Stepping Bravely into the World You Don't Know

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Day by day I can feel the higher dimensional flow strengthening. It's challenging the 'normality' of life - all the subtle interrelations we allow to bind us into invisible limitation. You look out into the world, your life, and the mind goes immediately to work, computing subtle judgements of expectations about how things should work, bound together with emotional anxiety about anything that would invite you to take a chance - to step beyond the bounds of the comfortable. In every moment we face a choice: we can either continue to accept this limitation as the comfortable cell we live in, or, open out through these painful contractions into the vulnerability of an open space. What will happen if we dare to do that?

Understanding what "The Flow" is

Opening through the normality of what we accept as 'real', presents enormous risk and challenge. Which is why most people don't do it - why most accept the comfortable box they were born into and grow up in. It takes proverbial 'balls' to confront the tried and tested, the accepted and expected, and say "No! - I am not defined by yesterday's drama". I am much more than that, I can be, express and do, so much more.

There is a flow, which you can tap into, when you're prepared to step into the void of not knowing. Think about it, where there is emptiness, there is the infinite potential before the moment is born. This is where the flow comes from, this is what brings life alive, this is what breaks the continual repetitive limitation of ground-hog-day.

But you've got to work for it. You got to test it, challenge it, work to open out through it - to accept that you simply don't know, and be awesomely okay in that. This is the key to living the flow - being awesomely okay with not knowing. Because what happens then, is you soften, and as you soften, you open into the subtle psychic senses, inside, within yourself. It is these that are tuned into, and ride, the emergent wave that arises from the source, and into the moment.

Now the next challenge - commitment and pushing through.

Catching the Wave

As the flow begins to build, it connects through your psychic senses, then sweeps you up like a surfer taking to the wave. Quickly enough, as the power builds and surges through you, you'll start to see 'rocks' that you're heading towards. These are the reflections of the world you've lived in, saying: "you can't do it; you can't go that way; you'll fall off; you're not good enough to ride; you're doing the crazy thing". If you react to this, you'll tighten in this fear-based judgement, then stiffen, which diminishes the flowing wave coming through you; and so, you manifest your limitation and fall off.

You start to wonder is there even a flow anyway? And was I crazy to even try and connect with it? That's why it takes (proverbial) 'balls' (be it man, woman or transgender) to ride the wave in the first place.

Through this old reality of limitation, if you really yearn to access the magic of the emergent higher dimensional tide, you have to confront, test and break the 'norms'. You've got to open a space through these and drop into the void of vulnerability. But then not just stay there - look for, feel for, attune to, the emergent wave that wants to speak through your psychic senses. You know how to ride. But in this density, you have to commit to reacquire those gifts once more.

How will you begin?

3 Simple Steps to riding the flow

  • (1) It can begin in the small things - with Innovation. Take any aspect of your life, begin with whatever thread first presents itself, and ask: "how can I innovate what I am being in this situation? How can I be more of me, and therefore create some kind of positive change?" Ask the question, watch for the feeling response, then step directly into it. Don't worry about 'making mistakes' by taking the step - you simply can't. The only mistake we can make, is not inquiring as to why a choice went a particular way; not inquiring what you learned about yourself from it. (check out this Openhand Innovation Video)
  • (2) If you begin this way, you start to pick up 'threads of consciousness' that are activating in the moment. And as you pull on the threads, the old garment unravels - the unraveling yarn then rejoins the flow, which amplifies and builds inside of you the more you work to unravel.
  • (3) A new weave then begins to take form, one which better reflects a new emergent YOU. It feels ever better, because each new garment you create, is a closer reflection of your highest self. Life becomes miraculous and magical - even the 'ordinary' is unwound into the extraordinary. The simplest of things begin to speak into the depths of your soul.

Today's Challenge

So I challenge you today:

confront at least one situation in your life - challenge what is expected of you or has been conditioned within. It could be in your career, relationships, or general living circumstances. Just challenge one thing and pick up the first thread of inquiry that reveals itself. The 'pull on it' - meaning bring awareness to it. Open out through any contractions of the expected. Open into the void where literally anything could happen. Then take a chance on the first sense of "this way now; this is how to be now". Then watch how you learn, evolve and grow from that situation - watch how it shapes something different in front of you.

We can be so much more than we present to the world. We can experience an aliveness practically beyond imagination. We can come into a movement that has the greatest benevolence for us. We can be swept up into a way of living and being that is totally beyond the 'normal'... When we're prepared to take a risk and step courageously into the World we don't know. That's where life really begins.

That's exactly how I shot this video - watch out for the chance encounter with the three cheeky monkeys at the end!...

In loving support

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Hi everyone,

Phew it's been quite a journey getting the new website live. Lots of 4am starts to migrate 12 years of data across and to reconfigure the layout. We were most definitely stepping into The World You Don't Know!

Lots of tweaks and teething issues still to resolve, like no emoticons yet :(. But they will come soon :)

Thanks everyone for all the amazing love and support.

Open <3

So, so much more comfortable to navigate.  Well done, job worth doing.  All the efforting is appreciated.

Hi Folks,

I felt to draw attention to this "Awakened Living View" today, because I think it's highly relevant as people step into the New Year - it's often when people are ready to embrace new change in their lives.

I'd say the real key to spiritual growth is this...

Embrace exactly what presents without needing to change or push it away, and without attaching to what is going on. Really feel into it, with every ounce of your awareness. Explore into the tightness, as if somehow, your clothes have shrunk in the wash. Use the breath to connect with soul consciousness and progressively 'expand the suit' until it breaks apart. You'll find this attunement starts to bring you into the Void of Infinite Potential. Then exciting new aspects of beingness are unleashed and with that, Right Action starts to flow as a path of synchronistic light.

Have a great day. Have a great life!

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I had an awesome experience today. I'd applied for a shared ownership house in December, following the pull and several synchronicities. A small house that would take some adjusting to, a release of lots of physical 'stuff' which felt reflective of everything falling away over the last few months, of coming back to nothing, and felt good to be comfortable with letting go.

Yesterday I had a profound breakthrough with feeling into everything / nothing and the void of presence and straight after received notice that we had been accepted for the house - it felt reflective of the shift in perspective and a new beginning.

So today I felt to swing by and check all still felt right and also look at the access alley at the back of the house as I hadn't seen it. I was so shocked that it was full of dog poo - nothing like standing in dog muck to get your attention!

I was confused by what felt like conflicting signs, everything had been pulling toward going for the house, I had put quite a lot of energy and attention into it and processes had come up in relation to it. So it pulled me up short - I was trying to figure out what it all meant, getting nowhere fast and realised that the shock had brought me out of connection and I was coming from my head. So I dropped back into my body and stillness and straight away questions started popping in...

Who am I? Does this house reflect who I am? Imagine standing in the house etc. So I imagined myself standing in the house and straight away I felt restricted, like I couldn't fully expand my energy field out, cramped, boxed in!

I realised that the house ticked all the boxes, location for school, cosy, affordable etc and that there is no right or wrong simply a case of the universe responding according to my energy and beliefs and perhaps the house was a match before but after the experience of the void it no longer was but most of all it was the most powerful lesson in belief, because if I believe I need to limit myself or am attached to the belief that because I have children at school I need to stay in a particular area, or I am happy to squish myself into a small terraced house, or accept a concrete garden when I love nature it will surely meet me there. I know that none of those things are wrong, simply a reflection of the beliefs and conditioning that I hold within my consciousness.

The exploration showed me that when I really check in, I want to express as expansive and free, that I am expansive and free, that I choose to embrace trust and infinite possibility, (whatever that ends up looking like), rather than perceived limitation.

Feels so awesome to land this and the understanding of how coming back to nothing opens up everything!

Hi Michelle,

It's a really powerful exploration of authentic doing coming from authentic being. I especially liked this...

Who am I? Does this house reflect who I am? Imagine standing in the house etc. So I imagined myself standing in the house and straight away I felt restricted, like I couldn't fully expand my energy field out, cramped, boxed in!

So there's the temptation to go for something because it presents (perhaps even synchroncities point that way), but it's essential to realise that BOTH the aligned aspect of oneself AND the distorted will produce synchronicity and manifest possibility. 

In knowing this, you consciously placed yourself in the possibility but felt the restriction (in your body - in your proposed 'house'). Clearly the cramped sense of it meant you were in the distortion and so it was necessary to work it through. Often some kind of unconscious judgment will create that... "I'm not successful enough, I won't afford it, I'm not supported enough". So it's essential what distortion is manifested and work into it so as to release it - maybe I go for a compromise situation based on a slight lack of trust.

Once you know the moment is creating from your distortion, then work into it to release it. That's when the authentic aspect of soul, through that inquiry, will then come through. Now you'll manifest a more aligned vehicle (or in this case house) to express into.

Brilliant exploration!

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This exploration has been relevant for me in many ways. Thanks Michelle boyle and Open for reminding me its not about the end result but the process. Not knowing and not having answers is very painful especially for a mind that has been strongly conditioned to fixing the problem. The mind goes ballistic when when there's misalignment inside. I bring the attention into the body but still the temptation is to get into the head. Sharing here helps me beyond measure but the con is that it sometimes gets me in the head. Like thinking about what and how to write and all. Its like a radio which plays in the background while im meditating - sometimes useful sometimes annoying. 

Last couple of days has been some great inquiry around authentic doing and authentic being. I was pulled to book a trek for a group of 10 yesterday and the synchronicities pointed that way. On the way to the booking there was a car in front of me which had a himalayan flag and the words written " My madness keeps me sane" I found this really spoke about how i felt at that moment. I was feeling adventerus and excited about it. But unfortunately the trek got cancelled at the last moment. It was really disheartening for the whole group. I had also ordered some trekking gear which arrived yesterday. Although top notch it didn't meet my requirements. It didn't seem relevant anymore. It was confusing deciding whether to send it back or not. This all pointed to the fact that i may have been trying to be someone which I'm not. When the soul qualities like adventerus comes to the front the ego owns it and forms an identity around it - like being an adventurer or traveller. With it comes all sorts of expectation , desires, confusion, doubt ,need for answers etc. But this is important if im to transmute the distorted aspects. This may seem silly , i mean its not like my life depends on it but still its hard to let go. Now the fog has cleared  and im picking up from here. I can create a more aligned expression from here. Although feeling much more peaceful I find the earlier drive has decreased to some degree . I'm not sure why. Another thing that stood out from the exploration is the judgement against having enough. That i don't deserve to have enough comfort or luxury but my way is more hard and down to earth. I have also always inspired by people who have done travelling around the world without a single penny in hand but having very rich experiences contrary to people who spend more what they need.