5D Ascension: Developing Your Daily 5D Shift Practice

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A parting of the waves is happening in society. Whereas plenty are being drawn into a synthetic high-tech agenda, a growing wave are liberating themselves and beginning to shift into higher dimensional consciousness. It's definitely something to get on board with right now, and to be clear where your direction, purpose and orientation in life really is. The real power we can call upon is the infusion of higher dimensional consciousness. It's expanding and liberating the soul into a new evolution of humanity; breaking free of the rigidity and control; unleashing profound authentic beingness; creating miraculously from 5D consciousness.

It's essential to develop your daily Ascension schedule to ensure you're progressively moving with the higher dimensional flow. Here are the main considerations with some essential suggestions.

A Moment of Empowerment

Firstly, before we get into the main suggestions, take a moment of reflection for empowerment...

We're at a pivotal moment in human history, where the soul is being forged in the crucible of great change. Such change never comes easy, you have to step out of your comfort zone in order to break into new expansions. What's currently happening in the world is an invitation to reclaim soul sovereignty, direction, purpose and destiny. It's the very antithesis of how society is trying to lock consciousness down. Ultimately it won't be able to control the higher dimensional shift. If you step purposefully into that new consciousness on a daily basis, you'll always find the flow of light through the density. And you'll increasingly harness it for much greater creativity - ever more opportunity and possibility will flow.

So have you had enough yet of the fear propaganda and social conditioning?

Do you truly want to truly break free and align with the higher dimensional shift?

Then let us begin. Our embodiment of higher consciousness is beckoning.

1. Going into Stillness

It's essential NOT to be overly distracted by the external drama. When you realise there comes a point where you have no egoic control over how the external manifests, then it's time to go deeper internal, all the way back to the source in you - the Sacred Ground of Being. Then to pick up the flowing waves of the soul, felt as lightness, ease, surrender, and timeless connection.

These will progressively crystallise a new landscape around you, one that is more aligned, authentic to you, and harnessing of the higher infusions of light.

To facilitate this I would suggest a daily breathing meditation. You may already have one that works for you - great. Just as long as it carries you beyond the mind and into the feeling sense of the soul. And then helps you journey deeper through the inner layers, back to the sense of presence, and to the Sacred Ground of Being - that consciousness which is around the presence, like the cushioning banks of the lake.

So use the time wisely. Make sure the inner journey becomes the central focus. When you wake up at the beginning of the day, before venturing onto the news, mobile phone or social media, come straight into the breathing and let this attune an aligned day.

Work to ground this state increasingly as your regular background state, from which you emerge and express forth.

At Openhand the basis for this deeper connection begins with Breakthrough Breathing

2. Dealing with Cravings, Addiction and Distraction

You can be forgiven for being distracted by the unfolding charade of society, and it is important to be informed of what's taking place, BUT, not to be too distracted by the daily growing weave of the "new norm" (check out this lead article to understand the main dynamics of the new norm). Be aware that it is mostly a game of smoke and mirrors - the shadow is trying to condition the subconscious to the way they want things to go. You don't have to buy into that reality!

Everything is shifting towards a 3D/5D Hybrid state, where you can shape more from the higher consciousness assuming you focus on it instead.

Especially where physical freedoms are constrained, you may well find you go into boredom at times, lethargy and if this persists, plenty will go into atrophy - binging on social media distraction for example. Don't let this happen to you! Decide now to empower yourself by going into the stillness at the core of you. Sit, sit, sit. Meditate, meditate, meditate. BUT, also develop your processes for confronting cravings and addictions.
Check out this Openhand main article on Breaking Through Triggers

Here's the crucial point: instead of just giving into the craving - the need for distraction for example - sit in the centre of your contraction. For example around boredom. How is it possible to be truly bored when you've come deeply into the one moment of now, where time disappears? So when you sit, go right into any physical resistance or mental tightness. Go right to the centre of them. Feel into the contraction. Soften in. Become completely at-one with it. The approach is to pass right through the eye of the needle. This will happen naturally when you're so accepting of the situation, that you don't need it to go away. The Breakthrough can of itself become blissful.

At Openhand we apply the ancient Kriya Bow as a means to reveal and amplify the density, so you can equalise with it, soften into and through it.

There's a free Bow Demo in this video... Transmutation
And here's our guided meditation which you can download... The Openhand Bow

3. Expand into Multidimensionality

When you've broken through any resistant density of that particular moment, then your soul starts to liberate and flow. This is where you can now open up and expand out into multiple dimensions of experience -
You are a Cosmic Divine Being!

The chakras are consciousness exchange points, each of which feeds into a different body of existence in a different dimension: the base into the 1st physical density; the sacral into the 2nd emotional density; the solar plexus into 3rd density on the plane of the intellect; the heart chakra into the 4th density causal body where karma is stored; the Throat into 5th density Higher Mind; the Third Eye into the 6th Density Celestial Body where reflections of authentic beingness are stored; the Crown Chakra into the 7th Density Spirit Light Body. Now is to apply subtle breathing techniques to progressively soften into each of the chakras to increase your sensitivity and awareness there. This channels soul consciousness into those densities experienced within you.

The feelings of this will be subtle initially. You won't necessarily appreciate some major differences on the inner (nor the outer) in the beginning. But the more you practice, the more you start to appreciate the infusion of soul on the inner creates change in the outer, you start to navigate life differently.

Here are 3 clear ways that will change things:

1) Being more authentic in relationships - you establish stronger boundaries around your authenticity. You naturally demand more respect around how you are being. It makes your relationships more real and harmonious. It determines the depth of relationship you should be in. It then makes close relationships more understanding, empathic, non-judgmental and sensitive.
2) You start to naturally vision the kind of circumstances and living situation that best serves you. This happens without having to apply any fixed intention. You start to hold that in your being. It starts to crystallise new realities that are based upon those visions.
3) You feel more supported, held and cherished by different multdimensional aspects of the divine, realised through signs and synchronicity. Every step becomes a blessings, even when it leads you into challenging circumstances, because you're constantly realising the growth opportunity.

Apply this Openhand chakra opening and attunement meditation.

Of course, Deep Consciousness Bodywork is also going to be essential to your personal shift. Firstly it can help channel soul through the bodymind, but also the appropriate practices can release blocked density in your biomagnetic field. Openhand's soulmotion is perfect for this, which we teach on our courses and gatherings. But also of course yoga, tai chi and 5 rhythms dance. I would suggest around 3-5 sessions of these per week in addition to the other meditations.

4. Apply Ascension to Daily Life

I can palpably feel the compulsion growing by more and more people to begin the Ascension out of this defunct 3D construct. Who can blame them?! But it's also essential to realise that to truly ascend, is to transcend THROUGH the drama. Because your soul drew you here to learn and to integrate through it all. There will be fragments of soul that have identified and will likely still be stuck in certain behaviourisms and activities - like in relationships for example. Or allowing yourself to be overly distracted by the drama. Crucially though, it is not simply the case to absolve yourself from interaction or to drop the situations like dropping the proverbial hot coals.

Yes, work to let go of the need for an outcome. Feel any contraction or tightness around that in any given situation. Soften into it first. Keep working towards the infinite potential of The One. But, then look for the authentic expression of soul that wants to now come through. Essentially, let this become your daily approach and practice in life.

Daily innovation is a crucial key. The soul is always wanting to flow spontanesouly and uniquely, it never does exactly the same thing twice. So work to continually adapt your daily rhythms by opening a space for the unknown to speak through them. Listen. Feel. Pick up new senses and nuances that gently cascade in. Your soul is wanting to actualise.

This is where the potential for alchemical transformation is at its strongest. Especially in daily interactions, with family at home for example, where you're bound to hit the tightness of rigidity and degrees of conformity. It's in exactly these moments to open up and soften through, BUT, then to also find that new sense of authentic soul expression that now wants to define itself more accurately and establish a different landscape - requiring of the outer to respect and respond to the new you.

Practice Daily Regressions

If you don't catch the reactivity the first time, or the second, or if it takes you many attempts to break the cycles, no worries, just keep working with them. It helps enormously to reflect afterwards:

Visualise the situation, regress back into it and feel once more the contraction. What were you attached to? How did you need the situation to go a particular way? Or what were you afraid to express?

This is how we infuse soul and transcend through.
Check out this Openway process for finding your Authentic Soul Orientation.

5. Opening the Spirit Light Body - Living the Higher Paradigm

The Spirit Light Body connects through the Crown Chakra and is our heavenly vehicle of Ascension. But crucially it's not something to wait for in your next incarnation or somehow after the shift. It is to open it and live it now. This will start to happen naturally as you open the chakras and process through inner density...

But you must also consciously connect into the spirit light body, through the crown chakra, in meditation - to practice opening into the expanded higher dimensional lightness and focussing consciousness there.
It's a key part of Openhand's work in our Ascension Academy.

As you do your daily breathing meditations, you'll start to feel a lightness above the crown. You can amplify this by paying attention to the feelings and most importantly, breathing the sense of lightness down through you. So you develop an embodied feeling sense of it here and now.

Please note: plenty of people will have energy implants in the crown chakra designed to close down the spirit light body. This is one of the strategies of the Interdimensional Intervention. So you might initially find difficulty accessing the lightness above the crown, or else when you do, you might find a spiralling sense pulls the soul out of body. These are both symptoms of a potential implant there. You'll therefore need to work to remove implants through directed awareness and empowerment. Here below is Openhand's popular removing entities article and download meditation. I would also suggest gaining support and guidance from an experienced facilitator.

Removing Entites and Implants Article
Removing Entities and Implants Download Meditation
Openhand Facilitator Network

When the crown chakra is clear, you'll start to feel the sense of expansive lightness. Here's when your Ascension really begins to take off. When you're walking out in nature, and also out in the town, look out into the physical, but get the sense of the alchemical spiritual - the field all around you. Let your wakeful dreaming vision create a new landscape that you're also perceiving and experiencing. What might those subtle light feelings of interconnectivity and flow look like in the higher vibration? What signs and synchronicities support this new landscape?

Start to feel yourself living in the higher vibration, but crucially, embodied here and now, creating here and now from that state. Go more with this sense of flow and watch the new landscape shape around you.

Here's Openhand's Video sense of the Spirit Light Body

Ascension: A Daily Process

There is a silver lining in every grey cloud. The veils over the delusion of society have spectacularly fallen. Ever more of us can see the 'beast' for what it is, AND CRUCIALLY, a growing wave of us are prepared to actually do something about it - to shift our consciousness BEYOND it.

Thus the revelation of the shadow side becomes a golden opportunity to expand out. It all depends on how you choose to perceive the situation and respond to it in an empowered way. We're definitely not absconding to some rosy la la land by withdrawing or distracting either. This approach is to transcend through and then expand out. We're building a New 5D Paradigm, yes, but we're doing it thread by thread, action by action, moment by moment. You become an unstoppable force of liberation. That's the golden opportunity of these times.

Take back your power. Decide how to approach your day. What meditations work best at what particular times? What inner densities will you need to break through? Bring attention to these and ask the Universe to help with illumination. Build closer feeling connection with your Team in the ether. Give those subtle flutterings and felt senses the possibility to build through deeper attention and awareness. Ask them the all-important question, "Show me!"

Ascension is now. It's begun right now. Be prepared for the journey to take time though. Have patience. The 5D Ascension Shift is a long road. Be mindful of where we're going yes, BUT crucially it's NOT a destination to aim for. Rather it is something that grows and builds within you on a daily basis. You gain a sense of where it's heading, then use that as motivation to keep building it on the inside, thus actualising it progressively on the outside.

One day, in our near future, no matter what external shenanigans the system has played, it will lay its last card. And the Universe will inevitably trump it. Because all physical situations come and go. We've entered the corridor of a marvellous shift - profound evolutionary change. One that will bring you home to a spectacular rebirth in new dimensions of living and being. Crucially though, don't wait. Seize this day. Now. And the next.

If you resonate, come and get involved with Openhand's Ground Breaking work at our Ascension Academy. Here's a flavour of what's involved...

If you resonate with the Openhand Approach to the shift and the requirements of your daily practice, get involved with our work:

Openhand Ascension Academy

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Dear Open and Openhand family ,

I am on a much needed holiday on the magical island of Mauritius and this break seems to be precisely what my soul needed. After a rather dramatic and reactive karmic year ,this break has re -energized my commitment . On Day 2 I restarted my practice of breathing practices and the Bow followed by yoga . I am feeling a deeper connection with my higher self and team despite the rather toxic city and work place I am in . Crucially ,I am filled with purpose . I was travelling with a vegan friend and her commitment has rubbed off on me . 

In many ways nothing has changed on the outside ,but much of the reactivity I felt is dissipating and I am feeling much more light and free . In meditation I am feeling deep density in the first chakra - likely I am embodying into it and am not as much dissociated . 

I feel like I am on the cusp of massive change and I just wanted to share that . 

Deep Bow 



22/06/2024 Openhand Shift Update

We've just come through another solstice, this time converging with the full moon. These are extraordinary times of convergences indeed. It's essential therefore that we keep working on developing the Merkabah, our crucible of light, so as to actually embody the energies of the Shift.

I don't think I could over emphasize the importance of discipline in your daily approach to evolutionary Ascension. We're definitely seeing a growing divergence of energies between those being sucked down the route of the synthetic metaverse agenda and those going with the Shift. We're getting tremendous higher dimensional infusions of light, from Metatron for example. But in order to embody these infusions, we must purify the Lower Self.

These higher dimensional energies infusing, can only really anchor through the Merkabah, hence the need for Lower Self purification on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and karmic. That way you'll create a crucible to harness the energies. That's why I felt to draw attention today to this article above and the need for a daily disciplined approach:

5D Ascension: Developing Your Daily 5D Shift Practice

The only caveat to discipline, which I explained in the 5GATEWAYS BOOK, is for it not to become too rigid. Or else the risk is to create another level of identity or to do things unconsciously - there must be complete presence and connection through the daily practices, such as yoga for example. And I know diet can be a difficult one to align. Having worked at it diligently myself for the last 20 years or so, there are many things to rework, align and strip away, to get a healthy balanced diet. I've found daily intermittent fasting (eating only within a 6hr window during any 24-hour period) is essential, in this toxic environment, to cleanse the body and to provide plenty of physical rejuvenation time. It is also a tremendous spur to the expansion of consciousness.

How the practice of Openhand was Born

In order to encourage the development of discipline and focus (but without rigidity) into your daily practice, I felt to share an insight into how Openhand was founded here during the Shift.

It began first as a meditative practice that incorporated breathing (from Kriya Yoga) with martial arts (Karate) warm-up routines and movements.Self realisation followed the liberation of soul consciousness (which is why I later called the physical practice soulmotion). Although completely unintentional, I discovered it mirrored how the practice of Kung Fu developed in around 500 AD, when the Indian monk Bodhidharma took meditative breathing techniques from India to the Shaolin temple in China. He helped the monks there incorporate breathing into movements they observed in creatures (all of the soulmotion movements developed naturally with animal names!). This practice of Kung Fu then spread across Asia, developing all manner of different arts and practices until it found its way to the island of Okinawa, in Japan, where Karate - the way of the empty hand - was then developed.

I poignantly recall my very last Karate session, where the divine had encouraged me to drop the practice and focus 100% on Openhand, where on the very last movement, benevolence guided my eyes downards, to see my treasured Black Belt simply unfold itself and fall off!

From that moment, there was no looking back. The art of self-defence (the way of the empty hand), had been transformed into a method of attuning to, and following, the soul in daily life ("the way of Openhand"). In that very moment, it felt like cycles through history had come full circle. Openhand had been born.


To inspire you on, and you're looking for a good spiritual movie to watch this weekend, then I might suggest the Openhand 5GATEWAYS documentary, which has received glowing reviews since its original release in 2011. Here's the remastered version of 2015. Check it out, I think you'll find it just as revelant today...

Bright blessings

Open 💎

In reply to by Open


First off, wonderful video. I absolutely love your authentic, easy-going nature. It makes me sad at the same time as I still haven't the courage to fully be my quirky, spacey self. Learned something about Scottish history and an incredible man. Great lesson in persistence and courage. No backing down when the cause is from the heart, namely freedom. Love the trek through some really beautiful, richly vibrant country. Also the cozy, peaceful cave, makes me want to hibernate. The toning is awesome! And the messages from Robert were inspiring and relevant to my current inquiries. 

The story of your beginning deeply warms my heart, I for one am grateful. I hope when I hear the call, it will be as simple yet meaningful as a belt untying itself. I am particularly interested in the soulmotions and their related animals, see which ones I align with most. Thanks for the note on discipline; I tend to be all or nothing and then give up when I can't fulfill my own too high expectations of perfection. Discipline, but with wiggle room and presence; room for adjustment. Persistence, even with failure. Always looking for that spark of motivation to keep me going. Very important points I'm taking to heart on this next journey of purifying my lower vessels. 

I was worried the direction I'm taking is all based in the outer, not coming from the heart. I definitely saw how there was some avoidance, but I feel now it is the right next step. I will ask and look out for what the universe tells me. And meanwhile work on the thing being avoided. You said something in the video during Robert's message and it helped shift my perception from fear of going out there as I am (obese), to determination; I have a right to be out there working on creating better for myself, just as anyone else! I will accept I rendered myself in this way to avoid pain in the first place. Now I will bravely forge ahead despite how I am in the spirit of transformation and transmuting my pain to love. I see now how being hurt is just me hurting myself, so time for acceptance. I can't wait till things are perfect to have the courage; I have to have the courage to face and thus transform. 

So even though this video is 3 years old, I feel I needed to see it now, because it has bolstered me to begin this journey and go in the direction I know I need to go now. Well, the first step at least. Very grateful to you! barb🙏


01/09/22 Openhand Journal: Developing Your Daily Practice

The new Openhand cycle begins today - I feel tremendously excited about what is in store and connecting with you all in the work. 🤗👏🧡
I encourage all to take a review of your daily shift practice.

What new elements do you need to incorporate?
How can you innovate what you're already doing to take things deeper?

I've put a lot of energy into the suggestions in the lead article above, which I've updated several times from the original. So I strongly commend you to review it today and then contemplate how you might deepen your practice. Enjoy, deepen, and reap the rewards!!

5D Ascension: Developing Your Daily 5D Shift Practice

How is your daily practice going? Do share, I'd love to hear and will happily offer some feedback. 👍

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

In reply to by Open


These are amazing articles Open, thank-you so much. I could immerse all day!

Just a few quick comments though. Life itself has become my practice.

So I flow with that, all being the alchemical divine unfolding.

I'm continually feeling internally for any 'little me'.

Any fears, needs or desire that have arisen?

The One comes just by asking of it.

I sit, or walk and say. Come!!

Have a great day all  🧡

In reply to by Remy (not verified)


Further to yesterday, a specific focal point of my recent spiritual practice is breaking pattern. As the eddy current of the field materialises around your manifestation in the world, it seeks to become a new program, or prison of the mind, to put you to sleep again.

I notice the field may at times erupt against a new emergence of being. I might be at a pivotal moment and something will come about to prevent it. It would seem innocuous outwardly, but as I'm doing this consciously, I know the intervention is in effect.


I see it as sport, it's actually quite stimulating. And I outmanoeuvre it because it's just a mechanism. As you mentioned earlier Rich, how the shadow state actually works against itself by causing you to up your game. Totally with you on that. As with the intervention.

So you can be just 'going with the flow' and everything seems to 'fall into place'. But actually you may be stuck in an eddy current and don't fully realise. So breaking pattern is just standard practice to ensure your field is fresh and alive with true soul gold.

That's why it's the nature of Soul. To outmanoeuvre the intervention.

Just felt to add, as I'm enjoying it so.

Have a great day y'all.

Remy  🙏🏼


16/02/2021 Journal Update: How do you stop getting derailed by your old density? I'm seeing this question come up for a lot of people in the community right now. It's important to reflect that we're living on a 2-Speed Planet right now, meaning the higher dimensional flow is accelerating, thus exposing the density, bringing it active and detaching it. If you have karmic density still to process, this WILL come active, it WILL derail to some degree and there's no avoiding it if you are to thoroughly release it. HOWEVER, there is a way to minimise the pain and suffering that it can create.

The first is to stay fully conscious in what's going on. Even if you get sucked into density and start to activate it around you. It's utterly essential NOT to go to sleep and simply sleepwalk through your process. Keep exploring, keep watching, keep feeling into what comes up. And keep inquiring - what is this showing me?

Keep feeling into the density and figure out what you were attached to. Maybe it's not being alone. Maybe it's feeling safe and protected in relationship - but then this becomes limitation, inertia and density. If you explore into the attachment and keep illuminating the consequences of creating from this space, you start to realise it simply doesn't serve to succumb to the old density, no matter how comforting it may at first appear to be.

Short term processing pain, is most definitely worth the long term gain!

If you're truly on the path you can't avoid this density. They key is to have a clear process and approach to dealing with it. That's what I shared above in the article on Developing your Daily 5D Shift Process. Do check out Openhand's Breakthrough Approach because it's highly effective. And if you need help understanding the two speed environment we're in right now and working through your karma, do consider the upcoming Thrive in 3D/5D retreat. It's perfectly configured to help you make sense of your journey right now.

And finally today, I felt to share this superlative TED presentation with the poet David Whyte, where he's talking about the path, and leaving behind that which no longer serves. Then having the courage to step into the unknown. It's about 20 minutes, but every moment a jewel, and so well worth the engagement...


Open HeartPraying Emoji

In reply to by Open


Hi Open, im struggling so much with reliving my childhood over and over. i am almost never alone and always being watched by controlling ppl i work with and where i live. i am literally in a karmic prison with no means or opportunity to leave. i do appreciate the karma this brings up but the inability to process said karma doesnt make sense. how can i process authentically when these ppl are always there? its like my sister putting me on a pedestal and then following me around and watching me constantly. and when the traumatic events happened she got an energy boost from my suffering and it made her latch on more, and now i have ppl telling me how i should feel and ppl trying to fucking mother me b/c i learned how to play the vctim. its getting better as i stand up for myself butall i want to do is tell them to fuck off lol! i have been trying to leave but i think my resistance to this pain is making me trapped. i guess the lesson is to stop resisting and soften so much they have nothing to feed on anymore, but my frustration and anger keep bubbling up with the paradox that i cant express them. i am afraid of being homeless and jobless and especially because i dont want to have to abandon my cat as i have tremendous guilt over previous pets, who i do emotionally cling to because my inability to assimilate with ppl i dont feel connected to. my health is declining rapidly and im constantly exhausted. everything on your page helps and im so grateful to you and your team. i need something radical i just dont know what. i want to do your retreat but all i have is one outdated tablet and a new tablet that isnt working properly although its mostly just a keyboard thing but do u think i could do a retreat with a wonky tablet and the nosey lonely lady upstairs listening so i cant even express authentically. i am going out of my mind and feel i will end up in real prison if something doesnt give. sorry for all this dense unstable energy but i feel like i could really use some help. thank you so much


In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)


Hey there - welcome to Openhand. Praying Emoji

Would you really like to break the cycles?
Might sound like a silly question, but how prepared are you to do what it takes to break them? On a scale of 1-10 how important is that to you?
Think carefully about that, over a good period of time.

When the answer is truly a 10 out of 10 (or at least 9), the first step would be to re-read what you've written above and locate all the statements where you are rendering yourself as the victim, through fear and reaction to what others think, say or do. There are at least 10 instances and that's conservative!

The next thing would be to take ownership of everything you're creating - all the people you are drawing, and that no one is doing anything to you. You are doing it to yourself.

Once you've realised and accepted this, then begins the arduous process of digging progressively through all the layers and into your attachments - why you need a situation to go a certain way, or why you need others to behave a particular way. All of these situations will conceal some inner karmic blockage of attachment and ego-identification. This is what you must work in to unravel, layer by layer, using something like Openhand's Breakthrough Approach.

Do be prepared for an arduous process lasting many years. There are no quick fixes or magic pills on the road of Ascension.
But when there is all-in commitment, it's amazing how quickly you can unravel through and the amazing gifts that we pick up along the way.

Best wishes

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Hi :) just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, could be my story that you wrote down there.I know that doesn't help, but I also know it DOES help. I am at the beginning of finding a way with the gift of feeling energy all the time, so I can't really give advise, but what helped me so far was training my brain into seeing the positive and focusing on enjoying the smallest things, because that brings the brain into a more positive level.i know it is hard to believe and seems really redicoulus when you are on the bottom,but it is actually scientifically proven that that helps and it is only the first step.so if you manage that, the next step from there is possible and doable. I started with meditations where you shake the body, i don't like it so much because of the sweatting, but i think it is important to connect to your body again and to listen to him.I get panic attacs more and more and when that happens, i speak with my body and ask him what he wants.mostly he wants air and stretching. when you have these two things,positiver mind, ie enjoying the wonder of how your body transforms food into hair simply by turn over and processing it and a moving body, it is a fundament to change.that s where I am now, so nothing further so far. But words i recieved from my future me where 'move, celebrate life, it is good'. They push me and are so strong that i feel i can deal with the dark side of humans again, i collect 'no's and fight against them, my subject is animal rights. All the best, Fe


15/01/2021 Journal Update: Human Ascension is in full swing right now. A dedicated group across the planet have set their compasses into the higher dimensions, out of the bankruptcy of this old paradigm. When you do turn into the ascending wind, there's much work to be done however. That's why it's essential to develop your daily practice - hence my article above...

Developing Your Daily 5D Shift Practice

Where does discipline fit in all this?

This is something we explored last week on our first Thrive in 3D/5D retreat. I would say discipline is crucial and a key aspect of the Ray 1 divine masculine energy, probably blended with some Ray 6 altrusism - always looking towards the bigger picture. However our discipline must not become rigid and unbending. It must not be so focussed as not to be seeing how the landscape shapes in your periphery. So there must be an openness and flexibility with the discipline - a readiness to change and innovative, to constantly develop proceedures and practices.

In my own practice for example, routines always develop, change and adapt, but what I experience, are general rhythms of expression. It's like playing music that's continually evolving. So you do have regular chords you're playing, but always looking for the most authentic way to express them in this moment. It mirrors the fact that the soul is never flowing exactly the same twice - it's always dancing and changing.

With this in mind, I felt to share with you Openhand's video on continual innovation. It definitely keeps everything fresh within your daily approach to the 5D Shift. Let's keep right on developing!


Open HeartPraying Emoji


In reply to by Open


Your videos are always excellently done and uplifting and inspiring, thank you for that, and them. Where I am right now in terms of practice, which is pretty much the beginning, is learning to soften and deepen into myself and "find" that void of presence when i start to contract. Also reminding myself to be present in every moment. Being fully aware of every reaction and thought and working with it in that moment as much as possible. I still tend to "slip away" and go on auto pilot when interacting with others which puts me in a reactive place, and I don't process it until after the interaction, but I do feel like the increased awareness is bringing out more authentic expression nonetheless. Also consciously working on softening when the old anger tape starts playing, and always asking myself where it's coming from and if it serves. Just choosing not to play the old game anymore, and already I'm noticing shifts. This is a very cool new way to be! While holding no illusions I won't fall again many many times, as you said would happen, i'm starting to see the incredible value in those falls. And having faced enough of them already, I find I'm less and less scared to face the hard stuff, and more and more excited by what's emerging! Love💜💜💜🙏

In reply to by barbfromkingston


That all sounds highly productive Barb. Thumbs Up Sign

Being determined not to be pulled into the old loops and staying fully conscious is essential - while recognising that density and old attachments will get activated and will create. However if we stay conscious, aware and inquiring through them, then we'll unravel and dissolve the old energy.

Great job!

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I also feel like I should write a little about my daily practice and where my attention is through out the day.
When I wake up in the morning, I usually meditate for an hour - Openhand bow, Chakra attunement, listening to flute meditation music or just sitting in stillness. I usually have some ginger lemon water in morning and someone recently recommended fruits in the morning is good to cleanse the gut, so I will be trying that out for some time. I'm still doing intermittent fasting eating within a 6 hour window. I have tried switching back to a usual normal diet with 3 meals but it dint really suit me well. So I'm happy to be back doing the fasting. To be honest it's usually easy for me, other than a bit of craving in the night which usually worked out by breakthrough meditation. Actually intermittent fasting is a necessity for me since I have been having indigestion problem and too much food through out the day aggregates it. After breakfast I'm usually in the farm which I really enjoy - connecting with the nature, being creative and productive. Since I'm in the community I have been having a lot of social interaction and there is a lot to be learned from that - not to lose myself in others. Other free time I'm engaged in practising music, playing guitar, singing, learning the flute or playing the Cajon which I have started appreciating so much. I think I lose myself too much in the improving of music skills, I'm jealous of others who can simply express. Still I feel a pull and I don't know any other way. Often we have music sessions and playing and singing together and it's amazing. Evening I sometimes do yoga or some exercise followed by badminton which I love. Other days I usually go for a walk to the waterfall or hills. I also go for hiking atleast once per week. Its easy to get lost in the connection with others and be happy and content in that. And it takes something else entirely to breakout from that and express uniquely. In one of the recent meeting, we were talking about the virus and the future decisions the school would be taking and I couldn't simply hold back but express my view about the same. Though I was met with critisim at that point, it led to some key decision making later. Usually before I speak, there is a welling up from within and fear and tightness at the level of emotions at the same time which to me indicates that I should go ahead with it. Today there was a discussion about fear and I spoke about the law of attraction, and how the situations are actually created by us only but it was not received well at all. And then I understood, what it means to be spiritual and different and how these are not appreciated eventhough it's having all the energetic effect in the field. And that too in a j Krishnamurti school. Im usually very careful about saying anything that would turn others off like soul or dimension or anything. The central fear around which some of my experiences revolve around is the fear of expression and fear of mistakes. And how that would result in judgement, disconnection, embarrassement etc.  
Nighttime, I spent it bymyself without any social interaction - meditating, watching a movie, playing music etc. Most of my meditation are usually spent in clearing the field and feeling the connection and centerdness once again. I have never used crystals or anything of that sort. I wonder how effective it will be in my journey. I live in a very clutter free environment as of now surrounded my nature. I would definelty invite more synchronisties and the flow. Even as I write that there is a hesitancy around it and what it would mean to life in general. Maybe it would make things hard and it won't be easy anymore and I have to get out of my comfort zone more than I want. I have experienced the sovereignty and power in the connecting to something beyond. Someweeks ago I was taking a bath in a nearby pool and I had this question in my mind. What is the difference between connecting to the soul and following it moment by moment? Suddenly my knee hit a rock and pain shooted through my body reminding me that following the soul can be painful as well. My immediate reaction was "I don't need this", which was a judgement I was making towards life. Its also a fear of losing the certainty of what I have done and like doing. 

PS: Thanks for sharing your daily practise open. 


I've been asked about what's involved in my daily practice so I felt to share a little here.

Firstly, life itself has become the daily practice - so there's no separation between living and recognising that every single aspect of it is the journey of opening, deepening, self realisation and actualisation. There really is nothing else going on!

But of course I also have (what I call) amplification processes to help clarify and deepen things further.

As I awaken in the morning I'll begin immediately with about 30 minutes of meditation incorporating breathing so as to connect up the Toroidal flow and the bridge into higher dimensions. So I'll use Breakthrough Breathing for this.

Usually I'll then do some creative work here for the website - which is always an internal process of expression too. So it invites the creative aspect, which is an essential part of the souls expression and emergence.

After that I'll do some focussed meditation using the Breathing and the Openhand Bow (several times), lasting probably about an hour. But it's essential to add that I allow for each practice to be unique. The Bow might take on a different emphasis for example - lengthening the breath, holding longer in the crown or base, working on tightness in the body, cleansing OC in the wider field - it all depends on what comes intuitively in the moment. So it's a disciplined practice but with flexibility.

I also find body strength, breathing capacity and heart flow essential to work with. So I do "Trim Dipping" probably around 3 times a week. This is deep conscious jogging (feeling into the mechanisms of the body) mixed with bodywork - some pressups, dips and abdomen work. Plus I find especially working up hills (The Tor!) really good for transcendence. So you attune to the feeling of the density in the muscles, but then let go of judgment of the feelings and transcend through.

I take my one meal of the day around lunch time, which is also a conscious practice - feeling what foods the body needs, with maximum amount of raw for cleansing (see the post on cleansing below).

In the afternoon I'll do an hour or so of sitting meditation, just working to deepen ever further through the inner layers - how still can you get? What higher frequencies can you pick up? After which I'll usually take off for a six senses walk - connecting with nature, feeling the vibes, working to transcend into the higher paradigm.

Late in the afternoon/early evening I'll often do a soulmotion deep consciousness body practice lasting about half an hour, just to maintan flexibility and cleanse away any density that has come up. I'll use different types of music for this so as to accentuate the mood sense, which annimates different frequencies of soul.

In the early evening often there will often be a singing practice singing into the chakras - to keep opening them up further. This might include shamanic drumming to get a deeper sense of etheric connection.

Then later in the evening I'll probably sit in quiet meditation for an hour or so before bedtime. Going to bed is also a conscious practice of cleansing the field and relaxing into rest. Often the evening is spent lucid dreaming or astral travelling - but there's no intention with this. It just goes where it wants to!

In writing this, I realise to some it may sound pretty rigorous, but really there's a lot of relaxation with it and it's become a way of life - to me that's what self-realisation really is. And I'm fascinated in expanding the boundaries of what is possible - what can you experience? I find the whole thing exciting and adventurous - where can you go next? What can you be next?

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Hi Open,

For the most part things are in flow.  The lock down has actually been a permission slip for me to move away from the external and go more internal.  I can feel what seems to be a permanent shift in myself as I am losing my craving to be social.  I still enjoy connecting with others in a meaningful way and I don't want to be a hermit, but social encounters are less of a priority for me.

I've also been practicing intermittent fasting since the last facebook livestream.  I've tried it before several times but I've never made it more than a few days.  It is still hard but something has shifted in me where I'm able to flow with it this time. 

What is coming up, and has been for a while, is interference with opening and living in my spirit light body.  I am aware that it's caused at least in part from nano bots and artificial intelligence implants.  I can feel the distortions and vibrations in my body.  I can tell they're not something I'm picking up from the field.  Unlike regular implants that are subtle, these send vibrations that radiate through my body and are hard not to notice.   It seems the more work I do on myself and the clearer I become the more of a target I am but it could just be the more I'm able to notice what's going on.  They are able to turn the volume up and down.  When I'm working to release them the volume turns down so it seems like they're gone but then the volume turns back up.  I use shunghite and the entity meditation but I'm not sure if there is more or a better way to protect myself proactively and to release whats already there from my field.  

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Hi Ann - I've watched your practice and embodiment deepen tremendously in the time you've worked with Openhand, which is truly wonderful. The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

The sensitivity to energy has clearly gone through a quantum leap, which has reflected in the support facilitations you've done on recent Openhand gatherings (here's a link to Ann's Openhand Biog for anyone tuning in and requiring a highly empathic facilitation - Ann's Biog). The fact that you can feel these subtle interferences (nano bots for example) is clearly happening not because there's more of them, but because you've become sensitive to the fact that they're there. I find they can make you feel tired and heavy.

It's essential therefore to have cleansing built into the daily practice. This is also where intermittant fasting becomes utterly invaluble. Because it gives the body time to cleanse and reduces the stress on your system - it recovers much easier and quicker. For me, the shift to OMAD (one meal a day) fasting 2 years ago has been an absolute god-send in this regard. Yes it was tough to adapt to. Yes I had to work through triggers - emotional ones that needed some kind of completion for example - some comfort. But nevertheless it is well worth the work. I probably now eat around 50% of what I used to. I believe most people eat way more than they need to and it dampens consciousness, and especially the bodily cleansing mechanism, down. Plus intermittant fasting accelerates the revelation of any inner triggers. Here's our main forum thread on that for anyone else tuning in... Fasting to Raise Vibration, Expand Consciousness AND THRIVE!

Secondly metallic detoxing is also highly essential - eating foods like Chlorella (which I know you do). Here are some others that also work for me and my body is naturally drawn to: Blueberries, Musherooms (different types - explore), galic and onions, flax, hemp, chai, Beetroots, Kale (a big one), cellery. It's especially good to juice these and flush through in concentrated form. Actually I also find drinking the odd coffee two or three times a week opens up the digestive system and accelerates the metabolism - this seems to aid in detox.

Deep Breathing Meditations to clear your field on a daily basis are also essential. I apply Openhand's Breakthrough Breathing combined with the Openhand Bow. And I do this regularly through the week and several times together with strong breathing through your system. This will cleanse away a lot of the energetic density.

It's also highly important to cleanse and protect the location where you live. I have a very simply set-up, with no clutter and minimal electronics - all gadgets are switched off and unplugged from the wall sockets when not in use. I use crystals (shungite) to protect the outer boundary and I regularly activate the Toroidal Flow in the space to cleanse away energy - using obsidian to take dense energy down and selenite to help raise the vibration. I burn sage in the room practically every day.

In these dense energetic times, as you get more into your practice and realise the importance of it, then it's really building to the approach of an athlete in this regard.

I trust this helps.

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I felt it essential in these times to encourage the development of your daily spiritual practice and approach - so as to always be centering in the flow of divine destiny. With that in mind, I'm happy to freely offer my services in conducting a review of how things are currently going for you. If you'd like to take me up on this opportunity and gain some important reflections, then feel free to inquire here below...


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Your reflections are exceedingly insightful and helpful, esp in these challenging times.

I’ve revamped a lot, but I always feel like I could do more? I am working on being patient and letting the flow, FLOW. Trusting that all I require will be provided in the wisdom of the universe 


Whatever insight you can offer is welcome 


Many thanks 🙏🏽 

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The intuitive question lands to ask: how does your daily practice relate into your daily life?

Do you notice for example on how working with a particular chakra impacts into a particular aspect - relationships for example?

It's like the chakra becomes a spotlight into a particular aspect. You shine the light within and experience the impact in the outer.

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Most of my time is spent alone, observing and sitting quietly, however when I do interact, there’s less and less tension and more fluidity, mostly depending on MY posture in the moment.


The shifts are subtle... and I am able to invest more and more time in meditation, which has helped. Definitely, a whole load of inner work to do, I’m actually enjoying it.


My fear is losing focus or being ungrounded, which is a vulnerability for me, although sitting in nature helps. Wonder if there are instant methods of grounding on the go? 



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Wherever there is fear, this needs to be explored and opened through.

When people refer to "grounding" at these times, althrough also important, I often witness it as an escapism from embracing the higher dimensional truth that they're beginning to feel. It's understandable because you start to feel disengaged and uncontrollable. The ego does not do well in the lack of control.

It's important to recognise that the energy is shifting from the controlled lower dimensional construct. So if you are going with the shift flow, it's highly likely to feel ungrounded at times. I'd say it's essential to allow and explore into. To work to embody the greater sense of freedom and expansion. You actually embody some elements and frequencies of the "ungroundedness".

The 5D does feel ungrounded to someone still identifying with the 3D.

In loving support

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Thanks Open this is a well-timed inquiry for me. I have always preferred to leave my spiritual practice fairly open-ended and free, but lately it's felt less coherent, less focused, and more avoidant.  When I'm sitting, I'm avoiding the external world, and when I'm feeling drawn to meditate, I'm sometimes avoiding that pull too. I used to just discipline myself to sit at certain times of the day, and found the scheduling to be highly productive from a consistency standpoint, but that "bulldozing" approach doesn't feel right either. That's the general gist of it; I'd also be curious to hear what a "typical" day of spiritual practice might look like for you from a "daily schedule" standpoint (or from anyone who might feel to share.)

Thanks much.

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Hi Eric - good to hear from you. You raise an important topic that I'm sure plenty can identify with Thumbs Up Sign

The word that springs out is "avoidance". Which can happen in so many aspects of life. We subtly avoid what we know might be challenging or uncomfortable - what might push the buttons and triggers. It's essential to bring awareness to this.

It also raises another important point: the requirement for your practice to continually evolve and develop on from what you've always done. The soul shifts, changes and integrates. So it continually needs new ways of expressing and embodying. But it also requires consistency to align with, especially in this density. Therefore there has to be the discipline too.

Where one is at the point of beginning in terms of connecting with the soul, I would say a disciplined approach is essential - sitting and meditating at particular times to break through the inner densities to connect up with the soul - consider how Vipassana works for example. BUT, when you've clearly connected to the soul, the meditations need to become more fluid and flexible. And what you're then watching for, is the current dynamic of the soul that is being activated. Then to work with that - so in this case, you've noticed the avoidance issue.

My suggestion would be to confront it head on. Turn right into it. What are you actually avoiding? Could it be following the soul in a practical moment by moment basis? Is there fear of what that might entail? If that is the case, then feel into it during meditation. You could allow an imaginative journey to unfold of what it might be like if you did completely follow the soul. What changes might you have to face? What do those changes feel like? What does it feel like were you to avoid those changes? So bring this into the meditations and use the Breakthrough Approach to work it through.

So I would say you've reached a point where these kinds of inquiries need to be built into the daily practice. And also to explore some free wheeling on a regular basis too. Just taking off with "show me" and following the flow. Working with what shows up.

In answer to your question about my daily practice, I'll share in a separate post - thanks for asking - that's the first time I've been asked!

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Thanks Open. I was able to work into this some this morning.

A subtle discomfort in my right scapula shot me back into an experience as a 15 year old freshman in high school in the weight room. A group of around 20 guys had been lifting weights together every day after school for a several weeks for offseason basketball training, and we were all testing our "1 rep max" bench press to see how we'd improved it from our first try the month before. I'd never touched a weight in my life to that point so "fitness" and "weightlifting" was all new to me. Well, after a month straight of highly disciplined practice following a strict program, when it came down for all of us test our progress with a new 1 rep max, on the "big day" I couldn't even do what I'd done the first try four weeks ago. My spotter was caught by totally by surprise and the weight dropped like a lead stone on my chest. I heard a shocked and scornful, "Eric!" as my good friend and lifting partner helped pull the weight up off me.

Failure is never fun, particularly in the showoff alpha male world of hierarchy and sport, but in this case the public humiliation was extra infuriating because I'd been so disciplined in working so hard every day, only to be worse off than when I started. 

In the meditation I came to realize the failure was from overuse - my muscles weren't being given the requisite time and nutrition to heal and recover, especially since I'd just innocently jumped into this program full out. It wasn't necessarily my disciplined effort that was at fault - it was because I was following someone else's program that wasn't appropriate for me. And crucially, I was doing it more for the challenge than for the sake of joy itself. I wanted to prove something, to be bigger and better than I was.

I asked and felt into what's holding me back from following my joy, NOW my Soul in every moment then? And a series of related experiences unfolded. I felt and saw how so many times when I took steps to follow my joy - painful destruction occurred. In a sudden, shocking and traumatic manner - at the exact moment when joy is at its peak.

There is a deep fear in me for "following my joy" because the rug is always ripped out from under me. 

- playing basketball, making an amazing long range three point jump shot - and tearing cartilage in my right ankle on the landing.

- riding my bike as a little boy the first time with my mom, opening my mouth to shout for joy - that exact moment a wasp flew in and stings the back of my throat 

 - this spring, sharing a special moment with my daughter on the trampoline, where she'd broken through her fear - and snapping the 5th bone in my right foot while literally jumping for joy. In a boot for several months

- not being able to freewheel on my own land for half the year - due to ridiculously itchy welts that last for weeks from chiggers (spider parasites invisible to the naked eye.)

Whatever imaginative journey I put together - there's always that nagging doubt, that fear, that no matter how high I may fly, there's always the lurking specter of being suddenly, shockingly betrayed by Life in the very midst of joy.

Dramatic I know - ;P

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Hi Eric - great that you shared some practical examples of why avoidance might happen. Thumbs Up Sign

This jumped out... There is a deep fear in me for "following my joy" because the rug is always ripped out from under me. 

I absolutely get this. It's because when you follow the soul, you're constantly breaking down the conctructs that you've previously committed to. For example in relationships or in careers or general living circumstances - we often inadertantly dive into the contracts unconsciously. You then 'tear ligaments' in extracting yourself from these constructs.

The way I find of dealing with this is to be more careful and conscious as you embrace each commitment in any given moment.

With relationships for example you become clearer and more transparent about what your true feelings are and you commit to greater authenticity of behaviour. This allows more fluidity into the relationships. So when you follow your joy (your soul), you don't feel like you're constantly breaking things. The rug isn't being continually ripped out from under you.

This is why I feel it importantly to speak about the importance of continual innovation in your life - to embrace progressive change as the driver of it.

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