Gateway to the Golden Age Amidst "War on Materiality"

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A powerful awakening of consciousness is underway, amidst a deepening slumber by many in the mainstream. Plenty chose, at some level, to go down the route of the synthetic agenda. As painful and unpalatable as that might be, they would not, in any case, be able to cope with the accelerating frequencies as the Grand Galactic Convergence opens the Gateway to the Golden Age. It is not yet for them at this juncture. We must get over it, and forge on.

Concocted Dramas

It's understandable we would want to awaken as many people as possible. My own parents still slumber each night in front of the BBC propagandist machine, still pumping out its veil of manipulative BS. It's been hard to watch it with my own eyes - how they soaked in the nonsensical science of the plandemonium; then hoovered up the smoke and mirrors coverage of the Ukraine - consequently paying ever increasing heating bills; now it's the polarising projection of the Middle East - it's okay to commit genocide, because "just look at what Hamas did".

Multiple concocted dramas have been conspired with one singular purpose: to confuse and enthrall, back on the sofa of life. Unconsciously: "we have no power, what can we do?" That's the illusion they want people to swallow. That's the Soul-harvesting of the "Ra" entity that appears to be leading the Intervention from the 4D.

Understand the Nature of the "Ra" consciousness and negate it from your Being

If not on the sofa, people drag themselves around, heads glued to the not-so-smart phone, consuming toxic junk that masquerades as "food", lapping up the electric car illusion to "save the planet" while AI feeds their minds exactly what the ego needs to keep them locked in. Some call it the "Zombie Apocalypse". It's an emotional metaphor. But at times when you look around you, perhaps reasonably appropriate.

AND, thank the almighty, that a widespread awakening is happening around the planet,

Grand Galactic Convergence

We've entered a phase in the Shift called the "War on Materiality" - the financial system is broken, the political system a facade. Democracy, and any sense of real justice, are getting trampled by the wayside. But here's the real reason it's happening: the light is breaking through the veil.

We've moved into a high energy segment of the galaxy at a time when the Sun is showering us with increased plasma and charged particles; just as Gaia is lowering her magnetic shield. Awakening coincidence? Absolutely not. It's all driven by this Grand Galactic Convergence.

The infusion of consciousness is activating not just the Soul, but triggering the very DNA of the awakening at a cellular level. You can feel the vibrancy of it flooding in. It's like being supercharged - you never want to go to sleep again. You're dancing and revelling just at the vision of light shining through the trees; the spectacular skies of the sunset; chirping birds and vibrant squirrels vying for seeds from your garden table on a frosty morning. It's widescreen "TV" wherever you go.

You never want to switch this off. Never want to sit back on the sofa again. It's a co-creative flow with the divine that's bringing ever more awake with each passing day.

Who can I be now?
What can I create now?
What's the highest version of myself I can unleash?

Gateway to the Golden Age

It's necessary not to judge or polarise anymore. Those who went with the synthetic agenda needed to go that way. It just wasn't their time. Somehow, they needed the security and the control of Big Brother. At this time on their journey, they simply wouldn't be able to cope with such an acceleration of consciousness. Without the dumbing down, they'd simply be going crazy.

Like you, I feel an enormous amount of compassion. I hold the possibility that plenty will still awaken. However, I will not let vain hope derail me from my own certain pathway. I'm heading to an inevitable sunset, through a gateway, to the Golden Age of the New Paradigm.

Here's How to Detox From the Synthetic Agenda

I'm not waiting a moment for it. I'm moving into the Golden Age right now, with each choice and each step. I'm opening to the infusing energy as each moment is born. I'm softening within to pick up that subtle infusion that often begins as a trickle, but then cascades as a flood through higher consciousness.

Synchronicity, subtle feelings, nuances and perceptions, numerology and sacred geometry - these inform my pathway now. Lower mind seldom knows where it's leading in the beginning. But I'm not beginning from lower mind. Instead, I'm prepared to sit in the uncertainty of not-knowing. Then to watch for reflections through the third eye of "how to be now?" - it's reflected all around. Then simply by observing the multi-dimensional landscape, I'm weaving a pathway. I step into it, co-creating with the divine. I'm walking a pathway of light, where the divine comes to meet my every step.

This is living from 5D.
This is what we're ascending into.
This is the much heralded Golden Age.

But you can't wait for it to happen to you. If that's the case, you'll get left behind. You must choose it right now, and in every consecutive moment.

Explore Openhand Events: Gateway to the Golden Age

11:11 Awakening Code

Look around you at the nonsense abound in the mainstream. It's a travesty, yes, but the more incredibly free you become in your own Soul, the more detached from it you are likely to feel. I have oodles of compassion, yes. But I know exactly where my Soul now wants to go - exactly in the opposite direction!

I want to go inwards, to know and feel the truth in the face of the asleep wokeness. I don't need the fakestream anymore. Truth is felt within, reflected in nature all around me. In the face of this BS, the Soul is ridiculously awake. It's rejuvenating upliftment. With each breath, it's revolutionary expression. You're very being becomes an act of rebellion - just by the glint in your eye. It's the 11:11 Awakening Code - all spurious timelines collapse into one.

This is the Golden Age happening. Right amidst the War on Materiality. Right amidst the soul-harvesting of Ra. I'm not judging. But I know exactly where I'm going. And I'm going right now.

For anyone wishing to join the growing planetary wave of awakening people stepping through the gateway into the Golden Age, then explore the evolutionary work of Openhand.

Openhand Ascension Portal

The Future is Golden

Open 🧡🌅🔆

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20/04/2024 Message from the Mayans

We're here on retreat in sunny Mexico, where the work is drawing to a powerful conclusion. We've been tuning into Mayan energies, that are prevalent in this region. Why might the ancient Mayan culture tell us about our Shift going forward? It's something I explored previously in this video dairy. See what it communicates to you...

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Hi Openhand,

Awesome Video!

To me, the tripod represents the free-flowing souls groundlessness, where only God is the ground.

'This one' has been offered an assignment to write a ‘DramaYoga’ Theory and Practice Manual/Book within 1 year and to start some groups next month. I visualise it much like yoga, with huge individual scope, creating drama instead of asana, uncovering and experimenting with aspects of self, integrating past life material and working within an alternative creative modality. It’s been percolating a while.

‘Journey’s End’ is a slow burn 5yr - maybe 10yr project, primarily to invite further specific self-realisation personally and to essentially answer for the existence of this particular consciousness. The reason I say, is that, perhaps I wouldn’t bother. Only, there is something required beyond oneself to accomplish certain potentialities. And I do believe that Open wishes for people to actualise themselves  - so I will do it.

I’m sorry I cannot be with you in Glastonbury for your book launch on Saturday as I am unavoidably tied up elsewhere.

I heard a lovely metaphor the other day. God is the only real puppeteer, and why would it have one hand try scratch its own finger? It doesn’t, it uses its other hand! And so it is. So thank-you for scratching my itch Open! All our itches. And on Saturday, I shall be with you in the ether.

In loving support.


Starsky 🙏








18/04/2024: Shift Update - Crossing into the Golden Age

We're on retreat here in the mountains of Mexico, breaking down the restrictions of the 4D field (within us) and venturing across the karmic plane. It's being highly effective and transformative - each is digging deep into the restrictive inner layers.

The studio, looking and feeling very much like a space ship!

Deep inquiries with Stephanie...

Working to release resistant entities forming the bedrock of the simulation society is languishing within...

We're softening up the roots of the simulation so as to open portals into the "Golden Age" of the New Paradigm. Here's 7 ways to help you join the new consciousness...

1) Become the Observer of yourself in all that you do. Watch and witness how you react to the external, how you might close down. But also, most essentially, what is it that feeds your soul and brings you alive? In the beginning just watch these experiences, until you know it is you whose watching. The real you is the witnesser/observer

2) Recognise when a flow of the Soul kicks in, that feels simply as "rightness". Where you feel expansive, connected and in some kind of joy. Keep following that which brings you joy. Whether it's walking in nature, doing yoga or some kind of pastime. Give plenty of time to your joy

3) Learn how to break through karmic density by getting to know it's signature, it's tightness within. Develop your Breakthrough process for becoming as-one with it, breaking the ties that hold by illuminating the reactivity and asking: "is it worth me carrying that density around?" When you're ready, set the baggage down (check out Openhand's Breakthrough Process)

4) Start noticing signs and synchronicity, numerology and sacred geometry. Watch the flows in the field and the patterning which starts to weave situations and circumstances. Initially just watch, observe, but then start to recognise there's a pull to step into those newly creative processes. Start stepping into them, progressively giving more energy to them

5) Begin to notice that we're living in two worlds not one. There's a new landscape all around you, which although you can't necessarily see, forms the construct of a new interconnective way of living and being that is infused with light. Work to transcend any given moment by breaking through inertia and density to pick up the flows of expansiveness, upliftment and alignment

6) Keep working to unleash the next grandest version of you, by making incremental small changes to how you're living and being. Keep pushing on the boundary of your existence. Feel the increasing resonance when you're in authenticity of expression. Work to come from that place of authenticity in every situation, especially in relationships and how you work and create. Steadily the new you comes to fruition

7) Create simply for creativity's sake. Feel the infusion of higher knowing and light. Let it first trickle into your being with subtle nuances, but then visons and dreams. Respond to the natural feeling to create, which can include playing music, painting, weaving, creating a blog or vlog, etc etc etc. Feed the Soul's yearning to express itself in some way (Unleash Your Greatness: Here's How).

Now you're stepping into the very purpose of the Golden Age: to continually reveal and express the highest version of you, that weaves an interconnected flow with life, that honours the highest possible rightness in all life. The point being to do it now, to live it now, and watch it progressively break through the clouds around you.


Open 🙏


I feel very much resonance with this article - thank you Open for sharing it with us. The main thing to me is that I don't feel being much affected by how the society is right now. I witness the life around, yes, and feel much compassion and understanding why humanity is where it is now. But, I go my own way. I think, I have a clear sense of how my soul wants to be. I want to be that very fabric of creation, that which the universe can use in the whole process of self-actualisation. And even if I haven't reached that level of pure consciousness yet, this is the direction I move towards. So, I see that gateway to the Golden Age in my own way. I see that possibility today and not wanting to wait till tomorrow - that's what I'm sharing in the recent other comment Asya: the art of being - Self-healing through creative arts.

I see and feel the metaphor of Golden Age would be like those lyrics from the very famous song: 

You may say I'm a Dreamer

      But I'm not the only one

From my loving heart



Many many years ago I wrote: I have crossed the great divide; peered thru the iron curtain, but I have yet to tear the veil and sacrifice all...  I did not truly understand these thoughts then. The universe has prompted me in many ways to awaken from a slumber that has lasted many life times. I know it is time and what lies beyond the veil is what has always been. It is no sacrifice; it is who we are. Namaste'