Your Benevolent Mission of Light in Gaia's 3D to 5D Earth Shift

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Now, more than ever, in these turbulent and challenging times in the Earth Shift from 3D to 5D, your services as a worker of the light are of immense importance. How do you best work? What exactly is the mission? We will each have a completely unique part to play. Yet there will be commonality to all of us. Understanding what the critical landscape is, will greatly ease sense of purpose, fulfillment and well being. You'll be coming into alignment with destiny. Most importantly, we'll be the most effective as possible...

Please note: do stick around for the video at the end - it's utterly priceless!

The Basics are Straightforward

Rest assured, if you're reading this, deep in your consciousness there's a connection into a profound and ancient consciousness that has been through these kinds of shifts countless times through the aeons. And although each shift is unique, they all have an underlying similar purpose and ways of functioning. This is no different. Essentially it is to activate the free flow of soul within you, what we may call The Toroidal Flow, that then becomes as a tuning fork for others to wake up too.

The great thing is, you don't have to even see the other person to help them. Just by taking regular time in meditation and expanding into the ether, you'll be connecting up with people of similar consciousness configuration and giving them a welcome nudge.

The basics are very straightforwards in this way. But you can also bring increased amplification when you connect up knowing with another or become conscious of the unravelling mechanism itself, because you're able to feel it inside of yourself. Essentially through empathic connection, you expand out to embrace the convolution, then heal it within yourself - your soul knowing exactly what needs to happen - we just let it flow. (This in it's basic form, is how people are discovering how to work within the Openhand Facilitator Program).

You Are Not Alone!

It also helps greatly to know that you are not alone! There is a veritable army of lightworkers in the ether gathered around us at this time with the purpose of extending a bridge, reaching out energetically, helping us maximise our efforts by connecting up.

How does that best work?

Often it takes the sense of innocence, curiosity and adventure of a child. Yet one with the wisdom that's crafted through the ages - you and I have been in these situations countless times before! This is what I just love about this video, which I wanted to share with you all. It's a telepathic conversation between two children - lightworkers - who amongst the complexity of what's going on, know exactly what's needed here and how to work. Enjoy, it's utterly pricesless...

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In loving support

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About Openhand: Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution. Integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of aligning with the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe in your life. It helps you remove karmic blockages to unveil your Cosmic Self and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic and alchemical living in the Earth's Higher Dimensional Shift.
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3/12/20: Openhand Journal Update: Yesterday I shared an important view on the energies that are building towards a Solstice Quantum Shift on December 21st and how you can play a part in it (Solstice Quantum Shift). Today I felt to elaborate on the nature of being a "Light Worker".

I know some people want to shy away from the terminology "Light Worker" because it's become quite energetically loaded, and at times, disconnected from reality. Just to remind you though they are only words! And it's how we interpret them that counts. "Light" refers to the movement of Unity Consciousness and how it illuminates the divine through the separation. We can all do this, we all do this when we're channeling and embodying authentic soul energy. To be doing that consciously then is to be a "Light Worker".

If the topic interests you and you're wondering how you might explore your role, then do read the lead article on it above, or click on this link below. The article contains what for me is a tremendous video of a conversation between a couple of "Indigo" kids - it's utterly priceless...

Your Benevolent Mission of Light in Gaia's 3D to 5D Earth Shift

Sometimes it just needs the mentality of a child to truly illuminate things!

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Dear Open, 

Such interesting times to be alive, truly. I am at the end of leading meditations for 40 days, 40 minutes in Zoom. ( that has a nice ring to it 😁). It's just been an offering for a few friends. I am not sure how much it's helped them, for me it has led to massive shifts in the way I approach the lockdown. It's been a massive roller coaster ride, this lockdown. Initially it was feeling I to the fear and anger in the field. Lately though a shift seems to have happened and I feel I am much more in acceptance of the situation and most days can see how it was inevitable. Internally, I seem to have found an edge of.. Freedom. It feels like. A very expanded sense. I go in to contractions still, but it's unwound much faster than before. 

I see these pyramidal structures everyday, going to work. Since the last week, my attention has been drawn to the base. I am feeling like the base of the pyramid is crumbling. Also I am not very religious in a traditional Indian sense. But in the last 2 weeks I have seen Krishna ( symbolizing Christ consciousness in the Indian tradition) . Once in a group meditation, and today 2 times already. Once as a road sign and the other a sa large imposing statue in front of a school. 

I am loving the symbology of Christ taking over Earth School :)



Perhaps the most important question we can ask as an energy (light) worker is "how can I really help effect change on the planet and lift consciousness?"

I witness that a lot of people doubt what they are really capable of at an energetic level. So they engage in the intellectual battle of exchanging ideas and debating change. Which I don't deny has value - information is important to. BUT, it's what people do with the information that really counts. And they'll only do, if their consciousness is awake enough to respond.

That's where field energy work comes in. Here's the Openhand Approach...

You let an issue arise on your 3D landscape - how to challenge the lockdown for example. Then you explore why the problem exists - what's the root cause at a consciousness level - ask, "show me!" When I did this regarding the current pandemic, the answer was immediate and obvious. It's all a question of humanity not being individually sovereign at a soul level and blindly handing over power to external authorities - media, government and corporations for example, the latter by continuing to buy from organisations that are clearly strangling freedom.

So the next thing to do is to meditate with the question. First you may well have your own reaction to the problem - anger, frustration and possibly karma too. So it's essential to first work through these personal issues. Once you've unravelled at this level, now you can look into the wider field.

The next step is to empathise with the wider energy of the problem. This is done by feeling the energy of the inquiry and expanding around it to fully embrace it - this is ideally done at a global level. You literally feel that layer of energy around the planet, but inside you.

Now you bring your consciousness to bear within the issue. You may well feel the tightness. For example I feel a general tightness on the plane of the intellect right now - equating to the programing of humanity which keeps him acquiescent. And also on the plane of emotions where I can sense building anxiety and frustration.

Here's the most important thing - you DON'T have to intention the solution to this. The energy of the free flowing Torus knows the solution. So all you have to do is work to unravel the energy of the Torus in the places you can feel and set the energy free.

What will be the impact of the work?

The likelihood is, that if you've done your work effectively, then others will feel it in the field. And it'll start to touch people who can change the situation in a particular way wherever they are in the world. The ripples can spread far and wide. Much more so than at any physical gathering. Plus, your energy touches the right people at the right time.

Right now, I can feel all manner of energies arising to challenge the official narrative to the global situation. It's all bubbling away very strongly in different areas. We just have to keep working at things and being a degree patient.


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Dear Open, 

I think you have posted so etching on the same lines before. And it seemed like an overwhelming task to me to feel the grief and anger. And yet, now it seems very obvious. Not easy at all, but I understand now how to 'work the field' rather than engage in endless pontification. It's strange and a pretty quick development for me. Six weeks ago I couldn't fathom it at all. Seeds sprout when the land is ready! 

Looking forward to the next FB Live Megha 



Since I was very young, when others would tell me that there could be no light without dark, and that if we did not suffer we could not enjoy the good times… this belief felt…. WRONG.

I think that one of the mistakes which has been done over and over throughout thousands of years, has been that lightworkers have tried to “fight” the Dark. And as soon as the attempt to fight and destroy the dark is made, the lightworker automatically becomes a pawn in the game of dark. And not only becomes very difficult for the lightworker to succeed, but he or she can sometimes be completely lost or contaminated. And by contamination, I mean experiencing suffering, negativity, oppression, etc. I witnessed a similar dynamic a few years ago with people very dear to me who were able to hold the light very strong, within their being, so the sector they were residing in would not be lost completely. However, the consequences for my friends were devastating... and as for me, for some time I completely lost faith in the process. It took me a while to shake off the whole situation and understand it clearly. Since then Ive come to know people who are designed to simply put things back to their rightful place. They are not light or dark, as there is no “otherness” where they come from. But in order to enter a light duality, or a dark duality, they create artificial duality configured “soul beings” which then enter the dual reality and go to work.Their focus is to support the light-being and re-integrate the dark-being into Source. And they do this without judgment. 

I have also have come to the understanding that the idea of service is an illusion that will happen naturally when we realise there is no one to serve. Only a unique individual to express. And so many of us are already doing it by the way :)

Thank you Open for the good article!

With love


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Thanks for sharing you view Desi - yes for sure, the duality trap is one to be aware of - getting into polarity and fixed an limiting judgments.

I'd say its a balance. To witness with discernment what's actually happening, then to feel the rightness of any given situation as a flow of consciousness - then work to restore the harmony in that. I like especially this that you said...

Since then I’ve come to know people who are designed to simply put things back to their rightful place.

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