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People who are very intuitive and/or close to Openhand, may well have spotted quite a realignment taking place in the background in recent times. It's to do with the nature of the relationship between myself and Trinity, and how that's evolving. In the early days, our vibrations were very close, we expressed similar frequencies. The two of us danced together and was very visible within Openhand. However, as we've each embodied our own higher vibration more, it's accentuated the uniqueness of each, and that is naturally causing a reshaping our respective soul pathways. We now feel to share an insight into that journey, so that people in the community will better understand the shifts that many close to us have already begun to feel...

People on the Openhand site, will have noticed in recent times, Trinity getting more and more involved in her own unique venture Trinity's Conscious Kitchen. And today, she's announced her other passion, which is to move forwards as a wellness coach, which is really brilliant, and I'm fully supportive of. It's a wonderful expression of her and what she now feels her incarnation is about. Details will follow on that in due course.

What does this mean for Openhand?

I have a passion for a gear change. It's been in my consciousness for a couple of years now. I asked the universe from the heart "how can I bring this philosophy to a wider audience?" It's taken time for that to be answered, and it came in an unexpected way, which was at times, quite tough for me to fully honour (although I nevertheless did!). Openhand has, by many in the community, been associated as a partnership between myself and Trinity. Which in some ways, has veiled its true purpose and true vibration. That has been fine for the purpose of exploration and growth.

Openhand always has been - but now will more clearly become - a unique philosophy for spiritual evolution, which is grounding through me, from the higher densities. Now I feel to focus my efforts 100% on that. It will mean articulating the philosophy and the energy in a more simplistic way, so it can be more easily understood, grasped and worked with.

More of a Bridge

I find my energy now becoming more of a bridge, rather than simply catalytic. I can help people bridge into higher densities, connect with their soul family, and other groups, such as the angelic realms (working with Trinity has greatly increased my sensitivity to this).

Working directly with this higher consciousness energy, means I can bridge into the other densities, connect with vastly varied etheric 'tribes' and soul families, from across the cosmos. Through the ether, I find I can connect people into these densities and vibrations, that they can more easily feel their own alignment. I find myself as the point source for a higher dimensional movement.

I know that one of the key problems with regards to the propagation of Openhand so far, is that it's not necessarily been that clear what it is, and what it stands for. This confusion was necessary - like a plant, it prevented the rapid growth of weak shoots; instead centering the energy in the roots, constantly pruning back, until the authenticity and purity of it could be found. Then the growth becomes strong and resilient. I have been aware of this internal process for several years.

In an aligned way, growth only happens from the inside, as you centre more and more in the core vibe of what you're bringing forwards. If there's any degree of unclarity, you'll manifest that in your spiritual growth. I feel that Openhand will now become increasingly clear.

Individual paths realigning

What does it mean for me and Trinity? At this stage, we're not 100% sure. Our paths are diverging, and that's caused huge internal introspection, and quite major discomfort (particularly when you're deeply in love with someone!). But it's been necessary for each to unveil and centre in their own - totally pure - vibe. Trinity has always been passionate about Openhand - as shown in the latest, wonderful articulation of the philosophy through video... Overcoming Challenges - Spiritual Motivation, which was quite majorly inspired by our own respective challenges within this shift. Trinity plans to stay involved for the foreseeable future, supporting me within the core team, producing great design and videos, and bringing her gifts as the retreat chef on the courses and retreats. In the months to come, I feel inspired to articulate the Openhand Philosophy in a more accurate way, and to take the central leading role. But don't worry, I don't ever see myself as leading anyone! I'm grounding a philosophy and an energy, which several years ago, just after my incarnation, I first articulated as "Openhand". Here's the vitally important part of this realignment...

It's wonderful that you all tune in, and I deeply encourage you all to continue to do so, but I'm not looking for followers - I'm not leading anything! I'm passionately interested in inspiring soul in YOU. Where does your soul want to go? How does it want to express? And how might Openhand act as a reflection and a bridge into that higher awareness? That's what Openhand is now set to become.

So keep tuning in on this incredible journey that Openhand is having. How can it help and inspire your own journey?

(on behalf of Openhand) About Openhand Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution: integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of tapping into the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe and aligning with it in your life. It helps you unveil your True Self, remove karmic blockages and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic, resilient and truly successful living. Join us...Openhandweb, Openhand fb, Openhand TV

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Open and Trinity and all Openhanders:

I just wanted to deeply thank you all for being a continually evolving source of inspiration to me, and to the many other people here who read but do not post.

This site and everyone contributing to it has helped me immensely along the path - it feels like a solid home base, a place where I can be refreshed and rejuvenated - a place to get recentered within higher consciousness. It feels like an oasis... an island in the storm - an online community strongly embodying that same concept put forth in Divinicus.

I must have been tuning into this same energy because I signed on simply to find a meaningful way to express this gratitude, and had already written the above - not knowing where on the site it would land. It feels very appropriate to have landed here in the midst of the continuing positive evolution of the expression of Openhand.

Thank you all very much!


I can’t say that this news does not come as a surprise to me in the slightest. My feeling is that this is by nature a natural state of evolutional growth which I am happy to hear has been embraced albeit with tightness, risk and discomfort.

What’s promising (although I am not really so involved with the OH community however it has played a huge part in my life), is the remaining ‘’commitment’’ to still support/work together as service for conscious evolution. That’s seems pivitol and aligned, heartwarming.

‘’How can it help and inspire your own journey? ‘’- No one answered yet…..
Well to me it shows the core essence of true love is unchanging, but the form is in constant flux and change , synchronistically as I am also on a divergent path in my relationship I can resonate with this (to a small degree) as there does indeed come a time when ‘’the risk to remain tight in the bud becomes more painful than the risk it takes to blossom’’ (Anais Nin).

Such are the ways of nature and evolution.

AND I have always found you to be Open a natural bridge, rather than simply catalytic into higher densities including the angelic realm.

Thank-you . I'll second the ''winging'' to new horizons.....WE are all One anyway. With Love ,support, thoughts,gratitude


I Resonate with Fiona's post, Sadness was the first feeling I had reading this post, then of course the Beautiful Mirror of Authenticity You both are to me, as the saying goes "you both walk the talk". This is something I have felt about Openhand from the very beginning, I have always had a very Strong sense or Gut feeling from my Core of the Authenticity of both of You, you both exude beautiful real energy.

I look forward to seeing both of you Open and Trinity continue expanding your Wings to new Horizons, this is very Inspirational <3



Thank You both Trinity and Open for your unbelievable Presence and inspiration - such commitment to your own paths has ignited incredible changes within this community of rising Souls .
Thank you for sharing your mutual unique ways of unfolding true Beingness .
All my true love and support ,


aaaah can feel the release - how refreshing was that to read. A big whoo hooo to both of you - isn't this just what this life is about. You've just created a big wave of inspiration for many I should think. Hard terrain to pass through but Very cool :)


In this world as we explore and grow, we change. While I have felt some sadness about yer diverging paths, there is an overriding sense of rightness about it. What an awesome example of the importance of living from truth and inspirational in what it means to follow the path.

It is beautiful to see Trinity shining in the conscious kitchen (and elsewhere) and the shifts and realignement within Openhand feel very powerful - growing from strength to strength.

Thank you Open for all the love and support!
Thank you Trinity <3 The butterfly is taking flight!

With love, gratitude and support, Fiona


I feel that from my own personal perspective, the paths you have both taken and indeed are continuing to take, deeply honour everything that we all stand for. I am still in awe of how you both work together and separately to touch the deepest aspects of each of us, of who we are and who we were. Open and Trinity, I see your truth, I see your honesty and I acknowledge the paths your hearts are leading you down. Thank you for "Being',


They're all lovely sharings guys - from my heart thankyou.

It's simply wonderful to feel people's love and support.

Open *give_rose*


As Geoff and I sit together this morning reading about your shift, we are touched by the sharing of your evolution. It truly is the Openhand way that includes all. The realness of you both on your journey, through your books, films, articles and this forum has inspired us to accept change, both in each other, and in what wants to flow here in our own lives.
We just want to say that you two are awesome, whether you are sitting together in the same room or supporting and inspiring each other across the world.
Open and Trinity - we are truly with you. Thank you for sharing yourselves so openly with us - we feel wholly supported in our journey. Even though you weren't able to be physically here in Victoria for the 5Gateways course, day by day through those 5 days we felt empowered to let Life lead us to a brand new, previously unseen place, where our fears don't stop us, but point us in the direction of our Infinite selves.
In short - you two rock in our eyes and inspire us to rock in ours.
Much love,
Jan and Geoff


well I honour your discerning openness and clarity. Although its a big shift, I think its a great exemplar of feeling, riding and honouring the authentic flow.


Open and Trinity, this is an empowering sharing you have gifted us, and the heartbeats behind the words. Thank you.
I love the bridge metaphor: it speaks a synchrony of light and mind.

love, tigger

love, tigger


Hi Open and Trinity,

I'm hearing and feeling this.
Wonderful from-the-heart honesty and clarity.
Inspiring indeed.

I look forward to continued wonderful-ness from you both, all the Openhand-ers, and the Universe in general.

I'm with you guys!


*smile* *sad* *yes3*