Exploring how Global Warming will Effect us in the Future

I felt to start this thread on how global warming will likely affect us in the future. I'd like to help us dissolve any fear and attachment the way things have been. It's essential to evolving people that we equalise and 'normalise' in what's actually taking place - to unravel any internal affects on the psyche to we can embrace phenomenal change that is accelerating across the planet. Then we'll much more readily ride the waves of the Shift, so we can thrive in it. That's how I feel to support in a loving way.

So what are you seeing and feeling?

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It's probably NOT the kind of story that's popular, especially around Christmas time, but then Openhand has never courted popularity, especially when something needs to be said. Here's a very unglamorous, very down-to-earth view by Paul Beckwith, who for me, is one of the few climatologists that's hitting the nail on the head right now in terms of convergence with what I'm feeling and being guided to from the dimensions and from Gaia herself. Climate change tipping points can cascade much faster than we think. And that's what I feel we're in right now, where the 'hockey stick goes verticle' in terms of change.

That's what this video is about based on a recent paper. If you really wish to be in the flow where the real shift is going on (I mean what's really happening out there in the field) it's essential to tune into these kinds of things. The truth is a powerful spur to inner change. With that, if you resonate with the Openhand point of view, especially if it pushes buttons and seems inconvenient, take 15 minutes of times and tune into this. It will be time well spent...


Thank you for sharing this beautiful and devastating footage. Praying Emoji Feeling awestruck - indescribable  to see it transforming before our eyes. 


I felt to share this video on this forum thread about the effects of global warming on the Earth. It's stunning video footage of the Greenland Ice Sheet which simply melts the heart. Remember one essential thing, that in a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant, AND, consciousness lives on, it recreates itself. And so although we appear to now be loosing the Greenland Icesheet, the consciousness will reconstitute. Carry the break taking beauty of Gaia always in your heart, for whatever society does, she is sure to live on.

I would strongly suggest NOT to just watch this at the level of the intellect. Put it on full screen, turn up the volume, sit back, relax, breathe and feel the awesome majesty of Gaia in your heart...


I work for an hour a week on a farm. In addition to getting our veggies from there ,it's a wonderful excuse to be under the sky with little rolling hills around us surrounded only by farmers and their fields. I will confess even that is probably a bypass. A way to convince myself it's all okay when the concrete jungle I passed assures me it's not. Ironically ,a new housing project is called Nature plus . How funny and heartbreaking - they are destroying habitat as we speak and then marketing it as Nature . 

I agree with Marye . Let the shit hit the fan . At least the truth will then be out there and everyone has to deal with it . As far as equalizing with it is concerned ,I haven't yet. The dark density of depression overwhelms me and then I try to distract myself . Whew !



Thom Hartman is known for his great book, "Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight", which is definitely worth a read. Here's a recent video from his news show about the growing impact of global warming. As always I share these things so as to help people equalise with exactly what is going on. It's only the truth that can truly set you free...


Abrupt climate change is impacting all regions of the planet now on a constant daily basis. I feature this information here so as to empower the community through the fearless confrontation of reality, not denying or pushing it away, not suppressing our reactions to it, but rather embracing truth the way it really is.

Only the Truth can truly set us free. Time to transcend, time for us to find our deepest spiritual selves
Spiritual Warriors Moving Into the Eye of the Storm

Latest Update on Global Weather Patterns
4 months' worth of rain in 6 hours floods southern France
Red alert in Aude, massive flash floods close schools in France
Severe flash floods and landslides across Sumatra, Indonesia
Deadly landslide hits Marquetalia, central Colombia
Phoenix, AZ records wettest October ever, and the wettest water year to date


One of the key messages of the PARADIGM SHIFT video, was that climate change is going to greatly affect world agriculture in the near future - in fact it already is. The problem as I see it, is the vast amount of resource poured into meat and dairy, plus also the approach of intensive farming. I believe in the future, communities must come together more around organic and biodiversity farming - mixing crops more naturally, growing where we live and harnessing water through microclimates and hydropnics. It's clear, the industrial foodchain, as it currently stands, is set to break down...


Let's send our thoughts, prayers and meditations out to those in Florida caught up in Hurricane Michael. We have at least 4 Openhanders there - Jen, Kim, Ann and Scott - sending loving support if you're in it.

It's happening with greater strength and regularity because of the warming oceans in the Gulf of Mexico. This is what happens when such a storm comes ashore...


I think you might know the Openhand Approach to climate change by now - to confront the truth of what's really going on. To go beyond the veils of what we'd like to see, are afraid of will happen, or rosy illusions of "what healing the Earth" is all about. Just another iteration of the status quo, a more envoirnmentally friendly 'system' will not wash. We need to let go and surrender to the natural organising energy of Gaia herself. It's going to happen with or without humanity on board. But it will be a whole lot easier the more people surrender to what wants to now unfold.

Here are some of the latest climate change headlines (from real news!):

Massive flash floods hit Mallorca, 5 months' worth of rain in 2 hours, Spain
Michael is extremely dangerous hurricane, likely the strongest to ever hit Florida Panhandle
Extreme rainfall, unprecedented flash floods wreak havoc in northern Iran
Deadly flash floods turn streets of southern Italy into raging rivers
Major early-season snowstorm shatters Calgary's snow, temperature records, Canada
Over 1 000 vehicles stranded after sudden snow and blizzard hit southwest China's Sichuan Province
6 months' worth of rain in 3 hours, unprecedented rain floods Dubrovnik, Croatia
Worst grain harvest in 35 years due to unseasonable weather, Denmark
Brutal hail bombardment and accumulation in Liguria, Italy
September 2018 Australia's driest September on record

Let's stay awake and aware folks.
Be with the flow, and the flow will be with you.

In loving support

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Recently a panel of 1200 scientists have gathered together to express alarm at the continuation of global greenhouse gas emissions and the impact this is continuing to have on global warming. Here's a video that expresses quite elloquently one of the major problems - the meat and diary industry and how emissions could be reduced vastly by reducing meat and dairy consumption.

But what I ask you to consider as you watch, is the incredible level of destruction going on across the planet on a daily basis. How it is systematic. "Normal". And that really, humanity has only begun to tinker around with the problem. The Openhand Philosophy on it is that it's ALREADY beyond humanity's capability to turn back - Gaia is just going to do what she's going to do.

That's not to say we shouldn't be compassionate and caring - of course that's the encouragement, because it brings us into rightness with Gaia, the flow, and the Shift into higher consciousness.

In this video, stay tuned right to the end to the well meaning by very constrained politician. Do they really have a clue as to the magnitude of what is now surely unfolding? What are your thoughts?


I find this guy Paul Beckwith from the University of Ontario an interesting and informative character. To me he has a very quirky "Arcturian" energy about him, and I find the down-to-earth yet highly informed viewpoints very helpful. His videos can be a touch long, so you might want to skip and sample...