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The Openhand Ascension Academy goes live today. It represents the culmination of 19 years developing processes and programs to support Gaia and Humanity's Ascension Shift into 5D Consciousness. It brings all of the Openhand self-realisation and self-actualisation work under one "roof". It provides an ongoing annual academic cycle of deepening into your Sacred Ground of Being and the progressive revelation of your Multidimensional Self, which we call DIVINICUS. It will be our privilege and pleasure to host you.

Here's a sense of what you might expect, including our intro video...

A Birthing of Fire

The development of the Openhand work here began some 19 years ago, after my soul exchange incarnation began during a car crash. It's a heck of a way to begin. But then I guess it's a challenging experience all round in Gaia's great shift right now. During the crash, I had phenomenal visions of what Gaia is coming to - a birthing of fire, through a great cleansing, leading to a pristine new 5D Paradigm, with everything renewed in spectacular colour and reinvigoration. Although it felt absolutely real, nevertheless, it took me some considerable time to find the right way of sharing the visions, which included an embodiment of the science to support them, through the culmination of galactic, solar and earth pole shift cycles leading the The Event, which is clearly immanent.

An Understanding of the Event that Gaia's 5D Shift is Culimating To

Finding the Guru Within

From day 1 of the car crash, I experienced a burning passion to help. It fueled practically my every waking thought and feeling, although I had no plan nor intention of how this support would be materialised. I did the only thing one could: sit still in the Void of Presence and allow authentic manifestation to simply arise. It did so first in the natural development of a meditative art. Having inherited Karate, the Way of the Empty hand, from my predecessor Chris Bourne, I was compelled to take some of the basic warm-up movements and combine them with ancient Kriya Yoga breathing techniques, those of the Paramahansa Yogananda lineage, of which I have a strong resonance from past lives. The practice yielded an art to unleash soul from physical, emotional and mental inner density. I called it "Openhand", and later, as it developed a free flowing aspect to it, "soulmotion".

I recall my very last Karate session at the Apollo Karate Club in Reading (are you reading this?!). Having felt guided to drop the practice and instead focus on Openhand, I vividly remember the very last movement, looking downwards as the Black-Belt I'd inherited simply unfolded itself and fell off. The mighty Apollo was orchestrating. There was no looking back!

It wasn't until later I discovered that the practice of Karate evolved originally after the Indian monk Bodidharma in 500 AD took breathing techniques to the Shaolin Priests in China, created Kung Fu, which spread across Asia and into Japan, where on the Island of Okinawa it was then combined with "Te", the empty hand. I realised my practice had mirrored this journey some 1500 years later! The way of the Empty Hand had become the way of Openhand - a practice not for self defence, but self actualisaiton. And so the work began by sharing the practice of soulmotion through the very first course, "Finding the Guru Within". It was aptly named, because each practice fueled self-realisation inquiry amongst the participants. It was clear, that this illumination was the direction Openhand should take, using the practices to support the journey of revelation.


In the years that followed, the work unfolded and blossomed, developing into 3 stages of illumination: BREAKTHROUGH, which is a direct process for breaking into one's True Self, the Sacred Ground of Being at the core of you; 5GATEWAYS, which is a profound spiritual routemap for understanding the multidimensional landscape we're travelling through; DIVINICUS, which is a recognition and embodiment of the 5D Divine Being that humanity is evolving to.

Following this it felt absolutely paramount to begin to share the practices more widely and help develop other facilitators who are aligned with the Openhand philosophy and approach, in order to stimulate the activation of consciousness more widely across the planet. And so the Openhand Facilitator Program was born. The Openhand Facilitators support what is now the backbone of our work: The 5D Ascension Program.

Openhand - A Team of Ascended Master Energies

All the while the work has been inspired from the great unknown, although clearly guided by a Team of Benevolence, with fathomless patience and unswerving loving support - a group of Ascended Master energies, which sought no personal recognition themselves, merely to be known by their frequencies of expression, a Group of Nine, collectively known as Openhand. And so an understanding of the accurate nature of the Team and what they wished to bring forwards was finally born.

The Group of Nine Ascended Master Energies

A Crucial Juncture in the Shift

We have reached a crucial juncture in the shift and life on the planet. The karmic shadowside is highly active and being confronted by the Benevolent Mission here on multiple levels. No stone will be left unturned as it is challenged, illuminated and then peeled away from the planet in the great cleansing process as it unfolds.

It is time to go inwards - to deepen into your Sacred Ground of Being and have your aligned pathway forwards illuminated from there. There is no time to waste in this endeavour. We must seize every moment of opportunity before us. Self mastery beckons and a tremendous new beginning in a new dawning for the earth which is set to come in our immediate future.

The formation of the Openhand Ascension Academy is timely then!

We felt to separate out the physical work and processes from the journalling website Openhandweb, (which of course will continue) and create the standalone Academy for you to explore and get involved with. Have no doubt, it was crafted in its own furness, forged for your benevolent support, specifically for these times. And let's be clear, it's never about telling you the truth, or your truth, it's providing the landscape, a crucible, for you to forge it for yourself. It will be our privilege and our pleasure to host you.

Visit the Openhand Ascension Academy

Let's dive into the Experience!

Open 💙🙏

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Hi Janet and Cedar Tree - thank you so much for the heart-warming words of feedback and support about the new Openhand Academy website - it's deeply felt and appreciated ♥️

For anyone wanting to quickly link to the new Academy website from Openhandweb, there are many ways. From the events page for example, each event intro goes straight there. Also from the About page. But most easily is the quick link from the drop down menu of the Openhand link in the main menu...


Open 🙏


Dear Open, this introduction to the Openhand Academy is a Game Changer!

From the ethereal music to the clarity of mission I soaked it all up. I felt the chills and went on a magical ride with you through the many stages and possibilities of personal unravelling to soul- reconstruction and self-awareness. It felt both perfect and devastating-a kind of harmonious epic adventure!

Thank you sincerely for creating this path of clarity for all of us lucky souls who should find their way to here: The Openhand way of benevolent guidance.

My lifepath is forever changed and I revel in the magic and the authentic expression I now embody.  


Cedar Tree xo



Hi Open,

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your new Ascension Academy website! What a beautiful tribute to all the years of amazing, dedicated work you have done, and an exciting beginning to this new adventure. I can't really imagine the hours and hours, days and months (!) of devoted work, time and creative energy that you have dedicated to this project.

A huge 'Congratulations' on the launch!! 

With much love, Janet


Hi Open,

Simply stated I love the new website and the intro video! Wow... such a beautiful journey you have manifested in the service to help others in the ascension process. You are a true testament to following the flow and living from pure being-ness at a soul level. Such an inspiration to me and others. I am so excited for all of this!

Sending much love,




Hi Open. Yes, the new Openhand Academy website has a wonderful, uplifting expansive feel about it - just like the experience of coming along to one of your courses!

So, wishing you so well with it. A learning space like this is so sorely needed in these times and it's going to lift and inspire so many souls. Can't wait! Much love to you and to all who put energy into creating it. Tonya Praying Emoji



Hi Open,

just only to see todays newsletter and the screenshot of the Ascension Academy was so exciting! Wonderful introduction video also! Praying Emoji

It looks amazing, really the clarity and coherence is beautiful. I love the choice of colors and the whole build and presentation of the website. It very much looks like there was a lot of work done to accomplish this! My greatest respect and Chapeau!

A feature that i find particularly interesting is the shopping cart system, something we haven't seen here before, nice!

This is reinforcing my inner pull to have faith and trust in myself to be able to pull off my own spiritual service, in whatever way, at whatever time, it wants to develop. I know it will come to full fruition (or isn't it already in some other way?), and i will stay curiously connected to myself and Openhand. High Five Emoji

Much love,

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Hi Thomas - thanks so much for sharing your love and appreciation - it is very much felt.

Two things were paramount for us - to bring the work together under one "roof" that is easy to nagivate and conveys the essence of the work succinctly; and also to streamline the booking system which was getting very unweildy. The work seems to have paid off. Unlike this website that uses a complex content management system called Drupal, we used Word Press for the new site, which is more design orientated. It's a great system that I can thoroughly recommend.

Best wishes with your development going forwards.

Open 🙏


Hi Open,

I love the new website - it's bright, engaging and coherent. It's really draws you in and makes you want to know more! It looks like all your hard work has really paid off - well doneClapping Hands Emoji


In reply to by Pam


Thanks Pam - we wanted to have a slightly different look for the website, a little subtler.
It seems to have paid off.

Much love

Open 🙏


Hey Open!


The magnitude of the work you put in that led up to birthing of Openhand Academy takes my breath away. Just the last couple of months on the website production alone has been non-stop, then add in all the years leading up to now, not to mention all the challenges along the way..... To echo one of your oft used words back to you: PHENOMENAL!!! Star EmojiStar EmojiStar EmojiStar EmojiStar Emoji

Hope you're giving yourself a pat on the back!

Much love Heart





It's been a tremendous amount of work over the years to weave the various threads of Openhand together - it often feels like it's been forged in a crucible of fire! Despite all the trials, tribulations and challenges along the way, we've done it! A heart felt thanks to those who've supported the development of Openhand over the years. As with all things Openhand nothing is every intentional, and so as I write this, I feel the unintentional birthing of something quite special. I shall go out into nature shortly and celebrate!

I put together the intro video for your interest above, then do visit the new site and come back here to share your thoughts on it. I'd very much welcome the feedback.

A profound thanks to all who've participated...

The Openhand Ascension Academy

Open 💙🙏