DIVINICUS: Your Divine Being, Through the Ether

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As I write, I'm brimming with excitement and sense of adventure. It's the beginning of our annual 'jewel in the crown' course "DIVINICUS", up in the stuperndous mountains of Snowdonia. We've got an enthusiastic group of 14, joining us from all over the world to be here, and you can join in too! As treasured members of our virtual family, I like to share the thrills and the spills, so as to activate your own process and catalyse an unfolding of Your Divine Being.

The groups gathers this evening, and the work begins in earnest Saturday 15th. Here's how you can be a part of it. We're thrilled to have you join us "through the ether"...

Through the Ether

As we know, distance is no object in consciousness space. And these events are all about shifting the group consciousness and initiating a global wave of awakening inspiration. By tuning into the sense of what we're doing, and applying it in a way that works for you in your living circumstances, can greatly amplify the effect, both in your life and wider afield.

What is DIVINICUS all about?

Original Humanity has been deralied somewhat by attachment and engrossment in society. Thus the radiance and embodiment of soul has been diminished. People have been living unnatural lifestyles that have disconnected them from the flow and the wider connection with the Universe. So what the gathering is all about, is first turning down the background noise and quietening the inner. We'll purify the inner as much as possible and unleash fragments of soul stuck in the density.

We'll be applying sacred ceremony to connect us deep into the heart of the divine being. And celebrating our connection with Mother Nature and the magical elementals all around us.

We'll also be applying ground breaking meditations to connect with the higher self, and in the more purified environment, draw that consciousness 'down' into our bodily vehicles of expression. It leads to the stimulation of kundalini, interconnecting you with the universal source. We then help people acitvate the 'spirit light body' and experience moving and existing in that here and now. It is how we perceive the higher dimensions, such as the 5D, as a way of living and being. It is also our vehicle of Ascension as the Shift unfolds.

How can you join us?

The course proper starts tomorrow morning, Saturday 15th. I invite you to tune in first thing in the morning, where I'll offer some guidance that you can take part in which is related to what we'll be doing here. Tune in again in the evening where I will have shared an update. And then if you have any questions about your experience and would like some reflection, do ask. I'll tune into your field etherically through the ether and offer some guidance where I can.

To get the DIVINICUS ball rolling, here below is a video of arrival at our "Lord of The Rings" village, "Cae Mabon" plus a photographic sense of the place and what we'll be doing. Take a few moments, watch the video and tune into the energy.

Do let me know you'll be tuning in, and I'll put some loving attention your way.

See you in the ether!

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Hi Zee - my sense is that it is an implant that is working to disengage you from the lower chakras.

So firstly I would do the Breakthrough Breathing meditation (which is enfolded into the entities meditation). Get a sense of your grounded centre - what I call the "Sacred Ground of Being" (I'm working on a new meditation with that one). The point being to work to be centred in your core and grounded.

From that place, explore upwards into the crown implant. Feel what's going on there, but all the while with a part of your consciousness grounded and centred. Then use your sense of non attached will to push it out, maybe even screw it out - energetically of course!

It will take some time and application however - implants can only exist where there is unconsciousness - a blind spot. So it's essential to work on the blind spot at the same time. For example if you have a tendency to float off and not be fully grounded in reality - be connected, but then ask, "what are the practical measures I'm given to take right now?"

Wishing you well in your endeavours

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Hi Zee,

With regards the 'zoning out', it could be a couple of things causing it: (1) you're getting into the toroidal field which is connecting into higher dimensions but there's a blockage at the plane of the intellect which is stopping you staying connected into the lower densities - perhaps because of a fear (2) it could also be due to an implant in the crown chakra that pulls you out of the body.

I suspect that it's to do with both. In the case of an implant, I would suggest doing the implant meditation but with some focus on the crown. Do you get an anticlockwise spiral that seems to pull you up? In which case, work to be embodied through your core, then work to push it out.

Assuming that goes okay, then work to align the toroidal flow - anticlockwise spiral up on the inbreath and the clockwise one down on the out-breath.

Let me know how you get on.

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Thanks for getting back. 

It does seem to be anticlockwise I think, like I'm  being pulled and swirled around from the head region. Very trippy indeed. It has been freaking me out a bit.

And yes you're  spot on, I do have a fear that has once again arisen of not being able to manage here on the farm physically, financially and at times emotionally. 

I am doing it singlehandedly at the moment. Its a very steep learning curve on all fronts, coming from the burbs to the country 3yrs ago. Crazy ay! But I do know on some level its meant to be. I can only see the first few steps at this time.

Can you please explain a bit more about- 'work to be embodied through your core and work to push it out? 

I will give the implant med another crack today and try to stay with it.

Thanks heaps Open much appreciated. 😊

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Thanks for getting back. 

It does seem to be anticlockwise I think, like I'm  being pulled and swirled around from the head region. Very trippy indeed. It has been freaking me out a bit.

And yes you're  spot on, I do have a fear that has once again arisen of not being able to manage here on the farm physically, financially and at times emotionally. 

I am doing it singlehandedly at the moment. Its a very steep learning curve on all fronts, coming from the burbs to the country 3yrs ago. Crazy ay! But I do know on some level its meant to be. I can only see the first few steps at this time.

Can you please explain a bit more about- 'work to be embodied through your core and work to push it out? 

I will give the implant med another crack and try to stay with it.

Thanks heaps Open much appreciated. 😊


Hey Open  Thanks for the link but i need to remember them first lol. 

Anyone with any ideas on the other glitches i mentioned? I would be v interested in any feedback. 



Holy Moses! What a magnificient conclusion to DIVINICUS 19. How to put words to it? Almost impossible!

When you journey like this together, deep into ones inner layers, through aeons of karma, and then come up shining, there's simply no comparison. You can feel at the deepest levels, kindred spirits that you know you've traveled with before. It's deeply heart warming, inspiring and humbling all at the same time. Like coming home to your long lost sister/brotherhood. It's an absolute pleasure and a privilege to host.

All that remains, is to share a few moments that will be etched in our consciousness for all eternity!

The final ceremony in our Studio 'space ship'.
"Now I can feel all your love, we are one, we are one, and supernatural!"...

Closing hugs...

Beaming hugs!...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Rich, our resident bear!...

The facilitator team, with yours truly doing a great impression of a pygmy!...

Rich & Marije - "Phew, thank God the facilitation processing has finally finished!
A profound thanks from all...

Finally, you crazy group of misfit mavericks!...

Finally finally, time to ride the wave. See you down the flow guys!...

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Thank you Open, Marije and Rich and all the participants for an incredible week! A lot got put onto the fire and is now cooking...many inquiries that have yet to fully reveal what's going on for me.

It feels like a deeper level of my trip switch out of intensity has been revealed. It seemed that had already been uprooted years ago...and now I am finding it again...as I approach deeper core pain, a thin film encases the pain and pops awareness into a neutral space. I know that I have the internal space to let the wave rise - it seems to me to be more of an old childhood pattern of protection - one that trips so quickly I hardly notice it happens until I am in the false "everything is fine space". Some consumptive patterns have also been revealed...though I feel these are more ruts in behavioral patterns that can be changed with awareness. While walking one afternoon I found a large white feather and swooped down to retrieve it...piercing my finger on a large thorn at the same time.  It seemed to confirm what I am expressing. I am happy to see this and to welcome the opportunity that life is offering... to feel more deeply the sense of abandonment and not mattering. I also saw a well deep into the core of the feeling and at the bottom of the the well was this hot ball of light and dark burning and transforming...I know that's where I am invited to go. 

Thank you all for helping illuminate the places I get stuck and to Remember the way through. 

Biggest hugs and love to you all,




Hi Eric - great that you can feel into what we've been collectively experiencing Thumbs Up SignThe Sun Emoji

Yes, solar wind - a big one in the shift. I'll share some of the realisations that landed in due course.

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Over the past few days especially I've felt such a connection to all of the energy moving during the Divinicus retreat. Whatever you guys are doing/have done over there, holy crap!!

The other day without intending, my car suddenly became an impromptu multiple session sweat lodge (not the most rational thing I've ever done I'll admit) and then I felt a strong connection to the Solar Logos today after doing the bow outdoors. It actually helped me clear through and understand the Bruges event as well.

I am really curious to hear more on what the group experienced as a message from the Solar Logos. What I received was the feeling of a cleansing Solar Wind that felt cooling and calming and transformative. The breeze around me kicked up strongly in support. 

In Spirit,




We're into the closing day here on DIVINICUS, and timed (by the Universe) to fit with the solstice. It's hard to put into words exactly what we're all feeling - very real, grounded and deeply connected, all at the same time...

It's a new day! And for all you out there tuning in, I felt to share a little song with you to wish you well on the solstice, "It's a New World, a new day, there's nothing standing in our way..."

How will you be connecting on the Solstice?

Fond blessings to all

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It's day 6 on the DIVINICUS gathering, and today we'll be focussing on infusing higher self and activating the spirit light body. What's that all about?

Here's the Openhand view on the 7 bodily vehicles which encompass the higher self...

The stream of our soul interacts with the dimensions at various consciousness exchange points (known as chakras) where "Unity Consciousness" as the soul flows into "Separation Consciousness" as the bodily vehicles. The overriding purpose is to initiate divine acts of creativity - "Right Action" - by which to experience who we really are. In my observation, here's how that flow is supposed to happen. By bringing conscious awareness to this information, can direct you - through internal awareness - how to reactivate your divine human...

7. Spirit-Light-Body (merkaba): the spirit-light-body was designed to receive soul consciousness through the crown chakra to align our being with the right dimensional activity inline with our higher purpose. Through the spirit-light-body, the soul has the capacity to act through multiple planes of consciousness simultaneously. It interconnects us with all other sentient life and is able to harmonise with the co-creative intent of other souls within our sphere of influence. Our divine purpose could be channeling in the harmonistic light of the Fifth Dimensional Realm to which we are ascending; it could be counteracting Opposing Consciousness in the Fourth Dimensional Realm to prevent distortional interference; alternatively it could be bringing absolute presence into the Third Dimension to fulfill creative activity. Thus the spirit-light-body shines the light of our soul interdimensionally.

6. Celestial Body: the celestial body harnesses and stores reflections of our soul through the countless lifetimes we've experienced. It's purpose is to help us align with our true aspects of beingness. The downward shining light of the soul is next received into the third eye chakra, which ‘looks’ into the outer world comparing what it sees to the reflections of the soul in the celestial body. When the soul notices its own brilliance, it helps us align with and unfold those aspects of beingness that are most becoming of us; we settle into our groove so to speak. It is that feeling of complete self-belief, self-confidence, self-acceptance and contentment. When we can notice ourselves manifested in the outer world through our own authentic inner reflection, that is when we are truly living. We are frequently reduced to tears at the seemingly simplest of things because we are fulfilling our divine purpose.

5. Higher Mind: from authentic being arises authentic creation. The purpose of higher mind is to harmonise with the divine flow of synchronicity and initiate "Right Action" aligned with the universe. Through the power of the celestial body, we have noticed how to be within the external world and now is the time to experience this through creative action. At this stage, the creative impulse is quite abstract and undefined; the purpose is more about creative intent, and co-creating with other sentient life, rather than an actual creation itself. The soul now acts through higher mind, gathering together ‘elementals of consciousness’ into a directional flow of Right Action, like swirling clouds in the heavens.

4. Causal Body: the causal body is where our "karma" is held. It is the cause of our incarnation, it sets the agenda for our learning experience based on the attachments and creative experiences we need to evolve through. As the soul shines its beams of creative light down through the higher vehicles, our karma casts shadows of attachment through the lower bodies and into our outer experience. The causal body (also known as the energy body) now attracts and manifests exactly the right conditions to unveil the learning experiences required for our evolution. We are invited to confront and dissolve the obscuring clouds of karma by fulfillment of non-judgmental Right Action. We perceive this directing influence as a pull through the Heart Centre - "this is the way to go now".

3. Lower Mind: lower mind is designed to receive, interpret and process higher channeled knowing through our clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient (psychic) skills. So now we know what to do, the question is how to do it? If our authentic, creative action does not get side-tracked, the gathering energies are next passed into our subconscious or "lower mind". Lower mind then helps us to ‘connect the dots’ within the co-creative weave. Through the clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient skills of lower mind, we notice rhythms and patterns of synchronicity in our “consciousness landscape” and have clear visions of the ‘garment’ to be created. As Right Action clicks into place moment by moment, it becomes abundantly clear what we are being invited to do and how to do it.

2. Emotional Body: the emotional body builds energy, passion and conviction around our behaviours to bring our creative Right Action into fruition. The creative process has now gathered together the right fabric for our creation, but it now has to be woven into form. The soul now utilises the emotional body to garner more consciousness 'elementals' and weaves emotion around the creative act. It provides a multi-coloured palette of experience that brings the garment to life. It makes the illusionary reality feel very real, yielding meaning and sense of purpose to life. However, once the creative action has come to fruition, the weave of the garment is meant to quickly unwind again, so that something else may be created. It is not a part of the human design that we hang onto emotions and build identities around them as is so often the case.

1. Physical Body: the physical body provides the ultimate vehicle to bring the creative, downward flowing process into full expression; it provides the experience of separation - of one thing relative to another. Finally, the soul’s gathering weave of elementals takes form around our ultimate vehicle of creative expression - the physical body. As the master weaver, our brain reads the pattern that has been crafted through our higher bodily vehicles and then orchestrates a magical symphony of activity throughout our billions of material cells. The physical body finally brings life to the creative action experienced in the myriad of human, physical possibility. The physical body is a multifaceted mirror of higher creative intent. It is the jewel in the crown; when functioning as designed, it makes the illusion of reality real.

We'll be applying a variation of Openhand's "Liquid Gold" meditation to help infuse the Higher Self. You can listen to the meditation here freely by clicking on the image link.

Afterwards, I encourage you to get a sense of what the Spirit Light Body essence might feel like, and how that guidance might guide you through your day.

Here's a short video sharing we captured here on DIVINICUS last year...

Afterwards I would encourage some free wheeling within the sense of the Spirit Light Body and see how you are guided. What signs and snchronicity show up? What message might the divine have for you?


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We didn't get too many pictures from yesterday, put simply because the divine simply took ahold of us and swept us aloft! When you engage in sacred ceremony, you can be sure the divine will work to speak to us. And so a magical day of alchemy unfolded. What came through most strongly of all was the Solar Logos, the soul of the sun. A communication opened, where we were given to feel and perceive changes happening within the configuration of the sun, how it is transforming, and in so doing, how that will support the cleansing of the earth and wider solar system within the Shift. It's abundantly clear, all the planets are undergoing vibrational transformation.

So the day began with the Tibetan Agni Hotra ceremony, which is very dear and special to Openhand. For those not aware, the Openhand energies here have a deep Tibetan, shamanic heritage. The Agni Hotra and Sweat Lodge combine beautifully together as a means of burning away the energetic dross of the false self and unleashing the fire of the soul into the more enlightened self. Whilst the weather has been mixed here with plenty of rain, right on que, the clouds parted and the sun shone brightly on the proceedings. And so did the devas of the fire...

The deeply moving, Tibetan Agni Hotra ceremony...

The Fire Devas were dancing with us...

Bridging across the river for the Sweat Lodge...

Building the fire...

Time to Burn it all away!...

You can be sure I'll be writing more about the messages we got about the Shift from our Solar Logos here on Openhandweb in due course. It will be of very special significance to all following the Shift.

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Wow! what a beautiful green place, love it. I havent seen green grass like that in a long time.

And beautiful souls shining! Lovely! 

I have had my 84yr old mum(who is a full on christian) staying for the week and I was determined to speak my truth and not hide it away. I told her I believed in reincarnation and our convo came to a grinding halt lol. But I did speak out, which was a big step for me yay. 

I have also been sussing out another website (Listentoyourhorse)which I was led to just recently relating to horses and healing.  Great bunch of growing souls and beautiful herd of wild horses. 

I have had some incredible sessions with my horse over the last week as you guys have been working hard over there. He helps me open up and feel what I need to feel and so much more its hard to put into words.

Ive been meditating with him most mornings and had some amazing releases and messages. I feel so grateful, for him and you guys doing all your work, it seems to ripple outwards.

Thankyou for this wonderful community of loving souls, its sooo much bigger than I thought. I am feeling alot more connected to others via the ether and not so alone which is a great help.

I do have a few glitches you may be able to help me with. I have been doing the meditations you put out there but recently when I do the implant one especially, I seem to zone out or fall asleep. 

I ground myself daily out if sheer necessity yet, I have had a few times when I get so dizzy I have to sit down. Very strange and a bit scary, as one time I was actually driving but luckily there was a road works stoppage as it came on and it passed by the time we got going. I really dont want to get involved with the medical system at this point as i suspect it may not be something they can help me with.

Also I can't for the life of me remember my dreams like I used to. If I could I'm sure it would be v useful in my journey. I have asked my guides to help but as yet, still havent been able to remember them. Yet I have the vague impression that alot is going in my dreamstate. Any suggestions are most welcome.

Thankyou in anticipation. 

Big hugs

Zee 🌳🐎💚




It's day 5 here on DIVINICUS, which is our Sweat Lodge day, a deeply alchemical sacred ceremony inherited from the first nations people. The Sweat Lodge ceremony was handed to Openhand by spirit, in the form of the Red Kite, who presided over our very first lodge back in 2006. Ever since we've been using it as a 'rebirthing' ceremony, letting go of the old and birthing the divine being. Here's a taster from the book DIVINICUS...

It was now the middle of 2013, and we were back up in the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales - the celtic retreat centre called “Cae Mabon”. The Sweat Lodge fire had been burning away for several hours; the jembe and didgeridoo were serenading us, building the sense of primal connection to ancient Gaia. e deva of the re danced upon naked esh, warming it, and at times burning the hairs on it; lest we become complacent, thinking this is going to be just another walk in the park - just another spiritual ceremony. We entered the lodge on hands and knees, a humbling and intimate connection with the earth, which now merged with the smoke of the fire on sweating skin. Suddenly it’s pitch black. Crammed shoulder to shoulder with your nervous compatriots, you can see absolutely nothing. The invitation is to feel as deeply as you can, there’s no other choice, nowhere else to go, nowhere to hide. You’re now in the bosom of the Earth, and as the glowing red rocks are hoisted into the fire pit at the heart of the lodge, the inner volume and intensity are suddenly magnified ten-fold. You’re right in the crucible of alchemical change, and there’s no avoiding it.

Here are a few snaps from previous years to get the sense of it:

Building the sacred fire together... Anatoly adding his prayer... Looks like a funeral pyre, burning the "Totems" we made of the false self... Marielle with Lisabel, getting back to her primate roots!... The group lining up to enter - yes, lots of people for a small lodge! But it was a bit like a tardis and we all managed... Yours truly, smudging (cleansing) people before entering the lodge...

It's going to be a magical day for sure, and we'll be carrying you all in our hearts. Wish us well!

Open Heart


As the birds sing the dawn chorus here up in the majestic mountains of Snowdonia, I can already feel it will be a deep day of karmic past life regression. Already yesterday, lots of karma was spontaneously arising. Usually it takes longer than this to get under the initial layers of identity, but these guys are working with commitment and gusto. That's what happens when you let go of the idea of what you think you are, and truly start to delve into the energy itself. That's when the soul starts to move strongly and uncovers the blocking karmic deep inner layers - the trauma carried over from past lives.

Here below is the 9 step process that we'll be loosely applying today. First I'll be journeying people deep into huanity's past history, through the intervention here, and how that impacts at a cellular level. You could work with us by loosely aplying the Ascension meditation - that should get you into the astral body, and then just allow the visioning to arise from there.

And then if/when you notice patterns and inner density start to bubble up, you could explore and apply this 9 step process to deal with whatever reveals itself...


1. Confront the situation: you must first accept and completely acknowledge the truth of what is happening in your world. Get thoroughly used to observing yourself and accepting responsibility for your feelings in relation to what is going on in the situation. If you get tight, angry or wound up, acknowledge it. If someone is steamrollering your truth and that feels unpleasant, witness that too. Do not shy away from, or paper over, any inner retraction caused by events and other people in the outside world. By the Law of Attraction you have manifested them anyway, so as to confront and break through such a limitation. Embrace that.

2. Regress deeply into the feelings of the situation: it may not be appropriate for you to deal with the feelings in the moment they are coming up - you could be at work for example, in public or looking after your children. It is important not to suppress and dissolve the feelings, but rather to contain them: you get the sense that they are inside you, but you are on top of them and can manage them. When the timing is more appropriate (and as soon as possible), regress yourself deeply into the feelings once more: see the images, feel the feelings, let them come up inside.

3. Honour and express the pain: essentially this source pain is caused where your soul identifies somehow with the illusion of separation and the need for a particular outcome – where the soul is not self-realised (not realising of the One). However, if you honour the pain by fully expressing it in some way, then you become 'as-one' with it – you relocate the lost nugget of soul gold that was buried there and you reintegrate as the One. Honouring the pain might mean shouting and screaming, crying, rolling up into a ball, beating a punch bag or cushion, writing a journal or dancing and moving. Listen to your soul, and do whatever you feel given to do.

4. Break through with presence: when the source pain is at its height, when you can truly locate and feel it within your body, such that it is becoming excruciating, then paradoxically, you are ready to become the One through it; you are on the very precipice of presence. Remind yourself that all experience is relativistic and therefore transient – it does not define who you are. What you are, is absolute pure potential, beyond the pain. At this point, there will be some key (such as a word, mantra, a visualisation or symbolic metaphor) to help you ‘open the door’ through the density and into presence. If you are not sure what that is, ask the universe and you will be shown.

5. Feel the light of the soul: when you’ve stepped into the sense of presence, then you are really processing and letting go of the density – it is like you are stirring the bed of the stream in which the nuggets of soul gold have become buried. Now you will be able to see and feel the glint of the soul as it is being liberated. It will be a sense of lightness, completeness, confidence, strength, surrender; you may feel it as a light or warmth beginning to flow into the body, through the previous restriction. Now focus on, and give energy to, this new sensation. It is like pouring fuel on an igniting flame – it grows stronger.

6. Dissolve the source pain: you are now ready to truly dissolve and fully release that aspect of source pain. Whilst staying in the sense of Pure Presence, intuit how your connection with your emerging soul, can best process the dense energy of the source pain. You have to remain soft and expanded, so that you do not tighten down out of the energy that causes the pain. So stay expanded through it, containing it within your consciousness, but then use whatever meditation comes to you to remove it. It could be a particular form of breathing, movement and dance, or it could be a visualisation. Let your intuition carry you – it already knows what best to do.

7. Contemplate deeply any conditioned behaviours: the source pain will have built up conditioned behaviours (as spoken of in Gateway 2). Now deeply contemplate what conditioning – what distortions – the source pain has caused in your life. Maybe, for example, you were needy of others? Or perhaps too competitive and aggressive. See yourself within those behaviours, being totally honest with yourself about them (reminding yourself, if necessary, that you are not to blame for them). It can help to write them down in a journal.

8. Visualise yourself interrupting the behaviours: in motivational and spiritual circles, people often speak of visualising the outcome or behaviour you would like to have happen. The risk is though, that this just becomes another level of programming. Instead, see yourself interrupting the behaviours that have emanated from the source pain. As you get increasingly sensitive, you will begin to actually feel the density and any fixed neural pathways. With a sense of surrendered will, you can begin to break these apart and literally dissolve them within.

9. Become surrendered openness, attune to authentic beingness: as the density and conditioned behaviours have been dissolved inside, increasingly you settle into an awesome place of surrendered openness: you feel expansive, peaceful, whole and complete. You are now much more able to interrupt the old behaviours in daily life and open up through them. Spontaneous acts of authentic beingness then begin to magically flow through you, which are totally right and befitting of the moment. It is like you become less an identity, and more a moving flow of consciousness through life. This is pure joy of living! (I have written more about the qualities of authentic beingness that start to come through, and to which you can give energy, in Gateway 4).

I'll often apply emtoive music within deep meditation to touch the buried emotions that conceal karma. Here is one that moved things deeply for us yesterday...

Do feel free to share what's coming up for you. I'll happily provide a supportive reflection.


Open HeartPraying Emoji



Hey Megha & Eric - nice to have you join the journey - you're most welcome Heart

Yesterday we were digging deep into the Inner Child/Teenager identity filters. Regressing into childhood memories and feeling energy that had got blocked and buried. It was deeply cathartic. Here are a few photos of the day...

It was a day of mixed emotions...

The Group preparing for a session. I wonder what we'll uncover?...

Getting down to it in the studio...

Rich holding the energy...

Supported "soulmotion" helps soul infusion...

"It was like this". "You don't say"...

Rachel making her "icon" to release false self identity...

Journalling helps rationalise and integrate...

Phew, this is full on!...

"Let it all go, let it all out now"...

Ya just gotta smile!..

It's all cool in the end...


That was powerful and took me on one hell of a journey — Culminating in outrage projected towards my Mother for pushing me away from Her out into this place, and towards the entities that stuck me in concrete once I got here. 

After a lot of processing and release, at the very end, both identities were just sitting there quietly smiling, definitely enjoying the extra attention they were getting. I barely had the chance to ask when those little punks said in unison - “We’re not ready to go yet. YOU need to speak out more and light it up.”  

My forehead feels like it wants to blow up..

Thanks to all participating and creating this healing space.



Dear Open and all the courageous participants ,


I recently came back from a short visit with my Mum . And a lot of my previously held carefully nurtured illusions about my childhood smashed like smithereens . I felt into deep density of childhood pain . It is a deep hurt that I am trying to feel into . And of course ,that's what you are all doing in the Divinicus course :) . A big part of my defence mechanism through my childhood was overeating and I have been doing that as well. From today I have resolved to do a 16 hour fast . 

I am going to update you after this meditation. 

Lots of love ,



The dawn is unfolding on day 3 here at DIVINICUS, up in the secluded mountains of Snowdonia. Already there have been major breakthroughs and the activation of a fair amount of Kundalini - which is unusual so early in the process. The participants are digging deep, courageously launching themselves into the inquiry. We're embarked on a deep journey of discovery. And to all you out there tuning in, welcome, it's good to feel you OK Hand SignThe Sun EmojiPraying Emoji

Day three is all about confronting inner identity filters. What are these? Here are some reflective snippets from the Openhand lead article on this...

Due to disruptive nature of society, it's probably the case that with most, the lower self is separated from higher spiritual awareness at a pretty early age. Whether it be the programmed and conditioning behaviours of our parents, excito-toxins in our food or the electro-smog of modern day gadgetry, effectively the soul is fragmented into the bodymind and a barrier inserted to higher dimensional beingness. Our divine birth right is truncated. Most hardly notice the downgrading effect. That is until one day, we're reunited with multi-dimensionality, realise the profound blessing and embark on a path of realignment, reunification and at-one-ment with the divine. How might we best catalyse this reharmonisation?...


Ideally what should be happening is the firing of a soul impulse, temporarily reflected through neural connections which then infuse the body with mirroring neural peptides. The self realised soul is able to be fully immersed in the experience and quickly release it as the experience has fulfilled its purpose, knowing its inherent completeness beyond attachment and identification.

But if fragments of soul - where self realisation fails - 'break off' and get lost in the eddy current of identification, then all manner of fixed neural pathways develop. It might take only a word, a picture or a thought to fire up the web of activity and you're suddenly consumed by negative neural peptides that infuse your bodily cells, sucking you deeper into the drama. It's how most people in society live their daily lives, constantly relying on soft drugs (like alcohol, processed sugar, caffeine and nicotine) either to suppress or temporarily boost. The key to the purification process though - assuming we really want to be fee - is to confront our internal retractions - our pain - as it is happening. In so doing, we can truly break the cycles once and for all.

The effects of pain and fear are illusionary, held in place only by our identification with them. Imagine jumping under a cold shower. If you're unused to it, you'll likely 'retract' inwardly, spontaneously contract the muscles, shorten the breath and jump out as quickly as possible. What this does, is simply to cement in your consciousness the idea that it is cold, unpleasant and something to be avoided. The roots of identification, limitation and therefore disempowerment of the soul have begun to take hold. But if instead, you decided to confront the limitation, you might stand under the water and soften into it. You might become intimately engaged with the inner feelings, relax into them and not judge them as 'good' or 'bad'. That way you can penetrate the coldness and find something else beyond the mind's limited judgment. You might find vivacity and aliveness for example. Now you are liberating yourself from the disempowerment; you are cleansing the negative energy you've built up and what's more important, breaking the fixed neural pathways of conditioned behaviours. You're actually breaking down the identities.

Here in the mountain eco-village Cae Mabon, we've got people dipping into an ice cold stream to feel the retractions of the bodymind, but assuming you don't have that, then a shower and a good imagination will suffice!

It provides a feeling example for the multitude of internal emotions and consequent reactions to daily events  - without knowing it, most people are projecting these distorting lenses into every interaction and relationship with the outer world that they have. No wonder lives have become so dysfunctional. It doesn't have to be this way! Some simple and basic steps can help break the cycles. But we have to be committed to the process. Just dipping ones toes in the water will not suffice. It has to be a full-on confrontation - you have to be 'all-in'. Here's how...

  1. First recognise and accept the limitation of the inner identities, by watching the daily patterns that disempower you and lower your energy. So become the Observer of yourself and your emotions in all daily activities.
  2. If you witness yourself reacting to an event, contracting down with negative feelings, thoughts and emotions, stop. Go deeply into the feelings, working to understand what need for an outcome you think you have of the situation. The soul has no need of any particular result. Soften your attachment by remembering your completeness inside.
  3. If you really don't have the time, it's not safe or wise to deal with this density in the moment it arises, then contain the energy, make a mental note about it, but then come back to it later that day; invoke the energy once more by recalling the incident and immersing yourself back into it. See the visions and feel the feelings once more.
  4. As you allow yourself to feel the energy of the situation, we must work to become as one with this density; because 'the One' (in you) has the capacity to be awesomely okay with it. So the key is to find a way of fully expressing the pain of the contraction: whether it be a sense of worthlessness, sadness, guilt or anger for example. Find some music that most speaks to you of this energy; move and express to it. In this way, you're honouring your pain, becoming one with it - steadily you lose identification with it.
  5. Ask yourself does this identity - this concealed filter - serve your life? Assuming you feel no (!), then work to let go of the attachment that created it - the need for the situation to be a certain way; or resistance of how it truly is. Stop trying to control. Remember, what you're really looking for, is the completeness within. Sit quietly, meditate on the situation, feel the contractions, but then as you recognise you're ready to let go, get the sense that you're opening a door through the density - through the pain - into the completeness of pure presence. Sense yourself transcending through the density.
  6. Now that you've become 'the One', it's time to unravel and cleanse away the tightened density of the old identity. This can be done in meditation, through breathing, deep consciousness movement, dancing to music, exercise or walking in the countryside connecting through the five senses. In so doing, you release endorphins that block the cells take up of negative neuro peptides.
  7. Once the denser energy has been released, let breath open a wider internal space, then watch for the arising of an authentic soulful pull - the sense of expressive 'rightness'.
  8. Now begin to express this 'Right Action' as a natural affect of your authentic beingness,  thus breaking the old patterning and establishing a more highly evolved consciousness.

How we'll be working on Identities here on the DIVINICUS course, is first by regressing people into their childhood, exploring their relationships with parents, family and friends, when you went to school for example, what did you experience and how did that feel? Then to connect with the sense of the energy of the Inner Child within, and also the teenager too. Then to apply this meditation from the Openhand Book 5GATEWAYS, do join us, it's highly transformational...

Identity dissolving meditation

* Set aside some free time to sit quietly in a still room, with candlelight, incense and so music.

* If possible, acquire a picture of yourself both as a child between the ages of two and four, and as a teenager between the ages of eleven to sixteen. If no pictures are available, simply visualise yourself as closely as you can at these times.

* Go within. Connect first with the sense of your inner child. Use your intuition to locate the feeling of it somewhere in your body. Connect visions to the feelings. Build up an accurate picture of your experiences. What behaviours did you exhibit? How did you feel? How were your parents towards you? What activities caused you pain? Which activities gave you joy? Build a general feeling of your inner child identity at these times.

* When you have built up as much feeling and connection with the child as you can, simply rest in awareness of it, whatever may be arising for you, including sadness and pain.

* Next, connect with you inner teenager identity. As before, build up a picture of your experiences. What were you frequently feeling? What was your general state of mind? How were your interactions with your friends, family and teachers etc? What behaviours did you exhibit? What gave you joy, liberation and feelings of completeness? When did you get tight, depressed or lacking in self confidence? Re- encounter all of these experiences and build as complete an internal picture as you can.

* Now once more, use your intuition to locate where the teenager identity is within you. Invite the teenager to connect with the child, recognising that they are related; the teenager was likely formed as a subconscious protection mechanism for the child.

* Now project out from yourself both the inner child and teenager (plus any other identities you may feel have been formed). Have them sitting before you. First know yourself as not them. Whatever su ering has been generated, it is not you that is su ering. Settle into the realisation that you are already free from them.

* Next, through your thoughts, invite both personalities to forgive those who might have caused the pain, suffering or conditioned behaviours to form. Help them realise it was not the fault of parents, friends or adversaries, for they too were all conditioned by society. And by the Law of Attraction, you drew to you every experience, in order to release attachment, evolve and grow.

* Once you feel the identities have been able to forgive, focus on healing. Visualise powerful, golden, healing light bathing the identities with unconditional love. See them surrendering into the light, healing and steadily dissolving. e sense is that they are returning to the Source.

* Once you have nished this process, it may be that layers of the identities still exist and you will have to work on them again at another time (you will know when they are fully ready to depart because you will feel it). So, if still there, bring the identities back inside you, but know they now have less impact on your life, because they feel they have received the loving, healing attention they require. Keep performing the meditation, and notice over time, how the identities are becoming more content, healed and increasingly transparent, until at some point, they disappear completely.

See how you get on and do feel free to share or inquire for an intuitive reflection to help you.


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Dear Open and all,

thank you for having the community share your experience on the ground during the course, this brilliant idea is really having a big effect all over.

Recently - to be exact since my debut in Consciousness work with others - there was a big wave of guilt coming over me, like a Tsunami carrying all kinds of emotional debris that i was busy integrating in the last two months.

Since yesterday i have not eaten much, had a maximum of stillness and now while listening to "Let it all go", another layer seems to open up inside. It's about feeling alone, like a solitary eremite far from everyone and estranged from the human ways. Is this a sign of clinging to 3D Consciousness out of fear of the unknown?

Certainly not the first time that the aspect of being alone knocks at my door (i am living in Mali for three years now alone with lots of stillness for inner explorations), however now is the first time i realize that this is connected to my belief pattern of having be able to lift up everything on my own. But it doesn't feel like a lack of trust in the divine or in myself. Unconsciously giving myself the responsibility to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders and hardly allowing myself to let others join in, i guess that's more like it.

Wow, when thinking about this, it is so clear that in every experience i made, i was never alone. So i decide to "Let it all in" now, allowing others (and eventually a partner) into my life, while continuing to challenge and to normalise in karmic patterns of being overtly careful about my associations and to share responsability.

A big heartfelt thank you from the south and great continuation for all of you,






The group went deep very quickly yesterday, and as I write this, I'm just preparing for day 2, here up in the amazing mountain retreat Cae Mabon. Have you ever fasted? It brings up the inner density really quickly! Food tends to dampen any activating tightness. So as soon as you take that away, then density starts to bubble up pretty quickly. Which is great, because that's where we need to go.

My encouragement to those tuning in today, is to spend some time fasting. Even if that is just until dinner time tonight, or between breakfast and dinner time. But then when you do, take time in stillness aswell to explore the feelings that get activated. Let what ever comes up, express out. And then you start to amplify whatever unconscious density is stuck in inner layers and might be derailing or holding you back from successful harmony in life. Do check out our fasting forum, because it  has some great information on the benefits and how best to approach it... Fasting to Raise Vibration, Expand Consciousness AND THRIVE!

Meanwhile, here are some snaps we caught yesterday to connect you with the vibe...

Let's dive into the World of Cae Mabon through the looking glass...

Scott, digging deep amongst the trees...

Kev & Jen in the loving embrace of the Goddess...

Sam, going 'out there' by getting 'in there'...

Sometimes, you've just got to curl up and be hugged Gaia...

Pixies down by the river...

"Let it all go, let it all out now"...

I find fulfillment in taking people deepl..

It challenges everyone for sure, but it's all love!...

What is it you're needing to dig deep into and let go of? Here's a track that moved us to our bones yesterday. Take a few moments, let the sense of the emotion stir you...


Hi Heather - it is divinely magical indeed - great to have you tune in - can feel your motherly vibe The Sun EmojiHeart


Nice to see you Betsy - and others whom I know are tuning in - Heart

The Group arrived from far and wide yesterday and settled into this Glorious mountain side retreat. After a restful night, the work begins in earnest today. The first part is what I call "the softening up" period. It's about breaking through the walls of identity that keep people disconnected from the true depth of the moment. So the mind has its programmed loops of activity that people tend to repeat through during the day. And wound into this are emotional reactions which ripple through the body as physical effects too. So we're taking people into stillness and a period of fasting. Fasting is exceptionally powerful for activating inner density and attachment.

So if you can take time out this weekend and spend time in stillness and fasting that would be a great idea to blend in with what we're doing. Try for example intermiitant fasting where you commit to just one meal aday. Then where the tightness of hunger creeps in, instead of simply giving into it, instead go deep into the feelings. Inquire, "what is it that I think I need?" Then instead apply deep breathing to break open the contractions of inner need, and feel the sense of completion with the source through the breath.

If you're not sure how to do this, then apply the Openhand Breakthrough Breathing, building it up in stages, until you feel that centredness and connectedness. Keep working this way through any contractions. Then we'll be using the Breakthrough Approach to deal with attachments that start to come up...

So here is the Openhand Breakthrough Process, which is really a framework that if you resonate with, you may explore, adapt and apply to your own inner processing. Remember, it's all about bringing increased awareness to the situation - the only thing that can truly change anything...

1) Confront the Truth of the Situation: what's going on here? What is truly being invited? What am I resisting? What outcome do I think I really need? What's the worst possible outcome and how do I really feel about that?

2) Honour and express the tightness: in allowing youself to explore the truth about any given situation, you'll expose some form of tightness within. It could reveal as a busy mind, unsettled emotions, nausea in the solar plexus, tightness somewhere in the body. And even a complete numbness can be classed as 'tightness'. The point is to delve deep, then to honour what comes up. Allow yourself to fully express the tightness, in whatever way your natural guidance invites of you. It's like you blow this inner layer up to fill the world around you for a while. It enables you to see where you were holding on, where you felt you needed some form of outcome, what couldn't you accept? Where have you been in avoidance?

3) Become as-one with your feelings: When you're at the height of the expression, now soften into the feelings, surrender into them, quieten and let go. Become so accepting of the cirucmstances you don't need them to go away. Hold the feelings within - be witnessing and observant. You're becoming as-one with the experiences. When you've reached this level of surrender, then 'open a doorway' of complete acceptance through the tightness. Remind yourself that you are NOT the exprience itself and that all experiences are transient. They come and go. Thus you're becoming The One in the experience - that which you truly are.

4) Unwind soul out of the constriction: once you've become so accepting that you've found The One amidst the tightness, contraction and pain, you're already at the point where you're healing; you're already digging up the roots of the constriction. Let go even more at this point. But then keenly watch the new energies of soul wanting to come through. You're reclaiming nuggets of soul gold that were originally stuck in the drama and creating the tightness itself. Let that now unwind, unleash and freely express new aspects of soul. Now the flow takes off for you, and the newly liberated soul creates in unimaginable ways. Yihah!


Explore the Breakthrough Approach through a Real Life Epic Journey of Discovery

Then I encourage you to share here the kinds of things that come up. I'll happily offer a reflection to help you unfold through.

So enjoy the travels - there with you in spirit Heart

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Hello to all,

Looks like such a magical place. Sending everyone love and light. I will be there in spirit joining in through the ether. 




Here's a taster of how it feels entering the magical mystical land of Cae Mabon....Just like being in a scene from Lord of The Rings...

Come this way, let go of all limiting judgments...

You're entering a world of "elementals"...

The Fairy Queen presides over the inquiry...

Pixies are in abundance!...

And a gnome pops up to make and appearance...

A Dwarf taking a crafty break...

We're got Merlin's tree house too...

 And here he is "Merlin" (otherwise known as Eric - the founder) tending to Gaia's garden..

And the wonderful lady herself, holding the crucible for our inquiry. How blessed we are!...

 Here's the "Hogan" straw bale studio, with an amazing energy where the main work takes place...

My favourite though happens to be 4am in the hot tub listening to the morning song of the birds!


The interpid DIVINICUS group 2019 arrives in Snowdonia this afternoon, flying in from all over the world: America, Alaska, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Norway and 'I can't remember where!'. Here's what it's like at the 'gathering of energies', arriving through the mountains of Snowdonia to our wonderful retreat location...