When you listen to your soul ( short films)

This short film I've done a year before, I was in my home, and I just followed the feeling to climb up this mountain and this magic happened. I've listened Open, says just the same. just to go with the feelings without any intention and let the magic happen on its own.

I would love to share it here, Atma Namaste Praying Emoji


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Namaste Openhand family,Angel Halo I'm sharing a recent film made from visuals from my trip, along with dear Open's words... I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Openhand for guiding me on this beautiful journey... Thank you very muchAngel HaloPraying Emoji



Stillness. This time-lapse was captured from Keri Mountain in Goa, which overlooks the beach. I frequently visit this sunset location for meditation and contemplation. I get to see eagles floating in the distance or paragliders flying through the sky. Sometimes I dance to my favourite songs and it's just pure joy to feel the interconnectedness and expanisveness. My heart opens up like a flower. Contentment, just for being alive and to feel the beauty around.  



I watched your beautiful video a couple of weeks back. I teach a group of children about Music, English and Meditation. Your words and presence in this beautiful video would be an inspiration to them. I would like to ask for your permission to download your video and add a translation in their local language and share with them and my community.

If you could write to me regarding this matter, please send me an email to this address . . .   4moonlight@protonmail.com . . . where I will also be able to share with you a little about what I do in my project with the kids.

Kind thoughts


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Namaste Paul, so happy to hear this from you.Angel Halo You can use my video. I'd love to share this video with the children and your community. I'm sending you an email.



“What else do I need? than to take a breath filled with so much love, freedom, and love for my own being.” 

Sharing a little film about my journey, hope you’ll like it. Let me know your comments. Thank you.Angel HaloPraying Emoji


So intensely beautiful and i found it just when i needed it, so much gratitude to you. Thank you for reminding me of the magic😊 You have a wonderful gift, i hope we get to see more of it. Love Barb💜💜💜🙏


This is simply stunning Sharu - thanks so mcuh for sharing 👌💙



So movingly beautiful <3 Thank you for sharing. A perfect example of short movie making to learn from!



Thankyou for sharing it was very beautiful.