How to Find Lasting Contentment and Fulfillment in a World of Change?

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The pace of change is hotting up across our planet day by day. If it's not the system constantly introducing new ways to constrain freedoms, new distractions to entertain or enslave, new gadgets and widgets that we simply must have, then there's The Shift itself, which is pulling at the very bedrock of our reality. To add to the complexity, the soul is constantly looking for new expression and evolved ways of being. So in this cauldron of profound change, how might we find lasting contentment and fulfillment? It's a tricky balancing act, but there is certainly a way, providing we focus on some key essentials:

The matrix is founded on ancient light

As more people awaken, there's the thoroughly understandable desire to abandon the matrix, to pull away from the enslavement of society and its controlling charade. But the path is not necessarily as simple as that. As we awaken, we may castigate the matrix, but it only exists at all, and is so successful, because it is the extrenal actualisation of collective karma for people to work through. What we're witnessing is the outer projection of the karmic unconsciousness.

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It's also essential to recognise each crystallisation of reality - each construct - founded on some form of truth - an ancient light - designed for people to explore karmic attachment based on some form of distortion of truth.

Even in the matrix itself, you can still find light. Music and entertainment for example, that encourage people to unleash more of themselves; the internet and social media, that connect people on a platform of technology. Crucially, the soul itself is continually looking for ways to express The One, and to deny this, would be to suppress our authentic expression, leading ultimately to frustration and lack of fulfillment. Hence there's some degree of ancient light in all circumstances and situations in life.

So in the complex dynamic of the matrix, how do you find true contentment?

Exploring the Sense of Satisfaction

Firstly, lasting contentment doesn't arise from something we consume or acquire or achieve. Although you can gain temporary fulfillment. Take food for example, often people in society eat even though they're not necessarily hungry. What often fuels the 'hunger', is a craving for some sense of satisfaction, or else there's emotional eating to deaden discomfort with life itself. Think about it, in any given 24hrs, most people don't actually eat for that long, yet the satisfaction comes from consuming and feeling filled afterwards (essentially we're placating the Pain of's more on breaking through that).

But this is not true fulfillment, because it depends on the need for something physical to make one feel whole. And mostly, it's not allowing the soul itself to be fully expressed, rather it is mostly dampened by the effect (the exception would be when we're consciously eating aligned foods that unleash soul).

Fasting is a highly illuminating way to explore this, because you confront the craving that makes you want to consume, and what happens when you don't. The craving binds people in emotionally, mentally and physically. But with commitment and persistence, you can relatively straightforwardly break down the cravings - it happens by penetrating deep into the feelings with awareness, challenging the very myth that somehow these feelings must be placated. Essentially you transform the feeling into something more aligned. Emptiness becomes the magic of potential for example, or a sense of lightness and aliveness.
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The Illusion of physical/emotional fulfillment

A good way to challenge the way we enslave ourselves through emotional/physical/mental neediness, is through ongoing intermittent fasting, where you fast for up to 18 hours every day. It gives the body time to regenerate internally, but essentially, it also gives you the chance to confront cravings and break them down by bringing full awareness into them. Remember, these cravings are not just about the idea of needing physical sustenance, but also simply being fulfilled and satisfied emotionally, physically and mentally.

My experience is that the craving does form from an underlying truth - the expression completing internally back at the source, which is the cycle of kundalini. However this energy gets channeled into a physical, emotional, mental attachment in the lower densities instead. The key is to break through these diversions as they arise so that the released soul consciousness may once more return to the source within.

Here is a major clue then to true and lasting fulfillment: it doesn't happen by feeding craving, but it most certainly does when we strip away all that gets in the way of the pure presence of The One. In fact any need of craving become powerful doorways to the One - you just have to confront and soften into them, rather than placating them. What you start to find, is that as you burst the myth of what you thought you needed, the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction starts to build of its own accord.

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Full Attentiveness to the Moment

Take boredom for example. People constantly do things so as to avoid boredom. But boredom is only lack of full attentiveness to the moment. The condition of boredom depends on ones unconscious adherence to a falsehood - that of existence of linear time, and then an enslavement by it. How can you be truly bored, if you're fully engaged in the one moment of now, where all time ceases? 

I do a great deal of travelling with the Openhand work, which means a lot of long haul flights. But rather than trying to distract myself through the flights with movies and entertainment, most of the time I'll meditate through them, exploring deep into my feelings, breaking down time itself, and constantly penetrating into the one moment of now. 13 hour flights disappear in a flash!

So for me, fulfillment comes not by what I consume into my consciousness, but actually by taking things out. In fact what I find, is that the more I empty out, the more fulfilled I become.

Crucially what happens, is you tend to find joy and fulfillment in the simple things of life, because you're intimately enagged in the moment (and curcially, without being attached to it)...

The Soul is Yearning to Express

But that's not the end of the story. The complication is that the soul yearns to express. And especially where the soul is strongly expressive, if there's some kind of denial or suppression of it, then you'll struggle to find true contentment.

The soul is creative, passionate, loving and caring. And these kinds of qualities will simply arise from the condition of the One within you. Take a look at the Universe, and nature all around you: is it not constantly expressing itself? And to deny the incredible Shift that is taking place all around us, would be to deny the essential story of life itself.

The soul brings into being the manifestation of the One's creative expression. Put simply, you are here to create and express on behalf of the One. So you'll naturally be drawn into creative expressions - hence the kind of work you find yourself drawn to. Thus the matrix is built on creating ever new adaptations and evolutions. The problem comes, when the soul gets owned by what it is trying to create - in other words, where ego crystallises around what we're creating.

Essential Balance

Here's where we need to find an essential balance:

to be engaged in creative action, yes; to be deeply passionate about what we do in life, yes; to commit, with persistence and perseverance, but crucially, to be soft and open enough not to be attached to any particular outcome. This in itself is a highly illuminating and enlightening practice - it's constantly walking the blade edge of life: in it, but not of it.

If you practice this level of Enlightenment, what you ultimately find, is that it becomes not about the result or outcome of the expressive act, but rather the expression itself. You create, write, paint, sing, dance, write blogs and vlogs, but you do it simply for the sake of it, not for the outcome. It does require a great deal of inner attentiveness, to unpack and unravel the tightness of attachment. But as you work at it, you discover another essential truth...

that contentment and fulfillment in the flowing action of the soul, becomes about the growth and emergence of soul itself. The reason this becomes so fulfilling, is because there's constantly the possibility to express soul, and to constantly align soul - to evolve it. When you switch to this perspective, you find yourself constantly the winner!

5 Steps to a constant state of being filled up!

Change of self then is another crucial aspect to fulfillment. Yes, it's a paradox: accepting the perfection of yourself as you are right now, but from that, accepting the challenge that you can find an even more evolved way of being and expressing. The key to this balancing act, is recognising that you don't evolve the soul by efforting, but rather through attentiveness and alertness. As you bring increasing awareness to your creative expression, you will naturally find ways of unleashing more aligned soul.

So, to put it succinctly then, true contentment arises by surrendering into the One, which tends to happen not when you fill up, but empty out. From that place, lasting fulfillment happens by constantly bringing attentiveness and alertness to your creative expression in life and allowing that to evolve naturally.

In conclusion, here are five key considerations that lead to a content yet fulfilled life...

1) find true contentment more by what you confront inwardly and take away

2) allow yourself to fully express

3) commit to creativity, but constantly let go of the need for an outcome

4) bring full attentiveness and alertness to the moment

5) accept the perfection of who you are, yet constantly evolve more aligned expression

5D Ascension Program: If you resonated with my sharing and would like to explore finding contentment, yet active creative engagement, within all that is transforming on our planet, then explore... Openhand's 5D Ascension Program

In loving support

Open 💙🙏


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23/08/2021 Openhand Journal Update

I felt it essential today to draw attention to how we find lasting contentment but in times of great change. Why is this so important especially now? To put it succinctly...

The energy field is turning strongly and the shadowstate is creating purposeful drama to distract people from it.

During the last few weeks I've been drawing attention to the messages from the crop circles. They're clearly talking about the opening of stargates (check this recent crop circle journal update). I'm currently tuning into that phenomenon and will share more ahead in livestream. For now, know that the energy field is shifting strongly and an array of interdimensional support is drawing close to help the ascending shift in our lives. Meanwhile, the shadowstate plays a new hand in it's ongoing distractive drama story - now we have Afghanistan, which bears all the hall marks of another purposefully created deception. Suddenly in the UK, all the mainstream "press" have switched attention from covid to this. My sense is that the covid narrative in the UK (and the world in general) was becoming increasingly thread bare, even those who've had the jibjab have turned against the "health" passports for example. And so the risk for them was to lose control of the agenda - to lose any credibility. Hence they've created another "bogyman" to ramp up people's emotions against it. Is it not obvious?

It's something I wrote about in DIVINICUS - how the shadow side would keep creating new iterations of drama and control as the Old Paradigm progressively peels off. Let's not be distracted, let's focus on the real game at hand - deepening into your Sacred Ground of Being and continually attuning the accurate expression of soul as it shines forth. This will put you right in the mainstream of the 5D Ascension Shift.

Do read my article to inspire you today, to stay centred, but to keep on expanding and growing...

How to Find Lasting Contentment and Fulfillment in a World of Change?

Blessings to all

Open 💙🙏



Do check out the article posted above today, and particularly the 5 Basic Steps to leading a more fulfilled and contented life. I do believe they're quite crucial as we find ourselves at a pivotal moment in human history where change is constantly unfolding.

In loving support

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Thanks for sharing Vimal - a few things jump out for me. Firstly she spoke of how after doing inner work, the inner then 'must come' authentically into the outer - so you're unleashing authentic expression out into the world.

She also spoke of when you're in a 'downstream flow', synchronicity more often happens - which I totally concur with.

When she spoke of 'not tyring too hard', it seemed to me she was speaking more about being clear not 'try hard at things which don't matter'. However I still get the feeling from her that she's working hard at the things that do. I still feel from her the commitment forwards - she is afterall speaking on Ted!

I'd say another thing that's very illuminating here, is that she's explored through her life her gifts and tallents - she's thrust herself into plenty of different situations and endeavours and so probably has a really clear understanding about what her gifts of being really are. The key is to then find the best context to allow them to express.

So I think it would be misguided if one was to take from this that there's no need to commit. It's just to be clear that what you're committing to serves your soul and your evolution.

That's my take on it in terms of the ongoing inquiry we've been having.

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This sums it up for me and I guess for many of openhanders too. She abstracts is very well.

Finally learned how to embed a YouTube video here. Not trying hard but I still had to persists with it for some time! Smliing


Clearly some deep karma coming up here - surrounding the caste system and not being good enough. Heart

On the facilitator gathering here on Avebury we'll be getting into the SEER process for illuminating what these kinds of issues might be about. For anyone whose done it, you'll know it's all about digging deep into the source pain - what's underneath it all at the root?

The question always to ask is, "why did I manifest the situation?"
Then the common demoninator in all answers is, I would say, "you manifested it to activate that part of you which is now reacting". This is where the soul is identyfing with 'reality' in some way.

So the question arises, "are you comfortable in your own skin?" "Can you be comfortable in your own skin?"

In exploring things like awkwardness, it feels to me as if somehow there's a spotlight shining - the public glare. So what does this do? Watch especially the micro contractions in face and body. If you notice this automated tensing mechanisms then you can work into and through them. Keep inquiring, "what am I afraid of that people will see?" "What can I not accept about myself?"

So these are some thoughts that arise from the inquiry.

In loving support

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I am continuing to work into dreams are guiding me to look at exactly what you wrote here.."Are you comfortable in your own skin" and "what am I afraid of that people will see" - my shadow self showing up naked and unkempt in my horror at her public visibility.  I am still opening to deeper understanding of what is there - what I can not accept about myself. It's a good point to remember to work into those tensing mechanisms in the face/body...this will keep unfolding. Thank you so much!


Hi Jen,


I can really resonate to the feeling of being failure in others eyes and the embarrassment around that. I'm in a kind of situation where I committed to an endeavour and pulled myself out. I again committed myself to it and by then people around me commented that I'm flaky. Now I'm thinking of jumping out because really Im not that excited to do it and I doubt I created for a sense of security and safety. Yesterday I literally ran out of a situation because of the fear of being seen in such a way. I came face to face with an old me who chooses to hide and not be vulnerable under any cost. I don't know what's there to loose so much, yet this is a pattern I can't plaster over. Jeff Foster in his book says to be 'wildly uncertain'. I doubt if anyone truly following the soul and not fixating to an idea can be really certain about anything. But that's what the world demands! Or rather me. Lol!


I guess it's about learning to look failure and success from an entirely different angle. Yes, if we are softening and learning from the sense of failure, then is that failure at all. I remember playing chess with a younger cousin brother of mine. Now I can see we both have this attatchment over winning and huge sense of resistance and embarrassment over loosing. Over time I made it a practice it to watch and observe what this 'loosing' really does to me inside and softening around that. And I noticed a sense of success even when I was loosing outside. Now I didnt magically start to win because of the realizations inside, he has somehow become way better than me! . Maybe chess is not really my thing and I know some other games which is more natural and authentic to me. But through these experiences it was interesting to observe how the fear of making the wrong move constricts us in the chess of life. If we always succeed, how will we learn resilience?


Vimal Heart

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Hi Vimal - I felt to jump in and pick up on this that you said...

I doubt if anyone truly following the soul and not fixating to an idea can be really certain about anything

Yes, sure. But that doesn't have to stop you doing something or committing to a direction. The soul is still committing to an inquiry - it is still working to bring light into the darkness, just not in a predetermined way. Countless times in developing this work, I've hit blockages and obstacles - I still do. But if I've then explored into the blockage of the flow and inquired what it's touched within me, then I always saw it was revealing something. And if I worked on that something, then the flow would resume itself - but in a different way. So it continues on, but the stream now takes a different route through a different landscape.

Crucially, I would not have discovered that new landscape if I'd not persisted forwards and worked into what came up.

Resilience isn't about rigidity. It's not about blindly beating your head against the same brick wall. It's about having the flexibility to adapt, innovate and change, even when times get tough. But you don't get the possibility of innovation without having taken yourself to the limit in what you're already doing.

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Hi Open,

What if there's no specific thing to commit to in the immediate landscape? How do one find commitment, excitement and enthusiasm? I could say some of these qualities are missing except maybe seeing them in the smallest things like cooking a new dish, playing badminton, waking up early and meditating etc.
That I said earlier about committing to an endeavour still feels to me like 'beating my head blindly in brick wall' only because I can't fully trust that I will have enough to carry my weight in this journey.
What you said shed light on a pattern of mine which is attaching myself to the expansiveness of the soul. Often there is the need and putting extra energy in 'achieving' that. I mean what else out there could replace this feeling. When I'm in that there is the determination not be engaged in anything unless it comes from the soul. Even if that means being a failure in others eyes. Maybe I'm invited to find self worth beyond the opinion of others and my own expectation of how I'm supposed to be. Not denying that I have fair degree od self doubt and often it takes some trigger on the outside for me to chase the same old habits once again. But still there's coming back to this feeling once again.

I don't like to be comfortably numb in the same way of doing things and I find the possibility of innovation through small steps in relationships and general living circumstances. 


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We've talked about this plenty before Vimal. It begins by discovering your interests. Then looking for a direction of your passion, which lies at the intersection of your interests.

I would say in feeling the soul, not to confuse with some detached sense of letting go. Yes surrender is one essential aspect of the soul, but there are plenty of other characteristics too - such as the compassion and will to break through challenges, to learn evolve and grow through endeavour - just as the light is constantly working its way through density.

Yes, we can innovate in small steps. But do be clear with yourself what that's actually working towards. Are you just chipping away at density? Or moving passionately forwards and innvovating to create each step? I think you'll appreciate, the two are quite different.

Wishing you well

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Hi Open,


Yes. Thankyou for your very catylic reply. Sometimes I need a nudge to get up and move forwards. I see where I was holding on. I have a slight change in perspective. Its not about reaching somewhere but activating density and beingness by giving energy to interest and expressing it passionately. And if it does this, then that's enough. Maybe I was just looking at the outcome, and then questioning what's the point? I have quite a few interests and pathways where I can step on deliberately. I have already a sense of excitement. Yay! The times spent resting where times well spend. So no worries there. 


Vimal OK Hand SignHeart


Hi Jen - in what ways are you feeling awkward? In what context? Could that be in how others might judge? Because there's nothing more natural in being you.

In terms of 'failure', in a creative productive sense, I felt to share this video I recalled from some time back. There's an amazing statisttic in it from baseball - that a really successful player only actually manages to strike the ball 3 times in 10. So how do they manage the feelings/emotions/thoughts of striking out? Check it out, see what I mean...

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Hey Open - I loved that video...especially the sense of just how much not meeting the mark is part of the experience. Also, it's key to notice that past experiences shape the feelings as I step into now, but there is still a choice at this point - whether it will continue to determine who I am or not.  

I contemplated the awkwardness and embarrassment - it's really hard to grasp it...but what comes up is "daring to challenge the belief about myself". It's as if I live in a caste system and dare to challenge being an untouchable...and the onlookers sneering and spitting at me "look at her daring to think she is worthy of more - let's watch her fall on her face and laugh and laugh!"

It's not really about anyone else - though the external characters reflect my own self-doubt and inner tormentor.  Stepping toward a new experience of myself exposes the belief in a fragility at the core of me...something that feels as though (even if falsely so), it can be broken and destroyed. 

Thank you so much for the reflections, support and opportunity to look deeper. <3

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Dear Jen,

The lines about you being an untouchable - about being not worthy just for who you are really leapt out for me. I think there is some strong karma there that is moving in the field. A recent movie released in India called Article 15 actually deals with this . In India even in rural areas right now ,certain Wells and temples are earmarked for people of ' good caste' and people of lower caste are kept away with violence often rape. Do look it up if you get a chance. It feels to me that this is very much a hierarchy put in place and enforced by the intervention . And I have a sense that it's coming apart ,hence light is shining on it and movies are being made about it . 

I had a strong feeling to share ! 

Lots of love,



Hi all tuning in. 

Thanks Open for the sunny, strong arm encouragement haha!

A friend sent me a message related to this exchange and mentioned that they resonated and how it brought up the sense of failure for them and how that might keep them from stepping forward.  

I can relate to this as well. I recognize that I don't want to be SEEN failing - messing up - getting it wrong.  The inner critic ("pissed off clipboard man" as I call him), is hyper busy coaching the direction away from this possibility of being seen not knowing's the vulnerability of it I suppose.

And what is it but a feeling I have guarded against? This is what baffles me sometimes - how that 'not wanting to feel something' becomes this entire entire life. I know from past experience that there's really no where to go but into the experience of it...awkward maybe...but at some point we can be ok with the feeling called awkward...or's truly a super power to become unlimited in the experiences.

When you quoted Denzel Washington (I believe) with his expression of "falling forward" - that really captures the sense of it!



Thanks so much for the helpful feedback Open! 

The entrepreneurial energy has been beckoning me Divinicus I was speaking with Rich about how the concept of being an entrepreneur feels heavy - weighted with obligation. And YET, I feel like that is a judgement of the expression. I feel excitement and enthusiasm around creating something that feeds both the creative yearning and is in service to the community and I feel the urging on to break through the fears, concepts and attachments around this all.

Today was pure magic too!! I get up early to volunteer at a local community farm...and was met by the exact energy of this "Hunter"/Entrepreneur...I got a HUGE taste of the energy we are speaking of! This guy was ON FIRE with ideas IN ACTION...literally the first 5 words he said to me were about the transformation of the farm from one farmer to multiple entrepreneurs benefiting and taking ownership of their own projects with the farm as a vehicle for their endeavors! WHAT!!?? I was shocked and excited to hear this!! What I noticed about him was that he didn't have to know everything before he starts...he jumps in and aligns with others who have experience. AND, he doesn't get stuck in the consumption of information - he is on the ground giving it a try and adapting as he goes. It's a collaborative learning and growing experience and that really speaks to me. 

I am excited to get involved and see how I can contribute, and how this amazing place can be a vehicle for this creativity. My struggles with any of this is the feeling of getting stuck, obligated, bored...which are all experiences rooted in rigidity and routine - old bad tastes in my mouth from past experiences with jobs and all efforts to create security/safety.  Flowing from a place of inspiration - and keeping an eye on how that is evolving is where my energy wants to go. So great to experience the synchronicity around this all and how it does of course require my "showing up" as well!! 




You’re definitely not alone. I’m right there with you exploring the same creative themes lately. In fact, you and Open’s exchange stimulated a lot of forward progress on what my next steps are - and as my contemplation was going on I happened to be looking at the ceiling fan and my jaw dropped at the word HUNTER staring back at me. Apparently Hunter is an appliance brand. :)

I wanted to let you know that just your creative process of sorting and sharing on here is ALREADY benefiting someone else. 


In reply to by Eric.


Hi Eric!

Thanks so much for the sharing! It's always nice to hear that others are exploring similarly - meeting the challenges that come up and tuning into their next step. Sometimes I feel so much doubt that the next step will reveal...I will feel a bit of a victim - all abandoned and blind =). Then something does show up and I am reminded of how magically interconnected things can feel and be. 

So funny that you looked up at your fan and saw the same word!! How wild! It also provides a little feedback being seen by my "fan" the hunter and a wink to "applying" ourselves. lol!

Thanks for reminding me of how impactful we all are when we aren't trying or needing to be =)!! I would also love to hear more about your creative endeavors!

With love,



Hi Jen - great that your shared so openly. As someone given to create out there, I can certainly identify a lot with what you feel. Commitment is absolutely necessary to get anything done, but then there's the risk of identification - a double edged sword.

A think the quality of the 'hunter' which you could transform into something more 'spiritual' would be 'entrepreneur', which comes from the ray 7. So I'd suggest closely comptemplating the qualities of the entrepreneur. Above all there's enthusiasm and an expectancy that somehow things will work out. But this doesn't come from things always working out! Any entrepreneur will tell you it's about allowing yourself to fail, but then get up again with the same level of enthusiasm. I like the way Denzel Washington describes it - to fall forwards. Actually what I've found is that success comes from a progressive process of failure. Yet having the gumption to let go and approach the next opportunity with the same level of commitment and enthusiasm.

What's helped me balance the paradox, is that I look for the magic in the creating process. Like on the last video I knew the tide was coming in and I had minimal time, but that seemed appropriate - it added an increased sense of urgency. And then as I started, the dog running out into the waves at the appropriate moment - this kind of thing is pure magic when you experience it. So I commit fully to the process of creating something, yet really what's happening is that I'm working to dance with the magic of the moment. It might come to fruition, it might not. But at least I learn, evolve and grow in the process and have fun too. And what I've found is that it does lead to creative 'success' - in terms of a recognisable crystallisation of the energy.

Also you have to let go of the need for any kind of recognition or positive feedback from people around you. If you're happy with the 'product' and if somehow the universe reflects that back to you, then that's good enough. After that, if someone else benefits, then that's the bonus, the cherry on the cake so to speak.

So I'd say to anyone in the creative process, really examine what's your why? Why are you doing it. If it's about creative expression, learning, evolving and growing, you're sure to succeed every time. And, you may just find you start to get a productive physical outcome too.

Enthusiasm is a major key, so as Steve Jobs said, you have to love what you do.
Find what you love, then keep doing it!

With loving support

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Hi all,

I feel an urge toward some kind of greater potential and yet I feel constantly too slow for it. Perhaps I am sensing that I am behind the flow. Recently, I have felt a pull toward the soil, compost, community...that takes me into research and then business ideas that excite me but feel too big for me to tackle. I am catching myself running to the outcome of the exploration - which brings on a general paralysis.

I have been working on just holding the sense of it more open and to see what I feel - what comes in relation to the ideas I am having.  I dreamt last night that a man was offering to teach me to hunt...this struck me. What does it mean to be a hunter? I mean other than killing something? It takes certain qualities ....maybe courage, definitely patience, focus, attentiveness and a willingness to deal with the more unpalatable qualities of life.  I find it incredibly hard to stay focused on one thing - one direction...perhaps it doesn't suit me to be so singularly focused externally - however I don't see how anything can happen without at least some maintenance of inner focus on the arising impulses and a commitment to follow them. Maybe the commitment brings up fear and the bouncing is the distraction from it.

I feel the fear of unfulfillment so strongly - which is funny because I already feel unfulfilled - I suppose it's the unease with that never changing. I get that this seems to place the fulfillment outside of myself. Yet, it feels different ...maybe I am fooling myself. But - it feels like this tension between needing nothing and the urge to express. Everything seems to be moving so fast. I marvel at how some seem to be creatively on fire - amazing at landing things in a way that supports themselves. If it was only about creativity and expression I could relax and let it flow - but the sense that it all seems to have to be put up for exchange just shuts me down. A part of me knows that it IS about the creative expression but part of me is hooked into the 3D valuation. I know that the confrontation of it is in following the impulse and working through the fears and attachments. The sense of having no focus, motivation or drive is also a big one that frustrates me...I wonder at how anyone can find the will to bring things into the world at the moment. I seem to only be able to imagine them and then lose steam. 

Lots of stuff floating around here...sorting it through sharing...With love, Jen


I felt to draw attention to this article again today (How to Find Lasting Contentment and Fulfillment in a World of Change? - scroll to the top) to remind people to always find balance in your journey of unfolding. Times are changing quickly now in all ways, and there's a strong impetus to evolve. But this must also be balanced by being completely accepting of oneself with all distortions. Remember, perfection is an unattainable goal in the Universe of the relative.

Personally I consider harmony and disharmony in my life as folds in the same garment, two sides of the same coin. I work to count the blessings of the harmony I have found and continue to find. But from that place, I search out the disharmony that might be disrupting natural flow. How might I be blocking that?

So it's a balance of both. Be committed to the inquiry yes. But not completely lost in the inquiry!

I wish you all well.

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Hi Sandra - I really feel for you and know from personal experience just how challenging it can be helping conscious kids find a way through life here on Earth right now. Heart 

Firstly, what I would say to you is, that they are here to help change the frequency as the earth shifts. But that's not an easy process, and neither did they choose one. This is about mastery of their own souls too. So at a soul level, they chose the circumstances they're facing - we must work to trust in that, and that the soul will find a way.

Many things do indeed look pretty dense and dark right now, like in the US for example, but I can see the light breaking through strongly, and the old karmic construct is beginning to break down. Just work to have patience in the process - it needs to be a steady transformation, not a chaotic one.

The best thing we can do, in helping youngsters and others too, is to keep remembering the light inside and keep shining. That will remind them - they'll see it in your eyes and feel it in your vibe. We definitely have to work past anxiety and fear to be the best example possible.

Actually, with the right support and guidance, the kids are very resilient and come through admirably. I was greatly heartwarmed by the story of the young Tai football team, stuck underground in a water filled cave for 10 days, being looked after by their young monk coach. How inspiring....
5D Shift: Heroes and Heroines...You'll be at the Right Time and Place

Sending much love and support

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How do we teach and comfort our little ones....the ones born, and especially conceived and born after December 2012?   My little 5 year old, so awake, so compassionate, is having a terrible time adjusting to this world.  I watch him suffer the insults, with tears and yet with resolve to pursue the friendships.  I can tell you, in a country with cruelty in the White House that gives permission to the cruelty that has been unleashed in so many of the citizens and has created an atmosphere of terror, that my navigating trembles with the suffering of these children.  If their parents are still deep in the Matrix of 3rd D, then the problems do not exist as long as they conform to the Matrix gone awry.  But for those of us who are navigating into 4th and 5th Ds, conformity is choking them and many, like my 5 year old grandson are becoming chronically ill.  How do we ease the pain, or do we?