Worldwide Climate Change Protests

Today there have been worldwide protests against climate change. It's surely a growing phenomenon. So I felt to explore the nature of it here in this thread, in the context of the emergent soul in this great earth transformation. Do share your thoughts.

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There's a huge impetus insociety to move beyond consuming fossil fuels and progressively into "renewables". It's rapidly become a cliched view that this will protect our environment. I've always doubted this would actually be the case. Here's an insightful video on the impact of renewable energy on the environment. It is clearly NOT the global pancea that is being so heavily promoted (maybe we could just explore consuming less? or is that just too obvious!)...


Hi Thomas - yes, the other possibility I saw too, was that the exploration is to do with realigning bloodline karma, which we can each process in our family groups. Often it will just spring up without even realising it.


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Hi Megha,

recently i have meditated and worked a lot on disolving karmic issues that are originating from the motherly and fatherly bloodlines, or to say it short - family karma.

There is a beautiful and powerful Meditation from Steve Nobel, if you like.

Angelic greetings,

(sorry Open, i tried to embed the video …)



Hi Megha,

The first thing that springs to mind is the general breakdown of the Homo Sapiens condition. How does a degenerative disease that breaks down blood cells actually propogate in the genome? There are plenty of cases like this - I would say due to the hybridisation.

Maybe you're being prepared for the need of human evolution into another form. Perhaps readying yourself for that?


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Dear Open ,

I have been sharing a lot about feeling into the heart centre. After a fairly combative couple of weeks in which I was fighting my partner on the outside, something has shifted . And integrated . 

I have shared before that a baby I cared for was found to  have a  genetic disease in which his red blood cells self destruct. In his case ,parents actually tested for it and yet ,thanks to a goof up by the lab ( which got written as good up 😀)he was diagnosed with it at 4 months . 

Guess what ,since yesterday I have been dealing with another baby girl ( Baby of Megha AGAIN!!) who has a very similar condition. Occurrence rate is 1 in a million. Also there was a patient with pinworms in the anus ( I need to tell you this - I don't know why) and a teen that faked assault because her mom couldn't handle the fact that she was sexually active . At the end of a very intense day ,I woke and was processing when I heard ' Dissolving Bloodlines ' ......I am not sure what to make of this at all . 

Curiouser and curiouser :)



Hi Rayko,

Thanks for pointing that out. Clearly there are different conditions in different places. Of course China (and I guess therefore HK too), is probably more overtly suprressive - or that's the way it comes across. And since the media there is heavily censored, then we don't get to see all that is going on. But in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia for example, at this stage at least, I don't see them confronting child activists in that way. I believe they're challenged by how to deal with it - certainly here in Aus where I currently am. You can see they have to tolerate it. That was my point.



How are you a product of your environment? It goes down to the comment of "I think it's awesome that kids are taking to the streets. How will the powers that be deal with that? Certainly NOT with water cannon and tear gas." Are you that naive dude? Here's a twitter post named In Tseung Kwan O, another 12-year-old child was arrested Yeah... Another 12-year-old child was arrested! ANOTHER!!! He shouted "Free Hong Kong!"


Whilst the protests here are not directly aimed at saving humanity by preserving the current equilibrium of biological life, a deterioration in the physical environment here in Hong Kong is one issue that people want to sort out. They call for democracy as the current government has not really done anything, they just increase trade and thus more and more ships are making the water here really dirty... But I'll just put into perspective environmental protests in China, in July they had protests Wuhan due to air pollution, here's a video link showing some footage from it. And if you watch the end of the Wuhan video, you will see the police force that marched out on the streets! It completely ended that protest...  But here's a picture from an earlier time that just needs to be shared!!! What? a 7-9 year old marching with a megaphone shouting: Give us back the blue skies! Give us back the clear water! Give us back the green mountains! (well maybe he didn't exactly shout that, but he did so with his soul!!!)


Well whilst I assume, and hope, children were not arrested/beaten in the climate Wuhan protests, they have been in Hong Kong!!! This is because the HK protests have been going on for much longer, but also the police here have to be much nicer due to the heavy presence of international journalists...


But yea, back to my original point: You are a product of your environment! Before I came to HK, and even after being here for 1 year (now I am here for 2.2 years), I would have completely agreed with Open in regards to "Certainly NOT with water cannon and tear gas". But now? You've probably guessed my reply: with batons and fists :/


Only interacting with English speaking people, you end up in this bubble of Englishness, there are many different views but you get stuck in it and you don't know how to get out of it! The flow of thoughts is limited by the syntax that you've learned to express. Even after learning a new language, you still end up speaking with the syntax of your old language for a while... But in other ways you get stuck with the philosophical thought of that language. But then of course there is this thoughtless "language" that the mind engages in, like when you are walking you don't think "walk" but there is a sort of thought like thingy that occurs in the mind. A feeling init haha. But I wonder if there are other languages in this "feeling" space of thoughtlessness just as there are many languages in intellectual thought?


Love & Peace



Is it just me? Here's a fascinating synchronicity. Why do the powers that be not seem to care about the environment? As I explained in a recent article (5G/5D: An Illuminating Synchronicity Signalling the Time of Our Ascension) the aim now is to take humanity off planet and colonise Mars. So in the same day as the climate change protests, here in Australia was announced a huge investment in the USA's mission to Mars...

$150m support for Trump's mission to Mars

As I said in my 5G/5D article, that's the underlying agenda now and why there's no real concern about the environment and climate change.

Just a couple of months ago the astronaut Buzz Aldrin who successfully walked on the moon with the Apollo 11 mission, signaled a growing intention in America to migrate humanity to Mars. Here is what he's reported as saying to The Washington Post...

"The United States’ eyes — and our unified commitment — should focus on opening the door, in our time, to the great migration of humankind to Mars. Books aplenty have been written about how to do this, and they have inspired government and non-government leaders to make lofty plans. But plans without a detailed architecture, and without that “next step” into the future, are just fantasy.

The Trump administration and today’s Congress, inspired by an American public impatient for space leadership, could start this engine. The next step would build on our early lunar landings and establish permanent settlements on the moon. In the meantime, preparations for permanent migration to the red planet can be made. All of this is within reach for humans alive now, but it starts with a unified next step in space. The nation best poised to make it happen is the United States."

Hmm, a completely synthetic reality on the red planet. Beware those ships wanting to 'rescue' you as the Event unfolds!

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Totally resonate with what you said Open, and just wanted to add that when we think of the Earth being polluted and used and abused, we disempower the energy of Gaia. 

There is no energy of victim on the planet Earth. There is no victim energy. She does not incarnate victimhood. Gaia, this planet, including our physical bodies, and all the plants, animals, everybody here, it's kind of a self-supporting entity. The consciousness of Gaia will continue no matter what we do as species...





There are so many angles to this. Despite what I said above, I think it's awesome that kids are taking to the streets. How will the powers that be deal with that? Certainly NOT with water cannon and tear gas. They simply have to let it play out. And then maybe we'll start to see the sophistication I spoke of that's needed to deal with what's surely going to unfold.

What we as adults couldn't get moving, the kids are leading the way. It's beautiful. You have to admire it.

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Yesterday I was due to speak on a radio show in Byron Bay asked to talk about how the Pole Shift, Electomagnetic Solar Forcing and Galactic Superwave were all influencing climate change. But actually I couldn't get into town, because of all the (fossil-fuelled) cars driving to the protest. There's an irony in that one!

I believe the synchronicity points to the necessity for a deeper contemplation. What we're allowing to come through, as we start to unleash the soul, are its various soul frequencies that allow you to dance with the moment. So it's great to have the ray 1 of positive action come through, but there must also be other faculties and qualities that help you blend sophistication so that a truly illumined expression may come through. Or else it emerges in a distorted way.

To provide an example:

The climate change activism that's happening at the moment, in my perspective, is distorted in so many ways. And it's way too simplistic (although I greatly support the energy behind it). When I awakened, I too felt the madness of society and the desire to support Gaia. This took me on a progressive journey of getting rid of pretty much all that I owned, consuming less and less, minimal electricity and heating, down to eating one meal a day. I started to grow my own food so as to reduce how much I purchased from shops. But as I was tending my organic garden, it's then that I realised I was STILL controlling the earth, STILL manipulating it for my ends. I was STILL controlling the bugs and the slugs by 'relocating' them. When you pull on one thread of consciousness in the climate change debate, it becomes hypocritical unless you're prepared to go all the way down to the nth degree.

You sail a yacht to New York which is 'carbon neutral' - where did the materials come from to manufacture it? Where did the money come from to produce it? (which I can imagine cost a great deal). And how was the money earned? (in society I guess). And it's not the governments that are the cause of this. Nor even the corporations. It is how we each consume in society. If we consume less and less, then the corporations would cease to exist in their current form.

But here's the problem: humanity - IN HIS CURRENT FORM - isn't going to do that, and at the lowest base level, isn't able to do that. Homo Sapiens has been designed to fit within this system and is an integral part of it. As the system progressively unwinds, then so must this hybrid human vehicle too. Yes, let's change the system, but bear in mind that even at the most 'environmentally friendly' level you go to, Homo Sapiens is still the only creature on the planet that farms the environment to his own ends - no other creature has to do this. And were the earth to sustain 7.5 Billion people all organic farming, what happens to all the other creatures - THE NATURAL ECOSYSTEMS - that have rights to that space?

What we're seeing in the protest movement is the progressive emergence of soul. Which is a great thing, that I whole-heartedly support. Let's get out and protest, yes. But each has to dig deeper before they project outwards. What is this really all about?

The science that the movement is working on is woefully inadequate. For example, if we were to drastically cut fossil fuel emissions today, you'd have an immediate heating effect on the earth because of the reduction in aerosol masking of society (aerosols block out the sun). It would be enough to take us immediately 1.5 degrees higher - into an extinction level event. But even then, it's only a part of a much bigger puzzle. The human footprint is now being dwarfed by the Pole Shift, Solar Electromagnetic Forcing and a Galactic impulse too. Non of this is being considered and where it is truly leading to.

And in the protests, what would we be 'saving the earth for'? For our future, for future generations, my kids and grandkids? It's still a human centred - selfish - view. We need to surrender ego self, to the greater self that allows all life to thrive and exist, not one in preference to another.

What's unfolding now, is a Galactic 'protest' mechanism: a cosmic cleansing that activates as life gets out of balance. One that is designed to break redundant realities down so that new harmonies can emerge. Our invitation is not to protest this, but to come into alignment with it. Until we dance in harmony with the underlying natural flow of life itself.

My point being, is that the emergence of soul is progressive, and variable and dancing through different sophistications of frequency. And we must make space for that to happen. Feel the ray 1 urge to protest yes, but then let the other rays come through that help you truly understand the bigger picture so as you know how to most effectively protest. And what do we really need to prepare for? I'd say what we really need to do is breakdown the strangle hold of Global Industrialisation (by each consuming less from it), and then start to come together in small community groups, to become more resilient and supportive in the dramatic transformation of the earth which cannot now be stopped.

Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, it's all moving as one. All cleansing and recreating in the dance of life. Let's look in the mirror of the great cosmic shift and apply sophistication to understand how we truly become as one with it. How do I best prepare for this. Respectfully it begins by asking, what am I really protesting against? It's all a mirror. All I see is a part of me. What I'm really protesting against is that unrealised aspect of myself.

Just a thought!

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