Living the 5D Shift: The Daily Process of Karmic Processing

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There's simply no escaping it, everyone is here to process karma. This is where unrealised aspects of soul get stuck within the drama, by some form of identification, and then build internal eddy currents of energy. This causes some form of inner 'tightness', which then projects out into your world and naturally manifests reflective circumstances to activate the pain. The point being so as to process the blockage and integrate soul through the situation. Providing there's no overriding in avoidance, then this becomes the very path of life itself, the path of our self-realisation, the only thing actually happening in the Universe. It's essential to get to know and fine tune your own personal process...

From the Mind of God?

The One exploded into being from no rhyme nor reason. If there was, then this would signal intent, meaning you'd have to ask where did the intent come from? The mind of God? From what was the Mind of God created? You'd have to define some substance, even energy, but you're always left asking the question, "what preceded it?"

But you can create the entirety of experience from the Infinite Potential of Pure Presence, which then started to ripple, which then caused relativity and from that awareness. Awareness then begins to naturally move with a flow, which in itself is vibrational energy. With two counter flows, both outwards and inwards, then they're always summing out to zero - so you haven't actually done the impossible - created a positive balance from nothing. This dynamic equilibrium then takes form and shape - the Universal Torus. And if everything phenomenal is a part of that, then all aspects will flow with it, and to an indiviudual aspect - a soul for example - it will very much feel like sense of purpose.

The purpose being to flow with the Torus as a natural expression of The One. When this is realised, life begins to click into place. You start to come into harmony. Even when there's disharmony, you realise there's a reason for it, which starts to remove confusion and suffering.

Disharmony happens where some internal tightness causes resistance to the natural flow. The flow itself is already creating everything. Even in the matrix where society has attempted to form a fixed construct based on logic, neverthless, the movement of the entirety of the Space Time Continuum pulls against it. It is only ever a matter of time untill enough Universal Water is pushing against the dam to break it down. Being out of the flow is ultimately fruitless.

So whether we know it or not, whether we aquiesce to it or not, we are ALL engaged within the Universal flow, and moment by moment, it is engaging us.

Why not then work to come into alignment with the process?

The Process

To do this is to recognise and embrace "The Process". Life is a process - one of continual unwinding. Imagine a toy aeroplane that has an elastic band that you have to wind up to generate power. It's the perfect metaphor to reflect how tension is stored within one's being.

In itself this happens when we're out of the flow - internal tension and tightness build. One day you've had enough of holding on and controlling. So you surrender, to some degree, and let go. The unimagined then happens all by itself - the knots begin to unwind and the plane starts to fly. But it flys in a way that you've never conceived of before. The Universal Wind comes to support your wings, to carry you aloft, and although you still get buffeted by constrictions in the flow, providing there's surrender at these choke points, more unwinding happens and the plane flies happily once again. Everything clicks in around you - it feels just like magic. It's utterly priceless

How could you ever put a value on the entirety of the Universe working in concert through you?!

So what is "The Process" that makes the aeroplane of the Soul fly best?

This is something for each of us to discover, in our own unique way. And yet where someone is already committed to it, and has been doing so for some time, you might take resonant reflections from them.

Here at Openhand we apply the "Breakthrough Approach". It's about breaking The Process down into "First Principles" - something as basic and simple as possible.

The unwinding effect of our metaphroic aeroplane happens by letting go. But when applied to reality, letting go of what? There's the conundrum. Society winds people up and then suppresses the pain - you go unconscious, living out repetitive behaviours that are placated by distraction and drugging. It seems to work for a while, but as more and more do it, suddenly the whole foundation of society begins to crumble against the irresistible building flow - as we see happening right now in This Great Earth Shift.

Awareness is the key. Bring internal awareness to any external issue and you have the root cause right there within you. It's like you're the movie projector of the outer drama of your life - you shape reality by what you're being within.

The Breakthrough Approach

This leads me back to "The Process". Figure out your process for unwinding through life and the aeroplane of your soul will fly all by itself. What's more, the flight will be beyond imagination, beyond your wildest dreams.

So here is the Openhand Breakthrough Process, which is really a framework that if you resonate with, you may explore, adapt and apply to your own inner processing. Remember, it's all about bringing increased awareness to the situation - the only thing that can truly change anything...

1) Confront the Truth of the Situation: what's going on here? What is truly being invited? What am I resisting? What outcome do I think I really need? What's the worst possible outcome and how do I really feel about that?

2) Honour and express the tightness: in allowing youself to explore the truth about any given situation, you'll expose some form of tightness within. It could reveal as a busy mind, unsettled emotions, nausea in the solar plexus, tightness somewhere in the body. And even a complete numbness can be classed as 'tightness'. The point is to delve deep, then to honour what comes up. Allow yourself to fully express the tightness, in whatever way your natural guidance invites of you. It's like you blow this inner layer up to fill the world around you for a while. It enables you to see where you were holding on, where you felt you needed some form of outcome, what couldn't you accept? Where have you been in avoidance?

3) Become as-one with your feelings: When you're at the height of the expression, now soften into the feelings, surrender into them, quieten and let go. Become so accepting of the cirucmstances you don't need them to go away. Hold the feelings within - be witnessing and observant. You're becoming as-one with the experiences. When you've reached this level of surrender, then 'open a doorway' of complete acceptance through the tightness. Remind yourself that you are NOT the exprience itself and that all experiences are transient. They come and go. Thus you're becoming The One in the experience - that which you truly are.

4) Unwind soul out of the constriction: once you've become so accepting that you've found The One amidst the tightness, contraction and pain, you're already at the point where you're healing; you're already digging up the roots of the constriction. Let go even more at this point. But then keenly watch the new energies of soul wanting to come through. You're reclaiming nuggets of soul gold that were originally stuck in the drama and creating the tightness itself. Let that now unwind, unleash and freely express new aspects of soul. Now the flow takes off for you, and the newly liberated soul creates in unimaginable ways. Yihah!

Explore the Breakthrough Approach through a Real Life Epic Journey of Discovery

PLEASE NOTE: if you find yourself overwhelmed at times by the strength of the Unwinding Process at what comes up, and the degree of confrontation this can at times create in the outer world, it's time to take time out. Switch off a degree. Relax. Generate some endorphins.

The Uplifting Effect of Endorphins...and 8 ways to generate them

Life is (a dance on the) Beach

I think there's a generalised belief in some spiritual circles that when you attain Enlightenment life's trials and tribulations all fall away. You've reached some higher dimensional beach, whereupon, you can chill out and just hang ten. Think again! There is only the process. In Enlightenment the difference is that there's complete recognition of it, a complete surrender to it, and above all, a constant turning into the density that presents, a constant unwinding through. There is no delay in this, there's no resistance to it, there's turning right into the centre of any storm and sailing through. Sometimes the landscape is stormy, sometimes it's peaceful. But the recognition is that true contenment and happiness in life, comes from successfully riding the flow in any moment.

You can do it. Your soul is seeded to do it. Just figure out the process that best navigates you through the flow of life and everything will fall into place - even when everything is out of place! if you'd like some support figuring out your best means of navigating life, The Openhand Breakthrough Approach is something we apply on our events and gatherings. Check us out, learn to love the process!

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In loving support

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I felt to add to this posting on "The Daily Process of Karmic Processing". I believe there's a very important truth that can help you unwind more quickly and effectively whilst minimising any unnecessary discomfort.

It is this...

Every distortion that you'll come across internally, is a distortion of soul. The ancient light of the soul got buried and then controted through the expression. But it means there must be ancient truth of the soul at the heart of the distortion. Simply trying to ditch the distortion, ends up denying the soul, because it's also ditching the fragment of soul - the 'nugget' - buried in the sediment at the bottom of the stream. It also becomes self-defeating and likely to causes frustration and ill-ease if you keep denying - like painting a layer of false love and light over the top for example, or simply 'dropping the hot coals' as some do. Instead, if we allow ourselves the freedom to express the distortion, as Openhand recommends, then you stir up the bed of the inner stream. Yes, this does cause initial discomfort that can last some time. It will feel painful and uncomfortable, yes. But as you completely accept the situation, then you penetrate through the haze and locate that buried nugget, that ancient truth of soul. And as you reintegrate it through expression (as we describe in the Breakthrough Approach above), then that aspect of soul doesn't get stuck in the stream anymore, it doesn't create sediment, and you're free and liberated to express authentically. So by getting into the distortion and stirring it up, but then animating the authentic feeling of soul, then the distortion falls away and with that the karmic energy that has gathered around it. Progressively you feel more liberated and free - more able to be you. More illuminated and truly enlighened through the situation.

Allow me to share a practical example. Let's say someone feels to express a very deep distortion around 'hatred'. Quite understandably you'd want to let go of that. And we hear so often in spiritual circles that we need to express love and forgiveness instead. The risk is you simply plaster over the top with a false veneer. This just becomes another identity - the spirituallly correct one!

What Openhand is advoacting, is to get into the hatred and experience it - to blow it up, like stirring up the sediment at the bottom of your inner stream. BUT, yes, owrking not to project it at anyone. You could move strongly to loud music, scream into a pillow, beat a cushion. The important thing is to express. Then when you have stirred up the sedminent, stop, and sit in the energy stirred up. Settle in and surrender. Become fully present and accepting of it. Now you're looking for the truth in the distortion. What might the truth in hatred be?

Think about the wider cosmos. I always find it helps to consider the bigger picture. And to break thrings down to first principles of light working through the darkness, as happened from the big bang. Everything is working to self-determine - to be an integral expression of the One (that's what clearly seems to be happening through the Universe). Now if you take two particles and push them to close together, if you apply pressure and push them exceptionally hard, you get nuclear fusion and a massive explosion of energy - more so than with nuclear fission, breaking atoms apart. We could use this as a practical metaphor for the soul - it works similar. The soul is working to self-determine, to self-realise and become sovereign. So if you push it into an environment with other souls and push them too close together, you'll get a build up of energy which if continues, can lead to rage and hatred - a push to violently separate. This often happens where a soul has been suppressed and pushed down. It can lead to a violent erruption. So what's the truth in this expression? I would say it is setting authentic boundaries and not allowing yourself to be pushed into environments and other people's realities that try to project their truth and judgment on you.

So if you felt the hatred of past karma, because you had been overriden, the key would be to allow the distorted expression - the expression of hatred but contained as much as possible in your own reality. But once the bed of the river has been stirred up, sit in it, and then find the authentic soul quality - which in this case might be the will to set your own boundaries and be in your sovereign truth. Feel the sense of that and integrate it in your being. Now it feels okay to reject certain circumstances and situations - the keep some people and their energy out of your inner field. It prevents being overriden and suppressed which then leads to frustration and buried anger.

This is only an example, there are myriads more - distortions for each authentic expression of soul. So I would advocate when processing, that before simply dropping a distortion like this, you animate and express it. Even if you can't logic what the distortion is about, neverthless you can still liberate the authentic feeling in it. What it means is that you come to realise there's nothing at all wrong with who you are - there is your rightness in all expressions. All you have to do is dig into the tightness, express it, then liberate the truth at the heart of it.

In loving support

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Hi there, This is my first posting and I consider myself v new to all this. I'm  still getting my head around the terminology etc. And I need a wee bit o help.

My dilema is- that when faced with internal pain I find it extremely difficult not to run and avoid it. I feel like a horse that instinctively runs from danger. 

I really want to learn to process through stuff and get the nuggets. 

Any suggestions are most welcome.

Thankyou. : )


Hi Zee - greetings and a warm welcome to Openhand Heart

What stood out from your post was... "I feel like a horse that instinctively runs from danger."
So the 'fight or flight' mechanism kicks right in?
The possibility is then that some blind spot happens just before this fires off, so the reaction becomes automatic.
What you need to do, is work to get 'inside this automated loop' so as to break it down.

I would suggest taking some quiet time, and then regressing yourself into the last time it happened. Sit in stillness, then recall the situation, see the images and feel the feelings. Maybe it's some kind of emotional/mental trigger?

The key is to work to touch this trigger and interrupt it.
You might use strong breathing to do that for example. Touch the point, but then breathe deep, strong and fast so as to work to interrupt the trigger.

Then contemplate exactly what it is you're afraid of? Then work into your fears using the kind of "Breakthrough Approach" we've been outlining.

Do feel free to come back and inquire further about it.

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