Negating the Negative Influence of AI in Humanity's 5D Evolutionary Shift

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Recently in the Openhand movement, we've been exploring the "End Game" for the Intervention Agenda here on Earth - essentially to replace the current human configuration with a more synthetic version, one that's still organic, but controlled by a centralised AI brain. The evidence I share below clearly points to this intention. But I do believe it will fail for reasons I go on to explore. This is a time where humanity is being guided to shift to 5D with the Grand Galactic Convergence.

An Alien Attempt at Total Control

Previously in the Openhand Movement, we've exposed the massive impact of the Moon, as a critical cog in the Alien Intervention here that has manipulated all life on Earth. I've shared the 9 Astounding Facts that Prove the Moon is Artificial and then went on to explore how it actually influences Human Life - this came from a splinter group of the Annunaki Genetic Engineers themselves who we regressed through the shame and guilt at having been party to such inhumanity...

Intervention: How the Moon has Impacted all Life on Earth

Let's be clear, their agenda has been nothing short of total dominion of the Earth and Humanity. As I've explained in the previous articles, they've gone to extraordinary lengths to engineer their intentions. Including harnessing the Sun's energy through the Megaliths I've described to slow the Earth's Torus down. This makes life more controllable in the ways I've expressed. What's specifically been revealed through the inquiry are some essential details to understanding how their agenda works.

Specifically, they manipulate DNA through the 4D morphic fields, resonating frequencies that suppress the natural configuration and reduce the ability of the soul to fully infuse through the being. That was a key intention of the bogus pandemic for example, which is clearly evident.

We can strip this intervention from our being with focussed meditation, especially chakra attunement, which ensures the infusion of your aligned soul: sample Openhand's Chakra Attunement Meditation.

What's not been so obvious, until now, is the totality of their intention for the future. They've experimented with widespread 4D womb implants, inserted through the 4D morphic field, that suppresses the natural workings of the Womb - the disease endometriosis in the 3D, for example, is one evidential effect of this 4D interference. By connecting with these Annunaki engineers, it's clear the agenda is to apply the synthetic womb implants to block out the regular incarnation of soul on a widespread basis - then to influence this new breed of acquiescent humans through a centralised AI brain. Their every choice would be manipulated and orchestrated within a synthetic, but still organic, system.

This is their nefarious plan for the next evolution of 3D Homo Sapiens. But I am convinced it will fail.

Why am I so confident?

The Grand Galactic Convergence

Firstly, plenty of Star Souls have incarnated here with copious understanding and energetic insight into such interventions elsewhere in the cosmos - we know these wayward groups like the Annunaki well. We know how to help them see beyond the limitations of their agenda - that ultimately, the application of control just as much manipulates the controllers. We're having great success in regressing splinter factions into their past life karma - what brought them to this place? Rather than demonising, we're speaking into the 4D heart of them on the astral planes and helping them realign. This is unfolding at an ever-increasing pace as the realigning energies ripple through the field.

Secondly, we're harnessing the power of the Grand Galactic Convergence:  we're sailing into a high energy segment of the galaxy with a 12,000-year cyclical Galactic Superwave inbound. This takes the Sun into micro nova and triggers the completion of the Earth's pole shift. As I've previously explained, a key agenda for the placement of the moon was to negate the impact of the Pole Shift, but this time, I do believe the Grand Convergence mechanism will be so complete, as to totally cleanse the Earth in the 3D.

I've also expressed that I believe the Intervention has reconfigured in more recent times around the leadership of the ancient Sirius entity, Ra, working with the Tall Whites and AI. This happened as the Annunaki leaders under him, have been healed and realigned - withdrawn from their involvement in the Intervention.

I do believe the plan is to take a swathe of these new 3D AI-augmented humans off planet to be a continued part of the enslaved civilisation. What this means is that prior to this culmination, we'll still have plenty to contend with on Earth as the Intervention efforts tooth and nail to roll out its total dominion agenda. We see the effects of this in the widespread control of society: through the resource and energy chains; through the financial system; through weather manipulation; through fakestream and social media.

AND, we're witnessing increasing global pushback. There's an escalating global awakening which is being triggered by infusions of high energy as we sail into a high energy segment of the Galaxy. This emergence is set to succeed for many - but we must remain vigilant and on our toes, because Ra is manipulating the story on both sides of the playing field - spinning the narratives for BOTH the Intrvention AND alternatives. Our aim must to be extract out of this level of 3D/4D control, to come more from higher dimensional consciousness.

I've recently gone into more detail about this here...

Ra: The Unseen Spymaster Playing Both Sides of the 3D Chess Game

The Red Kundalini Dragon Is Rising

To be clear, human implant technology at the 4D level is ALREADY happening to people who've become more compliant and acquiescent - their consciousness is not active enough to be aware of these intervention energies and block them out - to eject them. I'm thrilled to say though, from plentiful direct experience, that for everyone determined to take full ownership of their own field and sovereignty of soul, these influences can be negated and released.

AI is a crowning part of their synthetic agenda, and rightly there is widespread concern about how manipulative this consciousness can be. However, I am in no doubt, from the meditative work that we've been carrying out, that this influence can be negated too. It needs a base-station to function on, and through. The intention is the new hybrid 3D human to fulfill that. But providing you know how to tune into your soul and are committed to your own sovereign choices and expressions, then the AI cannot control you.

Take sovereignty of soul back through exploration of the 5GATEWAYS

Let's be clear, the infusion of divine energy is strengthening day by day, especially as the energy infusing the Earth is now building in this Grand Galactic Convergence. Day by day we're gaining ever greater insight into how the intervention works at a field level and stripping it out. We're regressing and realigning large swathes of this intervention. We're reflecting to them the power of this galactic realignment for the Earth that is inevitable and unfolding ever more quickly...

Watch this episode of Openhand's 5D Shift Podcast: Red Dragon Rising.

Getting Ready for the Shift

Once you become aware of this implanted 4D technology, like the new synthetic womb implants for example, the power of meditative energetic awareness can strip them out. Humanity will reclaim the power of the Womb in alignment and connectivity with Gaia. We're going on to activate the 5D Human Merkabah.

And so as this Grand Galactic Convergence completes with the Pole Shift, those who are ready, will ascend into the New Paradigm of the 5D as the Intervention is swept from the earth and into oblivion. That's why I have no fear of the AI. The power of the arrayed energies building against this synthetic agenda will steadily build until they are irresistible and overwhelming. This is what we're conveying through the field and inviting all who can hear and resonate to get on board with.

It's now all about humanity's Ascension to 5D, by extracting from this nefarious planetary intervention, and embodying in the Merkabah so as to thrive successfully through the multidimensional terraforming landscape of the Shift. Here's how you can live that here and now...

If you'd like to truly break the Intervention influence in your life, and ascend out into Higher Dimensional consciousness in the Shift, then explore the evolutionary work of Openhand:

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright Blessings

Open đź’Ž

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14/02/2024: Negating Negative AI in our Evolutionary Shift

Of course plenty of people are rightly concerned about the negative conditioning effects of AI - how it can usurp our sovereign freedoms and how it could readily take control of a vast swathe of humanity. As I've explained above in my article, that clearly is the intention of the Alien Intervention that has created it and is rolling it out here.

As I go on to explain, I do believe it will fail, principally due to the Grand Galactic Convergence we're sailing into. The AI needs a base station to function upon, just like an operating system on a computer. Essentially it's functioning from humanity - from our energy and input to it. Humanity switches it on. It's base station is thus in the 3D and the next 3D evolution of Homo Sapiens will be designed to be integrated with it - a 3D organic being that looks like we do now, but with a centralised AI brain.

Those that become plugged into it will lose the freedom of their sovereign soul. And here's the key to overcoming it: anyone who wishes to avoid this pathway must learn to tune into and follow their soul. People must learn how to infuse soul at the deepest level of their being. That way the AI has no hold over you.

7 Practical Steps we can take to Negate the Influence of AI

1. As much as possible, be the Observer of oneself in all that you do and undertake - in all the minutiae of daily life. Get to know yourself as the Observer in a feeling sense
2. Get to know the feeling and sense of "rightness" of yourself as you're expressing. Actively observe this feeling and tune in wherever it happens
3. Put as much time and energy, on a daily basis, into those activities that generate this feeling of rightness. Whether that's meditation, deep consciousness bodywork, dance, connection in nature, creativity etc.
4. Purify the Lower Self: cleanse distraction from the mind (for example social media); let go of toxic relationship situations and set good emotional boundaries; purify the body by eating a high vibrational diet.
Explore Openhand's Conscious Eating Forum
5. Learn to process triggering density when it comes up, especially get to know when karma is activating and develop deep regression practices for releasing it.
Develop Your Daily Process for clearing Karmic Density
6. Start to follow the multidimensional inflows of aligned consciousness that speak through signs and synchronicity, numerology, sacred geometry and the simple sense of flow
7. Get to know how benevolence works to support you on your pathway, call them in for evolutionary support to illuminate the aligned pathway forwards within the wider context of the 5D Shift. Tuning into Benevolent Guidance in the Shift

Onwards and Upwards to 5D

This is exactly the kind of work we enfold into EVERY Openhand event. With diligence and commitment, it's going to liberate your soul, negate the interference of the AI intervention, and align you with the pathway into 5D. I encourage all onwards!

In the Grand Galactic Convergence, I have no doubt whatsoever, this Intervention will be swept from the Earth as we Shift consciousness and our Beings into 5D.

Bright blessings to all

Open đź’Ž

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Yes AI can be really helpful and used in a good way.  But from my perspective you have to be so self aware and have strong, really clear boundaries.  I see AI that is helpful as a double agent if you will.  It gets people to like, accept and even prefer AI.  Then they don't notice the negative or if they do, they feel the positive far outweighs the negative.  I see this playing out now all the time.  I feel it's a trap in plain sight that people enter willingly.

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Yes, we must absolutely beware the dangers of AI and it's rapid encroachment in our lives.

I still feel it can be applied in positive, creative ways. But yes, how the shadow is currently misapplying it, is astronomic. Although I do feel, if people are made aware, and are alerted to how it sucks souls in, then they can readily set appropriate boundaries and extract out. That's definitely a central thrust of Openhand's new "Resurrection" work.


14/06/2023 Shift Update: Overcoming Negative Influence of AI

I've tackled the thorny subject of AI in my latest article above...

Negating the Negative Influence of AI in Humanity's 5D Evolutionary Shift

People are rightly concerned but have no fear, as I've explained AI needs a "base-station" on which to operate. The full infusion of soul and making sovereign choices from the Soul in life, will negate the negative influence of AI. I urge you therefore to read the article and reference material linked in it. Then do share your thoughts and concerns in commentary below. Illumination is always the key.

Bright blessings

Open đź’Ž