Alchemical Power of Quantum Energy Feedback Loops...7 Essential Keys

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Your reality becomes what your consciousness is constantly attuned to. And since we're now living in two worlds not one, where one is ascending and the other descending, it's crucial that you're orientated with the higher creative flow. You might also have gained insight to your destiny here to work the quantum field. A fundamental way to achieve this is by creating and weaving "Quantum Energy Feedback Loops" to catalyse the field accordingly. They can uplift your reality profoundly. Here's how.

Working the field

Some people are here to 'work the field'- to unravel blockages, to assist in reharmonisation of free flow, to catalyse and shift energy. Energy workers have a profound gift to be able to do this and also to activate shifts of consciousness within others. Much of the time, this catalysation goes on behind the scenes and unseen, often even by those whose evolution is being helped and nurtured by it.

"It's not the towering sail, but the unseen wind that moves the ship"
William Shakespeare

It's all about resonance. Frequently I'll be doing something, minding my own business, maybe something even as innocuous as having a cup of tea in town and I'll feel a vibration, a download of energy. I'll experience it as a surge through my being and a sudden expansion will happen. In the beginning, I was not always clear as to the effect of these surges, but then the universal language of synchronicity would put me in the picture - I'd notice some external impact on the person sitting next to me or someone across the room. They'd shift in some way. I'd ask the question "is this the person I'm here to help?" and immediately notice some movement of body language to confirm it. This is what I mean by a "Quantum Energy Feedback Loop" -

They are feedback resonance that happens in the synchronistic flow, which when observed and embodied, amplifies the build up of Universal Life Energy within. And most importantly, in our world that is shifting to the 5D Paradigm, they ensure you're plugged into, and moving with, that Ascension.

 Energy Workers and Quantum Feedback Loops

Maybe you already recognise yourself as an energy worker in the Shift? Then fulfilling your destiny becomes paramount to inner harmony and well being - just like being a fish in water.

Quantum Feedback loops are vitally important to energy work. Without them, there'd be a sense of incompleteness, of non-fulfillment. The energy is flowing out from the source, through you, into the outer world and back again. You're being the conduit for some universal action and you amplify its effect by bringing attention to the loop. But if you can't feel the completion of the cycle, the energy will be less effective or even dissipate.

The same happens when you're directly exchanging with someone, when you're in dialogue for example. You know the interaction is divinely given, you know you can feel the truth of the flow in that moment, and you know what they're supposed to get from it (at least you have a strong idea), yet all too frequently, there's a locking of horns with no deeper connectivity. How often have you felt that with friends, parents, children and the less sensitive? Such exchanges can be pretty frustrating!

However, it needn't be. And we can still accelerate the energy, catalysing profound shifts by changing our internal focus. Imagine you're in discussion with someone about some aspect of truth you're feeling they're supposed to get, but they don't get it, they refuse to get it. On the plane of the intellect, there's no completion or harmony through some kind of verbalised acknowledgment. Yet underneath, you're feeling the download of energy, the activation of frequency. The inflow is looking for a connection to let the energy flow. It's easy to become disheartened. Especially as your soul is compelling you to act. It's the very reason for your being. How might we facilitate the interaction more effectively?

Holding the keys

The first key is to feel the energetic boundary between you. This is all about being empathic. Your field begins to enfold theirs. You're activating a vibration (one of the Seven Rays of Divine Impulse) and you begin to notice the resonance happening in their field. All is good, except for such an empath, if the other person is not fully acknowledging the impact, the risk is your energy becomes dissolved into theirs. So you have to be mindful of the boundary. If this starts to happen, you'll need to contract your boundary and refocus on the purity of the vibration you're resonating so that it strengthens again.

This will likely cause some dissonance on the plane of the intellect - some disconnect. At the level of mind, it may feel a little weird between you - disharmonious. No matter. It's important to do it nevertheless - to stay focused on the energy and the beingness you're given to radiate. This is where you're using your empathic skills to become more catalytic. You may even notice that the other gets uncomfortable, a touch tight even, frustrated, or where you might be activating karma, they could even get angry and wound up with you. Nevertheless, it is your calling to continue.

Not confronting the shadow and splitting focus

Be mindful that you'll be activating shadow identities in that person too. And the shadow will often want to 'shoot the messenger'. It's so important that we don't try to directly confront the shadow. All that does is give energy to it. Instead, it's about holding the space for them to express, yet inwardly you're still vibrating that activational frequency. You're still being the catalyst.

Truth does not fight against illusions, nor do illusions fight against the truth... Illusions battle only with themselves. A Course In Miracles

At this point, where you've found the right alignment of the energetic boundary and you're still resonating the frequency you're given, but now you need the completion of that feedback loop. So you might have to shift your attention to a higher plane of connection. This will require the ability to split your focus, partially maintaining connection on the plane of the intellect (certainly enough to continue to converse), and you're also looking for some synchronicity or sense of rightness and acknowledgment (by the universe) on a higher plane, in a higher dimension. When you find this, the feedback loop completes, the energy accelerates, the catalysis takes place and you feel fulfilled about the engagement. It feels like heaven!

The 7 Keys to Creating Quantum Energy Feedback Loops

So in summary here are the 7 keys for such under-the-surface energy work I've found help me:

1. Accept and acknowledge the work you're here to do, even if it goes unnoticed. It's important not to deny your calling.

2. Watch for those all important downloads and then when they happen, bring attention to them.

3. Look for, and notice, where the energy is being directed - it will come to you if you ask the question.

4. If you're in conversation with that person (or even a group), master the art of split focus: stay engaged at the level of intellect, yet keep feeling for the vibration of being.

5. Let your field expand out to encompass there's, it will find a natural alignment, yet be careful of the boundary, not dissolving your energy (yourself) into theirs.

6. Let the catalysis begin to happen, but now watch for the feedback loop - the confirmation that the energy is connected up and flowing.

7. Finally, hold your attention both on the surface level interaction and simultaneously the feedback loop. Watch and feel the energy build.

Completeness, harmony and joy

These are highly advanced and sometimes complex energy interactions. Yet when we can master the exchanges, we'll find a sense of completeness, harmony and joy, even in a world where few acknowledge what you're doing. The work you've come here to do is profound and utterly invaluable. I trust my sharing might have helped ease the burden a little. Take heart, you're performing invaluable universal service!

Have you resonated and wish to experience what thousands around the world are now discovering? Then dive into the new consciousness with Openhand.

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Bright blessings

Open 💎

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11/03/2024 Shift Update: Weaving the Higher Reality

They say "what you put your attention on becomes reality". It's not quite as simple as that. First, we need to be clear that we're not intentioning rather than attentioning. The first often mostly comes from the ego or still the sense of separated self; whereas the latter materialises when we're attuned to the soul and how it wants to flow with the quantum field. It's with this second option we can become the co-creators of reality.

And this is doubly essential now, since so much energy is coming into the field to catalyse and transform it. All the storms, earthquakes and wild weather are mostly caused by the Grand Galactic Convergence we're sailing into. It's topsy turvy, yes, but the infusing energy is coming in to break down the matrix, and that can only be a good thing to alleviate systemic suffering and injustice here.

Maybe you've already recognised you have some sort of divine power to break down the shadow, infuse light, and weave the flow? In which case, I can recommend diving into the Openhand lead article on creating Quantum Energy Feedback loops, including 7 ways to achieve them. It's destiny being realised...

Alchemical Power of Quantum Energy Feedback Loops...7 Essential Keys

The future is bright.

Open 💎




18/10/2021: Quantum Energy Openhand Journal Update

So much energy is unleashing and flowing around the planet right now. You can feel it in the waves of revolution happening in plenty of countries around the vax mandate - rightly so. The shadowstate has overstepped its mark and taken enormous risks - I guess in desperation to keep its synthetic agenda rolling out. What they've yet to realise, is that in an interconnected Universe, the law of cause and effect determines that where you try to lock a location down, waves of realigning flow will sweep in to override your control. I imagine these waves of rebellion will only accelerate in the months ahead.

What I'm most interested in, as facilitators in the shift, is how we can accelerate these waves of unleashing energy? But also, how can you harness this untethered quantum energy for maximum benefit in your personal life?

I've said many times about this dramatic upheaval which is taking place, that you cannot sleepwalk through these times. And that correct orientation in the day-to-day is crucial now. You'll most likely have many challenges in the 3D, but the only viable meaningful solution will be to align with the shift into 5D - that's where we need to have our clear vision if we're to succeed and thrive in life, because that's where the energy is moving to.

How would higher consciousness now inform the choices you now make?

Great possibility is available to all who soften into the quantum field and pick up the patterning of flows that are informing the manifestation of new possibility and reality. The invitation is to test that now, in all the minutiae of daily life... you send out ripples, and connect up feedback loops, which then become waves of creation. Suddenly your life takes on a whole new direction and landscape.

So I would encourage all to review this article featured above today and explore the 7 keys to creating energy feedback loops within the quantum field. I do believe they represent basic tools, but with the power to transform your life in the most alchemical of ways.

Alchemical Power of Quantum Energy Feedback Loops...7 Essential Keys

Blessings to all,

Open 🙏

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For those of you interested in the various machinations of crypto, you might be undersrandably frustrated by the fact that it's not necessarily grown in 2021 in the way you might have reasonably expected. Plenty consider it's because the shadowstate have been manipulating it. But the crucial thing to realise is that they're only doing that so they can prosper from it themselves. The opportunity is still astronomic, crucially because of the growing wave of adoption - the number of private wallets have more than doubled in 2021. In recent weeks we're seeing a strong breakout by Bitcoin and Ethereum. With key developments in the industry, that's likely to continue through the rest of this year. Here's an illuminating snapshot on why...

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The Italians are a fiery people - afterall they did create the Ferrari!
Here they are expressing their viking clap in push back to the vax passports.
To me, they're unleashing quantum energy of freedom, which I'm seeing rippling around the world right now...

And here's a growing wave of people in Switzerland...

The airline pilots won't be silenced in the USA either. Or will they?

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Love that viking clap, how powerful 🙂 The energy is definitely shifting. I've been part of some large manifestations here in the Netherlands and where last year & the beginning of this year's atmosphere was dark with a lot of (corrupt police) violence, now the energy is beautiful with a lot of dance and music, increasing numbers of participants (juiced and non-juiced together) and the police decreasing in numbers, staying put and even showing respect, as if humbled by the benevolent energy. It's so interesting to see the dance between the energies and how it's developing. 



I felt to repost this article today about "Quantum Energy Feedback Loops", because I think it can be of major benefit to you on the path of deepening into your Divine Self. Put simply, it's about giving energy and attention to the positive reflections you see of yourself in the mirror you've created around you.

As you come deeper into presence, the soul flows and wants to create. By noticing what it wants to create with and giving energy to that can transform your environment in the most uplifting and vibrant of ways. Especially now in the higher dimensional shift, as reality is shifting to a higher vibration.

Do reflect on the main points in the article, and especially the 7 keys for unlocking these quantum energy feedback loops.


Open Praying Emoji


A question came up about this on the Openhand facebook page... about the distortion of needing recognition for what you do or achieve, yet feeling somehow there's a rightness in that.

Here's what I felt to share...

I'd say requiring 'recognition' is a reflection of the soul looking for a natural feedback loop for its creative expression - if you express from the soul level, then there will be an aligned affect, ans therefore feedback loop. The problem comes when the ego is looking for a particular response from a person or group of people - the feedback loop doesn't always come. So the invitation is to expand out of that limitation, and get the feedback/recognition from the Universe through multi-dimensional signs and synchronicity.

So what's your experience of such feedback loops and gaining some feedback/recognition for your creative endeavours?

Open Praying Emoji


Our 3D society is purposefully designed to distract, pulling people into a world of fixed rules based on logic - the sense of being a part of the greater whole is quickly diminished. However, when we take time to observe and feel the interplay of all, when we witness the synchronistic messages and really embody them, then the energy of the divine builds within, creating the wonderful sense of connectivity with all - being supported and cherished by a greater benevolent power. And the more we put our attention on these things, the greater the feelings grow. Namaste Open <3


.....but reading it today, March 16, 2016, it feels brand new and exactly what I needed to hear...along with the Signs and Sychronicity. ''When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.'' I am certainly ready this morning, as my life has felt like wandering in a dry and waterless place of late.

Thank you Open and all of the Open Community for your helpful comments. An oasis in the desert.


Ok..well....there is invaluable information in this article but omy, Consciously integrating this during a much much work to do:)

However the discussions on this subject by all have been very very helpful in getting a better understanding on how to approach this, Much Thanks to all :)


Thanks Open. I'm beginning to see an importance to feedbacks loops, like breath - out and in - creating a fullness, a completeness that somehow allows an ever deeper exploration; beneficial to all of us.


Ahhh HG
You nailed it - one of Open's very helpful gifts - "Profound knowledge expressed very clearly." In other words, for me, experience expressed rather than information shared. To be a part of this community has helped propel me and I too am grateful.


Thank you very much for this article. There is so much information that helps me to understand the dynamic of past situations, to be aware of the energy flowing and to what purpose. It is very empowering to have this understanding and to know how to handle such arising situations. I have read it twice up to now but will have to re read it to take it all in. Profound knowledge expressed very clearly.


I think I understand what you are saying with this article.

My understanding is that simply observing and/or listening to someone with a non-judgmental awareness facilitates a positive feedback loop. An energy exchange occurs whether this is acknowledged or not that benefits the observed and the observer. I find that having non judgmental awareness can allow you to download knowledge,insight,information about the observed and about yourself(the observer.

I like to practice this anonymously on public transport, I imagine that my non judgmental awareness of that particular person/place or thing allows a positive feedback loop in a way that they may or may not consciously be aware off.

I imagine that observing in an non judgmental way is my empowered state that I can always exercise to be a positive force in the world and to fulfill part of my purpose.


"The first key is to feel the energetic boundary between you. This is all about being empathic. Your field begins to enfold theirs….All is good, except for such an empath, if the other person is not fully acknowledging the impact, the risk is your energy becomes dissolved into theirs. So you have to be mindful of the boundary. If this starts to happen, you'll need to contract your boundary and refocus on the purity of the vibration you're resonating so that it strengthens again….This is where you're using your empathic skills to become more catalytic….Be mindful that you'll be activating shadow identities in that person too. And the shadow will often want to 'shoot the messenger'! It's so important that we don't try to directly confront the shadow...So you might have to shift your attention to a higher plain of connection…. you're also looking for some synchronicity perhaps or sense of rightness and acknowledgement (by the universe) on a higher plain….When you find this, the feedback loop completes, the energy accelerates, the catalysis takes place and you feel fulfilled about the engagement."

A hugely beneficial follow-up to yesterday's article on a "Bridge Between Worlds" that sheds light on expressing the ray 4 Diplomat in us when balancing empathic and catalyzing energies. Through your article on Mastering Feedback Loops, I've become more conscious of how my empathic boundary sometimes gets swallowed up in another's energy field -- and how, at other times, I resist this absorption by confronting the shadow -- or simply become impatient, over-ride my empathic feelings, and spin off into control and over-assertion. I also recognize times when I've held the sacred space for the right energetic boundary and felt both the sense of rightness and the shift occurring through the divine feedback loop. Pure love that is. I wasn't conscious of the pitfalls and dynamics of these energetic exchanges and how I go off the rails, so I greatly appreciate the insights. I feel more heartened and enlightened about focusing on fine-tuning and mastering the feedback loops. Thank you, Open. Catherine :)


A question came to mind with regard to feedback loops following another exchange on this site. Recently, I went to a weekend yoga of sound retreat. We were guided by a well known yogi and kirtanist (not a word??), anyway...the experience I find in most of these settings is that the energy builds so much that I can't sleep all night and then feel wiped out for days. Not everyone feels this way and I wonder if this has to do with losing sight of my own energy in this and totally absorbing the energy that is being built or seemingly pushed out by the one "hosting". It would seem this is like receiving bolts of voltage that are not "for me" and just spin me up like a top and then I totally feeled drained. Reading this article, it seems it makes sense to pay attention to what I am taking on board and where I am losing connection to my own energy. The question arises of why I would take this on in the first place - and I see a sense of perceived need to get something...knowing more and more that being at home inside with no need to take someone else's energy really helps to drop any incentive to have this lift and drop experience.



Oh how it tears at my soul to think I've been seen yet the human predispositions come in and absorb. I so understand this message you send. The feedback loops are so transparent at this point. What is the value except that which I place upon it? The energy is always cursing through, how do I see when so many are blind? The physical being yearns, it truly does in so many moments. I have a sense it's not truly real yet it still vibrates. The harmony and joy accelerate within and into the field around yet it's the detachment from that which allows.. I've not eaten in days as the desire to feel human has been dissolved. It's just all so strange, I allow others to feed off me as their reference points are so altered. I just know...


I have finally a better understanding of this message. While it made sense to me intellectually when I read this post previously, elements of it eluded me.

Gratitude, as ever, for expressing your knowledge as you do.



Hi Apollonius (and Dale),

How I feel for you! I have been there many times - got many tea shirts!

You can see what someone is working with, you're even downloading energy for them, but they either won't listen or are oblivious. It can seem such a waste.

So what helped me was a couple of things: first finding the feedback loop in some other way - my connection with benevolence and their constant support.

Secondly I learned how to facilitate rather than tell. It's all about empowerment. People can often resist if you tell them their truth. So instead ask them an open question... "What did you experience then?" "Does this place activate any feelings for you?" And then if you feel to offer advice... "I have this intuition about what's going on - would you like me to share?"

Although you may feel things 'as truth', remember always it is only ever your perspective. So I'll often say to people "I can sense this, but in sharing with you, remember it is only my perspective. You must figure out how you feel yourself."

So I usually find this takes any resistance out and makes the person more trusting and open.

Hope this helps



I often feel a surge, and have found great frustration arising because there seems to be no way to articulate that through the intellect. I can feel some part of me wanting to grab hold of it and explain it to the person/people I'm having the interaction with, so as to facilitate what is happening.
This flies in the face of my intuitive reaction which is to feel fully what is coming through and to dance with that.
I have some work to do on this as it seem that often I fall short and surrender to much rather then follow through with where the energy could carry on to.

All this happens within a split second.

It's lovely to read about this, there is more work to do :)



Thanks for this clarity around this subject Open. I recognize a lot of the subtle energy shifts that take place when a feedback loop is established and also when it doesn't happen. It can be really frustrating when you receive an insight about someone and there is no validation on their part. I was having this situation a couple of weeks ago where I received the download, an insight came and I offered this to this person (I sent her an email that I had this insight and was willing to share it with her). There was no response and I felt disheartened. I decided to let go of the expectation of an outcome and than a little later she invited me to have a walk and later asked about the insight. And this happened at the exact location I had envisioned! It gave me this great feeling of being at the right place at the right time. At these moments you realize and remember the perfection of the universe again. I'm still learning how to apply insights/energy downloads. I have a tendency to sometimes bring a message a little bit to harsh without feeling into the other person's state of being. Or having the need myself to be heard is also a pitfall which can get me in a battling situation with the other person. At first I think: I was right wasn't I? Than later I realize it's not about that alone. It's also about how you bring it. And it's not about winning an argument. Always learning…..always learning.