The 5D Shift and the 2 Speed Planet...How to Thrive in 3D/5D

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I've just returned from a round Britain road trip of approximately 2000 miles, taking in 5 nations in lockdown; 10 days of meditation and essential energy work to catalyse the field; I shot 10 videos to share with you of various high energy sites. The purpose was to explore and demonstrate the strong higher dimensional 5D flow, which is now positively ripping around the planet and will NOT be constrained by any bogus, unscientific, unhealthy and unlawful lockdowns.

The time has come for ascending people to take back their power, embody soul, and express it like never before. This is an act of rebellion. An act of freedom. An act of love.

Sword and the Stone

It began in Avebury, UK, the "crop-circle grand central" of the planet, where the veils are thin, and ancient energy portals connect you readily into the dimensions. I'd slept close to 4 bridging stones of the planet, which, in the middle of the night, seized my soul and journied me back through the ages all the way to Atlantis, where they had traveled from. I was reminded of the time when humanity was unwittingly seeded, through coercion and duplicity, into accepting a program of downgrading through DNA hybridisation - an exact reflection of what is happening across the planet right now in the bogus pandemic.

I was reminded how such intervention ALWAYS ends with an unravelling pent up flow, that time the ending of an ice age, unleashing a deluge of water that swept across the planet devastating the mechanisms and technology of the intervention. The stones were deposited in that location as the ice sheet withdrew, there to leave a record for all those who would tune in and feel. And they awakened me with a rattling - an iron gate between them, which clearly stated: "Time to withdraw the Sword from the Stone." It didn't take long to figure out the metaphor:

Plenty of lightworkers are feeling the physical density right now and their karmic investment in the 3D: It's time to draw the Sword of your Soul from the density; time to forge your Excalibur!

Explore the True Meaning of Atlantis and the Rise of the Divine Human

Reclaiming Our Sovereignty

It was with this awareness and motivation that I set off, driven by the quest for Excalibur and shielded by my knowledge of the Common Law. Let's be crystal clear, these ridiculous and draconian "laws" of the various Rona-virus acts around the planet are NOT law at all. They are merely guidelines, that you acquiesce inadevertantly to, by agreeing a contract with the powers-that-be, by submitting your name and address. Refuse to do so and (essentially), they have no contract over you. They can enforce ONLY by consent.

Do not consent and they have no power. Yes, you might get fined with a bogus piece of paper; you may get arrested in what would be tantamount to false arrest, fraud and kidnapping - because you haven't agreed to their jurisdiction.

Let's be clear, forging your Excalibur will ALWAYS come with a cost to the ego. And most often, that cost is entirely illusionary. Right now, here in Britain, the legal system is positively creaking and about to break under the mountain of false, duplicitous and fraudulent actions the powers-that-be have taken - plenty of people are simply refusing to pay up.

And so I traveled around Great Britain, which although is not so great on the surface anymore, nevertheless, is a crucial keystone in the global shift, with countless tremendous sites of high spiritual interest and energy. I sang in the elders at the tremendous energy portal of Castlerigg, I greeted the Green Tara in Ireland, Drew Excalibur from the Stone in Wales, but without a doubt, the most moving of all was my time meditating in the cave of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, outlawed and persecuted by King Edward of England, before sending him and his armies home again, and in the immortal worlds of of the Scottish national anthem  - "Tae Think again!"

Reclaiming Your Sovereign Power under the Universal Law of "God"

Warrior in The Heart

Never has the metaphor been so poignant and passionate. Never so applicable to our times right now. I felt Robert the Bruce in my heart, and all those leaders through the ages who'd stood sovereign, shoulder to shoulder in the face of tyranny, yet not baulked at it, not retracted.

This is the energy we need to conjur right now. This is the energy of Excalibur. NOT fighting though. We don't need to. Just don't comply. Get in your car, go down town, get on the tube, DON'T wear a mask (it's destroying your health anyway!), open your shop. Stand firm. Show them you won't submit to bogus guidelines. Soon enough, "Edward's Army" will have to withdraw.

I was however not destined (this time) to have direct confrontations with the powers-that-be. An effortless, divine, and simply magestic flow swept me up and carried me aloft on 5D waves. Yes I crossed paths with plenty of the "Boys in Blue" and their blue and yellow "Hornet" cars. But I'd been shown to draw an invisible veil over my car (my space ship - yes, I'm serious!) so as not to be seen - it worked perfectly well. And then there was that unfortunate exploding tyre that delayed my entry into Ireland. Subsequently, I heard that was exactly the evening the road blocks were out there. When I arrived early the next morning there were gone.

I'd be driving through Wales, and for countless miles be the only private vehicle on the road. In Wales the system has, at times, gone literally nuts - you'd go into a supermarket and buy food, but not underpants, because apparently they're non essential - non essential my ar**! Anyway, I'd be driving along when a quiet inner pull would guide me into the nearest layby to park up. I'd wonder why, until barely 2 minutes later, a blue and yellow Hornet would whizz by. It was superlative. Divine. You couldn't make it up!

Become a Warrior in the Heart the Openhand Way

5 Keys to Experience Living in the Divine 5D Flow

To experience this kind of effortless flow, you have to be well practised and disciplined in following the soul.
Here are 5 key pointers...

1) First and foremost there's a need to give up ALL 3D level intentions, targets, goals, strategies and plans. Instead of living with intention, live with active attention - let the soul inform you in any given moment what to do.

2) In fact it's NOT about what to do. Focus instead on how to be. The whole Universe is willing you to be you - the authentic you. So feel what aspect of beingness wants to come through now and channel that energy.
Explore the 7 Different Characteristics of Your Soul

3) Express, express, express. I've witnessed over the years all too often the tendency for lightworkers, energy workers and healers to hide their light under a bushel. This simply curtails the flow. Let if come through you. Step out. Dare to be you. Playing is small only encourages the density.

4) You WILL get stuck in karmic density! If there's karma to process and you truly follow the soul, it will mercilessly drop you on the beach of your density. That's necessary, it's why you're here. It's what limits you. But don't sheepishly turn away - instead turn right into it, process it through, unravel your attachment (to the physical for example), and you'll be riding high again in no time.

5) Live in the multidimensional 5D nuances and perceptions, the subtle flows and senses. Fly above it all with eagle eye vision, swooping in when called upon to act, bravely, fiercely, unreservedly, and with compassion!
Here's Openhand's guidance on Flowing with Eagle-Eye Focus in 2021

An Effortless, Divine and Majestic Flow

It's my observation that we as lightworkers have thus far been too dissipated and fragmented as a group. We've gone off down tangents and blind alley ways, looked for that great singular leader to make it all go away. YOU are the President now! Beware the Q-anon style psy-ops to keep you comfortably sitting on the sofa, as it's "all done for you", where the "swamp is cleared and shadow state arrested". Maybe, progressively in due course, but let's not wait...

YOU are sovereign now.
YOU are the leader and liberator.
Only your soul, Your Excalibur.
Will you draw it? Will you Forge it? Will you Express it?

One of the most abiding memories from the trip was right at the end, as I was making the conclusion of the 10 videos I wove together to share with you all. These priceless little gems always come to you when you ask of the universe, "show me!" I'd witnessed this dark veil that's been drawn over the planet in the guise of a new "woke quasi socialism" (which is really a fascism). "Show me!", I'd called out to the Universe. I was shown a clip from another great historical moment in the history of Great Britain - that of Dunkirk in the Second World War. Bedraggled and defeated the army is stranded on French Beaches, awaiting an inevitable destruction. Until that is, a miracle happens: a flotilla of private craft guided by courageous and compassionate citizens cross the channel to bring the "boys" home.

The time has come for we, as lightworkers, energy healers and wayshowers to float our 5D life boats.The troops are stranded on 3D beaches and you have exactly the energy to light the pathway home.

Time to step up to the plate and be all that you came here to be. That's my inspiration to you all in my sequence of 10 videos I captured for you. Here's the intro with a link at the bottom to the entire playlist. Do share widely to help us defeat censorship (thankyou Heart)...

For all 10 videos... Openhand's Sword and the Stone Vlog

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02/02/2021: Openhand Journal Update - the Ascension Marches on: Everything is accelerating out there really strongly, on multiple levels. Having just finished an Openhand Facilitator Gathering that spanned around the world, I can report that we experienced phenomenal shifts of energy going on. We're definitely living in a 2-speed world now. There's the higher dimensional 5D flow that you can tap into, that is literally zinging around the planet and can speak to, and guide you, in every instance. And also you've got the dense 3D defined by the plandemonium and those identifying with it, which is working to lock consciousness down.

What's interesting is that I can feel this 3D layer like an amorphous mass, and most importantly the sense that it is starting to detach, like a scab, from the planet. Don't get me wrong, it's very dense, yes, and a large proportion of humanity are sucked into it right now. It will likely go off planet as the Shift reaches its conclusion. And for now it is very restricting to movement in the 3D - however I'm sure this will change. Things are already beginning to open up on multiple levels.

You have the Common Law for example, which plenty more people are now realising the power of. Below is a video I posted recently which got little comment, but its a priceless jewel from Delores Cahil of the World Freedom Alliance They are working to open things up in a very inspiring way.

We've also got massive transformation in the financial space, through the onsurge of cryptocurrency, but also popular movements taking on Wall Street and winning, as recently when an amorphous rebellion on Reddit contravened a WallStreet short on the stock GameStop, and sent the stock soaring which cost the bankers billions. Watch this space, because the rebellion has only just begun (check the first 3 minutes of the bottom video to gain an understanding of what's going on.

What has this all got to do with the Ascension? Everything!

It's a movement of consciousness which will no longer be constrained by the Old Paradigm. It's a rebellion on multiple levels, a revolution of misfits and mavericks, which now appear to be gathering together in "flash mob" movements to befuddle the old consciousness. It's a breath of fresh air!

Maybe you haven't explore the Power of the Common Law yet. Maybe you find watching the world of finance like watching paint dry! No worries. Just know that things are changing strongly and large inflows of Ascensionary energy are infusing to liberate and uplift consciousness.

Let's ride those 5D waves folks!

Open voltage emoji iconThe Sun EmojiPraying Emoji

Delores Cahil on traveling the World with the Common Law...

How Reddit users caused WallStreet Bankers to lose Billions...

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Dear Open ,

In India ,farmers are protesting . This is against the laws that are seeking to make small family held lands open to corporate stakes . The interesting thing is that it has been a completely peaceful but STRONG protest. Despite scanty attention by MSM and all sorts of convoluted gameplaying by the government ,the movement held strong through the cold of December and January. On 26th December ,the government did a 'false flag' ' operation. It was evident that they infiltrated the mass of peaceful supporters nad caused riots to sway public opinion - they have derailed many ,many protests for justice thus far in this manner 

This time it seems it will be different -farmers have however again joined ranks and are taking on the might of the police . They are led by the Sikh community,the very epitome of what the community was founded on . The sacred ,persistent ,strong masculine. 

It gives me hope for sure . I can almost feel them grasping for straws this time ! 


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Dear Megha - I am well aware of the strong uprising by the farmers in India and support them whole-heartedly. Thumbs Up Sign

Many such rebellions are now activating around the world, such as the 50,000 shop keepers in Italy that have forced the country to open shops once more and this one on Austria where even the police joined the demonstration...


From Miami Beach.

You have no idea what your Divine Trip has made for my evolution.

I am myself, a mother, wife, healer, lightworker and Warrior..... Ahhh and 3D employee.

Thank you.

Gracias Ser de Luz.

No desmayes. Sigue sigue.


I've been saying for some considerable time that the bogus guidelines that are constraining our freedoms and inalienable rights in the name of the bogus pandemic are unconstitutional and have no lawful basis under the Common Law. Furthermore, that you don't have to enter into a contract with the powers-that-be by acquiescing to your name and address - your identity within their system.

Here is an absolutely priceless video I encourage ALL to watch, which is an interview with Delores Cahil, of the world freedom alliance, talking about how she freely enters countries without wearing masks, without PCR tests or filling in locator details for quarantine. It's high time we wise up folks. If you do anything today, do this one thing SHARE THE VIDEO FAR AND WIDE. You will be conducting an essential act of planetary freedom...

In reply to by Open


Very informative. The principles of the natural law that Prof. Delores Cahill is employing here feels quite empowering on a personal level. However I get the sense the expression of it must differ depending on one's immediate surrounding. Perhaps one might need to consider and intuit what is the form of expressions for these universal rights that is best recognized within the collective consciousness of their immediate environment? Here where I am - in Beijing, the people who are usually left to enforce these bogus rules of lockdowns are not very educated to say the least, and certainly not very consciously embodied from a soul level. From my few experiences of confronting the regulations, ie. having to wear a mask when entering a 7/11 shops, or having to scan a health code (contact tracing) nearly everywhere I go, there often reaches a point where I can clearly see and feel that no amount of rational or even righteous argument is going to overwrite the internal programming the person has received through conditioning from a lifetime spent in a country ran by an authoritarian and illegitimate ruling body, that is - the "authority" is to be obeyed and followed, even though it may be at the cost of personal rights that some of the people I've talked to clearly understands on some level. So sometimes I simply see the interaction as planting a seed of consciousness that may or may not grow (all up to the flow now!), and aim to surrender into it even if I cannot change the seemingly immediate outcome. I've also come to discover through these interactions it is also a great way to observe the black snake, and reptilian consciousness in action, and thus begin to realign the same aspects within myself - i.e. shadow work!

On a related note, here is something else interesting that I feel may help people inform and equip themselves better in the quest to express freedom and personal sovereignty in our current world predicament. An alternative medical perspective by Dr. Tom Cowan on the foundation and flaw of our current VIR theory. According to this, and many other well-practiced doctors such as Dr. Stefan Lanka, or Dr. Andy Kaufman, what is being defined as VIR is simply organic DNA and RNA materials that is byproducts of our cell function, a reaction of the cells to environmental stimuli, and of which none have ever been isolated and proven to be the cause of diseases and ailments in a true scientific manner. I don't have a medical degree myself, but with that being said, I can feel it in my being that this is true to a much greater degree than what is being propagated on our planet at the moment. See and decide for yourselves my dear fellow Openhanders...

Blessings to all Praying Emoji



In reply to by Lyra Wind


You raise several important points here Lyra - yes the application of the natural or common law is going to depend on location and circumstances. What I've witnessed though is that it is widely applicable around the planet - perhaps not in China though!

And this about the Rona-VIR...

VIR is simply organic DNA and RNA materials that is byproducts of our cell function, a reaction of the cells to environmental stimuli, and of which none have ever been isolated and proven to be the cause of diseases and ailments in a true scientific manner.

My thoughts entirely! The plandemonium "science" has completed reframed the nature of what a VIR actually is!


Open Praying Emoji

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Haha, Yes! The realization of what a VIR actually is (or rather what it is not) feels like a lightbulb getting switched on. I've been intuiting something like it since I caught a cold a few weeks back, and as I was healing this cough that it brought on in me I realized a lot of the physical symptoms of this so called VIR is in fact related to the blocked emotional energy within the 2 lungs (on 2 sides of the body which also correlates to the masculine and the feminine sides), in other words strongly karmic related! And as I processed it , the feeling took me back to the culmination of the Sirius shift again, and perhaps also drowning in Atlantis. Interestingly it involves trusting an "authority" figure (for me it presented as my actual dad! ) and then going on a ride willingly sitting on the back seat (giving away the sovereignty), until the ride goes horribly wrong...

And I believe you've posted this before as well, Open, but this scene from the film Blade Runner 2049 really convey that karmic feeling well. Except for In my karmic dream of a similar event, when the car flipped it was banging violently on both its sides (both lungs) before coming to the stop. And I get a dreadful realization that all passengers must have perished because of this violent banging... and a strange detachment from it as well ( as I felt like both the observer of the event, and the passenger). I was able to go into this sense of detachment and dread, reclaim and then heal a lot of the emotional pains stored in the body (mostly the lungs and the heart), some of which brought back many painful memories of this lifetime too.

So yeah, afterwards it came as no surprise for me that the concept of VIR itsefl that the mainstream is propagating is pure poppycock. Sadly, it is as you said, many people would dismiss this perspective simply on the ground that the mind wouldn't be able to grasp what that would all mean on a grander scale...To me it is but a testament to the true yet often misguided creative power of the human individual and collective consciousness, and a manifestation of our own and collective karma.  On the bright side, what a huge opportunity it is also for us to unravel each of our own stuff within it!

Blessings to all Heart




28/01/21 Journal Update: As I look out into the world and see it's increasing ridiculousness, whether so and so did this or that, what "cancel culture" is up to, or the latest shenanigens with the plandemonium, it's obvious isn't it?... it's all simply depleting consciousness and lowering us into 3D. Hence I feel my soul has made a decision, a clear turning point...

To give as little energy and attention to the system as possible!

Sure, we still have to navigate the 3D and the bogus measures of the lockdowns. And yes we'll need to be creative about how we do that. Also, as I've said many times and I know plenty of you experience, you will have to process karmic density that gets activated by the drama. That's okay. BUT, then to quickly get back to the higher 5D vibes that are infusing the planet (The Eagle-Eye Focus I spoke of at the beginning of the year).

That was the real lesson for me that I felt to share from my trip around Britain - there is a strong higher vibrational flow that can carry you. And I was guided to draw a veil over my movements - it worked incredibly well! So let's, as a group, focus on tuning into this higher stream and living a joyful life, despite the craziness of society. Let's focus on the light and amplifying that for all around.

Love lift us up where we belong!...


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28/01/21 Journal Update: Hi fellow Openhanders, we need your help! Openhandweb is being heavily censored across pretty much all media platforms. It's indicative of this new dark veil that's been pulled over society that's trying to take down anything that challenges the official narrative about and what's really taking place in the guise of the "pandemic". Consequently these are tough times for us. Have no doubt we will succeed and thrive, BUT I am reaching out because we could use your help, AND, I do believe you'll benefit at a soul level in the process.

The key for us is reaching new people - those who might really benefit from the work. Right now, an Opposing Consciousness is seeking to distract and deceive by drawing awakening people into widespread practices and philosophies that are highly limiting and curtailing of consciousness. For example to simply surrender to what's happening, to sit comfortably on the sofa because it's all a "game of duality". Well yes, BUT, you simply cannot ascend without forging the soul through your karma. Otherwise the density simply brings you back again. Or else you end up languishing in some 4D bubble. Help us overcome distortions like this. Help us make a difference.

Here are 4 ways you can help us:

1) Below each article there's a mail button where you can email a link to the article to someone who might resonate - please take a few moments to do so.
2) On our facebook page, please do share the postings on your own page:
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We can break down this veil. We can reach plenty more people and help them ascend out.
And in working together this way, every single one of us benefits - we grow as individuals and as a group.
From the bottom of my heart, "Thankyou!" Heart

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Hi Open,

I hear you! Getting your information out must be getting more and more difficult and I will do my best to help, but I am pulling the plug on facebook and you tube, as are millions of others, apparently. I have posted your article on MeWe, and although I'm not much on social media anywhere, will keep adding your info there. 

Folks are flocking to other sites for their information now, and I'm wondering if you have considered using BitChute, MeWe, Telegram and Rumble? I can't imagine how much time it would take to start using all these different sites - I think I understand the difficulties this would create. 

Just want you to know I'm out here, doing my best to spread your word!