Openhand's "Transfiguration" Belgium 2017

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Everyone here at Openhand is tremendously excited, Because today begins our annual, jewel in the crown, level 3 course "The Transfiguration". It's taking place at the lovely private estate of Openhanders Michael and Marielle Sabbe. Participants are flying in from all around the world to be here, to immerse themselves in the Openhand energy and thereby inquire deeply into the nature of their true self. It is for sure, a powerfully transformative event.

And we'd love all of you tuning in to join us!

So we'll be running a daily journal with photos, sharings, and suggestions as to how you might participate with your own exploration and inquiry, inspired by the energy we'll be radiating out to you. Come join the family, and activate your next big shift! Blessings from all the Team.

And to fire the passions, take a few minutes to see one of the Openhand video favouites, taken from a level 3 gathering a few years ago...

Rise Up from Openhand on Vimeo.

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Hi Marije, the problem with assimilating the language of synchronicity, comes when you try to comprehend/understand it. Because that's putting it through the logic of lower mind, and the language is not based on logic.

Also the language is more like an artistic dance - it adapts, evolves, and weaves, in the moment.

Synchronicity works as the interplay between higher mind and intuitive feeling - between higher mind and the heart.

So higher mind spikes your attention to something, which you then process as a feeling through the heart. Lower mind then simply tells you how to act.

Remember the Free Wheeling Game on the 5GATEWAYS Retreat? Act on the knowing and let the heart feel you forwards. Then the messages will land more as an understanding.

Ultimately, remember, the point is figuring out how to be in any given moment. Then Right Action begins to flow naturally from there. Observing and feeling synchronicity builds the multi dimensional landscape through which you pass.

Yes, it takes lifetimes of mastery. But then we've got all the time in the world - what else is there to do?

Open *OK*


Hi Open,

Thanks for your feedback on 44! I was wondering how do you know this number is about the teaching principle? Is this something you intuit or rather from getting yourself familiar with numerology? In other words, how would I myself be able to understand what is going on when particular numbers appear? Is it necessary to familiarise myself more with numerology first? (Synchronicities that appear in text form seem easier to grasp for me!)




With me Marije, when 44 shows up, it's always about the teaching principle - the universe wants to teach a particular lesson. If that's so for you, watch for what you might have to learn in a particular situation right now.


Open :-)


Hi Open,

Thanks for clarifying the significance of the 22 synchronicities above. The past days the number 44 has been jumping out at me (earlier today it was even a big 'Passage 44' right in my face). I can feel see how it is somehow speaking to me, yet I don't have much sense of numerology, so at the moment it isn't much more than a number attracting my attention (I find synchronicities in words much easier to grasp). You wrote above:
The Openhand 'take' on numerology is that it's part of the very intricate and sophisticated natural - synchronistic - language of the universe. But it's definitely not a fixed or rigid language. It speaks by attracting our attention to the patterning of life and asks... "How do you feel about that?"

Could you perhaps elaborate a bit more on this and how I can get a better sense of what synchronistic numbers might be trying to tell me?

with love,



What a brilliant and inspiring, and not-entirely-surprising to me, thread.
Knowing from my own experience how transformative the Transfig course can be, I can relate to so much of what is written herer.
I'm so pleased for you all.
It ain't easy work, no lazy-bones or chickens here.

May I politely suggest being as gentle with yourselves as poss over the next while?
Plenty good food and rest, keep on meditating and holding the feeling.
These courses can be truly profound, and keeping 'on course' (as it were) with daily practice helps maintain the ground gained.

Sending love and warm wishes, brother and sisters


Hi Jane,

Great question to contemplate as I always take so much from Openhand gatherings and there are always many precious gems to take away.

One of the big things for me this time was finding my power in my belly and coming from that place. (Thanks Trinity for the support with that one again!).

There were so many magical moments, and yes singing to the cows was so sweet "Blessed be, Mooo-oooo!"

With love, Fiona


What an wonderous week and a what a great privaledge to have been able to support the courageous snd deeply honest enquiries made by everyone. Thank you all.
My personal classic takeaway was an Open quote 'the physical is just a feeling'.
What was yours?


Well, after a spectacular ten years of Transfigurations, this one was our last.
Wow, it holds so many fond memories.

Hence forth, to fit with our new Great 5D Shift Project, the course will now transform to what we're calling the "DIVINICUS Activation". Essentially the work will be very similar, however the energetic emphasis will transform toward the Great Shift into the Fifth Density.

Our very first DIVINICUS Activation will be taking place in Australia, Mount Gambier, at "Gaia's Garden", the homestead of Openhander Ishara Love. To find out all the details click here below...

DIVINICUS Activation Mount Gambier November 2017

I simply cannot wait!

Open *OK*


Hi Janhavi,

Intuitively my sense is that you're holding some stuff in the sacrum, connecting to the emotional body. Something around past and current relationships perhaps? Something not being expressed and released.

If so, my sense would be to get into some conscious movement, like dance for example, even just to music, rotating the hips, feeling the lower part of the body. Then to explore what comes up - allow yourself to fully express.

Give it a whirl, see how it goes.

Much love

Open *OK*


today i felt so strong and I wanted to go walk and went to the local river a very beautiful spot. Right outside my house was a beautiful fluffy white feather stuck in a bird poo :) and I thought wow that's a mirror that the angels are with me and I am learning even when I feel I am "shit". I walked and every few hundred yards there were groups of fluffy white feathers. I sat a the river and I started to feel grief welling up. Grief that my parents have gone and the realisation that they were two of my best friends my soul mates even my grans/granddads/uncles etc I felt I could feel some sort of ray or vibration that threads through my family and relatives. I had the feeling of well who supports me now - who do I go to when I need a hug etc and then I realised how close nature was to me. The butterflies were flying very close and the colour of the flowers was beautiful and birds were coming closer than before. I saw a sea bird and it was hovering looking down at a point (I guess a fish) in the river. I heard "we've got you". It felt like a "growing up" somehow :)


For those reading who didn't hear the relevance of the 22 synchronicity, I felt just to explain it here below...

The Openhand 'take' on numerology is that it's part of the very intricate and sophisticated natural - synchronistic - language of the universe. But it's definitely not a fixed or rigid language. It speaks by attracting our attention to the patterning of life and asks... "How do you feel about that?"

The meanings aren't rigid because each connotation will mean something particular to the person viewing - although we may all share similarities, especially where a group has been connecting closely together - as on the Transfiguration.

So where did the Openhand 22 significance come from?

    22 happens to be the number of a special forces unit called 22 SAS (the "Special Air Service"). A few years back we were running a 5GATEWAYS course at an ashram in Glastonbury. It was the very last day of the course and as I walked up the road toward the centre, my attention was drawn to the prevalence of the number 22 - it seemed to be everywhere on car number plates and on other signs. So I asked the question... "What are the Special Air Service doing here?" To which, I received an immediate knowing which I could kind of characterise as this... "It's not the Special Air Service, 'numpty' - it's the Special Angel Service". Ah yes, that made absolute sense, having long ago left the military connection behind.

    Anyway, we had a simply wonderful final day of the course, with miracles and magic abound. And then it came to the final ceremony, where I gathered people into a circle in the centre of the room and played a final track for us to deeply feel called "How I love you." At that time, I used to run the music from a small computer, which had a time counter, that I would glance at to fade out the music as it came to a close. My attention was drawn to the counter exactly at the point where there were still 22 seconds to go, upon which, the computer mysteriously 'jumped' (computers don't jump!), and then switched straight into the song "Angels" by Robbie Williams - to which we all sang our hearts out - it was stunningly beautiful.

So having shared the story at the close of this year's Transfiguration, no surprises that people are 'seeing' the Special Angel Service everywhere!

I felt to share this version by the group All Angels so people reading might connect to the same energy. Open your heart, call them in...


Open *give_rose*


Wow, Anatoly and Aspasia, you wonderful, wonderful people, such shining lights you are. I read your sharings with a smile and a deep sense of joy and amazement.

Anatoly, I am totally unsurprised they were unable to turn off your light. You go being "outrageous you"! :-)

Aspasia, thank you for your touching words. I am glad I was able to share a little warmth with you. And really, anytime you need a hug, just let me know. <3

So after all the lovely sharings, what else is there to say but "thank you all!" Thank you to my new friend, the apple tree. Thank you to the doctor, who showed himself to me right after I wished I could see him. Thank you to all the baby frogs (hope I didn't squash any of you) and the beautiful squirrel.

Thank you, Michael and Marielle, for creating this lovely place and bringing us all there together.

Thank you to all my fellow travellers, those who were close (miss you, roomies, and our nightly talks) and those who journeyed at a distance. Sometimes you need that extra step back to see just what the mirror is showing you.

Thank you, Steven, for the song I now have stuck in my head, opening up in sweet surrender...

Thank you, Open, Jane, and Fiona, for your support and your presence, your words and gentle touches. I have a small handfull of really vivid sense-memories of a warm hand on my shoulder or hip, and I feel warm and held and safe whenever I call them to mind. They make being out here again, back at work in the office, a little easier to bear.

And thank you, Trinity, for each smile, for your duet with the blackbird, and for being in the studio with us on the last day. I really loved "meeting" your angels. :-)

Thank you, world, for being this awesome.

And last but not least, Fiona, I had a "22 moment", too, walking from the train station to my flat on Friday evening. The number jumped out at me from a car's numberplate, and while I was still trying to remember the significance of it, my eyes were drawn to another car - black and shiny, with big yellow letters splayed across it that said ZEIG DER WELT WOHER DU KOMMST - show the world where you are coming from. :-)

P.S. I'm typing this during my lunch break, sitting in my co-worker's place at reception. Just a few minutes ago, I spotted the 22 again - in the numbers on the computerscreen's frame. Followed by the word SyncMaster - how's that for synchronicity? :D


Wow - I am deeply touched - what wonderful sharings from everyone.
Aspasia - you touched everyone's soul.

Open *OK*


Hi Anatoly,

Lovely to hear of your experiences following the flow.

Keep shining and being "outrageously" you. You are an inspiration!

With love, Fiona


Dear Aspasia,

What a beautiful open sharing and outpouring of love, I am really touched by it all. You have wonderfully captured the beauty of the delightful souls present and the sacred moments shared.

I love that you have been reciving 22 too, my synchronisities continued with a few more messages today! I thought of how 2 reminded me of a swan and was then given a card from Alexia and Steven that had two swans on it! Awesome!

Sending a big hug to you,



I would like to thank you all individually from the bottom of my heart. Each one of you mirrored back to me what I needed to feel so as to see clearer deep within myself. So as to inquire, feel through and UNHOOK! (Its a long post!!)

JANE, do know that I am ETERNALLY grateful to you for holding me: physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally. I fully trusted your directedness, steadiness, upfront-ness, clarity and earthiness as it manifested in the course because that’s also the way I am. As we were walking out the train station I felt this pull to surrender to you – to myself. So I came to you. And there at the bank of the river for the first time in my life I fully surrendered in human arms because it felt totally safe. The moment was pivotal it made a HUGE shift, which is still unfolding. Openhand is honoured to have you in the team.

FIONA, your smile always warms my heart and your supporting energy is felt through everywhere – inner and outer - even when you are not physically there. And when you are physically there, it feels totally right. Like the time you put your hand under my sacrum in support to the unfolding of my ‘activating soulbody’. It felt warm, caring, present and reassuring. With much much gratitude. Your hands hold openhand very gracefully.

OPEN, you were the most powerful catalytic mirror coupled with a loving, supportive and fluid presence. It propelled me to discover more about myself and dig deeper into very painful places inside. It was like my past in this life came up in the present (in the course!) – all of it: the conditions, people, the energy even the physicality – a painful Deja vou, over and over and over again. Yet, there was also deep connection and love and magic and heaven and synchronicity and yearning. Yearning also to go back ‘home’. I love you and push you away at the same time – hey, lets’ not forget: polarity!

TRINITY, the first time I ‘met’ you was through the openhand web and I instantly felt so much affection for you and love. I was a bit surprised by this initially but well, this is how I felt. I shared this with you at the New Year’s course and you gracefully held it. Having felt your energy in this course, I now know why I have this immense affection for you. You are ALWAYS there, no matter what – offering, giving, all of yourself – no matter what. With your amazing food, your upbeat vibe, your humour, your angelic connection, your expressive eyes, your sweet smile, your understanding and encouragement. And here we are in the studio, I have gone through hell on my cushion and it has passed. I open my eyes and see you dancing. Our eyes meet, I see your smile. You dance closer and closer and at some point I raise my arms to you. You take them and help me up from my seat. I give you a hug and its perfect. And it dawned on me: I yearn for someone like you to be by my side – for someone to always be there no matter what. And inquiring…can I offer this to someone else? I don’t think so…my soul dances a different dance…and I then ask: Why do I need someone to always be there? And WHO is always there for me? Having had this kundalini activation I now feel ‘myself’ more, the ONE (pure awareness/soul) is the one who is always there for me – I feel more at peace. Thank you.

MARCELLA, you were - without a doubt - a twin flame energy for me in this course. You are SO beautiful inside and out. Full of love for everyone; a golden light that beams from a deep authentic space. It illuminates, penetrates, releases and fills all of us up. Thank you for receiving my kiss so enthusiastically and openly, also for generously sharing your stories with me till 12.30am! I cherish our moments together. I love you and sing back to you in Jai-Jagdeesh and Tina Malia’s voices – my favourite singers who you brought to life through your own amazing voice.

HEIKE, thank you for your sparkling vibe, your sweetness, sensitivity, attractive vulnerability and caring gestures. I still feel the hug you gave me to warm me up whilst standing by the fire after having come out of the lake. I was shivering intensely…your delicate arms wrapped around me felt HUGE, so huge that the whole world just disappeared for a moment. I was SO honoured to join you lying down inside the sweat lodge because my sacroiliac was so painful in that fixed seated position. When you got anxious at first, I felt it too, when you lied down, I did too, when I drank water you drank too. Just magic. Thank you for the mirror.

MARIJE, your towering loving presence touched me deeply and it manifested exactly when I needed it! I am thankful. I was in a lot of pain and after having resisted the offer to be comforted by someone else, I was now in excruciating pain…and then you came along. You walked with me and took me into your long arms. Resistance slowly melted away and some tears started flowing – it felt good, as it does. Walking to the rhythm, walking and being hugged in the rhythm…thank you.

EDDIE, what a powerful presence. Here I was in another moment of vulnerability when I tend to sink into non-communication. A teenager identity manifesting as I retract into feeling the pain when all it wants to do is express itself. I was intending to be alone and quiet but the universe had other plans. So, we ended up chatting for hours, till 2.30am! Wow! Thank you for the mutual sharing about animals (very important to me), politics, relationships, love, families, fear, shit and all, the whole world. And oh, I am so grateful for giving me your towel after coming out of the lake – I had totally forgotten mine! And for lighting my incense. HUGE hug.

MARIELLE, never have I met someone, either male or female, who had the same way of being as a child and teenager as me! It was spooky! And SO amazing to see an identical mirror. You are always in my heart. You are the little me. I cherish our sharing so much, it brought me to tears! And then another moment, that challenging day we had as a group and after Marcella filled the group/room back with light with her singing voice…you looked at me then spread your arms as if to say ‘let’s hold hands’. I looked at you from across the room and mirrored because it felt totally right. Then the circle was formed. The group was back, together on the way towards harmony. Our energies match, they are one.

STEVEN, your music and singing voice coming from the depths of your soul really moved me every time. Your shamanic vibe resonated with mine and your Vipassanic energy I appreciated. Thank you for sharing with me your challenges and authentic voice. Also for listening with openness and receptivity as we co-created clarity and trust in the process. Your authentic and unique expressions in the group catalysed a profound transformation in all of us: it brought to light what was needed to be brought to light, it ultimately brought the BEST in us all. Wouldn’t have it any other way! Three bows to you.

LISABEL, what a joy to connect with you. Here we are waiting for Alexia to pick us up from the allocated spot, only to find out that we are in the wrong one! And we had the time to dive directly into mutual sharing as if we knew each other for ever! Thank you for your aboriginal shamanic spirit which excited me, your passion for justice and positive change, your vibrancy and fire, your compassion in listening and acting. I remember our dancing together, we danced with our hands, me lying on the floor and you sitting and hugging the cushion. I reached out to you and our fingers touched and connected. They moved multidimensionally to the sound of the music. You were SO beautiful and present. Thank you.

LISSA, my blonde Goddess, what a gift to be with you again! Your unravelling/s moved me every time and your deep sensitivity was a sensory heaven! And here you are sitting under the tree, meditating after the sweat lodge. The sun is shining on you reflecting back the golden light of your hair, face and naked body. I am a body worker and always appreciate beautiful bodies – yours is gorgeous, alluring, a temple of the soul like every ‘body’ is. And here is another moment, we bump into each other walking in the woods and we start talking. It flows naturally, it is insightful and enlightening. We walk on a lively speed – I like it. We share deeply and we connect. We create together, we inquire and I am in ecstasy. Very precious, thank you.

ANATOLY, you are such a BIG personality and such a courageous and outrageous soul! Love it! Every time you shared in the group I would be attentive, anticipating, listening to yet another amazing new world appearing through your words and mouth. Unexpected worlds and sensibilities, magical and daring worlds, rich, adventurous and brave. I always found myself going on a journey with you, feeling what you were feeling, huffing and puffing and sitting and standing and all. Thank you for the rides – totally enjoyed them!

HEATHER, I remember very dearly sharing the bathroom with you on many occasions. It filled me with joy to comb my hair while you were brushing your teeth, to put my face cream while you were showing me your vegan body creams, manoeuvring our bodies in that small space. It was playful and made me smile a lot. I loved seeing your smile every morning and on occasions hear about your hearts’ yearnings –in the bathroom. The bathroom is my favourite room, a sacred space of flow, a space to slow down, a sensual space where we are naked – inner and outer. Thank you for sharing this sacred space with me!

MICHEAL, you are such a caring and kind soul. Thank you for your generous sweet words of encouragement and reassurance. Also, for such an exquisite place you and Marielle have created as a home. The grounds are magical and the lake is unique. I talked with the trees, the flowers, the little baby frogs, the Doctor, the hedgehogs, the birds, the fire and the water. And I became very intimate with all insects. I still have their gifts with me. And of course, thank you for the Greek Zorba dance before the sweat lodge! It brought back memories! Much love.

What a powerful gathering of souls! It all flew as it should. I am still processing. My soulbody doing its thing…And indeed, Anatoly, I too can ‘hear’ the flow more clearly. And separating felt just right (no worries). On my way back home my attention would repetitively drop on the number 22. I couldn’t understand why. Thank you Fiona for answering this one with your post. And many more moments of flow…how beautiful to live this way all the time. I feel new connections will manifest in Glastonbury when I move there… shamanic tantrism speaks to me, exciting!

Tashi delek to all.
(Tibetan for ‘good luck be with you’ or ‘blessings and good luck’)


Here I am at home softening into density and felt to share some snapshots of the journey. It was so profound that I can only say IT ******* WORKS!

Waardamme (on the way to Brugge)
Four of us in the car (Jane, Aspasia, Marye and I), feels like we are approaching a war zone, density coming into view and excitement builds. We are about to be dropped off in the initial location at Brugge station. We are still together meeting our fellow travelers at the station from the earlier drop off. Our unit is still holding together, feeling into density, softening ... We are pulled to the some green space next to the station.

Brugge (I am on my own)
We are on a mission and the only way forward is to follow your own flow. We split up following our own pull wherever it takes us. I am on my own now trying to pick up the flow as I make my way to the town. Feels like something is constricting my flow. I cannot seem to pick up any threads. I go deep inside trying to feel what is it constricting my flow. Bingo - I realize there are no obligations even if I previously agreed to them. There is only flow! (Aspasia - I trust you will be alright but felt like our flows needed to separate and looked like you were in the good hands of Jane)
After a short break and a cup of coffee, my flow literally took off!!! It was speaking to me here and there. Took me on the narrow tucked away street and what do I notice - Marye is smiling at me sitting and drinking team at some place called Fantastic (in traslation). Wow - our flows met for a short break and some reflections. What are the odds! It didn't take long. The waiter shows up and insists that I order something or leave! I just got here and didn't feel like leaving so Marye starts to engage the guy and feels like wants to punch him. I am feeling the excitement building in the stomach, observing, softening. For some reason I had an urge to hug the guy but didn't act on it as situation resolved itself by ordering another tea. Yeah - what a refection of the density and it even manifested itself with some foul shitty smell in the air (literally)
After a short break and a hug, our flows separated. I had know idea where it is taking me. I would lose it at times but then was able to pick up again.
There are a lot of tourists in this time of the year. To cut short I was taken to the corner so it seemed like the only options are either turn right or go back. But the was a third one which small i was resisting but I felt the pull to go through was seemed like garage and it let me to the perfect place to rest. Hotel Acacia even the name spoke to me. Interesting that as I was waiting the printer at front desk malfunctioned - three buttons with the one in the middle blinking. But the most awesome thing was seeing this huge cage with a parrot inside in the lobby. The cage door was open so I was showing the parrot a way and we exchanged a bit, but it stayed inside. Interesting that the cage was next to the mirror so if looking in the mirror you don't see an open door. The most amazing thing happened next morning as I was checking out. My jaw dropped as i saw parrot out of the cage happily sitting on top of it close to an open flower.

Paris (breakthrough)
Next day I had to be in Paris to catch my early flight the following day. With regards to denser energies, Brugge hasn't prepared my to this. As I was getting off the train, I could feel the contraction as I was greeted with seriously looking soldiers with full armor. Softening and trying to pick up the flow again hugging these guys in the ether.
The most breathtaking thing happened in this huge park with lots of locals. I heard it has a temple inside surrounded by water but couldn't find it and flow wasn't taking me there. Intead, the flow took me to another place which I thought was a temple for some reason. It was a peculiar building like an island with a really nice lawn and flowers in front of it. Perfect place to meditate as all other places were over populated and not fitting. The only thing was the island was off limits with wires around right in the middle of the busy foot paths intersection. But I had a strong pull that it was for me supported by signs. I see the resistance rising as I step over the wire and sit facing the door. As I close my eyes it is becoming challenging attention being drawn to outside (people passing by projection what this guy doing there, police coming taking me away and on ....). Slowly I manage to draw my attention the breath the breath intensifying ... I had remember this feeling before during the course. I feel the strong soul infusion right there in the middle .... Wow it felt good!
The flow takes off taking me around out of the park only to bring me back to the other side of the park ... higher grounds. Now I can see the city skyline and a bit below - dome temple with columns surrounded by water. I felt to go there. Then the flow took me over the bridge. Time for celebration, music playing somebody is getting married. Felt to have a drink and some dancing! Wow - what a day!

Most interesting thing happened on the plane as I was sitting in the last middle row 42E. There was a malfunction. They couldn't turn off the light in economy middle section so we were flying with light on us all the way.

Sorry for the lengthy post but these are just snapshots I felt to share the rest stays in the ether.
Thank you for tuning in if you got that far.

with Love,


What an amazing experience being there with all of you in that sacred place during the course! Hard to put the gratitude and feeling into words. It just IS! Thank you Open for your insights and keeping the space infused with Openhand energy. I thank Trinity and her angels for high vibe angelic food (beet salad and hemp lemon ice cream are my favorites). I thank our facilitators Fiona and Jane for their support and keeping the course smoothly. And I thank all of the participant lovely souls for being there!



What can I say other than that I feel an immense gratitude for the past week together in Belgium! I am searching for words to express how I feel, but no words can do justice to the experience....

Open and the rest of the rainbow tribe, a heartfelt thanks for everything!

Much love to you all!



Hi everyone,

What a deep, powerful and rich week we had in Waardaame. Really profound!

It was amazing and inspiring to witness the participants enquire so deep and explore their stuff with courageous self-honesty. Alot of old stuff was cleared and thus made way for new lighness to enter and soul to infuse. So miraculous!

Thanks Open for supporting such an amazing opportunity and working so diligently with the energies. Thanks Trinity for the amazing food, always welcome after an intense day of exploration (and for your angelic and energetic support too). One of my favourites was the lemon and hemp icecream - delicious! Thanks Jane for your insightful wisdom and support, it was fab to work and play with you :)

BTW I booked accomodation for Antwerp this morning and the address is at number 22. The angels are with us, lovely to have felt their support during the week and always.

With love and gratitude to each of you who participated and to all of you tuning in,



The climax to this year's Transfiguration was so wonderful - lots of kundalini moving and many divine connections amongst the group. It was, no doubt, a classic, the energy of which we'll feel for weeks and months to come.

It's impossible to share in words all that we experienced. So I felt instead to share a few closing photos...

A typical day in the studio, building the energy, preparing the altar...

The Team readying for a session...

Meditation and movement, always a major part of the work...

Facilitation time from support facilitator Jane between sessions with "TreeBrother" Eddie...

Heart-warming Heather - always a twinkle and a smile...

Marielle & Heike - beaming starsouls...

Anatoly reaching up to the light...

Marije going deep...

Liisa & Lisabel connecting to nature...

Angelic Marcella, whose divine singing touched us all deeply...

The musical maestro Steven, serenading with the drum...

Aspasia and Michael dancing with joy...

Support facilitators Jane and Fiona - we couldn't have done it without you!

Trinity and her kitchen angels, always there at the end of a session to provide some high vibe sustenance and uplifting energy - we were truly blessed!...

Heartfelt blessings to all who attended, both physically and through the ether - you are most cherished.

Open *give_rose*


Yesterday on the Transfiguration was all about activating kundalini - and what a truly amazing day it was. With so much density cleared, there were lots of breakthrough experiences - it was truly marvelous to watch. Put simply, kundalini is the rise of energy up the spine, through your field, which then reconnects and unites with energy flowing 'down' from the source - you begin to feel an interconnected expression of The One, animated by the flow. It's pure freedom! To engage people reading, I felt to share these this article talking about the process of activation itself and what's involved...;

Blessings to all Open <3


Beautiful too see and be part of this, thank-you for the Lovely pics and making us all part of it in some way <3

Much Love to all the participants <3



My heart is with you all, guys! Speaking from direct experience, Transfiguration is a profoundly transforming experience... <3
wishing you all well,


Yesterday was such an incredible day - Sweat Lodge day, where we conducted ceremony to release the false self and unleash the true. The Sweat Lodge is a Native American tradition which was handed down to Openhand through spirit via a Red Kite - it was something I knew I always wanted to offer.

Words can't really describe what we experienced, so I'll just share some photos and leave you to feel the energy...

Building the sacred fire together Michael, Lissa and Marcella...

Anatoly adding his prayer...

Looks like a funeral pyre, burning the "Totems" we made of the false self...

Marielle with Lisabel, getting back to her primate roots!...

The group lining up to enter - yes, lots of people for a small lodge! But it was a bit like a tardis and we all managed...

Yours truly, smudging (cleansing) people before entering the lodge...

For everything after that, you'll just have to come and experience it for yourself!

Open *give_rose*


Great that you tuned in Mark & Jeff - nice to "see" you.

Open *give_rose*


fantastic photo's + what a beautiful setting .. the food looks incredible too !!
thinking of you all there + sending much love xx
I will try & obtain the pictures from my childhood mentioned earlier in this thread , I think connecting with my inner child /teenager is something I need to do !


Hi Open, I am making time to connect with you all in Bruges. The inner child and teenager is a particular tough one for me, and it is bringing up shards of sadness and rejection. During my Transfiguration with you in north Wales, I had a massive realisation as a result of this work which opened up deeply buried memories. These were unexpected and turned many of my previous perceptions on their head. It was a big step forward for me, but as you say is not 'job done' and needs revisiting. At the moment I am glimpsing the child and finding it hard to connect, but will keep working. Mark


Yesterday on the Transfiguration we had a pretty massive day exploring karma, and in particular, how the Intervention has shaped human history - and we still witness it very much alive today, although losing its power.

In the work, we share an outline Openhand perspective, on how our energetic field and physicality have been shaped to fit within a system of control. But then bringing full consciousness into how those frequencies influence us. This is important, because dissonant frequencies distort DNA (GMO, Wifi, Mobile Phone frequencies, Chemtrails etc etc etc), which work to prevent the soul fully embodying and so reducing soul sovereignty for the choices we make - hence you see populations being controlled by corrupt and underhand politics for example.

So what we're doing is feeling into the bodymind field to see what this dissonant touch points are - then bringing full consciousness into them. It activates a reversion back more to the original frequency, thus allowing soul to embody deeper. It feels like coming back to who you are.

Here's an into into humanity's karmic challenges and how to work with them...
What is Karma and What is its Purpose?

Great to have you tuning in folks

Open *OK*


Hi Cathy - great to have you on board.

Yes indeed, how often do we get in society, that kind of well-meaning "you should be grateful for" when you're in some kind of emotional pain? Yes, it feels like not being heard, like being emotionally manipulated. Much better to allow the expression to flow. Then a sense of gratefulness arises by itself.

Holding the space for you.

Open <3


Just wanted to say thanks for inviting us in, Trinity and Open. I appreciate the photos and delectable cuisine and tuning into the energy.

It's been a hugely challenging week feeling into deeper and deeper layers of childhood and teenage identities and links to prior incarnations, re-cognizing how I project and create from false illusions. It feels hopeless at times. Like I'm never going to break through and let go. The smallest of 'similar' experiences tap into excruciating pain from trauma down through the eons. It's impossible to convey how I feel to those around me. Doing my best to accept and allow my emotions to flow through me without attaching. Meanwhile, when I try to go 'there', I'm being told how fortunate and lucky I am. Which is true in the big picture but it feels like suppression. Which feels like a reflection of not feeling worthy of being heard. I'm grateful for this forum where I know I'm accepted and understood.

Much Love to all,



Well, the location, and of course the food, look amazing!

I don't doubt all the bits you can't transmit by word or image are also so.

Sending love love,


Here, in outline, is the dissolving identities meditation that we use on this level 3 course, which is taken from the book 5GATEWAYS book...

Identity dissolving meditation

    • Set aside some free time to sit quietly in a still room, with candlelight, incense and soft music.
    • If possible, acquire a picture of yourself both as a child between the ages of two and four, and as a teenager between the ages of eleven to sixteen. If no pictures are available, simply visualise yourself as closely as you can at these times.
    • Go within. Connect first with the sense of your inner child. Use your intuition to locate the feeling of it somewhere in your body. Connect visions to the feelings. Build up an accurate picture of your experiences. What behaviours did you exhibit? How did you feel? How were your parents towards you? What activities caused you pain? Which activities gave you joy? Build a general feeling of your inner child identity at these times.
    • When you have built up as much feeling and connection with the child as you can, simply rest in awareness of it, whatever may be arising for you, including sadness and pain.
    • Next, connect with you inner teenager identity. As before, build up a picture of your experiences. What were you frequently feeling? What was your general state of mind? How were your interactions with your friends, family and teachers etc? What behaviours did you exhibit? What gave you joy, liberation and feelings of completeness? When did you get tight, depressed or lacking in self confidence? Re- encounter all of these experiences and build as complete an internal picture as you can.
    • Now once more, use your intuition to locate where the teenager identity is within you. Invite the teenager to connect with the child, recognising that they are related; the teenager was likely formed as a subconscious protection mechanism for the child.
    • Now project out from yourself both the inner child and teenager (plus any other identities you may feel have been formed). Have them sitting before you. First know yourself as not them. Whatever suffering has been generated, it is not you that is suffering. Settle into the realisation that you are already free from them.
    • Next, through your thoughts, invite both personalities to forgive those who might have caused the pain, suffering or conditioned behaviours to form. Help them realise it was not the fault of parents, friends or adversaries, for they too were all conditioned by society. And by the Law of Attraction, you drew to you every experience, in order to release attachment, evolve and grow.
    • Once you feel the identities have been able to forgive, focus on healing. Visualise powerful, golden, healing light bathing the identities with unconditional love. See them surrendering into the light, healing and steadily dissolving. The sense is that they are returning to the Source.
    • Once you have finished this process, it may be that layers of the identities still exist and you will have to work on them again at another time (you will know when they are fully ready to depart because you will feel it). So, if still there, bring the identities back inside you, but know they now have less impact on your life, because they feel they have received the loving, healing attention they require. Keep performing the meditation, and notice over time, how the identities are becoming more content, healed and increasingly transparent, until at some point, they disappear completely.

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Hi Open!

I connect deeply with this - healing and releasing of inner identities. I have done it couple of times yet I feel there is much more inside. The reminiscent of it is still there. As you said, the impact of inner identities have greatly reduced. When I do reiki meditation, whole of these emotions surge up. I feel better after a while. BUT, I still and continually feel there is something more bottled up within me. I don't recognise it. I don't know what to do!

I am also feeling spaced out since sometime. Does this mean it's time to release some of my inner identities? What do I do to ground my energies?

Aah!! all of it feels good but overwhelming too!

Look forward to your guidance, as always:)



On Day 2 of the Transfiguration we turned the lights out - literally!

It's a simple but powerful way of bringing people deep within their inner senses...

Anatoly penetrating through lots of layers...

Marcella dissolving into her favourite tree...

Lisa, with deep gratitude for conscious food, eaten consciously...

Marielle supported by warming sunshine...

Heike - so that's what food really tastes like!...

The Group - releasing bags of energy in the studio...

And we can feel you joining us through the ether - you're most welcome!

Open *give_rose*


Today on the Transfiguration we're looking at what inner identities are all about - like the inner child - what are they? where do they come from and how do they constrain our reality?

In getting deep into those layers, we can process them and unleash the soul from them.

If you'd like to join in, take a couple of hours out, find some pictures from your childhood years and contemplate what your relationships were like within your family - be profoundly honest: what did you really feel? What was the real impact? Feel into any density, fully express it, but then empower yourself by realising (particularly) the mother and father figure are inside of yourself. That you are - and were - already whole and complete.

You do have to work at it though, it's not something that's going to dissipate in 5 minutes. These relationships will have had big impacts and influence much of the early personality growth. So don't rush things - yes you'll be able to process what initially comes up within a couple of hours. But then deeper layers will likely take months and even years.

Here's an exploration about the nature of inner identities and how to work with them.

Later, I'll put up the meditation from the 5GATEWAYS book for dealing with them - so tune in again for that.


Open <3


I felt to share where the Transfiguration came from - how was the course designed?

The story began at a mountain retreat centre in Taos, New Mexico, which I was checking out for a potential retreat venue. Going back to my room one afternoon, a book literally fell off the bookshelf in front of me (for some reason they have a tendency to do that with me!). On the front cover was a picture of the Holy Mountain "Kailash" in Tibet, a site of spiritual pilgrimage for thousands of years, and something about it struck a strong resonance in my heart...

Kailash is considered one of the key chakra centres of the planet, for me, it connects to the crown chakra. I find the just the image of it incredibly expanding and enlightening.

As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to go, and to connect with it's energy. But how to get there? How to travel? What would be involved? It's deep in Tibet, requires several days by truck to get there, and at that time, the Chinese had effectively annexed that part of Tibet.

Nevertheless I wasn't put off, and so I offered up the questions to the universe and held the space for the answers. Just a week or two later, now back in the UK, a heart-felt pull took me off to a favourite mountain location in the Breacon Beacons of Wales - and the horse shoe pass (named for obvious reasons). It was now Sunday morning and I was greatly enjoying the solitude on one of the misty peaks, when a lone stranger appeared out of the mist, introducing himself as "Rod".

We had a lovely exchange, but I was keen to push on by myself and enjoy the solitude. To my consternation, Rod announced he was doing the horse shoe pass too, and that he'd join me.... "hmmm", I reluctantly agreed. As it turned out though, the horse shoe pass was lucky for me that day - within a few minutes Rod was talking about his passion for Tibet and..... his life-long longing to go to Kailash! He was an absolute mine of information about it - the universe had found such a lovely mystical method of delivering my answers.

In the weeks that followed, Rod sent me a video of a westerner taking part in the "Kailash Circambulation", where people reverently circle the mountain 13 times - which is supposed to bring on Enlightenment". But what immediately struck me from the video, was just how physically demanding the 'Circambulation' appeared, particularly with its altitude above 4,000m. It caused me to question "What was I looking for?" "What was my soul yearning to achieve?"

Actually what I was really looking for, was a wider expansion of the higher chakras, and to ground that energy here and now in this density. Upon this realisation, the phrase "Bring Kailash to you!" landed. Initially I wasn't immediately clear how to do this, but I held the question, and in answer, a few days later, the pull took me once more to Wales, to a secluded woodland that I'd heard about a couple of years before. The guidance was clear - go to the wood for several days, sit against a tree and simply fast. That's exactly what I did.

It took around 36 hours to break through the initial busyness of mind, after which, the hunger fell away and my consciousness was expanding blissfully. It's then that I connected with the holy mountain, and very magically, felt that it was inside of me. What a joy and a blessing - I realised everything is inside of You, and all you have to do, is get very quiet and look.

In the days that followed, I had many profound higher dimensional experiences, and out of it, came the formula and the material for the Transfiguration course - which is all about uniting lower with higher self and finding the wonders of the universe inside of you.

So that's a little snapshot of how the course came into being. Maybe it will inspire you to take some time out, find a quiet spot in nature, even if only for an afternoon, fast for a while, and just sit and feel what wants to arise inside. That's how we've begun this year's Transfiguration, and the participants are getting loads from it already.

It's wonderful that you're tuning in and joining us.

Open *give_rose*


Thanks for tuning in guys, you're most welcome :-)

After plenty of travel challenges, the group have arrived safely and we begin the work this morning - we'll be sharing some feedback and pictures just as soon as we have them.

Send us your love!

Open *give_rose*


Such a special gathering....I will be tuning in with you all. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and love for this community and the possibilities within each one to shine as brightly as the sun. It's sure to be a powerful week. Sending love, Jen


Woohoo! Such a powerful and life changing course. I wish all the participants the best of explorations, healing and joy.

I'll be with y'all through the ether.

Much love,

(other) Rich


Hey y'all,

I'll be tuning in over the ether.
Sending love and blessings to all.

Open your hearts and let yourselves into it.
You will be rewarded.

Love love,