Gaia and the Shift: Something Big is Building

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I've just returned from an Openhand Retreat on the Volcanic Island of La Palma. It's a key Stargate and bellwether for the wider planetary Shift. It's a fractal, like looking under a microscope. I can tell you clearly: something big is building in the field. No, I'm not speaking of another war in the Middle East or some synthetic new disease, not anything the Shadow will possibly manifest. Instead, it's from Gaia - an antidote to the toxic 3D sewer that's rapidly being generated.

How Far Will Things Slip?

In the 3D it's getting ever crazier on the planet - just how far will things slip?

Whether it's a new war, this time with Iran, or some strange new disease that mysteriously has a vaxx even before it appears. Or else it's the fakestream media, spinning one drama after another to suck wayward souls in. It's clear to me, the Intervention under the leadership of Ra, has gone into overdrive. It's the consciousness that's bent on total dominion of the Earth.

You'd be forgiven for thinking it is succeeding. According to Ra, through telepathic communication, the entity believes it has the upper hand. It believes it can indefinitely constrain the natural Toroidal field of Gaia so as to suppress the energetic Flower of Life here.

Think again.

How to Strip Ra Intervention from Your Field

The Watchers

Something is building in the field since La Palma. I can feel it. And "Watchers" in my home area of Avalon, the Glastonbury area, can all feel it too. Gaia appears to be signaling her wildness to upturn the apple cart. I'm praying that's so - we need a humungous mirror to wake people up. To my mind, even in the alternative and spiritual mainstream, people are way too engrossed with the machinations of the shadow - whether Elon said this, whether Bill said that, wtf is the WEF saying?

I don't care!

I'm with the bigger story, that which they're all trying to blind you from - that of the Shift out of the toxic sewer the Old Paradigm is rapidly descending into.

I've said for many years, but it's thus far fallen on deaf ears: there will be no fixing of the planet in the 3D. It's systemically broken, from the very threads that weave society to the botched DNA that forms old Homo Sapiens. What's needed is a new evolution on a Resurrected Earth - but this time in the 5D.

It will require nothing short of a complete cleansing, a Great Purification as the Hopi put it. And it's clear, a Grand Galactic Convergence of energies are swinging into gear to bring it about.

Understanding the Grand Galactic Convergence

Set Your Soul Free

It will depend on Gaia fully completing her Shift - not some half-baked compromise.

Our communications in La Palma did pick up the sense that she was labouring under some old soul contracts - that with the Starsouls for example: are they ready to ascend out? Are they still being duped by erroneous spiritual practices - that of the non-duality trap, instigated by Ra for example: "We're all one, so we can just sit comfortably back on the sofa, no need to express your individuality".

Except the individual Soul-Ray-Harmonic is the antidote to the manipulation: set that free and you become uncontrollable.

Or else it's denying our karma, when karma is the Gateway to ultimate freedom.

Here's how to set your Soul-Ray-Harmonic Free

What's needed is a strong activation of Kundalini, so that we can get the lower energies ascending and merging into the higher - both for Gaia and for humanity. It's high time that a broad swathe of energy crosses the karmic plane.

What on Earth might instigate that at a planetary level?

It needs to be something humungous, that we just can't possibly ignore. I believe that is coming. Because it's necessary.

Gaia Holds the Key

It could most likely be volcanic action - that signals an acceleration of the Pole Shift, which practically no one is talking about.  Since our return from La Palma, three Volcanos are signaling their intention to let rip...

Grindavik in Iceland
Kilauea in Hawaii
Ibu in Indonesia

Why aren't these central themes in the mainstream news? Because it's the fakestream - and they don't want your attention on what's really going on.

Something Big is Building

Something big is building with Gaia for sure. It's necessary to trigger off this next essential phase of the Shift. If it comes, when it comes, it will be devastating. But it's necessary - to shock more people from their 3D slumber and distraction. It's time to tune into the real news of what's transpiring on our planet.

Yes, the intervention will continue to pull the wool a while longer. But we must tune into the only story that counts - that of your 5D Ascension and the inner journey into the New Paradigm.

It begins here. Right now. Are you in?

Assuming you are into the Shift, then explore the evolutionary work of Openhand. It's purposefully crafted to support your Journey of Ascension out of the madness and into the New 5D Paradigm.

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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13/05/2024 Shift Update: The Northern Lights

Over this last weekend, the web was literally buzzing with imagery, stories and commentary about the Northern Lights. What an absolutely stunning phenomenon of nature! Even the fakestream media was awash with it. But besides the "oohs and the ahhs", were they speaking about what they really mean? Were they talking about what they're really showing us?" Not in the slightest!

(northern lights - UK)

How is it that the Northern Lights were visible as far south as Florida, Texas, and Arizona in the States, and all across Britain - a very rare phenomenon indeed. Yes, we had several inbound CMEs (coronal mass ejections), which generated the spectacular effects. The geomagnetic perturbations they caused were reasonably strong, but not massive. So how come the Northern Lights were seen so far south?

It's clear - it's because Gaia's magnetic shield has diminished strongly in recent times due to the accelerating pole shift. THIS, is the REAL story!

I totally marvel at the Northern Lights. I know that the convergence of energy from the Sun with a progressively weakening magnetic shield of Gaia is going to be devastating in the 3D in the years to come. But it shows me that, during the convergence, we're also going to witness the other side of the coin - that of the stunning beauty of truth. The veils of the illusion, the simulation, will be stripped away. And the tremendous power of the Flower of Life will be revealed.

For me, that's the real story of those stunning Northern Lights!

Bright blessings indeed!
Open 🌈


Hello Open,

I feel it too. What do you feel about the Sun sending us a humongous solar flare...flash of light?. That could trigger the volcanos. Or, the coming eclipses could help with that too. I've been hearing alot about this flash of light that is coming and will bring about the mass awakening. on humanity. Do you feel in alignment with this message or is it of a more nefarious source? Is this flash of light  created by a cyber attack or other technology, like in the last days of Atlantis?  I'd love to hear what your Higher Self has to say about this. Thank you so much.

Peace, love and gratitude,


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Hi Sophia - welcome to Openhand.

We've spoken a great deal about the solar micronova "flash" coming at some point, yes. But the situation is much more complex than just that. And the Flash - the "Event" - will only be the culmination of it.

Right now, our solar system is moving into a high-energy segment of the galaxy. It's happening as the Sun lowers its magnetic shield as it moves into a 400-year Grand Solar Minimum (not to be confused with the 22-year sunspot cycle, which is moving to a peak in 2025). We're also moving through a Pole Shift, which is set to culminate in the next few decades. What this means, is that the tectonic plates of Gaia are already moving strongly. Earthquakes and Volcanoes are triggering and this will accelerate.

Yes, the infusions of cosmic energy are causing an awakening in consciousness. But to be clear, the final flash, when it comes, will be absolutely devastating in the 3D - when combined with the culmination of the Pole Shift and the lowering of the Sun's magnetic shield, then you'll most likely get a complete cleansing of the 3D.

That's why, in this movement, we've been helping people through the process of Ascension to 5D. It's not something to wait for, but to engage in right now...

"The Event", 11:11 Synchronicity & Galactic Superwave

Actualising your 5D Divine Being: An Essential Roadmap Through the Density

Bright Blessings

Open 💎


Here's Gaia expressing her wild naturalness in all her resplendent beauty. I found this video quite haunting, in a beautiful way, and felt to share it. To me, it brings the minutiae of life in society fully into perspective. What does it do for you?...


The Star Beings informed me that Gaia's tectonic plates are moving strongly - it's something I've already felt for a long while. They pointed especially to the wild fires in Chile, and others of those around the world. They happen because of seismic shifts that release combustible gases, which then ignite.

Yes, in some instances technology by the shadow is creating situations, like on Hawaii recently, so as to power grab the land. But that's definitely NOT the main reason for many of them. Let's not lose the truth of the Shift in the smoke and charades of the shadow.

Let's send our meditative prayers to those who've suffered in Chile and other parts of the world...



Go ahead Gaia, crack one off,

Now's not the time to be polite,

Even with your starseed children round the table, 

their little bright eyes, shiny with anticipation,

Waiting breathlessly for the kundalini belch,

Relieve your aching guts, let rip,

Let it all hang out,

Transcend the quizzically raised eyebrow,

The curled pinkie framing the cup of earl grey,

Listen to Kaali's drums,

And the wailing from this toxic casserole,

Time to start the hot wash,

Time to rinse away the karmic stains,

Time to move on, 

as the cosmos holds it's breath,

And an ancient drumbeat slowly rises....



Are we in? Does a bear? On reading this, the term, '..go off the boil' came to me. To be truthful, the consciousness of, just a little more time, to process a bit more, get this, that and the other sorted, just a little more time. Then we'll witness a world in total disarray, headless chicken, the whole toxic stew we signed up for. I compare it to another realisation, or true emphatic landing, I'm still not comfortable with full embodiment, the full presence of being in the here and now. So, cause and effect, how many like me are thinking, ' just a little more time'. Get my affairs in order, distract a bit longer, put off the cosmic event that needs to happen. I'll continue signalling to Gaia that it's ok to blow, maybe a bit of get on with it already. Well, maybe el diablo down the road here on la Isla will burp first. We're ready. Lets go.

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Very much relating to this Andy. Making bargains. When I bring myself back to the moment and feel this enrgy inside me, this prescence, I get scared but exhilerated. Just a little more time to get used to it, surrender to it. Loosen the grip and let it through. Find that groove of habitual integration so im ready for IT. And oh how the crap doth pileith out there. I avoid the news as much as i can but it sneaks in like, well, a black snake. Hearing about conscription in the UK and the erosion of human rights in the US. It is TIME. Time for something big to happen alright. Hoping whatever it is, is the catalyst i need. Wish there were volcanoes here and especially in the states. Guess we'll have to settle for earthquakes.  May it be our finerst hour.Praying Emoji 

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This very good news to me, as ive just about had it with this 3d bs. ive just finished the 3rd week of a 4 week employment program, preparing to return to the fray in order to finance attending retreats and connecting with a facilitator, and im seeing again the blatant hypocrisy and deeply unbalanced holding of power by the gov which runs the program. it's all "fit into our box" and "cast aside your authentic self" to run the great machine of commerce which favours the controllers/hoarders for the priviledge of attaining the basic needs of life and any quality of life. mostly the paradigm of "expect little to nothing from us but be prepared to give evrything" irks me. and if you want more you have to cast aside who you are and become the same controller/hoarder type. sickening. i cant stand being controlled, but i see the necessity of it; i havent been able to figure out any other way yet. so onward through the muck i tramp. it will be a great opportunity of learning and equalising with lower energies whilst learning to come deeper into myself, learning to hold the center through the storm. a great practice to not letting the matrix pull me away from my true self; standing firm in my sgob while the machine churns around me. and illuminating/processing out the lower vehicles which still hold on to so much. i almost welcome a great cleansing because i see no point to this ever continuing saga of slavery and imprisonment. yes i still hold on to wanting it to go a certain way; this fear of not getting a chance to experience being the most highest and optimal human version of myself and jumping straight into a whole new existence is something i still struggle with. that fear of missing out, of losing who i am. it shows how much work ive yet to do as i know on a lower mind level i will be more myself than i could ever imagine, and free in a way ive never known. chicken chicken chicken, but the beauty of the matrix is how its pushing me further and further to the edge; i want more and to run from it and if that means 'jumping itno an erupting volvanoe' i am getting closer and closer to being ready to do that. it really is time, no more bs. i will embody the enrgy of the dragon in this upcoming chinese new year and do everything it takes to work towards my freedom. the video has brought up such wonderful feelings of that and THAT is what i dont want to miss out on. doing the multidimensional mediation im happy to see my ability to go deeper and see the light infusing deeper into the lower planes. funny though its almost as though my spirit is eager to 'get up there', it doesnt wait for the guidance before its moving on of its own accord through the heart and beyond. im jsut wqorried im not abchored sufficiently so as not to 'fly off". something to keep working omn. wishing you all well and thanking you Open for this highly inspiring and deeply heart warnming video (the interview with Tilly was really nice!). huge thanks for taking us to la palma vicariously, the wanderer in me is very grateful to you for that! Praying EmojiHeart  

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Dear Open ,


I am writing this after processing yet another karmic layer of the pain of abandonment kicked off by relationship dynamics . After feeling into “ everything is finished ,there is nothing left “ and equalising with the pain and discomfort of “ I am absolutely alone “ something shifted. It’s like something came alive in my field after two days of deep diving into toxic sludge . I communicated with my friend about how I was feeling as honestly as possible and something moved. Like I regained a portion of energy and love I was reflecting through him into the field . In my energy system I have started to see energy as crystalline colours now . After 2 days of intense deep processing something came alive. I was called to move and dance with this new energy and also remove old leaves on the vine growing in my bedroom to allow energy to move to new buds .

And somehow it seems to connect into Ra and reclaiming energy out of a defunct system though consciously I cannot explain how . I am feeling anticipation. The anticipation of someone waiting to play her role in all of this ( as grandiose as that may sound !) 


Deep bow to all the Openhanders connecting with this movement . I am feeling so ALIVE !


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Hi Megha, and a deep bow too, to you and your process 🙏

What you're breaking through is nothing short of miraculous.

You said this...

In my energy system I have started to see energy as crystalline colours now . After 2 days of intense deep processing something came alive. I was called to move and dance with this new energy and also remove old leaves on the vine growing in my bedroom to allow energy to move to new buds . And somehow it seems to connect into Ra and reclaiming energy out of a defunct system though consciously I cannot explain how . I am feeling anticipation.

I said in a previous post that Ra provides "chicken feed" in return for the "crown jewels". Ra provides some form of stability and guidance with definitive black and white information about the way the field is shaping - the way that entity wants the field to shape. This is the "chicken feed". But in return, people don't realise they're handing over the "crown jewels" of sovereignty.

When we reclaim sovereignty, then it's likely to come with new, previously unseen gifts, that are totally your own and totally authentic. That's clearly what you're experiencing.

Much love and well wishes

Open 💎