ASCENSION is NOW: Rise Up O Lions!

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When you look back through history, you witness moments of massive convergence, where situations and circumstances conspire to bring people to a precipice - an 'anvil' of forging. It's all to do with consciousness. Where an old reality construct has been misaligned, then the precipice is reached where it is no longer sustainable. The underlying flow gathers to unlock it. In such moments, both the shadow side is amplified and that of the light. These are times of profound choice that define the soul and your journey going forwards. We are at exactly such a convergence moment right now. Which way will you go?

Joining the Dots

A grand deception is being sold to the masses right now. A propaganda of fear has been purposefully created to isolate, separate and surpress. Yes, there is some kind of virus but the 'pandemic' appears no more real or impactful than the usual annual cycle of diseases/viruses/flu that cause mortality in society. There is something indeed different about this though - it appears 'new' and to some people, highly impactful. It appears to be in those people where their immune system has been heavily compromised, affecting the uptake of oxygen in the lungs. And this all seems to coincide with an increase in electrification of the planet through 5Jeez.

Whilst the mainstream media furiously tries to debunk any relationship of 5Jeez to the Virus, the evidence is ramping up. Consider this: the three places where the outbreaks were initially strongest - China, Iran and Italy - all had huge roll-outs of 5Jeez in 2019. Then consider Taiwan, just 200 miles from the Chinese epicentre yet only minimal cases (around 300 at the time of writing), or Sweden with no lockdown and just 400 mortalities (at the time of writing), or consider the vast continent of India, of Africa and even Australia with minimal cases per head of population. What connects them all? As yet, minimal roll out of FiveGee.

At the very least, the connection is highly possible that this new, invasive form of EMF damages the immune system, making the cells more susceptible to compromise, impacting the uptake of oxygen by the lungs causing respiratory trauma. As I've explained previously, throughout history, where there's been an increased electrification of our planet, it's also resulted in some viral pandemic.
Check out this Illuminating Video exploring that

The Anvil Moment

And there's the official narrative that we must isolate to contain it. But when you think about it, surely that only perpetuates it? It's developing herd immunity that is the real cure, social distancing to a degree yes, BUT, most importantly, NOT tanking the economy on which people's livelihoods depend; investing finance and resources in those who suffer from it. Developing herd immunity is what they practice currently in Sweden with great success (check this article here). It should be obvious really - it's how any species evolves. To me it's clear, the system wants people to be locked down in fear. Right now, we're in a collective moment of transfer of wealth and power to the corporations that makes the great crash of the 1920's look like the Boston Tea Party. And practically everyone is acquiescing calmy, in houses, drinking in the state narrative with tea, biscuits and social media. My God. Where did the free thinking, steely resolve of the human spirit vanish to?

This is why I say we're at that 'anvil' moment in history. What could follow next, what's been stated and positioned, are mand8tory vaccines, digital ID tags on the skin (next under it), probably an economic reset (at some point) with cashless society - these are all ways of mashalling and controlling consciousness. And to me, that's the real reason it's being done - exactly BECAUSE  of the great awakening. Let's remember this, let's remain motivated by it, positive, courageous and fearless. It's exactly BECAUSE of this great awakening.
Let the Cosmic Divine Being in You emerge from it.

The system has even got plenty in the spiritual mainstream hoodwinked, with ideas that it's really all about disclosure, that behind the scenes within the lockdown, in the next few days, the 'cabal' that's running the show are going to be arrested through "3 Days of Darkness" where the internet and mobile phones are all shut down so that over 500k arrests can be made. I do believe it's just another grand disinformation tactic that's being fed to them by the so called 'whistleblowers'. Sure, maybe a handful of sprats will be thrown to the seagulls, but unless humanity has truly shifted consciousness, it will be no more than window dressing, emperor's new clothes. And that's the point, the outside cannot truly shift unless people have shifted on the inside.

In any given situation like this, you always have to ask the quesiton, "Why did I manifest it?"
So why did humanity manifest this lockdown and transferral of power?

The Grand Reset

It's a grand reflection of a phenomenon that's been going on thousands of years, since the very initial hybridisation of Homo Sapiens - a veil that was pulled over the eyes of the magnificient form of the Original Humans. It's clearly encoded in the chromosome story, how we mysteriously got from 48 in great apes to only 46 in humanity. It's several simultaneous steps all at once and no possible evolutionary advantage. The illusion has been happening all these years, since the very inception. Well now it's hitting that convergence point, that anvil. The Universe always has a way of revealing injustice and misalignment - it always has a way of defining it's own grand reset.

As we venture into Easter, I'd say this moment now is all about our sovereignty as beings. Just as one courageous lion revealed how to transcend the injustice of the physical, the tyranny and the ignorance, so we're being invited to step into the crucible too. The timing is immaculate. I'd expect no less from the Universe. It always has a way of delivering these marvellous moments of synchronicity. This IS about the '3 Days of Darkness'. But it's not about the supposed arrests of the cabal. It's how we each transcend the inner density, the fear, the contraction, the smallness; how we penetrate through these convergences as The One, and then emerge out as golden beings of light. It's about the Resurrection and Ascension of the divine being in you, what at Openhand we call DIVINICUS. And it can begin right here, right now, perfectly timed, at Easter 2020.

Yes, these are the times to find that lion of sovereign energy in you.

Here's a suggested Daily 5D Ascension Schedule During the Lockdown

Rise Up O Lions!

Which way will the mainstream of humanity go? Right now, it looks like a sizable proportion will go as sheep (no offence to sheep intended!) into a synthetic reality imagined for them by a Grey AI agenda that is not-so-smart. I pray for them. Just as I'm sure you all do. I send out loving compassion and the resonnance of energy that might lift the veil from their eyes and the yoke from their shoulders, that they too might rise up. And I hold the space that it could happen, at some point that it WILL happen. If not now in this reality, then in another, somewhere down the universal life line. We'll be there too, illuminating whatever iteration of the illusion it has then morphed into. We make that unswerving commitment.

And, at the same time, right now, I can feel the sovereignty of soul beginning to forge in a growing wave of people, who are simply not prepared to be hoodinked by the charade a moment longer.

We have a lot to be thankful for. For the ascending group the veils have fallen. We are wide awake, light shining. We may not be able to control what happens now in the physical, BUT, we can certainly decide how to respond on the inside, whatever comes. As we enter the spiritual gateway of Easter, the story of Jesus tells us that - and countless other courageous souls through history. Yes, we've discovered that freedom. We know where our destiny lies and we won't be thwarted. Let the Lion of Human soul-sovereignty roar up within You!

Come Up O Lions,
and shake of the delusion that you are sheep;
You are souls eternal, spirits free, blest and eternal.
Ye are not matter,
Ye are not bodies,
Matter is your servant,
Not you the servant of matter.


It's this sentiment that I felt given to share in a recent Facebook LIve Stream...

In motivational support

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So, here we have it, as if we needed any further confirmation about the roll out of FiveGee during the lockdown, China Mobile and the Huawei corporation have installed a FiveGee network on Everest. No, I'm not fooling!..

Huawei and China Mobile stick a FiveGee base station on Mount Everest

I've talked about how in the Shift, the convergence of Galactic, Solar and Earth Pole Shift cycles with "leave no stone unturned". And so shall it be!

Open Praying Emoji

I have to say I don't find myself often agreeing with the philosophy or approach of President Trump. That said I do find his latest tweets fascinating and pretty inspiring... "LIBERATE MINNESOTA", "LIBERATE MICHIGAN" and then "LIBERATE VIRGINIA"! He's referring to the lockdowns in those states and the growing popular rebellion against them. Wow, the President challenging the shadow state narrative?

I wonder if social media dare take down his posts? LOL! An interesting development to watch for sure.

President Trump defends tweets against US states' lockdowns

In reply to by Open

Agreed with you Open . I also saw recent aspects of his Energy going into a new direction unexpected as it can Be . 

He might have seen , heard or felt that it was Time to confront the Repression ( lockdown of People's right to Be free ) going on 

in too many States & The Mass Media Narrative . He is apparently Helped by JFK Junior & a group of Intelligent Advisers . 😊

The other day I got tagged by Facebook police for spreading "false" information for one of the links I was sharing from this or related thread on Openhand website.  Now, to me that's a good sign that we are onto something!




In reply to by nialet

Yes, they are sure not going to allow truths out there, they have to keep the masses in darkness.  I've heard from friends that they'll cut you off from using facebook for one week if you violate their rules.  I'm surprised they haven't tagged me yet....  lol



I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry about this viral video by a family during lockdown (great effort though). It's a rendition of a Les Miserables song. Didn't they just start a revolution? Oh my, is this what's become of the human spirit? It's beautiful, but oh so ironic...

And here's the original, lest we forget!...

In reply to by Open

I get notified by email when there are new posts and went to the Corona forum and that has already been deleted.   It said page not found.

I guess you are still getting heavily censored?  That sucks.  Well I hope the Live feed works this coming Saturday...keep using those sounds alike terms.  lol  I try to use them too.  

VIR, Fivegee etc.... looking forward to the next LIve feed on saturday.   By the way, I had an awesome phone session with Ann, it went differently than what I may have expected but she'd said that happens many times.  It was mind blowing to me but so awesome.  I will have more sessions with her periodically.  She's welcome to share with you if you are interested.  I wasn't sure about posting it in the forum.

Namaste HeartPraying Emoji


Hi Open,

I heard last night that Trump said people need to quickly forget about the VIR. odd.  The county I live in has had zero cases for weeks on end but the last couple of weeks, at night of all things!, fivegee has been being installed all over the place, almost every single electrical lines and towers/masts which are clustered very close together.  I'm feeling burning in my low back which may not be related.

I'm having my session with Ann today so I'm excited about that and feel it will move me right along in learning how to process things.  Will be interesting to see how the VIR numbers are in Oregon.  They jumped by 80 yesterday in another part of the state.  

I wonder how does fivegee affect the VIR activation?  I know it's the EMF field that affects the body electrical systems.

I hope the masts burning will not affect any Live feeds you may do in the future.  Those are really helpful!  Thank you for all you do.  Praying Emoji Heart



They're setting fire to mobile phone masts in Holland (and UK) as the system furiously still tries to debunk stories that FiveGee has no connection to the V.I.R. It reminds me so synchronistically of the dutch boy Hans Brinkler who put his finger in the dyke to stop it leaking. But what I'm seeing going forwards are leaks springing (in the official narrative) all over the place! I just wonder how long it will be before the dam breaks...

So here's such a great story about a Minister in Sweden blaming "Fake News" postings about Five Gee on Russian Trolls, when in actual fact, it was a 64 year old Granny leading protest about it!...

Sweden’s digitization minister blamed a flurry of anti-FiveGee comments on the usual suspect – “Russian trolls” – but a closer look revealed that a local granny opposed to wireless radiation was behind the campaign.

The controversy dates back to late-December 2019, when Anders Ygeman, the Swedish energy and digital development minister, lamented that he had fallen victim to some “Russian trolls.” Who else could flood his Facebook page with hundreds of comments demanding that he backpedal on the introduction of FiveGee networks in Sweden?

“There is a Russian political interest in disrupting and hindering other countries’ development of FiveGee,” Ygeman told the Swedish press at the time. He also insisted that one of his Facebook posts had garnered almost 2,000 comments, many of which came from “fake accounts.”

Some media outlets took him at face value, but some decided to think outside the box. Last Sunday, local daily SVT ran a piece that appears to debunk Ygeman’s claims. Most of the comments in question can be traced back to a local grassroots group called ‘WiFi Radiation Health Risks Stop FiveGee,’ the paper claims.

It didn’t find any sign of Moscow’s hand in there; instead, the group appears to be run by a local 64-year-old Stockholm woman named Katarina Hollbrink who describes herself as an “ordinary Swedish grandmother who is worried about radiation.”

Swedish minister’s ‘Russian trolls’ fanning FiveGee fears turn out to be… anti-radiation activists led by local granny

Nice to see some old lions roaring!

Open Praying Emoji


When David Icke was giving this interview with London Real, there were over 65,000 people viewing it. He's had millions of people around the world attend his seminars and read his books. He's not speaking hate or racism or sexism, quite the reverse. Does the man not deserve a platform at least to be heard?

Yet as soon as the live stream was complete on Youtube, it was immediately taken down.

To me, this is not even about the 'virus' anymore. The phenomenon is a mirror, to you, I, and everyone who would genuinely inquire. Surely, at the very least, it reveals the sham of the democracy that we're supposed to be living in. Surely it reveals the bankruptcy, corruption and duplicity of it.

So then, surely what this is really all about, is to investigate it just enough, so as to decide to TRANSCEND it.

It's a drama, like the Titanic sinking, no matter how you arrange the deckchairs. And it's high time to launch the spirit light boats!

Open Praying Emoji


Hi Open,

With all of the information out there and various perspectives that humanity is chewing on, I wonder sometimes at how all of these ideas can be a mental distraction from meeting whatever is coming up now in the face of changes and shaken foundations. How many people will hear information and use it to find comfort in a sense of knowing what's going on, having the "right" story.

It seems many, including those who are consciously navigating what's coming up can be distanced from the moment by a spiritual ideal or belief system or concept that keeps One from being in the unknown of it all.

I also see immense value in sharing the perspectives and knowings that are shared here...I feel them as revealing of a larger story so that One may bring a deeper sense of realness to the sense of being victimized by a system of control ...allowing that to become more consciously experienced - revealing the disempowerment, fear, control within, so that One can realize the system of control is only a mirror and breakthrough into unlimited potential. 

Thanks for your sharings!




In reply to by .Jen

Hi Jen, I couldn't have put it better! Thumbs Up SignThe Sun Emoji

The challenge I face in bringing this forward and sharing insights, is that yes, as soon as you pull on one thread, you start to unravel the whole garment. Moment by moment, there are entire volumes of info and new narratives coming forwards - it's a rapidly changing dynamic. And if you get wrapped up in any of those stories, it can all too easily pull you in.

My purpose here has been to reveal just enough, to question just enough, that people can readily see the deception, duplicity and plain bankruptcy that the mainstream narrative is based upon - just as with 911.

But then it's not about trying to make it all right. Nor is it about presenting that 'knock out view that wakes everyone up'. There comes a point where you realise the ship is sinking, and that rearranging the deckchairs is a pointless occupation. Much better then to start launching the spirit light boats!

Much love

Open Praying Emoji


I felt it essential to share this highly informative interview that London Real has just done with David Icke. The first in the series received over 7 million views despite being taken down time and again in social media. In this second interview, David has clearly done some tremendous research and collation behind the science of the 'virus' and how it is manifested. Although I cannot vouch for the science, I get the general sense of rightness behind what he's saying. At the very beginning of this pandemic, what came immediately from higher knowing fo me was, "The Virus is Switched on by FiveGee". Meaning that it is activated/caused by it, in some important way, at the very least by compromising the immune system. David shares his complementary views and background research on this.

The interview is long, but I do believe it's a defining inquiry of our time - well done David!

You can view it here on London Real...
The C0r0naV1rus Conspiracy

In reply to by Open

I've felt some apprehension about watching more of Ickes work. On one level his information seems accurate and well-researched. On the other hand it seems a lot of doom and gloom, emphasizing the extreme control of the system, almost like "resistance is futile". I've been wondering if he's been high-jacked by OC, without himself being aware of it though. I fear he's conditioning us into the very reality he's warning about. Though it's also important to stay informed, and it is indeed interesting that they are banning this video from youtube now. 

In reply to by Nils

It's a good point Nils. I too have felt his energy quite polarising at times - so risking playing into the OC energy.

I do feel here he's one of the few whose really gotten to a lot of the detail we need to be questioning though. Like (as crazy as it sounds) is there even a 'virus' at all? What he's saying is that the only tests that exist are tests for exosomes released from the cells where they have been compromised in some way. And that these exosomes (RNA/DNA), which have traditionally been released for many reasons (including other viruses and now, especially EMF), have simply been reclassified as COVID-19. It would mean that this 'virus' is not even transmissable. That it's simply people's reaction to, potentially, FiveGee. I find the argument compelling, but have to pinch myself hard that it could be true - that so many people in the health services are going along with it. But I have seen videos from Doctors on the front line challenging the official narrative. It is hard though, because if anyone comes anywhere near challenging the narrative, they get sensored and the videos are taken down.

Were you to watch the video to the end, you would hear him saying that he feels that the awakening consciousness is far more powerful than the opposing energy and that he believes it will all unravel. So he does offer the positive side too.

I do hear your 'warning' though. I've felt very compelled through this to work to find a balance: asking the questions about the situation, but then looking for the higher dimensional soul connection through it.

Thanks for sharing your view

Open Praying Emoji

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I just saw some parts of the David icke video. It's eye opening. What I can really feel is a sort of helplessness in the face of all these. How can I even begin to comprehend, communicate these to others. How can I even relate to others around normally especially in a community where I live. When people say to me, the lockdown is devastating peoples livelihood but it's all for the betterment of humanity, what could I possibly say other than just to nod along. I feel that I have been running away from this feeling just wanting to fit in and belong. It must be true because synchronistically I saw a deer running away from me when this thought came to mind. I don't want to run and paradoxically I have found its when I become true to myself that I can relate more authentically towards others. I can relate this feeling back to the awakening days when I started to discover truth of how the world operates but it came with a huge relief of being unshackelled from the constraints. Nothing like that. On the positive side I'm locked down in a perfect place close to nature and I have been enjoying the holidays I have been having but yet falling into old ways of self limitation. Time to unshackle myself from those!

PS: the other video in the article is not available as yotuurbe has taken it off. I wonder how long will the David icke video will be available. 


In reply to by Vimal V

Hey Vimal,

I feel ya buddy! I resonate with a lot of what you're saying. I was contemplating this yesterday actually. So, yes, there's the 'need to fit in'. It's important to explore where that is coming from. What do you feel you need from the people around you in order to feel complete? 

But then it's important to notice that there's a truth underneath all that. Once the ego is out of the way there's still a soulful expression, which for me is 'blending into other realities'. So the question then becomes, how can I honour that reality while still maintaining clarity in my own? Sometimes, as you said, it's just 'smile and nod'. Other times it may feel right to challenge the reality or mix things up. 

I was thinking, what's the best way to work the energy in the system, to break it down over time and uncover the 'truth'? I don't believe that shouting our truth from the hilltops is the answer at all, though one or two flag-bearers are needed. But if lots of people do this it just builds a resistance; an immediate poo-pooing by people that could have otherwise been made aware. Instead I see a much more powerful way to do it: by blending in with the distorted reality to a certain extent and become like a mole within the system. Thus you transform it from within. Practically what this means is not encouraging people to alter their opinions, but instead encouraging further awareness of themselves; further questioning of their realities. Then, the controlling agenda slowly shatters from within. 

Much love,


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When David was giving this interview with London Real, there were over 65,000 people viewing it. He's had millions of people around the world attend his seminars and read his books. He's not speaking hate or racism or sexism, quite the reverse. Does the man not deserve a platform at least to be heard?

Yet as soon as the live stream was complete, it was immediately taken down.

To me, this is not even about the 'virus' anymore. The phenomenon is a mirror, to you, I, and everyone who would genuinely inquire. Surely, at the very least, it reveals the sham of the democracy that we're supposed to be living in. Surely it reveals the bankruptcy, corruption and duplicity of it.

So then, surely what this is really all about, is to investigate it just enough to decide to transcend it.

It's a drama, like the Titanic sinking, no matter how you arrange the deckchairs. And it's high time to launch the spirit light boats!

Open Praying Emoji

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Hello Open,

I have been following open hand for a very long time and has helped me transform myself thoroughly.

As my career I have been a telecom engineer and been in this area for couple of decades. My concern is that when anyone is conveying lot of truth like yourself and the interview above( which came to my attention and I heard when it was being done live) but there is an element which can easily be refuted by science the message will not help serve the people who are on the borderline.

I will explain five gee(FG) in as much general terms as possible so that we can decide whether it can have impact by amplifying the current issue.

FG is is new cellular technology standard which has two components
- One is support for very high frequency spectrum (25GHZ or above which is also called mmWave ) to enable much higher data speeds on the air. This part of FG is potentially using the different EMF frequency and could be a candidate to study for potential harmful effect on cells/humans.
-Second part of FG standard is just a change in software and back-end which will enable higher data speeds and better cell phone experience. This part of FG uses the same over the air EMF frequencies which have been used by cell phone for many years.

As of now the FG which mostly being deployed is second part above, the frequency(EMF) which is being used for FG is same as earlier so there should be no difference in terms on EMF. So an arguments can easily be made by mainstream is that what has changed in last year to make such a detrimental impact on the cells/immune system ?

The first part above of FG is deployed but is very very spotty right now. Only in very veryfew locations. I don't think the high frequency EMF FG has been deployed in the countries like China, Italy, Iran etc. So the argument that its impacting the cells can easily be refuted by mainstream. UNLESS is being deployed in a hidden way, but then whats the point of deploying if the cell phone devices which support are being made available now in last couple of months. Also this high frequency has to be licenced by the government and the licences have not been issued to any telecom provider in those countries.

Just wanted to bring this angle to the front as I want the messages being conveyed by you and in some parts in the interview above to maximum number of folks and not be refuted so easily. The social media is using some of the arguments above to remove the videos and also reasoning that "rumours" are prompting violence against the cell towers etc. to ban some of the very useful content.

I hope I could convey my message and would love to hear from you on this.

Love and Regards,

In reply to by MB

Hi MB, nice to see you here again Slightly Smiling

Let me begin by saying that I'm certainly not here to provide left brained information to try to persuade anyone of anything. You said... " there is an element which can easily be refuted by science the message will not help serve the people who are on the borderline." Yes. ANYTHING can be refuted to a person who is not ready to see beyond the veil. 911 is a classic point in case. How much information do people need on that?

Openhand is all about presenting a framework for inquiry, so that people may challenge the generality of the conditioning of the system within the Old Paradigm, to cause them to find their soul, then to intuitively feel the truth for themselves. My purpose in this inquiry around FiveGee and the C.V. is to show the bankrupcy, duplicity and plain defunctness of the system, not to prove it wrong in this single aspect or that, BUT, to invite people to question enough in order to want to transcend it. Some people will be inspired that way because they're ready to follow the soul. Others will not. It is not my purpose to try to persuade anyone. From past experience I've found this a fruitless task. You're either ready, or not.

That said, if you've not yet delved into the tremendous volume of research that's now out there on the harmful effects of FiveGee, and how it's being mercilessly rolled out without providing people the facts, then a good place to begin would be with Josh Del Sol, whose doing a tremendous job in pulling info together... Take Back Your Power

In terms of the connection between the C.V and FiveGee, there is unlikely to be as yet any definitive research. Again, personally, I'm going on intuitive feeling and higher guidance. I've seen and felt plenty enough to satisfy the connection for myself. ThreeGee and FourGee were bad enough, what I'm experiencing here (and others have shared in the science) is a quantum increase in the irradiation. The first video I came across, which I was intuitively guided to, like many, has been unfortunately taken down - another indication of the kind of society we're living in and what they don't want you to see.  The second one I've posted here on the website with a general view on the impact of EMF on the soul and pineal, containing a personal experience of my own...
Attempting to Close the Pineal?

This is simply an example though. If you delve, there's a growing volume of expert people out there now speaking out strongly. Check this guy out for as long as his material is still up. He is the Medical Director for the Centers for Advanced Medicine (a lot of his material is taken down just as soon as it goes up, but you might find some still there)... Dr Rashid Buttar

In terms of where the FiveGee has already been rolled out to some degree, and where this might correlate with places of high C.V. instances, and likewise the converse, all you need do are simple google searches. You see clear mainstream evidence of what I positioned in my article - of where it has, or has not, been rolled out. I suspect that it will become possible in due course to draw a world map and lay one over the other to see a strong correlation.

But just to come back to my main point to finish on, Openhand is NOT about defending some left-brained research info on the technology or the state of the system. Where a person is not ready to see beyond the veil, they simply won't. What I believe many of us can agree on, is the duplicity and bankruptcy of the system itself, where fiction masquerades as truth, and where anything that comes anywhere near to the truth is censored and taken down. Openhand's purpose here is to question it just enough, so as to cause people to INTUIT their own truth, and then flow with the soul accordingly.

Wishing you well

Open Praying Emoji

In reply to by Open

Hi Open,

My dad is an engineer with off the chart intelligence and fivegee scares him!  We only use the little flip lid cell phones and no smart appliances.  I lived very near a cell tower/mast here in town and my body literally hummed like electricity flowing through it all night long, it was worse at night.  Once I moved away all that stopped.  I'm pretty certain it was the cell tower.

Now they've ramped up fivegee in high gear and my body is once again feeling that electrical stuff and affecting my nerve endings.  I turn off wifi when not using as my little laptop does not have a way to plug in hardwired, it's wifi only,  and still just have the little flip top cell phone and no smart appliances, not even TV, it's older.  So there's definitely a big EMF field.  I think the vir. was an excuse to rapidly install tons of fivegee.  People are clueless.

I've given up trying to call attention to it.  Sometimes I get downright mad.  But I feel that anger does no good so I get over it.  I plan to send an email to Ann and get a phone session with her.  There's so much I don't know yet about digging deeper and clearing.  I need some advice on that I guess.  Hopefully my new breathing method is a good way to clear but I don't see pics or know what may be coming up.  I try to just keep going with the flow as it happens.  Since that mediation on the Live feed a while back, my being short of breath has gone and not come back so I made some progress and willing to keep making more progress.

So I'm with the group that says fivegee sucks!  It's not a good situation and I suspect people will be getting sick and sicker from so much electrical exposure.  I know cows abort their babies when they're in a pasture under power lines.  I have a friend who's just found out she's 8 weeks pregnant.  I feel for her baby having to be in this EMF situation but guess the soul wanted to experience some part of all this.

Wishing you well Praying Emoji Heart



In reply to by MB

Hi MB, I am very grateful for your input in the EMF debate. I have often wondered how engineers feel about this new network.

Can ask, would you be happy to have a mast or pod outside of your home, or would you consider having a picnic with your family under or next to a new mast or any mast.

This is not a hijacking of you or your post, my intuition screams stay away from such masts. Am I wrong in this assessment. 

In reply to by Open

I went to see David Ike live, everyone I told thought I'd lost my mind. 

His presentation was informative and gave me food for thought. 

Anyway five and a half hours later we are coming to the crescendo of the night. I'm expecting a man the barricades speech tear down the wall.

What a nice surprise, his message was to live through your heart and look after each other.oh and dont buy there products, that's all they care

Highly recommend his live presentation. 

In reply to by Open

Another proof that the most vulnerable are being targeted by FiveGee

The ultra-fast cellular connections “are desperately needed for hospitals and nursing homes, for example, and then there are those who deliberately set radio masts on fire,” he complained, adding that Dutch mobile service providers are still doing their utmost to keep their networks running “in this difficult time.” 

Full link from 


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Hi Anatoly,

I had heard here in the U.S. that the fivegee speed is wanted because it's faster for people to play their games on their phones and do their virtual reality gadgets.  It's really not a necessity for anyone, the world has got along fine with normal speeds until all the virtual reality things came on the scene and interactive things need more speed for them to work right.

I think too many people don't understand the dangers of all that radiation.  I refuse to even have a smart phone, I use an old flip top phone that says 1X, it's not even got G's but still works fine.  So I find fivegee isn't a necessity for me to use my phone to make or receive calls.

I read the article, thank you for sharing!  I know some countries have banned fivegee and I wish they would here.


Sherri G.




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Hi Anatoly - thanks for sharing.

One of the things about this pandemic I was just wondering yesterday, was if doctors and nurses were getting sick because of the EMF in the hospitals? I was visting someone in hospital over Christmas and I can tell you that with all the instrumentation and sterile enviornment, the energy was full on. I certainly couldn't stay in there longer than an hour.

This makes sense to me now intuitively.

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I was really in this O Lions state and then, as the universe often does, it does the opposite of where I think I was going. I was bitten by a flea, which itches like hell and then my moontime started and really pulled me down into the body, reminding me that O I am in the body still. You might be laughing. But it was deeply challenging. Now it's funny and I am laughing too...

Hi Open,

Well it's a lot to process.  I don't care what gov't says, I won't be getting vaccinated.  I had it listed as an allergy in my medical records.  Saw that the new form of vaccine is a tiny square with tiny needles that goes on the skin.  All I could think was they are going to screw with people's DNA somehow.

ID tags?  Haven't heard.  Are we as workers of light supposed to be involved in getting these?  I don't plan to participate in their reality, unless you suggest we follow along.

I'm working on processing OUT things, not taking on more control methods.  I finished reading Divinicus, great book!  I died once already in this lifetime and not afraid to take any kind of stand and die again.  Dying is the easy part, so I'm roaring and ready to take whatever stand is needed.  Shining my light all over the place and sending out energy, trying to stay calm and let the flow happen through me.

Going to get in touch with Ann, I feel she's a good match for me to have a session with.  I am intuitive and so is she so I think we'll connect well.

So I feel the light is growing and things are shifting, some people are starting to wake up to some degree or at least rebelling.  Would love to see this whole thing take a huge shift to the light side!  Would be so awesome.

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Open, the elephant in the room is that each and every one of us, wanting to taste the assension process, has issues and blocks to negotiate first.

Also each and every one of us in on the path but at different stages. No one is at the same point. 

It's classic hare and tortoise, do we try and race to the finish or go along, as we have had to, and face the karmic hurdles process them and shuffle on along our own path.

Your words are so uplifting but my reality is that I on a game of snakes and ladders with spiritual growth. Rightly so I believe rightly so.

There is nothing I would love to do than be at the front of the fight, is it a fight?

I already am a lion, just give me some teeth. 


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Hi Keith,

Everyone is indeed at different places on the path. But perhaps consider it this way. It's not a linear path, from A to B. It's more a spiral staircase of interrelating circles. And really what you're doing is deepening each time. Sometimes you'll be working to open out higher densities, sometimes you'll come back into the lower ones for some kind of process.

What I do believe, is that there's an ascending group though - one that is connecting (often unknowingly) through the ether. And that souls in the group are inspiring each other. I have seen this many times. So it's not a race, and definitely not a fight. It's a progressive deepening.

I think as the veils progressively drop and as the ascending group parts waves for the shift from those still configured to society, everything will get progressively clearer.


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Open, many thanks for your reply, and your assessment, as usual it is accurate and true.

 I do feel like a spiritual adolescent at the moment, whining to let me grow up, I'll be 56 this year.

Thank you again.


So many emotions going through me, just saw a post of how people are making protective wear for their faces and bodies when going out shopping and laughed so hard I started crying.  Then started reading your post and tears of wanting everyone to be awakened and not lost in this situation came through and insecurity about my own further connection to the divine and questioning if I am awake enough to make it through to a better world in the shift.  Everything feels so strange.  So grateful for your posts and guidance.

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Hi Agnes,

Many of us are now called to embody compassionate witnessing - a cruicial aspect of love.

Being a compassionate witness is to nurture and expand our capacity to feel empathy and sympathy for the suffering of others and our own. It is one of the main threads of our reconnection with the divine as it is one of its qualities.
All these people who are seemingly asleep in your reality are there for you. Maybe it is to lovingly point your attention towards the possibility of conscious deepening of the compassionate witnessing aspect? Maybe once you reconnect further you will notice that the meaning of "better world" had shifted too.