The Flowing Path of Enlightenment and the "Non-Duality" Bubble

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These are amazing times of great transformation for the earth and for humanity. People everywhere are graciously stepping out of the darkness of separation and disconnection from the divine. With each passing day, ever more are realising their interconnectedness and at-one-ment with all life. It is a breathtaking liberation! But as souls emerge, there are still many traps and fixations. We must not settle in fixed reality constructs. The soul is a continually inquiring, exploring and unwinding 'creature', at the core of our experience. Its expression is intimately interrelated with Enlightenment. 

That's why we must be careful not to slip into the uniformity of the 'non-duality' trap...

In Non-duality you cease to Exist

When you step out of identification with the lower three densities, the expansion into the 4D is utterly amazing, practically beyond words. Initially, you may feel light, expanded and free. It can be so liberating, it's quite often the case, that people feel they've already attained the mystical state of "Enlightenment" of which many are now speaking. 

Crucially, the contrast between the disconnect of unawakened living, and the interconnection of Unity Consciousness, can be so poignant, that you feel at-one with everything. And the realisation may then dawn, that at some place, you and everything around you are indeed one. BUT, if you contemplate it deeply, that condition can only exist at the level of the absolute, where everything does indeed merge back into pure presence - that which precedes the manifest.

Consider it carefully: as you - your soul - merges back into the absolute potential of presence, there can be no experience at all at this point; because there is no relativity, no "this" and "that". Hence when there really is the condition of "non-duality" of which the mainstream speaks, then experience has dissolved. You cease to exist.

How then, is it possible to be in an "Enlightened state" of presence, and still be in existence?

The last great attachment is to that of non-attachment!

To master this, you have to hold a duality - two apparently contrasting truths simultaneously: internally there is the state of presence at the core of your experience and through your experience, which is a non-experience in the background, like the canvas upon which the masterpiece is painted; and, AT THE SAME TIME, there is a flowing experience of colouful soul, a brush stroke on the canvass, which is completely unique to you.

Let's be clear, if a part you owns a particular state - if it fixates on a particular phenomenal experience, then in that moment, the risk is to build identity, which then disconnects from the flow of the soul, which in turn dissolves out the possibility of true presence - you may attain a bubble of peace, but not the real thing (which is a no-thing!). I witness many people on the path thinking they're in the 'non-dualistic' enlightened state, but are actually stuck in - attached to - an expanded 4D bubble. In many cases, the psyche has installed a 'trip switch', saying...."drop any feeling of separation, tightness or attachment". And this becomes a subtle inner identity doing so.

The last great attachment is that of non-attachment!

Student: master, I have reached the state of oneness, all is perfect
Zen Master: tell me more...
Student: I am at one with the divine, there is no duality
Zen Master: what else?
Student: I am....
Zen Master: what else?
Student: I........
Zen Master: what else?
Student: no reply...dissolving into state of oneness
Zen Master: strikes the student hard across the face
Student: OOOUUUCCCHHHH!!!!!!!
Zen Master: well who felt that then!

Check out this Openhand Article on Unwinding Inner Identities

The One Hand clapping conundrum

Let's be clear, you cannot intentionally aim for pure presence and truly find it. Because in the very moment that you do, you've already subtly established the inner condition of separation. You've said to the Universe..."I'd like to let go now and become the One". But who is the "I"? You've already established, in your subconscious, the inner separation of the "I" from the absoluteness of the One.

It's a one hand clapping conundrum!

So, what I'm saying, is that the truly enlightened state, is where your consciousness has mastered the ability to hold a duality of apparently contrasting truths SIMULTANEOUSLY: the separation in you has surrendered into the unique flowing experience that is the soul; AND THIS intimately interconnects you with the sense of presence within, which in itself, is a non-experience. Which is the sense of presence.

So is there anything you can do to attain that state? Bearing in mind that to aim for the state itself, is to already prevent you attaining it.

Ride the wave of the soul

I believe there most definitely is. If you, as the separation, work to dissolve into the fullness of what you truly are - which is the expression of the soul - then you'll be riding the wave of the soul, and as such, this will deliver you onto the shores of the One inside of you; you'll discover it progressively, until one day, all the lights come on, and stay're constantly sitting in the presence. Crucially, you don't have to aim or effort to get there. And neither do you have to dissolve the glorious story that is you - your soul. 

What this means, is that you can have your apple and eat it too.
in fact, I would say, that's what the Universe is inviting of you:
to fully enjoy the apple of all experience, and yet not be attached to it.

How might we then attain this ever-flowing state of truly enlightened experience?

It is to embrace everything that shows up on your path, not to deny or push anything away. Instead to bring the full light of awareness into it. Crucially you're looking for the doorways of tightness within those experiences - where you attach or close down or where you disconnect in aloofness. These are the places to identify and work within.

Here's how to ride the wave of the Soul with the Openhand Approach

How might we best work in the places of tightness?

At Openhand we apply what we call the "Breakthrough Approach":

Honour the truth of the moment, exactly as it is
Express fully into the tightness
Become as-One with the tightness by completely accepting it
Unwind the natural feeling of soul that wants to emerge out. 

Ultimately, you'll come to be able to unwind through all the various circumstances of your life, as they are happening, and this is true Enlightenment - there is nothing else going on. The One in you is constantly bringing the light into the Universe by unleashing soul through it, and where a soul is enlightened (fully self-realised, in other words....always realising of the One Self), where there is some density or darkness in the outer, then it's immediately turning into whatever inner tightness that generates and unwinding through. This then brings light into the outer to help realign the situation. That's how the inner and outer interrelate.

Breakthrough: An Epic Journey of Breakthrough in Daily Life

Meditation to Bring this Understanding into Your Life Right Now By Unwinding Through Density

Here's how to work with this understanding through anything that's challenging you right now...

- Take an experience that's causing you challenge or difficulty in your outer life.
- Sit quietly in meditation and reflect upon all the circumstances. See them in as much detail as possible.
- Breathe with them, but crucially, don't try to change them, simply honour them as they are.
- Now look for the tightness it generates. It'll be in the physical, emotional, mental or in your energy field.
- Notice what this feels like, honour and express the pain or challenge of it.
- Explore what particular outcome you think you need from that situation. What can you not accept?
- Work to completely accept the situation to the degree you don't need it to go away. Keep going deep in.
- Now work to open a doorway through it, with complete acceptance.
- You become simply present, with the movement all happening within you.
- Once you're settled into presence with the situation, you can start to unwind through it.
- Start to breathe and move with the contraction, but from the place of the presence.
- Feel yourself unwinding through any tightness you feel. Movement may also help.
- Finally, you're simply sitting in the presence, but gently breathing through your inner world.
- What you're now doing is bringing harmony from the inner, into life's outer circumstances.

This process becomes straightforward, but not always simple. Some of the inner layers on the journey back to the One are complex, based on past life karma, that can be subtly deceptive and limiting - like the non-duality trap for example. The essential key is profound self-honesty and owning the manifestations that you create and draw to you in the outer world, because they reflect back to your inner movement of consciousness - the inner creates all the circumstances of the outer. So if there's disharmony in the 'mirror', that's why you create it - to reflect back to the inner convolution for you now to work through.

Mirrors to the Soul

Everything around you, all sentient life and people, are mirrors your soul draws, which reflect both the distortion and the new beingness that wants to emerge as soul. If you keep honouring what shows up and keep inquiring, the soul will break through, and you'll be delivered onto the welcome shores of the One inside. You'll progressively come home to presence, after which, you're constantly living in it, but with each moment shaping ever new relativistic experience.

This inner journey is reflected miraculously into our outer world. Each moment delivers bounteous abundance of experience, both distorted and aligned, all of which are designed to continually bring you back to the abode of the One, AND to have a reflective experience of that, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. You're constantly manifesting new materiality and tasting it too.

So beware the non-duality trap on the flowing path of Enlightenment. Because it limits the full unbridled emergence of soul, and delivers instead, only an expanded 4D bubble, which although initially may feel very harmonious and peaceful, ultimately becomes very limiting. Look deeper, into the truly expanded Universe - a veritable kaleidoscope of colour, change and transformation. Not only is it at times peaceful, but it's also crashing and smashing as entire world's come and go. Each has its unique story, just as you do. And when you truly discover the story of your soul and unleash it, then even in that incredible crucible of transformation, of great magic and beauty. Like the rainbow that emerges through the rain, your soul breathes colour through the all of it.

Following the Path of Your Soul: if you'd like support and illumination in following the path of your soul, then connect with Openhand and become a member in our community....

Openhand Ascension Portal

In loving support

Open ♥️🙏


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12/03/24 Shift Update:

I felt given to share this article again today, about exploring a classic pitfall on the path of enlightenment - what we might call the "non-duality bubble". What I'm referring to is a disconnect from that which we externalise in the outer. What do I mean? One of the first tasters of an enlightened state many come to experience as they wake up, is the tremendous sense of interconnectivity and freedom - of unity with everything. It's a wonderful experience for sure - you see your loving interconnection with everything. What can happen at that stage internally is a subtle disconnect from challenging and confronting the external that we manifest. You often hear of "dropping the hot coals of attachment".

This is exactly why it's still important to see what triggers in our external world (even though it's particularly crazy right now) and not simply ditch it, but then unravel through what presents.

In the Openhand Approach and view, it's absolutely right to let go of attachment. However, buried in these moments of disharmony and confrontation with life, are buried nuggets of soul gold. It's the unrealised, unconscious aspect of ourselves that created the distortion and convolution in the first place. To let go of this, is to deny a crucial aspect of yourself. It's like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Furthermore, by expressing the distortion in the outer and fully honouring it, helps to illuminate where the distortion might be - what are you denying or attached to? That's why it's crucial to own any convolution or disharmony you might experience in the outer: what tightness or unconsciousness might it illuminate on the inner. That's how you can get into that blockage and uncover the hidden gems.

So I ask you, what's currently being disharmonious in your life?

You might then try this meditation from the article above to help you explore into it...

Take an experience that's causing you challenge or difficulty in your outer life.
- Sit quietly in meditation and reflect upon all the circumstances. See them in as much detail as possible.
- Breathe with them, but crucially, don't try to change them, simply honour them as they are.
- Now look for the tightness it generates. It'll be in the physical, emotional, mental or in your energy field.
- Notice what this feels like, honour and express the pain or challenge of it.
- Explore what particular outcome you think you need from that situation. What can you not accept?
- Work to completely accept the situation to the degree you don't need it to go away. Keep going deep in.
- Now work to open a doorway through it, with complete acceptance.
- You become simply present, with the movement all happening within you.
- Once you're settled into presence with the situation, you can start to unwind through it.
- Start to breathe and move with the contraction, but from the place of the presence.
- Feel yourself unwinding through any tightness you feel. Movement may also help.

- Notice a new sense of beingness that wants to come through: maybe commitment, strength or sovereignty; maybe sweetness and surrender - let yourself fully express this.
- Finally, you're simply sitting in the presence, but gently breathing through your inner world.
- What you're now doing is bringing harmony from the inner, into life's outer circumstances.

So I encourage all reading to explore this mirroring approach to the circumstances of your life and to use it as an alchemical tool for inner work and growth, which then positively impacts and shapes the world around you.

Here's the lead article on the subject...
The Flowing Path of Enlightenment and the "Non-Duality" Bubble

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Dear Open ,

I am at currently working through the messiest time in my life . I can see easily how my spiritual "progress" this far has been in the higher chakras connecting with the Universe ,- the roof of my house so to speak . Well ,now it's time I worked on the foundations . And through the very messy yet seemingly real world of relationships ,expectations ,identifications and childhood trauma. It's all coming together for me at once . 

In this crucible ,I am having to work again and again to keep focus and centre myself . And yet retrieve soul fragments lost on the way. 

I seem to be aided by synchronicity and loving friends . And yet the practice you describe above is the core of the response being asked of me. 

As my relationships fall apart all around me ,I am continually being asked to let go . It is a dark yet illuminating time . 

Thank you for all your teachings. They are much more real to me now than they have ever been ! 


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Megha you are a brave soul and an inspiration to all!

The only way out is through - we simply can't avoid these challenging confrontations in the lower densities if we are to evolve and ascend. It's the pathway the soul has chosen to forge itself. Speaking personally, I know that the plane of the emotions within relationships is one of the most challenging "battlefields" you can enter in authenticity. Yet there is a way to mediate through it if each of us is prepared to be honest with the other about how we truly feel.

Much love and support in your endeavours

Open 💙🙏


This resonates very much. I was obsessed with enlightenment since the moment I had the first aha moment. Fast forward a few years of really intense dark night of the soul, this year the process has become 'physical' and full time. The tightness you are speaking of, I feel it very intensely on my chest (and all blockages on chakras, but chest the worst), a cage/wall/knives/congestion and moving slightly and processing never ending trauma/emotion both personal and what seems like the whole damn trauma of humanity (I think I had too many lifetimes lol and really hope this is a last one) It's been rough to say the least, my body is so worn out, I so wish the heart would ease up, it's been there since January, like 'self-exorcism' on all levels.. The mirror/shadow/projection also always there this year, every experience, interaction served as a mirror, every singe thing triggered, extremely sensitive, I was conscious of it, but hard, because almost no outgoing energy or creation, all back at me to expose, lots of defense layers came out through that, a lot of times, i would already see what wound is being triggered, so I would want to go straight there, but eventually still had to go through a dance of defense/anger, cause that layer was tightly protecting the wound. The one thing I can say clearly is that when the soul/god is calling, you have 'less choice'. Like parts of me that want to do/say/act certain way that I know is coming from a wound, I have zero energy to do it (like clean up so I feel 'productive' and appease the shame of 'lazy'), so I don't until that wound/belief is so annoyed that it comes up to the surface to see what's up.. So I see how this is working, but man it takes everything.. And meditation, I enjoyed it at the start of this, now i can forget about it, too much physical pain and when i lie down, purging and crying comes up immediately, I manage to relax sometimes though for a few seconds and then I feel downloads through Crown..

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Hi Jandra,

Welcome to Openhand. Clearly you've been going through an intense journey - my heart goes out to you Praying Emoji

It's pretty clear that the inner work you're doing has activated plenty of layers of past life karma - probably several come up at once. Hence the intensity. In the Openhand Approach we work to confront each layers as and when it comes up - that eases the path greatly.

The essence of how we work with karma is expressed in this lead article below...
Living the 5D Shift: The Daily Process of Working Through Karma

Judging by the intensity of what you're experiencing, I would also strongly suggest working with a facilitator to help you navigate through. If you'd like to explore, do email our Community Coordinator and she can put you in touch with the right one for you...

Request Facilitator Support

Open Praying Emoji


Recently on Openhandweb we've been exploring the formation of the Merkaba and how it can help us mediate successfully through the dense challenges of life here in the unfolding Shift. The crucial point to bear in mind is that when you're in this expanded state of consciousness, it needs to be interrelating with life around you - flowing through life around you. That ensures you're not in a disconnected 4D bubble state, that can be influenced by Opposing Consciousness.

That was the main purpose of creating this previous video, Entering Your Spiritual Flow State...



When you contemplate it, even as you dissolve into the singularity within, there must stll be 'this' and 'that' or else there could be no experience at all. In other words, there must still be relativity for experience to happen. What I often speak about on the Openhand courses is the challenge the mind has to accept two apparently conflicting truths simultaneously...


As the absolute, the singularity within, yes everything merges into the Oneness. AND AT THE SAME TIME, in order for there to continue to be experience at all, then the condition of relativity must continue to exist. And so we must soften the mind to hold both truths simultaneously. Then you can be the ocean and ride the wave too.

Do check out my article above and feel free to share your inner inquiry. I'll happily share a reflection.


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I'd say the general approach to "Non-Duality" in the Spiritual Mainstream is a major limitation to full Enlightenment.

The idea goes something like this: everything is of The One, therefore buying into the story of your identification and separation from the absolute leads to suffering. So let go and dissolve out any drama that would separate you from the deep peace of the absolute.

Here's why this can be a trap, a bubble, to the full emergence of Enlightenment. There is definitely the sense, experience and perception, that everything dissolves into the pure presence of the absolute within, when we cross the threshold of Enlightenment. However, this is NOT the end of the story. In fact it's only the beginning. Because life constantly springs forth from this infinite potential - the clear evidence for that is the persistance of the phenomenal Universe and its constant flowing dynamic. This is expressed through your very own soul, which through it's relativistic expression, creates the very experience of life itself. Without such relativity, there would be no experience at all.

It would only ever be an identity itself - a separation - that would resist this free flowing nature of the Universe. I witness this happening quite widely in the Spiritual Mainstream - there's a dissolving out of the unique 'story' of the soul in wanting to drop the drama and suffering. It places a 'trip switch' within the psyche - just as soon as any attachment is experienced, there's an immediate dropping and dissolving of it. This leads only to a form of intellectual Enlightenment - a bubble in more expanded 4D consciousness - a kind of zoning out. And it's quite a major trap.

True Enlightenment is to be able to hold two apparently constrating truths simultaneously (just as the Universe is doing): 1) the pure presence of the absolute from which all arises and where no separation exists 2) the relativistic nature of the soul that arises from presence.

Imagine it as the soul being a wave upon an ocean of infinite potential. The two are connected and yet different.

What this means is that to be in a truly enlightened state, is to be embracing the natural movement of your soul through life, which is felt as a flowing path of rightness. As you align with this, the presence of The One arises naturally in the background of experience. You feel interconnected and at-one, yet you have a unique journey of expression and experience. Dissolve out the drama and suffering of your story, yes, but not the story itself. For in the story, is your unique expression and true flowing path of Enlightenment, as the absolute arises effortlessly in the background....


Hi Zee - firstly, hats off that you had the courage to share. Even though it may feel uncomfortable, you're always going to get reflections from the Universe when you express. Because really it's the only thing going on - getting to know yourself and actualising the One as an expression. Heart

I felt first to encourage you by saying, you cannot make a mistake in life, providing you learn, evolve and grow from the choices you make. In this way, you can only ever gain positively.

So what of the accident? What of its purpose? Why would the Universe leave you debilitated and unable to move?... The Universe always throws a spanner, when we need to change the works!

You haven't shared what your life was like before, but one thing I can say for sure, is that the Universe does this when it's trying to wake people up. Essentially it'll do something extreme like this when people need to switch from a life of doing, to one of being. This can be a big challenge, especially where life in society is so configured around doing - people often have to do pretty powerful 'cold turkey' to transform through that. Hence, the likelihood is, the accident manifested, at least in part, to confront this.

Also physical incapacitation can be an encouragement to discover how we manifest spiritually. Which requires a lot of trust, surrender and acceptance in the transition.

Your vision for the place sounds fantastic. It's definitely something plenty need. What steps might you take towards making that a reality?

If the next steps include helping people in a spiritual way, then first you must come from the spiritual. In which case, you come to realise you are never alone. The flow itself contains all manner of supportive energy. But you have to actually turn down the expectation of physical support, in order to open to the spiritual support - and to trust that this can work. When you do tune into the wider flow, it will speak to you, and things will manifest in the most inexpected of ways. The book 5GATEWAYS goes into this a great deal. So I do believe you'll find it helpful.

Feel free to inquire further and I'm sure people here will offer supportive reflections.

You're doing great. Keep exploring, keep digging.

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Hey Open,

I just read your book Breakthrough wow! Its hard to put into words all I got from it. I was riveted! I will be rereading it slowly. 

It encouraged me greatly. Thankyou soooo much for putting it out there! I am so grateful.

Yes the time Ive had recuperating has been a struggle but I have realized its been a spanner and to embrace it! This has only just come through in the last day so its just settling.

Somethings shifted inside me and I feel like Ive been given this time to really get into the tight places and work through them in the peace and tranquility of my living space, connecting with the nature that surrounds me. And not to contract from the pain and aloneness! Yay!

I have felt encouraged to press forward when I come across difficult peeps/situations and see what they're showing me so I can unwind. 

It was like soon after I posted my feelings that something just clicked! hoolydooly! Quite unexpected. But then i think it was kind of moving that way and as I jumped,  it shook something loose. 

I feel so different, which I can't put into words at this stage. 

So thank you and all the other beautiful souls on the journey, you have blessed the socks off me!

Not sure about the next step here as yet but all I know I have to keep exploring and digging as you say, thats my key and the steps will become clear! woohoo!

Island in the storm comes to me about this place. Its actual name is 'Peaceful Valley'.

I do have the 5gateways book which I will re read too! My road map!

Thanks again for your encouragement.

Namaste 🌳🦋



Hi there, I am jumping off a cliff with a deep sharing here, gulp! Its taken me awhile to get to this, my belly is a bit tight but here goes!Juuuump!

I am at present struggling with the big A (abandonment) I live alone on a large property in aus. I felt guided via synchronicity to move here with my youngest son, who has since moved elsewhere. So I am alone apart from my animals which are a great comfort in the midst of this difficult time.

In August I had a bad fall off my horse got and knocked out(and just cant for the life of me remember how it happened) I ended up in hospital for a week with multiple injuries which till this day are still healing! Aargh! I was blessed to have my son come and look after things for 8 weeks whilst I was bedridden pretty much. 

Now its Nov  and I still cant do much physical stuff,  but I can manage feeding the animals and  look after myself yay!  I am trying to see why I brought this into my life, what are my lessons?  I guess one of the biggies here I do know is the feeling of isolation and abandonment I'm facing. I am trying to feel into the tightness and get to the 'one' thing in it.

And I wonder too,  if being here on such a big property alone is such a good idea now my son has moved on. My vision for this place was that it be a place of rest and healing for folk that need time out of the craziness to connect with nature etc. But now I think I might be a bit crazy biting more off than I can chew gulp!

So round and round it goes in my head and screws up my guts eek!

I'm  quite new to all this so I have been reading many of the articles and sharings on this wonderful site to try and get a grip or breakthrough in this area. I have also been listening to entities/implants, ascension and wounded dragon meditations. Ive been doing a chakra cleanse daily and writing in my gratefulness diary and journalling.

I am also reading 5 gateways and trying to follow the steps in facing into the pain etc. 

I am so desperate to sort this it has overcome my paranoia of sharing deeply on the internet (which I know stores all our data!)aargh! It creeps me out! But desperation has won out! 

I know I need to get to the point where its ok to be alone and not struggle with it but I still haven't been able to make much headway as yet! Any help on this would be very much appreciated. As I sometimes miss the obvious!

Thankyou in anticipation.

Oh crikey! this is an essay! I didnt mean it to be so long!

btw-this community is so beautiful and encouraging, you have helped me not feel as alone, so a HUGE THANKYOU for your generous sharing hearts!  

Much love and big hugs 

Zee 🌳


Thank you for sharing your experience Jennaya.  I am always so filled with gratitude when someone allows themselves to express their deepest feelings and be vulnerable enough to know that someone else needs to feel like they are not alone in a similar experience that they are having, have had or may have in the future.  My belief is that those of us who love with our whole heart and soul and are sensitive to the needs of others (empathic/caring/conscientious) feel especially uncomfortable when negative feelings enter our field, especially when seemingly unfounded.  My partner in life always tells me "be gentle with yourself" and it reminds me to remember that intent is the most important of our thoughts and feelings.  From what you said it appears that your intent is not guiding your thoughts to a negative space towards this other individual, so most likely the feelings are present and beyond your control.  Surrender to the thoughts and feelings, experience them fully and then allow them to evolve.  There may be a very important journey that needs to be taken with these feelings in order for you to progress.  Remember that meditation is not about "zoning out", but is about "zoning in" and allowing experience to flow through you for whatever purpose it serves.  I am grateful for your sharing this because I needed to be reminded of elements of my journey that made me extremely uncomfortable and remember that those are the times that I grew the most.  I remain humble to the source and grateful for the lessons.  




"This light of mine isn't so little..."


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Again I'm not sure why but I feel pulled to reply on this forum and not another one. In the last four days I have been deeply disturbed. On Sunday I was feeling into deep disappointment and disillusionment with the way the masculine is expressed in the world. And just to magnify these deep feelings ,the Universe obliged. I am one of the singers in a  group of eminent peditaricians that is organizing a charity concert . It came to our notice that the person we had called as a guest was in fact a child molester . Much much worse ,he used to molest patients in his very senior position decades ago . What really deepened my disappointment was the fact that all these much older men who claimed to be outraged wanted to go on pretending everything was just fine and not call him out.He is very highly decorated ,I fluential doctor.  I pulled out after writing a short note about how this is just against my conscience. 

In all of this I cried many bittertears . Not for the fact of the molestation but how such acts are not called out even by people in the position to do so. I felt the grievious disappointment of the Feminine about the ineffectuality of the toxic masculine. It's been deep processing the last few days until I realized that I had embodied Ray 1 . I was the strong protector masculine that I had been aching for. Again the Universe responded with a mirror . A man in hold in high regard let go of his own reticence and gently but firmly asked the famous doc to stay away . 

The hurt is within. So is the unwinding of it. The pain is within. So is the salve . I feel as though something deep and real has healed within me . And has come alive in many men I know that witnessed cried honest tears of rage. 

Deep love to you all in your process. Onward ! 


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Hi Megha,

It's a heartfelt and powerful experience - thanks from the bottom of my heart for sharing it here. Heart

One of the things I'm noticiing a lot lately in the Openhand course gatherings, is the sense of frustration (and pent up rage) within plenty of women. Often it's to do with how the distorted ray 1 masculine energy has surpessed the divine feminine (and other more vulnerable life, as in your experience). But I'd say that there's something crucial to illuminate that emerges from many of the experiences I've encountered...

It's not so much that the divine feminine has been surpressed, but the divine masculine within gentle women. I witness that often there is a retraction from the masculine when in controlling distorted form, and it's almost like there's a fear of expressing the masculine in themselves - because of what it might do. This tends to build frustration and rage. The key is to express the anger, to let it out, and then the aligned masculine energy will come through - purposeful and creative. And furthermore, often its the breakthrough of the divine masculine energy, which then gives space for the divine feminine to hold space. For sure it's a fascinating juxtaposition.

Do you sense that something like this happened for you?

Open Praying Emoji

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Dear Open ,

That is a fascinating enquiry to lean into . I agree ,much of my rage was outward . At the lack of authentic masculinity . And yet ,I for sure , have often retracted from calling out toxicity so many times. My toxic feminine which expresses itself as allowing wrongdoing for fear of reprisal or because I was seeking outside approval or just to be part of a community , has often smothered the internal white hot energy that is clean and clear. That would be my internal masculine ,I suppose. As I feel this energy well up in me ,as I allow it to hold centre stage within my life ,I feel empowered enough to be gentle and sensuous ,authentically . 

For much of my life ,I never expressed either my innate femininity nor the firm boundaries my masculine should have been .I was attenuated into suppressing the power and beauty of my own sexuality . 

Today while reflecting internally about what it meant to see my sacral and iliac bones as a butterfly it just struck me. The wings are the masculine and feminine . When beating in unison ,we fly ! 

Deep love and Gratitude ! 



Open, I feel committed to the inquiry because I derive pleasure from connecting the dots, observing the synchronicties and realising the incredible freedom by letting go of what does not serve. Nowadays I feel centred simply by realising that I don't have to be anything that I'm not already is. Your reply reminded me the importance of allowing the inquiry to be in the mind without wanting to solve it. I remember I had an obsession of solving the problem and couldn't go on to the next one without finishing this one. I keep reminding myself the juggling metaphor. It's also kind of like when you are trying to remember something like a name for instance and the more you try the more it evades you. At one point you get tired and let go of it by which the name lands beautifully in the mind. I also see that I see synchronicties more often when I have an inquiry in mind. And the synchronicties support that by offering a reflection to which I resonates. 50% - 50% is also helpful. When you are holding onto an inquiry you are maybe 70% inside and 30% outside such that there's no room for answers and further inquiries to flow. I think it's because of lack of trust that realization wouldn't happen of its own accord and now you need to do something about it.

Thanks for the help

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Your inquiries are wonderfully revealing Vimal - keep going, keep uncovering and unfolding Thumbs Up Sign

You asked...

You said in the other post that centre is different from presence. Is centre the part of us that recognize that something deeper is in play here, we don't need nothing already have and the choice can go whichever way. And is presence that which lies in the other side of tightness and through which right action flows. So centre precedes presence?

I'd say in reality presence precedes everything, but coming back into that place, can happen by "finding your centre" as they say.

I think most often, there is first a connection to that which merges from presence - the sense of rightness that is the soul. That' when we feel at ease and interconnected with all. That's the feeling of unconditional love. But the soul is constantly flowing through the inner densities, so those feelings will come and go, as the inner landscape changes. Yet there is a 'place' from where the soul emerges, which is very close to the source, all around the source, like the edge of the pond, where everything is still, and interconnected. When you're in this place, it feels "centred". And the encouragement is to keep deepening this place - it feels like a steady anchor.

But there's a balancing act to play with awareness - if you fixate too much in this centredness, then it dims the experience of soul flowing through the landscape - a detachment can build. This is why I often speak of having 50% of your attention turned inwards and 50% turned outwards. The inner attention is inquiring into the centredness, whilst the outer one is aligning with the soul through the sense of rightness, signs and synchronicity.

As you keep connecting these 'circuits', these flows of synchronicity, and all the while coming from the centre, there will come a point when you burst through the boundary around the centre. That's when you touch presence and penetrate through all things, as pure existence.

I think the key is to be committed to the journey and allowing the constant inquiry of what's unfolding. Then navigation through the inner world will tend to happen of its own accord. The key being not to fixate on any particular experience - it's always embracing what is now? What's happening now? What is the rightness in this inquiry now?

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Another important thing I missed was that of attachment to the form of expression - how it appears beautiful  appealing etc. One can't touch the free flowing soul and the formless by fixating on the appearance. The expression becomes very limited by efforting to meet a particular form. I had a nice little synchronicity that said Im becoming half blind by only looking through the 3D eyes. I have several memories were I was taught to judge myself by those half blind themselves.

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Hi open, 

Your reply were right on the button. There was an expectation in myself to come up with an answer soon. I recognize its my stuff.

I guess the issue has shifted from the outside more to the inside, something as separate to something within the flow. This is an improvement. I'm thinking if ego is something that attaches itself to the experience can or really exist as something separate from the flow. This is hard to see when one is running around fixing the problem. Contentment is the key word. I can feel it as you said when I see the expression as something that goes along with the process and thus helping me come into more of me. It's not something to be used to achieve in the outside world.

I did regress into the experience as you told and also a situation wanted to create that generated the tightness. The pain is near the heart chakra. I feel it has to do with the feeling of rejection, needing love and support from outside. I feel it is something deeply ingrained and I doubt if it can be unwound by breathing alone. Something funny that comes to mind is that I used to play in a metal band and was pretty serious about it at that time. It's ironical that all we were looking for by screaming and distorted guitars was love!

You said in the other post that centre is different from presence. Is centre the part of us that recognize that something deeper is in play here, we don't need nothing already have and the choice can go whichever way. And is presence that which lies in the other side of tightness and through which right action flows. So centre precedes presence. 


Hi Vimal - what I've often experienced whilst working on the plane of the intellect, is that when I close my eyes, it's kind of like seeing/feeling yourself surrounded by cloudy skies - if there's something to resolve. It's a bit like being in a storm. If you seek out the tight area and try to resolve an answer, then the storm will simply blow you around, it'll suck you in. You end up trying to figure out all the various machinations of what's going on.

- Instead, it is to allow the storm to be, just as it is, without trying to fix it.
- Then to surrender right into and through that (storm) dynamic.
- You first find the One in it - the sense of deep presence.
- Then from the sense of deep presence, start to seek out the tightness, but crucially, without leaving the feeling sense of the presence.
- Some people call this "being in your centre" - the centre of the storm. Although there is a risk to this, because there must come a point where the centre dissolves into and through everything - otherwise it fixes as a point identity, which is not pure presence. But you could begin by "being centred in it" as long as you realise that centre must at some point dissolve into presence
- seek out the tightness in the swirling sky, but within you. Then with sense of gentle but powerful will, work to unwind through it
- get the sense of the storm reordering and flowing more smoothly and harmoniously around you, as the torus, the toroidal flow
- watch how this then positively influences the external situation on the plane of the intellect.

Wishing you well with that

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Hi Vimal - maybe what you could explore is sitting in meditation and regressing into situations where you get tight because you're concerned how it will be received - visualise that all around you in your field. And then seek out the tightness in the field. Work through it by sitting in your own contentment simply at the expression. Explore what it feels like in the knowing that it's all developing you as a being - and deeply feel into the sense of how you've developed. I'd say that would be a useful inquiry.

Do let me know how that goes

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OK here goes my stuff. I find that when I'm in some particular kind of creative expression I tend to think how it will be reciecwd in the outer world. I'm also quick to compare when I see an authentic reflection. The tightness that creates is in the solar plexus. Honestly I feel sick and tired of having to confront the same tightness and same process over and over again. What can I not accept. I can't accept that I can't express freely and and that I'm stuck. The answer I got was that it's not the expression itself that matters but the process. I also have to say this particular expressions are the one that I believe that I'm good at. Good in the sense of how it appears as entertaining etc. Maybe also I'm holding a value of what is good and what is not. These expressions also has generated a particular response which I have valued in the past. I also wish to say I have expressed beyond the limited confines of my ego(who!) where there was a deeper purpose and flow supported by synchronicity. 

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Some of my realization regarding this. I also find I get the tightness in the solar plexus(intellectual plane) when I'm working out the mind to fix the problem, trying to figure out the best choice to make. But there is no choice. The soul is free to go in any direction and there is no fixed intention. The confusion is only there when the ego thinks it should move in a particular direction and there is some particular outcome to achieve. There is absolute freedom in getting out of the shoulds in life. So it's about surrendering into the need to make any choice at  all and not figuring out which choice to make. 


I felt to draw attention to this article again today.... The Flowing Path of Enlightenment and the "Non-Duality" Bubble

Crucially, it offers a way of finding the state of deep presence within, by exploring into all those areas in your life that are currently generating difficulty, anxiety, challenge or tightness, for they are all doorways into the absoluteness of the One. Paradoxically, when you're most challenged, there lies the greatest opportunity. When you can really feel the tightness, then the lightness of presence is simply the other side of the coin.

If you can touch your tightness and accept it to the degree that you don't need it to go away, then you are already free. You can now expand through the eye of that needle - you literally open an inner doorway into the total acceptance of presence. From there, you can bring your consciousness to bear and uwind through the tightness.

Do give it a try and let me know how you get on. I'm happy to support your unwinding process. Slightly Smiling

In loving support

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