The Uplifting Effect of Endorphins (and eight ways to generate them)

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The world is moving through challenging times. Sometimes events and circumstances can get heavy. Whilst processing our stuff is positive, wallowing for too long in negativity can be counterproductive. It can create a downward spiral. So how might we keep our heads above water? How might we balance the 'playing field' when we're processing density? Well one answer is 'The Endorphin Effect'. Endorphins are chemicals we can produce in our bodies to block negative energy and make us feel positively uplifted and joyful inside. So how do you activate endorphins when needed?...

It's all a question of choice

Is the glass half full or half empty? In actual fact the glass is always full - its half full of air! Its just an example of choice - how we choose to see things in life and to experience them. We can choose either to attune to the darkness all around us or the light through it.

When we see only the darkness and allow ourselves to become identified with that, here's when our internal trouble begins - although processing our inner attachments and releasing the pain is good, wallowing in it certainly doesn't help us move through. If we allow negativity to dominate our experience then internally we reproduce chemicals in the brain which flood our bloodstream, invade our bodily cells and create the feeling of internal stress - yes we're actually changing our very cell structure to become stress!

But we can prevent this from happening with practice and perseverance. When we process out our attachment and identification with the negative by confronting it 'head on', then we can actively soften into the lightness of life, which exists everywhere even in the midst of darkness. Then we begin to release other chemicals from the brain - endorphins - which prevent the invasion of negative energies into our cells. Our cells are pumped full of the sense of joy and love which helps balance the playing field. (NB: It's important to note: I'm not encouraging people to avoid processing density and darkness, I'm suggesting ways which can help find the light through it.)

Recall fond experiences

I remember fondly a holiday I once took a few years back. It was on the island of Majorca, on the northern coast, away from the hubbub, in the picturesque and ancient tiny village called Deia. I didn't have much money, so I was camping in a beautiful orange grove overlooking the sea...

In the centre of the village is a 'well-heeled' hotel, owned by the famous entrepreneur Richard Branson, which I knew had an amazing open air jacuzzi nestled into the mountain side.

On this particular morning, I'd walked up to the village just before dawn and as I passed the hotel, I wondered if anyone would notice if I sneaked in and had a nifty dip in the jacuzzi. Surely Sir Richard wouldn't mind? So I did. Fortunately no one noticed me. And as I sank into the warming waters, I quickly began to feel joy and infinite peace as all tension dissolved away from my body. Around the pool were the soft colours of sandstone and as the sun came up over the mountains in front of me, the darkness of the sky began to lighten into a wonderful indigo and then golden orange. My favoured almond aroma wafted in on the gentle ocean breeze and in the trees all around me, the birds began their morning song, piercing the quietness with their fragile beauty. I was quickly losing any sense of separation; the healing effects of the water, the vibration of the birds song and the joy of the sun were becoming me and I was becoming them. All tightness quickly disappeared.

As I reflect on it now, I'm looking upwards to the surface of the water and as the golden sunlight shines through, I can see my body becoming increasingly translucent, like a wafer thin film through which the water is gently rippling. It was at some point after that, it could have been an eternity because all sense of time had stopped, I felt what I can only describe as 'liquid gold' begin to flow downwards from the crown of my head and into my chakras. The sense of joy, love and upliftment was beyond words. Tears welled up in my eyes and flowed ceaselessly down my cheeks.

Needless to say its a fond memory that will always remain in my awareness. And now, if I find myself surrounded too much by the darkness of the world and I need some respite, all I have to do is bring my attention to similar experiences and very quickly, warming, enlightening sensations begin to flood my system. They have a deeply uplifting, beneficial and healing effect.

Putting your mind to it

The mind can lead you into all kinds of difficulty but it can be your best friend too. I'm sure, with a little attention and focus, we can all put our minds to it and each recall an experience of similar joy and beauty that deeply moved you. Maybe it was also a favoured holiday? Perhaps it's the first time you fell in love? or even your earliest, carefree childhood memories? Why not just stop for a moment and reflect................

8 ways to Activate Endorphins

Here are some generally accepted ways to generate Endorphins:

  1. Exercise: exercising the body is a great way to healthy living and generating feel-good endorphins - like a fast walk or jog in nature.
  2. Deep Consciousness Bodywork: practices such as yoga, Tia Chi, moving meditation and Openhand's soulmotion are great at activating endorphins.
  3. Music & Dance: dancing to music is a great way to activate endorphins - explore Five Rhythms Dance for example. Also playing an instrument that you love and singing.
  4. Laughter and Lightness: create an atmosphere of laughter and lightness - perhaps take in a comedy film or the like.
  5. Aromatherapy: aromatherapy is great at activating endorphins. Try taking a hot bath with candles and natural oils.
  6. Soulfoods: healthy, tasty and stimulating food like raw chocolate is a great way to stimulate endorphins (go for varieties with no processed sugar).
  7. Massage: a good massage will generally release bottled up energy and activate those feel good endorphins.
  8. Loving sexual intimacy: being intimate with your partner (and yourself) is a wonderful way to divine union that activates endorphins in the process.

Its all around us

Indeed there are many things in our daily lives that can generate such a positive endorphin effect. Exercise for example, deep breathing and making the choice to notice the simple beauty in life: the fragile innocence of a small child; the twinkle in an old lady's eye; an autumn leaf wafting on the breeze. If we keep applying ourselves in this way, even the seemingly insignificant can help generate uplifting joy. This is a form of meditation of course (who said it has to be about just sitting in silence?!).

The experiences I had in the magical Deia inspired me to record this one as a gift to you all. Its called the "Liquid Gold Meditation" which you can play or download freely from our website. Go on, take a couple of moments, generate some endorphins, enjoy...

In loving support

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Thanks Open for the timely reminder.

It feels like such a delicate balance between feeling, confronting and processing the dense energy, being real with what's arising and then not getting swamped in it...

Finding the light through the darkness!

Love, Fiona

I was able to Visualize very vividly your Analogy of Breathing in through the nose and holding the breath in and creating a Reservoir and when exhaling flowing down through the body, this Analogy somehow was easy and Vivid for me...

Thank-you Open <3

When you've been processing a lot of dense energy in your field - working through karma for instance - it's important not to get stuck in a negative spiral. And so I felt it timely today to draw attention to this article on endorphins once more, and particularly the 8 ways to generate them - to make you feel good and uplift your vibe.

What activates endorphins in you and uplifts your vibe?

I am finding that expressing myself through guiding meditations, massaging myself or my children, preparing fresh foods with lots of fruits and vegetables bring me into such a transcendent state of being. Perhaps different than endorphins, but soothing and uplifting all the same! I also just love to get ridiculously silly with a friend or with my kids and just belly laugh until my smile hurts a bit =) exercising and working in the garden also activate endorphins for me.

Thanks for a timely repost.

Where do i draw the line between feeling, expressing, being one with the pain and finding light and positivity or generating endorphin as u said. Both Of these things seem to contridict in my mind,i trust my intution knows best but i felt to ask it anyway.

Im on a holiday with my parents now. A situation here helped in bringing forward a pain of rejection which i could feel deeply in my chest. I have been feeling this tightness for some time now and its all out in the open. Ive been sitting in the beach feeling this asking 'show me' and my attention kept going to the waves reaching the shore. This somehow seemed to dissolve the tightness, expand and bring lightness inside. Now in trying to intellectually grasp the procees here(Do i have to?) I know the pain is deep seated and i have only touched the surface layer. Is an intellectual idea of process counterproductive because my intution seems to have entirely diff way.

its a choice, in every given moment it's the perspective one has to either choose to be uplifted or not.

This article is really good though and it reminds me that yes..You are what you eat. In which case I am a fruit with a side of nuts and almost everything else in between lol :) Either that or I am the swirly fruit loop in a bowl of regular fruit loops. But hey, least I'm still a fruit loop.

It's that moment when the sun reaches that point in the sky that creates the most beautiful glow around everything, the dusk. Where all things are just gentle and soft and deliciously calm.

It is also that moment when all things have just fallen down around you and you just wish with everything in you to lift everyone back up and all you can do is mentally create the hugest lightning storm you've ever seen. Because even in that, the lightning I identify with resonates deeply not just in myself but in everyone and everything. It is the yes, all is not well right now. But even a storm passes by eventually and then the most fulfilling moments can happen if one allows it to.

Orrrr get on with that neuron replacement! Flip the switch of bad to good, it is possible.. All things are possible if one has a mind to make it that way!

One of my favorites though is to imagine taking all that heavy and light energy (density) and just direct it to a teeny tiny paper cup full of water and just say here.. Have a refreshing drink and hmmm why not just dissolve yourself too. Be free :)

I am just thankful for humor and silliness most of all, without humor I probably would of fallen a long time ago and just stayed there going blech.


Music, dance, humour and chocolate do it for me! Raising my endorphins, that is! I'm also finding my endorphins increase when I express my gifts of beingness. I've been manifesting experiences where I am being invited to elevate the community energy around me. I have stepped up to the challenge, making my Moon in Aquarius very happy, indeed. Aquarius loves the humanitarian in us. :)

This week I took the lead in helping to shift a controlling and manipulative leadership energy to one of greater respect, kindness, harmony, and cooperation. With my encouragement and cheer-leading, other joined me, but when push came to shove, no-one wanted to take on specific responsibilities to up the energy. So my rays 1 and 4 kicked in big time as I tuned into the gifts of beingness of each participant and encouraged roles that matched those. Magically, all agreed so we're off and running. I was asked to be the big bopper in all of this but declined and supported another to take on that role, feeling that was best for me and all. I have taken on a lesser earthly role but it feels like a Guardian energy multi-dimensionally! I guess I continue to be more like Samwise Gamgee than Frodo!

Cheers, guys!


Well, i thought about this for a I would say that number 8 loving sexual intimacy with another tops my list. Why? Because you can engage in all the other 7 ways while you are in it! So you get 8 in 1 endorphin activation effect! :)

Ha ha! Chuffed you resonate Cathy! :) Open, well then it appears that this topic begs for a fully dedicated article at some point... :)

As a fun-loving Pleiadian star-soul who appreciates the pleasures of endorphins, I second that, Aspasia!

Well, I have been feeling to write about sacred sexuality for some time. I have to say, it does make me feel a touch exposed though! Then again, it's never stopped me before.

Till soon

Open *OK*

Open, did you repost this article to remind yourself to write about sacred sexuality *kiss3* *KISSING*? For me, a day of freewheeling will lift my spirits. I try to do it once or twice a week whenever possible. Strong cup of coffee certainly gets my juices going on the trip. I like the freewheeling session to include both nature and modern city life. I also vote for #8 as the mother of all endorphins but haven't mastered it yet.

With Love

Love your sense of humour Anatoly - ha ha!

And such a great reminder to consciously practice freewheeling. I tend to be free wheeling with the freewheeling, if you like, so its random. I appreciate its a practice.

Ok, another vote for number 8, cool. The word 'mastery' caught my attention Anatoly....mmmm I would say that freewheeling and humour (in number 8) IS the way to go :)

Reading the article and watching the process (all these lovely comments) is already uplifting....I wish those who haven't yet tapped in, will join soon to have the fun out of it :)

I note my first post on this thread about realigning energies in a community group setting. What a rocky road it's been! But it's six months later, and the tide is turning. Challenges still ahead though! What kept me going through thick and thin? Meditating (love the Liquid Gold Meditation, which I learned at Openhand workshops) plus the eight ways to activate endorphins! Yihah! :)

x Cathy

Hi Everyone - I recognise there's been a fair degree of processing recently, especially around the Sirian Karmic Influence. That's why I felt to feature this article again today on activating endorphins in the body to restore harmony and balance.

Remember, that when you've been processing a lot, it's important to not to get stuck in some whirlpool of negativity. Endorphins are chemicals in the body that block the uptake of negative energy. They 'balance the playing field' so to speak. 

Do scroll to the top and read the 8 ways in which you can activate them.

Wishing you all well

Open Heart

Timely reminder as I got up early today to go to the gym ... Been feeling important to get moving first thing in the morning... Thank goodness for the gym as it was -0.5 C this morning in Florida!!

Can feel a better balance...

Hi, Open,

Thank you <3

The glass is always full :-)

Wallowing in the darkness can be a sort of addiction. If it is not fully understood and the root of it is not found, it is really hard to unravel, unlock or interfere with it. If this vibration is not solved within, it is very hard to get out of the swamp and it just sticks layer after layer, spreads, develops more channels, more links. The feeling is really like trying to get out of swamp. Endorphins are not of much help, but more of a temporary relief, like a distraction. I never could understand it. Several days ago I just got pissed off with it all and decided to go in and find the answer why. All this is rather complicated, and the solution is geniusly simple and always the same.

Why is probably one of the most important questions. The answer is not always obvious, especially if there is avoidance or fear. But when you're facing the wall, there is not much else left to stare at and it just hits right in the face. 

The question was: how come darkness can become so huge it covers anything and I feel like being buried under it, flooded by it, drowning in it? The answer can be anything.

In my case, for instance, what I found beneath was a saviour complex. Amazing what darkness this seemingly "beautiful" idea can create. It is like Jesus taking the pain of the whole humanity, or like somebody would choose to dedicate his life to helping and saving other people. The other side of it is horrendous. Looking deeper into it it was just self-devastating, self-sacrificing "co-dependence". There is nothing beautiful (or healthy) in that. The underlying issue is disconnection from oneself and relying on external sources for a sense of completeness, realisation, satisfaction, etc. Moreover, it is actually relying on other people's weakness. It is like saying: you can't do it without me, you can't do it, so I will do it. Or, you can do it, but I can do it better. Or you don't know how, so I will show you how or do it for you. Eventually, it is self-disempowering and it is disempowering for others.

Sometimes, when we are disconnected from ourselves and our personal pain, we are ready to take anything and anybody's problems and pains, the whole world's pain, rather than facing ourselves and finding out what is within, rather than feeling alone, rather than being just a simple human being facing a human problem, facing human pain, and, especially, rather than accepting the internal and external reality, with everything there is, as it is.

When we find it hard to truly connect with ourselves we rely on external connections and dependence to feel belong and at home and that we are not alone. Same thing with the darkness and suffering. I guess it really has to grow sometimes to enormous and unbearable proportions and turn on us, against us, big time, so it doesn't help or compensate anymore, to make us finally choose to let it go and go inwards.

We know that Jesus too, being a healer and saviour, got beaten up and killed for the "sins of humanity", becoming helpless on the cross. Possibly, his humanity saviour complex got resolved in that process? We all carry our little straw in this world, and that's okay. Nobody's saving anybody. Nobody needs to feel anybody else's pain and resolve somebody else's issue, there is nothing to fix out there. Chill. That was a message I got to my big WHY???

Luckily, we are always there with us, with all the answers, and there is always an opportunity to choose to dive back into ourselves rather than swim in circles in disconnection in swamps around ourselves and focus on external "wrongs" rather than deal with our own stuff and take actions, make choices that scare us most.

So, our personal darkness is never something that would drown us, this is what I found. And unlike getting lost in the sea of "external, energetic" field, that is really big, just too big, and is none of my business really, not something I need to mess with, there is always a choice to connect back in and find what it is I am escaping, what is my little straw I am denying. It is scary, much more scary than the whole darkness and distortion out there, cuz it is out there, and yes, it is a much deeper and more REAL suffering, but it is MY suffering and it is just enough for me to handle. I mean we are carrying it within all the time, so why not just face it without all the detour?

It is worth it too. The prize is deep sense of connection with myself and reality, more presence, more sanity. That is, to me, better than anything, and it really and permanently solves it, rather than giving a temporary solution or relief, that also might become an addiction to cover up for addiction to cover up for addiction... Circles and circles and webs to unravel later on. That's my take on it. Everybody finds their way to deal and help themselves, I guess...

Another prize is actually realising that my responsibility is and always was, first of all, taking care of myself and loving myself, as well as only possible, understand what I truly need, want and can. Puts everything in place, and the swamp is gone in a blink of an eye. Reality clicks back into place. Rain is rain again, sun is sun, cup of tea is a cup of tea. Simple. Beautiful. Clear.

With that being said, I love yoga, dancing, rain, music, trees, massage, sex and chocolate too! :-) <3 <3 <3