5D Ascension Timeline: How Much Longer Do We have Left?

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People often ask me, "How much time do you think we have left before the 5D Ascension completes?" The answer is... "not long!" It's impossible to say for sure, but with each passing day, if you're feeling through into the wider field, the sense is it's getting ever closer. The video I'm sharing at the bottom lays out a very precise timescale based on solid, researched scientific evidence - I encourage all to watch. And then consider: what would be the wisest approach to it?

Immanent Arrival of the Galactic Superwave

When I incarnated, I saw dramatic visions of what the world is coming to within the shift: The Earth cleansed in a ball of fire, dramatic 3D upheaval, and souls emerging out into 5D. Now let me be clear, I don't especially believe in prophecy, but most definitely a true visionary, whose reading the energy flow, can see "Future landing Now".

What do I mean?

Consider that it's been around 12,000 years since the last convergence of galactic, solar and earth pole shift cycles. We are far less than 1% away from that completion. My sense is about 0.01 percent - about 12 years before the proverbial sh** really hits the fan. In which case, if you imagine someone taking a step, their foot is almost already on the ground. And that's why if you're really tuned in to what's actually taking place in the galactic energy field, you can "predict", more or less, what's going to happen. You can see future landing now.

My sense is that we have until 2050 until this 3D destruction cycle completes. But that doesn't mean everything will be calm and hunky dory until that point. Far from it. There are phases to the unwinding and the correspondent 5D shift - an event line. Right now we're moving into the depths of a Grand Solar Minimum, plus the emergence of a new solar sunspot activity cycle, and at a time where Gaia is lowering her magnetic shield.

Meaning: we are right in the cross-hairs of a possible solar sunspot  "kill shot" which would take out the entire electricity grid and project humanity right back to the stone age.

Explore: 5D Shift: "The Event", Galactic Superwave & 11:11 Synchronicity

I incarnated as a soul exchange to share this viewpoint and help people to ascend out of the epic transformation... The Nature of a Soul Exchange

Two Sides to the 3D/5D Coin

After the solar coronal mass ejections kick in again, other cycles converge that will dramatically escalate the effect, all pointing towards the conclusion of the Solar Nova "Event", with the arrival of the Galactic Superwave, which the Hopi Elders called the "Blue Star Kachina" - the 9th final sign before what they termed, "The Great Purification". The Galactic Superwave (that has been well researched and documented but covered up by the shadowstate...see Dr Paul Laviolet), which blankets the sun in 3 days of darkness (as the ancients recorded and predicted), then agitates the sun taking it into the Solar Nova Event. This could well be the trigger for the sudden final "flip-flop" of the earth's magnetic field, which would unleash catastrophic tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and floods. This will be the great cleansing of the 3D. It's happened many times before, The Atlantean 'Mythology' for example. My personal feeling sense (that happened in the crash), was that it will be somewhat more complete this time - I don't see any sophisticated life surviving in the 3D.

BUT, take a deep breath and remember...

There are two sides to this 3D/5D coin. For a new reality to be created, with a new harmony and higher vibrational configuration, the old one has to break down - like the caterpillar going through the crysallis metamorphosis stage. For those truly tuned into the shift, and embodied as an integrated soul, then many will by then know how to conduct "Maya Samadhi" - you leave the body at will, when the soul knows your journey is complete, just as the masters like Paramahansa Yogananda and others have revealed to humanity. When the "wave" comes, in whatever form that is, and your journey is complete, the soul will know. And providing you're able to let go of investment in the 3D, then you'll move on. Personally I have already witnessed this happening in some people who pass on - it is absolutely beautiful to witness. A relief and ecstatic return to a deeper actualisation with the source. It's a home coming. The 5D butterfly emerges from the crysallis!

Explore the Process of Maya Samadhi on Openhand's 5D Ascension Program

World Ascension into 5D

In conclusion, I would encourage all to watch this video below. Amongst all the purposeful mindless distraction and disinformation out there right now, this is highly revelatory and based on solid science. It also happens to concur very accurately with the visions I saw when I incarnated. It's what the shadowstate DON'T want you to know! Remember, there are two sides to this coin:

What will you focus on? What will you choose?

Here's the 3D vision. The 5D will emerge spectacularly out of this...

Finally, the Openhand work has been especially crafted to meet these tremendous times of opportunity through evolutionary transmutation into your 5D Being. If you resonate with my sharing, including and especially if you're in some fear about what might happen, come and explore the immaculate 5D side of the coin...

Openhand Ascension Academy


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I have always sensed this Suspicious Observer guy to "off" and captured by alien agenda--have listened to him on and off for years.  My own sense about the 3-d shift and earth changes is not from solar/galactic disaster alone.   Historical solar cycles eruptions may be impacted from presence of current space fence/ satellites, and not necessarily in a good way.  What I find off about him, is his continued lack of coverage about our technological engineering impact on what's happening on earth and the sun energetic exchange...is it possible that we are impacting the sun by our choices.

Is there any other "so-called scientific analysis of this same threat" that has a different prediction about the coming great waves of changes?

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To be clear about Suspicious Observers which is why I like and quote them, is that they're not "just one guy". These are hundreds of alternative researchers that are constantly monitoring the cosmology. Is this particular view on the galactic/solar/earth convergences backed up by other research? Yes, some of the evidence they also quote featured in a booklet called "The Adam and Eve" story which was then classified by the CIA because of (we assume) its accuracy in explaining the science of the Pole Shift (it pointed to evidence from amongst others Einstein for example). Concerning the Galactic Superwave, to my knowledge there's only been one serious study, by Dr Paul LaViolet who studied cosmic dust sediment in the Greenland and ant-arctic Ice Sheets, but that has been ongoing for 30 years and by all accounts pretty comprehensive.

To be clear though, I'm not putting forwards the science to say... "this proves definitely what's going to happen". I am here to share a vision of future-landing-now, and a higher dimensional message of what is coming in our immediate future. I share the science so as to demonstrate that there is evidence to back up this possibility. BUT, it's not the science, nor the evidence, nor my message that's the crucial issue. The point is (as I asked in the article): if this were reasonably possible, and the evidence shows that the earth has been regularly impacted by these 12,000 year cycles, then how might that inspire your own inquiry at a soul level - how might it inspire your sense of purpose and direction in life? When we ask this question in some of the Openhand meditation groups, people actually regress back into these galactic completion cycles, such as the conclusion of Atlantis and also the Sirius Shift for example - they actually re-experience what's in their karmic consciousness, which helps them process it out and prepare for the next shift - whenever that might be. Rather than simply continuing along in the bogus projected synthetic reality most are living in, one that has a clear agenda to enslave people, and probably to coerce them off planet, what instead does your soul inform you to do in light of this earth transformation possibility?

Please note carefully that I'm asking a question, NOT providing some scientific "answer".

Open 🙏


why would we want to stay on earth plane with this enormous earth shift?


I was reviewing Dr. Paul Laviolet's articles and the interview video had been terminated on his site. Now I do not see the video that you had for us to see above. Was that video terminated as well because of it's content? or was there just a glitch in its installation ? I was hoping to view it. Thank you for keeping us abreast of the now and beyond. Namaste'


Last year I had a dream that people were burning up , there were two suns in the sky , and then I drowned and I woke up.  


Hey Open, I've been tuning in again from time to time, and thank you for this article. I know you've been talking about these events for a while but I always thought the whole catastrophe - including the start of it - was not until 2050 or so. I've been diving into their material yesterday after you posted this and learned a solar flare that'll destroy our entire electricity grid/digital world could even happen before 2030. Apparently the sun is already releasing flares close to that, just not in our direction. My human part is concerned, yet I feel a strong underlying thrill. Back to stone age conditions.. whew. What a beautiful invitation to give myself even more to the only real game going on, at the same time more appreciating all the things that are still possible right now with technology. It's mind altering to let sink in what it really means to go back to stone age conditions and I notice it maximizes awareness around everything I do. My mind is going over ways to prepare for this, and I guess that's an important part without giving into fear or panic or deny it until it actually happens. I wonder how predictable it is when this flare actually is going to hit and if people will be informed, as it has been awfully quiet around this in msm. I'm also wondering how the shadow state is handling this as they never seem to grow tired of pushing their agenda, yet what are they trying to accomplish with this event in near sight? But I guess that energy does what it does and also goes by "if I knew the world would come to an end tomorrow, I would still plant an apple tree today". Exciting times!

"Wenn ich wüsste dass die Welt morgen untergeht, würde ich heute einen Afpfelbaum pflanzen."


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Hi Hannah - it's great to connect with you again - a warm welcome onto the shores of Openhand The Sun Emoji

With regards the solar flares, of course there's no guarantee when and even if they will strike any time soon - although the probability will keep increasing as we journey through the next cycle. Of course many will fire off in directions that will miss the earth (as previously). What we can though is: that as we pass through the galactic sheet, that's going to impact every planet in the solar system (already is); the galactic superwave will dramatically impact every planet; the earth pole shift will have a dramatic effect on the entire 3D aspect of earth.

For me, in terms of contemplating any fear about this, I'd ask the question (of anyone reading): would we really want to avoid this and have society grind inexorably downhill for the next few decades? For it to swallow more and more sentient life and human consciousness? Is not society a living hell for many people as it currently stands?

For me at least, when the conclusion comes, it will be a welcome relief!

See you on 5D beaches

Open 👍😊


Hi Open - love the sharing. It's quite informative of the possible/probable event lines.

However, I do get the sense that the makers of the video (i.e, the Suspicious Observers) is coming from a somewhat limited 3d perspective, and are in turn influenced by the black snake energies themselves in their narratives. After all, who is suspicious, and of what?

To me though, the most important pointer to take away is definitely the Maya Samadhi (or Mahāsamādhi?). Some time ago in dream time, I remember being reminded by my spirit guide the importance of diving in fully and emerging out through this density, or I'd risk parts of me getting stuck here upon physical death. I took it as a great energetic tip on emerging as a soul (exchange) from the old constructs back then, but now I see it perhaps also hints at the natural spiritual solution to our 3d problem down the line. Quite exciting stuff if you ask me!

And when I think of consciously passing on, the final scene from Blade Runner always come to mind.

In his final act of love and acceptance, the Android's soul emerges like the rising dove! ...


Really...karma, past life karma, archetypes, intervention,  more intervention,  shadow, matrix agenda, black snake energy, and many many more.

Now we can look forward to kissing our arses goodbye, in an unpleasant way I might add.

School room earth really really sucks sometimes, waking up has never been such fun!


Reading this is like reading the plot of a thriller movie. I have a strong sense of adventure and excitement about what will happen in the coming years. It's such a relief to know that there's nothing left to fight for or struggle for in this reality. I'm sure it'll be uncomfortable at times, but that's fine with me.Perhaps it's because I'm already in such a state of uncertainty about the future that I'm losing attachment to my family and desires. But if the internet goes down, I'll miss connecting with openhand through this site, which serves as a sort of anchor for my journey.I haven't yet watched the video. I'm going to do that soon.