The Wall: Daily Ascension Snippets - Twitter's Last Tweet!

I felt to add this forum thread called "The Wall". Post your one-liner, link or comment of inspiration in our 5D Ascension here. The very latest of what's moving and shaking the 3D world.

Could this be Twitter's last Tweet?


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Right now Facebook is hemorraghing users as people recognise the duplicitous and fraudulent nature of it. I see a time not far down the line where Openhand leaves it too. We're only there at the moment to attract people off it. I can see it all fragmenting and falling off a cliff. What will we have instead? It's time to acclimate to what you really value - rings of truth that resonate with you - give energy to that. It's time to focus on that which liberates, not that which purposefully distracts, like a "fork tongued snake", in order to constrict.

The meaning of the flower of life is interconnected rings - find your tribe, connect with them, resonate with them, rise together. Then inspire other rings close by in frequency...

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To me it certainly can! And perhaps so can a flying man (who hopefully is not so "rich"). ;-)

P.S, When he spins 360 degrees to fly the trail that's totally multidimensional perception/consciousness engaged! I find that super relatable to daily living too where we kinda have to do that (metaphorically and metaphysically) as we engage the system/density but at the same time feeling the boundaries of the flow so as to keep on track (or rather, to become the track).

Here we are playing/"praying" for global change, for humanity to come together in rings, as an expression of love and freedom. And, my friends, not a ridiculous mask in sight!

"You can blow out a candle,
but you can't blow out a fire.
Once the flame begins to catch,
the wind will blow it higher"...

It's essential for your authentic beingness to be "planted in the right soil". What do I mean?
It's good to get reflection of any karmic density or limitation, but there comes a point where too much of this is limiting for your soul growth. If you're constantly getting negative feedback loops, feedback loops that don't forge the soul or simply don't click, then it's essential to be discerning about what boundaries to set and what energy to allow into your consciousness from those around you - otherwise it can derail your creative process.
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I've just finished a tremendous Thrive in 3D/5D retreat this week - blessings to all who attended.
What I can clearly feel and is being reflected in people's lives around the world,
is a "tearing apart" of the two world's we're living in right now - at a consciousness level.

If you're open in the different dimensions, you're going to feel this strongly within, like a pulling apart. It's especially eviident in family relationships. It's highly challenging!
I've found the key is to draw your energies in somewhat. Breathe them more into your core. Let go more in the physical, set strong boundaries on the emotional plane. On the mental plane, be very discerning what you're paying attention to and giving energy to. The time for inner focus is necessary.
There with you.


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"Ye divinities on earthโ€”sinners!
It is a sin to call a man so;
it is a standing libel on human nature!

Come up, O lions, and shake off the delusion that you are sheep;
you are souls immortal, spirits free, blest and eternal;
ye are not matter, ye are not bodies;
matter is your servant, not you the servant of matter."
Swami Vivekananda


Ever watched a starling murmur?
They are stunning to behold - nature flowing and speaking in the wonderment of the divine.
Here's a beautiful one from the Somerset levels near Glastonbury...

Hiya all. Yes it's dark and dense out there as the shadowstate rolls out its agenda,
but we are punching gaping holes through the darkness and the light is churning things up.
Keep plugging away. Keep meditating. Keep bringing the light through you and channeling out the density.
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Yes! Getting better at it, even with the old self-deprication tape playing and making me feel bad for letting myself get frustrated and triggered. But not giving up/in and self inquiry are shedding light on the source of these low self esteem moments, and I'm seeing small shifts. I'm not letting myself get me down. And more and more I'm seeing how it's vital to keep the body clean at this point; anytime my energy is low from processing crap, I find it much harder to stay in the light. Really getting to feel the difference in energies. I may catch up yet!


If you're relatively new to crypto, you'll notice the whole boardgame took and swan dive today.
No worries. that's just par for the course. It will soon bounce back.
The fundamentals are riding high!

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Dear Open ,

I am riding the crypto wave. I have written before how I was strongly influenced by poverty consciousness that manifested as a fear of money earlier . And that prevented me from getting into this volatile market earlier. But a few breakthroughs later and I'm lovin' it ! 

I love that it feels to me how it's a gateway to a new paradigm in the financial 3 D . I am spreading this particular VIR :) . I have gotten at least 4 people into it as well DESPITE the looming ban on crypto in my country . Thank you for the constant encouragement ! 

PS I have just bought a Blockchain website to set up my facilitation practice. And I intend to take payments in crypto  :))


There's a flow of energy, down from the source, through you, and back again.
That's what you're here to build, that's your destiny.
Everything in the external offers the means to unleash another degree of that sublime divinity.
So focus on that. Focus on constantly breaking through into that,
and you will find harmony with life.
Everything that you need and truly desire, as an expression of you, will then come your way.
Therefore always, but always, focus on the energy cycle with the divine and buidling that.
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If anyone feels strange this days, the reason could be square between Uranus and Saturn happening right now, most important astrological event this year. There will be two more in June and December so basically whole year is under this influence. And a few minutes ago Moon also conjunct Uranus in the exact moment of the square, empowering this event, hardly a coincidence.  Here's more details:

Uranus (revolution) is a planet of change, resistance and awakening. Saturn (tradition) is a planet of responsibility, authority and boundaries. When in this tense square (like 90 degrees) assembles Uranus, it creates a demolition of the old, traditional. Uranus wants freedom and to be a rebel, Saturn wants boundaries and follows the rules. Because it's a permanent square - both Saturn and Uranus are in constant sign - these rebels will be quite hard-working, persistent with their own and will be difficult to calm them down. Don't forget that Uranus is in the Bull, which clearly shows strong climate change and transformation of the structure - surface, soil.

So lets bring the change...

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Ah this is one of my favourite scenes from Interstellar which spoke so strongly at the time.
Doctor "Man" had almost destroyed their interstellar safe haven (Gaia) and put it into an almost irreversible downward spin, before an interpid action by our heroes helped steady the spin and bring the 'station' back into alignment.
Powerful stuff!

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It's high time to come together in the field folks and let's move some Torus!
Focus on the movement of kundalini flow and bring that to bear wherever you are are in the world.
Blessings to all.

The problem is NOT that you'll activate difficulty and density upon your path,
because your path is forged from the cobble stones you walk over.
The problem is not have the courage to set the stones down when you encounter them.
That's where it takes guts and commitment.
And ultimately, that minimises the suffering and maximises the opportunity.


"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion."

--Albert Camus--

The synchronicity has whispered to me today "Free now" and so reminding that quote of A. Camus...

The story always began with "Once upon a time there was a..."

Be mindful, synchronicties don't just point to the good stuff, "you're off to Machu Picchu!"
They point to what's activating in your shadow side too.
What might you need to unravel?

Neat, I was just thinking yesterday how it'd be nice to have an old-school "chat room" on this site. Okay here's a quote that's been in my head lately, not accurate though, feel free to correct and I can't remember author: "The master's energy is like this: he lets all things come and go...". That's all I remember but I think that's all I need right now lol.

The soul is flowing as a stream of light it's actually not making choices at all. It's simply wanting to express. So when you hit a junction in your life presenting a difficult choice, the question is not what to do, but how to be. What new expression of beingness wants to come through now? Ask. Look around. Watch the universal reflections. What resonates? Work to embody a new aspect of soul and the choice will make itself.


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Testing this out. Yesterday had a couple minor (but still so meaningful) breakthroughs after falling back into my old control habits, and some challenging news. The usual fear reactions accompanied by the spoiled-toddler reactions of not getting my way, but then I remembered surrender. And made a conscious choice that that was what I would do.Just let it be. Sure things are getting harder but they won't stay that way, and I have learned by now struggling just makes it worse. And have found enough soul frags to see just how precious the struggle can be if approached from a place of trust and acceptance. And then I spoke up for myself against a particularly demanding control freak in a calm no-nonsense way; usually I'd bite my tongue and then stew, my poor heart and soul betrayed again. And I felt lighter and liberated. I would rather face her narcissistic rage than betray myself and my truth. A victory for me and it flowed authentically because I had made the choice to surrender. And then synchronicities: the sudden burst of joyous laughter from a child sledding nearby that brought a giggle to my lips. The four geese flying into the sunset, the plane that flew right over where I was standing...things are shifting and I'm getting less afraid of the unknown, and maybe even a little excited for the adventure that awaits! Still have lots of work; testing the waters I find I'm still not ready to open to people yet but I will start dipping my toes in the water...YAY!!! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

For anyone watching the cyrpto space, big movements are building. Bitcoin just went through a surge as Elon Musk's Tesla spoke of investing $1.5 billion in it. Meanwhile Ethereum soldiers on in the background, building the trackway for the new internet of value. XRP is preparing to bolt from the gates, as the pre-hearing of its court case with the SEC takes place on Monday. Someone let the Doge out. It ran away but is coming back again. It would all be just a bit of fun, except it's shaking up the shadowstate in the process. Now that has to be worth the ride!
Decrypt - a great source of crypto info

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