Increased Volcanic Action in the Shift: An Essential Spur to Karmic Processing

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Society continues to stray ever further from the natural cycles of life. But Gaia has many ways of reminding us and bringing us back into alignment with the grand cosmic cycles we're moving through. Volcanoes are an essential part of the cleansing as the planet shifts to a higher vibration. As we increase our capacity for natural empathy, we can actually call on the elevation of volcanic energy to process karma and cleanse it from our being. That's why it's essential to pay attention to this key fulcrum in the Shift.

Accelerating Pole Shift and its Effects

Right now many of the planet's volcanoes are coming active and bursting into action. It's to be expected because the 5D shift is speeding up. We're about a hundred years into a crucial pole shift. These can usually take thousands of years to complete, but the current acceleration points toward a completion within just one human lifetime (see...Berkeley News). Gaia's history reveals that during such a shift, the magnetic field dwindles, which greatly reduces the shielding effect of incoming solar storms. This is what's being witnessed right now.

Earth and Sun's fields are weakening and we're exiting the magnetic dust cloud. At the same time, our three shields against energy from space are disappearing, we are showing increased vulnerability to space weather from our sun, and cosmic rays are already exceeding expectations. You can get up-to-date news here...The Watchers

You might well ask, why should I pay attention when there's already so much going on across the planet? Gaia will cleanse herself during the culmination of these Grand Galactic Cycles, including the Pole Shift and volcanic activity. It's an intrinsic aspect of the Shift itself. Just as she is cleansing karma, by empathising with this movement, then we can activate and process our own karma faster too. Just by tuning in and getting a sense of the enormous building energy is enough to heighten your energy and trigger karma to be unravelled through.

It progressively increases the coherency in your field, clarity, attunement and alignment with the great cycles. Far from living in fear about them, you're actually EMPOWERED by them!

Rise of the Divine Human

I've shared my views on this in the book DIVINICUS. It offers an overview on why the current shifts are necessary and what's increasingly likely to be the end effect. Essentially Unity Consciousness has been controlled and 'bottled up', by an Interdimensional Intervention whose purpose has been to take dominion of the earth and all sentient life here.

The shift into the 5D is the benevolent answer to this.

At a macrocosmic level, the light has been getting dissipated within the darkness forming 'bubbles', which then release to rejoin the mainstream of the flow. It's equivalent to kundalini activation within a human. Just as kundalini release can cause massive instability at the physical, emotional and mental levels in people, similar happens at a planetary scale - greatly scaled up.

At the human level, this might all seem a touch overwhelming! But on the other side of the coin is surrender - an acceptance that there's nothing you can do to control such phenomenal forces and their effects. So why not accept one's limitation at the purely 3D physical. Then a deep letting go of the need to control life can take place - thus the soul can expand out of the limits of the 3D into 5D Divine Being.

The time is now. How do you choose to empower yourself?

Why not explore deeply and test the limitation of the small "I". Let such growing instability, represented by the accelerating pole shift, be motivation for that. You'll find it immensely liberating as the things you may be hanging onto fall away like unnecessary baggage. You feel increasingly free, expanded and invigorated.

Meditating with the Volcanoes

This is why I was so inspired recently to take a group to the volcanic island of La Palma and meditate on an active volcano. I can't tell you how effective and transformational it was. The elevation of energy caused an expansion of the various inner layers, focussing a spotlight on where to go to work. Karma released quickly and effortlessly. Tremendous expansions and elevations of consciousness were then experienced.

So invite all to pay some attention to this magnificent natural phenomenon. To be aware of the increased volcanic activity and how by empathising with the energy, it can be a great spur to raising our vibration in the Shift. That's for sure what we experienced on La Palma. I invite you to get a sense of that in the video we shot there...

If you've been intrigued and inspired by the approach of embracing these grand shifts of energy as a spur to your own spiritual evolution, then get involved with Openhand's ground-breaking work. Dive in...

Openhand Ascension Portal

In loving support, Open đź’Ž

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06/06/2023 Shift Update, Increased Volcanic Action

I felt to draw attention to this Openhand article today on increasing volcanic action and how we can apply the elevation of energy to help process our own karma by empathising with this great, planetary cleansing mechanism. It's highly timely, as it's become abundantly clear, Gaia is going through a powerful upsurge in recent weeks - the reduction in her magnetic shield, due to the ongoing Pole Shift, coupled with a weakening of the enhancement of the magnetic field by the shadow, is causing a triggering of major volcanoes around the planet.

Take a look at what's happened just in the first week of June...

Large cold lava flow hits Biaknabato village after strong eruption at Kanlaon volcano, Philippines
Strong explosive eruption at Kanlaon volcano forces evacuations, Philippines
New eruption at Kilauea volcano, Aviation Color Code raised to Red, Hawaii
Large eruption at Marapi volcano, Indonesia
Earthquake swarm detected in Tenerife’s Las Cañadas caldera, Spain
Eruption starts north of Grindavik, lava fountains reach 50 m (164 feet) high, Iceland

Let our heartfelt compassion go out to those caught up in these great earthly eruptions. At the same time, we need to be aware of the necessity to progressively cleanse away the old karmic construct, which is going into overdrive recently, with the increased machinations of the shadow's simulation. Gaia is clearly signaling it's high time to end the blanket suffering of sentient life on the planet, and the simulation harvesting into 4D, by the progressive shift to 5D.

Check the article above (scroll up) and then if you feel so moved, download the free eBook that elaborates the nature of the Shift and the actual process by which this will happen, from 3D to 5D. You'll need to become a member of the portal to download it, which is free to join...

Join the Openhand Ascension Portal, Download Your Free 5D Shift eBook

Can you hear her call your name?

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29/12/20 Journal Update: The word "Biblcal" keeps wringing loudly as we enter the New Age of Aquarius and prepare for 2021. On the recent Solstice Vlog Tour, I got the strong sense that Gaia will make herself heard (amongst all this society shenanigens) much more loudly this coming year, which was backed up synchronistically as storm Bella rattled my camper van in the Avebury fields on Boxing Day. So what about Earthquake and Volcanic activity? You'd expect that this will be on the increase as the Earth's Pole Shift marches on and lowers the earth's magnetic shield. And that is exactly the case.

Synchronistically for Openhand the Volcanic Island of La Palma, where we've often done New Year Retreats has just come active. Fairly inconsequential you might think - not at all. It is believed that at some point volcanic action will literally split the island which would send a Tsunami right across the Atlantic and into the USA. We also have the Guatamalan volcano, on the ring of fire, activate during the build up to the solstice (see photo below - thanks to Danniel)...

What about elsewhere in the world such as the Antartic? You might expect that to be relatively stable and quiet, right? Again, not so. Scientists have reported over 50,000 earthquake tremors in the last 3 months alone (source WMD).

Here's a summary of other global earthquake/volcanic action going on from The Watchers...

Strong eruption at Suwanosejima volcano, Alert Level raised, Japan
Heightened volcanic unrest at Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand
Strong and shallow M6.7 earthquake hits off the coast of Los Lagos, Chile
New earthquake swarm under Cumbre Vieja volcano, La Palma, Canary Islands
Strong M6.3 earthquake hits Mindoro, Philippines
Two fissures continue to erupt at Kilauea's Halema'uma'u crater, Hawai'i
Increased seismicity under Hudson volcano, alert level raised, Chile
Lava fountains at Etna on December 22, 2020
Strong eruption at Sheveluch volcano, ash up to 8.5 km (28 000 feet) a.s.l., Russia
Strong explosive eruption at Etna volcano, Aviation Color Code raised to Red, Italy
Increased volcanic unrest at Mount Ruapehu, Alert Level and Aviation Color Code raised, New Zealand

So widespread global activity is ongoing. I feel it's essential for all awakening people to understand the interrelation of what's going on for them personally with the bigger picture. The system shenanigens is a purposeful distraction from all of this as the shadow state attempts to lock people down in an alternate agenda that ultimately takes a proportion of people off planet. But the true path here is the great cleansing of the old karmic construct leading to the New Paradigm in the 5th Density.

I had to laugh here in the UK a couple of days ago when, having destroyed people's lives and livelihoods in 2020, the UK Primeminister Boris Johnson, proudly announces we're entering a new "Golden Age". No Boris, you won't be stealing that one!

So I would urge people to read the lead article above just to get a sense of what this is really all about and how increased volcanic and earthquake activity is to be expected and all a part of the shift into the real Golden Age on Earth. Let the truth set you truly free!
An Understanding of Increased Volcanic & Earthquake Activity in the 5D Shift

Blessings to all in these Biblical Times

Open HeartPraying Emoji


I'm out camping on the beloved Dartmoor in South West England right now and spent a good few hours yesterday connecting with a group of ancient granite stones on a favoured Tor. It was marvellous how despite being all interconnected, you could distinctly feel the individual character of each one. Slightly Smiling

Last night, Gaia came to me in a dream and showed me a major earthquake was set to come. My sense was that it would depict the split in the two paths of humanity right now - those acquiescing to the increasing synthetic agenda and those working to break free from it.

I felt to share with you all this gorgeous Dancing Shiva music from Sacred Earth. Whatever goes on within society at these challenging times, I find comfort in the knowing that ultimately, Gaia will reclaim all!...

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Dear Open ,

Thank you for confirming what I already know to be true. I have been feeling it coming since the last 1-2 months when I mentioned it to Marye in a conversation. In my town ,the only Government advisories ( other than the interminable VIR ones ) have been strangely about Earthquakes. And while Marye nudged me to post it here ,I was reticent because my heart already goes out to those affected . 

Thank you for putting it out there ! 



As we come into the Festive Season, it would appear Gaia has gifted another warning, lest we slip into consciousness slumber. I get the sense that the Krakatau eruption might have some deeper energetic significance. My heart goes out to all effected, let's send some loving kindness their way through the ether - the impact has been nothing short of devastating.

Here's a lead article by The Watchers...
High-impact eruption at Krakatau volcano, deadly tsunami produced, Indonesia


The Guatemalan Fuego volcano has now entered its 5th eruptive phase of the year on November 18. At least 2000 residents living in 10 communities near the volcano were asked to evacuate early Monday, November 19, as increased volcanic activity continues. I get the sense this volcano is an important fulcrum in central America, in a key location, and one to watch as a deeper signifier of the ongoing Earth Shift. Let's send our heart felt feelings and meditations to all affected Heart

(for an understanding on Increased Volcanic Activity in the Shift, scroll to the top)


The Kilauea Volcano is now having dramatic effects on the weather patterns on Hawaii's big island, with lava filled thunder storms producing over 1200 lightning strikes - it's looking pretty biblical out there. Let's send our love and prayers out to the people experiencing it. I imagine plenty are feeling pretty anxious...

People of Hawaii - we're with you.

Open Praying EmojiHeart


You wouldn't necessarily associate the Antarctic, covered in ice, with Volcanoes. But recently 91 have been discovered under the western ice sheet rift. Some of them are up to 2 miles high, and the speculation is that they're becoming active, which could accelerate the break up of the ice sheet. Here's a brief video overview...


I'm find it a bit of a challenge getting the most impartial updates on what is really going on right now with the Kilauea volcano. I notice that some good independent bloggers have been removed from youtube, leaving only very sanitised version - it feels a degree like the system is trying to control the real news getting out.

It's essential that we equalise with the truth of what's going on, because it's very clear now, the Kilauea Volcano represents a crucial key stone in this latest phase of the shift - unwinding the karmic construct. And that's going to have a progressively dramatic effect across the world. Only the truth can prepare people and truly set them free - from attachment and limitation to the merely physical. It is by confronting the truth, that you can unwind through the restriction. Avoidance leads only to denial and separation - ultimately, if we're not careful, we become victimised by reality.

Here's a recent article from a great independent website called "The Watchers"...
Kilauea destroys 600 homes, marking its most destructive eruption in modern times

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Thanks for sharing that video Open . I also find it fascinating to watch that " Immense " process happening over there . It truly feels serious as this new phase of the shift begins and scary for many . BUT what a beautiful dance it creates at night !! 

I found this one dating of a few days back which is really interesting as well : 

and this one :


Hey hey,

Even the earth's core needs to let off a bit of steam now and then. Its an unfortunate thing for all involved, but at least new land is created by it. I feel kind of attuned to this happenstance at the moment. Its a bit odd, but I'm processing that. Whats really sad to me though is the earth will sustain itself, its already been through so much as it is. We the creatures upon it are mere moments in time and will humanity continue or is that just another time will tell.



Holy Shit I am so unprepared in light of all of this. Lots of work to do both internally and externally Hhhhhhhh Time to get going but trying to not get lost in it all seems so hard.

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Hi treebrother, it is now 3 in the morning, after a four hour drive home, 13 hours after leaving all of these beautiful souls at the end of this five-day retreat here in Halifax. I have so much to share from this experience but have to sit with this for a while and process it. Right now it feels like I am ungrounded and lost in my head.

I would like to say thank you too Open for his guidance and the other openhanders there and in the ether for being, sharing and holding the space much needed in these uncharted waters.

Much love and gratitude



A state of emergency has been declared in Hawaii, as the Kilauea volcano continues to erupt with 19 fissures having now opened. To me, very clearly, this is speaking of wider shifts in the tectonic plates across the planet, caused by the pole shift, and leading to the beginning of the breakdown in the karmic construct that we're living in. We'll explore more here on Openhandweb of what that might mean, and what the implications are, as we shift through the inflexion point and progressively toward new reality situations - new constructs. Meanwhile here's an overview of the latest...



The latest global build up of tension, which is all interconnected through shifting tectonic plates, seems to have (temporarily at least) eased itself to some degree with a massive explosion of the Merapi volcano in Indonesia yesterday. It erupted shooting ash up to 50,000 ft high - yes, that's higher than a jet liner!

The incredible power of Gaia is unfathomable.
Here's more on that release if you're interested

I still get the sense though that there's more to come in the relative near term.

Peace and acceptance

Open Praying Emoji


I can feel something incredibly significant in the current Hawaii volcano eruption. To me it feels like a new phase in the shift is beginning - what I'm sensing as the beginning of the unravelling of the karmic consensus construct that we've been living in. I do believe we're turning another corner, and that a new acceleration is beginning to take place. These two videos spiked (in the field) to me this morning...


After seeing some incredible footage of a car being consumed by lava on Hawaii, I felt to repost this article today about increased Volcanic activity as the pole shift continues to unfold. Take a few minutes to review the article above. It's essential we become increasingly at-one with the truth of the shift unfolding all around us. Then the mind can better adjust and allow the consciousness shift to continually unfold through our being.


Hi Margaret,

Your comment of feeling upside down and inside out spiked my awareness as I was at the apple orchard in Glastonbury recently and felt to look across the view by looking backward with my head between my legs, so that the sky was where the ground usually is and vice versa. It spoke to me of a shift, a change of perspective and about centering or grounding in 5D and observing 3D as we would usually the sky...

I thought I would take a photo to remember the sentiment / energy by and when I looked at it, the photo was the usual way up, it felt as though the 'smart' 3D technology and perspective is so engrained, conditioned, that it corrected the photo to what it perceives as the right way up. It felt both profound and really light and funny at the same time :-)

And yes, I feel an oceanal universal breath swirling through, sweeping up in a sort of unending spiral motion, cleansing, clearing, collating...

With Love Michelle xxx


Hello Friends :-)

How synchronistic… I feel what you are describing here about the Planet, but the sensation is coming from within. There is this strong magnetic/gravitational force within my being pulling the pieces of soul together towards the whole. Waking up the lost fragments from their inertial sleep. This surge seems to turn my perception upside down and inside out! Such a strange unfolding… What was up is now down, what was a weakness is now a major strength. What was “important”, is not. An internal pole reversal?

There is also a growing awareness that every emotion - from joy to sadness, agony to ecstasy - is only a movement of life energy. I’ve been tuning into something strange, like a universal breath-like tidal movement, sweeping all life into a coherent motion… back and forth. It feels so right to allow this motion to permeate my being. It is like breath of the Universe. With that comes a sense that everything is just so perfect as it is… Are we an ocean? Is anybody getting that too?

Somehow I do not feel concerned about the CO2 and facts, I can't really focus on what you are saying about them. Perhaps I need to ground more and participate in a more coherent way? But this rocking just wants to sweep me up right now. And I let it. The "external world" doesn't seem to notice my changed perception, it seems to be changing with it... how strange...



Hello Ellie,

Exactly, it does. And there are many other runaway climate change feedback loops that are already taking us past the point of no return. Like for example the complete melting of arctic ice, which is imminent. According to the science, when that happens, 50 Giga tonnes of methane are released into the atmosphere having an immediate global warming effect, ten times stronger than the effect of CO2.

Openhand is here to address this very inconvenient truth.

So what then matters? Does it matter at all?

Yes of course it does!

    You matter. Your life matters. Your loved ones matter. This singular moment of now matters and....what you do with it. Do you continue to waste time doing the things that are ultimately unnecessary? Or do you apply yourself to what really matters? To loving those around you - to caring for other sentient life - to being the absolute best that you can be.

Civilisation causes the vast majority to walk around in quasi zombified state. Is that truly living? Are the vast majority of people really alive now?

This is not the end of life on earth. Far from it. Through this inevitable great cleansing of the Earth's surface - this Great Realignment - it is the beginning of new life. It is the beginning of a new way of being. It is the beginning of life in a New Paradigm - a new frequency of being in the 5D.

It is open to everyone who chooses it, jumps all-in, and expands their consciousness through the 5GATEWAYS.

That's why people are turning to Openhand - because we offer a truly practical solution for dealing with the inevitable changes that are now upon us.




"At a macrocosmic the light has been getting dissipated within the darkness forming 'bubbles', which then release to rejoin the mainstream of the flow"

It hasn't been a settled six months in my current home, we are due to move soon, although moving date has been pushed a couple of times. Have been feeling all not resolved in this situ yet and this morning felt to tune in to see what is being invited...

I was drawn deep under my home and felt treacle-like 'icky energy, controlling, manipulating, stuck... it quickly went into karmic experience, just as Open says above :-) Having felt into the experience and softened into my initial resistance, light and natural spring water flooded the pit that I was experiencing, processing and releasing much which was stuck, joyous emotion, resulted as I connected with Gaia and the 'bubble' released.

Interesting synchronicity as I haven't worked with this sort of energy for quite a while.

Thank you for bringing awareness.

With Much Love


Speaking of earthquakes......several times when I've been drifting off to sleep recently, I've been woken up because I've felt a small earthquake. Each morning I've checked the earthquake website to see if anything had registered, but there has been nothing. What's that all about?


Thank you for your reminder, Open, that this final shift is not only happening, but accelerating. Sometimes I just don't get it, how people can still ignore the recent turmoil in volcano activities worldwide (not that the mainstream media would be eager to report on it...). I have found graphs on the internet, coming from respected geological associations, showing an exponential increase in both volcanic and earthquake activities during the last century - and this is not only about the more sensitive measuring instruments.
Here's an interesting article on recent changes from 2012, published by the U.S. Geological Survey…

A plethora of other signs and synchronicities of this shift is also avaliable for those with eyes to see: animal die-offs, increase in plane crashes, sinkholes swallowing cars and whole streets, more and more people going mad....…

All this is happening on an individual level too, of course, and also at an accelerated pace. The wheat is being separated from the chaff faster than ever, in every possible meaning of the word. Definitely NOT easy times.
As Richard said: Eyes open. No fear. <3 <3


I said Shake Rattle n Roll ... those pent up karmic energies ...

Such an interesting paradox ... we need to become quiet within this overt chaos of change to see it and move on up beyond it.

Exciting times indeed.

Nice one, Open.

Eyes open.
No fear.