YOUR DIVINE BEING: World Tour 2015

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The next big Openhand Wave is here! As the New Year rolls in, we're really excited in the Openhand Camp. After the great success of the Divinicus Tour back in the autumn of 2014, it's inspired us to keep the 'energy ball' rolling: to keep connecting with people; to keep inspiring and uplifting soul. What else is there?! So we've been beavering away in the background, pulling together the threads of another Tour, weaving a tapestry of evolutionary possibility. This time, not only will we be conducting level 1 "Divinicus" Workshops, but also level 2 "Path between Worlds" and evening Seminars aswell. We know many of you have been tuning into Openhand, on the sidelines for years. The time has come to dive into centre stream with us, and ride the wave of your soul! Event Details of "YOUR DIVINE BEING" World Tour 2015 are now listed here Who are You really? Time to find out...

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I echo the invitation to all those who tune into the website, our videos and books to really experience in person the awesome power of Openhand to unleash beingness in your life. Tune into your soul, your own mastery, be the best you can be and dissolve all those limiting patterns that shade your light.
I say this as someone who thought they had been on a spiritual path for years, but really I was going round in circles. A good ten years later, with the help of Openhand I have reached into the depths of my beingness over and over again, and I know this approach works. You don't have to "believe" anything, you don't have to "join" anything, come dip in a toe and see if you would care to swim with us, just whenever and wherever you feel to.
In a heart felt way,

The "Your Divine Being" World Tour begins officially today, with the first event in our home town of Glastonbury in the mystical 'Avalon'. We've got a full house of lovely people, all on a journey, all exploring this paradoxical phenomenon called 'life'.

What's inspiring the energy behind this Tour, is the observation that so many of humanity's problems (probably all!) come from the sense of mistaken identity - people mistaking themselves for something they are not. And even when a reasonable understanding of what they are emerges (that we are each 'the One'), even then, there are plenty of internal consciousness bonds creating an inner framework of fixed - limiting - identity which must be confronted and broken.

Have no fear! We can do it. We can get into all those places that make us feel small, and challenge the illusions they are. That's what the Openhand work is all about and the essence of the work for this Tour.

When you penetrate these fixed internal landscapes with truth, in an experiential way, they start to quickly dissolve and people start coming home to who they truly are. It's an absolutely magical experience.

Let the Journey Commence!....

I just absolutely love working at this level with people. What an incredibly deep exploration we had this weekend in the aptly named Glastonbury 'miracles' room. We went deep on a journey of discovery - experientially through the energies and experiences held within people's fields. It brings up so much, and then processes so much - a deep cleansing takes place, a deep healing, which then allows the soul to integrate and expand.

This was the first of the Divine Being World Tour 2015 - I'm so much looking forwards to meeting more of you around the world. You're all a part of an amazing family, connected through the ether, all with a common destiny and purpose. It's not always obvious in daily life, because of the density of the matrix and the conditioning of the people around us. But when we connect up like this, it's like coming home to true family.

Here's the 'crazy' Avalon group...

I love this shot of the wild and crazy Avalon group=). Lots of joy and lightness interwoven through the journey into the shadowy nooks and crannies.

Sandra - I look forward to meeting you in florida =)!

Much love,

Wow, what an amazing weekend, I'm still trying to make sense of everything I experienced and trying to integrate it into my 'normal ' life...the Soulmotion was incredible, I felt my soul fully connecting with my physical body and just knowing what it wanted to express; awesome! Another unforgettable moment for me was the 'soul connection' with another person. I don't want to give too much away about the actual exercise but it felt like coming home...words fail me. I don't think I've ever been with so many people in one room on the same wavelength :) Thank you Open and everyone there for a truly beautiful and soul stirring experience. Much love, Julie

I am excited to have recently joined the Openhand community! The site resonated with me and I decided to dive in and sign up for Level 1 & 2 in Florida :) Looking forward to meeting some beautiful souls!

Well the next leg of the "Your Divine Being" World Tour is fast approaching, in Kiama Australia (south of Sydney). It's hosted Katie and Graeme with support from Graeme's wife Megan. Together they've established the very vibrant self-realisation organisation called very appropriately "Emergence". Here's a snapshot of their website - it just makes me want to dive in. Check this link out:

Katie and Graeme have together wonderful and varied gifts of divine connection. They can energetically empathise and catalyse too.

Plus they've assembled a great team to support their mission with yoga, meditation, self-realisation and devotional 'Kirtan'.

I really love the feeling of Kiama itself. By the ocean, it's got a very warm, welcoming and soft energy. It feels a perfect vibe to hold the space whilst working on self development.

A great group is already building for the work. So I'm excited and greatly looking forwards to it.

If you've been tuning in, and wondering if you'd like to come, the three of us would love to see you. Here are all the details...

See you there!


That looks totally awesome!! I love the clean, clear website and the location looks spectacular. This will be an amazing week for people - they are in for quite a ride.
I'll be there in the ethers.

Katie, Graeme, and Megan!

What a warm and inviting website (love the sunny and earthy green colours) -- and what wonderful offerings, including Openhand workshops! I copied my Aussie friends on your website link. Best-est of Wishes, Catherine :)

Sending you tons of Love across and through the waters from the Left Coast of Canada, passing through Hawaii and her Dolphins all the way to your beautiful Kiama coastline for the gifts of Emergence.
As Cynthia said, we will be there through the ethers as Openhand finds its way to you.
Much love, Jan

Thank you for the warm and encouraging feedback - it means a lot. Really. It's amazing what can emerge if you spend time with Open ;) We are very excited about Open's return this month. It is always quite a ride - as you say Cynthia, one that's liberating! Big thanks and love back to you guys!

Thank you Openhander's for your kind words and support, it has been a powerful period with the birth of Emergence to channel our collective passion for self discovery and realisation perfectly synchronised with the birth of Joshua a beautiful little soul to join Megan and I's family.
At the ripe age of two days he has already attended several Openhand workshops both in Australia and Glastonbury :) We feel truly blessed and we're looking forward to introducing him to you Open <3

So it seems birth is the energy coming forth creating a beautiful lead into Open's divine being seminar at the Emergence Centre just a few short weeks away followed by level one and two workshops. What an amazing time this is.

Love to all,
Graeme, Megan & Joshua

Congratulations Graeme, Megan and Joshua!

Joshua is truly an Openhand Baby: he's even done the level 3 - including a Sweat Lodge - BEFORE appearing into the World. Now there's a first!

His birth does indeed have synchronous timing - bringing new energy into the world at this most precious of times. He's sure to be a deeply traveled soul with wonderful energies to offer.

I'm sure I echo everyone's sentiments in the Openhand Community of saying congratulations and wishing your lovely family well.

Fond blessings

Open *OK*

Congratulations guys! That's lovley! He does sound keen! ;-)
aww, so cool :D

love and very best wishes,


Welcome to the earth plane Joshua! Reading the postings around your arrival brings internal goose bumps. What an awesome soul you are - and thank you for coming here at this time.
I'm sure I speak for many when I say we are grateful.
And congratulations to your beautiful parents.

Oh wow!! I feel so fortunate to have shared our first sweat lodge together Joshua!! =)

Graeme and Megan- you both exude such warmth and love - I felt an immediate affinity for both of you the first time we met. This beautiful soul you've drawn to you will surely flourish (as will you all) in your togetherness.

Congratulations on this time of birth and renewal for you all! So excited for your multi-layered Emergence!!!

Sending you lots of love!
Xoxxo Jen

Joshua - the timing of your arrival is anchoring the energy of the birth of Emergence. Now THERE is Divine purpose.
Welcome, beautiful one. You are so loved.....

Wow, yes the sweat lodge. The feeling of aliveness through every cell of the body into the very marrow at the end was incredible. What a way to start a life.

Thank you all for your warm and beautiful words, Joshua is settling into this density like a pro :)

We had a wonderful launch for Emergence last night at the studio, a big show of support from the community and we were blessed with a beautiful talk from a senior Sivananda Yoga rep. The support crew worked from a place of true devotion to the concept of Emergence and helped make it a very successful night.

The divine being tour is going to be huge, we can't wait to welcome you here.

Love to all,

Congratulations Graeme and Megan on the arrival of your new little one!!! What exciting news that was to hear! Also wishing you all the best with the emergence of "Emergence". It looks amazing. How exciting to host the Divine Being tour.
Sending love your way.

The flow through to Kiama here in Oz was an effortless path of light, as if flying on the wings of Pegasus - the power animal has been coming to me strongly of late, easing deflty through the density of the matrix.

Call on his energy when you need a little help breaking through.
If it's meant to happen, you won't be disappointed!

The latest chapter in this year's "Your Divine Being" Tour is due to kick off here on Thursday 19th Feb. Here's what's taking place. As you can see, the level 2 is now full, but there's a couple more places we can squeeze into the Evening Seminar and the Level 1 if you feel to be there...

See you there!


This video clip is so clear and an essential message that needs to be shared. I am so excited for the Australia group tonight and especially for Open to come to Florida and share this as well.
Wishing you all well. Please share as to how it goes there:)

Trinity - awesome video - again. More of your creative spirit coming through from behind the camera. Love that...
Truly a message for our times as we look at the gifts 'adversity' brings to us. What are you trying to tell me...? or perhaps, what are you waiting to hear from 'me' to feel safe?
All questions that have been contemplated and bashed about over Trin's Cauliflower Soup just today.
Wishing you all much FUN in Kiama, Emergence. We are with you over here in Canada.
Much love,

Oh wow! I just LOVED this clip!!! I would say if there was one singular thing that has created the largest shift for me, it is THIS - what you shared here. This aspect of the Openhand approach is like nothing I had ever experienced before and YES it absolutely plucked me out of da Nile!! hahah

Excited to hear about how tonight went and thrilled for our leg of the tour as well!!

Much love,

Well we had the first seminar of the "YDB" (Your Divine Being) Tour last night in Kiama, Oz. It was an electric evening, so much energy flowing, and beautiful people from all across Australia - apparently one guy had even traveled a couple of hundred miles from Sydney on his bike. Now there's commitment for you!

And we had such a laugh. Anyone who knows the Openhand work, knows that nothing happens by intention: instead, we commit ourselves to feeling, attuning and aligning with the flow - that includes every word that is said. What it tends to do, is generate lovely synchronicities. Last night was a gem, a real pearl.

    I was in mid flow, just letting everything speak through me. At one point, where I was talking about the intervention of society and how it downgrades human beingness, I said something like... "and mobile phones too, how they interrupt the higher self". At that exact moment, a mobile phone started ringing! "Come on, whose the culprit?" I asked in a jocular way. No one would own up, and the phone kept ringing. Then I realised just where it was coming from - under MY laptop table, from MY own bag - it was MY phone! Ha ha ha - how it made me laugh :-)

    But it get's better still. I seldom use a mobile, only when I'm away from home. I use it to connect with my partner Trinity, who I know would have been tuning into the seminar at that point - I could actually feel her angelic vibration. The funny thing is, my service provide happens to be "Three" (it's a 'trinity'!). Now I know there's no way she'd physically call at that point, but instead the call had come from my service provider. And guess the number... 333 300 3313.

    So I'm blaming you Trinity, it's all your fault, these things you unintentionally manifest - ha ha :-)

But really of course I don't blame anyone. It was a beautiful reminder of being in the flow, connected to oneanother, not taking yourself too seriously, and having a great laugh in the process.

Thankyou universe (and my dear partner!)

Open *give_rose*

What a kick-ass kick-off in Australia! Love the synchronicity around, "Come on, whose the culprit?" Divine Benevolence levelling the playing field: the British "House of Lords" equalized with the exiled Aussies! Can't wait to see what unfolds in Canada. You might want to turn off your cell phone when you get here, Open (haha)! Catherine :)

Where do you people keep appearing from? Wow, what an amazing group of souls, who, by the most miraculous of ways, heard the 'whistle on the wind', emerged from wherever, and somehow made it down to Kiama for this weekend's gathering.

And many of us had clearly crossed paths before - although I'd bet my bamboo socks, not of this constellation!

When I looked at your energies, I could see so many ancient souls, traveled from far and wide: Sirius (of course) the Plaiedes (of course), Orion and Arcturus too. Plus some other unusual ones I couldn't quite place. Oh, and yes, there were some from Earth aswell!

What a weekend. When I wrote Divinicus, I wondered if people might think I was crazy - but here you are, the living embodiment of the bigger picture I felt to share. And because of that, you could go deep, and clear the deep karmic baggage that we all share. Then come out smiling and joyful.

Working through multiple dimensions to guide this is shattering - it's like processing through 120 million years of journeying in 48 hrs. But you make it all worthwhile.

Hi Five to you all!

Open *OK*

Hi Guys,

I'm knowing you had an awesome time!
So great when you finally feel you've found "home", eh?

Knew there would be shorts in the pic, too - just feeling a tiny bit jealous *wink*

Much love to everyone,

Thanks to Open for patiently sharing his journey, perspective and for paving the way for us! What a wonderfully diverse and informed group of souls to share this experience with! I can't stop thinking about the movie "Neverending Story" hahaha...Love to all

Nicole :)

So so glad that Open heard the cosmic call to come and play with us in Kiama & share his remarkable gifts with us. We feasted on a diet of freedom, love & possibility.

We were like bellows - contracting, expanding in upwards rising vortices of energy. We cried & we laughed and forgot about the world for a while. We learned to let go in a whole different way.

And it was an amazing group of souls - pillars of light - with amazing roles to play in shepherding in the new humanity.

May the light from Kiama be an anchor for the World Tour and support for Open in his work.

I am so glad I chose all of you to play with in this incarnation. You guys rock ...

Wow, how quickly did that workshop get into the distortions! Incredible.
Another amazing Divinicus Open, it surely feels like the work is speeding up now as the bigger picture is revealed and absorbed.

The Emergence studio felt like a space ship - an inner space ship! I'm ready to meet another group of amazing souls to continue the work on level 2 - let's dive deep.


Wow, it sounds like you are all having an amazing workshop. I would love to be there but sadly for me it wasn't possible this time, however thankyou for the updates, it reminds me how wonderful the openhand workshops are, and enables me to feel connected through the ether...


Awesome to connect with energy, and how that is rippling out into the community - I am feeling clearer and newly empowered.
As mentioned earlier in the thread the amazing energy of Pegasus has been very powerful with me too recently - breaking through and embracing higher connections and dimensions!

With lots of love for your level 2

Our "Path between Worlds" Openhand level 2 gathering has just reached it's climax here in Kiama. I just don't know how to put words to these gatherings. Souls with such special frequencies of being and divine gifts. When we step out of the suppression of society, work to liberate and infuse soul within, then how your light shines ever-so-brightly. I'll have to wear sunglasses!

Thanks so much to Graeme and Katie - the "Emergence" crew and all helpers for the wonderful commitment of energy. And to you magical souls who came from far and wide. You humble me. You are all heroes!


I was only able to be at first Kiama workshop, however was still fully connected with the souls in the second workshop. Nothing tires me anymore, however this week I have been weary & felt so much pressure in my heart as if I was working at deep levels. I had to face the Heart of Darkness & have such gratitude to have been supported to do so by being connected to such an incredible group of souls. Something shifted this morning - a heavy seed from my heart was coughed out.

Deepest love & gratitude

To describe what this week has meant to me using the language of words does not come close to giving it justice.
I attended both courses and feaRlessly gave it 100% the results of which are absolutly priceless.
The only danger I feel is that if I infuse anymore soul the confines of this body may not contain the love that I feel within,
I may burst from this body into the cosmos.

It was as if I was a boat cast upon on a stormy sea being tossed about in complete darkness, the sound of the waves and wind coarsing
through my being. My attention is drawn above to see the clouds part for an instant to reveal the night sky and a single star to guide my way.
The sight of this star washing all around me away. The star is my guide home and now I know which way to steer my craft.
Thankyou my friend.

Here is a song revealed to me on my way home on the last day of the course. Before I even heard a word I knew it was a special to me.
"My father" in the lyrics is THE ONE.

Peace and love to you all.

Wow Wow Wow! How amazing is it to be just who you truly are! Distortions confronted and rays shining! It's about time!

What an amazing Level 2.



Much Love to everyone I travelled with :)

Zac, Claire you guys rock! There was so much courage shown in these workshops and it was contagious; feeding back into the group like a harmonic resonance unleashing such exquisitely beautiful soul expression.

Thank you Open, I found the tiniest of threads that led to some core distortions that I am ready to unwind. You can't place a value on that.

Love to all.


Thanks so much for your heartfelt sharing,

and LOVIN' the song!!!

All the Aussie crew are amazing! *BRAVO*


Two more weeks...looking forward to some sunshine & digging deep :)

Sounds like you all had very powerful workshops in Australlia! We are excited and awaiting Open's return here in Florida. Looking forward to meeting you Maureen. I have enjoyed all your sharings on the site. There should be plenty of sunshine, it's one of my favorite times of the year!!!

Thanks Kim! I look forward to meeting you as well! I am from the Toronto, Canada area so the sunshine will be much appreciated. :) See you soon!

Hi Maureen! Yes spring seems to have arrived this week! So looking forward to our leg of the tour and to meeting you as well! I love how you have been so open and honest on the site... It's really beautiful to witness.

It has been incredible to follow along with the Aussie workshops!! Much love to you all out there!!!!

With love,

Hi Jen,
Thanks I enjoy reading your comments on the site as well....very insightful & honest. Looking forward to meeting you as well!

After many miles traveling, I'm now back from Oz, totally enthused by the wonderful group and the amazing experiences we all shared. You are amazing souls!

And it's looking like I'll be back in September with a new project - more on that in due course.

Right now, I'm working with a touch of jet-lag, and beginning to look forwards to the Florida leg of the tour - I can feel it already - it's feeling pretty electric!

In the meantime, here's some beautiful soul music provided by Zac (from the Oz group). Thanks Zac... beautiful...thanks Zac and guys are amazing! Its been a challenging week coming home from such an awesome time with the group but il never forget the lessons learned and the inspiring people I met! Thank You :) Nicole

so cool to connect with all you gorgeous people! the magic and intensity I felt at Kiama has waned.. not sure if im too suppressed in this relationship or if the challenge is to feel it here in this suppression.. ill work at the latter for now :)

on another note:

I felt to share this video. im not sure it sums up my experience but it hits me hard ...

love amber

It's a very poignant video Amber (I embedded it for you).

It was a joy and a pleasure having you join us at Kiama, I know it was a challenge for you - hat's off that you came.

You said the 'magic and intensity has waned' since Kiama. If I may say so, there's usually a few reasons why this would happen: either the expansion has been integrated and normalised; but I strongly suspect that's not the case here. Sometimes we touch something that's deep and repressed but aren't able to go there at the time. We may chose to bathe in the energy and rise above it instead, but until we truly dive into it, there won't be a lasting release and integration of lost soul fragments.

Interestingly, I'd say your video choice points to where to look - into the impact of the divine masculine. What does that mean? How might you be subconsciously allowing yourself to be suppressed by it, then distancing yourself from it?

My advice would be to connect with an empathic facilitator (like Katie), who can take you deep into the pain of it. Then you'll likely process and integrate the divine masculine inside yourself. Then there'll be no more fear of it.

Offered with love and empathy


I must have made an impact...for I embraced fully only to be ignored unlike everyone else who posted...must be my journey ;)I remain strong,positive and purposeful...
Love and enlightenment to all :)

Hey Clear - didn't realise who you were at first.
It was lovely having you involved in the work.
All sparkles and rainbows!

Open :-)

oh yeh, im on track then.. thats where i was headed anyway.. but i will deal with that in everyday life...

i wasnt rising above anything. i was just balancing cos thats what i felt to do.

im looking forward to the next course.. ive had the feeling since the first course i attended that im waiting and supporting everything to mature before the serious stuff begins.


Well the "Your Divine Being" World Tour rolls on to Florida next - I'm travel bound once more.

Meeting people involved in the work really excites me. I'm passionate about helping people be who they truly are.

Having personally come into an existence that didn't really serve my higher nature, I too know exactly what it's like being lost in the density and having to work your way out.

It happens both with patience but also persistence. You have to keep going, keep digging, keep unraveling. Then you'll be totally amazed at what you uncover. And that's what fires my passion most -

    watching people truly doing this and helping inspire it.

So I'm greatly looking forwards to this next chapter in the Tour. Thanks everyone for tuning in and lending your support. It's greatly appreciated.

Open *give_rose*

With you in thought and spirit. Your passion and dedication are truly inspiring. For me uncovering soul is the only worthwhile pursuit. Soooo much love to you and all your support team in Avalon and Florida. Love you all!!!

It's a fascinating time to be alive,
it's a fascinating time to be a Spiritual Facilitator!

A big part of the Openhand 'mission' is to help encourage, catalyse and develop a Network of Spiritual Facilitators in various parts of the globe. It's an advanced program - it has to be.

Helping people regress into, and to process, their karma, requires the development of profound psychic gifts of sensitivity.

For example:

  • we work on our inherent ability to feel someone else's energy field as if it were our own
  • we master the art of sensitive/intuitive questioning to explore the blockages we can feel
  • processing karma is all about self realisation: a healer can remove the karmic energy, but unless the 'client' has self realised why it built up in the first place, then it is sure to return (if not in this incarnation, then another)
  • the deep, intuitive questioning exploration invokes self-realisation, which can be felt and realised as an inner, alchemical integration
  • we master how to infuse energy of catalysis: you bring it into your own field, which then resonates in the other persons - they feel their own infusing soul.

It's deeply humbling and rewarding process to be able to facilitate someone in this way.

Humanity is only just at the very first steps of beginning to process karma. There is bundles of work to do. You could say such karmic healing is a massive growth area!

So on the World Tour in Florida at the moment, I'm working with a small, focused group, helping to initiate and activate these gifts. They're people who've come through the Openhand Advanced Course Program; those who've shown a real motivation and aptitude for divine service at this level.

    Is that something that interests you? Is divine service a passion and commitment that fires your soul? Do you have the commitment and courage to truly unravel, that you may help another in a deeply profound way?

Here's what the Openhand Facilitator Program is all about, and how to qualify for it...Warriors of Truth

Hi Trinity...yes youre right...I'm working on leaving behind my victim mentality and processing and embracing the massive expansion I experienced at Kiama at the workshop! Love Nicole...thank you :)

In reply to by Open

Thanks Open, you helped me to face myself so much...I'm very grateful for your guidance and generous heart :) Nicole...sparkles lol!

Mmmmm...this is something I am feeling called towards, I know it will be an exciting and transformational journey...looking forward to opening ever deeper into these learnings...thank you!! Big love xxx

Well, "Path between Worlds" was probably the most touchingly moving completion to an Openhand Course I've ever experienced here on the World Tour in Florida. And that's saying something, because there have been countless soul stirring courses.

It began quite innocuously, myself and 8 wonderful, gentle, women from far and wide in North America. Because the group was small in comparison to others, it meant we were able to be much more personalised, weaving sensitively the threads of each person's life into a tapestry of group energy. These courses steer themselves, they always do...

    I felt quite a different blend of frequencies coming through me this time, led very clearly by the divine feminine. I was encouraged to look even deeper inside myself, empathise, soften, open, and to trust that the subtlety would still catalyse what was necessary.

And oh how it did! How absolutely magical the divine feminine energy is. It catalysed just as strongly. The group were able to regress into deep seated territory, emotionally break down into it, then quickly integrate and emerge out the other side. Like doves taking to flight, the divine feminine in us all was truly empowered. I am humbled. Thankyou for a most moving and memorable experience.

Here are some photos and stay tuned for the very special music we shared towards to end...

It began quietly, intimately, and so we went very deep, very quickly...

It was a divine venue, a fair way from the hubbub of Florida, with an acre of lovely leafy grounds...

Our lovely sunny retreat house...

The forest meditation cabin...

Jen weaving her artistic magic...

And here she is in a reflective moment...

Sandra performing a knitting meditation....and here's me thinking we're supposed to be unraveling the threads!...

The organiser of the 'show'. Kim, who managed to slow down plenty too. Awesome job Kim!...

Be humble grasshopper, like the dust...

A parting soulmotion session on the immaculately dusted veranda...

None of us will forget the finale. I opened myself up, to which the divine masculine came through in the most tender of ways I've ever known, with a message for all women everywhere: a deep expression of gratitude, for everything that you've endured in humanity's very suppressive and brutal past...

    "Woman, I can hardly express,
    My mixed emotion at my thoughtlessness,
    After all, I'm forever in your debt,
    And woman, I will try express,
    My inner feelings and thankfullness,
    For showing me the meaning of success..."

And Lennon was most definitely with us on that final day. Take it away maestro...

To the divine feminine everywhere, thankyou, from the bottom of my heart, for truly showing this man the meaning of success.

Open <3

Wow. I'm melting. A message straight from the heart. Thank you, Open. Thank you, divine sisters. And thank you, John Lennon, for your profoundly healing lyrics, which bring tears to my eyes. xxx Catherine

So heart is bursting. I posted the following comment under course sharing but felt it belonged here.

Words can not express the deep gratitude & love that I feel for the experience that was created for myself and 7 other brave, beautiful women. My spirit has been lit in a way that I know will transform my life. The space was safe and infused with unconditional love. I experienced joy, pain and love in a beautiful way.

The karmic release I experienced on the final day has begun profound healing of my Divine Feminine. I will never forget the unconditional love and tenderness that I felt from all and beyond. To have you all sing so lovingly to me as I had the beautiful experience is something I will never forget. The space was infused with unconditional love, tenderness & healing. The Level 1 & 2 experience has shifted me somewhere deep inside.

Maureen <3

I don't feel I have lost a thing...nothing has decreased. Entering back into 3rd D was not nearly as difficult as I supposed it would be. I am somewhere an authentic expression of the Divine Feminine, with all the Rays glowing. I knew Florida would be life-changing but never could have envisioned the depth it would go for all of us. Such beautiful, beautiful souls in newly-found freedom and Light/Love.


Hi Trinity,

I felt you and your angels with us in Florida. I look forward to meeting you in June :)

Maureen <3

So beautiful to read about the Florida experiences, thank you all for sharing. I honour all of my soul sisters over there and send each of you the warmest of etheric hugs!

How wonderful, Open, that you could bring that alchemical energy of divine masculine to hold space for these women and allow the deepest possible expression of feminine release. I have felt that balanced masculine energy, it is such a soul-full invitation to drop all defences in complete safety and such a gentle salve to some very deep wounds. When in alignment with the balanced feminine able to meet it, I feel that there is so much opportunity for very rapid transformation.

Right now, the warped version of patriarchal masculine energy is in it's death throes. We must take every step in awareness and mindfulness as we usher in a new way of being. It is so very important for this sweet salve of divine masculine energy to permeate the world and for we sisters to welcome it with open arms! It was never this energy which hurt us, we are safe within it. We can surrender, we can lay back and float in it's presence, knowing we will always be honoured and respected in every moment.

It is so beautiful to find the divine masculine embodied in human form, as it is such a delightful peak expression of what humanity is capable of. At the same time, not forgetting also, that we have this energy always available within us and around us. We can call on it and feel it and play with it whenever we feel to, since finding actual embodiment of it in male form appears quite rare, so far! Further, I feel also that it is important for we women to bring the embodiment of this energy into ourselves, as well. It is not just for male bodies!

In balance, we can flow between expressions of the masculine and feminine. For ourselves, for our children, for our partners, for our communities, we can draw on all of those qualities. We can model what is possible. We can hold this space for others and ourselves. We don't need to wait on anyone else to provide those expressions for us! Whether brothers or sisters, it is all within us, quietly and unassumingly waiting for us to be ready to recognise ourselves.

I am sooooo excited to be alive right now and be a part of this epic moment in time! Thank you so much for listening to my heart's outpourings, sending much love to all! :) xoxo

What an incredibly powerful experience we all shared. For me I experienced the gentlest expression of the divine masculine that I have ever a way I didn't even know was possible. This energy held open a space and gently but quite deeply dove into the divine feminine - exposing, feeling and expressing the core of our most sensitive and painful places and then opened into a field of unconditional love and support.

Ladies, it was just an honor to be part of this gathering - I saw myself in all of you - all the different colors helped me to see myself more clearly. Thank you for sharing yourselves so completely.

Open, it is absolutely beyond words for me to describe the gratitude I feel for your guidance, love and support...I am thankful beyond measure that the path lead me here to Openhand...everything has changed these last few years...everything has become richer, more alive, more true. Until we all meet again, sending you all much love! Jen

Ahh it is beautiful to feel the energy of your experiences rippling out... Deeply touching...

With the recent Solar Eclipse I felt the end of a cycle which seemed to bring awakening and awareness and the beginning of a new cycle, the next step, a cycle with a greater depth and what felt like deeply peaceful, pure, still connection was tangible.
The ceremony which I was invited to hold was around, healing the divine feminine; so that the chalice may be held, an empty and a pure space for the healing of the divine masculine to come forth - beautiful ripples... Beautiful Connections...

It has been hard to find the words to express the amazing journey over the last two weeks. Many new connections made in so many ways. For me the softening, surrendering and opening allowed me to see what walking the path really means in a deeper way than ever before. I am slowly breaking down the resistance. Seeing myself in all of you was so powerful and deeply moving. There is nothing else. I will continue no matter how hard this journey seems to be. I look forward now to the more conscious feelings of tightness I experience so I can soften and unravel them. The gratitude and love I feel is indescribable. I feel truly blessed beyond words. I'll be at the Transfiguration, hope to see some of you there as well.

Truly beautiful...witnessing your beautiful souls journey, expand, open, surrender, warrior on...inspires me and fills me with profound loving connection.

Thank you all for sharing your experience with all of us.
Much love

The "Your Divine Being World Tour" is now gearing up for Victoria in Canada. Both Trinity and myself will be traveling this time, and we're greatly looking forwards to it. I met a lovely group of people last autumn there for the Openhand Divinicus Course and many will be coming back for the level 2 Path between Worlds.

As with Australia and the US, we'll also be putting on a 3hr interactive evening seminar, which incorporates presentation with meditation, emotive music and video. It's an approach I'm greatly enjoying and is lifting people well. The events begin with the seminar on April 23rd. Not long now!

Looking forwards to seeing you all

Open & Trinity

We are super excited for your arrival, Open and Trinity. Spring has truly arrived here and we are really looking forward to seeing the Divinicus group again for Path Between Worlds.
Since Level 1 the world has shifted on its axis for us here - we can't wait for Level 2! It feels like 'fasten our seatbelts' time.... :)
Much love,

How lucky we Canadians and Americans are to be welcoming both of you very soon in Victoria, Open and Trinity! Can't wait to meet you in person, Trinity! Since joining the Openhand community in 2013, my consciousness has expanded multi-dimensionally! As I gear up for the Divinicus seminar and Level II workshop, stuck energy is surfacing in order to be released. I know I will benefit hugely from Open's powerful mirroring and catalyzing. I look forward to seeing the Openhand gang, once again, and to meeting any new folks who might be attending. xxx Catherine

Path Between Worlds in Glastonbury was incredibly awesome in Nov - so much so that I'm going for a second round of "hold onto your hat" awesomeness in Victoria. I don't think I've ever repeated a course by choice...LOL. See you soon Open and Trinity!

Love Sandra

Yah, you're on your way! Have a wonderful trip to Canada, Open and Trinity. Love the photos. Now that's some powerful soul in motion! See you both soon. It feels like pure magic to me! Cynthia, so happy you and Jean-michel and other Openhanders will be tuning into the Victoria gang with your beautiful energy!

xxx Catherine

Enjoy your time with Trinity & Open Victoria! Excited for you!

Knowing that Open and Trin are on their way re-ignites the experience I had in Florida a month ago (Was it really that long ago?). I completely fell in love with Openhand and the work they are doing. FINALLY, a pathway that makes sense to my mind and feels right in my soul. I will be eagerly following the experiences coming from Victoria. Blessings and joy! and some deep work, too...!

Thanks for the well wishes guys - heart warming *give_rose*

I remember getting to Victoria on the Divinicus Tour - it seemed like I needed every mode of transport to get there - but it was well worth it.

Trin and myself are on the ferry now (wifi is everywhere!), after a long flight and bus ride, a little jaded, a little tired, but nevertheless deeply enthusiastic for our visit - meeting up with the Victoria Team again. And I hear a couple of 'Florida fairies' might be making it over here too - time will tell.

Till soon


When you're traveling, I find you've got to work hard to stay fresh. And by that, I mean keep your vibe high. The matrix is abound, and that density can so easily slip into your consciousness and downgrade it. What can you do?

Here's just a few key areas to focus on...

  1. Conscious Movement: there's lots of 'on the bus/off the bus' in traveling; plenty of 'hurry up and wait'. So don't waste a moment. Trin and myself use little opportunities to do soulmotion, pilates and yoga. Even on planes you'll often find us at the back, squeezed into a little corner doing some kind of conscious movement. You've just got to have the commitment.
  2. Meditation: there's so much distraction on the road: people, places, objectives and deadlines, it's so easy for attention to be even more distracted from 'in-here' to 'out-there'. Again discipline is necessary. Take a few minutes here and there to go within, feel the vibe of your soul and breathe it into your being.
  3. Food and water: these should perhaps be top of the list. It never ceases to amaze me the utter junk that masquerades as food, especially on planes, and yet people still eat it! We seldom eat the food provided, even special meals, and even if that costs us extra. There's always something you can find if you're prepared to be patient, manage the tummy rumblings and instead make the higher choice. You're evolution is worth it.
  4. Hotels: just because a hotel is cheap, doesn't mean the vibe is poor. I've frequently had the best night's sleep in youth hostels. Often hotels have too much wifi and gadgetry. With that in mind, if you have a choice, go for a room on the top floor or near to it. And make sure you unplug unnecessary gadgets like those illuminous clocks and TVs for ever on standby. Sleep with your head away from the wall so as to be away from the residual electrosmog. Every little helps!
  5. The Path of Light: always watch and feel for the flow of the moment. This begins even at the time of booking a flight or ticket, even if weeks in advance. Feel it carefully. Don't necessarily always go for the cheap option, it could cost you more in the end. Watch for those signs and synchronicity. When you're moving, if you're observant, you'll spot them everywhere. Watch for the 'path of light' - it takes the effort out of traveling.

With that in mind, yesterday we were wondering about breakfast - the hotel food was out of the question. Even when they serve fruit, it's extremely rare that it would ever be organic. But the divine provides! And here, just outside of the station in Brighton, on our way to the airport, we discovered this amazing fresh juice bar run by Gareth and Tom. Together they call themselves 'the juice revolution'...

And here's Tom Greenery doing his stuff (is that really his name? I'm told so; it seems he was destined!)...

And here are the guys hard at it, prepping juices...

Do check out their website, it's an inspiration...
Juice Revolution

And if you're ever in Brighton, do check them out at the main train station.

When ever I meet people like this, I think of us all as the 'vibe warriors' - making big inroads into the matrix, bringing some lively vibrations back to the world.

Yee-hah - Go for it guys!

Open & Trinity

Taking note of your travel tips Open because two"Florida fairies" will be there. After feeling the pull and some synchronistic magic everything fell into place. We are excited beyond words. Looking forwards to meeting some new Openhaners and reconnecting with others. See you all soon!

Synchronistic magic, oodles of support and everything opened up in the most incredible way =). Yes we are thrilled to be coming out to Victoria and to meet/ see all of you!! See you all on Saturday!!

Much love,

PS LOVE the new pic Kim!!! Can see your beautiful smile!

Jen & Kim....that is awesome that you are both able to go. Enjoy!! the new pic. I will see you in June. :)

xo Maureen