5D Ascension: Suggested Daily Schedule in the Coronavirus Lockdown

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As many countries go into lockdown due to the coronavirus, although I don't support the system approach, it does reflect that ultimately, we don't have physical control over the Universe. Someone bigger or stronger or with more resources, may for a time, control your physical freedom. Paradoxically, the situation mirrors, in a small way, the macrocosym - as we go into this lockdown, somewhere else in the Universe entire planets are being swallowed into black holes. You have no ultimate control of the physical. HOWEVER, you can always decide how you respond at a soul level. The situation is clearly revealing the 2020 parting of the waves. It's time to join the flow, of your immaculate 5D Ascension.

Here are suggestions for a daily schedule you can develop to get your 5D Ascension moving...

A Moment of Empowerment

Firstly, before we get into the main suggestions, take a moment of reflection for empowerment...

When someone somehow takes away your physical freedom, reflect that no one can control the Universe. Even the biggest bully, will someday encounter one that is bigger. So it is in the Universe of the relative. It amplifies my point that control is pointless. Over reaction and attempts to manipulate are futile. They always come crashing down. However, a conscious empowered response is the forging of the soul. You're ALWAYS free to choose this immaculate empowerment of soul. Time to look in this mirror and set your soul soaring.

So have you had enough yet of the fear propaganda and social conditioning?

Has the banruptcy of the current system come spectacularly into view now?

Then let us begin. Our heavenly 5D Ascension is beckoning.

1. Going into Stillness

It's essential NOT to be overly distracted by the physical drama. When you realise there comes a point where you have no control over the physical, then it's time to go deeper internal, all the way back to the source in you. Then to pick up the flowing waves of the soul, felt as lightness, ease, surrender, and timeless connection.

For this I would suggest a daily breathing meditation. You may already have one that works for you - great. Just as long as it carries you beyond the mind and into the feeling sense of the soul. And then helps you journey deeper through the inner layers, back to the sense of presence. This is what we call at Openhand the Sacred Ground of Being - that consciousness which is around the presence, like the cushioning banks of the lake.

So use the time wisely. Make sure the inner journey becomes the central focus. When you wake up at the beginning of the day, before venturing onto the news, mobile phone or social media, come straight into the breathing and let this attune an aligned day.

At Openhand the basis for this deeper connection begins with Breakthrough Breathing

2. Dealing with Cravings, Addiction and Distraction

You can be forgiven for being distracted a while by this humungous system shennanigans. Who wouldn't be! But then decide now. Empower yourself now. Pinch yourself awake to a new society norm happening right under your nose. It's time to extract from the distraction.

If physical freedoms are constrained, you may well find you go into boredom at times, lethargy and if this persists, plenty will go into atrophy - binging on social media distraction for example. Don't let this happen to you! Decide now to empower yourself by going into the stillness at the core of you. Sit, sit, sit. Meditate, meditate, meditate. BUT, also develop your processes for confronting cravings and addictions.
Check out this Openhand main article on Breaking Through Triggers

Here's the crucial point: instead of just giving into the craving - the need for distraction for example - sit in the centre of your contraction. For example around boredom. How is it possible to be truly bored when you've come deeply into the one moment of now, where time disappears. So when you sit, go right into any physical resistance or mental tightness. Go right to the centre of them. Feel into the contraction. Soften in. Become completely at-one with it. The approach is to pass right through the eye of the needle. This will happen naturally when you're so accepting of the situation, that you don't need it to go away.

At Openhand we apply the ancient Kriya Bow as a means to reveal and amplify the density, so you can equalise with it, soften into and through it.

There's a free Bow Demo in this video... Transmutation
And here's our guided meditation which you can download... The Openhand Bow

3. Expand into Multidimensionality

When you've broken through any resistant density of that particular moment, then your soul starts to liberate and flow. This is where you can now open up and expand out into multiple dimensions of experience -
You are a Cosmic Divine Being!

The chakras are consciousness exchange points, each of which feeds into a different body of existence in a different dimension: the base into the 1st physical density; the sacral into the 2nd emotional density; the solar plexus into 3rd density on the plane of the intellect; the heart chakra into the 4th density causal body where karma is stored; the Throat into 5th density Higher Mind; the Third Eye into the 6th Density Celestial Body where reflections of authentic beingness are stored; the Crown Chakra into the 7th Density Spirit Light Body. Now is to apply subtle breathing techniques to progressively soften into each of the chakras to increase your sensitivity and awareness there. This channels soul consciousness into those densities experienced within you.

The feelings of this will be subtle intially. You won't necessarily appreciate some major difference on the inner in the beginning. But the more you practice, the more you start to appreciate the infusion of soul on the inner creates change in the outer - how you appreciate or interact with life. With more freedom and surrender for example. Or else more focus and commitment. And then you will start having stronger multidimensional experiences over time.

What becomes marvellous is that you start to pick up stronger intuitons and knowings - more powerful guidance and sense of support from the ether - there is a veritable army of angels drawing close to support you at this time.

Apply this Openhand chakra opening and attunement meditation.

Of course Deep Consciousness Bodywork is also going to be essential to your personal shift. Firstly it can help activate soul through the bodymind but also the appropriate practices can release blocked density in your biomagnetic field. Openhand's soulmotion is perfect for this. But also of course yoga, tai chi and 5 rhythms dance. I would suggest around 3-5 sessions of these per week in addition to the other meditations.

4. Apply Ascension to Daily Life

I can palpably feel the compulsion growing by more and more people to begin the Ascension out of this defunct 3D concoction. Who can blame them?! But it's also essential to realise that to truly ascend, is to transcend THROUGH the drama. Because your soul drew you here to learn and to integrate through the external physical. There will be fragments of soul that have identified and will likely still be stuck in certain behaviourisms and activities - like in relationships for example. Or allowing yourself to be overly distracted by the drama. Crucially though, it is not simply the case to absolve yourself from interaction or to drop the situations like dropping the proverbial hot coals.

Yes, work to let go of the need for an outcome. Feel any contraction or tightness around that in any given situation. Soften into it first. Keep working towards the infinite potential of The One. But, then look for the authentic expression of soul that wants to now come through.

For example: I was in my local health for store yesterday, that is now bedecked with tape to keep people the requisite 2m apart in social distancing. But it's clear that some of the staff have gone into fear about the situation. And so the energy has at times felt pretty emotionally controlling. What expression might you share with people to soften the situation? To bring lightness to it?

This is where the potential for alchemical transformation is at its strongest. It's in these direct interactions, and with family at home for example, where you're bound to hit the tightness in these situations. It's in exactly these moments to open up and soften through, BUT, then to also find that new sense of authentic soul expression that now wants to come through. And if you don't catch the reaction the first time, or the second, or if it takes you many attempts to break the cycle, no worries, just keep working through. It helps enormously to reflect afterwards, visualise the situation, regress back into it and feel once more the contraction. What were you attached to? How did you need the situation to go a particular way? Or what were you afraid to express?

This is how we infuse soul and transcend through.
Check out this Openway process for finding your Authentic Soul Orientation.

5. Opening the Spirit Light Body - Living the Higher Paradigm

The Spirit Light Body connects through the Crown Chakra and is our heavenly vehicle of Ascension. But crucially it's not something to wait for in your next incarnation or somehow after the shift. It is to open it and live it now. This will start to happen naturally as you open the chakras and process through inner density. As you do your daily breathing meditations, you'll start to feel a lightness above the crown. You can amplify this by paying attention to the feelings and most importantly, breathing them down through you. So you develop an embodied feeling sense of it here and now.

Please note: plenty of people will have energy implants in the crown chakra designed to close down the spirit light body. This is one of the strategies of the Interdimensional Intervention. So you might initially find difficulty accessing the lightness above the crown, or else when you do, you might find a spiralling sense pulls the soul out of body. These are both symptoms of a potential implant there. You'll therefore need to work to remove implants through directed awareness and empowerment. Here below is Openhand's popular removing entities article and download meditation. I would also suggest gaining support and guidance from an experienced facilitator.

Removing Entites and Implants Article
Removing Entites and Implants Download Meditation
Openhand Facilitator Network

When the crown chakra is clear, you'll start to feel the sense of expansive lightness. Here's when your Ascension really begins to take off. When you're walking out in nature, and also out in the town, look out into the physical, but get the sense of the alchemical spiritual - the field all around you. Let your wakeful dreaming vision create a new landscape that you're also perceiving and experiencing. What might those subtle light feelings of interconnectivity and flow look like in the higher vibration? What signs and synchronicities support this new landscape?

Start to feel yourself living in the higher vibration, but crucially, embodied here and now. Go more with this sense of flow and watch the new landscape shape around you.

Here's Openhand's Video sense of the Spirit Light Body

Ascension: A Daily Process

There is a silver lining in every grey cloud. This lockdown can become a golden opportunity to expand out. It all depends on how you choose to perceive it and respond to it in an empowered way. We're definitely not absconding to some rosy la la land by withdrawing or distracting either. This approach is to transcend through and then expand out. We're building a New 5D Paradigm, yes, but we're doing it thread by thread, action by action, moment by moment. You become an unstoppable force of liberation. That's the golden opportunity of these times.

Take back your power. Decide how to approach your day. What meditations work best at what particular times? What inner densities will you need to break through? Bring attention to these and ask the Universe to help with illumination. Build closer feeling connection with your Team in the ether. Give those subtle flutterings and felt senses the possibility to build through deeper attention and awareness. Ask them the all important question, "Show me!"

Ascension is now. It's begun right now. That was the stunning synchronicity of the numerology 2020. The times have not disappointed. They've just come in a way we might not have expected. Be prepared for the journey to take time though. Have patience. The 5D Ascension Shift is a long road. Be mindful of where we're going yes, BUT crucially it's NOT a destination to aim for. Rather it is something that grows and builds within you on a daily basis. You gain a sense of where it's heading, then use that as motivation to keep building it on the inside.

One day, in our near future, no matter what external shennanigans the system has played, it will lay it's last card. And the Universe will inevitably trump it. Because all physical situations come and go. We've entered the corridor of a marvellous shift - profound evolutionary change. One that will bring you home to a spectacular rebirth in new dimensions of living and being. Crucially though, don't wait. Seize this day. Now. And the next.


If you haven't already' check out Openhand's 5D Shift Project, which is a framework for your progressive Ascension into the Higher 5D Paradigm... 5D Shift Project

In loving support

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