5D Shift: Earth's Toroidal Flow Building, How it's Impacting Humanity & Society

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The Openhand Movement is principally here to help facilitate the realignment of the natural flow. In the Shift, there can be nothing more powerful than amplifying the underlying aligned energetic movement itself. I've expressed this essentially as the 'battle' to unwind intervention control. It's a Universal 'battle', as the Torus works to naturally establish itself fully from the places of contracting darkness. Right now I sense we're witnessing nothing short of a resurgence of the Earth Torus, which is already having strongly visible effects, both across society and in humanity's evolutionary journey...

Taking Back Soul Sovereignty

I've written recently how, within the field, the "Black Snake", as an energetic phenomenon, has been made visible. At least to those who are looking deeply into the field and feeling it. You begin to witness an illusive and deceptive energy that amplifies and feeds off distorted behaviourisms, but with the flexibility and adapatbility to disappear from the psyche, temporarily, only to reappear in another guise, in another distortion. Yet with the lazer of profound self honesty and awareness, you get to see it by the trace it leaves.

For example: playing the victm - appearing to be honest and transparent about sharing an inner distortion or karmic pain, yet projecting it outwards, to gain mainly sympathy and pulling people in, but resulting in the person not actually deepening into the source pain - there's subtle avoidance of it. And now the drama simply perpetuates and feeds off the group gathering around it. This tends to happen a fair deal in social media groups.

However if a person is prepared to truly own what they created as an empowering mirror, you turn directly into your contracting tightness and soften it through, allowing authentic, unlimited natural expression to emerge. Whatever was 'done to you', turns out to be the most liberating and empowering experience.
(Explore supportive advice in the linked video on the...
Law of Attraction.

Often it's an underlying entity feeding this avoidance. Refreshingly, I'm witnessing growing numbers of evolving souls now prepared to confront and take it on - to gain back full soul sovereignty by taking ownership of the challenges they've manifested. These are exciting times!

This is essential right now. Awareness is growing through the alternative media that for aeons, a sureptitious Interdimensional alien force has supressed, hybridised and subjugated Homo Sapiens to fit within a system of control. The evidence is abound, from the sophistication of ancient megalyths pointing to advanced early technology, to clearly engineered human genetics, to past life regression sharings. Humanity has suffered a full on assault of consciousness. Indeed the very energy of Gaia herself has been supressed, controlled and manipulated.

Control doesn't ultimately work - coming back into alignment

This complex and convoluted dynamic has drawn benevolent ET groups from across the cosmos who understand and know this intervention energy well; who're used to working to unwind it in other constellations. Just to be clear, we're not projecting and polarising though, not demonising. The key is to convey the Universal truth that control eventually always breaks down - that the very dynamic of the Universe itself is working toward full harmonious expression of the Torus.

So the resonance I personally feel to send through the field, into the controlling energy, is this....
Why resist? It is ultimately fruitless. It's time to come back into alignment with the natural flow and the universal cycle of continual reincarnation. To accept what the flow of life itself presents and manifests.

The matrix that we're living in, which has had such a strangehold on the consciousness of humanity for so long, is now unwinding. The 'deep field' itself is shifting. This has a great deal to do with the unseen efforts of benevolence to directly engage the intervention through the field and continually reflect that control has no longevity. But another crucial part of the work has been with Gaia herself - to support her own unwinding from the intervention and the reintegration of her natural 'kundalini energy'. This work was done principally in the build up to galactic alignment in 2012.

Shuffling Deck Chairs on the Titanic

Since that crucial 2012 inflexion point, reflect upon just how much has changed in the world since then, in just a very short space of time. You're witnessing a strong break down in the old karmic construct itself - a strong reshaping of the leverages of power in the world. In the book DIVINICUS, I spoke of how the then machinations of the 'illuminati', or what others refer to as the 'cabal', would likely fall in due course - I believe one beneficial aspect of the Trump Presidency, amongst the many controversies, has been to confront the Old World Order. But let's not be deceived or distracted either. As I spoke of, this 'wounded dragon' will likely continually reshape and reappear in different manifestations, new iterations as the ship progressively sinks.

Yet still it will be as shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic as the stricken ship goes down. And the old reality must go down. It must unravel. The cancer of control that has so inflicted the earth must be unwound at these deepest levels - in the very energetic fabric itself.

This leads me back to the Universal Torus, which I recently explored in this article,... The Metaphysics of Our Spirituality within the Universal Toroidal Field. Every individual node of consciousness from sub atomic particles upto entire galaxies are arrayed in this form - including the human field too. Each inspires and amplifies the flow in the other. Each larger Torus enfolds the other.

The Beaking Bedrock of the Old Paradigm

I can feel the Torus of Gaia greatly strengthening right now - principally in the 3rd density, the plane of the intellect. When I sit in meditation, I feel it swirling around me as an aligned metaphoric 'dragon energy'. It's a steady, deep and strong metaphysical consciousness. It's been unleashed by the unwinding of the resistant bedrock of what we're calling the "Black Snake" or satanic energy.

This is for sure an inspirational development. Right back at the beginning of this year, 2018, we started to confront and work with the energy in the Openhand movement. I have to say it did confuse and deceive for some time. But it ultimately became visible, and we've been able to resonate that awareness through the field. More and more are now picking up on it, even if they don't necessarily have an intellectual context to explain the underlying energy. But it's coming visible in the psyche. Awareness is always the key to lasting alchemical change. And so as this 'outing' has happened, I expected it would show up with strong changes on the visible surface. What I believe we're witnessing right now in society, is the beginnings of a rolling breakdown/transformation. I believe the direct confrontation of divine feminine abuse in Hollywood was a key synchronistic indicator of that. And this is for sure only the thin end of the wedge.

It may look like a writhing mess at times out there in society! But the breakdown of the old controlling satanic energy is presenting countless mirrors and opportunities for people to see themselves fully, and to take back personal sovereignty by full integration and unlimited expression of soul. I see it happening in clusters everywhere on the planet. And as you integrate through your own personal circumstances, this has a wider resonant effect through the breaking bedrock of the Old Paradigm.

And so this is set to have enormous beneficial impact in society, in our personal evolutionary journey, and of the very strucuture of the planet itself. Down to her very tectonic plates, the Earth is shifting.

What positive action can you take to accelerate this current phase of the Shift?
And what key pitfall should you be aware of?

5 Key Impacts of the Current Toroidal Shift to be Aware of:

1) It's going to bring up the machinations of your shadow side like never before: any resistant distortions of ego and the karmic shadow self will likely start to emerge. It's essential not to resist this, but to turn right into the tightness. It's strongly advisable to develop a clear processing mechamisn that supports your transformation through this. Explore this Openhand essential article on...
Living the 5D Shift: The Daily Process of Karmic Processing

2) Authentic Creative Possibility will Heighten: the old Karmic Construct is breaking down and unwinding. And so the energy is being progressively transmuted into the New Paradigm - which you can live here and now. So if you're tuned into your heart and higher mind, you're going to increasingly feel new creative manifestations wanting to shape. Take full advantage - feel the energy building within you. Develop strong spiritual practices to open and attune the chakras.
Sample Openhand's Download Meditation for Chakra Balancing and Attunement.

3) You'll have to overcome the sense of insecurity: in a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant. Never is this more greatly revealed than as the Earth's Torus now strengthens. We must learn to embrace change as a natural dynamic of life, to constantly innovate how you are as a being and how you live. Constant innovative change will be the driver of the great 5D Earth Shift...
Here's Openhand Informative Video on Progressive Transmutation in the Shift

4) You'll need to focus keenly on Inner cleansing and Purification: as the strengthening Toroidal Flow stirs the bed of the ancient karmic construct, it will unleash density into and through your own field too. So your progressive awakening will often feel like a rollercoaster, sometimes up, expanded and high, sometimes down in swirling density. That's okay, don't expect it to be all 'love and light'. But through cleansing of mind, emotions and body, through meditation, conscious diet and grounding connection in nature (for example), we can keep releasing any flotsam and jetsam in the transforming stream.
Check out this Openhand Forum on... the Value of Intermittant Fasting

5) Be Mindful of Being Pulled into Distraction as Society continually reshapes: as I explained in the DIVINICUS book, we can expect that new iterations of the matrix will constantly reshape as the Old Paradigm breaks down. We're witnessing right now a strong fragmentation, with the emergence of a myriad of new dramas and stories, that appear to captivate plenty in the spiritual mainstream on the plane of the intellect. The Shift must happen through underlying consciousness! So witness the stories where they resonate, yes, BUT... focus on the activating inner tightness and always work in your field to liberate soul. It's essential therefore to keenly attune your own Spiritual Compass through all this. Here is Openhand's tool "Openway" that you might explore and work with... Attune Your Spiritual Compass

In Conclusion - Coming from the Causality

These are exciting times for sure. I can feel the bedrock of the old karmic construct is breaking up. But we're not out of the woods yet! What I'm experiencing in the field, is a progressive transmutation. So the fabric of the karmic construct will keep reshaping, with new explorations, iterations and dramas constantly arising. Do look in these external mirrors, yes, but my advice is NOT to be distracted by the glare, NOT to be pulled onto the plane of the intellect and wasting endless time pontificating on the various machinations. It's going to do what's it's going to do.

my advice is to ALWAYS work to come from the causality - your own internal transformation of consciousness. Even just a handful of people doing this consistently, in deep meditation and processing, will have a strongly resonant effect on the surface. As we're witnessing happening right now.

Lest we forget, here in this community at least, we are energy workers. Able to touch and transform the deep field through our own journey of unfolding; to do so humbly, patiently and persistently, and not shirking back from divine authentic expression.

Finally, if you resonate with what I've shared of the Openhand Approach in this article, consider coming along to one of our retreats. They are specifically geared to the activation of the Toroidal Field in people...
Openhand Worldwide Events in 2020

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In a world that's so full of distraction and clutter, it's easy to run around in circles. In the Openhand Approach we speak a great deal of 'not setting intention', of not fixing on outcomes. BUT... there is a natural pathway forwards for each of us, which is the evolution and integration of soul. That's why I've emphasised in point 5 in the lead article above NOT to get unduly distracted by the machinations of society, with it's never ending weave of stories and dramas. Clarity of vision is essential. Dropping the distraction and focussing on what truly matters. If density comes up, pause yes, and work into it. But do also remember/recall the direction your soul is taking you, not in terms of any specific physical outcome (although all manner of physical outcomes will shape), but rather in terms of the progressive integration of soul and the evolution of you as a being.

I don't agree with every sensibility of this motivational video, but I do agree with the general importance of focus and clarity on your path. That's why I felt to share it with you. What do you make of it?...

As I outlined in the article above, the Openhand view on restoring a greater harmony and alignment to the Earth is to restore the natural Toroidal Flow - everything moves as one with the Universe. Right now, after aeons of surpression, the Earth's natural spin is building again. This is also inspired by a raising of galactic energies infusing our solar system. The practical effect of which, is a progressive breakdown of the old construct.

In 2019 this has been reflected in how the 'Old World Order' has been challenged, and the heart warming rise of a greater yearning for increased soul sovereignty. Many are stepping out of the karmic shadows of the past. Just as I predicted in the DIVINCIUS Book though, don't expect the controllers simply to melt away. They'll reshape and shift into other guises: hiding in the 'environmentally friendly' band wagon for example, doing things that look good for the planet, but that really only perpetuate the system of capitalistic consumption.

I sense in 2020 a greater divergence between the old world consciousness and the new will reveal itself. I think this will be an important trend as the Toroidal spin accelerates. The old world political system is rebranding itself to hang on, yet the new consciousness is strengthening and emerging more strongly.

It will be important to reflect on this as we roll into the New Year, so as to find the right alignment in our personal lives. It's something I feel to meditate on and share in due course.

In the meantime, I encourage all to watch the various flows of energy and how they might be impacting your field - that there's likely to be quite strongly contrasting flows. As we sail into the festive period, make sure you anchor yourself in your Sacred Ground of Being - that will be essential.

Do check out the lead article above, I believe it's highly relevant to the energetic tides we're sailing through right now...


5D Shift: Earth's Toroidal Flow Building, How it's Impacting Humanity & Society
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