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Anyone who follows Openhand will know we're certainly not afraid of the truth. Confronting the truth of life is, to us, the only way to truly set yourself free. You'll have to work with some deep karmic challenges in the process, but let's face it, that's what you're really here for. Despite the denyers (really? still?), climate change is seriously hitting the fan. According to the UK's Guardian, it appears January 2016 was the most abnormally hot month in history. In December, temperatures in the Arctic were a massive 30-35 degrees above normal. The director of the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre described the conditions as "absurd". How can evolving people work with this very inconvenient truth?...

Massive global impact of Climate Change

The news from the Arctic made the deal, struck by the UN Paris climate agreement in December, which seeks to limit warming to 1.5C in total, an absolute joke. It's high time we got very real. Because the January 2016 peak, takes us practically to that 'bench mark' already.

From here on in, we're facing massive, global impact of climate change; from increased desertification, reduced freshwater, food, energy and resources; increasing freak weather and storms, earthquakes and volcanoes, which is all going to dramatically escalate the growing global refugee crisis.

It isn't going to get any easier anytime soon. And unless you face up to it, it's going to have an impact on your evolution. If one continues to pull the wool, and allow events to take you by surprise, then you're less able to break through with awareness.

  • How strong do I have to put it? This planet, within the 3D, is dieing.

Let's begin now

And the rate we're going, we'll be fortunate to have just a few decades in which to prepare for the inevitable. Human activity has already had such a devastating impact on the natural eco-systems, it is practically near certain, that he's kicked into play, an irreversible reality collapse mechanism. Have I got your attention? Good. Because now we can begin. We can begin to witness the matrix we live in, day in, day out, in truth. In fact I don't need data at all to know what's truly going on. I take myself off into a town, or a mall, or a supermarket, a train station or an airport. I watch the rate of consumption, waste and toxic emissions in that one small place, then I contemplate the hundreds of millions of other places where the same is happening, every minute of every day.

Then I ask Gaia... "show me!" I work past any veils of 'what I wish would happen' or 'what I'm afraid will' and instead, I feel in my heart her response. And then I know. I feel her, unequivocably shifting, from this realm. Period.

And the invitation is there for us all to join her, in the Fifth Density.

Let's deal with the truth

So let's deal with that. Let's work with it. If you feel like me, what can you do for you, your friends and your family?

  • You can work first and foremost on yourself. Because no one will believe you unless you shine the higher light from within (this spiritual compass can help...Openhandway).
  • You can point out to them the stark staring obvious - the wall to wall evidence which is all around us.
  • You can help them see their place in the bigger picture. Get them to realise themselves as a part of a universal orchestra of activity where realities come and go.
  • You can show them the path into the Higher Paradigm, and inspire them by what they witness in you (expand your consciousness by working through the 5GATEWAYS).
  • You must work to do this without attachment to the outcome - because as crazy as it may seem, the majority are not not even slowing down as they approach the abyss, but actually accelerating into it.
  • Above all, work on your fear. Imagine the worst possible outcome of all this. Witness it already taking place in the growing global refugee crisis. Then accept it. We are all refugees in the futre to come! (work with this 9 Step Spiritual Healing Process for dealing with Karma).

Ye are souls eternal, blessed and immortal - live that way!

Let me say this: you are not a physical being. You are souls immortal, blessed and eternal. Do not let the physicality of life dictate your state of being. Breakthrough every moment with the expansive lightness of the soul.

Begin now, in the simple things: what you eat, how you spend your time, challenge the conditioned behaviours you react to; get into your tightness and your fear; above all, let go of the need for any kind of outcome in this drama - because one way or another, it will not last that much longer. Become the fierce Warriors of Truth that you are. Begin now. In every little choice; then let it build and escalate, until it becomes the mainstay of your life - your purpose for being here. I see you.

In loving support

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Such a beautiful sharing Nicola.

My heart says, let go of the anchor, yet not the feelings that it represented. You carry them with you always. They can ebb and flow, materialise and dissipate. You become spirit, here and now, a gateway between worlds.


Open *OK*

A little over a year ago I connected with my dear soul brother Open in Kiama & I had a moment of insight of what my soul was here for. My path became clearer.

Over the last year, I have embraced life & all my reactions. I have challenged myself whenever I point my fingers outward, knowing the futility in that action, for there can be no freedom when I distance myself, just more illusion.

Over the last few days, I was guided to take a group of beautiful souls to a place called Mt Yango to pick up where we left off long ago. This place is about one of the most sacred places on the planet, the place where the creation of earth was completed. The place where the step back into oneness takes place - the merging of masculine & feminine. The female guardian who resides here was calling us back - so we could truely face the damage done, the schism in our psyche. We were given a welcome that literally had our indigenous host blown away. Lightning, thunder, rain and mists making the mountain disappear.

I feel as if I have been drawn to the edge of the abyss - by respondung to the old guardian and rendering assistance means releasing everything I still hold onto - I am
called to let my children go - 2 beautiful boys - 18 & 22 - to let go of the illusions that we need a certain relationship - I realise they are heavy chains holding us prisoner. My love that binds us so is conditional - not liberating. And yet such fear & sadness arises - who would I be without this anchor or this certainty in my life? I recognise my relationship to my body is similar, and so I am also challenged to let this go.

The guardian on the mountain shrouded in the mists of time is calling us home.

In love & light


Hey Cathy, Apollonius, Open, Jetster, everyone:

Thank you for lending your consciousness. Your experiences shared here are felt beyond the limitation of words. Sometimes an expression will create a resonance in a reader. And soon the forgotten parts of his/her consciousness, buried for thousand years, feel themselves being touched. Once touched, they want to be expressed. Perhaps it’s how we help each other grow here, by lending our consciousness, so the other can see what they’ve forgotten?


In reply to by Margaret

Hi Margaret,

Yes, indeed, sharing our consciousness helps us to connect with the lost fragments of our souls and remember who we truly are. Sometimes just a few words from another creates a powerful shift within me. Sometimes instantly, and sometimes gradually over time, as the words continue to echo and resonate more deeply within. Some of what I read I just hold in my heart until I'm ready to integrate it. Your sharings touch me deeply. I relate to your longing about wanting to return home. The pain of separation can be so intense at times. I appreciate Open's reminder that home is not a place somewhere out there but is inside us. One day we'll cross over forever to home sweet home.

Much love to you,

x Cathy

Wow soul sister Catherine! I'm deeply touched. Good to connect with you again. From all the comments you gave on this forum I conclude you are this steadfast too. I guess that's one of the reason I return to this forum every time to connect with souls like you who are grinding their way through the density also :wink:

All the love, hugs and a x back!

In reply to by Apollonius

Yes, indeed, what a grind. Like swimming in cement, at times. This forum is a priceless haven to share our journeys and encourage one another to keep going even when we think we can't. I so appreciate the return love. Thank you, Apollonius :)

Apollonius, brother, I connect deeply with your soul's longing to return home to the beauty and innocence of pure light. You inspire me greatly with your steadfast courage in holding to and expressing the truth you feel in your heart as it unfolds and vibrates ever higher.

Much love to you as you journey on,

x Cathy

I also like to thank you M for your sharings! You show all you've been going through so honestly. That's inspiring for me because I don't like to show myself to the world that easily. It's incredible for me to hear what the above exchange triggered in you. And it makes a real difference when the mind is easing into the passenger seat; when you can trust that what's happening to you is all laid out by the big You. This is were I still struggle. I tend to always want to understand everything that's happening to me during the spiritual process. But at this point it becomes undo-able because I'm entering such unknown terrain that my mind can't make the intellectual ends meet anymore. I even have trouble deciphering my dreams lately. I tell myself more and more: get out of the way so your enlightenment can unfold naturally. I know it''ll happen anyway but I guess it's just a matter of how I choose it to happen.

In reply to by Open is such an immense space. And you and others are there too! My mind is asking "how could this be?", but it already knows the answer is beyond its comprehension. We are friends now. The mind is easing into the passenger seat in this ride of a lifetime. We're both very curious, you know :-)



Your dialog here is doing something to me. Something for which I have no words.I had especially strong reactions to astral abductions, turning tables, being of light and "I am the I am".

Tonight, after reading your exchange I run out of the house to a field nearby and was sobbing and shaking... I kept repeating: "Please, can i just go home? I just want to go now." Something was happening inside of me, but I can't describe it. Then all went still and something began to infuse and I became the Home I was yearning for. I didn't know who I was, like I wasn't a "person"... I sense a new kind of awareness within my being, but it is beyond words and it is a bit like a mist. I'm amazed how a blog exchange can be a powerful trigger. So, thank you for your sharings.

Just something that spontaneously arose after watching the crucifixion clip:

Yes I walk on
with a hole in my hand
there's no one there
as far as the eye can see
there's just a desert of nothingness
just me, I Am the I Am
totally free.

Nice to hear Jetster that this conversation touched you in some way. It definitely helped me a bit further to shift from one form to the next.

Open and Appollonius I am very much enjoying your conversation, Totally captivated by it.

Appollonius: Thank-you for sharing your experiences on this Forum and please continue Gracing us with your Presence, Conversations and your Perspectives.


Apollonius I recognise your experience all too well. *OK*

You said...

    Right now in my life I'm swung/alternating between the 'realness' of 3D and the ultimate reality of pure consciousness. The density of this physical reality seems almost to drag me into the gutter.

Let it drag you into the gutter - yet still find pure consciousness. Especially be in the gutter. Because that's where you'll really find the pearls of wisdom.

You said...

    "I occasionally slow down my breath to the point that I hardly have to breathe at all. Than I stop with that because something in me is afraid my physical body will die as a result of that.

This is exactly the place where you make a choice: are you merely physical? Or are you a spiritual being?

You also said...

    I have also been dealing with astral abductions by the greys and learned how to surrender in the experience instead of resisting.

It's time to stop them. They don't serve you. When you know your pure consciousness inside yourself, even in the midst of a potential abduction experience, when you're 'right in the gutter', instead the tables turn, you return them to the light - whole fleets of them!

"Rise Up O Lions and shake off the delusion that you are Sheep!"

Open *OK*

What a powerful reply Open. At least to me. My first reaction was that I started crying such emotion this brings up. I don't know why and it's not important now. There are a couple of things that touched me deeply: first of all if one could not identify with the pain when undergoing the crucifixion like Jesus did. That's a big one for me considering many lives I've had in which I had do deal with torture (e.g. as a jew in Nazi Germany). I have also been dealing with astral abductions by the greys and learned how to surrender in the experience instead of resisting (when they performed 'something' on me). As a young kid I took ice cold baths in the winter and ran barely naked in the snow to see how long I could cope. Later I never rationally understood why I did that. I just somehow felt it was important to not be affected by the cold. I occasionally do little physical pain tests with myself to see what my internal reaction I get (like pinching your skin with your nails for a long time. Do it it's fun!) :yahoo:

Secondly you speak about distancing oneself from the density. I have started doing this many years ago to escape...........the thoughts about pain and torture and the overall feeling of being totally worthless. And right now that's a big test in my life
because the density of this physical reality seems almost to drag me into the gutter. It's like life is asking: can you bring your consciousness into this, see it fully and be totally okay in it? And: so what if you lose everything?

You speak about breatharians and the ability to bring down energy from the fourth dimension. I never heard of the term. I only know I occasionally (and I believe 'M' has also experienced this) slow down my breath (almost automatically) to the point that I hardly have to breathe at all. Than I stop with that because something in me is afraid my physical body will die as a result of that.

I take the sauna test at heart because that's the kind of test I really dig! What a challenge to find the place within where you do no longer care about any of these extremes. Right now in my life I'm swung/alternating between the 'realness' of 3D and the ultimate reality of pure consciousness. From one extreme to the other. I guess it will go on until I have brought light into every particle of my physical reality. I feel weary sometimes because it's relentless and never seems to stop. But I know somewhere along the path I have chosen this and there's simply no way back. Who knows where it'll take me....

Thanks so much for your insight and encouragement. From my heart to yours!

Apollonius you said...

    I felt for a long time that maybe this time around in our evolution we could dematerialise. It seems like the ultimate challenge for consciousness evolution: to turn matter into light.

There will definitely be some who feel this way, and have the capacity to do it. However, to say that the masses would be able to do this is, for me, far from possibility at this time.

There will be starsouls - like yourself - who are aware of this from other constellations and densities. And that may well be their chosen way to leave.

If that is so, then you must penetrate every single experience, every single feeling, emotion and thought. You must absolutely know - experientially in a feeling way - that you are light and not density. But not by distancing yourself from the density. By totally accepting it and penetrating it through every thought and experience.

For example, just walking along the ground, gripping a steering wheel whilst driving a car, eating food, reading and intellectualising something - where is your consciousness all the time? What are you allowing to be your reality? Is any single fragment of it unconscious? In which case, you accept the density and make it real.

    Could you be in the depths of hell, the depths of pain, the depths of torture, and still know yourself as light through it all? Consider the crucifixion of Jesus for example - could you experience all of that and still not identify?

    Are you comfortable with breatharianism? Being able to turn light into matter - by processing energy down from the fourth density. Because that would be an early stage on the path to de-materialisation. But (and it's a big but), only after you'd fully penetrated the density.

    Many people who are breatharians, are not able to do so in the deepest density. Probably because they're not fully in the physical body (which is what you'd need to be to dematerialise it).

    Try sitting in a sauna for a couple of hours, interspersed with freezing cold showers. Where does your soul - you - contract? When do you want to leave? It's a great test, a great way of developing this potential.

De-materialisation is an extremely high level of evolution. But you can do it. Yes. Go for it. Absolutely! What a brilliant way to go - to not leave a single trace. But you have to be absolutely all in. Test every single moment. And to begin it now. There is no time to waste.

I wish that for you.


I felt for a long time that maybe this time around in our evolution we could dematerialise. It seems like the ultimate
challenge for consciousness evolution: to turn matter into light. We were light beings first and then we lost ourselves in matter to finally transmute into pure light again. Maybe this might take a couple of billion of years. But I feel something has already changed the last 30 or so years regarding this. I'm referring to the Harmonic Convergence and Concordance and the opening of the eleven 11:11 gates on our planet (and many other portals available now). These 'happenings' have already allowed us to absorb light into our bodies more than before and make DNA changes possible which before were only granted a few masters who set their intentions to it.

An other humble view.

Hi Apollonius,

You ask a great question...

    I'm wondering if some of us could shift their physical bodies into higher dimensional ones/vehicle once they feel ready.

Here's my knowing on it. I say 'knowing' because in my reality, I know it to be true, having previously explored it. Of course it is still a relativistic perspective, so I cannot claim it to be absolutely true. But based on experience, it is my truth.

A physical body is designed for the physical realm. Therefore its matter would have to be completely transformed to attain 5D reality - essentially the energy of it would have to be completely de-materialised in order to shift it to the higher frequency.

    It is not necessary to do this in order to ascend. Because it is only the soul that needs to ascend, and then to take on a higher bodily vehicle of light.

It is however possible to do. But to do it, you'd have to attain an extremely high degree of soul infusion. You'd have to be fully conscious in every atom of your body, then have the will to raise it's vibration. Upon which, de-materialisation could happen. I put it to you that this is extremely rare.

More common than that (but still very rare), is the occasional master who would leave the body by choice, and the body stay in tact for some considerable time - like for example how Paramahansa Yogananda moved on. With all his level of vibration, he still left his body behind. Yet it did not decompose - showing a very high degree of realisation. In my knowing, he actually wasn't dead - a part of his consciousness remained in the body. Just as Gaia has done within her Ascension. This should explain how challenging and absolutely rare it is, to actually dematerialise ones whole body.

But it is most definitely possible. Every cell would have to be transmuted to light, by conscious soul infusion.

In my view, this level of evolution would be many millions of years on from where the average human soul is currently at. So even though the spiritual mainstream often speaks of this, as the way humanity will ascend, I feel it to be a gross distortion. A few people may have gained some degree of insight by studying the masters, or from their own previous 'starsoul' history, and this has then been circulated as general truth.

That's my humble view


Hi Open,

After reading your article yesterday, I was drawn to feeling into Native American spirituality and the reverence and respect for Mother Earth and all sentient life that was central to their spirituality and sacred way of life, consuming only what was needed with heartfelt gratitude for what was given. And how the white man subjugated and destroyed aboriginal populations everywhere on planet earth and Mother Earth in the process through exploitation and over-consumption.

The Hopi prophecies describe what is to come as a result of this degradation, and it isn't pretty, to say the least. I "see" in future that we will all be refugees, as you say. What are your feelings about the synchronicity regarding the appearance of the Blue Star Kachina and Red Star Kachina and how they will signal the end, as prophesied by the Hopi?

I'm getting visuals of a starry explosion long ago from another lifetime. It feels like I've carried over fear from that experience to this lifetime that relates to karma about the Great Purification now upon us. I'm feeling an acceleration of energies about what is to come that's stirring up emotions to feel into and let go of.

I am drawn, once again, to the words of Crazy Horse, Lakota Chief, as he went into battle with the Seventh U.S. Calvary to preserve his people's way of life. He is often quoted as saying, "Today is a good day to die." But, apparently, this is a more accurate quote, “Today is a good day to die for all the things of my life are present," suggesting he was fully present and at peace with his life and death. For without fear of death, there really is nothing to lose. I hear Crazy Horse, and all the great warriors who have gone before us, calling out to stand and hold as fierce warriors of truth, as you call out.

As the Openhand retreat in Seattle approaches, I'm drawn to Chief Seattle's words spoken in 1854 upon his surrender to the U.S. government:

"How can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth of the land? The idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them?

Every part of the Earth is sacred to my people. Every shining pine needle, every sandy shore, every mist in the dark woods, every clear and humming insect is holy in the memory and experience of my people. The sap which courses through the trees carries the memory and experience of my people. The sap which courses through the trees carries the memories of the red man.

The white man's dead forget the country of their birth when they go to walk among the stars. Our dead never forget this beautiful Earth, for it is the mother of the red man. We are part of the Earth and it is part of us. The perfumed flowers are our sisters, the deer, the horse, the great eagle, these are our brothers. The rocky crests, the juices in the meadows, the body heat of the pony, and the man, all belong to the same family.

So, when the Great Chief in Washington sends word that he wishes to buy our land, he asks much of us. The Great White Chief sends word he will reserve us a place so that we can live comfortably to ourselves. He will be our father and we will be his children. So we will consider your offer to buy land. But it will not be easy. For this land is sacred to us.

This shining water that moves in streams and rivers is not just water but the blood of our ancestors. If we sell you land, you must remember that it is sacred blood of our ancestors. If we sell you land, you must remember that it is sacred, and you must teach your children that it is sacred and that each ghostly reflection in the clear water of the lakes tells of events in the life of my people. The waters murmur is the voice of my father's father.

The rivers of our brothers they quench our thirst. The rivers carry our canoes and feed our children. If we sell you our land, you must remember to teach your children that the rivers are our brothers, and yours, and you must henceforth give the rivers the kindness that you would give my brother. We know that the white man does not understand our ways. One portion of land is the same to him as the next, for he is a stranger who comes in the night and takes from the land whatever he needs. The Earth is not his brother, but his enemy and when he has conquered it, he moves on. He leaves his father's graves behind, and he does not care. He kidnaps the Earth from his children, and he does not care."

The Great White Chief lied, and Chief Seattle's words fell on deaf ears. So here we stand on the brink of extinction.

Open, I would appreciate any comments you feel to share about the Blue and Red Star Kachinas and about the White Dwarf Explosion on Sirius B and how it might fit with what we're experiencing as the Great Purification fast approaches. Thank you.

x Cathy

Hi Open, thanks for your deepening of this topic. I'm pondering your comment on not needing a physical body in the fifth density. I'm wondering if some of us could shift their physical bodies into higher dimensional ones/vehicle once they feel ready. And you said:

I see the majority are creating a 3D reality all of their own. But it cannot last. The rampant over-consumption is destroying the biosphere. It's creating a cancerous environment. One which, if it were to continue, also risks the realities in the Higher Paradigm.

What do you mean by Higher Paradigm and how would it be at risk?

Interesting stuff. I notice it's not about the future for me; it's asking questions and pondering about consciousness and energy. Back to the now!

In lak'ech.

Hi Jean - I'm at one with you.

Apollonius, I don't think we're that far apart. And it's great to have a variant perspective - it always tests our viewpoint. :-)

You said...

    Because Gaia's body herself is moving to a higher realm she's unleashing all pent-up old energy from her physical body. One way of doing this is by causing earthquakes, volcano eruptions and partially (because there's also man-made/caused) extreme weather outbursts.

To me, it's not her physical body that's moving. Just as you or I won't need a physical body in the Fifth Density - you have a higher dimensional vehicle of a higher frequency to move into once activated. But yes I agree, she is definitely releasing pent-up energy from the old one - she's releasing the old consciousness and rising her soul ever more into the higher vehicle - the higher body.

You asked...

    "And right now I clearly see two groups within humanity which will grow apart in the coming years. Will the non-aligned group create their own 3D reality? Will a split occur?

Like you, I'm seeing a split, most definitely yes. Some are beginning to walk the path leading to the Higher Dimensional Paradigm - as a new frequency of being. The majority are not.

I see the majority are creating a 3D reality all of their own. But it cannot last. The rampant over-consumption is destroying the biosphere. It's creating a cancerous environment. One which, if it were to continue, also risks the realities in the Higher Paradigm.

So I see a great cleansing coming in this lower world - that an inevitable collapse mechanism has begun. That's what I meant when I said "she's dieing". The old 3D reality is dieing. I don't see it will be possible ultimately to continue here and for those still of 3D vibration, a new reality will be created in another constellation.

I see that over the course of millions of years, a new 3D environment could reconfigure here, once vibrational harmony and alignment have been restored.



I don't see the planet dieing.I don't feel it either. On the contrary: she's becoming alive and more vibrant each day.
In my opinion there are two things going on at the same time: yes rampant pollution on almost every level imaginable.
But secondly: a raising of vibration by Gaia's 3D body as well. This is caused by her absorbing light coming from the sun and other cosmic sources. One of these are the solar eruptions which send massive amounts of energy to our solar system and are changing it forever. Our planet is taking in this energy and releasing it has heat. Hence the rising of global temperatures (which is exacerbated by our pollution). The energetic change of the earth can be seen by the rising of the Schuman frequencies and the lowering of earth's magnetics. Because we are living within this system a lot of humans have already started resonating with Gaia: our magnetics have dropped which has accelerated our spiritual growth because what we feel/believe is starting to manifest quicker. Life on this planet becomes higher dimensional in nature with each passing year. Because Gaia's body herself is moving to a higher realm she's unleashing all pent-up old energy from her physical body. One way of doing this is by causing earthquakes, volcano eruptions and partially (because there's also man-made/caused) extreme weather outbursts. I myself am exactly walking with her: every time she's having an earthquake I too have my physical and emotional outbursts. I too absorb the energy in my physical body and this way am realigning with her. I fact this is the way most human beings are going through their spiritual and physical growth right now on earth. And yes we are also subjected to al the pollution she is. But at the same time we're becoming beings of light with this light reaching every corner of our cells and even deeper. Of course not every human being chooses to walk this path with Gaia and as the discrepancy between them and Gaia becomes too big they can no longer live here anymore. And right now I clearly see two groups within humanity which will grow apart in the coming years. Will the non-aligned group create their own 3D reality? Will a split occur? Of course it doesn't really matter for the true spiritual seeker. I know. That's creating just another identity. But I ask everyone: how do you see this reality? Do you see the 3D dieing or not? And how could you know if either one is real? I think it's good to throw in another perspective although I very well might be totally out of sync with reality. Who knows? That's okay. I just felt I have to stir up things here and get some energy moving around this subject.

Perfect article Open - we are on the same page . I see and feel every day the ever rampant consumerism that goes on without any slight awareness to how it impacts the whole . People look scared - evasive - lost - seriously wounded inside and the list goes on and on . Its easy to see and feel into for me as i feel deep compassion for Mother Earth and for others out there . I fully engage where ever i go - with who ever i meet - what ever are the circumstances of the situations . The old reality is crumbling down - people have fallen in the trap of illusions and We are here to offer the possibilities of shifting within / feeling within / re-connect to who we truly are . We can even show that everything is possible from a sense of Being - rather than from a sense of identity looking for an outcome .Just witnessing how people are at their work places tells me the whole story in the Big picture and how this can't go on ever after .... without serious consequences . Personally , i give 15 years to the whole re-aligning process to show the Big pieces at hand . China for example have been building entire Cities with shopping malls that have been empty for the past 6 years !!!! and those cities are Huge . A guy stationed in Honk-Kong which appeared in the documentary said : " the government regularly assigns this kind of constructions to certain areas and they have to follow the instructions " " they have the pressure for building more and expanding their economy to follow through " . What ??? did i see what i just saw ? jaw dropping insanity in full swing . That very China in a so called economic progress , i give them less than 10 years before the Roof falls down heavily on their heads . It feels so obvious and what waste of energy !!!
My whole Being boils with contained fire as i see this taking place yet the compassionate warrior shows the way to facilitate the situation . I feel no more compliance with people's consumerist behaviors but in the same time feel given to offer questions that unravel the energy blockages . Straight on , full on , all in . My heart cries to this ever devastating 3d and its blind humanity but the Mission has to go on whatever happens .
This beautiful Openhand community helps enormously , all the time and is making a difference , a difference that matters to my heart and Soul . Its catalytic effects has been enormous in my personal life and has positively helped and facilitated hundreds of situations / dozens of relationships for the better . Its just mind blowing and heart shattering and i love it . We can do this all together , Unity consciousness in us can do it . The sky is the limit
Aloha and so much love

I hear you best when you speak fire. This article stirs my core.

Yes, every little choice counts and I feel a momentum building up in my being and in my direct environment. Layers of limiting consciousness are cracking up and I am now fully committed to allowing them to burst. I feel a calling to support others in breaking through. And yes, the non attachment to the outcome makes this work divinely beautiful and light.

This is strange: I understand where we're headed, but I can't help but to feel more lightness as we're approaching the cliff.