The Andrasta Crop Circle: Supporting Humanity's Ascension

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The summer sequence of crop circles in the UK has been nothing short of astounding, and to me, the very latest caps them all. For reasons I'll share below, it's clear to me that especially Andromedan star beings have created several of them with a particular communication message. They are drawing close to humanity at this time and positioning themselves ready to support the Ascension. Come and explore the tremendous adventure and alchemy of what's unfolding.

The Star Beings Reach Out

For all those new to the adventure, just a recap on the background - at the beginning of the crop circle season, I was guided to vision quest at a particular location near Avebury, close to a white horse. During which, a strong infusion of higher dimensional presence took place with a tremendous expansion at the 6th Density level, through the 3rd eye. Their leader introduced herself amusingly as "Andy the Andromedan". I might not have taken it too seriously, except for the extraordinary sequence of synchronicities that immediately followed...

First I was guided to a crop circle that appeared below the white horse. On my way in, a huge hare lept up and sprinted off in the direction of the hill where I'd felt the strong infusion of golden light. It wasn't until I followed the synchronicities to Avebury that its significance became apparent: an image jumped off the shelves featuring Andrasta, a Celtic Goddess, whom Queen Boudica had called upon in her campaigns against the Roman occupation. The hare was Boudica's means of gaining higher dimensional insight from Andrasta.

The synchronicities continued, leading me to another white horse on a ridge called Hackpen Hill. Now white horses were appearing everywhere in symbology too, including that of Pegasus the winged horse. Poignantly the way to find the Andromedan constellation (a part of the Andromedan galaxy) is through Pegasus and the Great Square.

Two more crop circles in the unfolding sequence were clearly speaking to me, of a convergence of Star Beings, which felt tremendously exciting and timely. You can clearly see this higher to lower dimensional convergence depicted in this other supreme crop circle which also appeared...

Andrasta Manifesting through the 3rd Eye

At the Openhand facilitator conference in Avebury during this time, several of the different Star Being groups connected through us as vibrational frequencies you could feel at a soul level. It's essential to say that there's no requirement to actually see these star beings or even know which group you're tuning into. The crucial thing is:

What authentic frequency do they resonate and activate at a soul level?
Because that's how they can help you best.

It was the final connection on the very last day that was tremendously outstanding. Andrasta manifested as a strong vibrational frequency through activation, particularly at the 3rd eye level. It was similar to the intense effect I'd felt at the beginning of this journey. To me, the being was standing there with us in the middle of the meditation studio, calm and still, but with a tremendously fast and creative vibration. It was exhilarating fulfilment for all the hard work we'd done during the gathering.

Explore the Rich Alchemy of Openhand's Avebury Facilitator Conference 2022

But it didn't end there!

Clearing the Ancient Karmic Pain

This last weekend I was guided back to the same area, specifically a place called "Barbury Castle", where a crop circle delivered in two phases had appeared at the conclusion of the Facilitator conference.

You can review the magnificent two phase sequence here

Barbury Castle is an ancient hillfort dating back prior to the Roman invasion. With its hilltop ramparts, viewing out across thousands of acres of surrounding fields, it was clearly a pivotal point in the hostilities that ensued there. To me this became strongly evident, being guided on a circuitous route, creating a portal to release many earth-bound souls into the angelic realm, that had previously been trapped there. At the conclusion of the work, Andrasta appeared yet again, this time through a cloud formation that took shape over the fort - there was a prominant "A" in the clouds and a feature that was strongly reminiscent of a carved amber skull I'd been gifted in Avebury: "if the Andromedans can shape crops, then why not clouds!"

During the work, Andrasta communicated a good deal of sadness and grief - it was clear she's had some previous connection with the place. I could feel a stabbing pain through the heart that wanted to be processed out. It was the sadness her group felt at the plight of humanity, which had played itself out not only then, but right up until this current day.

On my way out of the hillfort, I just happened across the crop circle that had appeared nearby - a hexagon. Astounding then that as I made my way to its centre, a convergence of 6 people naturally happened: myself, a chap from Flanders, two from Poland, and two from Byron Bay. A spontaneous ceremony took place, with a weaving rich and diverse alchemy that each called upon. It encompassed Tibetan chanting, ancient Christian prayer, the revelation of sacred geometry and a heart-felt Gaia connection. It wove a rich tapestry harnessed and enhanced by the magnificent crop circle. It felt like Andrasta's pain had been met and processed out.

Both on leaving the crop circle and at my camping spot that night, hare appeared once more. The last time, approaching right next to my camper door - extraordinarily unusual for a creature that is usually so shy. I felt the clear presence of Andrasta once more. It melted my heart.

But there was yet more to come! - the final crop circle, which to me, is the best of them all and speaking volumes into humanity's Ascension and how the Andromedans and other star beings are here to help. They communicated that prior to this point, especially the karmic density of the 4D wrapped around the planet has prevented them from opening a wide channel. Clearly that is all now changing and transforming as the density unravels.

Andrasta Crop Circle: Merkabah and Ascension

Crop circles are always a personal language - they invite you to interpret through your own intuition. That's how they communicate. But sometimes they are quite specific too. To me, there are several clear messages encoded in this superlative temporary temple. I feel given to name it the "Andrasta Crop Circle" for very good reason...

1. The central angular form depicts the merkabah, which is the vehicle of Ascension for humanity, that we naturally develop as the lower self is purified and interfaced with the activated higher self. This infusion takes place at the 4th density level

2. If you invert the image, you can also interpret star beings from the 6th density descending to help from the 4th density. This to me answered a crucial question: can they draw closer down to the 4th density where lower dimensional physical reality can be woven from? I'd posed this question to Andy and the Andromedan group, because I've felt during my time here, that the awakening movement has been woefully short of higher dimensional support in the form of tangible, 3D benevolent resources. I feel like the question has been answered!

3. Amongst many other message from the crop circle that I'll leave it to you to interpret, the final one for me, was the clear calling card of Andy the Andromedan - she'd been there since the beginning of this journey and was clearly working to open a creative bridge.

Pivotal Convergence at the Opening of the 8/8 Lion's Gate

The interdimensional connections this year, through the sacred stones and the crop circles, have been stupendous, nothing short of miraculous. They clearly point to a convergence, bridging the divide and connecting up through the ether to open channels of light through the breaking down density here on the planet. They invite us to connect and convene together, as much as we can, because the time is ripe to harness the transformational energies infusing the planet. It is totally uplifting and exhilarating...

At the formation of this last crop circle, Lion was appearing to me ubiquitously in symbology and on signs. It happened to be formed near a prominent statue of a Lion. To me the synchronicity is clear: Andrasta and the Andromedans, amongst many more, will be convening at the opening of the key karmic Sirius portal, during the upcoming 8/8 Lion's Gate convergence. Which is exactly why Openhand will be hosting Avalon Rising 22, the World Ascension Summit during this pivotal point. All are kindly invited to attend.

Avalon Rising 22: World Ascension Summit
(apply this code to claim a 10% loyalty discount: Avalon 22)

Bright blessings to all in these pivotal times on the planet.

Open 🧡🙏


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I was there last evening! It felt very intriguing, so headed off to find it without knowing the location, just got the direction and, as always, took my intuition with me. Was driving around looking for it and with sharpened intuition from the second driving round went straight there. Even when the first time I missed this little drive-in entrance had a strong feeling that was it - I feel the energy and connection guided me.


The first thing I felt is that the energy has changed by now because many people visiting and doing different ceremonies there. Nevertheless, I was sitting in the crop circle and felt some sadness, it was a sense of something about the trapped souls or entrapment for souls. Then was laying down and my all body was a bit shaking, the energy was still there even though it felt was altered slightly. Was laying on the ground and looking into the clouds how they're shaping around - interestingly there were dark bigger separate clouds surrounding the place of the crop circle replicating the circle in the sky but in the center exactly above it there was "gathering" of light feathery cloud "bubbles" (cumulus). Even though energy in this crop circle felt very different from that one what we visited during the Conference, when I was leaving yesterday those beings were there, I saw them clearly at my right side as I was walking up the hill (big flash of light within my peripheral eyesight), I knew they are somewhere around... 

My sense of the symbology of this crop circle (I have a feeling this is the last one this crop season) - I was reading comments on Openhand FB about this crop circle, yes, the square and the compass I saw clearly from the first glimpse but the main thing is how do we interpret it from our heart. Yes, some group on this planet used this symbology and, sadly enough, this idea seems to get stuck in many heads causing the judgment - good or bad. To me it speaks exactly about that - the judgment and discernment! How strong humanity is in judgment from the mind and how weak is in discernment yet. That's the sadness felt is about. These tools (the square and the compass) to me resonate with architects and builders. The message I read with the feeling is that higher dimensional beings are here to support us in communication and knowledge but they are here not to save or physically help us. We humans must be the architects and builders of our own reality by applying the soul sovereignty and discernment. The positioning of those symbols within the circle to me is speaking about the knowledge and the mastery of merging the higher and the lower self which is clearly linking to Merkaba. Also, I still stay with the number 8 being presented in this crop circle and my experienced number 64 synchronicity that I expressed earlier feels resonating with what Open expressed about this crop circle and Andrasta: 

If you invert the image, you can also interpret star beings from the 6th density descending to help from the 4th density.

The sun was setting down and someone was playing softly the flute when I was there in a circle, I felt to do some body movements (my kind of dancing). The first reflection after I left the crop circle location was again numerology - 777.

To me it all feels significant, majestic and inspiring. The most exhilarating time.

With love



26/07/2022 Openhand Journal Update

People in the Openhand network have already been asking me, "so what will this increased 3D support look like practically in our lives?" I'm going to be writing about this in detail, but specifically, sharing it through Avalon Rising 22. For now, I thought I would cautiously share a key synchronistic insight from a major development that's just been announced in the world of cryptocurrency. I say cautiously, because I know plenty are either non technical or else have been put off by the recent falls in the crypto space. But stay with me here, because it's all a critical part of the shift, and whether you are interested in crypto or not, whether you engage or not, the developments happening are highly indicative of what's happening in the shift, how the shadowstate is trying to interfere, and crucially - how we're going to progressively transform the old paradigm.

Why am I writing about this on the Andrasta Crop Circle article?

Leading up to the Avebury Facilitator conference, and during my vision quest there, I'd specifically asked the following two questions:
1. How can we gain practical, tangeable support and resources here in the 3D to support our work by building these interdimensional bridges?
2. Can the Star Being groups come closer down into the 4D from where new 3D reality constructs can be woven?

Did the Andromedans just share the ethereum logo in the Andrasta crop circle? Hmmm, what do you think?

For me, the crop circle season was speaking directly into these two questions. What probably few people have linked together, is that during the conference, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of ethereum announced essential information about the upgrade of the network to ethereum 2.0, from "proof of work, to proof of stake". Firstly it's a highly synchronistic statement: not just proof that the star beings are here working, but proof that they're anchoring and grounding - helping take ownership. They've scheduled the upgrade for September, which is highly exciting causing ether to surge by 15% in the last month alone, despite very difficult macroeconomics in the wider world.

Are you drifting off yet? Stay with me!! 🤔

Vitalik is clearly a star being in human form - there's simply no doubt about it. And there's a tremendous decentralised global network behind the project. During our conference he announced the key steps ahead for the ethereum network: "the merge, the surge, the verge, the purge, and a splurge!". Yes, seriously, but stay with me! 😉

To speak with star beings and to weave the flow, you've got to be able to "talk in tongues" by seeing things more metaphoric rather than literal. If you only see the surface 3D in a literal way, then you keep creating what you see - you keep crystallising the old construct. But if you can read between the lines, then you can connect up creative flows from the patterning of the quantum field.

So, cautiously, I'm sharing this video about, "the merge, the surge, the verge, the purge, and a splurge"". The way they describe the development of the new ethereum network contains clues of how we will anchor the star being energy through our consciousness and "shard" it by breaking it down into manageable chunks that are disseminated around the planet - energy that all will be able to call upon, providing you know how to tune in and anchor it.

When you watch this, you can read it BOTH in a tangible 3D way, AND a metaphoric sense of how the 4D field upgrade is going to unfold. I share it just for intuitive insight...

Intrigued or baffled? Let me know in commentary!

Bright blessings

Open 🙏

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Dear Open ,

This is just so interesting . I am watching this video as a "burned " crypto investor . 


The Eth symbol looks like a Merkaba doesn't it. And the merge seems to signify the union of the higher and lower flows. The beacon caught my eye . 

The shards - Flower of life symbology ,replace shards by fractals ,moving faster and we are talking about . Increased accessibility refers to the ability of more light flows to be accessed by the 3 D matrix . 

Stateless nodes seems to refer to dissolution of political states - anarchy or flow ? And there is something in that segment that speaks to me about DNA integration . The purge seems to refer to dismantling the old system ( Getting rid of old history) . 

And finally ,there is something about all the symbology that needs to be woven into ....a crop circle. Or maybe that's happened already .

Thanks for sharing ,Open ! 


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Yes, isn't it amazing how this stuff speaks. Thanks for the reminder - I got it on a subtle level, but it's made it much clearer to me on a conscious level now.

Personally, although I had to sell much of my crypto this year, I'm following the space and keeping some investments, especially Ethereum. 

What the process speaks of to me is that things are opening through, connecting lower and higher realms, yet there's still some way to go. 

The merge to me speaks of merging higher and lower self through the merkabah and the support for this - it becomes easier, faster and requires less energy. Much of my work with clients is focused on this at the moment.

The surge (sharding and roll-ups) speaks to creating micro communities that work with the macro energy and giving more energy to that - making these communities more self-sufficient, and yet 'bundling transactions' so there's still possibility of collaboration for even greater efficiency and speed of the process. On an individual level - channeling higher dimensional energy through individualized 'strengths' and collaberating with others for increased output.

The verge - like Megha, I'm drawn to 'stateless nodes'. The move to smaller, self-sufficient communities will break down the old globalized system. This will create less 'noise' as each community becomes more focused, again channeling the macro through the micro community and individuals. On an individual level it means simplifying and focusing orientation of consciousness (being 'all in')

The purge - the event - decluttering and releasing all old and remaining karmic constructs.

The splurge - reforming and rewriting a new earth in the 5D. Individually this also speaks to constantly innovating. 

That's my take - very interesting stuff! 



Great news, I understand the farmer has allowed access to this new "Andrasta" crop circle, which means he's unlikely to mow it out. It is nearing the end of the season though, so for anyone wanting to visit it, I would recommend getting down there by the weekend. Here's how you can find it...,+-1.961360&st=7&mapp=map&searchp=ids

Enjoy, and share your experiences!


Thank you Open!

This was such an awesome experience connecting virtually

Led me too travel to my moms place of birth to connect with my ancestors as I have been feeling their presence in my life more. This was inspired by your decision to travel up onto a mountain for meditation.


loads is happening. Whether some of it still new or not. We’re all about 5D ascension.


Im wondering what the ancient civilisations I keep seeing and sensing are. 

one love


When I did the work at Barbury Castle, completed with the heart-warming spontaneous ceremony at the crop circle there, Andrasta spoke of her pain at the karmic plight of humanity. There was actually great joy at the release of this tragic grief. And it paves the way for the star being groups to get closer to humanity, breaking through the dense "ramparts" of the 4D karmic barrier. This song came to me upon completion of that clearing work. I felt the emapthic karmic bridge with the Andromedans strengthening through it...

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'Brothers in Arms' randomly came to me whilst out walking last week, highly emotive, I was processing it too.

We're all interconnected - especially when traversing these higher dimensions!

Asya - Have an awesome adventure - It sounds magical!

Remy 🙏🏻


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I'm transmitting a tune just for Openhanders - it's highly highly evocative if you receive it 😁

Happy processing 😂

Remy 🙏🏻

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Dear Open ,

I was working with a couple of Openhanders last evening to clear a location when I had the following Energy insights . ( It's a sort of transmission- please bear with me) 

One is that grey energy or indeed Satanic energies are " anchored" to a particular site through Earthbounds . That connection once re-aligned is a good way to anchor benevolent energies ( it can be used as a portal is what I'm being told ) once the Karmic streams have been fixed.

Yesterday ,after re establishing the Torus ,my hands starting making these movements spontaneously and I felt like I was fixing something at 4 D level in that site. It was very strange . I was " seeing" how different colour threads that were frayed ( I am trying to put into words an energetic experience) were being reworked together to align the energy . 

This was followed by a visitation by two star beings who were very wise and had a bluish hue . As I acknowledged their presence they informed me how this work helps ground their presence . Also about how it's going to cause changes at a 3 D level. 

 A day after, I'm a bit bemused by the whole thing . And wanted to share for reflection. 




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Hi Megha - yes, something similar happened during my work at Barbury Castle - the earthbounds were locked in place by a group of greys that needed to be realigned and released first. This happened by opening a portal to the angelic realm and activating the Torus there. It's this dense energy at the 4D layer that prevents the light beings from coming in. Once cleared, you can open the channels, bridge them through and anchor them in that location. That's then what happened with the crop circle at that location. And yes, this is going to cause a abundant change at the 3D level.

With the increase in the Andromedan 6D connection, what I'm finding is a near constant dialogue (but without mindless chatter) through the 3rd eye. This is how reality is weaving right now. Personally I don't do that through sacred geometry (although I know they do), instead I witness patterns of flows that are ready to crystallise - that's more the Openhand higher dimensional way.

Exciting times indeed!

Open 💙