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OK - here's one JUST FOR FUN!

We all love synchronicity. It comes in all sorts of ways. Sometimes it's life changing; at other times it's the universe having a good old laugh; and then there's the gorgeous synchronicity where it feels like the cosmos is giving you a big etheric hug.

Whatever it is please do feel free to share your 'synchronicity of the day' here below...


I've been having a personal 'battle' between higher and lower flows the last few days, which had been hitting me in the sacrum - felt as frustration and a degree of distraction. So I took myself off for a couple of days to work with it. The flow took me to a town on the edge of Dartmoor called Totnes, which has a lovely conscious market place. Unfortunately the traffic was busy so I only arrived as the market was closing. I sat down in the middle with a drink to rest for a while, but it was quite challenging because of all the tooings and goings of the market stall holders. It tightened the constriction in my sacrum more greatly, so I saw it as an opportunity to work into it and expand through.

After some while I got up and left, but it wasn't until an hour later, having arrived at a favoured camping place up on Dartmoor, that I realised I'd left my bag somewhere.... with my laptop in it!!! (which happened to contain a lot of essential info....I'm sure you can imagine). So I regressed back through my journey, stopping in my mind at the various places I'd been to that day). I realised I must have left it in the market**, it would surely be gone!

Nevertheless I made my way back there, and sure enough, the market was all packed up and not a sign of the bag. It was late in the day so I decided to head back home where I'd need to change various essential passwords. I passed by the local police station to see if it had been handed in, but no joy.

An hour later having arrived home and fired up my desk top, what an incredible surprise then to receive an email from a distant friend called "Sky Dancer".... "He'd come across my laptop!" 'Coincidentally' he'd felt a pull to visit Totnes that day too, with his partner. By all accounts, they were in the Square just after me, whereupon a stall holder (who turned out to be a lovely guy selling Ganesh and Shiva shalls) had found the bag, then responded to a pull to give it to Sky's partner as she passed him by. There was no explanation for it, neither of them knew each other, he just felt it the right thing to do. Initially she resisted, because it didn't seem to make sense, but nevertheless took it, and then showed it to Sky, who subsequently figured out it was mine.

Unbelievable! What an amazing sequence....a million to one chance...It could have been picked up by anyone.

What did it tell me?

I've been working to connect up the higher 5D flow here more strongly, and even though I had the lower constriction, it's been working exceedingly well. So a wonderful flow of higher connections - "dancing in the Sky" - ensured the the right flow happened to connect the various people.

I'd say to all, it's essential to work on these levels of trust, to keep softening into any density and work to be expanded. Because then any sequence of miracles and magic can happen.

Blessings to all

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PS - what's your most poignant synchronicity recently?
PPS - it prompted me to post a new poll... your best way to connect to the flow?....

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I am currently travelling through the Himalayas and my friend and I stopped en route to visit a bridge over the Ganges . 

A gate unlocked for us and a man asked very sweetly if we wanted to come in. We did and then he asked if we wanted to meet Maa( mother in Hindi). We were a little bemused since neither my friend and I really believe very much in organized religion. We still went and met a wonderful woman who after years of study and meditation left an abusive marriage and now transmits Vedanta knowledge from the banks of the Ganges. It was a beautifully synchronistic meeting ( she shares that she rarely meets people) and we spent an amazing morning surrounded with her pets and plants and the river. My friend remarked on how even though she had been through this route many many times before ,she had never chanced upon this Hermitage . 

The Flow took us there ! Isn't it wonderful !

That's powerful Alex - thanks so much for sharing. Heart

Another one came around the same time when Donald Trump has challenged the official report on 911, saying "it must have been bombs that took them down". When the truth of 911 comes more widely to light, it has a great deal of capacity to unwind that controlling "Black Snake" energy at the bedrock of society.

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Im still reflecting on what happened to me yesterday and would like to add to the synch vibe. :)

It amazes me how picking up one's flow with attentiveness and trust, no matter how the flow moves - either to density or to expansiveness, to higher or lower frequencies - reveals so much about how to live deeply in the moment as 'just that' and nothing 'else'.

...Just left a friend who was emotionally struggling and Im walking up the hill to the town centre. I feel contraction on my sacrum and belly - I dont feel these to be mine but my friend's. As im feeling through these, a vision emerged in my mind out of nowhere: hooks on someone's body & bleeding. Immediately after, I see a pigeon flying over my head and landing on the pavement in front of me. She was pointing to the direction I 'needed' to go to...

At the top of the hill, two beautiful African men are playing some rhythmic tunes. It feels like a journey into the land of Spirit. They smile at me and as they do, I see blue colors above their heads - or at least I think I did! -  but what these colors pointed towards was the entrance to the civic centre behind. Feels very uplifting and right...

I walk inside the civic centre where there is a New Age market and the guy on the door asks me if I would like a 'free program'. This spiked into my awareness and I instantly felt with clarity and certainty that "there is freedom/movement in the illusion, the program". I felt this 'realisation' as a physical and energetic surge of tingling and elevation...

I allow my body to move me to where I 'need' to go. I walk past stalls selling crystals, cards, textiles, essential oils, oracle readings, the whole lot! - Density. I drop into my body, I feel her wisdom. The mind is relaxed and empty. Freedom. My attention is being pulled to a stall that sells dream catchers. A beautiful white one. It resonates clarity and deeper trust. I ask the lady whether the feathers are real and she says no. Great I say, I will take it! She has a tattoo on her wrist...wings. This resonates deeply as a message from the Source/Spirit. Im in the process of creating my new web site as the embodied expression of Life flowing through me. The logo, or if you like, the imprint of my soul is a set of flame wings within a movement of the flow in the moment. I reflect on the resonance and she then asks: "How about this? You know Paganism? I draw these". She shows me an amazing Shamanic drawing of hers, which she created in deep meditation up on Dartmoor. I feel a surge of energy going up my spine, from the top of my head and all the way to the sky. And then, a spontaneous image came into my mind: the unity of Earth and the Universe expressed in my beingness and work. Also expressed and felt within where density and tightness often coexist along with spaciousness and an all embracing openness.

...As I walk out the civic centre, one of the African men playing the music smiles at me and passes me by. I know Im living the flow in the moment just because it is. Nothing to get, nowhere else to go. Freedom.

Wise Love to all <3




Today I called something into question within my family which created a lot of arguments and invited judgements onto myself. I went onto the pain and got what I had to learn from the situation. But I also felt guilt that if I had controlled my anger or if I had expressed my authentic feeling before I could have avoided it. Evening when I was riding the bike contemplating these I saw the message on the t-shirt which read Lion. Underneath the loads of anger that's exactly how I felt like a lion. On the hill on my usual meditation spot the universe selected this track for me by Trevor Hall the lyrics of which were " warrior warrior.. Stand up like a mountain". My attention was drawn to this cloud formation which had the shape of a lions head. Wow! I'm not wrong. The universe supports my actions. It added more convictions to the innovative steps I had thought about in my situation. 

My dear Vimal - I feel you, I know what it's like. Some of the most challenging situations on the path arise between family. On the one hand, there's a yearning to be compassionate and empathic, on the other, there's the compulsion to be oneself. I would say to you, never be afraid to be you, no matter the challenges that may create in another.... "Be true to yourself, and then thou canst not be false to any man". What's the most precious gift we can give another, the deepest love, if not the fullness of ourselves?

You may have seen this, but I felt to share it anyway...

I am currently in Australia on vacation and the second leg of our journey has been to the tropical paradise that is Cairns . We came here without any tours booked because my husband wanted to play it by the ear.  Since I really wanted to scuba dive the great barrier reef ,it wasn't something that I was comfortable at all.  After much despairing ,I magically found a spot for us in a boat .I panicked when I went into the water because it was such choppy rainy conditions. But I convinced the crew to give me another chance and it was a magical experience with two turtles circling me in the water and a reef shark also lurking in the deep below. Of the 70 people on that boat ,only I saw the turtle while diving and he came within touching distance three four times .

This seems to have activated something within me . Something in my heart centre has been turned on . Even when in the water ,I could suddenly see my diving instructors aura. When I started writing this note it read 5:55 and  for some reason ' Turtle Medicine ' is what I have been given . It also feels like a chapter in my life has closed and another opened. Nothing has really changed on the outside ,but I suddenly feel that very strongly . 

Reflections are welcome ! 

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Hi Megha,

Just wondering if you had noticed that one of the next Openhand retreats will be in Mozambique end of February in a place called Turtle Cove! TurtleTurtleTurtle


It's at this time of Year it's good to open a space, free wheel somewhat, and allow signs and synchronicity to reveal guidance as we start to approach a new beginning. So I invite all to take some time, see what comes up, and do share.

This is lovely, but the post above by Megha about "Activation" came just as I completed the new Openhand Shift Diary for 2019 called "Kundalini Activation". Seems like we're in the flow then!

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Hi Open, Megha, Aspasia,

It seems I’m in the flow too then. Yesterday, while in a mall shopping, I felt a massive activation in my heart centre. It was really challenging being in the middle of major matrix mania while having all these powerful waves of pain coursing through my heart, that I could do nothing about but surrender to. My knees literally felt weak and I had to sit down or just stop and stand still with my eyes closed trying to hold my balance several times. 

I saw images of Christ walking towards his death, body weak and beaten, wearing his crown of thorns, and I felt just like him. Except my crown of thorns was not around my head but around my heart, and as each wave coursed through it, the thorns pressed a little deeper forcing me into yet a new level of surrender. It was quite a surreal experience, me as Christ right there in the Mecca of Mammon.

Synchronistically, Aspasia - Your post about feeling and holding on to the truth in your own body, came through to me at the same time as I felt my body couldn’t take any more and was feeling ready to pass out in the grocery store.

I could feel your invaluable support like a pair of divine winged creatures picking me up and carrying me the rest of the way home... 🙏🏻

Thank you. Euxaristo. Tack!

We’re not alone. We are all in this together.

With all my bleeding heart,


Anastasia (Resurrection)

Don't you just love it when there is this SYNERGY?!!

Megha, yesterday night I was reflecting and sharing about a yearning to go scuba diving again! About the feelings of wonder, lightness, stillness, deep connection with the sea life and the excitement of risk taking that I felt a few years ago deep down in the seas of Mexico.

Sharing this beautiful video with you... x

Wow Anastasia! And your body/heart message of true vows! I can feel LOVE in the surrender to this deep truth, very touching <3  Etherically holding and receiving. And the synergy of the Turtle Medicine: she invites us to get in touch with the heart energy! Grounding, steadily and deeply connected with the emotional energy.

Activate, Surrender, Express, alchemical start to 2019!

<3 to everyone

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Hey Aspasia, I just watched the turtle vid and as I was watching I could smell the ocean, it was lovely. I live in the bush so it was such a surprise to be able to smell the beach smells as I watched, trippy ay!

Thanks for sharing.

Big hugs


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Wonderful Zee :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful sense of interconnectedness! I can picture you in the bush and feel the heat! Very much needed here in the UK!

With a lot of love x

Oh My God, Aspasia!

When you said SYNERGY, I suddenly remembered another encounter we had here on this very thread several months ago. Synergistic co-creation was the theme of our dialogue.


I had to go back and reread our conversation and the story you inspired me to write. I was amazed! You also just quoted Whyte again on another thread, for Megha. You wrote 


By the lake in the wood
in the shadows
you can
whisper that truth
to the quiet reflection
you see in the water.

Whatever you hear from
the water, remember,

it wants you to carry
the sound of its truth on your lips.


Here is an excerpt from the story I wrote in synergy with you way back...

She had been particularly upset that day, when she ran to the pond, scraping her tiny legs against all the weed and thorns she couldn’t bother to avoid on her way. Desperately, she tried to find her own reflection in the water. Something to remind her that she was real. That she mattered. But the pond was particularly muddy that day, and despite all her efforts, not a single ripple of her face was found.

She started crying, and as her tears dropped and melted into the water, one lotus flower in particular caught her attention. She looked at it while pouring all her heart’s intention into the face of the flower. She wept for a long time, until she finally reached the moment when there was no emotion left to be felt, no storm left to ride, no resistance left to break free from. Her heart became still.

As she sat with herself, cradled by this stillness, the lotus opened its eyes and looked right at her.

 “Why are you crying, child?”, the flower asked. 

“Because I can’t see my reflection.”, the girl replied.

The lotus looked at her with gentle eyes and said 

“I am your reflection!”


YES! I do love this awesome ‘SYNCHRONERGY’! And when it returns like this in the most exquisite and sophisticated of ways, it just melts my heart. Which is exactly its purpose. Slightly Smiling

Oh and Megha, I just remembered. Just a few days ago, I was in a new playground with my daughter. There were two things in there that really caught my attention. The first thing was a statue of a dragon. The other thing was a giant wooden turtle in the middle of the playground. I remember looking at the turtle for a long time, feeling it wanted to tell me something, but I couldn’t figure out what... Thanks for bringing it to my awareness.

Synchronergistic vibes to all ❤️



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Dear Anastasia ,Aspasia and Open ,

I have been travelling and going through long haul flights so I didn't get a chance to post this. When I got into a car next to a toddler on New year's Eve ,guess what toy was hanging literally in my face. The cutest Baby Dragon ever ! 

I just read that story you write this week . And it melted something within me . 

Aspasia ,even from so far I can feel your amazingly clear almost lightening like energy . It is so powerful ! And I so loved the experience of scuba . When I first got into the water it was really choppy and within me arose a massive fear of drwoning.Only after I equalized with it by snorkelling in those conditions ,did i gather up the courage to go in again. in many ways scuba is like being born again isn't it . Into deep warm waters ,and learning to breathe within an apparatus that is heavy and unwieldy until you are so busy looking at the sights that you ' forget' that it's not really you,you have just animated this suit for a little while in this new world. 

When I was on Bondi beach just two days after ,I saw this massive cloud mass that came together and suddenly looked like a vagina . And then it started to rain. Signs of birthing .....

Thank you all for just Being . Have a great New Year ! 


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Just posted my previous post as you were posting Megha - another great synch!

Yes! I totally resonate with your 'scuba' experience too! In fact, when I first got into the pool for the basic training to get used to the mask and the breathing, I felt like I was drowning! You say:

In many ways scuba is like being born again isn't it . Into deep warm waters ,and learning to breathe within an apparatus that is heavy and unwieldy until you are so busy looking at the sights that you ' forget' that it's not really you,you have just animated this suit for a little while in this new world. 

Yes, thank you! You express it so eloquently! Literally being born again. I even had a feeling, at the time, of being in the womb! And this 'new' world is also familiar in a very 'strange' way...its like remembering Home, the feeling of stillness, silence and pure lightness. Its like you forget 'yourself' (the self-referred I) and something deeper emerges for a while. The heaviness of the 'suit' (self) just falls the 'right' conditions, in the water (flow) - amazing!

Love the way you 'etherically feel' Megha too: very refined, elegant and daring. I like the vagina cloud mass and the rain synch! What an amazing way for the Flow to speak and to escort you towards the New Year.

With Beingness and Birthing to us all in the New Year and always!


Anastasia, I actually remembered our synergistic encounter on that other thread too and it felt that this was yet another one!  :)

When I read about the synch of David Whyte's verse and your story, I thought WOW! Phenomenal! I wanted to respond straight away BUT alas!...been full on for two days unpacking and sorting the new home out - feeling SO Exhausted! So, its really interesting because well... I need a mirror in the bathroom - don't have a mirror - not in the bedroom either...I actually 'need' a mirror to see 'my' reflection!

With synchroenergistic love <3


Hi Marije - well spotted - the obious synchronicity, Openhand will be in Turtle Cove, Mozambique for its first African Retreat. Turtles are renowned as being the carriers of Ascension. Here's two I met on a beach in Hawaii during a stop over there some moons ago...

For anyone interested, the details of the retreat are here below...

24th-28th Feb: PARADIGM SHIFT 5 Day Retreat: MOZAMBIQUE
How can you unleash Your greater Cosmic Self, and live in a bright New Paradigm of Divine Interconnectivity right now?
Openhand is a bridge to your higher dimensional consciousness, to unleash your authentic greatness: this is our ground-breaking Breakthrough Work, as a 5 Day retreat, on the stunning sunshine east coast of Africa in Mozambique, at the aptly named "Turtle Cove".

It's been a month that I keep seeing numbers all kinds of it.

22:22 22:44 22:55 12:21 13:31 etc. :)) At this particular junction in my life, this is like miracle to me!

I see quotes and I hear musics I know that can be cause of my searches on the net but I know and I feel some of it that they are there because I asked for!

Today I texted a friend of mine that if she needs anything for tomorrow invitation!

and I was to down in my energy to do anything and I just asked for something nice to hear from her. She is such a nice and positive human being.

She texted me:

"What you can do is just to be happy 

Life is awesome"

I was shocked when I read this, as if she knew how down I am!

anyway I feel like signs are around me but it is so difficult for me to understand which ones are the ones that I am suppose to follow!

They are keep changing, at some point I feel this is it I should go for it and then after a while I feel like what I am doing this is not true! I really am confused and feel I need a much stronger sign to move on and step forward without fear!

Can anyone help me how to separate mixed emotions? My English is not good to express what I exactly mean but I appreciate any experience and advice. 




Greetings Faran - nice to see you here again The Sun Emoji

You said...

They (the signs) keep changing, at some point I feel this is it I should go for it and then after a while I feel like what I am doing this is not true! I really am confused and feel I need a much stronger sign to move on and step forward without fear!

The outer signs are really a reflection of what's going on within. So the True Self (animated by soul) wants to create a certain pathway, but then the ego False Self is afraid of what that might mean. And so the picture on the outer becomes confused.

It's essential to understand what the signs are GENERALLY pointing to. It is not so much a direction as to a way of being. Direction then follows the new beingness.

To take a step in truth, is to recognise what's holding you from stepping forwards in the freedom of soul. In this case it is fear. So the signs are revealing to you your fears. The fear is the pathway. What are you afraid of exactly?

Explore and inquire into the fears. Locate where the inner tightness is. Work to let go of a particular outcome that you percieve will happen. Even contemplate the WORST possible outcome then feel deep into the fear.

At some point there's surrender. Nothing could be worse than carrying the limitation of the subconscious fear. So just let it go. Let it unwind. Then embody a new sense of freedom.

Then let the sense of freedom decide the next step.

Open HeartPraying Emoji

PS - this might help understand it more...
How Best To Interpret Signs and Synchronicity

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Good day Open,

I read " How Best To Interpret Signs and Synchronicity" and also watched the video. I am stepping to a new chapter of life and I know any change in life can be scary sometimes. But I am excited for this change I know and I feel peace is coming to me once again. I can see signs and that is very helping me to know that I am doing well and I am not alone.

You asked " Work to let go of a particular outcome that you percieve will happen. Even contemplate the WORST possible outcome then feel deep into the fear."

This is exactly what I need to do, thank you. The fear comes from unknown. I feel I am slowly learning about myself.

“Change is the only constant in life.” – Heraclitus

Thanks for your help


Synchronicities are happening in every single moment all the time. But sometimes something really big happens, jumps out and hits you right between the eyes. So it was on the Facilitator Summer School this year. I'd been following the impact of the sun on our Shift leading up to it, so then to get a Crop Circle in our vicinity that was clearly depicting the sun, on the very last day, was such a priceless jem. Unforgettable....

And there was such a lovely sense of belonging in the group. So another beautiful synchronicity was that on the last evening of the gathering we ended up in a little village called Marlborough, only to find the "Lighthouse Family" were playing an intimate concert there that very night. Just the connection was enough to illuminate the heart!...


I felt to share a remarkable synchronicity that happened to me yesterday. As I was trying to just let words flow and scribbling down whatever was coming to me, I was quite puzzled when I found myself writing: 'In the midst of my emotions, I feel like a black panther in the mist.' And then I got even more surprised when about an hour later I happened to stumble into the website of a woman here in town, who happens to be running a 'black panther sweat lodge' this Saturday! Obviously I have signed up for that :).

Slightly Smiling I was quite amused by your typo in the subject of 'blank panther'. It is interesting that in Dutch 'blank' is the word for 'white skinned'.