Learning and navigating with signs and synchronicties

One of the things I like about travelling is that I get a lot more signs and synchronicties. One thing I noticed is signs pointing in different direction. To give an example I got committed to go to this yoga retreat centre run by a guy called Phil. After booking my tickets I saw the guys name pronounced in a catching way in a movie, so I thought thats a sign that I'm moving in the right direction. But I also got an intuition of very controlling energy coming from the place supported by some synchronicties but I decided to follow the initial impulse. But after reaching there it turned out my intuition was spot on as the guy and the place was very controlling and rigid. He exactly resembled like the guy from the movie whiplash so you can imagine. I have seen enough freedom and flexibility to be put into such a place so it became obvious within minutes that I have to leave. Now I was stranded(not exactly by my choice) on the middle of the road with no plan B and absolutely uncertain of what to do. It's really fascinating to observe help coming out of nowhere when I take a step from that space and I think it doesnt matter if we make the right move or not. So why did I see signs pointing in different direction. I'm learning it the hard way to trust the intuitions. When going into the pain I had many realizations that the guy was a reflection of self judgement of not having or being enough, not having anything to show for myself and thus an overpowering of the masculine to get things done. I also tend to lean on to people for support because of this lack of trust. Mixed with the need to belong its a painful combination. But compared to being at home, I'm more alive and aware of myself and the surrounding because things are not too certain and it's necessary I be this way. I can't expect it to be the same as yesterday.

Another one is that of signs literally telling what to do. To give an example I got this 2 consecutive signs to change direction but I had already planned it one way and I just avoided the signs as my imagination. It turns out I missed my train and I once again got stranded and went it to negativity but I pulled myself up and stepped into the next obvious choice and the universe had much better way of meeting my objective. There was not so much clicking or an 'aaha' feeling with those. How can I really say if its really my imagination or its really universe coming up with support.

I was walking through road having faced some challenges thinking to myself that maybe I should head back home and search for some job so that I could better support myself and I overheard a conversation between 2 gentleman. One was literally saying to another " You can get a job anytime you want but this is a onetime experience" or something along those lines. Amazing. I wonder how can anyone or how is it possible to shape the 3D world in this way. Who does this?

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Hi Vimal - the more sensitive we become, and the more aware, the more you'll see synchronicity in what happens around you, even when you're supposedly 'static'. Although my experience is that they're often easier to see when you're actually moving. I believe it's the do with the frequent change of landscape and the soul's flow within it.

With regards to the 3 cycles, it sounds like you're mixing different cycles. When I'm referring to a particular cycle, what I mean is that if you're watching, you'll see patterns relating to the same kind of issue - for example a particular distortion. But there may also be other patterns relating to another aspect of beingness. So the 3 cycles refer to one particular pattern - if you're in a particular distortion, work with that to unwind it, then look for the emergence of aligned beingness from that distortion. Then it will influence Right Action.

Remember though I have only offered a template here. It is not some strict strategy to apply. More a framework in which to discover more about the language of synchronicity and how it works for you.

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Hi Open, 

Yes I observe more synchronicties on the move and it basically stops when I have settled somewhere. Unless if I'm talking about reflections. So in openhand view does the  reflections we see in other people and situations also countsa s synchronicity which appear in various cycles. For example the judgement we see on others eyes or the expectations others have of others shows that we are are on the first part of creative cycle. The second part could be the love we feel for a little girl or the confidence we see in others we encounter. Rohht action happens when we have surrendered enough in the creative cylce and takes a step from there. So that synchronicity reflects the rightness of that step. To me the creative cycle is all mixed up  it's hard to tell I'm on which, not that I have to. Another thing I'm  noticing is that synchronisty also speaks when I hold a question in my mind. But I find it hard to trust when I have some investment in the outcome. To give an example before leaving for the trip I kept asking myself that if itsnright to take my guitar with me since it reduces my mobility and before leaving the guitar capo went missing but I didn't listen and went to buy another one. Now I have a bit of regret that I dint listen and maybe it's inviting me to surrender into the perfectionism and avoiding mistakes. 

You have also written about oc duplicating signs and  synchronicties. Sometimes when I have message coming it doesn't have that feeling of clicking into place, more just like my imagination. Could you expand on how to tell the difference between an authentic one and the duplicate. 



Hi Vimal - a great exploration - how to read signs and synchronicity - such an important subject for embodying 5D consciousness here and now. Apart from that, how much fun and adventure it can be - but also challenge! Thumbs Up Sign

On the upcoming 5GATEWAYS "Living the Shift" retreats we go into this in great depth - particularly 'where' are signs and synchrionicity leading?

It all depends on where you are in  your own internal creative cycle. Let me explain what I mean - the soul fragments into these lower densities through attachment and identification. As you work to unravel it, with each internal confrontation of attachment you'll basically go through three cycles: (1) you're in the density and working to unwind the blockage (2) you're retrieving that aspect of soul and integrating it, therefore beginning to unleash a new aspect of beingness (3) you're now expressing from the new integrated aspect of soul and manifesting a direction forwards through right action.

Now all of these different configurations of consciousness will create - they'll bend reality around them by the Law of Attraction. So depending on where you are in that creative cycle, will depend on what the signs are reflecting to you.

It sounds to me like you were going through the creative cycle well. And yes indeed, I've often observed too, that when you allow more freedom of movement and flexibility, "free wheeling", you'll see plenty more signs.

Remember always that it's not about the destination or outcome. Although there needs to be commitment to the steps presenting, or else you won't create the circumstances to reveal density and unleash the soul. So we need to read the signs, yes, and then embody what's being invited and come from the most aligned expression. Let Right Action flow from this place, BUT, always be aware on route that the direction could shift and change.

It frequently happens to me that the direction shapes and turns in mid flow. It always delivers an outcome, but it's not always possible (or even desirable) to predict what that is.

It sounds like you're having a tremendous inquiry, which I thoroughly encourage - it's bound to have deeply revealing possibilites.

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PS - and I felt to share this Openhand Video which shares the viewpoint...