Expressing beyond Words - finding the Spiritual Samurai in You

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We often hear in Spiritual Circles about "the importance of speaking one's truth". Yet so often, I hear from people that when they do this, such as in family groups for example, others frequently resist; they still work to pigeon-hole you into the 'norm' - they still try to stick you in that labeled box that they're comfortable with. Short of completely walking away from the relationship, what choice are you left with? Personally I believe "speaking one's truth" is a misnomer and we would better be served by speaking more in terms of "expressing one's truth". What's the subtle difference and why's it so important?

Challenging the old 'norms'

I recall leaving a marriage which simply wasn't working. I'd gone through a tremendous spiritual shift, realised who I ultimately was and the central purpose of what I'm here to do. And although for some considerable time I committed to compromise in order to find common ground, my partner couldn't accept who I now was, how I felt to be and express. It caused friction and disharmony which ultimately couldn't be bridged.

Like many on the spiritual path, there was a strong compulsion to "speak my truth". Yes, I had changed; yes, that had affected the marriage, but it's vitally important that a person honours who they are at a soul level. Otherwise your True Self can't fully expand and grow.

Parents found it extremely challenging too. They'd known me a certain way. All of their conditioning desperately wanted to keep me in the old identity, suffocating me down into the old way of being. No matter how I tried to share, nothing seemed to work. I'd end up in repetitive conversations or disagreements that would go nowhere. Worse still, I found myself inwardly constrained by the old identity.

  • But then something changed...I watched the Matrix...and received a tremendous reflection.

Changing the Narrative

There's a great scene at the end of the first film where Neo puts up his hand to incoming bullets and says "No!" Most importantly though, energetically, he expresses "No!" It caused me to touch and actualise a deeper aspect of my Cosmic Self: he was expressing what I know to be the "Spiritual Samurai". And most importantly, how you can influence the field - shift 3D reality - from that place. If you continue to engage in a relationship that simply won't acknowledge who you are and who you feel to be, if you keep trying to explain yourself, then in effect you are defending yourself. And by defending yourself, inadvertently you're honouring the 'attack' - you're actually making it real by continuing to engage in those disempowering loops of behaviour that are resistant to change. It is these loops, that when activated, perpetuate the old existence, the old reality.

I recall receiving a barrage of judgment from someone the day after watching the film. Something stopped me from responding verbally - a vision of Neo standing there caught me. Instead, internally, I put up an energetic hand... "No! I will not receive your judgement." I didn't feel aggressive. I wasn't about to go on the attack. I simply made a bold statement within my field. This feeling radiated through me, and out into the surrounding field; whereupon, realising he was making no headway, that his attack was having no effect, he simply stopped.

What had changed was that no one was feeding his controlling behavioural loop. So it had nowhere to go. There was nothing bolstering it, and so it petered out.

Become as-nothing...Breakthrough...Become The One

On another occasion, in another situation, when the barrage simply wouldn't cease, instead I remembered a quote from an old book I had about the Shaolin Priests. It simply fell off the bookshelves one day as I walked past!...

  • "Become as nothing in the face of your enemies and they have nowhere to strike."

So this time, I saw the 'bullets' coming in, but instead, let them pass straight through. Something truly amazing happened. I recognised I'd been tight in the abdomen - unconscious in it. Now I could feel myself unwinding there, which felt blissful. With each attack, I felt increasingly blissed out, until my belly started to rumble and then chuckle. In the face of the attack, I was soon laughing. Pretty much immediately the attack ceased - the person was able to see how ludicrous they had become (it's an example of Breakthrough - a powerful way to unleash your Cosmic Self...Breakthrough: divine revelations).

I imagine to some this might seem like it's lacking compassion. However, there was absolutely no negative intention in my response (in fact there was no intention at all), it simply arose directly, spontaneously and authentically from my soul. Of course true compassion has nothing to do with supporting emotionally distorted behaviour, but rather in some way, "calling the truth" on it. Because it is only the truth that can truly set someone free (and I'm not advocating that you necessarily take this particular approach if attacked, ie laughing in the face of it. You must seek the authentic response, whatever that might be). In this case, the unexpected response created a powerful mirror that caused the attacker to turn in on themselves and question their own behaviour. The attack unwound itself and in the bargain, offered the potential for the attacker to self-realise something of great value.

  • This is what I call the Spiritual Samurai.

Traits of the Spiritual Samurai


In short the Spiritual Samurai does not speak about her actions, she simply acts. The action must come from the soul. It arises only as a last resort when there's no diplomatic way forwards. She does not fight or attack. He changes the 'goal posts' of an old reality by changing the situation decisively. She can speak a thousand words in pure silence. He does not have to defend himself. She does not need others to accept her truth. He doesn't need his truth to be seen or heard. She does not need others to respect or honour her; she respects herself. He can clearly and directly walk away...and not come back. She can decide NOT to answer that phone, text or email. He doesn't need to win over the mainstream of opinion. She just is.


Finding the Spiritual Samurai in you - your Cosmic Self

Maybe my writing touches the Spiritual Samurai in you? Maybe you can find the power to act differently next time you feel overwhelmingly judged? Remember, there is absolutely no attack with this energy - all attack comes from a place of weakness. It's simply about the requirement for self-determination and if the situation provides you no other freedom of choice, in terms of physical acceptability, you simply take the route of greatest inner empowerment. This is the Spiritual Samurai. In effect you are unleashing your Cosmic Self by transcending the moment. I felt to share this video clip from a previous seminar, "Path to the One", because it elaborates how to immediately turn into any tightness or contraction caused by fear of a particular outcome. Instead we work straight into it. Not only is it the Path to the One, but it will also liberate the Spiritual Samurai in you...

In loving support
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Hi Blue Hopi,

Great exploration indeed! I think one of the essential things to realise in spiritual facilitation is that we're not here to persuade, teach or save anyone! It's up to each to make the internal decision to "save themselves", by realising their own soul in the reflections they get. So even as a facilitator, we're here to self-actualise and in so doing, resonate frequencies that can be picked up by others. Of course as you know from the facilitator work here, we'll be using inquiry (The SEER process) to help direct deeper, BUT, if there's little or no resonance, there's absolutely no requirement to persist. We can just bow and walk away!

Wishing you well

Open Praying Emoji

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Hi Open , 

Indeed , that was exactly what was offered to explore by that particular situation . It was so interesting to watch unfold as the witness within . 

thank you for that soulful confirmation of how to BE as a facilitator in any given situations either there be formal or informal .

I sense that a deeper degree of learning & actualizing is shaping up very well . Many tests came up this year in so many shapes , so i can't wait to get into the 

next levels of progressions . 

Namaste , Blue Hopi 💙


Excellent article & soulful explorations indeed . I just stumbled on this article i had never read before .Bingo !

2 weeks ago , i received an unexpected mail from a man who seemed to be seeking help/facilitation for  some unusual " happenings " in his daily life . As i was curious , i proposed to go for a first visit / exchange on what it might well be . As i am still learning to more from a sense of being , i had absolutely no agenda or intention neither attachment to an outcome . So wet sat together in a nice relaxed way for about one hour . I felt intuitively to let him lead the exchange since he was in the need to seek another perspective on the issue at hand . I was well centered with an interesting open mind as to what i would hear . Some topics and aspects of the spiritual quantum soup / challenges / aspirations were gently exchanged . Than come the topic of " studying the Bible " which is feel no real resonance with .

My path led me directly to study / explore the path of other self realized Souls like Ramana Maharishi / Nelson Mandela / Buddha  and  also the Soul called Jesus as well through a book called " The 9 faces of Jesus - The Path of the Initiate " which is not really mainstream in my knowing & i truly enjoyed reading back in 1999 ... So , i was invited to express my Truth &  that i dont feel to be reading the Bible anytime soon ( without explaining why at all ) . Than the exchange went on until the last 5 mins of the time i had to offer & i could finally grasp more  elements  of his issue . I had at this point already felt intuitively that he would not be ready for deeper explorations of that issue - and that was totally Okay with how i felt . I still felt to stay open & offered a space to be receiving him the week that followed .

16 Hours later , i finally got his response . He was clearly & honestly expressing that he did not feel i would be the one to help him out AND that it would be wise if i would follow his advices . I am still a little bit giggling as i am writing this . Indeed, his response felt absolutely in line with my intuitive guess from the exchange we had . My first reaction was to giggle gently as i knew he would not understand from where i was coming in relation to " studying the Bible in order to progress spiritually " . I had already encounter a few ( working for the Baptist Church or the Mormons or the Jehova's witnesses ) for many years - as testers of how i would respond . So , this answer ( based on his veiled perceptions of what it is to stand in my Truth ) was nothing new .

What really struck me inside as "new" was the way i responded to the entire situation : calmly , staying composed , feeling there was nothing to defend or to judge and not compromising the way i felt to Be or even attached to any outcome whatsoever  . Even to his last mail , i pondered for a while before the real Sense of how to Be was felt within as a : * do no respond to this mail * . Wow . That is something new and i really feel happy to be able to shift my old ways of responding ( which was often but not always though a too strong ray 1 lacking aspects of the ray 2 & 4 ) . Here , the 3 major rays worked more harmoniously and there was no feeding his " projected imposed advices " . In previous lives , i indeed was more stuck & identified in the need of imposing my views ( still running through this life too up to some degree ), teachings or wisdom . Its finally starting to meltdown as my former self is undergoing a massive cleansing . The sign of synchronicity that caught my attention today synchronistically was * Making space for your place * which came just after i had asked a technician to clean 2 MacBooks today 😂👌 . I found it priceless so i giggled again 😍. 

Looking forward to the next time i will be tested - and apply more of this renewed & Birthing Samourai . 

Thank for Open for enlightening those aspects of the soul through countless inspiring explorations together . 

Arigato , Jean Bluehopi 



So got the many repeated messages to let go of the need for external validation! Just in case it would be missed, the Universe moved in like a drill Sergeant! ;)

Thank you, soul sister!

x Cathie


Dear Richard,

Thanks for your response and sharing your own experiences! Your question about whether my family dynamics really need to transform and if there is an attachment to that outcome is a very valid one. It made me explore what’s behind that need and it has something to do with a fear of rejection. You wrote:
It has been a tough on for me to learn to become unattached to whether people understand me or not, and to accept other peoples truths even when they are totally not with mine and have an impact on my own life.
I think I am at a point that I am ready to accept my family and others for who they are, but there is still a part of me that also wants to be accepted by them for who I am, which is the part that wants the dynamics to change. It made me realise that the part of me that doesn’t feel accepted/rejected for who I am is needy and still looking for recognition. There is some deep pain there about not being ok the way I am. Something to explore further!


Hi Marye & Rich - great exchange :-)

Yes the Spiritual Samurai can be a blend of different soul characteristics - "soul rays". But most often it will likely be initiated from the ray 1 divine masculine - the will to do and to act. And as you say Rich, sometimes there'll need to be surrender in it too. If you think about my own story of 'laughing in the face of attack', it was ray 1 that caused me to act - to change the narrative - but then ray 2 helped me surrender in the face of it.

PS - for anyone unsure of what the 7 rays are, we go into it fully in the 5GATEWAYS Book and in overview in this article here...

Wishing you well

Open *OK*


Hi Marye,

I feel you there. I have noticed that with family there seems to be a much more complex web of patterns involved than work colleges for example. It takes a much subtler approach, and sometimes unwinding that web can mean a mixture of a few different soul rays and not just ray 1.

Can I share with you a little of my journey? As a child I found myself being pushed into a box a lot too. And because of my desire to please I actually became very good at blending into whatever situation I was put in. I almost didn't notice that some of these situations weren't me any more. Then in my early 20's I met a lady who encouraged me to stand in my truth, for example that I would sometimes say 'no' when people asked something of me, and I began to become more aware of my own energy frequency. But then the pendulum swung the other way and I would express my truth with my family, sometimes in very challenging and confrontational ways, which of course closed people down and lead to lots of angry exchanges.

It has been a tough on for me to learn to become unattached to whether people understand me or not, and to accept other peoples truths even when they are totally not with mine and have an impact on my own life. It took a great deal of ray 2 and 4.

At the moment I'm learning and refining the energy I bring to each discussion - that however I express it can be done with compassion, which means honoring my own truth and the other persons. It's hard sometimes, to continually refine my expression, testing the water with how I express, feeling the flow, being compassionate to other peoples distortions and knowing when to call them on it and when not to. I have learnt that the most important thing is not necessarily the words you use, but the energy you bring to the expression.

So, I would say for you, yes the ray 1 is important, so that you use that will power to stand in your truth. But, I would blend it with some other rays too, particularly the ray 4 diplomat and even some ray 2. Ray 1 and ray 2 seem like opposite ends of the spectrum, but I've noticed for me that it's actually possible to express both at the same time. You use ray 1 to stand and be clear in your own truth, not letting yourself be controlled, but blend it with ray 2 when you're expressing so as to accept the other persons truth without needing to change it. This way you express compassionately. And ray 4 is then used to harmonize the two in the way you express yourself.

So when you say that you find your family dynamics difficult to transform, I would ask you if they really need transforming? There seems to be an attachment to the outcome. Perhaps the only work that can be done is to refine our own expression and the energy that we give off. Then we can watch the ripples our expression send into the outside world and notice the mirror coming back to us.

Warm wishes,

In reply to by Richard W


I read this thread again today. Have read it before ,but like many of Open's teaching ,I understand more only when I embody more. 

Ray 1 is starting to assert itself more and Rich ,I loved how you have written how it's possible to do all of Ray 1,2 and 4 in a certain interaction if one is Present enough and weightless enough ( that seems to be the word that wants to be said). In my life right now I am interacting with my family members in a situation when after medication my brother is emerging out of deep depression and numbness. He is therefore in tumult as all emotions underneath the depression show up . My family is as messed up as any and therefore Marye I can really resonate with you struggling not to get into a box while interacting with them . I am much more successful than ever before in being accepting of the situation ,allowing my mother's very limited perspective on my brothers emotional processing as also feeling into right words to say to my brother and how best to hold a container for him energetically as he goes through whatever he is going through. Inevitably this coincides with sick babies at work - I exchanged the blood of a baby with severe anemia caused by a reaction to his mothers blood group . I was also involved in resuscitating a child with severe breathing disease almost simultaneously- he was blue. I really don't get what the Universe is saying to me ,but man is she talking loudly . 😄😄😄

Today morning I also felt the Twin Flame . A deep wave of love moved me to tears. I finally get what you said Open about completing the figure.of.eight with ones Twin Flame . And simultaneously I am able to see.clearly how much I resist feeling it . 

Deep love to all . For some.reason wanted to share all this on the Samurai page .





Dear Open,

You already alluded to the Spiritual Samurai in a response on another thread, but wow this article so rings home for me! You wrote:

If you continue to engage in a relationship that simply won't acknowledge who you are and who you feel to be, if you keep trying to explain yourself, then in effect you are defending yourself. And by defending yourself, inadvertently you're honouring the attack - you're actually making it real by continuing to engage in those disempowering loops of behaviour that are resistant to change.

which pretty well summarizes what I felt like growing up in relation to my family, surroundings and culture. I feel like a good part of my life, I have spend ‘defending’ myself for not fitting/ticking the boxes and often even feeling guilty about it and eventually sometimes giving in and letting myself be pushed into a box (usually finding myself unhappy in there) to maintain peace and because as a child I didn’t feel strong enough to stand up against adults expecting me to get into my box (for example, school being a hugely suffocating box!).

Gradually, I am learning to detach myself from the boxes and allowing myself to be who I feel to be, without having to defend myself for it, but it isn’t always easy. Particularly when dealing with family I still find myself frequently stuck in patterns that go back a long way and despite me having moved beyond those patterns, the other side is still projecting those old ways of being back to me. Thus, I can relate well to the following you wrote:

All of their conditioning desperately wanted to keep me in the old identity, suffocating me down into the old way of being. No matter how I tried to share, nothing seemed to work. I'd end up in repetitive conversations or arguments that would go nowhere. Worse still, I found myself inwardly constrained by the old identity.

I definitely frequently feel constrained and suffocated by an old identity when interacting with my family, triggering frustration within about not being able to change the dynamic. In a way, I feel that allowing myself to be who I feel to be can be confrontational to people around me, because it confronts them with their fears and all the boxes they have accepted and created for themselves, which is why they will try to challenge my behaviour, and disempower and diffuse the authentic part of me that is provoking something in them.

I love the idea of the Spiritual Samurai, and this article has definitely touched the one in me! I guess this Samurai is all about Ray 1? I have noticed lately that in work situations I am actually expressing mine more and more, which sometimes leads to interesting changes in dynamics, but in relation to family I find the dynamics a lot more difficult to transform…. I might need to ‘sharpen my Samurai sword’ a bit more first ☺!

Much love!


Amazing uplifting video guys. Thanks for everything :)

With gratitude Vimal


Hey Open...thanks for asking! She wrote it in a birthday wish that I only read yesterday and she's out of town. I will certainly approach it from that angle. You're right I did go into self-judgement and got hooked and then worked my way out of, fun, fun! Great feedback xo


Hi Joann,

You have me curious. You said of your daughter...

    "How could someone so close to me not see the real me? I didn't react and will not defend. I will be very curious. How did they come to this conclusion? What in my expression suggests I'm not living to the fullest?"

Did you ask her why she thought that way?
I'm assuming not.

If you had have done, I'm pretty sure you would have been afforded an opportunity to explore her value system with her - on what basis she makes that judgment.

Often the reason we don't respond this way, is because the judgment actually strikes a place of self-judgment. So the statement goes inside and gets stuck in some loop of exploration (one might feel small or embarrassed for example). But without the self-judgment, the inquiry doesn't get stuck - we open into the place of infinite potential. The truth then effortlessly explores from where the judgment came and why.

Just a thought



I like the visualisation of the bullets either stopping or simply passing straight through you like there's nothing there. It's a great way to trigger the energies that you want to work with - like you said, either making that energetic statement of 'NO' or just becoming as nothing.

There's often a moment in me where there's some kind of decision or discernment. I know what my perspective would be, but does it feel right to actually say this, or simply to resonate a particular energy? I can honestly say I have no idea what the pattern or connection would be to whether I talk or not - there's just a sense of rightness either way.

I can also say that one can spend a life-time perfecting communication and still get it wrong sometimes. But hey ho, we're hear to learn - I guess it keeps it interesting.


Love the new video!! Interesting and helpful article/video. My experience is that judgement or projection happens subtly in my life. Those in-your-face toxic relationships are much easier to deal with. For me it comes in the form of being misunderstood. Very recently one of my children suggested I saw myself as inarticulate, incapabe and small. She has her ideas of what I "should" be doing. It was painful actually...her perception of me as disempowered and not pursuing happiness left me feeling could someone so close to me not see the real me? I didn't react and will not defend. I will be very curious. How did they come to this conclusion? What in my expression suggests I'm not living to the fullest? Of course, part of this journey also requires complete honesty with self. So it's got me reflecting, feeling, questioning. If the universe is showing me that reflection...where am I being small? So I guess the message is twofold...sift through feedback for the soul nuggets and dissolve through everything else. Much love to all. Joann


Powerful article, Open. Thank you. The spiritual samurai in me feels somewhat battered and bruised, but not completely down and out. I'm inspired to break free of those controlling behavioural loops and respond differently next time my heart sinks when I feel overwhelmingly judged. The traits of a spiritual samurai really hit home. Perhaps next time I'll slide into home base.

x Cathy


Such a clear and sensible list of traits. Thank you - I love the 'useable' factor. Makes it much easy to check in and respond beyond judgment, beyond fear, with something that feels beyond space and time.


Great to hear it Jen *OK*

Absolutely wonderful sharing Sherri. So often people don't make the choices they are really being invited to make in relationship, because either of fear of what might happen - that things could end and what that might mean - or a false sense of obligatory compassion (which isn't really compassion at all because we're not living in truth). When actually, if we would only allow ourselves to change, then often you find the other person changes too. It becomes a "win win". But it has to begin with courage - taking that first step to be in truth.


Open *OK*


That was a great article Open. I used to defend myself all the time once my awakening kicked into full gear and my BF and I were growing apart. I finally left the relationship a couple of months ago and gave him total silence for almost a month. His judgments and attacks on my spirituality had been so endless and frequent that one day, I too, found myself just laughing out loud during his rant. He asked what was so funny and I told him I was in a very good mood. That threw a curve ball to him. So he stopped ranting once he realized I was not going to participate in those endless loops again. We are now friends but the entire mood has changed. No more endless loops. He's free to be himself and think as he wishes and I'm free to continue my spiritual growth in peace. I noticed he's much more considerate now. Maybe he learned something and will grow from it. I appreciate you for always having these articles at the perfect time in my life. Thank you!


Thank you for this article Open. I can see enormous value in this approach. Often there is the arising sense of expressing what is true for me that ends up coming across as defensive or if held back long enough is truly reactive and defensive. This brings me back to how I feel to be and express inside. Thank you! Jen