Ascension Exchange and this article on so many levels. It keeps on surprising me how much of the sharings are exactly about what I am struggling with, or am wondering about and how Open seems to speak only to me, 😉 saying words that really resonate. Thank you so much dear Openhanders and Open.

After looking into to the Openhand forum I could see so many reactions following up the last updates, I still gotta do my homework  😊 !

What really became clear for me after the Saturday Ascension exchange, was the realization I could not really feel into the lower chakra’s. There is so much control going on in myself and around me. I do feel that solar plexus and third eye can be entangled in a control mechanism e.g. in situations where the aspect of time is concerned. I put myself under pressure to be on time, to do things in a certain amount of time,  etc. First I thought this could be poverty consciousness (not enough time) but now I more sense towards the amount of control I put myself in what I let the system put on me. There is also a sense of hopelessness (victim of the system) coming through.

 I am at the beginning of seeing the magnitude of how Syrian karma is affecting us all in society.

I know that I need to unravel (no conscious) feelings in lower chakra’s, it feels scary and mighty. Last week I was able to set borders and hold my ground in two conversations with angry colleagues in an aligned way. Thank you Open for illuminating about the processing of karma in your article today.  I do feel I need these skills while stumbling on the path.

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Hi Corine - my observation is that even though you consider yourself to be "stumbling on", you're falling forwards and stmbling through leaps and bounds!

So keep right on going, because you're expanding in the most precious of ways.

Well wishes

Open 💙


This was very helpful, I recognise all of the above are right there in my life. It feels like I have been stuck in a sort of 4D cocoon lately and avoiding ownership. The biggest blockage I create for myself is (self) judgement. Every time I come to a place of more acceptance of my own distortions, to the point where it feels liberating and I can engage in them in a neutral way with close observation, the next thing I know I'm head deep into rejection and trying to paint a fancy picture over it all. But then being aware of and judging that too, piling up all these layers. It is really an exhausting dynamic that has me completely floored right now, I have no energy anymore.


Hi Open,

these insights are really precious, thank you.

When reading through, I was drawn to read the fourth aspect, tightening of the solar plexus several times. I do feel compression in the solar plexus and the third eye chakras and these are my main areas of consciousness work recently.

Even though I am settling into a much clearer and calmer physical life, still my thoughts processes are very active. From recent observations what is coming into view is that whenever there is a distortion presented - no matter if inside or outside - my mental plane becomes active and starts 'working' on a resolution. I believe my inquiry mechanism works pretty well - patiently feeling through situations and confirming all thoughts with the heart. And it does not feel like ego is becoming active but something deeper (or higher?) that wants to find quick resolution to create clarity and harmony - now I am wondering if that is a karmic means of control? Of not accepting the presence of tasks and challenges that show up in my landscape?

I am feeling through my solar plexus while writing these lines and it is like it is compressed into a ball of light with some fence around it to keep it small. On the third eye chakra level it feels like some foggy areas around the nose, temples, ears.

Just a week ago I had furniture delivered to my new place and the delivery guys slipped and damaged one piece of furniture. There was no ego reaction from my side, I just accepted it had happened. And it will be replaced tomorrow. Still I don't get the idea why it happened. I don't know why exactly but it feels like to mention this here.

Thank you for any reflections and much love,
Thomas ✨🙋🏼‍♂️

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Hi Thomas - it's a big one for people: regularly feeling the solar plexus tightening in daily life, and then including feelings of nausea.

What's this all about?

Often it's because we've gotten caught in some kind of mental control programming which is skewed from the natural flow of life. The imbalance tightens the lower mind and hence solar plexus chakra. Or else some kind of control system is projected upon us, we tend to come more from the left brain, and it strangles the intuition a degree. If this happens over a protracted period of time, say through the projection of fear and control as in the bogus measures of the pandemic, then we must go into it and unwind it. How?

I would say free-flowing as much as possible is an essential antidote. And coming more from the intuition, joy and playfulness of life - taking it less seriously and really being immersed in the moment.

The solar plexus will unwind, and then be prepared for denser energy, including Black Snake, to release from within. It will be an uplifting unwinding process.

Well wishes

Open 💎


Ah how interesting - during your time in Australia I was experiencing quite some Sirius/Annunaki karma. 

There has been quite a feeling of limitation in my life recently, in the way I live, in the way I experience my relationship, in how I can communicate with the language barrier, of being in constructs where my way of being is not understood but rather mocked or criticized. 

In the meantime, reminders of where I grew up trigger deep sadness and grief in me - a longing for a certain environment or way of living. 

It all culminated in an evening of deep, intense release. Crying into my partners lap. It was only after some time I was able to speak and say "it feels like I have no home". It was only after saying these words that it clicked it could be karma from the Sirius/Annunaki story. 

  • The feeling of being 'far from home'
  • Being limited in my environment with how I naturally want to express
  • The persistent trying to change my reality with no results (tight solar plexus as you mentioned above)
  • Feeling unsatisfied (sacral)

I'm done with the control. Of trying to bring a better reality for myself.

I'm inspired by what you said Open, about grounding a greater sense of tollerance for situations where the flow is blocked. But then it's also crucial for me not to just blend myself into them, but rather feel my essence through them and just being in that truth, without wanting/needing things to go a particular way.

The Sirius/Annunaki story and karma are quite something to crack open. Interestingly for me it has required a slow build up of pressure, culminating in a kind of shattering of reality - just as happened on Sirius. 

Thanks so much for all the reflections. 

Much love


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Hi Rich - I celebrate the courage and commitment you have to turn into this activating Sirius karma. And I would encourage all to read your sharing.

It clearly demonstrates the kinds of feelings that are buried in our consciousness. Most people just carry the energy around and it derails them without even knowing it. The karma shapes circumstances that they are apparently victimised by again and again. Where there's pain associated, most simply "medicate" on soft comforts or distraction.

But when we dare to go into it, as you are doing Rich, that's when the unfolding is rich with understanding and integration.
This is where we truly grow and evolve for the better.
Then our life circumstances will naturally manifest in a different way.
Life takes another shift into deeper harmony.

Great work!

Open 💎


10/04/2023 Shift Update: Sirius Karma

On a recent trip to Australia, I experienced tremendous flash-backs to the shattering Sirius Shift 120 million years ago, of which, many souls carried the karma of here to earth. Understanding these traits that you might be carrying around helps you realise why you might get derailed at times from the universal flow - in how your live and work, and especially in relationships and community. I've shared the 5 key traits to explore in the lead article above...

Star Souls Processing the Impact of Sirius Karma: 5 Key Traits

For me, genetic karma in the throat activated, from sitting under the ventilation outflow on the plane. The throat tightened and left we with a strong chesty cough. It lasted deep into the return journey, which I'd considered delaying so as not to get quarantined at a stop-over. But the gudiance was clear and unequivocal - I should continue with the flights and accept what transpired. That's the nature of karma - it often triggers in the situations of maximum inconvenience, which we need to turn into rather than avoid.

For several hours on the return flight I was working hard to contain any coughing and spluttering by feeling deeply into the chest contractions. It's at that point I saw the past life - I'd been on a mission as a messenger during the final days of the shift. I was making my way back to a loved one but got caught in the chaos and breakdown of the reality. When it exploded, I experienced all the air immediately dissipating from the lungs. I had to work hard to stay connected into the shift and not detach from it (which creates the shattering karmic effect).

I did manage this, but nevertheless, like all Homo Sapiens, have born the genetic karma here on earth. The Annunaki applied Sirius DNA to create the voice box in Homo Sapiens.

The point being that by turning into these tumultuous experiences in daily life, no matter how inconvenient, you always gain greatly from it. For me, I am grounding a greater sense of tollerance for situations where the flow is blocked - staying connected and open in the throat chakra (the 5D) so new 5D flows can activate to carry you through and around obstacles.

What of the Sirius karma do you think you might be carrying? Do share in commentary below and I'll gladly offer a healing reflection.

Bright blessings

Open 💎


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Personally, I found the Bladerunner 2045 movie an unnervingly accurate depiction of what Sirius was like prior to the tumultuous shift that so many carried the karmic effects of here to earth. Often movies can trigger such karma and we must have the courage not to supress or turn away, but turn right into and express. That way you process it through...

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No doubt we'll be diving deep into Sirius karma during the DIVINICUS retreats in May. Karma is what we came here to process and there's always amazing liberation and expansion on the other side. We still have places left on the Zoom version, DIVINICUS in the Desert...


8th-14th May: DIVINICUS in the Desert: 7-Days, ZOOM
7-Day Zoom Retreat to break through ancient human karma and activate your spirit light body for higher dimensional living now, and preparation for Ascension into the New 5D Paradigm. Ground-breaking meditations and self-realisation inquiry. Applying infusions of higher dimensional light to uplift your life and embody for successful 3D living now. With planetary shift facilitator "Open".
Activate spirit light body, live from 5D consciousness.



Found this at the right time, when karma is becoming relentless in daily life. I'm not getting any chances to run from myself any more and of course ego still trying to control it all. I got to the point yesterday where I finally said "I'm sick of this, I'm sick of myself, I want to be free from this crap" and that has led to a greater acceptance, especially after reading more of your stuff which is making more and more sense. I now know what I really want, and that is everything you are showing us to do, to realign and reintegrate with soul so we can free ourselves from this failing 3d density. And I'm finally on board. But still so much work to do, simply because I've been avoiding it for so long. So much regret but at same time I understand it really couldn't have happened any other way. I had to see what didn't work. But grace has led me here and I feel like now I can truly begin. No more bullshitting myself, no more clinging to my self-righteousness and rigid judgements. No more attaching to other people's behaviour by anger and resistance. I want to flow. Fighting everything and trying to make it go my way for so long has depleted my energy badly. But I'm done with that now. Because of you I'm not so afraid of the unknown now. I'm actually pretty excited! Learning to be ok with not knowing the outcome. Letting go of the wheel. So this little Sirian (and I feel definitely others) chick is starting to test her wings. Getting ready to let go and take that leap. Hope you can feel the gratitude and love in my heart. I also recognize in me the fear of solitude and how it's made me attach to very wrong energies; I still feel at risk for this ie attaching to you even though you're very much the right energy, but I'm aware of it now especially after reading this.! Wish I could remember it but I guess I will in time. Got to get on with it and start retrieving my soul frags, thank you doesn't come close but it's all I've got. 💜💜💜

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That's brilliant Barb - fantastic Thumbs Up SignHeart

This stood out most strongly...

I can truly begin. No more bullshitting myself, no more clinging to my self-righteousness and rigid judgements. No more attaching to other people's behaviour by anger and resistance. I want to flow. Fighting everything and trying to make it go my way for so long has depleted my energy badly. But I'm done with that now.

Yes indeed. There comes that time where you realise it's more painful to stay in the shell than to break out!

Blessings and support

Open Praying Emoji


Since we've just passed into the "Lion's Gate" where the star reappears in the night sky as the sun moves into Leo, I felt to bring attention to this article once more...


5D Shift: Understanding the Sirius Archetype...Including 4 Key Influences (scroll to the top)

There are many of you out there in the Openhand community who will have had past lives in the star system Sirius - many souls were recovered here through the process of reincarnation after the tumultous shift that happened 120 million years ago. So plenty of people are carrying that intense karma, often unknowingly. At the time of the Lion's Gate portal that we're now moving through, it's highly possible that some of this karma could activate (I've already heard from several of you that it is). So do check out the article and see how it might be influencing your path in some way.

Remember, illumination of the inner density is the sure way to integration of soul and emergence in the Shift.

Do share what's going on for you right now and I'll gladly offer a reflection.

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji



Hi Vimal,

Good to connect with you again The Sun Emoji

Yes indeed, implants will most possibly reappear if self-realisation has not happened around that area of consciousness and soul has not been integrated. It's about bringing constant awareness to your field, to the extent that you start to feel the influence of entities as and when they might come in. That way you eject them and anything they might try to do straight away. Until that point of sensitivity, it's a journey of constant elevation of consciousness and integration of soul sovereignty.

(for anyone else reading, here's: Openhand's View on Entities and Implants)

Yes I do understand the fixation with physical looks in relationship. Perhaps when you're connecting in this way with people (perhaps particular people, such as a partner?), then work to be internal more and appreciating them from a soul level - see the beauty in the soul.

Have you considered a connection between the two points above?

So if you're appreciating beauty 'out there', does this make you go unconscious 'in here'? Because that could open the blind spots for some intervention to occur.

Wishing you well

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Hi Open, 

It's great to connect with you too ❤️


Indeed I appreciate her soul qualities. She is very open, empathic and honest and I feel our connection is very authentic. Above all I know this connection is divinely given by the universe and synchronicties click on from time to time like playing the right track on sterio at the right time. I feel the purpose much more than the egoic desires at those times. We both have common issues like beauty for instance. I have also taken several risk of telling my truth without exploding the connection like this one. And as far as I can see it has only helped in deepening the connection. The problem we have is that its a distant connection and we are only given to meet rarely and this is reason for lots of uncertainty. And I ask what would happen to the relation finally if we are physically not attracted at all. Last time was amongst family and their judgements and fixed opinions and maybe this was the cause of my on fixation on physical looks. I fall into the trap of comparing her with others and I know I only do this because I compare myself with others. This again stems from a feeling not being enough and perfectionism and the need to belong to the world and its ways. Between the family gathering I saw a black child outside my gate and we smiled and waved and at that instant I knew he was me when I was a child. Because I had some hurt as a child because of colour and maybe I'm seeing this in the relationship. This was not a problem at all when we were on our own away from all the watchful eyes. At that time I was far more immersed in the connection between and the deeper play to give importance to the looks.I don't ofcourse say this as a problem to be resolved because I can see how the soul flows even through all this fixation and how it's divinely given for both of us. This knowing creates a difference. I has this limited view that I'm only following the flow when I'm in my grace and expanded and thus always trying to grab this state. But lately this view are also challenged because I can see how actions and words taken from when I'm constricted also finally comes together in one piece.
Yes I can see how the implants are connected to this fixation on external beauty. It's not just in looks but also other outcomes in creativity etc.

Vimal 🙏



Hi Open,
Thankyou for writing this article. I highly relate with the sirian archetype and all of the 4 key influences especially control and distortion in the solar plexus. That's a key one for me. Like you write" It generates tightness in the head, and contracting down in the solar plexus, experienced as head aches and nausea - classic symptoms of attachment, control and misaligned action. " I feel I'm experiencing and realigning lots of implants from my head. I believe I'm also self realizing through it. But is it possible that the implant may return if full realization doesn't occur. I ask because within days I have another implant more or less in the same area. One that always persist is in the third eye.
In a relationship I have, I'm overly concerned about physical looks of the other. This is probably a conditioning and unrealistic expectation I have build up from my childhood and I'm making gross judgements based on this model. But there must also be some truth within it and I'm struggling to find what it is. The love affection and sexual urges I feel are affected by this judgements consistently. Yesterday synchronistically I found a black snake in my home which had never happened. So I think black snake energy maybe influencing this. What are your thoughts?


Hi Anastasia,

Yes indeed, there are reflections between the Black Snake energy and the Sirius Archetype. Although in my view, they are different. My perspective is that the BS energy plays on and amplifies the Sirius distortion (as it does with many distortions here). To me, the Sirius distortion is quite straightforward when I observe it. Whereas the BS energy is much more fluid, and shape-shifting, thereby very deceptive in the way it causes people to make/distort choices (by the way, I definitely see BS energy as an Earth energy that was an original elemental - although it could also have come from elsewhere in the cosmos to be here).

Which leads me to the advice you feel you're getting from 'soul family'. Firstly what I would reflect is that we're not here to process someone else's karma. If so, what is the need or point of the soul we're processing for? Since the processing of the karma leading to enlightenment is the journey and purpose of being for that soul - processing their karma for them (assuming that's possible) takes that purpose for being away. However, that said, I do witness we are able to process genetic or 'blood line karma'. This is not karma of the soul, but of the bodily vehicle itself or energy built up within it. But this is a crucial difference to soul karma.

The same applies when we speak of 'ascending together'. Who decides to limit the soul in that way? The soul is free flowing naturally. It is evolving uniquely. That is its purpose for being. It may well naturally empathise with others and work to support groups of souls, but it feels to me that the, 'we ascend together' view, is a gross distortion. I've heard it frequently in the spiritual mainstream, and personally, I see it as another Black Snake deception - designed to limit those  souls who are ready to ascend, and bind them all into one group, within the inertia of the old reality construct, albeit a slightly changed one. It often comes with a sense of obligation or responsibility. It plays on the sense of divine service authenticity. What I witness is, that as shifts happen, waves of souls naturally draw together and then inspire a shift within that group. Some will be ready, and some not. But even within a soul family, all souls will be at different places in their journey, and will likely span through different dimensions.

What I'm witnessing within the Openhand work as I travel the world working within the Shift, is that there most definitely is a wave of souls preparing themselves. And this is quite different from the myriad of mainstream 'pundits' pontificating about the Shift, talking about it on an intellectual plane, influencing millions (limiting many), but don't actually appear to be truly encouraging self-realisation or even making those changes themselves. For example, they'll point to problems in society, like the 'cabal' for example, and how we can change it in a 'doing way' (to arrest them for example). But this then distracts the soul into the plane of the intellect and into doing. Without actually solving the issue - the cabal is only there due to internal lack of self-realisation.

The wave of souls that are readying themselves, come from a wide range and very diverse spectrum. They are neither Pleiadeans, nor Sirians nor Adromedans nor Orions etc etc etc. They are each unique souls that seem to have had diverse experiences and influences from different constellations.

It leads me to another point, and that is what we might call Benevolent Guidance. How does this truly work? If a soul is here to self-realise, would benevolent guidance make such strong and influencial suggestions? (such as 'we ascend together' and 'we process each others karma'?). The risk is that this highly influences the soul. In the Openhand higher dimensional team, this doesn't happen. Whenever there is something to be figured out, reflections are offered on the nature of being, or a perspective of a particular reality construct. But then always the invitation... "How do you feel to be in that?" "How does your soul feel to respond?"

So personally I would be careful about taking such strong 'advice', even if it does proport to come from soul family - personally I would be testing the autnenticity of the guidance. Often BS energy, for example, will dance within those energies - guessing that we'll take the 'eye off the ball' so to speak. It has, in the past, inserted distorting filters within my connection to the Openhand higher dimensional team. Which is how I became aware of how it works.

In terms of 'dumping karma', what they (the Sirians encouraged by the Annunaki) actually did (in my knowing), was more to dump the energy of the karma. You could view it this way, in terms of a balloon rising: the balloon (as the soul) has ballast on the ground connected by tethering. The ballast is released from the tethering and so the balloon can rise. But the tethering is still there (where the soul is unrealised and can still get stuck). So as the balloon moves, the tethering could still get stuck somewhere else (in a metaphoric 'tree' for example), which snags the balloon and then creates more karmic ballast. So karma always has two elements: the unrealised aspect of soul, and the ballast it creates. Healers will often remove the ballast (which removes the symptoms of pain) but without supporting self-realisation. And so the issues simply defers into something else and regenerates. I've seen this a great deal within the Sirius Archetype - because of an unwillingness to actually confront the pain of attachment.

At the end of the day, it's essential we all self-realise. We can reflect and share perspectives, yes, but the encouragement must be for each to realise their own truth in it. Therefore, feel free to completely disagree with everything I've said!

Much love

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Hi Open,

Thank you for your elaborate reply. I do love the fact that you’re so bluntly honest about things. Naturally, it encourages me to explore a little further, both with you and with myself.

First, I just have to say that I had to chuckle several times while reading your response. Not because of the content, but because of the way you referred to the ‘black snake’ energy as BS energy. You see when I lived in the States, we used to refer to ‘bullshit’ as BS. So every time, you said ‘BS energy’, in my ears it sounded like ‘bullshit’ energy (It still cracks me up actually, LOL! ). I don’t know why I find this so hilarious, maybe because it’s kind of befitting, the way this deceptive BS energy ‘bullshits’ you around all the time. Any ways, let’s get Sirius about things :-)

The last couple of days I’ve been trying to feel into what your response activates for me. There is no better catalyst than someone who disagrees with you or questions the validity of what you present. Since I value and respect your ‘expertise’ very highly it serves as an excellent measure for me to test, how does my ‘truth’ hold up in relation to an opinion of a (through my eyes) perceived ‘Master’? The first thing I notice, is that I don’t immediately crumble emotionally. Although it fires off a strong intellectual activity, I find that my emotions remain quite calm, which a few years ago would not happen. I would go into all kinds of feelings of emotional breakdown - worthlessness, self-doubt, regret that I ever spoke, a need to defend my experience etc. I’m really glad to see that this isn’t happening, so there has been a considerable improvement in that area. Yes! Then of course there’s the issue with the intellectual plane which is a biggie for me and the main focus of my work right now. When I came home after the Intensive, I saw a black snake coiled up tightly around my solar plexus. Its purpose being to constrict the flow between my lower and higher chakras by ‘strangling’ the passageway. I could feel how the energy gets stuck in the density there and instead of continuing its natural path up or down through the chakras, it gets derailed into my head where it just spins around in circles until I finally realise what’s going on and take myself back out again. This happens over and over, but I find that I’m beginning to discover what’s going on a lot faster than I used to.

So moving on to your thoughts about what my soul family said to me and how I feel about that. I don’t find myself neither agreeing nor disagreeing, but rather holding the space open for exploration. If there’s something I’ve learned doesn’t serve a soul, it’s a fixed opinion or standpoint, so I need to keep it open until a ‘knowing’ lands of its own accord.
What I do know is that the connection with my soul family felt very real. I don’t connect with them very often. It’s only happened a few times, and when it’s happened the energy and the presence has been so strong and palpable that I can’t doubt it. I’m quite clear about that. What could be explored though is the validity of the ‘information’ I received. As I see it, there are 3 key ideas that I felt they conveyed and to be honest, if any of it was a deception by BS, I’m the first that wants to know about it. So although I’m not doubting their presence, I can see how it would be possible for an opposing energy to ‘filter’ the information I received, causing me to ‘misinterpret’ certain things. The 3 key ideas they presented to me (in my interpretation) were

1) One soul processing aspects of some sort of collective karma

2) Being able to assist this soul by temporarily ‘moving in’ to aid them

3) The idea that “we all ascend together”

Nr 1)
I don’t know if there can be a difference between individual and collective karma. I imagine you’d say that collective karma is built on the accumulation of individual karma and therefore must be processed individually, each his own. I totally agree with this, but in my dialogue with them I experienced an added dimension. In my understanding, apart from the individual soul and consciousness, there was also some kind of empathic ‘collective consciousness’ that ran between us. A kind of energy that could be felt by each of us at all times, no matter which dimension we were in. When they said I was here ‘processing’ aspects for them as well, it referred to this ‘collective’ thread, something we experienced together in this collective consciousness, not any individual challenges or issues. I actually had the feeling that they were slightly more evolved than I was, in the sense that they had already passed the challenges I’m facing and that they didn’t really need to be here anymore, but that there was still something that felt unfinished. Now that I come to think of it, ‘karma’ may have been a word I invented in order to somehow define the feeling that was being conveyed. It may have been that they meant ‘service’ as opposed to karma. That I was performing some sort of service for them as well whilst being here, apart from processing my own karma. Does that make any more sense?

Nr 2)
As far as this one is concerned, this is true for me. It totally goes along the lines of my temporary walk-in experience that we talked about in Köln. For those few months that I was ‘visited’, I received so much help from this other consciousness. Suddenly, I had skills I haven’t experienced having before. I cut off and instantly dumped several life-long negative thought patterns. Conditioned behaviours instantly changed, childhood traumas were speedily processed, and I found myself spiritually evolving at a speed that didn’t really make sense. So there is no question in my mind that ‘someone’ was helping me process certain things in just a few months that would have taken years for me to process on my own.

Nr 3)
Well, this one is interesting because the statement or the idea of "we all ascend together" means absolutely nothing to me. I don’t feel emotionally invested in it. If there is one of the Sirian archetypal influences that I don’t resonate with at all, it’s the one of feeling loyalty or responsibility towards a community. I have had romantic ‘fantasies’ about belonging and being loyal to a family or a community of some kind, but in reality the idea has never worked for me. Although very loyal in relationships, I’m a highly individualistic soul that will always go my own way. I have never feared breaking away from family, friends, communities etc., when I felt they no longer served. And I never had a problem just being in my own company. So, knowing this and knowing me, why would my soul family make that sort of statement? I’d say you could be absolutely right, Open! And although I still want to keep an open mind, I'd say it sounds a lot like BS to me :-)

I think that’s all the exploration I can handle for now. I invite you to add to it or tear it all apart if you wish. All perspectives welcome!


In reply to by Anastasia


Hi Anastasia,

Thanks so much for your detailed reply. And I'm so glad you didn't go into negativity about the inquiry from me. What I've gotten used to on the path - and would highly encvourage in others - is not being 'fixed in a truth'. Rather to see the journey as a constant refinement of one's truth. So this is neither 'right' nor 'wrong' - there's an expression of a degree of 'rightness' at this moment - so how can it be more aligned?

Turning to specifics, in no. 1) it makes much more sense to me if you change the word from collective 'karma' to collective 'service'. So a group being in service to a particular resolution. Also, once individual karma is processed (4th density), it's my experience and view that we do indeed move on to explore group karma but at a higher 8th density level. So for example someone might be working on the 'divine feminine' aspect within humanity. They work on it in themselves but their work may also then have a wider resonance through the field. I don't believe someone can work at that level until they've processed 4D karma, but upon reflection (from your inquiry), I do get the sense that you could work on 4D karma and that a group connected to you with higher vibrational awareness, might be able to process 8D group karma as a result of the overview. So I stand corrected in that view.

I think it's also important to also highlight, that higher dimensional guidances will come through one's own lower dimensional filters - particularly, taking a feeling or a knowing, and then unintentionally changing the vibration by putting it through a filter - which is where OC and BS (LOL!) energy likes to play tricks. BS energy is all about creating inertia to higher dimensional awareness. So if it can distort, then the risk is to get stuck in lower realisations and mind games for example - because the higher light gets tangled up in the inquiry.

In terms of the idea of "Ascending together", what I've felt in the field is that there is indeed a group of souls comming together and often unknowingly inspiring each other through resonance. The group isn't fixed in time and space - new souls come in all the time. But I do believe it certainly depends on where the individual is at on their personal journey. Then as a lose group forms in the ether, then the respective resonance of each can indeed inspire the others and accelerate the shift for that group.

What I was challenging, was that a fixed soul family from a particular constellation or for example the collective of humanity would 'all ascend together'. Within the human experience for example, there are very diverse souls from different backgrounds, experiences, constellations and all at varying points in the journey. So it's my strong view that waves will emerge. And that's my experience of previous constellations (although a fiction, the book "Mutant Message Downunder" conveys this really well).

Great to see you having the courage to inquire, infold, adapt and change - it's sure to give the BS energy a run for its money!

Much love


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Appreciate the interaction between you and Open here. I “got” where you were coming from in your first post and the correspondence since has been a lot of good stuff to chew on and incorporate. Thanks for sharing!


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Bigtime 11’s that day!

Your GS odyssey with the accompanying green aura pictures was/is one of my favorite sharings of all time. To the point I am actually willing to use the term “sharing” for once. Slightly Smiling

Pretty cool - as soon as the impulse landed to share how meaningful your post was to me, I felt resistance because I didn’t want to sound overly sweet and complimentary for some reason, and “Sweet Annie” by the Zac Brown Band started playing.

With sickeningly sweet love, HeartCall Me Hand




In reply to by Eric.


Dear Paul,

Thank you for the compliment. I’m glad you decided to pay it, for it truly means a lot me. And I’m also glad you decided to share the circumstances surrounding it. It’s that kind of straightforward, no bullshit honesty that makes this tiresome journey through the dull grey fog of the 3D world worth the effort.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and share a reflection with you that suddenly landed with me after reading this last comment of yours. I hope you find it ok. It’s merely a suggestion, and you can completely disregard it, but it has come to me twice now on two separate occasions. So, as it returns to me now, I feel pulled to share it with you.  When you mentioned feeling a resistance to sharing something that would sound too sweet or complimentary, my immediate (second) thought was wanting to ask you – How do you feel when receiving a compliment of that kind yourself?

I suddenly remembered something that I had felt shortly after the whole Green Snake trip we both went on. Something I disregarded at the time. I recall paying you a deep-felt compliment on the way your sharings here made me feel. How your approach through your spiritual challenges excited and inspired me. (And now I’m sitting here contemplating whether I should really write this or not… f*** it, what have I got to lose?) Yes, I paid you a deep-felt compliment with the purpose of returning some of the positive energy that you had offered me. Interestingly enough, your next sharing, one or two days later, did not reflect my intended effect at all, but instead revealed you diving into and ‘dredging at the bottom of the barrel’, if you remember? (another post I really appreciated, btw). When I read that, I remember a distinct feeling that perhaps it was related to the compliment I had just recently paid you. I had/have no backing for this of course, and it makes me quite uncomfortable sharing it because I don’t want to make any assumptions or put you out there in any way, but when you just now expressed the current resistance you felt to offering a heartfelt compliment, the feeling came back to me.

The reason I’m making this possible connection is because there have been some defining moments in my life where compliments were involved. I want to share one with you because it has been coming up for me as a hindsight reflection recently. Plus I just love these synchronicities. When I was in my early twenties, I trained to be a professional dancer. My last year at dance academy, we had an artistic leader/teacher who broke me down to the core. It wasn’t personal towards me. She was awful to most of us (the girls), but I think I was more sensitive to the constant criticism she was dishing out. When I graduated, I had absolutely no confidence I would ever make it as a dancer. I was too fat, too weak, my technique was too poor, my feet had the wrong shape etc. I felt completely worthless and I thought  there was no way any decent choreographer would ever hire me.  My very first audition after graduation was for a famous, innovative, highly popular choreographer at the time. It was a dream job for many. I got it.

My first few months as a professional dancer went quite well. I compensated for my internal inferiority complex by working hard and disciplined and by eventually allowing myself to relax a bit, as I realised this choreographer had a much more open and compassionate approach towards us dancers than the school of Hitler I had graduated from. So far so good, until the day arrived that I received ‘THE COMPLIMENT’ Anguished  (Now you have to imagine some dramatic music).
Yes, the choreographer’s assistant and partner, the one who was basically doing all the work with us, approached me after rehearsal one day and said to me in the sweetest and most sincere way “You’re really good and you’re doing such a good job!”

What happened inside of me at that moment is hard to describe. It was as if two opposing worlds, two incompatible realities suddenly crashed into one another. The feedback mirror she so sweetly placed in front of me did not at all match my image or my experience of myself. It was an impossible equation that unleashed hell itself inside of me. I was literally face to face with all my demons. I did not have the spiritual skills or understanding at the time to deal with something like this, but I remember that moment as if it were yesterday. I couldn't see it then, but it was one of the most defining moments of my life. That which was meant as an uplifting compliment became an increasingly oppressive demand for me to live up to something my low self-esteem couldn’t match. Shortly after that I started getting serious pains in my calves. I had had minor problems there before, but now the pain was beginning to reach excruciating levels. The inflammation in the muscles eventually became so severe it began to initiate stress fractures in the bones. At this point, I had to abruptly quit dancing for several months, so as to not aggravate the injuries any further. Not to mention I could hardly walk. This forced leave of absence paved the way for my first complete psychological breakdown and what I experienced as my first ‘dark night of the soul’, which lasted a long time to come.

It’s quite amazing, to be able to look back like this and see how it all interrelated. Recently, after doing a theatre performance, I received some positive feedback from someone that had serious meaning to me. It wasn’t about my performance, rather about how I answered a question from one of the audience members afterwards. There was a profound sadness that came over me at that moment, and as I felt deeply into this sadness afterwards, I found it came from the fact that I was deeply  touched by this inconspicuous but heartfelt compliment. It mattered, and it reminded me of that incident all those years ago when I couldn’t handle it. It also revealed to me that what I was given, was an honest feedback loop from the universe that yes, I was doing something right. And I'm happy to say that this time… I could receive it, I could look at it without cringing, and I could contain it inside myself. There was no crash, no collision, no mismatch. Just a humble feeling of gratitude.Praying Emoji

Feel free to compliment me any time. I can handle it now. Slightly SmilingHeart

All my love,



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Dear Anastasia ,

Thank you for such a deep heartfelt inquiry. I have not answered the one you wrote to me ,yet because I still need to feel enough into what you said ( and because often these days my brain is the consistency of mush 😀😀😀) but I totally 'get ' what you say about accepting positive feedback loops as the gifts that they are. I have progressed from being closed down ,critical and dismissive of another's heart felt praise to allowing it to stoke the fire of my self esteem and self love . To nourish my soul . In that girl who felt two entirely different concepts colliding ,I see much of who I used to be . And still am. Just recently I could feel myself closing down when a mom tearfully and heart fully thanked me for being there for her child. In my head ,I was wondering what brought about a return of my old.pattern . It was perfection. Another kid was struggling and I was  part of the team and I just couldn't relax enough to accept the compliment . 

Thank you ! 



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Hi Anastasia. 

Welp - to cut directly to it - your response and superbly authentic personal sharing helped catalyze some major shifts in me today.  :)  I can tell you why intellectually based on my own pattern recognition but that doesn't seem to matter right now.  I just want to thank you for following your intuition and saying "f*ck it I'll post this", and share with you some of what you helped to catalyze just by stepping up and being you.


- Came out of meditation this morning feeling a little frustrated and impatient. "Only" made it 20 minutes before I felt like I had to move on with the day. I have been feeling areas of tension that want to unravel but they don't want to be noticed and work exceptionally hard to keep it that way.  I recognized intellectually that I'm circling around my own lack of trust, but wasn't able to touch it within me.

- Had more contemplation arise around recent feelings of not being supported.  In my career and within my marriage, specifically.  The old tried and true perceived lack of worthiness.  Self judgment.  Cart or horse?  Regardless we all know that drill. Ugh.

- I was energized to see you'd responded and read your post in segments.  The first part was right before I hopped in the shower to get ready for work.  Your question around "how do I feel about accepting a compliment" was first met with blankness by my mind at its level.  A "hey - sure - I've been complimented on plenty of stuff and it's not been an issue... at least I don't think..."  ..... then curiously I watched as my heart started to chew on it.  And then it hit me.  A million different experiences flooded in all at once and I realized that what I've been circling around is my own inability to accept love. The unconditional, divine kind - the one that loves me for me.  Where joy arises spontaneously just for the sake of it. 

- I had just gotten in the shower when that realization landed to where I could begin to truly touch it internally, and the cascading water pouring down helped me grieve tears mixed with joy.  That strange sense of grief that feels so good to release and feels beautiful to pour out.  

- I drove to work and synchronicity followed me the entire way in.  Between the music on auto-select and the physical world itself supporting me, I read the rest of your post in little pieces while driving.  I also re-referenced several of our previous correspondence and it gave the experience a real "quantum" non linear feel.

- It was a bone chilling cold, grey, rainy day - perfect weather that held the space and allowed me to embody and express the pain of self imposed isolation and perceived abandonment.

- I got to the point Open would call being one with the pain to the point of not needing it to go away.  The song "Yellow" by Coldplay was playing on auto-select.  I was gagging, choking, screaming, then breathless.  And suddenly I was aware of a black snake wrapped around my solar plexus.  Without further ado I unceremoniously spat half of it out my mouth, and pulled out the rest of it with energetic arms.  Then I crap you not it turned green in the light of day/awareness, and then traveled down the front of me and re-entered my base chakra and up my toroidal field.  I then saw it as a revolving connected green circle of energy from base up to third eye and back again.  (That escalated quickly; right?!  That's what I was thinking at the time)   Edit: just now saw Open's Byron Bay post about "toroidal fields" - odd that that was the term I used in my notes from this morning to describe it since I've never used it before.

- My eyes were filled with tears I hadn't yet let fall, and they turned the dashboard of my car into a kaleidoscope of auric shapes and colors.  I suddenly noticed lights around the console had turned into a connected blob of a giant green circle that dominated my entire field of vision.  I blinked and let the tears fall and realized that my car (a Honda Hybrid that I'd bought just last week) had gone into Eco Mode and was charged up enough to run off its own battery/electrical source.  It only turns Green when running off its own power rather than external fuel.

- Throughout the day I watched as many situations that I originally perceived as conflict turned to potential based on my own inner realignment.

- Tons of additional mini-realizations/experiences happened, especially now looking back at the entire breadth of the day.  But bottom line - towards the end of the work day, the feedback loop is completed and the outline of my next Step is revealed!

Your compliment of how I "leave no stone unturned, no book unread" and keep going no matter what until full completion ....  took on new meaning for me - experientially - today.  Compliment accepted!  Sunglasses cool emoji

With gratitude, 
Paul E

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Hi Paul and Megha,

Thank you both so much for sharing.

Megha, my heart goes out to you and the challenging but wonderful work that you seem to be doing. I get the feeling you’re exactly where you need to be, and I kind of envy that a little bit. I still haven’t figured out what I’m supposed to be doing in this world. And don’t worry about not responding to my last post. I know the process isn’t linear. It constantly changes level and direction, and after being deep into something one day, new things will pop up the next and the energy will shift. It’s like the flow bounces you around giving you bits and pieces, here and there, sometimes seemingly unrelated,  but then suddenly it all comes together as a bigger piece of the puzzle. At least that’s how I experience it. (Or maybe it’s just a distortion, I don’t know.)

I can so relate to my mind being ‘mush’ these days as well. Yesterday, I completely FORGOT to go to work. I don’t have fixed work days and I work kind of sporadically, but THIS has never happened. I was deep into the toroidal flow of the ‘removing implants and entities’ meditation when I received a ‘Wake Up’ call from a colleague wondering where the heck I was. I was mortified. 

It frightens me a bit because I find my attention withdrawing more and more from the 3D world, and it’s becoming harder and harder to function in it. I know I missed work because on some level, I couldn’t care less about it. There was no energy in it. Sometimes I’m afraid I will start saying or doing weird things in society around me that I won’t be able to control. Although I’m no longer attached to society itself, I’m still attached to ‘functioning’ in society, so when a thing like having to go to work completely slipped my mind, it really freaked me out. What’s next...?

Paul, Wow, what a sharing! I can only repeat my compliment from before and add to it. You’ve got some guts coming out like that, over and over! It touched something in me. I don’t know exactly what it is yet, but I feel something beginning to fall apart inside me. I’m coming face to face with something I didn’t know I was avoiding. I have been in an uncomfortable place ever since I read your sharing and I feel all the usual defence mechanisms wiring up. I hope I may have something to share with you soon that makes a little more sense. ‘Mush mind’ doesn’t work right now.

A deep heartfelt thanks to you both Praying Emoji






In reply to by Eric.


Hi again Paul,

Although things are still a bit muddled up for me at the moment, there is one thing I can give you that stood out quite clearly from your sharing.

After the culmination of my epic adventure with ‘Eden’ - the Green Snake, I haven’t really seen her around that much anymore. Instead I’ve been frequently visited by her evil twin ‘Eddy’ - the Black Snake. ‘Eddy’ and I have been socialising quite a bit lately, dancing around with each other in circles and playing all sorts of games together. Mind games is a particular favourite of ‘Eddy’s’. I suspect because I’m still quite easy to manoeuvre and rarely win. Well, I’m getting kind of tired of always being a loser at these games and I’m also sick of ‘Eddy’s’ bad manners. Always showing up unexpected and uninvited, suddenly disappearing while we’re in the middle of something, and continually trick or treating me even though we’re way past Halloween. 

So for a while now, I’ve been thinking about how to get rid of Eddy. I miss Eden and the way we interacted with each other, but it seems Eden won’t come around as long as Eddy is here. Whilst in the company of Eden, I was shown examples of how the Green Snake ‘turns’ black. But now I’m struggling with the reverse - how do you turn the Black Snake green again?

The answer literally jumped at me thanks to your generous sharing, which I’m so glad you wrote and posted. I had to read and reread this particular passage several times and smile again and again, as it was dawning on me. So here’s a loving extension of gratitude to you Paul and also to your new car, which by ‘shining its light’ is showing me the way forward... 😁🙏🏻

It only turns Green when running off its own power rather than external fuel.

That’s worth chewing on, isn’t it?

Lots of ‘green’ love 💚   




I rarely post on the Openhand site, although I have been following it for a long time. Today I felt had to as today’s reposting of this article gave me goosebumps and made every hair in my body stand up.

My ability to sense energy has increased considerably recently and I have had a couple of experiences of kundalini energy rising up through my chakras as far as my throat. I have also sometimes been able to sense the energy of my twin flame, which has been both lovely and supportive through a very difficult period.

A few weeks ago I sensed a new energy in my lower chakras which I had read as some sort of guide trying to attune to my energy and it came with sense of it being something to do with ‘downloads’. Sadly any ability I have is in it’s infancy, so I couldn’t get anything clearer than that. The energy felt gentle and friendly and rather tentative and when I asked for a name to go with it I got Lyra!

I am not sure what to make of this and really need to go back and read the article and links in more depth to try and understand what is going on – but the pull to post this experience was irresistible, as I feel like synchronicity just smacked me between the eyes!



I felt to feature this article again today....


5D Shift: Understanding the Sirius Archetype...Including 4 Key Influences
(scroll to the top)

These are huge karmic influences at play in society right now and affecting many. So it's crucial to understand how the dynamic might be impacting you and how to work with it.

If you'd like any clarification on what I've shared, do feel free to inquire below.

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji


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Hi Open,

Thanks for reposting this article. It’s always fascinating to go back and reread something you reacted to in a certain way before  and discovering you’re in a different place now, seeing and understanding new and much deeper levels.

One thing that strikes me throughout the article is that the archetypal Sirian challenges and themes described, carry a remarkable similarity to a certain energy we’ve discussed here at length lately - The ‘black snake’ energy. Would you agree with this?

This is interesting, because I was under the impression that the black snake energy was earthbound or something created here on Earth. But perhaps it carries roots all the way back to Sirius, or perhaps the black snake energy was manifested here as part of a reality construct for all those souls needing to re-examine karmic lessons from the mess created on Sirius? I don’t know. What do you think? Do you also see this possible connection?

As for myself, I’m quite sure I have karma related to Sirius, that my whole soul family does. In a dialogue I had with my soul family recently, I learned that I was here processing karma not just for myself, but for them as well, as part of a collective consciousness. They explained there was such a strong empathic connection between us that we could move in and out of each other and ‘help out’ where help was needed and allowed. So as I am here working out certain aspects for them, in return they can move in and assist me when certain skills are required, kind of like an ongoing exchange program 😊. “We ascend together”, they said. “We don’t leave anyone behind.” For some reason this was really important for the healing of this collective karma. Does that make sense? Has anyone else experienced this?

Last but not least, a few times now, I’ve read/heard you mention that during the circumstances on Sirius, souls were ‘dumping’ karma. What does that mean? How did they do that? Is that even possible? Don’t you just create more karma by doing that? Would you mind elaborating a little more on that please? Greatly appreciated 🙏🏻

I also want to let you know that a lot of intense past life memories have been coming up after the Intensive in Köln. Suddenly I’m seeing my whole present life, my motives, my relationships, the events that have taken place,  from a totally different perspective. Thank you for the work you did.☀️




That must be the most accurate description of my chracter and challenges I have ever read Slightly Smiling


Anastasia your boldness for putting this out there just warms my heart! I had nearly the same experience after I guess they call it the "wake up!" This was awhile back as well. I too have had abandonment and betrayal experiences but I only own them in the aspect that they are truth. I had to come to a place though where I just said nope, I will never ever abandon or betray my own self. The entire world might do that to me, but I will not. Especially after learning how I had been judging my own self so harshly, that was horrific to know.

As far as Egypt and those times, you gol!! BE that if it brings you anything you need for you! I experienced/saw the vision of someone in those times. I heard a voice saying that was who I was, this was what I did etc. I don't want to say the name though here. I have a hard time writing anything online without feeling, experiencing/hearing and sometimes even seeing some inquisition that does not reflect who I am right here and right now!   Yet what I did in regards to the rising up within my soul was just say, OK then. That was then and this is what I know and learn from it. I will honor something though here, I will give a shout out to the Eye or Horus for the gift given to my Mother for me right before I was born. Its a ring I have had my whole life and my Mother gave it to me right before she died some years back and told me a story about it. Ive only recently though started to call it the eye of horus because the gem is huge and kind of looks like an eye just watching out for me for which I am ever so grateful!

But maybe this whole sirius thoughtform/entirety is just that, a reflection to work though, honor and give respect to oneself? I'm also a highly creative person, constantly creating and when I see the huge chasm, the dark void, I just jump right in and just say Woooooooooo! But then again I find alot of solace in the dark.

Anyways, much love to you Anastasia!


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Hello Wyndè,

It’s nice to meet you and read a part of your story. It is a powerful act to stand up and say “The entire world might do that to me, but I will not!” How did that change you and your life, making a conscious declaration like that? 

Also you wrote “I too have had abandonment and betrayal experiences but I only own them in the aspect that they are truth.” What do you mean when you say you only ‘own them in the aspect that they are truth’? 

Moreover, I giggled when you complimented my boldness, for the truth is that every time I post something here, afterwards I feel like I just threw myself off a cliff and I’m plummeting towards my death. ?

It makes it worth it though, just to learn that someone out there has a similar story to share. A parachute of encouragement to help me land a little softer. Thank you. 

And it does get a little bit easier with each time. Maybe next time I’ll follow your example and just go Wooooooo! ?

With love,








Hi everyone,

I’m very intrigued by this Sirius topic that has received a lot of attention  here lately. And I’m trying to figure out whether this has something to do with me as well. Unlike some of you, I don’t have any memories of a Sirian existence, but I have a lot of strange other pieces that maybe echo a past Sirian life. Maybe you can help me connect the dots if I reveal them here.

*During my awakening, about 2 years ago, I had a powerful vision of the goddess Isis. She surged through me from bortom to top and had me say over and over “I am the goddess Isis, and Bennu is my son!” Before this I didn’t even know who Isis was, except by name. So naturally I googled her and her story, and one thing I found was that she was perceived to be the soul of the star Sirius by the ancient Egyptians.

*A few weeks later, I had a session with a psychic healer, working through a personal life theme. Betrayal and abandonment. The session took us back a few life times where the theme was prevalent and at the end we weren’t on Earth any more but on a different planet and she saw me as an “aspect of Isis” and asked me if Isis’s story involved betrayal somehow, and of course I knew it did, as I had recently read about her. The psychic’s conclusion was that this particular theme originated all the way back there, but that’s all she could say at the time. She couldn’t comprehend it any further.

*Many years ago, long before I knew anything about awakenings or 5d shifts, a good friend of mine had a psychotic episode in which she completely “lost her mind” and had to be admitted. But here is the piece that sticks with me to this day. Before the actual psychosis, which had to do with repressed memories from a previous traumatic event, she began having spiritual experiences. And she was telling me all kinds of things, about visions she had, voices that were speaking to her, symbolism and synchronicities. But more clearly than anything, I remember the car that came to take her to the hospital and the company name written in big letters. A name that made my friend laugh hysterically with recognition when she saw it and uttered it, and therefore caught my attention to the point that I would never forget it - SIRIUS.

*Ever since the 90’s, and the introduction of mobile phones and the internet, I have had a very strong resistance to technology. Like a premonition that this development is potentially negative and even dangerous. And now I can see how it begins to “own” people. How they think they’re evolving with every new gadget and update, but in fact they are losing themselves and their sovereignty more and more. Spun and trapped into a dehumanising “wwweb” of control and programming. (No pun intended.)

*Even though I have a strong connection with the Divine inside me, at the same time I have a feeling of having lost trust in it. Of having been separated from it in a brutal way, perhaps against my will. I can see and feel a chord that has been severed. And after exploring and unwinding my childhood issues involving this theme, I still see the severed chord and the feeling with it that runs deeper and beyond this lifetime. It’s the feeling of a marionette, dependent on the thread to its master, that suddenly gets cut off and just crumbles to the floor, completely disempowered.

This is also connected to a lifelong issue of having trouble manifesting. I’m a highly creative individual. I can create infinitely inside my being, words, music, projects, ideas, all of which could so easily be materialised in the outer world. BUT, it just doesn’t happen, because at the end of each inner creation, I find myself standing at a big deep dark divide. I’m on one side of it, and I can see the other side clearly, but I can’t reach it, not of my own accord. The connection, the bridge, is not visible to me. And therefore my creation either falls down the great divide and disappears or remains inside me, sadly, unmanifested.

As I’m writing this, I’m actually making quite a big realisation. I suddenly understand why I have so diligently pursued the performing arts in my life, as opposed to the creative arts, which is where my true soul essence actually lies. In the performing arts, I only needed to manifest someone else’s creation, not my own. I also understand now all the obstacles down this path. The difficulties, the chain of physical injuries, that eventually forced me in a different direction. A little while ago my guides explained to me that the physical injuries were necessary to divert my course, that this wasn’t the right path for me. I suddenly just realised why...

Thank you for providing me with the space to write this and thank you for reading, whoever does. If you have any thoughts on the Sirius puzzle, please share them with me.

With love,





Hi Michelle,

Thanks for sharing - a very eloquent inquiry. I especially loved this part about the elephants...

The herd of elephants represents the strength and the flow of the energy and momentum right now, it is not going to stop.Align with the energy and the full force of it will flow with you. Remember your sensitivity and subtlety of feeling, elephants are strong, a force, and they are also incredibly sensitive, feeling vibration through the ground and their feet and tuning in to each other with inner knowing; a collective force gently and sensitively, aligning with earth and the flow.

Very inspirational, yes! OK Hand Sign

Hi Wyndè, you said...

this past week I cut off everything and everyone I know so I could just go deliberate with myself, which sounds insane, but its not. At first I could feel this panic and pull, but the longer I retained my distance the better I felt, yet I feel so selfish in that as well. I had to come to a point where I just said NO! I am from nowhere, I am from everywhere and I am nobody, yet I am origin. I don't want to be boxed in nor defined and to ....... with anyone or anything that tries to do that to me!

Yes, at times in this Inflexion Point in the Shift, you'll just have to do that for clarity and personal alignment - good for you!

Your postings inspired me to write this today...


Inflexion Point: The Shift gets sticky..."Tie Yourself to the Mast"

In loving Support

Open Heart​​​​​​​



I have read and reread this article 5 or 20 different times and I just keep going back to it over the past week! So thank you for writing this Open :)

I personally over the last few several months felt as if something keeps arising in me and at first I wanted to stifle the hell out of it, thinking "Oh Great!! Ive just done lost it now... Ive bought the farm and never going to find my way back!" I keep feeling like my soul, wants to be something, that I just don't feel it is and its so hard to explain and so this past week I cut off everything and everyone I know so I could just go deliberate with myself, which sounds insane, but its not. At first I could feel this panic and pull, but the longer I retained my distance the better I felt, yet I feel so selfish in that as well. I had to come to a point where I just said NO! I am from nowhere, I am from everywhere and I am nobody, yet I am origin. I don't want to be boxed in nor defined and to ....... with anyone or anything that tries to do that to me! It's like I want to close all stories, how odd is that?!

I cant say for certain, but I think it might be o.c perhaps trying to tie me into to something that I wont be tied/hooked into. Is it possible they are trying to figure me out or something?!! I get some pretty random questions sometimes in my head and trying to follow to where its coming from gets lost, yet at other times I do know where questions originate.

Oh and Someone - That Siriuser at Sirius, hilarious and I love it!!! Seriously fun!

Soo heyas to all out there too!! This is me waving before I go back into my cave of solitude hehe :)





Not knowing how to be. Can’t catch a full breath. Feeling everything breaking down, the sheer broken-ness and unsustainability. Bombardment of so many threads and energies pulling in all directions. Deep deep sadness and crying out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. Although I do not particularly resonate with having an experience relating to Sirius. But have recently had a strong sense of Lyra and of feline experience.

I resonate with the challenge of Solar Plexus chakra. I am very conscious of trying to find balance; I have huge amounts of creativity and passion arising, streaming ideas and inspiration. But subtly attaching to that after what feels like a long period of relative inaction due to working through almost everything in life falling away. It feels good to be purposeful and expressing again. But noticing I feel tired, achy, out of whack, and have lost centre and connection within it. So I bring it back, connect with the energies again and then nothing wants to create or do, it simply wants to be, to feel and unravel. I still feel the fire and creativity that wants to express but need to unravel this mash, to stay aligned through it.  Feelings of uncertainty, like the foundations are moving, everything changing, not solid in anything…

On the back of this need to find the balance, I saw two images in vision. The first, was me riding a beautiful horse, jumping down from the horse and taking the bit out of its mouth and setting it free – representing letting go of control, choosing a more natural and aligned path, choosing to walk.

Then a herd of elephants coming toward me, not stopping for anything, I am scooped up and atop their collective backs. I hear Interpretation:

The herd of elephant represents the strength and the flow of the energy and momentum right now, it is not going to stop. Align with the energy and the full force of it will flow with you. Remember your sensitivity and subtlety of feeling, elephants are strong, a force, and they are also incredibly sensitive, feeling vibration through the ground and their feet and tuning in to each other with inner knowing; a collective force gently and sensitively, aligning with earth and the flow.

With love and support to all <3





Hi Jen,

We're right there with you! Heart

I think a lot of the starsoul archetype perceptions have been hugely glamourised in the spiritual manistream - you only tend to hear the 'good' stuff, and not the karmic challenges. I see this Sirian legacy in many places - and it doesn't matter what name we put to it. Although I sense these bonded farternal/familial legacy weaves are coming to the surface now as we progress through the Inflexion Point of the Shift.

You said...

The pulling apart has felt like losing parts of myself and now there is a crippling sense of paralysis and perceived disability...when I stay with it I feel panic and hard to breathe.

To me, the description reflects very classic Sirian karma. The reality became unstable and literally tore itself apart. There will be lots of sense of fragmentation of soul in this. I hear these symptoms often; not being able to breathe for example - suddenly the very air you're breathing disintegrates, you might feel like a fish out of water. There'll be shock, disbelief, paralysis. I know this is a tough one to take, but to me, the gas chambers of the Second World War were the remanifestation of this karma.

You said...

The sense of family loss leaves a nakedness and unfamiliarity - like learning how to interface all over again without the comforts of that connection. Strange feeling to feel like a pillar rather than a net. 

Go with it Jen. I know it's tough - I've experienced similar from my own "Team" disconnect, when being projected into realities. Trust that there's a way through all this - your soul will carry you through the storm of it. Just keep working deep into the feelings and taking one step at a time. Even if you can't make sense of it, your soul will start to harness the flow through it, then progressively shape a more aligned landscape around you. In times to come, around the corner, as you look back, the 'dots' of realisation and soul integration will have all joined up - so 'tie yourself to the pillar of self-realisation'.

Know that you're not alone - you are seen, heard and understood. You are supported in the ether - but as you know, it's something we each have to personally work through.

Sending much love and support

Open Heart


Wow - there is so much to relate with in this article. There is a deep acknowledgement inside of the influences I have been feeling...the sticky bonds of familial and friend/tribe connections and how that has felt more important than the individual journey - a sort of sacrifice of individual expression for the cohesiveness of the whole...a sacrifice of the potential higher reformation of the energy in the unwitting holding to the lower one. 

The pulling apart has felt like losing parts of myself and now there is a crippling sense of paralysis and perceived disability...when I stay with it I feel panic and hard to breathe...getting pulled into distraction and habits to ease off the intensity. I don't "get" this feeling of feeling unfunctional as an there is a barrier between me and those I would interface with that I have a hard time navigating. The sense of family loss leaves a nakedness and unfamiliarity - like learning how to interface all over again without the comforts of that connection. Strange feeling to feel like a pillar rather than a net. 

I have no direct sense of Sirian connection...but I do feel the influences you describe especially in the lower two chakras. 

Someone - you articulated it all so words to the experience in a way that I really relate with - thank you for pulling the feelings into something more tangible.

Beautiful and incredibly helpful article. <3

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Hi Jen,

Yeah, the breathing hehe It is a biggy. The only couple of things I can say here are:

1) I was fighting for my breath a lot, got to the hospital a couple of times too, and one good tip I can give is - let it be, or NOT be. All this "let's rely on our breathing" in meditation practices is very nice, but what if you CAN'T breathe?? Now when the suffocation arrives I just don't breathe for as long as it takes. And actually, within that window, for as long as it takes, I get to feel and see many other things. For example, the agony of feeling the whole "network" of souls dying. Imagine.  Feeling not only my own suffering, suffocation, death, horror, grieve, anger, and many other interesting sensations, apart from suffocation, when the whole structure is decomposed, dissected, split, but that of myriads of souls I am connected to. Empathy can be a bitch hhh It is not surprising many feel cursed by it here on earth. After something like that you just naturally don't want it, the soul is traumatised by it. Or when seeing all the perfect world you've built together collapsing... So, not breathing stops being a problem. It is really minor.

When you can't breathe, just don't and start noticing what else is going on, what else you're feeling...

2) If you don't struggle to breathe, at some point it will happen on its own. It happens when it happens

3) If it doesn't, then it is emergency, and other new interesting things will pop up in flashbacks or new challenging experiences and sensations will appear, like , in my case, how it feels to be dependent, to rely on others for survival, bright lights into eyes, being treated like some kind of "bio-machine", being stuffed with drugs against my will, disempowered by the system, watching my body changing, losing control over it, feeling like somebody is experimenting on me, I am not the bright, arrogant, superior specie out of sudden, and the irony is that everything comes back to you indeed hhh, many, many other very important things, flooding other karmic experiences, - everything is a part of the process.

In general, for me, at this point, it is all about being okay with being totally alone and walking alone.

I got a confirmation of it when I saw the posts on the web. We are okay, we are okay on our own too.



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Hi Someone - 

I laughed when you said "yes let's rely on your breathing" in meditations etc...yes have been in many group meditations especially where breathing is no comfort - how much it pulls in the focus struggling with it. I appreciate greatly what you are saying here...yes it's not a problem...see and experience what is arising - it's all part of the process.

I appreciate your fresh and honest perspective and thanks for the insights! <3 Jen


It ain't over until the fat lady sings :-)

What you wrote about sovereignity - the paradox here is that this is the only way to find out the true interconnectedness, but not as disempowered, fearful, dependent beings, but as Gods - everybody is a mini-God, and the thing is to find out what would happen if we treated ourselves and others as such? So we create instabilities. Instabilities are the key for life, for change, for evolution, on all levels. When I remove myself out of the way of the whole, and other Gods' way, I see myself and my process, the path of my soul. Yes, I am affected, but I am also responsible for my choices, not for others. This is another big one that dissolves with the Sirian consciousness - control. Trying to affect others. It becomes sacred. Everybody's choice is sacred to the soul, even if it means it will get hurt or devastated. This is the meaning of respecting co-creation. Self-sacrifice is then "right", because it respects the freedom of others and is not veiled by fear and also doesn't bend itself for others. But it also doesn't bend others for itself. This is one of the toughest to shift... This is the one I am dealing with right now.

The right self-sacrifice.


Gosh - you've clearly been deep through this Sirian archetype - not an easy one - I respect your inquiry OK Hand Sign

You said this...

This is one of the big things that reveal what 'love', without all the romanticism, ideas, ideals, imprisonments, obligations and attachments is truly about.

Yes indeed - the all encompassing "love" - yet you only truly get to know all the layers of it when, when you're prepared to break down the distortions in it - I believe this can only probably happen when you progressively establish sovereignty in it - which might well mean 'pulling it apart'. That's certainly where I've learned most, seen all the layers, observed all the inner deceptions. When all the obligations are gone, all the attachments dissolved, that's when you discover what true unconditional love really is - what you really would do for another when all the 'investments' are gone. I believe this is a major inquiry of the Sirian archetype due to what happened when the starsystem ripped apart.

You go onto say this...

I believe this distortion has a big part in all this 'empathic' Sirian confusion, where the boundaries between the souls lie, because there is one big interconnected wave, yes, but also there are boundaries and each soul has its guidance and path, so no matter what, parents, children, spouses, friends... this dependent, limiting bond-age is restrictive. 

Yes - I too see this, a bonding restrictive attachment that masquerades as 'empathy'. And it also presents as inertia - a holding back from taking the steps that are really invited.

You say...

It is really hard to fully admit and feel it, because it brings to suffocation, accept it, because this is when it lands how disempowering it is to everybody involved and how it cuts the real thing off, and let go of it, because it feels like your very being is shred to pieces and blown to bits​​​​​​​.

You got it in one - the underlying feeling, that when you have the courage to step into sovereignty as a soul, it feels like being ripped apart - that underlying Sirian karma then stops people taking the path of sovereignty because it challenges the (distorted) sense of empathic love - it feels wrong to break the tethers, because it feels wrong to break what you've come to know as 'love'.

My sense is that what we're talking about is truly ancient group karma here. The Sirian Archetype is one of collective group consciousness - there was much greater etheric interconnectivity than what you witness in humanity today. It was more a collective soul. But there comes a point in the journey of the soul where a collective does evolve to the point of dividing into separate, sovereign ones. You witness it happening today in animals around us - many species are developing much greater individual personality - a sign of sub division and sovereignty.

My sense is the Sirians clung to each other still. And that this was karma was also exploited by their "elites" just as here on Earth today - bright cosmic souls are being lured and trapped into technology - their consciousness swamped at a superficial level by smart phones and 'social' media. It's that 'clinging' to past realities and exploiting the resources of the system to the nth degree that made it all so unstable, which I believe is the cause it all exploded the way it did.

It's time to go deep within, truly peel off the distortions and get to know who we truly are at a soul level.

Thankyou for the inquiry - I have a lot of respect for the depth you've dug into.

Open Praying Emoji​​​​​​​





Yes, absolutely!

It can also go much more subtle, like with simple, grounded human love. Suddenly, caught in this comfortable, cosy bubble, addicted to oxytocin, not a free, sovereign being sharing experience, but a kind of hybrid, interlocked, interdependent, committed to something else rather than the One thing that we all have inside. The  sensitive soul will eventually crack or blow it, the disempowerment of it will become obvious.

I love this one, one of the most painful, but also one of the most liberating. This is one of the big things that reveal what 'love', without all the romanticism, ideas, ideals, imprisonments, obligations and attachments is truly about.

I believe this distortion has a big part in all this 'empathic' Sirian confusion, where the boundaries between the souls lie, because there is one big interconnected wave, yes (the Sirian connection is a distorted replication, which, after a good dive can take to the real thing), but also there are boundaries and each soul has its guidance and path, so no matter what, parents, children, spouses, friends... this dependent, limiting bond-age is restrictive. It is really hard to fully admit and feel it, because it brings to suffocation, accept it, because this is when it lands how disempowering it is to everybody involved and how it cuts the real thing off, and let go of it, because it feels like your very being is shred to pieces and blown to bits (separation from other souls), with the following sense of isolation. But then... IT can infuse, and spiritual sanity is restored.

There are so many flashes how this consciousness took forms in realities, so many manifestations, so much pain and destruction. Something so beautiful, even magnificent, all this Sirian striving for perfection, smoothness, 'harmony', cleanliness, aesthetics (looks like these also belong to the Sirian pile), that is so incredibly poisonous and destructive. Amazing. Definitely worth diving into!




Hi Lia,

This stands out very strongly from your post...

it is like being betrayed by love, what they felt as one big endless field of love, so aesthetic, so close to the truth, how could they know it was just a limited and distorted version of the real thing that totally pulled them away from the source?

That's a big one for sure. I've witnessed plenty of times how "love and light" becomes like a soft de-energising blanket, that actually demotivates from important directional change.

Synchronicity is always the objective voice of the Universe though - and profound self honesty. If we're prepared to be profoundly honest with ourselves, who we are, and what we're really about, then synchronicity will speak - and although the way forwards may be tough, we'll find a way to the truth.

Open Praying Emoji​​​​​​​



On a personal note, this is interesting: in the mid 70's, when I was a little child, film strips for children were very popular in Hungary. There were a lot of them, but I was especially drawn to one particular film. This was about planets/stars, of which I was obsessed with only one, I clearly remember - and yes, it was Sirius.  




Hey Lia - great to "see" you again.

This stood out for me...

What helps me is just being there, sometimes holding my own hand, hugging myself, loving myself, taking a good care of myself after every breakthrough, because before that I am usually brought to the limit and beyond.

Always know (as I'm sure you do), that benevolence always 'has your back' in the ether.

Much love and sypport

Open Heart

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Hi Open,

At this point I feel it is about absolute trust that is beyond knowing, understanding or even trying to. 

I talked about it in the past - in knowing it is easy to create this conditioned kind of trust, but trusting that even if I die in the process it is okay, and that failing is an option if I don't have any idea or structure in my head how things are and how they will be, what will happen to me. There is this humility that really, I don't know. I don't know anything anymore and ready to be surprised any time, in any way. I just have this feeling that I am being changed, that I need to make a sacrifice every time and that there is no way back or any other way.

I am experiencing a kind of blindness, edging on stupidity. As somebody who would completely rely on the mind and intellect in the past, analysing, understanding, making connections and conclusions, building systems, theories, explaining everything, relying on what I know and see and understand... Suddenly it all collapsing. I am watching it and it just feels like totally inorganic to even try to do it, because it "kills" the real thing, the moment and actually shuts the possibilities out, converges it to some limited reality that my mind think about. Like in quantum experiments, it affects the result, and I don't want to. I don't want to affect it anymore. So I leave the big picture be the big picture and just focus on what is happening to me right now.

It's like, in my "breakdown" I lost any consciousness, or understanding, which also brings a big question "is unconscious really unconscious?", because something still was there, something genuine, more genuine than even awareness, observation and all this being conscious, or trying to be conscious. I had this alternative experience, that is all about simplicity of the moment and perception, it didn't have to be coherent with anything at all, just being, taking part in life, without the mind dissecting it, putting filter on it. It is just all simple, when the mind is at rest. There is something in this state, when I don't need to know whether I have anything having my back or not. I feel a connection, but I don't feel I got my back, because actually there is no back.

There was this prognosis that there will be storm here on the previous weekend. Everybody got prepared, were really serious about it, and then there was just a bit of rain and that was it. There were a lot of jokes about it later, but I got my message, internally. The flow is unpredictable. So I let it go. Whatever happens to me or in general, you know. It is okay to not have my back :-) It is easier to free-fall like that.

Love and a big hug,

Lia <3

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Oh my God, it just landed on me that this is exactly the sense of disconnection and there is so much fear, clinging, control and sadness around it. I had an "experience".

Several days ago there was a seminar... Did you know that ganglia, in PNS, despite being totally able to survive on their own, yet, if are not connected to others, die? So I thought the lesson is that of connection and interdependence. But that's the big fear. Huge. It is all about survival. And actually, so sad, this connection is what eventually killed them, it is like being betrayed by love, what they felt as one big endless field of love, so aesthetic, so close to the truth, how could they know it was just a limited and distorted version of the real thing that totally pulled them away from the source? This is tough. We see it here all over the place. Probably, we all experience it to some extent, and the deep, painful disappointment connected to it too.

I am feeling very sad and, at the same time, happy that there is an open way for this.

There is something else to "rely on", even though it is ever-changing and totally not definable...



This is funny. My primary occupation in Facebook says I am Siriuser at Sirius. I meant it as a joke. Life has its funny ways to hint on things and give us road-signs even that I had no idea it was a road-sign, up till I read the article which is hhh

I am glad I felt to go on the website today. The timing is so perfect. So I know we are connected, I am connected and everything is okay. Because I am within this whole thing right now, it's been months... It was always here, I just wasn't able to look at or experience it in its clarity and full intensity, but now it is HERE. Everything you describe...

There is also the whole topic of addictions that arises from all 4 sources and ends in them, loops, and loops within the loops within the loops, one huge Groundhog day, a program, and the pressure grows the more I look at it, until everything goes boom at some point. To me, addictions are like a replication of karmic looping in a world of manifestations.

It is all a lot of pain, on all levels. I never understood, how come there is so much pain in the world and how can it possibly be okay? But.. what happens after is worth it, it is worth everything that ever happened, it is worth dying for, in all ways possible. It is worth going blind for too.

What else is there to say? What helps me is just being there, sometimes holding my own hand, hugging myself, loving myself, taking a good care of myself after every breakthrough, because before that I am usually brought to the limit and beyond... And this whole compassionate detachment, a moment before everything fades. It doesn't work with just compassion or just detachment. I just gotta find my heart back in all of it.

Hugs to everybody who is going through it. You are not alone. This whole thing is wow. Tough shit, but also super-wow.

Cheers <3